MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, January 1, 2021

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Friday, January 01, 2021

HAMMOND - COMING SOON - January 1st, 2021 - New Synth Coming from Hammond?


Happy New Year!!


This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Rhythm Machines 2: The 1980s Drum Computers

This one is in via the comments of this post on the unreleased Anvil drum synthesizer. According to the comments, "The story of the Anvil Percussion Synth is in RHYTHM MACHINES 2: The 1980s Drum Computers - By Alex Graham. It's available on Amazon (the book, not the Anvil)." [on Amazon here]

According to the description on Amazon: "The 1980s saw the emergence of the Synthesizer, the promo video, and the programmable Drum Machine in the music industry. Rhythm Machines 2 - The 1980s Drum Computers - features over 100 programmable drum machines from the decade, instruments that are heard on countless records from the era and are still used in the present day. The all-colour book has the Classic 1980s drum machines from the likes of the USA (E-mu, Linn, Oberheim, MXR, Sequential Circuits), the Japanese industry (Korg, Roland, Sound Master and Yamaha), as well as the more obscure drum machine models made from all over the world."

drum 1


"pulled my moms powershot out of the drawer, taped it to a pole and threw this box under the hot lights. XOR percussion circuit as a gift for a friend, nothing fancy:

2 pairs of schmitt triggers oscillators each into their own 4070 XOR gate, output of those into a third gate. Simple line level decay vca ala Elliot Williams hackaday series. Second buffered output straight outta the 3rd xor gate before the vca, hot and loud for something close to modular level? The oscillators at highest frequency setting "die out" and effectively fall out of the mix. 9v battery. Moisturized my hands right after recording."

Songs that Changed Music: New Order - Blue Monday

Produce Like A Pro

Some interesting synth bits in this one including the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Oberheim DMX, some DIY, and lets just say, "experimental sample sessions" with the E-Mu Emulator. Hope this doesn't ruin New Order for anyone...

SHOCKWAVE | Final DX7 Tutorial! | madFame


0:00 Intro
2:13 Tutorial Begins

"This is the final episode in the series, thank you all for your viewership and support! My SysEx files are available on Patreon until January 30th, 2021– get in quick!

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

madFame DX7 posts

Big Button trigger sequencer MIDI upgrade


"Get the firmware and schematics here:

I modified the Look Mum No Computer big button sequencer that I built to sport MIDI input and thru, as well as a new "shift" button that adds some new sequencing features to the front panel, like mute, solo, bank/all and roll. Now I can use it as a MIDI-to-gate converter or program sequences on top of any existing rhythm.

It's a somewhat complex but not super hard mod that just requires a small daughterboard to isolate the midi input signal with a 6N138 optoisolator and support circuitry. The inside is a mess of wires but it's great to be able to sync it up with my other gear."

See the extralife label below for more.

Happy New Year from Sequential

via Sequential on Twitter

"From all of us here at Sequential — best wishes for a very joyous and musical New Year!"

Patchwerks Patch Prompt Cards

Patchwerks Seattle

"Every day, Patchwerks sends out packages and orders filled with unlimited possibilities. Packages with the potential to teach, to inspire, to fulfill, to put you on stage or online, to get recognized -- or to just simply enjoy!

Through all these packages, we at Patchwerks get to see the depth and range of talent our customers possess on a daily basis and the wild and unusual spaces our gear can reach! So we thought, "Why keep all this awesomeness to ourselves? It’s time to share this talent with the world!" That’s where #mypatchwerks comes in.

How does it work?

From time to time, we create magical Patch Prompt cards which can mysteriously appear in your order! Patch Prompts are a little nugget of visual inspiration. Vague and mysterious in nature, these prompts are meant to be interpreted however you feel in the moment! Think Rorschach (or “ink blot”) tests.

With your new gear purchase (and whatever else you feel called to use!) refer to the visual Patch Prompt as inspiration, or a starting point, for your musical creation. Record this exercise and post to Instragram or Twitter using the hashtag #mypatchwerks to be a part of the global Patchwerks community!

Post your patches and tag #mypatchwerks to get connected with the global Patchwerks community! Video by: Matthew and Rae."

Folk Music For A New Year


"A simple tune for the new year. I recently got the model:samples and needed to add some synths to the krautrock beat."

Modal Argon8 - sound demo by Jexus / WC Olo Garb

Jexus / WC Olo Garb [synth demos]

"To get all my Argon8 sounds (180 original sounds + variations = 200 in total), please transfer € 26 (Euro) to this paypal address: [wcologarb at] writing "argon8 sounds" in the title. I will send the sounds to your email provided in paypal.

Apart from the video demo, here's an additional mp3 demo of some more (traditional / basic / musical) of my sounds:"

Happy 101-day!


This might be the first 101day post on the site.

Jamuary #1 - Hopeful Beginnings


"Jamuary is an initiative encouraging everyone to create and share each day, with the hope that by repetition we can improve and grow.
So this year, Im going to see how many short pieces I can create during January.

The emphasis for me is going to be exploring what I have available, and finding new ways to use these instruments, with a short jam as a result of issue 'exploration'.
I'm also hoping more frequent recording/publishing will help me optimise this process a little bit.

Jam #1 - I've just got a Frap Tools USTA sequencer, so here I was exploring its features - lots to learn, but Im really enjoying it so far."

Can't Smile Without You by Joe McGinty

Here's something a little different. A cover of Barry Manilow's by Joe McGinty

"Julian Velard on vocals: He’s a super talented NYC pianist and songwriter.

The drum beat is from the Casio MT-52. Later in the song the MPC One does the 80s sounding drums...

The 'whistle' sound at the top is the Pro 3, and the main string pads are the OB-6. The high strings are the Blofeld. Vibes are from the Kurzweil K1000 and the electric piano is the Yamaha CP-25. Bass is the Korg MS-20 (original, not reissue). If you listen closely, you’ll hear vocoded vocals as it fades. It’s the new Arturia vocoder."

"Recorded in honor of the recent passing of Rita Houston and also dedicated to the memory of Mike McPadden.

Written by Christian Arnold, Geoff Morrow, David Martin

Preview of The Captain and Neil, a conceptual covers collaboration between Julian Velard and Joe McGinty.

Photograph by Gary Lee Boas"

Grooving the GRID


"My first performance video featuring the Topographic Drum Sequencer by FreestateFX (GRIDS adaptation for 5U). The main trigger outlet for the sequencer is the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Magnus. This performance also features the Acidlab DRUMATIX (606 clone)."

Blip! & Shell Demo - 2nd Modular Per-Note Sample Project - Mark Steiner

Blip! & Shell Demo - 2nd Modular Per-Note Sample Project - Mark Steiner from Mark Steiner on Vimeo.

Seahorses & Shells - Spiral Fibonacci Math Sounds within Analog Modular Synthesis.

"Demo of the Blip! and Shell: incredible, genius analog modules made by Fricko.

Slowing building a collection of sample instruments made by sampling every note in a range to bring the beautiful tones of exotic modules and patching methods to others.

At first doing these for the Logic Pro Sampler but will expand to others. In a way that is reachable to have these as they unfold.

This demo starts with a sample instrument using the Blip! module and some Steiner modules, and then explores these modules with direct playing into the modular system. See for info about Fricko modules. They are brilliant.

More info and sample instrument demos to come…"

This one is in via Rick Jelliffe.


EMW Synthesizers

New eurorack filter module from EMW, likely based on the Roland SH-5 based on the name.

Buchla Function Generator Mult

Todd Barton

ESK - Overdrive Jam, served hot and spicy


"Techno jam with a lot overdrive from the Boss KM-60 Mixer.
Drumbrute for the main beat. Deluge for the second beat and a simple melody track. Rane Graphic EQ as „Mono to Stereo“ effect and the Digitech Bass Harmony Machine BHM4 for some spice on the deluge.

Direct recording with mastering."

OP-Z Piano - Holiday Calmness

Johan Wave

"OP-Z Piano - Holiday Calmness. A short piece of music made on my op-z. Live piano played on the chord track. Effects: reverb (internal and from logic pro). Thank you for watching!"

Jazzmutant Lemur

Jeremy Bustillos

The customizable touch controller before the iPad. See the JazzMutant label below for additional posts.

via this auction

via this auction

"Vintage 1974, 4 page. Includes specifications of the vintage Moog Modular 921A Oscillator Driver and the 921B Voltage Controlled Oscillator."

Dubreq GEN R8 Limited Edition Stylophone Synthesizer

via this auction

"Dubreq GEN R8 Limited Edition Stylophone Synthesizer - Only 500 Made. Condition is "New". Purchased and never used. Only opened to take pictures. Has a very unique and aggressive sound that is like no other. Comes with power supply, MIDI adapters, Numbered certificate of limited run of 500.

Waldorf Miniworks - 4 Pole Stereo Analog Moog-Style Filter

via this auction

Vermona 14 Analog Synthesizer w/ Original Box, Pedal, & Docs

via this auction

"A great all analog synthesizer. Handmade in Germany and limited to only 222 units. It’s monophonic, has aftertouch, midi, arpeggiator and sequencer.

Great layout with some tricks of it own. Easily tweakable. Sounds amazing and is really fun to play.

It’s a collectors piece and comes with all original documents and accessories."

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

Self playing patch on Random Source Serge Mantra

] mxbdpln [

"Self playing sequence
DUSG plays the two voices
Sequence is modulated by TimeGen Oscillator and manually played at the end
Filtering by VCFQ and SSG

Effects are Strymon Timeline delay and Zoom reverb"

2021 ANTONUS +GRP A 4+TR8S+MB2S+P 12+PRO 3 SE+NW2.



Audio Damage ADM17 Proton DEMO - No EFX - Karplus-Strong Tuned Delay Line Physical Modelling Synth


"This is a demonstration video of the rare Audio Damage ADM17. The ADM-17 was triggered by the Korg/Arp 2600 3620 keyboard sequencer. No effects were used, this is the sound of the direct output from the Proton. Adjusting the Decay, Imp Filter, Imp Decay, Damping and Sub controls produces a wide range of sound, from crisp FM-like bass sounds, to very ragged aggressive tones. All with just the one module, no additional filtering or processing is using. Even more can be accomplished by using the CV inputs for the various controls to animate the sound. But just clean and dry this is a pretty impressive stand alone Eurorack synth module.
I purchased the unit second hand and have difficultly with getting the unit to boot up. The ADM17 has a microprocessor, and 9/10 times it will not power up. When it does, the front panel blue LED flashes, and you are in business. I supplied an external gate and pitch CV from the 3620, but you do not need anything to make sounds (when it is working), just press the front panel manual trigger button. I tried using the unit as a stand alone delay, but the delay time is very short. Good for synthesis, not so good for effects.
I wish this unit was still in production, and there was more information available. There is a USB port on the unit for software updates as well.
This is a very powerful unit, I would think it would be in more racks if people had a chance to hear what the unit is capable of."

Roland SPV-355 P/V (Pitch-to-Voltage) Synthesizer - Demo with Guitar


"The SPV-355 is the forgotten brother to the much more familiar Roland GR-300 guitar synthesizer. Look inside the GR-300 owner’s manual on page 10, and you will see a reference to the Roland SPV-355 Synthesizer. The manual reads:

"When a solo type synthesizer sound is desired, try the Roland P/V Synthesizer SPV-355. Use the NORMAL OUTPUT on the Guitar controller, or use the GUITAR OUTPUT from the GR-300." - Roland GR-300 Manual

I was very curious to check out the SPV-355. Does it share the same fantastic tracking as the G-300? How does it compare to other Roland guitar and MIDI synthesizers? Does it have the same analog tone as the GR-300?

In short, the SPV-355 falls short on tracking when compared to the GR-300. A look through the service notes revealed a tracking system much more like the GR-700 than the acclaimed GR-300. The tradeoff here is that the SPV-355 offers three different waveforms, for a much more flexible sound. The synthesizer section is very much a classic analog synthesizer, and the SPV-355 has rear panel control voltage inputs, allowing it to also work as a stand-alone analog synthesizer expansion module. In addition, there are CV outputs as well, so that the SPV-355 can be used to drive any standard 1 volt/octave analog synthesizer."

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm going to keep this one super short. I want to thank all supporting members of the site, and the site sponsors. You make this site possible.

This year we had 12,142 posts with 667 new products featured. We had 30 posts that received what I call the exclusive label, as in as exclusive as it gets in the synth world. They are worth a look. We also had 52 posts featuring vintage/older gear never before featured on the site. These always surprise me as after 15 years of running the site and over 200,000 posts you'd think you've seen everything, but nope, something new always crops up. We lost 18 people this year.

Needless to say, I think most of us would agree 2020 was a pretty bleak year. I hope the site gave a litte respite for some.

That said, as long as you see posts continue to go up, you know I am here. Thank you to everyone who visits the site. Thank you to all the creators sharing our love for synths!

Onward to 2021!

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