MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday, February 12, 2021

2x IME Bionic Lester MK3 Comb Filter Exploit

video by HEAD DRESS

"Driving an Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut MK3 & Double Andore MK2 with Toraiz Squid, which clocks Stillson Hammer MK2. Stillson Hammer MK2 & 2x Kermit MK3 modulate 2x Bionic Lester MK3 which mitigate the Hertz Donut MK3 audio. Direct recording. Heavy comb filter exploitation. No effects.

Get my latest releases:"

REPETITION | Industrial Music Electronics modular system.

"No-crystal, succulent-void modular performance.

4-voice patch, utilizing 2 Hertz Donut MK3, Hertz Donut MK2, Piston Honda MK2, sequenced via 2 Stillson Hammer MK2."

Roland SYSTEM 100 Overlay for System-1m - DIY Free Download

video by Robert Saint John

"I've finished my #SYSTEM100​ makeover for the #Roland​ #System1m​, and now you can DIY too: I am making my "SYSTEM-100 MODEL-1M" overlay design template available for FREE (under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC 4.0) at​ (link directly to zip file).

This video summarizes the build process and shows my own finished version, including custom side panels and classic style knobs. Original tune "100M Light Years" by me, with all sounds (multitracked in Zenbeats) from the System-1m with the SYSTEM-100 Plug-Out, available through Roland Cloud."

Roland System 100 Model 101 Vintage Mono Synthesizer w/ Flight Case SN 724042

via this auction

"Here is a unique vintage mono from the mid 70s, the Roland System 100 Model 101. This synth is intuitive to program with an amazing sound for leads and bass, also in really great condition for its age. Everything functions without issue, no scratchy pots or keys having issue triggering notes, ready to record. Ships in flight case pictured."

TouellSkouarn - Strakal Silisiom

video by TouellSkouarn

"Dual eurorack Morphing Fuzz with stereo out"

Waldorf Quantum - Moan Of Pain - Moog Matriarch and PROPHET 6

video by Tarek Mansur

"Did a drone sound on the Quantum that I called "Moan of Pain" and after that this session came to life!"

Evolution Vol 3 - Patches 51 to 75 - Sequential OB6

video by GEOSynths

"Out 15th February 2021

Patches 51 to 75.

It's been almost 3 years since I brought out Evolution Vol 2 for the Sequential OB6 Synthesizer and wasn't sure I'd do another, however Sequential have updated the OB6 with the "Vintage Knob" feature, from the Prophet 5 Rev 4 Synth. After playing around with it, I decided to do another Bank and while it is subtle with some sounds, with others, it can really make a difference.

In this set I've also focused a little more on making Patches using Osc 2 as a Modulation Source and delving deeper. While there is the odd "Vintage" patch, it's more about getting new Synthesizer sounds."

GEOSynths Sequential OB6 Evolution demos

GEOSynths Sequential OB6 demos

Modular Synthesizer Performance with Project 32

video by Patchwerks Seattle

"In this video resident expert Steven Ly (aka Project 32) performs on his Intellijel 4U 107HP modular system at Patchwerks. This performance was centered around 4 voices: the 4MS Ensemble Oscillator, Intellijel Plonk, Intellijel Dixie 2+ with the Doepfer A-102-VCF9, and Mutable Instruments Plaits.

Learn more about 4MS Ensemble Oscillator here:

Learn more about Intellijel Plonk here:

Learn more about the Intellijel Dixie 2+ here:

Learn more about the Doepfer A-102-VCF9 here:

Learn more about Mutable Instruments Plaits here:
Performance by: Steven Ly (aka Project 32)
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)"

Chick Corea, In Memoriam

video by CatSynth TV

Legendary composer and keyboardist Chick Corea has passed away. Above is a tribute from supporting member, CatSynth.

"We pay tribute to the great jazz composer and keyboardist Chick Corea, who passed away on February 9, 2021. We look at his seminal work with Miles Davis in the late 1960s into his launching Return to Forever in the 1970s. We also touch on his Elektric and Acoustic bands, his duets with Herbie Hancock, his explorations of orchestral and chamber music, and his reunions in the 2000s.

His pioneering work included embracing the electric piano and then synthesizers in his jazz performances (something he shared with his contemporary Herbie Hancock), but returned to acoustic jazz and explored other aspects of music over the years. He leaves behind a multi-decade legacy.

We extend our thoughts to his family, friends, and many collaborators on his passing."

And a few synth related videos featuring Chick Corea (if you have any other favorites, feel free to link to them in the comments):

Chick Corea Jazz Keyboard Demo — Rhythmic Displacement
video by Chick Corea

Chick Corea best Mini Moog solo.wmv

video by bandasabanagrande

chick corea & return to forever / herbie hancock & the headhunters "soundstage chicago 1974"

video by I See The Land

ARPchivesLIVE!!! on 2021 02 03 with Dave Spiers!

video by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Join us for the first ARPchivesLIVE! of the year!! Recorded on February 3, 2021 with Dave Spiers, creator of Bright Sparks, co-creator GForce Software.

Dave shows some never-before-seen footage with Alan R. Pearlman, talks about his adventures meeting him, making Bright Sparks, naughty tour pics with Debra Harry, 80's boyband costumes and more!"

You can find additonal Bright Sparks posts here.

1980 ARP / Mu-tron Price Lists

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find an additional scan and the write-up.

Generative Patch and Drawing a Mushroom - VCV Rack and Microcosm

video by Omri Cohen

"There's a full walkthrough video of this patch together with the VCV file on my Patreon page -"

New ACL System 3

video by Audiophile Circuits League

"ACL System 3 Demo

A powerful, modulation-focused system, combining the creamy sounding subtractive synth base of our System 2 with the expansive stereo potential of System 1.

1 x Mini MIDI
2 x Oktave
1 x Multifunction Discrete VCO
2 x Variable Sync VCO
1 x Discrete Core Ladder VCF
1 x Dual State Variable VCF
1 x Envelope x 3
2 x QLFO
2 x VC Dual Amp
1 x Multi II
1 x VC Panning Amplifier
1 x Audio Interface
1 x 2 Row 104 TE Case incl.1 x KAZU PSU"

via ACL

"What is System 3? A System 2 on steroids? The illegitimate lovechild of System 1 and System 2? A modulation lover’s paradise? Or is it all of those?

It won′t surprise you to learn that our designs are heavily influenced by whatever we were playing with at the time.

For example, System 1, our stereo-friendly system, was birthed during late night sessions with the M/S Matrix, VC Panning Amplifier, Dual State Variable VCF and Dual Delay prototypes.

System 2 came from toying with those budget analogue mono−synths flooding the market, and dreaming of one with premium components, a well−spaced layout, and a lifespan measured in decades, not months.

System 3? Well, System 3 came from playing about with System 1 and System 2 in conjunction with our new Mini MIDI module. Mini MIDI′s ability to convert MIDI CCs directly into modular friendly CC, with all the control that offered over modulation, set us down an addictively creative path, and we knew we had to share it.

System 3 very much has the mono−synth vibe of System 2, coupled with some of the stereo−tricks of System 1, but it′s really about modulation and experimentation."

Additional details at the ACL website.

New Zlob Modular Glow-in-the-Dark Patch Cables

via Zlob Modular

"ลปล‚ob Glow in the Dark right angle Y Splitter/Multiple cables are available now! They come in 3 packs or by the single cable in 4”(10cm) Male to Female/Female and 12”(30cm)and 18”(45cm)Male to Male/Male.

currently they are only available through my site, but 3U-Shop in Germany should be getting some in a couple months.

Prices are
4”(10cm) Male to Female/Female
$6.25 for 3packs
$2.25 for single

12”(30cm)and Male to Male/Male.
$6.50 for 12” 3packs
$2.50 for 12” single

18”(45cm)Male to Male/Male.
$6.75 for 18” 3packs
$2.75 for 18” single

These are a great cost effective low profile alternative to stackcables and make it way easier to close patched tight cases while still multing signals.

you can find them here"

Loom II Additive Synthesizer - Part 2 - Sound Editing

video by Runningonair

"Loom II Additive Synthesizer - Part 2 - Sound Editing
In this video I'll be looking at editing Loom sounds, focussing on the edit page sound modules."

Part 1 here

Buchla Easel Command Exploration 4

video by Todd Barton

"Clocking the 208c from the Korg SQ-1 and more fun . . ."

Todd Barton Buchla Easel Command posts

Using a MIDI guitar pickup to create 90s alt rock on a 90s synthesiser workstation

video by Floyd Steinberg

"For some reason, there are a lot of guitar sound presets on the Yamaha #EX5​ (a #synthesiser​ keyboard workstation from the late 90s). So why not use a MIDI guitar #hexaphonic​ pickup like the Fishman Triple Play connect to create 90s alt rock using these sounds? Sounds like in "interesting" idea...

In this video, I try to show some typical guitar moves like strumming, picking, bending and sliding and how the controller translates them to MIDI. Spoiler: it works quite well, bit bends and slides have to be articulated precisely (I'm not a good enough guitar player)."

Get 7% off on DistroKid with this link


Sunset Echo Chamber // Chill Synth // Roland SH-01A

video by Eon Edge

Yamaha CS80 demo by SYNTHGURU

video by SYNTHGURU *


via this auction

REON driftbox SE Special Edition Rev 2.0 w/ Original Box

via this auction

4 Voice-8 Paraphonic Digital Synthesizer

Equipped with the series' first digital oscillator and Steiner-Parker analog filter

Equipped with a drift stick that causes radical changes

Each DCO can be selected from 6 waveforms

Operable with MIDI IN, Ext GATE IN, Ext CV IN

Moog Taurus 1 Bass Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse Plus Synthesizer SN 96480680

via this auction

"Waldorf Pulse Plus Synthesizer with version 2.01 OS."

Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot TB-303 Clone w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Item comes with original box, deck saver, power adaptor, zip carrying case, and manual. This was a floor model, and the power adaptor shorts out if it’s moved frequently. I had it on a stand in my studio, and never had a problem unless I jiggled the plug."


via this auction

Akai MFC42 Filter

videos by Modular Beat

via this auction

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer SN 174400 w/ Original Box + Doepfer MSY2

via this auction

Alesis Andromeda A6

via this auction

Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer Sequence Step By Step Dynamic Synth Guitar Orchestra Tutorial Demo

video by WayneJoness

"Details on the two 16-part step sequencers for evolving control of pitch, filter, and amplitude in the Dynamic Synth instrument of the Boss SY-1000."

UNO Synth Pro analog synth - Overview

video by ikmultimedia

"**ALL SOUNDS FROM UNO SYNTH PRO** See Chapters below for each section of this in-depth video.

UNO Synth Pro - next generation analog for everyone - gives you the power to create nearly any analog synth sound you can imagine. With its unique dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design, 256 presets, 64-step sequencer, studio-grade effects, expanded connections and much more, UNO Synth Pro breaks new ground for music makers. Learn more at​

00:00​ Introduction
00:25​ Oscillators
04:40​ Filters
09:22​ Envelopes
10:54​ LFOs
12:08​ Modulation Matrix
13:18​ Sequencer & Arpeggiator
15:43​ Effects
20:00​ Conclusion"

Big Oontz Oontz Live Modular Rig Walkthrough & Seattle Modular Nights - Full Performance (February 2021)

video by Red Means Recording Red Means Recording

"This rig was inspired by the dub techno work of Stewart Walker's 'Live Extracts' album. I've used it for a few performances, and I'd like to talk to you about how it works."

Seattle Modular Nights - Full Performance (February 2021)

"My performance for Seattle Modular Nights, February 2021"

Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - No Filter Funk

video by ChrisLody

"The Liven XFM Prototype in this video was supplied by Sonicware (obviously ๐Ÿ˜)

It's time for another Liven XFM Prototype demo, but a slightly different prototype than in the last video. If you do a direct A/B comparison with that one you'll see there's a lot of moving around and renaming of functions that have been done since the last one, of course with accompanying firmware so it all works the way it should. A few new things have been added including LFO delay to pitch which I wholly of.

To clarify, I've been hired on a freelance basis by Sonicware to make preset sounds and loops, plus promotional videos like this.

This demo started out as an attempt to make something a bit more 'traditionally FM synth' sounding. It technically is because I haven't used the filter at all on this, but I got really carried away playing with all the probability based triggering and effects so this is not very traditional sounding FM at all, again! I'll make some nice gentle ambient on it at some point, maybe ๐Ÿ˜„

So the bass-line from the 4th pattern onward is using probability based triggering for some of it's notes which gives a great amount of variation. Some of the drums are using this too to give a bit more of a human feel. I'm using the X-Lab manual morph function to morph between the Flanged Bass preset (which I love!) and a Bright Trumpet to add some noise. I'm also using the tone control in places to soften the sound, this is a manual control that lowers the level of feedback on all the operators. Then we get into the effects. There's a single send effect that can be saved with each pattern but each track has it's own send amount. First is overdrive, then a super short delay, bit crusher (♥️), chorus, flanger then back to delay. There are other effects to chose from but I was having the most fun with these on this track.

I had an absolute blast making this is has to be said. As with the last track this was all made from the pattern editing mode of the XFM without resorting to making any new preset sounds as there is plenty that can be done by combining and tweaking sounds without having to do that. I could have spent a lot longer fiddling around and refining patterns, but I've got deadlines to meet ๐Ÿ˜

Btw, the gloves. I'm not cold but I did slip over on some ice on the way to the shops and managed to punch the tarmac on the way down just before I was going to film this so my knuckles are a bit bloody, and I don't think that's a look to go for here!"

PolyBrute Connect | Hardware Synthesizers | ARTURIA

video by Arturia

"PolyBrute comes with an advanced software companion that lets you control its sound in real-time from your Mac or PC. Construct patches, go deeper with morphing tweaks, use multiple instances for sonic flexibility - within your DAW or standalone."

Korg M1 Demo - Favorite Patches

video by Nicolas Melis

Sampler in SunVox: how to keep the length on different notes

video by Alexander Zolotov

0:00​ Just a Sampler - the playback speed depends on the note.
1:00​ Changing the pitch without changing the length (playback speed) of the sample.
2:26​ The same, but the sample is played at half the speed.

Patch n Tweak
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