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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Ping Pong MARF

video by Todd Barton

"An old trick but it's still fun . . . ping pong pulses with the Buchla MARF. Headphones of monitors :-)"

Tomita Whistle Patch Tutorial

video by Synthesizer Reviews // Tips // Patch Tutorials

See this post for the original.

"This is my attempt at recreating the iconic Whistle patch created by Isao Tomita.

Most people with Eurorack or 5U Systems can easily emulate the patch. I couldn't find a step by step tutorial online so I made this.

Some notes that are unclear from my video.

The mixer knobs ended up being
LFO turned up to 1.3
Pitch Envelope turned up to 2.3

I also have set up a VCA for keyboard velocity."

Tom Oberheim TVS Pro Demos

Two Voice Pro demos by GSF Agency

UDO Audio Super 6 Demos

UDO Audio Super 6 - Sinister Six video by GSF AGENCY

"This piece of music, including percussion and sound effects, is done entirely with UDO Audio's Super 6 binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer. I spent about a month and a half developing sounds for the Super 6, after which I massively multitracked the synthesizer into Mark Of The Unicorn's Digital Performer over several weeks time. At first, I tried out a pseudo orchestral intro to see how well my sounds worked together, and then took a joyride through various moods and musical styles. This Sinister Six piece is an imaginary cinematic journey, heavily influenced by the pioneers of synthesis with a few nods to world music; it showcases the broad stereo binaural effects and the range of the instrument's capabilities.

Sinister Six Copyright 2021 Drew Neumann, Droomusic (ASCAP)​
Video by Chris Morgan at Dark Energy Media"

And a playlist with additional demos:

UVI Introduces Hypnotic Dive for Falcon

videos by UVI

"Hypnotic Dive for Falcon - Deeper States of Dance

Inspired by the world of psytrance and its manifold subgenres, Hypnotic Dive features 120 energized and dynamic patches, ranging from syncopated arpeggios and basslines to deep atmospheric pads, leads and synths, vibrant plucks, tuned sub kicks and much more.

Video Credits: Anthony Hak
Music Credits: Carlo De Gregorio
About UVI
UVI is a developer of software instruments, effects and soundware. We leverage leading-edge synthesis, DSP research and design to provide unique and expressive tools for musicians and audio professionals.

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest-quality sound possible with innovative and reliable solutions. You can hear our work around the world at live shows, on hit-records, in blockbuster films and AAA games.

We're a small but spirited team with a global footprint, music and sound lovers eager to share our passion. We're honored to be a part of your creative journey and thankful to you for sharing ours."

Beats with the Novation Circuit Tracks ONLY (multiple genres)

video by Gabe Miller Music

"A bunch of beats and jams with the Novation Circuit Tracks completely standalone, including hip hop / trap, drum and bass, deep house, minimal techno, synthwave, and more. Sounds used include my one shot sample pack (link below), the Delorean Dream and Vapor Dream packs, A Force Truly Evil, samples I got from Splice, and the default patches."

Host Midi-Out Expanders

video by Omri Cohen

Omri Links:

"If you just want to buy me a coffee :) -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas that I continue updating -

Haken Continuum / EaganMatrix: Using the ContinuuMini as a W,X,Y,Z Eurorack CV Controller

video by EaganMatrix Programming

"Demonstrating one of an almost infinite ways to use a ContinuuMini with Evaton Technologies uCVC as a four degree of freedom (WXYZ) controller for Eurorack systems (though it could be used this way with any system that uses CV input to manipulate sound parameters). Here the Mini primarily controls a TiNRS Tuesday Sequencer and Rabid Elephant Natural Gate that are really 'running the show' (not ContinuuMini pitch and envelope control). EaganMatrix CVC programming is used to impart a much more complex CV interaction that would be possible with a traditional XY CV (for example joystick) controller. Note with only a ContinuuMini and a uCVC, you will ideally want to set your preset Polyphony 1 to avoid discontinuities when playing polyphonically which is not the intent here but you might do it without realizing it (not using ContinuuMIni audio output at all here)."

Radio City (jamming w/live FM radio & tape loop)

video by poorness studios

"I decided to give this idea a try and I was fairly pleased with the results. I'm using a ByronStatics KCS-315 AM/FM radio and a Sony TCM-200DV variable-speed cassette player along with my Volca Bass, Volca Beats, and Microbrute synthesizers. The 7-second tape loop you hear was made by The Void Electronics in Ireland.

I made a playlist of other videos that involve cassettes: [below]

If you like tape loops, I highly recommend The Void Electronics on Etsy:"


Cassette Soundscape 1 (TX Wiggles 47)
Cassette Soundscape 2 (TX Wiggles 48)
Still Here (jamming with a tape loop)
Radio City (jamming w/live FM radio & tape loop)

VM2500 Walk-through

video by boxoftextures

"Cherry Audio recently released their VM2500 Collection, basically recreations of the ARP 2500 series of modules and I had to immediately purchase a set. This is more of a deep dive than my more usual synth demos, both because there are a lot of modules in the set, although I only cover some of them, but also because with modular systems there's simply a huge amount of options available in how you set everything up. Which is the basic idea of course. In this video I walk you through a number of different patches, going over these particular modules and how I used them but also getting into general modular principles. I'm assuming at least some prior knowledge of how synthesis works as this isn't really a Beginning Modular Synthesis course, although I've thought of doing a series along those lines to be honest, but even if you're a beginner you should at least be able to get an idea of what I'm aiming for.

The patches I make here include just a basic does-this-make-noise patch, then a "typical" synth patch, although it feels to me like a typical '70s ARP sound. I follow those up with two sequencer-driven patches and then a self-playing generative type of patch. Kind of a wide range there.

The Voltage Modular VM2500 Collection, from Cherry Audio -

Audio and video captured in CleanShot X on a MacBook Pro
Edited in DaVinci Resolve 17

Dymo Label Maker photo from the History’s Dumpster web site -

Twitter: @selgart

MATHS Swirly Bird Grooves

video by MAKEN0ISE

"Let's build up some rhythms from the 'West Coast Swirly Bird' MATHS manual patch."

BLEASS Phaser - This Thing Is Sweet!

video by Electronisounds Audio


BLEASS Phaser - Out Now!
video by BLEASS


video by Molten Music Technology

"It's two envelope generators in a single Black package that will give you Attack, Sustain and Release (or Decay depending on who you speak to). It has so many interesting features that it's a half-decent replacement for a Make Noise Maths. Let me see if I can show what it does.

Index - 0:00​
Intro - 0:19​
Quick demo - 1:37​
What is an ASR envelope? - 3:39​
Overview - 5:17​
Envelope shape - 8:01​
Arpeggiating Gates - 10:21​
Sequencing Gates - 11:57​
The problem with Gated ASRs - 13:50​
Triggering envelopes - 17:07​
Looping / LFO mode - 21:53​
LFO mixing - 23:21​
Black Joystick 2 patched into the Attack & Decay of EG2 - 24:02​
Krell patch - 25:35​
Independent envelopes on 2 oscillators - 26:55​
Drones - 28:40​
Short mode / Long mode jumper - 29:46​
Higher drone tones with faster envelope - 30:08​
Comparing long and short modes - 31:12​
Conclusion - 34:46​"

"The Black Dual ASR EG is a versatile, full analogue looping AD/ASR envelope generator with voltage control over attack and release times, that can also be used as low frequency oscillator with manually and voltage controlled shape and rate. It has two identical parts, each featuring all typical envelope generator controls and bonus features – the end of the cycle output and bi-polar LFO output. When in loop mode the shortest attack and decay settings turn the module into voltage controlled drone oscillator with adjustable waveform (it will not track 1V/oct, though).

ATO V Project 16n rework - Building the kit

video by Synth Diy Guy

"Building this wonderful faderbank kit from Berlin! All premium parts, standalone with a nice black chassis, fun and easy build!
More info here:​

My Patreon:"

"The 16n AtoVproject Rework is aimed at solving a problem very specific to modular synthesis. As a patch is getting more and more complex a forest of cables has grown over your system before you know it. This module allows you to take the control from the modular into a very ergonomic controller that integrates perfectly into a modern studio.

The 16n AtoVproject Rework is a controller sending CV, I2C, MIDI jack, USB MIDI (compatible PC, Mac, iPad etc...), making it the absolute ultimate controller for any of your hardware and software all in one!

Even better this controller can either be used as a Eurorack module or as a standalone unit using the beautiful aluminum enclosure.

In 2019, the Berlin Modular community showed interest in building the 16n Faderbank. As one of the Berlin Modular community organizers, I decided to make a redesign of the 16n faderbank following the suggestions and desires of our members. The 16n AtoVproject Rework is the result.

This unit features :

Korg MCR-03 memory card

via this auction

"Korg MCR-03 memory card

two available for sale

price is for one card

fits several kinds of synths

fully working and in original jewel case

it comes with a soundbank for Waldorf Microwave 1"

Note this is a supporting member post.

SPACETRAX Synthesizer

video by Massimo Synthblitz

"Inspired by the new generation hardware synthesizers, Spacetrax comes on board with extensive, in-depth editing ability, delivering the warm analog sounds of vintage units while integrating modern control functions available in our current state of the art. At the heart of Spacetrax are 4 elements with precision editing capability for each oscillator. Spacetrax comes with an impressive arsenal of effects, an arpeggiator, a step sequencer, and more. Full version comes with 1200 presets to get you started and inspired to create"

Squarp Instruments rampleOS 1.40

video by Squarp Instruments

"Hey everyone !

rampleOS 1.40 is out ! 🚀
This new firmware includes bug fixes, better performances and add new features:
- CV inputs volt/octave (play samples as chromatic notes)
- midi keyboard split + polyphony, turns your Rample in a polyphonic 4-voice synth!
- improved Freeze effect
- new vu-meters

Grab it here

Enjoy !"

Brad Fiedel (Terminator 2) Fairlight Restoration announced

video by DeftAudio

"For a very special time I'm announcing Fairlight Series III restoration that was owned by Brad Fiedel and used for scoring Terminator 2 Judgment Day. Importantly there are two systems used which were synced together to produce the original soundtrack. Watch till the end you'll find the easter egg."

Waldorf Iridium Deep Dive

video by WaldorfMusicChannel

"Waldorf CTO and Developer Rolf Wöhrmann takes you on an exciting journey deep into the inner workings of our Iridium synthesizer. Discover things that no one has ever seen before!"

EMS Synthi E - Pro Serviced

via this auction

"EMS synthi E in excellent condition, maintained very well.

In Pro Service by EMS Expert Constantin (Portabellabz).
Fully functional. Plug & Play.

You will receive:

EMS Synthi E
Manual (Copy pdf)
Power adapter
Patch cables
Ocsidance Invoice including 1 year warranty
Service Report"

EMS Synthi A - Pro Serviced

via this auction

"EMS Synthi A in very good condition, used in Studio.
Maintained very well.

In Pro service by EMS Expert Constantin (Portabellabz).

You will receive:

EMS Synthi A
Spartanite Lid
EMS Matrix pins
EMS Power Cable
Ocsidance Invoice including 1 year warranty
Service Report"

Roland JD-XA Analog Digital Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Matte Front Panel

via this auction

YAMAHA TENORI-ON TNR-W Music Interface Synthesizer Early Model w/ Original Box

via this auction

Yamaha TX816 FM Synthesizer - 8 DX7 Synthesizers in a Rack! SN 1725

via this auction

"This is a classic of FM synthesis. To my ears this edition of the DX7 has a prettier, cleaner sound like the MKII as opposed to the grittier sound of the original MKI. I would say the sounds are also more powerful than my MKI."

Korg DW-8000 Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer w/ Analog Filters SN 003691

via this auction

"Synthesizer equipped with D.W.G.S. (Digital Waveform Generator System). The waveform of the actual musical instrument sound is simulated by the "overtone addition method". It is possible to create more realistic sounds! It is also called a "hybrid" synth because it is basically processed by analog circuits. The intro of the famous Europe The Final Countdown is played on this DW-8000! There is a feeling of use such as small scratches and dirt, but it is in very good condition considering the aging. A valuable one that is rarely seen these days. Maybe some people are pursuing a retro sound like this one because it is an evolved era. If you are looking for it, please do so as soon as possible!"

Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 00645

via this auction

Logan String Melody MkI SN 4207

via this auction

"Logan string melody mk I in perfect aesthetic and functional conditions. Fairytale string machine, great sound !!"

Roland TR06 & Boss PC-2

video by Geylo Follen

"Boss PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer released in 1984. Here is being triggered by Roland TR06 Accent gate out. The Roland TR06 is using the included TR808 kit.
Pro One for bass and Waldorf Microwave XT for those snappy chords.
Geylo Out."

Big Synth Boutique NF-1, la recensione completa in italiano | Modor Music | Soundmit Review #04

video by SOUNDMIT

"La prima recensione completa ed in italiano di questo synth digitale handmade in Belgio da Modor Music.

In questo video Francesco vi racconta tutti i segreti del Modor NF-1, il synth digitale polifonico a 8 voci con 3 oscillatori ciascuno con 10 forme d'onda, 3 LFO, 4 Inviluppi loopabili, 2 effetti, doppio filtro e una potente matrice di moulazione"


"The first full review in Italian of this handmade digital synth in Belgium by Modor Music.

In this video Francesco tells you all the secrets of the Modor NF-1, the 8-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer with 3 oscillators each with 10 waveforms, 3 LFOs, 4 loopable envelopes, 2 effects, double filter and a powerful matrix of moulation"

Patch n Tweak
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