MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Prophet 12 and Elektron Monomachine demo

video upload by MIDERA

"Just put this together after liking the sound I made on the Prophet 12. Drums and one part is from the Monomachine (as well as sequencing). The main part is the P12."

Release by MATTHS

"Acclaimed Radiophonic Workshop collaborator and Brighton-based electronic producer MATTHS (Matthew Hodson) presents dark, brooding and extreme techno productions that boast brutality within the breadth of the production aesthetic. Feeding the grit and distorted bass frequencies with melancholic melodies, MATTHS is back with another taste of honest and up-front sounds to please your inner confused self.

MATTHS is presenting a series of new releases for 2021 which will see him release one new track every month, see’s him working by recording a single take using a bespoke modular synthesiser setup, MATTHS brings you into his new direction of heavy experimental techno.

MATTHS (Matt Hodson) says: 'this project is the result of designing a new bespoke instrument that had to be tactile, it had to feel like an instrument, and it had to provide a rich pallet sonic exploration. Each track will be a complete take, no edits, complete with its imperfections and human fingerprint where my hands have turned every dial, released every noted and sculpted every tone. This approach to releasing music is different to that of releasing a normal album and I hope that the monthly musical output will take you somewhere different each time, having its own fingerprint but still be recognisable as a MATTHS production. You may know what to expect, but you will never get the same.'

All of the new releases for 2021 will be available through his own label ‘Solitude’ at MATTHS’ Bandcamp page, including hours of high-quality live performances, remixes and exclusives for subscribers such as behind the scenes studio work, track breakdowns and more live performances."

Inlet Dance Improvisation featuring Moog, Arturia Polybrute, and a Modular rig

video upload by Joel Negus

"It was a joy to perform this 7-minute improvisation with Inlet Dance Theater on July 31st, 2021. The music, dance, and lighting was all improvised as a part of Inlet's gala performance at Cain Park.

Instruments Used:
Arturia Polybrute

Moog DFAM / Mother 32 / Subharmonicon

Modular Skiff
Intellijel Metropolix
Make Noise Morphagene
Mutable Instruments Beads
Mutable Instruments Marbles"

SoundsDivine 'Fantastic Flaws - Crush' - Unfiltered Audio Lion

video upload by SoundsDivine111

"Preview of the presets from the 'Fantastic Flaws - Crush' soundset for Unfiltered Audio's Lion."

Trails - OB-8 through Boss Reverb


Simmons SDSV w/ 7 MODULES SN 002114

via this auction

"This SDSV is in great condition for its age. It has 2 bass modules, 1 snare module, 4 Tom modules, and the mixing section on the right. These are extremely hard to find with all 7 module slots filled up and this one works great! Has 4 different selections of adjustment on each module. Only thing to point out is that on the bass module all the way to the left, on one section the decay knob broke off. The knob/decay still works perfectly on it and you can turn it using your fingers, it’s just a little short. You also have 3 other sections of adjustment on this module so you have plenty adjustable settings. This module works perfectly on every single knob and they were all tested."

Roland Jupiter 6 Analog Synth Synthesizer with New Gator ATA Case SN 322203

via this auction

Novation DrumStation Rack

via this auction

"This is the first true 808/909 clone!

Unlike the rest which use only samples, the Drum Station employs analog Sound Modeling - digitally synthesized models of the original waveforms which can be shaped, just like analog. This means you can adjust the tone, attack, decay, tuning, snap, and distortion of its drum tones. It includes all of the sounds found in the original 808 and 909's, the same tone controls for each drum part, and my favorite is the DIN Sync output which will allow you to sync a , 909, or 808 to it, just like the original boxes."

Teeth // Sequential Pro 3 [not ambient]

video upload by Jameson Nathan Jones

"Exploring the not-lighter side of the Pro3"

Luke Neptune's Vintage/Classic Soundset Volume 3 for OB-6 -Vintage Knob Edition-

video upload by Luke Neptune

"To purchase this soundset follow this link"

Cycles - Eurorack / Microcosm / MiniBrute 2S

video upload by Omri Cohen

"There's a walkthrough video of this patch and performance on my Patreon page (all tiers) -"

Analog Solutions Leipzig V3 // review demo and walkthrough

video upload by Starsky Carr

0:00 intro
15:09 FILTER
32:05 VCO2 RYTHM
34:44 MIDI CC NOTE 0
37:57 SYNC OUT

UVI #PXSunbox factory presets demo - no talking

video upload by Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"UVI PX Sunbox factory presets demo - no talking
Like promised on last video, here is the audio demo of the factory presets of the UVI PX SunBox Rompler. Great sounding soft synth!"


Announcement - The Future And The Museum! - This Museum Is (Not) Obsolete

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Just a quick bit of an update! Regarding the museum which is finally open!"

MUSEUM OF EVERYTHING ELSE, a quick tour #Shorts
video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Quick tour of the museum of everything else.

we are only opening every sunday due to the pandemic,
we are offering very limited ticketed entry.
Each monday the following Sundays ticket link is posted to Patreon and youtube membership to offer people to get the ticket which is £6 entry.
Then on the Wednesday the link is made public if any tickets are left.
The reason for this is because patrons helped fund it so to avoid a ticket scramble they get a chance to book, if you want a head start any tier on patreon/youtube membership has access to these links.
When we are out of the woods regarding the pandemic it will be a lot less restricted entry and ticket links will be public and we will accept walk ins, however right now it is strictly ticketed entry."

LXR-02 tutorial - Part 1: Essentials

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Part one of a getting started guide for the Erica Synths LXR-02 drum machine. This is with firmware version 1.1 and everything as you'll find it fresh from the box. The machine itself is tiny, sturdy, beautiful and absolutely packed full of features. With part one here I could only cover the absolute essentials. The guide is designed to make your first few hours and days with this machine as smooth as possible.

0:00 Introduction and all-round view
0:53 Firmware version
1:03 The micro-SD card
1:41 Everything's on the card
1:56 Data structure
2:25 What is a Project?
3:10 On boot
3:40 The two modes
4:15 Performance Mode
4:30 Global shuffle amount
4:45 Global sample rate
5:06 Roll rate
5:48 Setting the BPM
6:14 External sync
7:10 Loading kits
8:05 Triggering sounds
9:41 External trigger
10:27 Mute and select
10:53 "Escape" buttons
11:30 Editing buttons
11:48 Menu navigation
12:14 The Data knob
13:37 Adding steps
14:05 The voices
15:12 Voice editing overview
16:30 Mix menu
17:30 Selecting the outputs
19:51 An output trap!
21:15 Consider your outs
21:45 Track length and polymeters
22:28 MIDI note assign
23:10 Config menu
24:00 Screensaver on/off
24:45 MIDI options
25:17 Bar follow
25:42 Pattern-kit link
26:54 Clock PPQ settings
27:22 Saving the configuration
27:50 Creating a pattern
28:15 Saving a project
31:45 Copying patterns
32:38 Next time!

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

LXR-02 tutorials by Richard DeHove

MAKEN0ISE Strega Bat Cave

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"Walker and Jake sit down to do a deep exploration of Jake's 'Bat Cave' patch from the Strega Manual."

Electro Harmonix DRM-32 / Digital Rhythm Matrix - Drum Machine

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings

"This one is in very good cosmetic condition and working 100%. This is the rarest of the DRM models and are usually scratched when you see them. Although far from perfect, it looks pretty nice as you can see."

Korg Micro Preset M-500 SN 790306 w/ Extras

via this auction

"A beautiful Korg M500 Micropreset with extras:
- Cv/gate modification
- Activation switch
- Korg brochure
- Original manual
- Korg sticker
- Complete collection of presets
- Key contacts and pots cleaned

Sooooo beautiful sounding, an absolute classic of the synth britannia era."

Roland SH-5 Analog Synthesizer SN 621846

via this auction

"Roland SH-5 in excellent condition, from first owner, only used for 6 months in the 70's. A collector's choice!."

Clavia Nord Lead 2 Virtual Analog Synthesizer SN NA7705

via this auction

Different Japanese model sticker on the back compared to this one.

ROLAND JD-800 Classic Digital Synthesizer

via this auction

"bought this a few years back from eBay and it had a damaged corner that was taped up. Pretty good job I taping it, very secure. The keyboard is in 100% working condition. Cosmetic is fair."

YAMAHA CS5 Synthesizer SN 1972 w/ QX5 Sequencer SN 2212

via this auction

1981 Sequential Circuits Pro One Model 100

via this auction, also on Reverb

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 SN 00336

via this auction

Roland JX-8P w/ PG-800

via this auction

Isisorri. A new track featuring Sequentix Cirklon

video upload by Fauxleroid

Watch the screen for synths and transitions.

Erica Synths Matrix Mixer - Review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"This is a review and exploration of the Matrix Mixer desktop digital modulation and routing matrix that's taken from the Syntrx and plumbed into your entire modular system.

I forgot to mention MIDI - you can use program change messages to select patterns, which is nice!

Erica Synths sent me the Matrix Mixer to do this video but has no influence over the content.

Index - 0:00
Intro - 0:18
First patch using all sorts of things - 4:24
Changing patterns of routing - 5:09
Performance patch - 6:45
Patch breakdown - 7:44
Thoughts so far - 12:07
Patch routing to two different filters - 17:04
Right, the basics! - 19:21
Improvised exploring of modulations and effects - 33:17
Randomisation - 37:09
Constrained randomisation - 41:04
Conclusions - 44:12"

Erica Synths Matrix Mixer controlling a modular jam

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"The Matrix Mixer routes and connects modulations and mixes audio signals in a fluid and memorable way. It then lets you switch between saved configurations to vary and transform your patch. Hopefully, this jam demonstrates a bit of this."

Knobula Poly Cinematic - first play

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Only scratching the surface of this amazing polyphonic module from Knobula. The Poly Cinematic is a very cool polysynth wrapped up in a compact Eurorack module. Much more to come! This was literally my first, pre-manual reading, mess about and I already love it!

This is a pre-production module sent to me by Knobula."


Knobula Poly Cinematic not quite review

"Introducing Poly Cinematic. The powerful compact synthesiser that brings big synth polyphony to Eurorack. It's simple to use with a dedicated knob or switch for each parameter, giving you immediate access to all the controls that really matter in the world of polyphonic pads and stabs. No presets, no menus, just a good honest tactile experience that puts pure sound synthesis at your fingertips.

Poly Cinematic can be played via midi as well monophonically over CV/Gate. As a monophonic module it can play one of 8 chord stacks, selectable using CV control, so it is as much a 56 oscillator mono synth as it is a luscious poly synth.

Here is a list of main features:
7 oscillator supersaw per voice
3 oscillator syncable wave shaped square/pulse
3 oscillator detuned tonewheel organ
8 chord memory controlled by cv/gate
Detune control with unison/5th/sub octave sweet spots
3 filter types: lowpass, notch and highpass
Built in high quality reverb"

Anthony Rother + PULSAR-23

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"Written and performed by Anthony Rother at PSI Studio Offenbach Germany"

Spectral Shiatsu Max For Live - touching your way through the spectrum

video upload by Sensel

"This unique Max for Live device relies on your touches and their pressure on the Morph to reveal the different frequencies of a sound from different times of a sound recording. Rather than using different buttons to create notes, each contact on the Sensel Morph reveals parts of a sound's frequency spectrum, playing short loops. These are some examples of different sounds and effects that can be achieved with this instrument." Tangible Frequencies with Spectral Shiatsu Max for Live: Overview and Tutorial
video upload by Sensel

"This unique instrument relies on your touches and their pressure on the Morph to reveal the different frequencies of a sound from different times of a sound recording.

0:00 Introduction to Spectral Shiatsu
0:18 How to use in Max for Live or Max
1:22 Example of playing with Spectral Shiatsu on a Morph
1:54 Using a mouse or trackpad instead of the Morph
2:02 More examples
3:04 Scaling/cropping frequencies of sound
3:25 Using image files
3:37 Knobs to adjust your sound
5:42 Using objects to interact

Download from"

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