MATRIXSYNTH: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

DinoPark vs Beads

video upload by NOISEBUG

Korg 01/W - teaser and first contact

video upload by synthlegends

"New arrival of my new bargain for EUR 120 , a Korg 01/W fd, wich is the second Rompler and Workstation from Korg after the M1. The 01/W was very popular even under professional musicians like RIk Wakeman, Tony Bannks or Phil Collins. Even though it has no resonance on the filter, it is quit interesting because of the waveshaping section, with wich you can add some character and sonic pepper on the sound. I really love this new instrument and I exchanged the display to get more fun.

No processing in this audio file, no FX but those internal of the 01/W. It s just the raw audio file recorded stereo directly into the DAW."

Arturia Polybrute 6-Voice Polyphonic Morphing Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

TINRS Fenix IV Modular Synth w/ Custom Bamboo Stand

via this auction

BugBrand 2Frame

via this auction

"Frame 1 (Synth Voice):

- 3 x Compact VCO
- 1 x Dual Filter
- 1 x Dual Envelope
- 1 x Dual Amplifier
- 1 x Dual Mixing

Frame 2 (Sequencing/Effects):

- 1 x Joystick/Touch
- 1 x Dual Preamp
- 1 x Penrose Quantizer
- 1 x Dual Digital Shift Register
- 1 x Dual Divide
- 1 x LPG
- 1 x PT Delay"

Buchla Skylab

via this auction

Hammond 102100 Synthesizer

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"Good News:

The Filter Section works! This is what makes the synth usable and unique. It sounds amazing, and surprisingly rich for a single oscillator.

All keys work.

All parts are original.

Push buttons of Filter Section work and engage when pressed.

Sliders function.

French Horn, Tuba, Sax, and Clarinet work.

It has been cleaned of foam and years of dust.

Excellent physical condition.

Includes plexiglass music stand.

Bad News:

Solar Echo works intermittently, but with pushing the footage buttons, it will come on. I’ll try to show this in the video.

Violin setting volume is too low to be usable.

Sliders are a little resistant and could probably use a cleaning. I’ll leave that up to the new owner, as I rarely moved them anyway.

Small chunk of wood on the side taken out by the Hammond logo.

A small discolored area on the plastic around the Tuning slider.

Scratch on the metal face plate under the Filter Width section."

Roland RS-202

via this auction

"This is an excellent string machine , some call it the disco string machine !
It has delayed vibrato and silk smooth ensemble.
Keyboard split and Brass , Strings I and Strings II, Tone settings for upper and lower as well as Sustain for each section.

This one has some nicks but I have seen worse on these machines for sure and this one comes with the lid and note stand.

All pots cleaned.
Factory calibrated.
PSU Recapped"

Terratec Sine MB33 II SN 06560017134452300008

via this auction, also on Reverb

Sentience Studio SN 04929

"TerraTec Sine MB33 MK 2 analog bass synthesizer. Midi controlled with and in, out and thru ports. Can accept your midi control changes for some cool midi dynamics. It's a Roland TB-303 clone. Get's nice and bubbly. Comes with built in distortion to create some cool acid tracks. It's a super cool little synth. This is branded under TerraTec but it's actually a MAM (Music and More) product. They were a German synth company that produced many cool synths and effects under various names (TerraTec, MAM and NEXT come to mind) back in the late 90s early 2000s."

Waldorf Quantum Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

Interesting pic of the bottom / underside below.

1980's Simmons SDS9 Vintage Drum Set Synthesizer with Original Pads SN 000777

via this auction

"Simmons SDS9 Module (Serial #000777)
 Module works great, with lots of manipulation parameters. Comes with 3 EPROM chips (Snare/Rim A & B)
 -Full Disclaimer: Tom 3 has been giving me troubles with gating out sound. It trigger's on the module, but sometimes sound comes out, sometimes it doesn't. Could be an easy fix.
1x Simmons Red Snare/Rim Pad
3x Simmons Red Tom Pads
1x Simmons Bass Pad, w/ Legs (missing the back plastic cover, purely an aesthetic issue and has no effect on the triggering)
1x Simmons Foot Pedal
2x Pearl Stands with Double L arms for mounting the toms/snare

Snare stand NOT included."

360 Systems MIDI Bass Synthesizer w/ Extra Chips - MINI/SEM

via this auction

Dark FW PB
Pick RW Jazz


via this auction

Becoming One With the Knobula Poly Cinematic Oscillator

video upload by Red Means Recording Ambient

"The Poly Cinematic by Knobula is a digital 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer voice for your Eurorack system. Complete with built-in VCA, envelope generator, filter, and reverb. In this video, we'll walk through how it works and then play two full performances featuring the module."

Circuit Rhythm - Meet the Maker Chat & Performance ft. Alex Godfrey // Novation Live

video upload by NovationTV

"Alex Godfrey, QA engineer on Circuit Rhythm & Tracks, and newly-appointed UK product specialist, joins us for our second Circuit Rhythm Meet the Maker live stream.

Alex will be chatting to -CALC- about his experiences working on the two newest additions to the Circuit family and will be performing a killer live set with Circuit Rhythm. We’ll also be geeking out over all things grooveboxes and music tech whilst sharing some useful tips, tricks and hacks along the way.

--- Discover Circuit Rhythm"

Sequential Pro 3 & Valhalla Supermassive/VintageVerb - Dreams

video upload by Voltage Controlled

"A short ambient track made using the Pro-3 and Valhalla effects."

Sequential Take 5 - a few sounds

video upload by Echo Fabric

"Recorded direct, with no processing.

All sounds are new patches I created from INIT, except for the last one, which is "Fat EP" with the reverb turned up a little bit."

Prophet Rev2 | Drolofx Stretch-Weaver | Strymon Bigsky | Field Recording | minimal ambient #3

video upload by Nate Connelly

"Prophet Rev2, Drolofx Stretch Weaver, Tascam DR-07 field recordings, Strymon Bigsky. Ambient melodic electronic minimal musical sequence.

The melody is playing from the Prophet Rev-2 into channel-1 of the stretch-weaver. The tascam is playing a field recording of me out walking, into channel-2 of the stretch-weaver. Everything is going through the Strymon Big-Sky.

ambient music, generative music, meditation, relaxing music, ambient, chillout, mellow music, melody, haunting, minimal music, electronic music, electronica, ambient electronic, dark electronic music

🎧 - Headphones for bass"

Playing With Urano #8

video upload by gotharman

"Urano POWER!!!"

Scrotum Lab - 2000 volts

videos by batchas

64 Custom Presets for Novation Peak & Summit. Strings, Pad, Texture, Drone. Sound demo/No talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"Atmos" is a collection of 64 atmospheric presets for Novation Peak/Summit. It includes: 21 Pads, 18 Strings, 7 Textures, 7 Drones, 11 Rhythmical.
🧿 Get the soundset:

The bank covers a wide range of Atmosphere colors:
- vintage/retro, lo-fi, tape-like, noisy, detuned, flutter/wow...
- big, massive, epic, bright, orchestral, cinematic...
- warm, soft, gentle, organic, wide, space...
- multi-layered, complex, evolving, moving, sweeping, sparkling, rhythmic, tempo-synced...
- sweet, dreamy, mysterious, deep, fascinating...
- dark, distorted, cold, distant, metallic, tense, atonal, non-harmonic, fx-like, soundscape...

- Wide range of atmospheric sounds
- Thoroughly set parameters
- ModWheel adds expression
- Animate 1 & 2 buttons change color of a timbre
- No Unison to preserve full polyphony
- Volumes are equalized for a comfortable browsing
- No user/third-party wavetables
- Made with love to Peak

The soundset is suitable of a wide range of genres: ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, trance, deep, progressive, techno, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and many others.

The presets inside the bank are subdivided into 5 categories, presets titles include the category for better sorting: PD (Pads), ST (Strings), RH (Rhythmical), TX (Textures), DR (Drones).

The presets are made on the Peak firmware version 1.3.1, build 399, FPGA: 353. You should have the same (or higher/latest) version installed for the correct work of the presets.
Installation instructions are inside the pack.

Glitch The Light Fantastic

video upload by poorness studios

"I decided to take a bunch of my noise synths and do a glitchy jam. Just for fun... I added drums and suddenly... it turned into a dance track. I used the Moffenzeef Jarmaggeddon, Korg KO-1 Kaosillator, Korg Monotron Delay, Error Instruments Broken Tape Simulator, Synthcone NoiseBox#2, Error Instruments Tele Blender, and Depusheng DX400 mixer. The drums come from Alchemy on the Mac."

Moog Minimoog Voyager: First Encounter

video upload by

"I borrowed this beautiful Moog Minimoog Voyager for this video from Berklee. To be honest, I played on many Moogs in the past couple of months, but this one even though it's monophonic has a certain tone quality that the other Moogs didn't have. It sounds very rough in a good way and every parameter felt very smooth and analog. It was absolutely a great synth to get to try out. Maybe one day I'll get one.
Thanks for watching!"

Instagram 📸:
Bandcamp 🎧:
Website 🖥:

Download My Music here:
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Make Noise Soundtracking Animations

video upload by MAKEN0ISE

"An exploration of the process of soundtracking the intro animations for Make Noise videos."

Soma Enner Synth Tutorial Lesson 3: Pulse and Harmonic Section

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a tutorials series for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Soma Labs Enner body patching synthesizer electronic instrument. If I get a response to this series, I will try to break things down into small videos that are easy to mentally digest and apply to your own electronic music. We will be exploring both east coast tonal and west coast avant-garde uses of the synthesizer. The Enner is especially good at ambience, noise, and soundscapes for film music.

This third video will show you some details about the pulse (left side) section of the synth and show you some of what's possible to do only using your fingers."

EthanJamesMusic Soma Enner Synth Tutorials


video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"A Circuit Bent Yamaha DD5 i Made On 3 Livestreams Over The Past Week.
FULL 10 minute WAV file of this machine to cut up and use available here :-
There are loads of soundpacks and samples and it really helps the support to keep bringing videos and funding the muserum which is open on sundays!"

Crumar Orchestrator SN 0114

via this auction

Roland RS-505 49-Key Paraphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

"Vintage, rare, and beautiful. The bass is deep and rich. The synth section filter is classic 70s Roland. The chorus... Is maybe the best chorus ever made.

Folks say the Juno 60 is "all sweet spot" -- same here. It'd be challenging to get a bad sound out of this thing. With some nice Reverb it's pure Blade Runner Vangelis, dry it oozes 70s cosmic disco."

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 PLUS w/ USB Floppy Drive Emulator SN 0293

via this auction

"This unit is in very good shape physically and is working perfectly. It has just come off the repair bench - fully and THOROUGHLY tested - and is ready for its new home! This is the premium version of the Prophet 2002, which includes a factory-installed 8 output expander (to be used alongside the plain stereo outputs) and a 1 Meg RAM expansion module which is worth nearly $600 by itself if bought from Wine Country. It also has the latest V4.3B Op ROM. The floppy drive was upgraded with a premium USB Floppy Drive (Super Gotek model) which includes an extra large screen and rotary knob for easy usage. An 8GB USB Stick loaded with 1000s of pre-formatted blank disks will also be included. Anything you sample into this turns into pure audio gold. This sampler sounds truly amazing."

Here it is back in 2017 minus the floppy emulator.

Eowave Quadrantid Swarm

via this auction

Marvel Legends Wolverine on top.

L.E.P Leploop v2

via this auction

Erica Synths Syntrx Semi-Modular Analog Synth w/ Patch Sheets & Original Box

via this auction

Soma Laboratory Pulsar-23 Orange Synthesizer Drum

via this auction

FOUR QUARTES - Marea (Roland mc101/Yamaha MODX/Ableton Live) #melodictechno #producer #synthesizer

video upload by Four Quartes Music

Sand & synths.

Four Quartes - Marea
Brano eseguito con Roland mc101, Yamaha MODX e Ableton Live.
Melodic Techno, Melodic House, Techno

Cocoquantus 2 w/ Sidrax, MakeNoise RxMx | gentle reminder

video upload by patchesinblue

"gentle reminder

fall has brought with it mixed colors and feelings. i went through another patch in blue. i'm not sure if I'm out on the other side yet. making this was hard. but i'm here anyway

thank you for listening

Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2
Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax Organ
Whimsical Raps Mangrove
MakeNoise Phonogene
MakeNoise fxdf/RxMx
Oto Bam"

Radio FM vox on Polaxis Emy

video upload by Polaxis

"A little demo to show the Radio FM vox in action

The module is built with the RDA5807 FM radio chip and hosted on Emy"

YAMAHA DX7 II FM Synthesizer (1987) Tron - Synthwave

video upload by RetroSound

"❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

all synthesizer sounds and percussion: YAMAHA DX7 II FM Synthesizer with E board (1987) recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

The YAMAHA DX7 II is one of my absolute fav synths ever.
Here can you find the full DX7 playlist with a lot single sound demos and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy:"

Introducing the Roland SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector

video upload by RolandChannel

The SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector will be available in the U.S. in November for $499.99.

Chapter Breakdown
0:00 Introduction
What’s New:
0:52 Hardware
01:41 Inside
2:09 Sampling Workflow
5:27 New + Classic FX, Bus FX
9:05 Pattern Sequencer
10:58 DJ Mode
12:36 Customization

ROLAND SP-404 MK2 Review // 9 tips & ideas to make the most of it // Tutorial for the SP-404 MKII

video upload by loopop

"For a limited time until October 24, download my SP-404 MKII Superbooth sample pack for free here, maybe even finish a track in time for my contest if you get your hands on one! ►

Get the ideas, tips and insights from this video and all my others in my ever-expanding book of electronic music ideas, tips and tricks here: ► Patreon:"

"The SP-404MKII is the ultimate Roland SP sampler. Carefully refined through feedback from the beatmaking community mixed with extensive research and development, it’s faster and better than ever. With a vivid OLED display, 17 expressive new pads, expanded effects, fluid sequencing and sampling, and a massive library of authentic sounds, get ready for even more inspired creations.

Lightning-fast boot time, project loading, and sample import will have you knocking out beats in no time. Plus, 16 GB of internal storage give you ample space to store your creations or have your favorite samples at the ready. Whether you’re a beatmaking newbie or an SP pro, you’ll feel right at home with the intuitive layout and classic SP effects, plus a revamped sampling and sequencing workflow, Skip Back Sampling for quick performance capture, DJ mode to mix beats live, and more.

The SP-404MKII makes on the go beatmaking even easier. With its lightweight-yet-rugged design and expanded features, this unit is ideal for making amazing sounding beats on the move. Run it on AA or mobile battery power, capture audio from or stream directly to your mobile device via USB, or collab with a partner using the dual headphones outputs and mic/guitar input.

With the SP-404MKII’s vivid OLED screen and zoomable waveform view, sample editing is smooth as silk. Chop up samples by tapping out edit points in real time or slice samples automatically. Then finesse them with envelope and pitch shift. Use the new resampling workflow to re-record patterns and effects layers for detailed sound design. And with Skip Back Sampling, you can preserve those fire moments by capturing up to 25 seconds of audio from your last jam. Now, it’s never been easier to dial in and cook up beats the moment inspiration strikes."  


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