MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Exploring KORG opsix 2.0 New Features

video upload by Korg

"Luke Edwards explores the new opsix version 2.0.0 firmware, featuring 100 new programs that make use of all the new functions added, such as the EFFECT operator mode, Pink / Blue Noise, Aftertouch control options and much more!

Free Download and more information here:"

Numeric Repetitor patch and jam with BIA and Manis Iteritas - with some explanation

video upload by Rochefsky

"I started playing around with the Numeric Repetitor clock mangler module from Noise Engineering - in my new kit of ALL Noise Engineering modules.
I finally am getting the hang of this thing and some fun ideas started flowing.

Patch: I take the prime output from the numeric Repetitor (NR) into the trigger of the Basimilus Iteritas Alter (BIA) and the “factor 1” output of NR into the clock of the Mimetic Digitalis (MD). The channel 1 output from MD then goes back to the pitch input of BIA. This causes the BIA to have a trigger which precedes a short series of pitch changes, causing an interesting trailing off melody burst which can be extended or shortened using the built in envelope of the BIA. Then I add some Manis Iteritas (MI) melody form channel 2 of the MD with a similar trigger difference effect using factor 2 output of the NR.
I finally feed the BIA audio into Desmodus Versio for some mad Bat Reverb ;) …
Oh, and, I have Cleo Diaz modulation Manis low pass filter…
More patching fun to come!"

LA Circuits at Noisebug

video upload by NOISEBUG

"Using the LA Circuits Bauhaus Oscillator, Après Multi-Mode VCF and the Moon Jock ADSR to create some FM rubber band tones.

Read more about these modules here -"

Noise Engineering May 2021 #5 | Live Modular Synth Jam

video upload by Noise Engineering

"More modular improv from earlier in the year.

Gear List:
Basimilus Iteritas Alter x3
Cursus Iteritas
Ruina Versio
Electus Versio
Manis Iteritas
Imitor Versio
Vox Digitalis x3
Mimetic Digitalis x2
Lapsus Os x3
Quantus Pax
Pura Ruina x2
Univer Inter (prototype) x2
Sono Abitus

Video recorded with OBS and a Scarlett 6i6
Basic audio mastering with Reaper"

Roland MC-707 Groovebox Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland SP-700 | Sample Player Deluxe 1992

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Roland SP-700 sample player from 1992, meant as an expander to the flagship sampler S-770 from 1990 and S-750 from 1991.

Roland wanted the SP-700 to sound better than anything else so they spared no expense and put quality components into every corner of the SP-700 and it sounds incredibly good. Smooth, big and hi-fi.
It was also the first Roland S to be Akai compatible, to read and convert Akai libraries into a Roland format. Doing this in 1992 was too late though. Akai had the sampler market in an iron fist, was considered the de facto standard for sample formats, and as such they reigned supreme consuming anyone getting into samplers in the pro studio world.

Support this channel on Patreon:

I use a Plextor SCSI CD-writer to load in a variety of samples from early 90s Roland sampler libraries for the S-7xx series of samplers.
All the sounds in this video are coming from these CD's or from the Best Service CD you see me load in while I show the SCSI connections.
The music demos and sounds have all been mixed and mastered. See my other videos for my mixing techniques and plugins/outboard I use.

At the end I sight-read and play an 80s classic ballad called 'Nothing's gonna change my love for you', the Glenn Medeiros version. This song was originally recorded by George Benson."

Korg Arp Odyssey Duophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Used Korg Arp Odyssey Duophonic Analog Synthesizer. Includes limited-edition ARP color version of the KORG SQ-1 step sequencer. Also includes power adapter, MIDI adapter, some patch cables, and manuals. Does not include box."

Korg MonoPoly SN 470307 w/ MIDIPOLY Upgrade

via this auction

"Quite possibly the nicest monopoly one could get their hands on today..
Great analog sound all around - have a listen to the demo.

This MonoPoly has been meticulously restored and upgraded to the max here at RetroLinear
• Complete electronic rebuild: (detailed report will be provided with sale of instrument)
• All switches, knobs, key contacts cleaned, rebuilt were possible.
• Full calibration, burn-in and bench tested - 100% operational
• Solid Red-Walnut case, semi gloss clear coating
• MidiPoly upgrade

Cosmetic condition overall a solid 9.9/10 - All graphics, metalwork, keys, knobs in like new condition..
Virtually no signs on use. The original case was made of vinyl wrapped flake-board however was starting to flake apart this is a known issue with most Korg products of the 80's. The ideal solution was making a new case out of actual wood instead of faux-wood. Case made by Valhalla woodworking - absolute top-notch build quality, the wood itself is nicely figured too!

Includes a studio slip cover, original manuals, and a printed copy of the midi-poly directions."

Oberheim Matrix-12

via this auction

Access Virus TI Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

"Access Virus TI2 Keyboard 61-key Synthesizer at a Glance:

- The 'Ferrari' Just Got Better
- Robust effects section, with new TI2 effects
- Total Integration - enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in
- 3 main oscillators and one sub-oscillator per voice
- Two fully independent filters and 2-dimensional modulation matrix
- Each patch contains its own arpeggiator pattern
- Premium redesigned enclosure, lighter in weight"

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ box + manual

via this auction

ROLAND JX-3P w/ Glossy Finish?

via this auction

That's one slick finish.

Sequential Take 5 // DEEP DIVE // walkthrough review and demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

Intro: Sequential TAKE 5 // how it sounds in a mix // all synths from this

0:00 intro & demo track
4:14 executive summary & hidden functions
6:48 oscillators
16:50 Filter
20:15 Drive
21:51 LFOs
25:24 Modulation
26:58 Arpeggiator
29:08 Sequencer
31:12 Unison and Chord Mode
33:24 envelopes
34:15 Effects
45:21 Final Thoughts

Sequential TAKE 5 // how it sounds in a mix // all synths from this


video upload by Alba Ecstasy

"I was talking to Antonio @ Zeedo Shop and he asked me if it could be possible for a track with only the Sequential TAKE 5.
Challenge accepted!

Well... excepting the small part of drums I inserted for a more dramatic effect (DRUMLAB Native).
And I used the Arturia Filter Mini just because I played awful a nice lead sound 😁.
Having the TAKE 5 only for the weekend put an emotional pressure on me!

And more than that, I only used its factory presets, and just adding a couple of effects and some EQing (in the heat of an impro, I may exaggerate sometimes with some freqs)"

Is There An Echo In Here?

video upload by Alex Ball

Black UDO Super 6, Korg Super Drums, Roland System-100m.

"Following on from my 'Compressors Go Squish' video from earlier this year [below], here's a look at using different types of echos, delays and reverbs to process sounds whilst recording.

Hopefully these can give you ideas to try in your own musical productions.

0:00 Intro jam and premise
1:27 Processing Drums
5:00 Processing Guitar
6:17 Making Atmospheres
8:00 The End Result: "Say & Do"
10:31 Summary: Six Tips to Takeaway"

Compressors Go Squish!

"Compressors featured:
Alesis 3630
Empircal Labs Distressor EL8-X (x2)
Vesta Fire SL-200 (unfortunately fell over)

Frequency Central feat. forthcoming MU modules CEMosc, Whiteface, Arley Dynamics - Part One

video upload by Frequency Central

"We've been working hard here at FC to bring you some brand new MU format versions of our popular CEMosc, Whiteface and Arley Dynamics modules. Together, they create a super compact synth voice and the perfect intro to MU for new users.

These modules are not on our website quite yet, as we are now awaiting the final PCBs and panels. Have a do they sound to you? They will all be released within the next month or two. And remember.....we love you."

SONICWARE Introduces LIVEN BASS&BEATS - Wavetable Bass Synthesizer and Rhythm Machine

video upload by

"Wavetable Bass Synthesizer and Rhythm Machine!

[Wavetable Synth Engine]
Unleash our wavetable engine to create thick basslines that fit into all genres.
Combine wavetable modulation and our rich resonant filter to create satisfying growls and wobbles.

The bass synth engine includes:
- Two independent Wavetable oscillators with the 32 available wavetables.
- One sub-oscillator
- One noise generator which can create 10 different noise types.

Add even more flavor to your basslines with the built-in LFO, envelope generator, unison control, multi-mode filter, and distortion effects.

[A Library of Rhythm Sounds Specialized for Electronic Dance Music]
The Liven Bass & Beats is loaded with 150 high-quality rhythm sounds carefully selected for modern and timeless compositions.
The library of drum sounds also include risers and tension releases SFX which are useful tools when transitioning to new sections of your compositions.

[Hit the Ground Running With Over 64 Bass Patches That Cover All Genres]
The LIVEN Bass & Beats includes over 64 bass presets including battle tested favorites such as the Reese Bass, Future Bounce Bass, Wobble Bass, Growl Bass, Neuro Bass, Deep House Bass, Acid Bass, 808 Sub Bass, and more.
Use these presets to quickly dial in the vibe of a specific genre.

[Ready-To-Go Preset Drum Kits]
The drum sounds are organized into well balanced kits for specific genres such as:
You can also mix and match sounds from the drum library to create your own custom kits.

Powerful functions for live electronic music performance include 16 physical control knobs, parameter locking for each sequencer step, and SYNC IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT connectors to make synchronized performance with other equipment easy.

All these powerful functions are in a device that weighs only 790 g. Play it anywhere at any time."

Introducing the Behringer EDGE

video upload by Behringer

"Introducing Behringer EDGE.

A semi-modular percussion synth with a sound that is as bold as its looks.

Fitted with dual VCO’s with pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync, and FM, delivering a massive sound that stands out in every mix.

With it’s dual 8-step sequencer, 15x10 patch matrix, and comprehensive MIDI implementation, EDGE is packed and ready for both studio and stage.

CRAVE has gained a new sidekick, and one that is ready to put the kick into your mix.

List price - $219 USD"


Voltage Modular VM900 Random Ratcheting Deep Dive

video upload by boxoftextures

"I suppose I should've started giving these VM900 videos chapter numbers. This one's Chapter Three. The first two were a basic sound demo and the second was a brief ratcheting demo. This one is definitely not brief. It's a deep dive into the 960 Sequencer module, how to patch it to get controllable ratcheting, and then how to patch together a set of modules essentially doing analog programming in order to generate random ratcheting entirely in the analog domain.

00:00 intro
01:30 patch basics - module tour
04:00 sequencer intro
10:40 ratcheting explanation
21:05 ratchet randomization concepts
22:45 randomization patching explanation
26:30 analog domain vs. digital domain ratcheting
29:10 outro"


Harsh Drone Music /// Gotharman's Urano Modular Synth #TTNM


"Playing some heavily pulsating drone music modular synth soundscapes with Gotharman's Urano. It's a wild mix between analog filters, digital filters, plenty of weird distorted waveforms, noise and grainy effects and reverb. Brrrzzztt!"

Gotharman website:


Korg X5/X5D - Iconic & Vintage Analog Sounds!

video upload by LFOstore

"Welcome to the world of Korg X5/X5D/X5D R synth series!

Great portable series of synthesizers combined AI2 synthesis with hi quality fx section & drum sounds in one.

Do you want it sounding like CS-80,Pro-5, Jupiter-8,JX-8P,TB-303? Its all here!


Best Analog & Ambient sounds series contains 100 presets in wide range of colours:

Authentic & realistic analog classic sounds
Deep analog basses
Beautiful & massive analog strings
Complex & evolving synth pads
Organic drones & landscapes
Musical plucks
Solo leads

All the presets reacting on mod wheel & velocity and turn your X5 workstation series in Ambient & Analog machine.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of "Organica" for Waldorf Blofeld & "WS Universe" for Korg Wavestation

Sound are ready to go in your: ambient, electronica, synthwave,darkwave, downtempo & soundtrack genres!"

Dirtywave M8 Tracker - How to make a beat with samples! (Beginner Friendly!)

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

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Buchla Easel Command 208c Tutorials by EthanJamesMusic


Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 1: Complex Oscillator
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 2: Complex Oscillator CV
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 3: Complex Oscillator Polarity
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 4: Complex Oscillator Fine Tune and Keyboard control
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 5: Modulation Oscillator Basics
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 6: Modulation Oscillator Interactions
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 7: Gate Basics
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 8: Gate Input Options
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 9: Envelope Generator Basics
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 10: Advanced Envelope Generator Possibilities
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 11: Pulsar Basics
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 12: Pulsar CV
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 13: Pulsar Clocking
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 14: Sequential Voltage Basics
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 15: Sequential Voltage advanced interactions
Buchla 208c Easel Command tutorial Lesson 16: Random Voltage

ARP-2600 Tutorials by EthanJamesMusic

ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 1: How Do I Get Sound Out of This Thing?
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 2: Oscillator Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 3: Oscillator FM
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 4: More Oscillator FM
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 5: Oscillator Percussion
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 6: Oscillator PWM
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 7: Filter Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 8: Filter as oscillator
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 9: Brutal Techno Kick Drum
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 10: Envelope Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 11: Envelope Splitting
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 12: Envelope FM
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 13: Using the envelope trigger as a manual clock
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 14: Ring Modulator Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 15: Ring Modulator Rhythms
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 16: Ring Modulator CV ideas
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 17: Noise Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 18: Sample and Hold Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 19: Sample and Hold with Noise and more!
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 20: External Processing Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 21: External Processing and Filter Gating
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 22: Internal Signal Filter Gating with External Signals
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 23: Duophonic Basics
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 24: Triphonics?
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 25: Advanced Patch #1 3 timbres and envelopes
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 26: Advanced Patch #2 Lagged Sample and Hold to Filter
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 27: Advanced Patch #3 Drum and hi hat backbeat
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 28: Advanced Patch #4 Generative Music Patch
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 29: External Guitar Processing: How to Make "Who Are You?" by The Who
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 30: External Guitar Processing Sample and Hold with Lag Processor
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 31: External Guitar Processing Amplifier Gating Effect
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 32: Advanced Ring Modulation
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 33: Guitar with Advanced Ring Modulation
ARP-2600 tutorial Lesson 34: Auto pan with Sample and Hold

Acidlab Bassline w/ Original Manual

via this auction

Kawai K4 SN 902022

via this auction

"Legendary 80s synthesizer, in perfect condition, only the last key doesn't work and may need to be configured."

Lorre Mill Double Knot V2

via this auction

Philip Rees Percussion Sample Player MIDI Sound Module

via this auction

"Works well, has individual outputs, selectable MIDI CH plus MIDI IN & MIDI THRU."

SN 144982 or 144962

This appears to be the first post to feature the Philip Rees Percussion Sample Player. Some info via mu:zines:

"More than a beatbox, less than a sampler, the Percussion Sample Player appears to be a unique rhythmatist's instrument. Simon Trask looks at the pros and cons of a dedicated drum sampler..."

"THE PSP'S PCM samples are eight-bit companded (giving a 72dB dynamic range, equivalent to a 13-bit linear system), and sampled at 31.25kHz. The five built-in cymbal sounds have a neutral (you could say characterless) quality which allows them to blend in with the variety of percussive sounds found on the various cartridges. The longer cymbal samples both succumb to the lack-of-memory syndrome, though as always a touch of external reverb processing can help out."

"The nine cartridges available as of writing are (with number of samples indicated in brackets): Neutral Kit (7), Tight Kit (9), Analogue Drum Machine (12), Techno Kit (7), Latin Kit (10), Power Kit (8), Metal Kit (8), Snare Collection (8) and Tabla (12). Each cartridge comes in a small plastic box, with a transparent plastic lid which can be clipped securely into place and a piece of foam in the base to help prevent the cartridge from getting knocked about. Also provided in the case is a small fold-out leaflet which includes a list of the samples on the cartridge together with their MIDI trigger notes, a description of each sample, and several example rhythm patterns printed in a grid format. Additionally, each cartridge has a handy diagram printed on its upper face which tells you not only what samples the cartridge contains but also which MIDI notes trigger them."

Studio electronics ATC-1 + All 4 Cartridges w/Expansion Chassis SN 1694

via this auction

"Studio electronics atc-1 in good fully working condition. Included is a module with 4 filter cartridges: minimoog, tb 303, arp 2600, oberheim S.E.M."

Roland SH-2 monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

"VCO SYNC mod installed or free on buyer's request.."

Paganini, Capriccio 24 on Modular Synthesizer

video upload by Jon Modular

"Caprice No. 24 in A minor by Niccolo Paganani played on modular synthesizer based on the mythical interpretation of Itzhak Perlman:

Notes are generated by MIDI and sequenced using Ableton Live. Tempo changes has been automatized completely inspired by Perlman's interpretation of this piece. 8 Channels are sent to modular synth to generate 8 sound layers.

Layer 1 - VCO III - BP-22 - VC ADSR
Layer 2 - Braids VOSM - BP-22 - Slope Generator
Layer 3 - Braids CSAW - BP-22 - Slope Generator
Layer 4 - Braids PLUK
Layer 5 - Operator - Vibrazum
Layer 6 - Elements
Layer 7 - Furthh Generator Sine Wave - Clouds
Layer 8 - Furthh Wave to Wasp filter

Additional reverbs by Dervish & Clouds, also some CH-1 Pedal for Chorus.

Thanks for watching and reading this."

Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Curious how it compares to samplr on the iPad.

Ewa Justka Optotronics DIY Euorack System

video upload by e j

"some example of patches.
(listen on headphones)"

Hologram Microcosm + JU-06A music making

video upload by Gabe Miller Music

"I make ambient-ish music with the Roland JU-06A synth and the Hologram Microcosm effects pedal."

Studio Electronics SE-3X Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

A Buchla thing @ AU-CV October 21st 2021

video upload by Ehsan Gelsi

"A live Buchla performance for the AU-CV group Thursday 21/10/2021"

Rediscovering a Roland JV-1080: Ultimate Pad Synthesizer? | CONFORCE

video upload by Conforce

Also see Roland JV1080 vs XV-5080 - Direct Comparsion by LFOstore

"About: Last year I really discovered that the Roland JV-1080/2080 XV XP synthesizers are inspiring sound design instruments. The JV/XP's are fun and cheap and really the proof that you don't need to buy expensive pro synthesizer equipment. The highly popular 90's module was widely used in many pop music records but it's actually quite useful for esoteric techno and electro. Many contemporary VST plug-ins are based on a similar approach of the classic romplers like the JV's. In this video I give you tips and tricks and insights in how you can re-vitalise your beloved preset player into a synth that you can actually program! I also share my honest thoughts about the synthesizer compared to the Roland Cloud VST. A great thing is that you can now use them combined in a really cool way... Check the video to find this out!

Programming the Roland JV-1080 is a lot of fun, when using both the interface and an editor you can really get inspiring results quickly. The JV's might look like bread and butter synths, in a way they are.. Unless you go beyond pizzicato, whacky piano waveforms. The JV's hold some cool waveforms for modern electronic music and you can also get some expansion cards for them (be aware they can be really crappy), only a few like the Vintage Expansion are worth the money.. Leave a comment if you like this video! Much appreciated"

► Support me and my content creation by getting the JV-1080 presets here:

Nord Drum 3P - Electronic Ambient Jam/Improvisation w/ KMI Soft Step 2 + Ableton Live

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"🥁 In this video I tried to use my new KMI Softstep 2 for the first time together with the Nord Drum 3P. Everything is controlled via Ableton Live and I also have the Launchpad Mini for small further controls. It's quite challenging to play this way, but it is really fun and allows very unique possibilities, that I will keep exploring in the future."

Patch n Tweak
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