MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, February 6, 2022

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Sunday, February 06, 2022

Waldorf Pulse with Russian Filter Upgrade SN 910223678

via this auction

See this post for demos and additional details.

Note the Pulse has a 3 digit display as pictured below. The image to the left is a mock-up.

Ace of 5. ] Prophet-5 & Ace Tone FR-3 [

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

] Prophet-5 & Ace Tone FR-3 [

#prophet5 #davesmithinstruments #dsisequential #sequentialcircuits
#synthesizer #analogsynth #synth #vintagesynth
#acetonefr3 #acetonerhythmace #acetonedrummachine #rolanddrummachine #vintagedrummachine #analogdrummachine

🇮🇹 #brescia

Mos lab 1047 TEST

video upload by MOS-LAB

MOS-LAB's ARP 2500 clone.

Reveal Sound | Spire - Amazing Soundset by Ephilion

video upload by LFOstore

"LFO.Store proudly presents an amazing Ephilion Signature soundset for Reveal Sound SPIRE synthesizer!

Spire really inspires with new 64 presets!

This soundset is full of outstanding top-quality patches, including nasty basses, superior leads, touchy plucks, astonishing sequences and arps, dynamic moving pads.

We used the potential of the synth as much as possible to get something really extraordinary.

Whether you're creating ambient, EDM, soundtracks or experimental music, this collection of sounds will take you to the next level."

Arturia MiniBrute 2 Sound Demo (no talking) with Empress Reverb: 10 Patches for Ambient and Techno

video upload by Limbic Bits

"Arturia MiniBrute 2 Sound Demo (no talking) with Empress Effects Reverb: Ambient and Techno Patches"

0:00 EBM Bass
1:05 Melodic Techno Lead 1
2:09 Crystal Lead
3:48 Techno Lead
4:21 Graviton Arp
5:43 Getting angry Lead (to percussion)
8:30 Compute FM Arp
9:58 Annoying bp-lead
10:19 Melodic Techno Lead 2
11:02 Electronica Arp (SH Bass Lead)

▶ Online shop with Patch Banks for Ambient, Techno, IDM, and Electronica:

Experimental Electronic Piece on Eurorack + Blue Marvin 2600, and Moog Subharmonicon

video upload by Paolo Cattaneo

"Thanks for watching! I am starting to explore more techno and do more upbeat pieces for y'all as well as starting to plan some tutorials and more other ideas I have. Ambient Explorations will return soon as well, as I am planning with what new gear I can do those episodes with. Patch notes for this performance as usual are available on my Patreon, which is linked below. Cheers!

Here are some links of mine:"

PMF ER 808 Patterns & Tracks

video upload by Randy Piscione

"This is an introduction to creating patterns on the PM Foundations ER-808, available here: This is PMF’s tribute to the Roland TR-808, as a Eurorack-compatible module composed of a panel and a set of build-it-yourself PCBs. The first video, showing behind-the-scenes views, can be found here:" [posted here]

video upload by

"This is an introduction to creating tracks on the PM Foundations ER-808"

Error Instruments Korsakov

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Korsakov is a cool little noisemaker with seven sound algorithms, a built in low pass gate and a joystick you can use to make crazy sounds and movements - and then forget about it. You always need to find 'purpose' to an Error module, but this one can easily find its way to your industrial- and techno style patches. Please note I also spell Korzakov with a Z because the video needs to have a few errors."

Roland JX-3P Synthesizer #1 Custom Sound & Edit Synth Demo Editing Without Roland PG-200 Programmer

video upload by Cristian Arghirescu

UDO Audio Super 6 12-Voice Polyphonic Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

Lorre Mill Cowboy Callosum Double Knot

via this auction

"If you’re looking at this you likely know what this is. Two double knots with a neat little mixer section in the middle. I believe there were only a dozen or so made. I’ve also got a case for it from Analog cases that I’ll include. It’s not an official case but it fits good enough (I think the case is made for a keystep)."

Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 160226

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

In very good condition, with original microphone Perfect working, overhauled in October 2021 (all capacitors replaced + 1 Op Amp JRC 4558d)

Access Virus TI Desktop Digital Synthesizer w/ Rack Ears

via this auction

Clavia Nord Modular SN 97110037

via this auction


via this auction

What Akai has done with the MINIAK is basically take the Alesis Micron, update the design a bit and then attach a microphone to it.

The MINIAK is a bit larger than the Micron, which means that Akai was able to fit in full-sized keys for the three-octave keyboard. Although the 37-key semi-weighted keyboard does not feature aftertouch, it is velocity sensitive. One of the nice features of this keyboard is that it not only has a transpose range of eight octaves, but the brightness of the transpose buttons also increase to indicate that shifts have been made. Akai has incorporated three wheels, situated just above the keyboard, in contrast to the sliders of the Micron. Two of these are modulation wheels while the third is for pitch bending. Of course, the trade off for having a larger size is that the MINIAK also weighs a bit more than the Micron, but it is still a relatively portable synth.

The MINIAK offers eight notes of polyphony, with three oscillators per voice. Each voice also has two multi-mode filters and there are twenty different ones to choice from. In addition, the MINIAK has two LFOs along with three envelopes. The one-board storage is certainly not lacking either as it allows users to store up to 1000 patches. Thanks to a generous selection of patches, sequences and rhythms available from the start, it is easy to get started with the MINIAK right out of the box. The inclusion of a comprehensive sequencer, drum machine/rhythm sequencer and arpeggiator are also welcome.

Overall, the MINIAK offers a ton of features for synth enthusiasts and managed to do so at a much lower cost than most of the competition. The inclusion of the three wheels on this synth also made a nice change from other modern synths that were covered in knobs instead. Akai also included a nice on-board gooseneck microphone with the MINIAK for vocoder fans to play around with. At the end of the day, the Akai MINIAK is a very fun synth."

PHILIPS PMC 100 w/ Case, Tape, & Manuals

via this auction

Fully working and in excellent condition. Comes with the rare case, manuals (English and German) and cassette.

This is everything you need for this device. If you are looking for a retro sound or are a collector of such things this is for you!"

AJH Synth Patch of The Week: Lo-Fi Claps - all-analogue crowd clap sound

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"Rather than copying the way many vintage drum machines tackled their 'clap' sounds, here is a simple, yet more organic take on it. Some of the most famous analogue claps were achieved by using a series of very fast envelopes to control the amplitude (VCA), simulating the effect of multiple hands clapping simultaneously, along with their imperfect timing (humans aren't the most accurate drum machines). However, using fast, random modulation instead of a repeating envelope creates a more natural effect, and a simple noise source can provide this, and with longer envelope decay times it can produce an effect more akin to a large crowd clapping. Pink noise is especially suited to this, as it's lower frequency (speed) will have more audible results. White noise is still used as the audio source for the sound itself, and a bandpass filter is used as it will allow a more appropriate range of frequencies to form the timbre of the sound than lowpass filtering. Resonance is also important in forming the shape of the sound. The VCF I've chosen for this example is the Sonic XV Diode Transistor Ladder Filter. Patch Notes and PDF link further down the page.

00:00 Start
00:22 Overview
00:53 Constructing the patch
02:27 Example Performance
03:24 Patch Sheet"

AJH Synth Patch of The Week posts

Small setup electro jam - 'dynamique'

video upload by Peter Maas

"Play around with a a smaller setup today:

Digitakt with samples from the drumtraks and tr808, sequencing the DX7ii, Roland SH09 and Oberheim SEM.... running through the trusty BOSS KM-60. Sweet and simple."

Two by Four //Subharmonicon/Mother 32/Plaits/Rings/Tides/Mimeophon/Magneto//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"The fun part about this patch is that all of the pitch sequencing comes from the Moog Subharmonicon. Including the bass line. Subharmonicon starts doing its thing with the two four note sequences. It goes through Make Noise Mimeophon to double up the polyrhythm pattern. Mutable Instruments Rings follows the pitch of sequence one, while Mutable Instruments Plaits (in a Rings-ish voice) follows sequence two. Moog Mother 32 samples and holds a pitch from sequence two at random intervals. Both sequences run into Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 in min/max mode. Mutable Instruments Tides and Make Noise STO double up on the base line, which is the min value of the two sequences, periodically switching to the max value (when it sounds like it goes to the 4 chord). The overall mix sequencing is handled by Malekko Voltage Block, with 2x Make Noise Maths controlling the slow fade between settings.

Also starring Intellijel Steppy sequencing Mosaic drum modules, XAOC Zadar and Qu-Bit Chance for modulation, Mutable Instruments Stages for some LFOs, Strymon Magneto on Plaits, and Chase Bliss Mood and Happy Nerding FX Aid on Mother 32."

Pipe Dream (Elektron Digitone 1.32 // Dreadbox Nymphes + Walrus Audio Julianna + The Pill Pedal)

video upload by 2-Minute Warning

"Can the sparkling digital vibes of the Elektron - Digitone form a nice pair with the fat analog sound of the Dreadbox - Nymphes?
I made this track recorded in one shot, trying to get an answer! I'll be glad to have your point of view 😉

The 4 synth tracks of the Digitone were used here to play:
- T1: FM Drums
- T2: Chimes
- T3: Fast arpeggiated chimes
- T4: Lead bells (played live)

In the recent v1.32 firmware update of the Digitone, there's a nice mixer view which makes it way easier to fade in the different tracks 🤩

I also used 3 out of the 4 MIDI tracks of the Digitone to sequence the Nymphes 6-voice polyphonic analog synth. Each MIDI track played a different part (but with the same sound as the Nymphes is not multi-timbral):
- MIDI1: Bass
- MIDI2: Lead
- MIDI3: Riff (triggered by the FILL button of the Digitone)

I also make quite heavy use of the probability feature of the Digitone's sequencer in order to add some variations on the unique pattern which was used.

* Hardware used *
- Elektron - Digitone: Drums, Chimes, sequencer.
- Dreadbox - Nymphes: Bass, Lead, Riff.
- Walrus Audio - Julianna: Stereo Analog Chorus/Vibrato pedal, adding this wide stereo effect on the Nymphes 😍
- The Pill Pedal: Ducking the Nymphes, triggered by the phones' output of the Digitone (set it up in order that mainly the kick is triggering the effect)."

Hahasiah Matrix, Korg Prologue, 042 Huge Score

video upload by Bob I. Gomez

"Original tune performed on the Korg Prologue. I call this one, Hahasiah Matrix. If anyone wants to tell me about Angels feel free.
I use preset 042 Huge Score. From what I understand Hahasiah is an Angel related to Medicine."

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