MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday, March 11, 2022

"Temple Breach" Music Video- OSC1Nation/ Animation By The Orange Wednesday

video upload by damon ramirez

"Except for the electronic drums, all the music and sound design was tracked entirely by the Arturia MicroBrute monophonic synthesizer.
Animation created by Bret Arenson of @The Orange Wednesday on YouTube."

Delay + Filter Accents = Ratchet!

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"The Ratchets are more like grace notes than the standard prominent ratchet sound.
This video covers a technique I recently stumbled across. Play a sequence through a digital delay (e.g. a Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP. Set the delay time to 2.5 x the note length ( 1/4 note in this case ). You can manually change the Wet/Dry mix on the delay to get some interesting variations on the sequence.

Add to that a free running square wave LFO which modulates the VCF cutoff frequency, making some notes brighter ('louder') than others. This makes the later delay brighter/louder.

You get an interesting texture, including the occasional "ratchet" effect."

Roland Juno 106 SN 422432

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"A high water mark for glassine pads, premier brass stabs, and surprisingly present basses, the Roland Juno 106 is well deserving of it's status as a classic synthesizer. All voices have been refurbished, this is a fully working specimen, with all sliders and pots cleaned and working wonderfully. Physically, this is a synth which shows it's age and use, but operationally this Juno is a superior sonic experience."

Access Virus TI2 Polar w/ Gig Bag & Manuals

via this auction

Yamaha SY-1 SN 1814

via this auction

Musicaid Clap Trap Analog Drum Synthesizer pre-Simmons

via this auction

"The original, wildest Clap Trap - there are very few analogue Clap Traps in existence and many are the later Simmons version rather than the first one from Musicaid. Famously-used (and abused) by Throbbing Gristle and The Human League among others...

Sonically it offers a wide range - from huge oceanic crashing waves of noise to rhythmically-challenged helium finger pops (thanks, Ensemble control) - there's also occasional near-realistic electronic claps in amongst the myriad options. This is a very early unit and is pretty wild compared to the later ones - some ear-piercing resonance at higher settings make this a contender for serious techno-abuse."

Loula Yorke - Busy Visits.. EP005

video upload by ALM TV

Note the eurorack log cases.

"Loula Yorke is a live artist and composer who uses sound, video and participation to create noisy artworks. Dancing in the spaces where the personal meets the political, her electronic music practice conjures moments of revolt as well as revealing hidden systems of control.

We met up with Loula at Asylum Studios to chat about her unique improvisational process, relationship to music and art, and her influences along the way."

Black DIY synth with banana jacks at 4:02. Similar in shape to an EMS VCS3 Putney / SYNTHI.

P.S. I did a search on black EMS to see if it was ever mentioned before. I didn't find it but some other interesting posts came up. Every now and then you can find interesting things in the archives just searching on radomn stuff.

Meadowlark - a generative piece

video upload by ann annie

"Hello again!

Testing out my custom portable suitcases - powered by V-Mount battery, with internal speakers, VU meters, onboard outputs, and various power gauges. There are a few prototypes for sale and more about these on my instagram @annnannie


- Reel to reel playing high pad, recorded from modular
- Modular - live processing of the reel to reel output and creating cello sounds / smearing the tape hiss
- Recorded with an SSL 2+ interface, and Blackmagic Pocket 4k camera w/ rokinon 28mm f2.8 (4k ProRes 422 - edited in FinalCut Pro)

// signal flow
Pam’s providing modulation and random clock to Hermod (sequencing) — self patched to level and “slop” amount."

Il s'appelle George | acid-in-the-woods jam with one sequencer and 2 analogue synths SH101 MC101 TD3

video upload by drone-in-the-woods

"A track I wrote for my cat 3 years ago but I've only just sorted out for live.

His name is George"

Introducing the New Powerful SYNTHR4 Desktop Analog Synthesizer

SYNTHR4 "COSMIC" DEMO video upload by KurtzMindfields

"Introducing the new powerful SYNTHR4 !
I sounds designed and recorded the new Synthr4 from SynthR & Ozoe. This musical piece was recorded with 4 synthr4 tracks, and one midi connected (NR)synth at the end (sequenced), without nothing else more, exept little limiter/compressor for youtube.
4 VCOs, 2 filters (8 choices), 3 LFOs, pans, Mono/Paraphonic 4 voices, split mode, powerful mono & poly sequencer, step sequencer (like 960 moog), Arpeggiator, aftertouch mono, patch memories and 2 internal effects (reverb, delays, flanger, phaser, chorus and Shimmer! from Yves Usson), ring mod, 4 portamentos ...."

Pre-wired analog compact synthesizer with interchangeable filters** and MIDI control Paraphonic synthesizer poss├ędant the suivants modes:
• paraphonic 4 voies,
• duophonic 2 voices bi-timbrale,
• Bun
• accord 4, accord 3+1
• Arpeggiator
• Sequencer
• Sequenceur d'accord
• Step sequencer interactive
• Song : chainage of several sequences of a type.

Sequential OB-6 | Voices (ambient demo)

video upload by MIDERA

MIDERA OB-6 posts

"This is the second half of my time with the Sequential OB-6. I believe I had to re-tune the unit and just figure a few extra things out before I could proceed. Everything I hear from this reminds me of something I could do with my Ambika. Which, honestly, would be my preferred synth of the two, although the layout of the Ambika is not quite as nice. The resonance on the OB-6 is nicer, and maybe the filter is in general. But they're fairly similar devices. A fully knobby Ambika would have been amazing. The closest thing in my mind is the Virus TI.

Where was I... Oh yeah, the OB-6. Strangely - lots of people really enjoyed my first demo with the OB-6. This one was made in the same day. I only had about 2 hours with the unit from start to end, so all of this is all I get and all anyone else gets with my demos unless I randomly decide to grab one some day in the future (which seems unlikely).

It's not that I don't like how all of this sounds - it just strikes me as something that is already in my studio in about 5 different ways.

Here's the analogy I have. Imagine you are eating at a restaurant. The food is amazing. So you decide to try something else, it too is amazing. You keep eating and eating, the food is just incredible. Eventually - you've reached a point where even good tasting food doesn't seem appetizing. You're satiated, or perhaps, over-satiated. Stuffed. The food looks good, or perhaps by this point, it doesn't even look good now.

That is me and my equipment. I am stuffed. No more can come in unless multiple things go out. In my satiated state - the OB-6 did not represent anything I needed. That's just the unfortunate reality.

Perhaps you are not satiated, and everything you heard here was magic (don't for a second think that I believe anything I do is magic) - then perhaps you will find yourself with an OB-6 sooner than later, and I'm happy to have helped you along on that journey."

RETRAILING (live improvisation)

video upload by Red Martian

"jupiter-6, prophet-T8 and two hands. this will b-side for the UNDER ORBIT 7"."

Prophet-T8 minus keys in custom wood case.

Visual Audio by Benge aka zack dagoba

Visual Audio One - Buchla 200
video upload by zack dagoba

Visual Audio One
by Benge
Made on the Buchla 200 Electric Music Box
JVC KY1900 video camera
Panasonic WJ-MX50 video mixer

Visual Audio Two - VCS3 Putney

Visual Audio Three - Moog Modular 3C

Happy Nerding FX Aid “Freeze Prime Time”

video upload by Happy Nerding

"'Freeze Prime Time' is a freeze effect version with a row of fixed loop speeds: 1/8 - 1/4 - 1/2 - 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 3 - 4
Feeding a positive voltage to the SRR input decreases the sample rate and thus increases the recorded loop time."

Additional Happy Nerding FX Aid posts.

Buchla & Tiptop Audio 200 series introduced by Todd Barton

video upload by Tiptop .Audio

"Buchla expert and sonic adventurer Todd Barton talks to us about his experience with Don's essential 200 series designs and gives us an idea what to expect from future 200t series modules."

Dead Kennedys Police Truck cover on two DB-01 synths

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Was enjoying some Dead Kennedys nostalgia listening when I thought 'I wonder if I could get the DB-01 to chug like that?'. After some extended noodling I decided to add some bass as well. Three patterns was just enough to muddle through the guts of the song.
So here's the result: two DB-01s playing Police Truck. It's not a 1:1 copy of the structure so you can't quite song along but I think the spirit is there.
I thought about adding drums and extra distortion but in the end I decided to leave it "pure" with just the DB-01s and exactly the effects you see. In fact the right-hand DB-01 doesn't even use the SpaceTime, just the EQ. Regular pitch-mod accents on the bass DB-01 give a hint of drums. The left-hand DB-01 is all played live (although I had to cheat slightly and chop up two takes) and goes through the EQ, B3K and DIG delay. Absolutely no further processing of any kind other than what you see - consequently it's all a bit raw and there's quite a bit of noise from the B3K, but this is an old punk classic after all. Let's Ride!

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

Ambient Explorations pt.34 (Waldorf Quantum 8-Voice Hybrid Synth)

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thanks for watching!
I got to play on Berklee's Waldorf Quantum which is a very heavy $4500 8-Voice Hybrid Synthesizer. Some cool sound designers and composers worked on the presets and sound banks on this synth such as BT and Richard Devine. I was recording stereo directly into the Avid Omni HDX, and into Ableton 11.

Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

Wing Pinger + Iridium = NOISE

video upload by Wein Glas

"Let's make lots of noises with the Meng Qi Wing Pinger together with the Strymon Iridium and a little help from caffeine:
A match straight out of hell!

If you only want to hear the Iridium with

0:00 Start slowly with the Meng Qi Wing Pinger alone
0:56 Add the Strymon Iridium
1:40 More Noises"

Additional Wing Pinger posts. Remember you can search on any synth on the top right of the site. You can also click on manufacturer labels at the bottom of posts.

Wilzyx x0xb0x Roland TB-303 Acid Bass Synthesizer Clone

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Co. Model 800 Sequencer ex. Frederic Mercier (serviced) SN 00222

via this auction

"Vintage Sequential Circuits Co. Model 800 Sequencer in perfect working condition. It’s just been serviced and ready for the future. The service report is part of the sale as a proof of what’s been done.

I bought this rare sequencer from the French composer Frederic Mercier. Sequences can be recorded into one of the 16 “banks”, each capable of holding 16 notes. These can be played back individually or as one continuous sequence playing from the leftmost bank to the rightmost.

Optically it’s in great condition considering its age, with minor signs of use. There are a few scratches on it and little wear and tear on the housing and knobs...

It’s working on 230v and the serial number is: 00222"

Moog 301A Synthesizer Amplifier

via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This Moog SynAmp is fully functional and in great condition.
This Moog 301A is a rare amplifier from the 70's fitted with 4 channels, graphic equalizer and compressor. This tank of an amp gives a warm punchy presence and is perfect for an artist that wants a ton of character in their signal path."


via this auction

Additional Switched On Listings

"This Odyssey is fully functional, in great condition and is fitted with fresh sliders. It has been recently serviced by one of our in-house techs."

Moog MiniMoog Voyager Old School SN 0169

via this auction

Roland MKS-50 Rackmount Synthesizer With PG-300 Programmer SN 663289

via this auction

"The MKS-50 is the rack mount module version of the Roland Alpha Juno 1 and 2. The PG-300 controls the MKS-50 and can also be used with the Alpha Juno 1 and 2. It offers complete control over all editable parameters in an easy to use, well designed controller, which connects via MIDI."

Qun Synthesizer Tutorials

Qun synthesizer tutorial 1: Basics
video upload by Nunomo LLC

Qun synthesizer tutorial 2: Simple patches

video upload by

"This video explains Qun's signal path, then making some simple patches."

Friday Freebie – Bit Jockey ARGON8 – Jam

video upload by Modal Electronics

"Use this ARGON8 bit-bashing chip-tune inspired Arp preset that combines some of the new wavetables with 8-bit Derez wave modifiers to add some wild top-end texture to anything you're jamming to. While this preset features a lot of mid and high-frequency texture, there's still just enough low end for you to use it as a primary bass layer, perhaps most effective with a little EQ and compression. The joystick is key when playing Bit Jockey. 2 Different personalities occupy each direction on the Y-axis. Use them for stylish phrasing, breaks, and rhythmic accents. The 8-bit era awaits you.


Bad Gear - Elektron Model Cycles - The Anti-80s Machine

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Elektron Model Cycles. Is this modern FM groovebox the Anti-80s Machine? Can this drum machine be the future of FM?

00:00 Intro tune
01:14 Overview Model:Cycles
05:39 Hate
06:03 Jam 1
06:59 Jam 2
07:54 Finale
08:25 Verdict"

AudioPilz Bad Gear posts

Korg MS-10

video upload by rimela

"Multitrack recording of the Korg MS-10. All sounds are made with the MS-10. Actually I used 3 MS-10's. Using the external input, a nice distortion can be added when stacking multiple MS-10's. For sequencing duties I used the Dotcom Q960 Sequencer, the Dotcom Q104 Midi Interface module and the Q125 Signal Processor module (for attenuating the voltage control and offsetting the trigger signal to S-trig). All processing in Ableton Live."

NightRadio - Cycles of Light

video upload by Alexander Zolotov

"Made with SunVox​ modular synth & tracker:
No samples used. Built-in synths and effects only.
by NightRadio /

SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II: Official Tutorial

video upload by SonicProjects


This is the new official tutorial for SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II which covers everything you need to know in one huge 9h video.

Such a tutorial has been requested by many of you for a long time, so we took the time & effort to do it.

You don't like reading manuals? Then watch this video instead in which we explain everything you need to know about the synth.

Table off contents:

00:00:00 Table of contents
00:00:12 Interfaces comparison and installation
00:31:20 Patch manager and how to use banks
01:10:10 MIDI Learn
01:48:06 Voice management and detuning
03:47:00 Effects unit
04:09:29 Arpeggiator / MIDI Processor
04:55:14 LFO
05:36:07 Oscillators
06:13:30 Filters
06:44:55 Envelopes
06:55:32 Levers section
07:14:59 Aftertouch and Velocity
07:32:45 Sync To Songtempo
07:54:40 Built-in Soundlibrary

To navigate within the Tutorial either click these time markers or use the YouTube generated chapter sections in the timeline of the video.

We did not expect this tutorial to become this long, but this obviously is the time it takes to explain each and every feature the synth offers which are endlessly many.

The synth offers a total of 142 parameters from which several even are mapped into presets, and this on one single page.

This on one hand may make it difficult to operate the synth without any knowledge in all its details, but once you know how things work you'll be able to edit and program very fastly and intuitively.

In this tutorial we not only cover all the features but also talk about and demo the included banks library in the last part of the video.

We recorded 8 hours of this video in one single take and then just added some things we forgot on the next day, which makes the video easily watchable in one take if you have some time to do so (we did it too for supervising!) and it won't be overly tiring. Of course you also can only watch parts of it or in daily portions. It's all up to you.

Such a tutorial has been requested by many for years and so we finally took the effort to do it."

Singularity Vol 3 - Patches 33 to 64 - MOOG ONE

video upload by GEOSynths

Additional Singularity Vol 3 posts

"Out Friday 18th March 2022
Back with a 3rd Volume of Patches for the fantastic Moog One, demonstrating Patches 33 to 64. The Bank contains 128 Patches, which can be either Single, Split of Layered using all 3 Synth Engines.

There's a wide range of Sounds, especially Motion and Evolving Pads, Brass and Strings, solid Bass and Leads, plus a whole host of others.

Some of the Sounds are more experimental, however they all are playable and have Controllers assigned to the Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and X/Y Pad for maximum control of how the Sound evolves over time.

There can be only One...MOOG ONE - Singularity Vol 3.

Boingg Intro - Monome Norns App

video upload by allmyfriendsaresynths

"The second video in my series looking at different music making applications for Norns is a personal favourite: Boingg. A quick intro of how it works for the curious! I am using the Linnstrument 128 as an alternative grid here, showing that you don't need a Monome Grid for this kind of thing to work.

You can find more info about Boingg, including a download of it, here:"

Patch n Tweak
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