MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Foreigner - Cold As Ice (Live At The Rainbow '78) w/ an EML 101

video upload by Mercury

EML 101 lead at 4:10

Two synth spotting videos sent in via Dustin who had the following to say (2nd video below):

"I don't recall ever seeing an EML 101 onstage with any of the big 70's radio bands -of course, it's almost always the MiniMoog, Arp 2600/Odyssey, etc. So I was a bit baffled trying to figure out exactly what synth this is during this live video.

It's a bit hard to see, and it's on a custom raised stand facing the audience, separate from the connected keyboard. The tip off for me that it might be an EML 101 was the distinct metal closing latch that you can see here on the keyboard.

As always, this killer synth sounds great, and kudos to him for having the guts to play a bit of a different rig than seemed to be on everyones elses stage at the time.

Anybody know of another big band like this using EML's live?

Update: some mentions of other artists that used the EML 101 in previous posts here.


Foreigner - Double Vision (Official Music Video)

video upload by RHINO

In this video you can clearly see that this is an EML 101 (pause at 0:52).

"You're watching the official music video for Foreigner - 'Double Vision' from the album 'Double Vision' (1978). 'Double Vision' reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100."

Update2 via Rick Steff in the comments: "al talks about it here:" From that link:


The EML 101 Synthesizer turns 50 this year! I was working with the late and great Walter Sear at Sear Sound Studio when he introduced me to this ground-breaking synth. He was also a partner with Robert Moog and instrumental in developing the Minimoog. I used this synth on the first 2 Foreigner albums on the tracks - 'Feels Like the First Time, Cold As Ice, Damage is Done, and Spellbinder.

MidiTraC - Polyphonic Step Sequencer, MidiLooper & Pattern Generator

video uploads by EKL Alfred Labs

The above is a playlist starting Jul 7, 2022 and going back to Jan 24, 2019 featuring various stages of development.

The following is the description for the first (and latest video) followed by some details from the MidiTraC Manual.

MidiTraC - MidiLooper & StepSequencer...
Sequential Prophet 6
Roland Jupiter Xm / JU06a
Clavia Nord Modular G2X
Arturia MicroFreak / Keystep 37

info: miditrac(ät)
MidiTraC Manual:

1) using generator (C harmonic minor) to make a Init Sequence with Prophet 6
2) add some Juno60 sounding stuff using Step Mode
3) delete some Events - Live Eraser
4) Drums (Jupiter Xm) - Step Mode
5) recording Bass & Pads from G2X - Live Mode
6) mute some Tracks
7) add another Bass (Jupiter Xm) Track - Step Mode
8) small Melody by MicroFreak - Live Mode
9) showing Track Transpose...

From the user manual:

MidiTraC v1.01
++ 4Players ++

Sometimes developer are so deeply connected to their project that they don't reach customers, so they don't manage to transport the real message. Hence this preface, which should explain the basic idea behind the concept of MidiTraC.

The actual inspiration comes from a video showing "Vince Clarke" and the "BBC Computer". Based on this, plus a lot of imagination and feedback from beta testers, the current version of the MidiTraC sequencer was developed.

The initial spark was the idea of the polyphonic step sequencer, which is often found in hardware synthesizers. Unfortunately many implementations are only half-hearted and have many limitations (monophony, number of steps or complicated impractical handling). MidiTraC tries to counter these shortcomings.

MidiTraC combines different device classes:
+ Midi Looper (Notes & CC Data)
+ Step Sequencer (polyphonic)
+ Conditional Sequence Generator
+ Note Editor & Modifier
+ Arpeggiator

MidiTraC can handle 16 tracks, each track is assigned to a fixed midi channel. The tracks can be independently muted, quantized, deleted or transposed.

All midi events, that arrives at the midi input are recorded. Therefore all settings have to be done at the midi input source, e.g. the choice of the midi channels. Usually the input source is a Midi-Keyboard, but it can be everything that send midi notes or CC data.

The principle is comparable to an audio Looper, with the difference that the amount of data is not generated by the time axis, but by the number of recorded events.

The device works on the basis of five slots, each slot can handle patterns up to 1024 midi events (a pattern manage 16 midi channels).

Notes can be generated, recorded live or step by step. An infinite number of overdubs are possible, each of these overdubs can have different lengths [Loop]. The longest recorded loop, represented here by the total lengths [Bars] (from 1 to 999 Measures).

Every operation can be done while running, so patterns can be loaded, saved, copied or merged to/from the Slots (for now, there are 128 memory locations). There is always one [Undo] step possible. [See the user manual for more].

Quick Specs:

+ 16 tracks, 1024 events (notes / midi CC) per pattern
+ 5 patterns with variable pattern lengths: 1 to 255 bars
+ Scales and quantization on recording or via ChannelQuantize
+ 18 quantization grids 1/64 - 1/1 (including triplets & dotted notes)
+ Note Editor (Microtiming 1/192, Pitch, Velocity, Duration, Channel)
+ unlimited smart overdubs with variable loop lengths (consolidate)
+ polyphonic step input with individually adjustable gate lengths
+ Pattern Generator (polyphonic / monophonic / drums / scales)
+ individual transposing / muting (live/lock) for all midi channels
+ Merge / load / save while sequencer is running...


via this auction

This one was spotted by TenTen in the comments of this post featuring a demo of one by Hiromichi Oohashi who recently published a book on rare and strange Japanese synthesizers. See the previuos post from earlier today for the demo and some updated info.

Additonal pics of the inside below.

Destiny Plus - 16 Psyche at Noisebug

video upload by NOISEBUG

See this post for additional details on the Destiny Plus 16 Psyche.

T-Zed Oscillator by La 67 - Demo and Build!

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Super easy kit (SMD pre soldered)
for a VERY cool and fun analog VCO with unique features.

My Website: My Patreon:


Demo 00:00
Build 16:29
Calibration 20:16

Stay Noisy!"

Circuit Bent Camera - Pocket Glitchamatic demo

video upload by LoFiFuture

"The Pocket Glitchamatic is available to pre-order for one last time here!

Since this is the last batch I'll be making of this design I thought I'd put together another collection of footage from the camera, this time footage filmed out of a train window. It was filmed in the cameras 640x480 VGA resolution which I think looks quite nice!

The LoFi Future Pocket Glitchamatic is a re-housed circuit bent camera based on a currently produced generic branded 5MP digital camera (capable of recording 720p AVI video files)

The circuit bends are brought out onto the new front panel in for form of six push buttons (5 latching one momentary for the GLITCH! function)

The Effects...
The pair of latching buttons labelled NEON result in a pink and green colour pallet that capture bright scenes in a surreal light. One of these buttons turns the effect on and off, while the other switches between two effect types. The dual-coloured led signifies the selected mode by either shining green, or red and will not illuminate when the effect is turned off.

The other pair latching buttons labelled BANDING create banding effects across the image. There are two types of banding and can both be selected at once. The bi colour LED here shines red for one mode, green for the other and orange when both are selected at once.

The latching button labelled NOISE introduces a cool lofi, grainy noise with a blue/purple hue. The single colour LED signifies when this effect is on or off.

All of the effects mentioned above reliably produce valid video files and pictures just like it was originally intended with the unmodified camera.

The GLITCH! button however creates unexpected, heavy glitches that veer into the unstable and experimental. It is a momentary button for this reason. In video mode it produces major frame drops in the recorded footage (you wont see this apparent on screen at the time of recording) Used sparingly in video mode, it can produce some great corruption effects. but go to heavy with it and it will spit out an unplayable video file!

In photo mode the GLITCH! button is a much more usable tool, though it sometimes will create a corrupt image file, it has a much better success rate in creating glitch imagery you could never have imagined! Its a truly experimental effect for the adventurous artist willing to accept the odd corrupt file for some heavy glitch gold!

Video: AVI (1280 x 720 or 640 x 480 resolution)
Photo: JPEG (2592 x 1944 or 2048 x 1536 resolution)
USB web cam mode resolution up to 640 x 480
Internal rechargeable battery life (3+ hours of use on a single charge, or can be powered externally via USB)
MicroSD card slot (up to 32GB)"

Roland Super JX (12-Voice Polysynth) SN 673182 w/ Music Stand & Manual

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"A very nice example of Roland's dual JX-8P synthesizer. Tested in fantastic working condition with minor cosmetic imperfections. Includes original sheet music stand, manual and AC power cable."

Korg ARP 2600 M Limited Edition Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"Limited Edition model. Comes in box with silver limited edition carrying case, patch cables, keyboard controller and all accessories. Mint condition."

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Version 5.0 & MPG-80 Programmer SN 563078 & 531759

via this auction

MTI Auto Orchestra Rare Vintage 70s All Analog Drum Machine Sting Machine & Bass Synth

via this auction

"Up for us a very unique and very rare Hand Made in American MTI Auto Orchestra from the late 70s. It’s an all Analog VCO first generation full band auto accompaniment machine with built in simi programmable Drum Machine, Expression Pedal controlled String Machine and Foot Pedal controlled Bass Synth. It’s in very good condition with normal wear. Everything works as it should and it sounds so good that your jaw will drop!

The Drum Machine sounds very similar to a Roland CR 78 mixed with a Roland CR8000. Programming it is very similar to those machines as well with a plethora of push button rhythm variation and fill options. You can also mute and and unmute individual kit pieces for build ups and break downs.

The String Machine sounds very lush and reminiscent of a ARP Solina. It’s controlled by the expression pedal and you have different chord options to choose from with your foot! You also have the option to do monophonic string Melodies controlled by the foot pedal keyboard. You also have the option to have different rhythm variations of the strings the perfectly sync to the drum beat. How cool is that!

The Bass Synth sounds reminiscent of a Roland TB 303 mixed with a Moog Taurus. That is controlled by the foot pedal keyboard and like the string machine section has the option for it to sync to the drum beat or played live. It will also follow along with the expression pedal chord of your choice when the in that mode.

Each section has a volume control and the string and bass section have limited by useful tone shaping controls.

This thing is the real deal and a serious drum machine or synth collectors dream machine. Very few of these machines were made and I have never seen one in this good of condition with the accompanying foot pedals. It’s the original “Band In A Box” and you can do complete sets just with this. Perfect for Indie, Lofi, Dreampop, Experimental, Techno or Folk musicians who want to add the magic of this machine to their music."

E-MU Systems XL-7 Command Station SN 070100127 w/ Rack Ears & Manual

via this auction, also on Reverb

Sequential Prophet Rev2 + Korg Minilogue XD // just a couple of pads hangin' out

video upload by Lost Clouds (Tom Green Music)

"I haven't uploaded anything in a while but I've really been wanting here we are with a pretty simple but (maybe?) interesting track - a fun pad patch on the Rev2 that uses the aux envelope and filter audio mod for a 'rippling' sound, with some onboard delay to add a rhythmic pulse, then some Minilogue XD soft pads (using the arp!) layered over the top."

MIZUNO Supersizer-μ (1970s)

video upload by kotoelectro

The MIZUNO SuperSizerμ featured in Hiromichi Oohashi's Strange Synthesizers of Japan by Hiromichi Oohashi - Synth Book w/ CD

According to Hiromichi Oohashi:

'It's one of the most mysterious synth in Japan.
made by MIZUNO (famous sportswear manufacturer)
I don't know why MIZUNO made such a futuristic noise synthesizer...

MIZUNO Supersizer-μ is introduced in my synth book."

Update: I asked Hiromichi Oohashi if he knew of any other gear they made and he said it was the only musical instrumeht they made. He reached out to MIZUNO and they said based on the logo it was likely manufacturered in the late 1970s to 1980s. They didn't mention any other useful information. 

Update2: TenTen in the comments noted the fonts used in the logo appear to be either Twobit or Bitwise which "were invented in 2011 and 1999, respectfully." However, according to, "This familiar typeface is based on the ‘retro-futuristic’ of computer and technology advertising of the 1960s and early 1970s. Includes full alphabet, punctuation, euro. Includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic versions. (Version 1.10)". And Bitwise, "A typeface based on machine readable characters from the 1960s."

Update3: and one spotted for sale by TenTen captured here.

And the YouTube descripton:

"Supersizer-μ (1970s) made by MIZUNO(famous sports company)
Exclusive video of most mysterious synth of Japan.
from 「Strange Synthesizers of Japan」book

Update3: An image of the oribinal box via Hiromichi Oohashi:

Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas in Pink to Benefit Parrots

via @noiseng

"PINK PANDEMONIUM! We made a Loquelic Iteritas in pink to benefit parrots! This is a limited-time campaign, and 100% of the net proceeds will go to parrot conservation through our partnership with the Macaw Recovery Network. Get yours while they last:"

New England Synth Fest Set For August 11 at the Boston Museum of Science

via New England Synth Fest

"New England Synth Fest presents live music, immersive visuals, and exhibitors at the Museum of Science in Boston. Performances in the Planetarium by Bob Familiar with visuals by cskonopka, LIMBC with visuals by Solid State Entity, and Asha Tamirisa.

Plus more performances on the Lobby Stage by Bill T Miller, Vizzie & Oxalis, and Build.

Plus lobby exhibits with our friends Stompbox Sonic,, synthCube, Pirx Modular, Circuit Happy, Alan R. Pearlman Foundation, The Record Co., CopperSound Pedals, and more.

Second show added at 9:30pm. June and July were SOLD OUT. The 7:30pm show on August 11 is already SOLD OUT. Get tickets for 9:30pm show on August 11."

Doing Stranger Things on UDO Super 6 (#shorts)

video upload by Wine&Synths

MATTHS Modular Rig Tour - Sonicstate

video upload by sonicstate

"A recent visit to Brighton coincided with an interesting bill at railway arch venue The Green Door Store - long-time SonicTalk guest Matt Hodson aka @MATTHS was playing with his modular rig.

So we grabbed cameras and managed to film a quick rig tour - Chris Black of nearby electronic duo Battery Operated Orchestra was kind enough to come along and ask questions.

Matt's minimal show rig was carefully chosen not only to maximise his sonic palette, but also to provide an impressive degree of control over how that sound was presented.

Matt was using studio production techniques to really sculpt the sound and create powerful dynamics during his performance, which was very much crafted into several discrete sections."

The Inner Light // Star Trek: The Next Generation [Ambient Synth Cover]

video upload by Amie Waters

"A family, a lifetime, a whole civilization carried in the memories of this simple melody."

Midsummer Song in 5/4 for Arp 2600, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Hammond Organ and Nord Electro

video upload by R. Reger

Five ways to make patterns with the DB-01

video upload by Richard DeHove

"Starting with the bleedin' obvious and moving through to the "sounds bad now but wait a minute" method, here's five pattern creation techniques. Along the way there's a few extra tips and tricks including the rare "zero gate" option.

It's a bit long but I thought it was worthwhile to show the full process rather than just cut in all the bits that worked on the first attempt. Watching videos where everything works perfectly and then not being able to instantly replicate that success can be a bit disheartening so there's quite a bit of tweaking and deleting. Hopefully here the joy of just experimenting, looping, randomly deleting and poking comes through. Just delete the crap and keep going :D

0:00 1) The slow and obvious way
0:47 2) Real-time record with fake metronome
2:10 Second bar in real time
3:50 Using an external keyboard
6:05 3) The randomizer
6:30 The dog's breakfast
7:10 Random steps
8:20 Rotate start
8:45 Force to scale
10:55 Gate length
12:05 Hearing the gate length
12:50 The zero gate
13:45 Gates with filter mod
15:00 LFO on note reset
16:10 Pitch envelope
17:28 Fast random example 1
18:45 Fast random example 2
20:47 4) The internal arpegiator
26:45 5) Using an external arpegiator

My site:
Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:"

dhidd draft - Drum synths in Pure Data

video upload by Akunull

"Drum synths in Pure Data controlled by Korg padKontrol. Source:"

Udarniy zeH _ Steampunk Synth Live 09072022

video upload by Vitaly Doronin

"Synthesizers jam live and VJ with art color geometric deformation of Vitaly Doronin's watercolors
Steampunk Synth WSG , Doepfer dark energy 2, Jomox T resonator 2, Roland mc 101"

Korg M1 VST - "Best Analog & Ambient Sounds" & "Cinematica" Soundset Organic Presets

video uploads by LFOstore

"!This Product Working With Original Hardware M1 & M1R Synths & working with M1 VST Version!

After successful Korg Wavestation series we've got in our hands one of the most iconic workstations of 90s - the M1 Plugin!

It sounds fantastic but many of the sounds was overused in years & we didnt find any modern recreations around the globe.

So we made a challenge to ourselfs - made analog style patches with modern vision & also re-create classic ambient sounds.

In this soundset you will find:

Prophet-5 leads, pads
Oberheim strings & pads
Pro One leads & basses
JX & Juno Series sounds
CS-80 pad & string

Various ambient pads, drones,swells - cosmic, organic, nature,water.
Various bells & plucks - classic, modern, unreal.

All the patches are handcrafted & reacts on MW & Aftertouch.

Using great internal fx & classic waves we just scratch the surface with first 50 patches from the series."

Hybrid bitwig beatmaking w/ DATABROTH

video upload by

"Check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon"

1982 Roland Juno-6 SN 260000

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"By now, everyone knows the sound of the Juno-6/60. From the mixable Sawtooth and Square wave shapes on the Oscillator, all the way through to lush stereo chorus at the end of the signal chain. Junos may not be the most complex synthesizers out there but they are almost impossible to get a bad sound out of. Basses, pads, leads, arpeggios, it can do it all. This Juno 6 may not have preset recall or a DCB port like the 60, but sounds exactly the same.

Everything is working great and sounds awesome as usual. Synth shows a bit of cosmetic wear due to age (a bit of vintage charm!) -- Have no fear, everything is fully intact and functional. Serial number: 260000"

Buchla 200e System

via this auction

"The modules are:

201e-12 Cabinet + 220V PSU + Very robust travel case!

+ Lots of cables."

MAM FreeBass 383

via this auction

Korg MS-03 Signal Processor w/ Original Box

via this auction

Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 w/ Original Box SN 11 130

via this auction

"Mint condition Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Synthesizer made by Moog Music Model 42-4000

Made in USA

Includes original Box and manual"

Sequential Circuits Split-Eight 80’s Black

via this auction

Yamaha CS-1X Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Not the most powerful synth but I like mine and I like this pic. It has some icy strings and pads. I got mine before the CS2X came out. I also have an AN1X, which is a whole different level. The AN1X is analog modelling and the CS1X is a rompler/PCM sampler based synth. If you come to the site often you likely already know this of course.

1984 Yamaha Midi Rack TX816 FM Synthesizer SN 3075 w/ Performance Note Manual

via this auction

QPAS - 'Self' Oscillation

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"QPAS does not self-oscillate, so if you want to turn it into an oscillator, you'll need to make a feedback loop. It can 'self-patch-oscillate' really well and using the Radiate, Cut-Off and Q CV inputs can also be self-patched from one of the eight outputs. It can roar like a monster, but it can also make amazing liquid bells and metals. What a difference a patchcable makes! Happy patching!"

How to turn crickets into percussion eurorack Make Noise Morphagene

video upload by EthanJamesMusic

"This is a live electronic music performance inspired by some of the sound design experiments from a film I'm currently working on. This is an entirely live and unrehearsed improvised performance, and I included annotations to show some of what I'm thinking about and also to demonstrate the different musical possibilities that can happen from an outside sound source. Since I'm a film composer by trade, this came out relatively cinematic and would work in certain movie score settings. This is a very simple setup to make a big sound. I hope this is educational for you as well, in terms of how I put these performances together. Hopefully this camera angle also helps you learn something!"

NYMPHES / An Ethereal performance by Nicolas Melis

video upload by

"Nicolas Melis performing a dreamy and nostalgic theme on the NYMPHES Synthesizer, by using the Microcosm (Hologram Electronics) and the Ripply Fall (Jam Pedals) as external effects.

N Y M P H E S is a 6-Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer, condensed in a portable and compact box, without any compromise in the quality of the final instrument. The result is stunning and ethereal …"

Electro Harmonix String9

video upload by Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"This is some of the most fun I've had with a guitar pedal in a while. The polyphonic STRING9 String Ensemble from Electro Harmonix transforms a guitar into nine different string ensembles and string synthesisers, so I can still tap into the heart of my love of electronics whilst using my handsome Danelectro 59M guitar.

This is just live documentation of my improvising with it in the studio. Nothing special, just pretending I'm in a progressive rock band, but without the cape and long hair. And deliberate bum notes to keep you on your toes. Happy listening!"

Electro-Harmonix STRING9 String Ensemble (EHX Pedal Demo Bill Ruppert)

video upload by EHX

"The polyphonic STRING9 String Ensemble transforms your guitar into nine different string ensembles and string synthesizers while requiring zero modifications, special pickups, or MIDI implementation. In a 9 Series first, the STRING9 includes the signature EHX Freeze effect to sample and hold notes and chords with infinite sustain."

"The polyphonic STRING9 String Ensemble transforms a guitar into nine different string ensembles and string synthesizers while requiring zero modifications, special pickups, or MIDI implementation. It relies on the same technology powering all EHX 9 Series pedals. In a 9 Series first, the STRING9 includes the signature EHX Freeze effect on 3 of the presets to sample and hold notes and chords with infinite sustain.

A rotary switch on the STRING9 allows the player to select the sound of their choice, as follows:
SYMPHONIC: Re-creates the sound of a large symphony orchestra and features an octave down effect on the lower range of the guitar for a full sound

JUNE-O: Emulates the Juno® analog string synthesizer sound

PCM: Sound of a small string section sampled by a vintage PCM keyboard producing a warm vintage string sound

Vu Perc Relay

video upload by ggijs

VU Perc Relay

Percussion with a VU meter and a relay for eurorack

via the user manual


The vu-perc-relay is a drum sound module for eurorack that uses a vu meter to hit something (in this case a copper strip and a LED leg) that is connected to a piezo element.
And a relay is triggered and amplified via another piezo element.

Stripped tubing from a electrical wire is put over the tip of the vu meters hitter, this prevents the vu meter from making direct contact with the spring.
If the hitter makes direct contact with the spinge there will be a large click, because its sort of short circuiting a bit.
So make sure the hitter is hitting the spring in the correct position.

There is a trimmer potmeter that you can use to set the center position for the vu meter,
the vu meter moves left and right to hit the different metal parts.

There is a small trimmer on the board that holds the relay and the vu meter, this can be used to croos fade between the vu meter and the relay,
it does not really cross fade the volume that much, it will just make one less dominant in how sharp it sounds.

Gieskes 4Swing

video upload by ggijs

4 Step Swing Sequencer with many features

3 different versions available.

via the user manual

"A module that has multiple functions, VCO/VCLFO (1v octave), sequencer, clock divider, swing..

The 4Swing refers to "for swing" and it has 4 steps. The module can do quite a bit of different things. It can be a clock divider, VCO, VCLFO, sequencer with swing or without.

I developed it because it wanted a DIY version of the Doepfer A-147, a module I use allot. But then in combination with a simple sequencer/clock divider, basically a setup i use almost always but then in one module, a bit like this module i used to use allot. The Motor Bin module uses a binary clock divider, but the 4Swing uses a 4017 (decade counter/step sequencer), so it's a bit different. The reason for this is that i wanted swing (i used to use Groove allot in LSDj, i think it would be great to have more swing in my eurorack) and you cannot have swing with a binary clock divider.. i think.


Patch n Tweak
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