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Thursday, July 28, 2022

6Hr Challenge - Write a Track using only OB6 Programmed sounds. #sequential #OB6 #retro #synthwave

video upload by Orano Music

"This Track was done in 6 hours, set myself a challenge to write something fresh, but retro, went with the Boom Box Era and had some great fun with this.

Each and every melodic sound is from the Sequential OB6, each sound Programmed from Init patch, recorded into Ableton Live one by one, and mixed in Ableton too.

Drums are a mixture of samples imported into Ableton Drum Rack."

Korg Minilogue XD - Dry/Raw Demo

video upload by Eyezer Productionz Sound Design

"A dry/raw demo of the Korg Minilogue XD. No FX used at all, just the raw sound coming out of the synth itself. I apologize for the bad lightning and for the dust on the equipment. My current setup is not ideal for synth demos but I hope I will be able to move next year.

Equipment & Software used:
Korg Minilogue XD Module (Synth)
Arturia Keylab 61 MkII (Midi controller keyboard)
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (Audio interface)
Canon EOS M50 (Video camera)
FL Studio 20 (DAW)
Vegas Pro 16 (Editing & syncing audio)

0:00 Sawtooth primarily, playing around with the filter a bit
4:00 Pulse Width Modulation, Jupiter-8 kind of sounds"

Waldorf Sanctioned MicroQ Emulator Could be Coming - Access Virus TI Emulation on Hold

This one was sent in anonynmously.

See this post on the Motorola DSP56300 project for reference, as well as this post on the Access Virus.

The above reads:

"So yeah, we have some news regarding the state of the Waldorf microQ

We are in contact with Waldorf, I visited them some weeks ago and held a short presentation and presented a command line version of the microQ in action. And in principle, they are interested in our tech 👍

I asked today and they gave allowance to mention this to you so you are aware why it got a bit silent over here 🙂

It should be noted that we do not have any kind of written agreement yet, so all of this may not happen at all, but we're working on it. No further development has taken place since I visited them because this might become paid work Therefore, I have to ask for patience. If/when there will be a beta on this Discord is out of our hands and is part of the negotiation. Obviously, I mentioned this Discord server with 3000+ members and people willing to beta test. Also, the viral advantage that this Discord provides

Future updates on the status of the microQ emulation"

Update via the comments:

There is a playlist with the emulator playing the microQ demos online:

And an update on the Access Virus TI emulator (note holding off until the TI is out of production is commendable):

Virus TI technical info / statement
20. APRIL 2022 / DSP56300

We have updated our Technical Info page with some insights about how the multi-DSP setup on the Virus TI works. Also, it has a useful tip for hardware TI owners to maximize voice count in Multi Mode / Sequencer Mode, enjoy! 👍

As questions are imminent, a statement regarding Virus TI emulation:

Virus TI emulation development is done in a private fork of the public project. We do this with the goal to have the whole line of Virus synthesizers emulated, to improve the accuracy and feature set of the emulation in general, to learn about the internal architecture as a preparation for other future synthesizers and of course, because it is a lot of fun!

However, currently we do not have plans to release a version of the emulator that supports the Virus TI, TI2 or Snow as this generation of synthesizers is still being sold. We do not want to negatively impact current or future sales of Kemper GmbH or affiliates, it is exactly the opposite. We appreciate the achievements of Access Music / Kemper and created Virus B & C emulators as an appreciation and to preserve these great synthesizers in a digital form."

Update: The following is demo comparing the Virus C emulator with a Virus TI.

Access Virus TI VS DSP56300 Emulator (With Access Virus C ROM)
video upload by Eyezer Productionz Sound Design

"A VST beta is finally available for the DSP56300 emulator, which is an emulator that emulates the Motorola DSP chip(s) used in the Virus synths. You can load ROM files from the Virus B or C into this emulator (just Google Access Virus ROM and you should be able to find the ROM files), which then allows you to play the factory patches from the Virus B or C. The sound is pretty much 99.99% accurate.

I use the Virus TI to give you an idea of how accurate this emulator sounds. I would even say that the emulator sounds better on certain patches. Some patches are pretty much identical to the TI, while some sounds noticeably different. This is of course nothing new, many people claim that the Virus B and C sounds better (or different is perhaps a better term?) than the TI. I will have to do a more in-depth comparison sometime.

The Virus TI is connected via analog outs to my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen (front inputs).

Thanks a lot for linking my video on your site! Highly appreciated!"

SCI Prophet 5 Rev 2 and Sequential Prophet 10 Rev 4 - Rain

video upload by Glen H

"Short impro with both Prophets"


This one made me think of Japan's Nightporter driving home for the night.
Richard Barbieri of Japan prominently used a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 no less.

Update: lyrics added below along with the note above on Japan's Richard Barbieri using the original Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.

Could I ever explain
This feeling of love it just lingers on
The fear in my heart that keeps telling me which way to turn
We'll wander again
Our clothes they are wet
We shy from the rain
Longing to touch all the places we know we can hide
The width of a room that can hold so much pleasure inside
Here am I alone again
A quiet town where life begins
Here am I just wondering
Nightporters go
Nightporters slip away
I'll watch for a sign
And if I should ever again cross your mind
I'll sit in my room and wait until nightlife begins
I'm catching my breath
We'll both brave the weather again
Here am I alone again
A quiet town where life gives in
Here am I just wondering
Nightporters go
Nightporters slip away

DX5 Playing Alphaville "The Jet Set" cover

video upload by DX5

"'The Jet Set' Instrumental cover.
Gear Used: Roland MRS-2 Promars, Access Virus TI Snow (choir wavetable layer), Roland JX-8P, Emu Emax 1 and Emax II. Backtrack previously recorded, track by track, by me from scratch in Pro Tools, also including a Roland D-10, JP8000 and Simmons SDS8. All sounds synthesized by me or belonging to my libraries.
Original song composed by Marian Gold / Bernhard Lloyd / Frank Mertens.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."


DX5 playing Alphaville "The Jet Set" (Take 2; recorded w/improved sound while streaming live)

video upload by DX5

"Yesterday I've recorded a cover of this song. Tonight I've just played it again on my Live Streaming and found out I am way more happy with the sound quality and balance than the previous version; thus I decided to upload it too. It does also include a few seconds before/after playing. (There is a barely noticeable jump at 00:28 that happened while broadcasting).
When I record an isolated cover, I do usually benefit from my old camera preamps/compressor. But when I am streaming live, I route audio (analogue) from my Pro Tools card output (Focusrite) to an audio card that feeds the streaming software, resulting in less sound make up. Also, audio levels were set different, resulting on this video.
Gear Used: Roland MRS-2 Promars, Access Virus TI Snow (choir wavetable layer triggered from the Emax1) , Roland JX-8P, Emu Emax 1 and Emax II.
Backtrack previously recorded, track by track, by me from scratch in Pro Tools, also including a Roland D-10, JP8000 and Simmons SDS8. All sounds synthesized by me or belonging to my libraries.
Original song composed by Marian Gold / Bernhard Lloyd / Frank Mertens.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara."

Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

E-MU Systems Proteus 2000 128-Voice Rackmount Module (Serviced) w/ Manual

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"E-MU Systems Proteus 2000, loaded with "Composer" card. Tested in great working condition, along with a brand new main encoder knob. Screen backlight is nice and bright. Includes AC power cable and original user manual."

Custom White Elektron Analog Four Mk1 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This Mk1 A4 is unique. It has added separate outs (like the Mk2 but 1/8” TRS stereo jacks) per channel, installed by an audio engineer. It also was the prototype for StyleFlip’s A4 overlays and they were installed by them. Finally it has maybe 1000 sounds in it.

It is in excellent shape (no paint issues under the removable overlays) and screen, buttons and encoders are all in great condition. Bonus: comes with a Decksaver (exc), TRS y-cables for the CV outs, along with the original power supply and original box!"

Paia Theremin Theremax Modified Synth SN 0282

via this auction

"This is a Paia theremax theremin that was modified by Kaiser instruments. It features an envelope filter and oscillator along with a phaser and delay section. External sound sources can be patched in as well to use the onboard effects. Obviously patching the theremin in leaves you sonically curious for hours on end. Killer unit that is extremely unique."

See the Kaiser label at the bottom of this post for more.

Akai AX60 w/ Tauntek Mod + Custom Wood Sides

via this auction

Moog Polymoog 203a SN 3991

via this auction

"Here is an amazing Moog Polymoog 203a. Completely working condition, with the legs, original manual, service manual, and power cord. The only issue I could find cosmetically was the high gain knob cracked on top and it lost the little button at some point. Other than that this thing is pretty awesome condition wise."


via this auction

SN 1213.

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-60 Software Synthesizer

video upload by Igor Leus

"Buy Link:

NatLife presenting you absolutely stunning bank of patches for one of the icon of synthesizers – Roland Juno-60 software synthesizer – Essential Sounds .
In this library of sounds, you can take a fresh look at this synthesizer. The magnificent part of the Arpeggio presets will immerse you in another dimension. Just touch a couple of keys and you will feel this wave of Juno‘s analog sound in the digital soul. The synth was created by those who made this masterpiece from the beginning, but now transformed it into a computer.
This soundset is not tied to styles. It’s main basis is a high-quality sound worked out to the smallest detail. Go get it and use it absolutely everywhere, from electronic music to sound design for films.
It combines everything from warmth of 80’ to the most fashionable trends of modern Melodic Techno, combined with Progressive Trance music.

Essential Sounds for Roland Juno-60 contains 50 custom patches, which are:

15 ARP sounds
3 Synth
7 Basses
11 Leads
7 Pads
4 Plucks
3 FXs

Compatible: Roland System 8 and Roland JU-06 / JU-06A as hardware controller."

Octave CAT Stick

video upload by Hanz Volt

[Note: another YT video not displaying the thumbnail. Not sure why this is happening. Just hit the play button.]

"The CAT Stick is a super rare synthesizer controller. With so many connections it’s just mad 🤯. Cool thing is that you can control multiple synths simultaneously with the touch of the joystick….so all you need are some cv parameters to manipulate and the CAT will turn any synth into madness. 4 VCAs and 2 LFOs 💪🏼 XY axis control from the 🕹"


Overview video and details added to this post.

Demos from Strange Synthesizers of Japan Book by Hiromichi Oohashi

Demos from Strange Synthesizers of Japan by Hiromichi Oohashi, previously posted here. Also see the MIZUNO Supersizer-μ demo here.

via Bandcamp:

"Special Music Snippet Sampler from the Book/CD [Strange Synthesizers of Japan -Hiromichi Oohashi Collection-] (Published by RittorMusic / 2021)

Live improvisation using most rare & strange Japanese synthesizers that introduced in this book.

Japanese Edition published in Nov.2021 by RittorMusic (Japan).


The Sound of Talk Talk - It`s My Life with the Oberheim OB-X, PPG wave

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound

supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Talk Talk - It`s My Life from the year 1984
Written by Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene
And for me one of the best songs from the mid 80s.

I used here the Oberheim OB-X for synth pads, lead sounds and the main theme like in the original song. And I used the PPG wave 2.2 for the additional metallic sounds. Bass: Moog Source

The Oberheim OB-X Synthesizer is one of the big legendary synths in music history. Here can you find the full OB-X playlist with a lot single sound demos, synth comparisions and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The OB-X playlist:"

Bastl Discontinues the THYME Effects Processor Due to Global Chip Supply Shortage

via @bastlinstrument

"Good night sweet prince. You have fallen victim to the global chip shortage like many others. ⁠ ⁠

Sweet will not be forgotten⁠"

Patch Pals Play with Empress Zoia !

video upload by Perfect Circuit


video upload by SYNTHFOX Channel

"A short demo of some patches ruled by the upcoming SHIFT CORE GENERATOR module. Full overview, manual, etc - soon!"


"Overview of the new module - SHIFT CORE GENERATOR, a shift register core quasiquencer!"

Shift Core Generator is a new, ultimate quasequencing device for deriving control voltages and gates. Its coreis a 16-bit binary shift register with dedicated enhanced and adjustable clock and data inputs. This module provides the means for creating all sorts of gate and voltage sequences: from completely random, to semi-random, to obviously patterning ones, up to locking onto itself for a looping 16-step sequence.

The six N-state outputs use the 16 bits of the shift register in different orders and quantities to produce stepped control voltages that take a limited number of quantised states. They are related to each other, yet in a very complex and unpredictable way. Eight new binary signals are derived from complex processing of the shift register contents. Four of them are available as the binary outputs. They output gate signals, mainly used for launching events in the system. The other four are used by the stepped CV programmer at the right to produce a user-tunable stepped voltage, perfect for precisely dialing in a range of notes for VCOs and other tonal devices. This output can take a maximum of 16 different states, and can be updated separately from the N-state and the binary outputs using the UPDate input.

For being so versatile and instant, and producing many seemingly unrelated signals at once, Shift Core Generator is a perfect heart-of-the-patch that can easily drive your system from a 16-step pattern to quasequenced complex patterns to complete insane randomness in a matter of moments!

InstaChord 2 MIDI Plugin | AI Powered Humanized Chords (VST / AU / AAX)

video upload by W. A. Production

"W.A. Production promotes updated InstaChord 2 MIDI processing plug-in as chord creation and sequencing tool taking music-making to next level

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: W.A. Production, producers crafting creative plug-ins to help anyone achieve studio- quality processing speedily and easily, is proud to announce availability of the InstaChord 2 MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) processing plug-in — initially inspired by how chords are played on a guitar and applying that technique to experience the same feeling from a MIDI controller keyboard and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) without memorising chord shapes and holding down all the notes to make the chords ring true, then taking the concept to the next level of music-making with notable new features as a chord creation and sequencing tool — as of July 28…

Korg Wavestate 2: Ambient Jam. 50 Presets/Performances (Pad, Strings, Textures)

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Ambient Jam' is a collection of 50 performances for Korg Wavestate.
It includes: 26 Pads, 15 Strings, 9 Textures.
The bank covers a wide range of atmospheric timbres: vintage/retro, lo-fi, tape-like, noisy, warm, deep, dreamy, soft, evolving, moving, massive, epic, bright, orchestral, cinematic, dark, distorted, cold, distant, metallic, tense, atonal, non-harmonic, fx-like, soundscape...
They will fit many genres, styles, arrangements, and mixes.

📻 Get the soundset:

Kawai K1 J1-02 Rom Card

via this auction

I wonder if these came with the antistatic sleeve.

Roland JD-800 61-Key Programmable Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg miniKORG 700FS 32-Key Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg MS-10 w/Custom Walnut Sidecheeks SN 131882

via this auction

"Fantastic condition, a few cosmetic scratches but perfect working order. Recently serviced. Custom Wooden side cheeks"

Fender Chroma Polaris

via this auction

"Freshly serviced by the experts at Switched On in Austin, TX. Works great, only minor cosmetic wear which doesn’t affect functionality."


via this auction, also on Reverb

"This unit is 100% perfect working. All Knobs, Keys are fully functional. In EXCELLENT condition."


via this auction

w/ Japanese Manual

ZOOM RhythmTrak RT-323 Rhythm Machine

via this auction

"One of the RhythmTrak series, the interface has been dramatically improved from the previous model, and the data visibility has been enhanced with an LCD display. It comes with 400 preset patterns and 100 user patterns, 64 preset drum kits and 64 user drum kits, and 377 built-in sound sources."

Note this is the first post to picture the ZOOM RhythmTrak RT-323, however, it was used in a few videos by attorks previously posted here.

AC/DC by Rebel Technology and Befaco: Demo and Build

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Today we demo and build the new DC coupled interface by Rebel Technology and Befaco.

My website:

00:00 Demo
08:03 Build

Stay Noisy!"

Digitakt + Syntakt Jam

video upload by Elektron

"Let’s talk Taktics. Bringing Digitakt and Syntakt together gives you powerhouse sampling capabilities combined with digital and analog synthesis. As a result, in terms of breadth of sonic possibilities, these two boxes have got you well and truly covered."

Fill Your Rhythm with Soul, Donner Starrypad Midi Drum Controller丨Donner Spotlight

video upload by Donner Music

"🎹Light and functional with 48 total assignable pads, exclusive equipment stamped with your personality, Small and compact, a midi drum pad with great speed and compatibility you can count on. It's your exclusive lighting engineer. It's the secret weapon for the beatmaker. Here we bring you the Donner Starrypad Midi drum controller, DPD-16!

🥁The DPD-16's sixteen soft silicone backlit pads can trigger drums, samples, and effects in your DAW. A toggle on the pad bank can allow you to quickly switch between three different pad layers for a total of forty-eight assignable pads. In addition, the DPD-16 can handle polyphony and comes with adjustable velocity sensitivity. It has an assignable custom group with two faders, two knobs, and three buttons, and with DAW and VST, you can customize the controls for a completely personalized instrument. In addition, the most commonly used semitones and octaves can be adjusted with one key and no additional settings. DPD-16 comes with a standard USB C power supply and data interface for easy plug-and-play. The additional MIDI in/out allows you to connect to an external synthesizer or other MIDI equipment. So no matter how you use it, the DPD-16 provides compatibility you can count on.

From Donner Amazon store

【16 Colorful Beat Pad Record 48 Custom Sound Sources】 The MIDI drum pad STARRYPAD's 16 soft silicone backlit pads can trigger drums, samples, effects and more. One convenient key allows you to quickly switch between 3 different pad banks for a total of 48 assignable pads. In addition, the beat maker STARRYPAD can handle polyphony and comes with adjustable velocity sensitivity. Regardless of your mood, the STARRYPAD will fill your rhythm with soul.

【Exclusive Equipment, Stamped with Your Personality】The drum pad machine STARRYPAD has an assignable custom group with 2 fader, 2 knobs, and 3 buttons, and you can customize the controls for a completely personalized instrument with DAW and VST. As a beat maker machine, the most commonly used semitones and octaves can be adjusted with one key SHIFT, sample and convenient.

【Powerful Compatibility】The beat machine comes with a standard USB C power supply and data interface for easy plug and play. (Tips: if you want to connect to your iPhone or iPad, you need to buy an Apple Lightning to USB Adapter) The additional MIDI in/out allows you to connect to an external synthesizer or other MIDI equipment. So no matter how you use it, the music pad STARRYPAD provides compatibility you can count on. (Comes with USB cable, type c adapter and MIDI cable)

【Your Exclusive Lighting Engineer】The midi controller pad STARRYPAD lights up the stage with 7 dazzling colors. Use playing instructions to trigger the brilliant lights making your rhythm doubly dynamic, or set the colors through editor and control the atmosphere on the dance floor.(Tips: the editor only can set the STAYYPAD, doesn't have the function of recording and arranging music)
【Boost Your Rhythm Game】Worried about a weak sense of rhythm? Tap Tempo is directly synchronized with DAW to help you quickly grasp the BPMs of any song and play along. In addition, Note Repeat's ultra-low latency perfectly connects each sample segment without getting stuck or errors!

Stylophone S-1 tabs for Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division plus Stylophone Gen X-1 tutorial

video upload by Stylophone

"Learn to play Love Will Tear Us Apart on your Gen X-1. And...
Get that smooth, silvery ’string pad’ effect using your Stylophone Gen X-1 with the Zoom Multistomp pedal.

More Stylophone tutorial, tips and tricks: ✌️❤️"

Float, by Old Blood Noise Endeavors

video upload by Matt Lowery

"Float is a stereo multimode filter by Old Blood Noise Endeavors. In this video, we briefly explore its features and controls, and then spend a fair amount of time running different instruments through the pedal.

00:00 Intro
01:00 What's a filter, anyway?
02:40 LFO control
03:15 LFO sync
03:40 LFO phase
05:20 with Lyra-8
06:10 Shoegazey Guitar (pt. 1)
06:54 with norns
08:53 with Plumbutter 2
10:20 with Soma Enner
12:18 Shoegazey Guitar (pt. 2)
14:30 with Brenso"


Turning our predilection for parallel signals toward the world of filters and widening out to full stereo, we are pleased to unveil OBNE’s first digitally-controlled-analog pedal.

Float boasts two independently controllable filters and copious capabilities for motion. Utilizing the two filters in tandem can create stereo movement, linked reactive elements, and modulations that approach harmonic tremolo and phaser, as well as classic filter sounds.

Float features:

Two independent filters, each with control over filter type, cutoff frequency, LFO rate, envelope sensitivity, LFO shape, resonance, and volume

True stereo, parallel mono, or series mono operation via top-mounted jacks

Min/max toggle for precise sculpting of LFO and envelope range

Sync toggle to link the LFO or envelope elements of Filter 1 to Filter 2

Expression jack to externally control Cutoff or Rate for each filter

Soft touch switching with true relay bypass

Hidden settings for LFO phase and envelope speed

Pedalboard friendly size

Requires at least 100mA 9VDC center negative power"

Patch n Tweak
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