MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, September 18, 2022

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Magerit Eurorack Modules

Magerit LANIAKEA - A "cosmic" oscillator - New Release video upload by Magerit

OBX8 Custom Patches - Kate Bush Running up that hill #katebush #runningupthathill #strangerthings

video upload by Orano Music

"Another short video of some presets from the forthcoming Legends Vol1 custom Patch bank for OBX8.

please visit for further details.

thanks for watching."

Electronic Sci/Fi performance - Roland system 100 & 100m and Korg PS3100 and TTSH (Arp2600)

video upload by Peter Maas

3am - naixal

video upload by justin3am

"Sunday morning jam featuring Serge modular, Cocoquantus 2, Pulsar-23 and eurorack modulars. Some funky rhythms and regurgitated synths."

REJECTED:01 Kermit MKIII Sessions

video upload by Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Short Sessions with the KERMIT MKIII.
Testing unpredictable signals."

Lemondrop - Portable Granular Synth That Could by 1010music

video upload by Axis of Wold

"Note: One can indeed change the scale on LD. Read the informative pinned comment by GerenM dot Net. Thanks for info! 👍

Hi, this is Lemondrop from 1010music, what a revelation. At least that is my opinion, it is so portable it begs to be carried around, be taken with you on your next gig, next tour to the beach, it easily fits in your pocket, it only needs some USB power to turn on, and it invites you to be creative and, not at least, create some music wherever you are.
Lemondrop makes me happy as a creative person, and I'll bet it will make other people happy, too.

This is NOT a paid promotion in any way, it is just me being infatuated. It is a great feeling. Try it!

In this video I demonstrate most of its functions, I use together with Roland U-110, with Korg SQ-1, DigDugDIY Purple Rain, the lowfi sampler and compressor, with PO-14 Sub, and give you and overview of how it is modulated using its special modulation sequencer, that can contain as many as 31 steps and with varied step length. Also, I cover the filter section, there are two, the LFOs, also two, and the FX section, which sports reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and a distortion.

I demonstrate its audio input and how it is used together with midi.


1988's Roland U-110 Meets Lemondrop in 2022 | Hearing is Believing | Choir of Dover

video upload by Axis of Wold

"Hi, this is a taster for what to come.
More Lemondrop, because it works so well with everything (I guess...).
It has a price tag, but when it makes music creation so fun and efficient and yields such good results, it is a keeper.

All well!"

West Pest Synth: What do you get for $249? | West Coast style by Cre8audio

video upload by Axis of Wold

Intro 0:00
Overview 3:22
Making a Track 8:43
Arpeggiator 20:56
Together with Eurorack 24:58
Multifunction Capability 30:09
Final Words 35:00

This video is a rather personal review of West Pest by @Cre8audio. A synthesizer in the west coast style for a surprisingly low price, just $249. What does it has to offer? And how true is it to the west coast synthesis pioneered by Don Buchla?"

Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver PE 32-Key Monophonic Synthesizer SN 00256

via this auction

"Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard (MEK) Potentiometer Edition (PE)

This is a Potentiometer Edition (PE) conversion from DSI. The knobs are uniquely colored gold on the top. That's what was provided. Keyboard, overall, is a solid VERY GOOD condition. Two concerns that drop it from an EXCELLENT condition: the back cover plate is missing one, black screw, and the left, wooden end-cheek is slightly angled (warped wood?) so the gap is larger on the left vs. the right. This came like this from the factory.

Everything works perfectly, electrically and mechanically. Includes power supply."

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

via this auction

GRP Synthesiser A4 - Part 1

video upload by Tim Shoebridge

"Finally! Here are my initial thoughts on the A4 monophonic analogue synthesiser from Grp Synthesizer, well at least the first installment!"

Korg Wavestate - Memory of a Dream

video upload by Waveformer

"Here's a live improvised Ambient / Berlin School jam with a custom performance on the Korg Wavestate synthesizer. The performance has four layers that are used as four individual parts/tracks - two independent melodic arpeggiators, one bass layer and one pad layer. During the jam, I play with the arpeggiators and do live sound design. The complete jam was recorded in one go with no post-processing except some light compression.

Wavestate performance mod knobs:
Knob 1: Layer A (arp melody 1) Octave
Knob 2: Layer B (bass) Octave
Knob 3: Layer C (pad) Octave
Knob 4: Layer D (arp melody 2) Octave
Knob 5: Layer A (arp melody 1) Amp Level
Knob 6: Layer B (bass) Amp Level
Knob 7: Layer C (pad) Amp Level
Knob 8: Layer D (arp melody 2) Amp Level

ModWheel controls the decimator effect for Layer A, and makes layer B and D softer.

Joystick X controls Reverb Effect Level.
Joystick Y controls Layer C (pad) Bandpass Filter Cutoff Frequency

The audio is recorded to SD card on a Zoom R-16 recorder and normalized in Audacity. Video is recorded on a Canon EOS M50 mk2 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens. Audio and video is synchronized in DaVinci Resolve 18 (free version)."

Dataline - SNIFFTAKT (Machinedrum only track)

video upload by MrDataline

"Machinedrum recorded multitrack into Ableton. Download Machinedrum Multitrack recordings at: or
This track was made only on the Machinedrum, running the X.05 unofficial firmware. Stereo out and 4 individual tracks have been recorded separately into Ableton from the Machinedrum extra outputs: AmenBreak, Bass, Kick, KicknSnare. Only some minor compression and limiting was applied to the master channel on Ableton before rendering, to get the sound a bit boosted without changing the character and quality.


Yamaha CS-15

video upload by

"Multitrack recording of the Yamaha CS-15. All sounds are made with the CS-15. All processing in Ableton Live."

Incredibly rare Ace Tone CANARY S-3 transistor based vintage analog synthesizer from 1965! SN 28440

via this auction

"Extremely rare Ace Tone CANARY S-3 transistor based vintage analog synthesizer produced in few exemplars around 1965.
It come in great conditions and Works! Sound particularly vintage, very hot character, exotic tones with tonic color. Vca is light opto controlled, the large knob car gear ;-)
Funny are the two upper white push buttons (white and coloured noise) made for make manual rhythm, awesome. *This wonderful (ad-hoc) yellow travel case is included in this sale lot, in order to preserve well this beautiful jewel. Please check my others listed vintage stuff"

See this post for additional info on the Ace Tone Canary.

Digitalis from Aberrant DSP: Demo and Tutorial

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A detailed demo and tutorial of Digitalis a multi-effect digital degradation and glitch tool from Aberrant DSP. It includes a Data module for spectral manipulation, Corruption module for digital distortion (decimation, bitcrush, bit rot), and a Time module for beat-repeating effects. The plug-in also features a digital assistant modeled after Aberrant DSP's resident cat Jon.

For more information, please visit

'Digitalis is a multi-effect digital degradation and glitch tool. Inspired by bad converters, unearthed CDs, weak internet connections, and catastrophic errors, Digitalis is your personal vehicle through an endless digital wasteland.'"

'A Space Odyssey' with the LUNAR MODULE - Performance with lo-fi sample processing in eurorack

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"This week's Patch of The Week was inspired by the movie '2001: A Space Odyssey', and uses the LUNAR MODULE by AJH Synth to process audio samples from the film, whilst various other Eurorack modules build the accompanying melodic drone to provide the musical backing.

The Lunar Module is an audio processor and noise generator, which also features distortion, a bit-reduction/bit-crushing effect, and a recreation of the 'Quindar' sounds (beeps) used in the actual NASA Apollo space program/missions of the 1960's to early 70's. In conjunction with the Lunar Module's other sound processing tools this can be used to simulate the lo-fi audio transmissions of the time and then applied to anything. All the features are also useful individually, from a customisable noise source, to adding distortion and bit-reduction to any incoming audio or Eurorack level signals, even melodic sounds. This performance originally appeared at the end of the Lunar Module User Guide video - check it out for all the details on what it can do and how to use it.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for module 'User Guides', and 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides, detailing functions/methods, and a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself:

Video by DreamsOfWires"

Lunar Module User Guide - Vintage Space Mission Audio/Mic/Sample/Synth Effects for Eurorack

video upload by

"The Lunar Module is a fun Eurorack module for recreating the sound character of early space missions, or adding noise and bandwidth limitation to mics, line-level audio, samples, and synth modules. It's effects can be triggered manually, or from gate signals, and include noise with colour control (a bipolar low pass and high pass filter), hum effects with frequency control, variable distortion, and 'Quindar' - an authentic beep used at the beginning and end of transmissions from the Apollo space capsule back to the NASA Huston control centre.

As with all AJH Synth modules, the Lunar Module is designed to be played, and it's pots and jack sockets are made easily accessible so that live tweaking is not hindered, and controls are all substantial in size and spacing. Most are based on vintage synthesizer circuits and designs, bringing the sounds, behaviour and character of classic synths to Eurorack modular, but with the advantage of modern reliability, compatibility, flexibility, and understanding of the needs of modern musicians.

00:00 Intro
00:13 Overview
00:59 Installation Guide
02:12 Inputs & Controls
09:07 Use with Samples
14:43 Use with Microphones
16:29 Use with Synths
19:43 With Other Audio Devices
22:06 A Patch Clip
23:53 A Short Performance"

Video by DreamsOfWires"

Kate Bush - Experiment IV (Code Mix) QasarBeach (Fairlight CMI)

video upload by QasarBeach

"Kate famously used the Fairlight CM. QasarBeach was captured with no edits, overdub or added effects to create the Code Mix.
'QasarBeach CMI IIz' is a Fairlight CMI simulator written from the ground up that does an amazing job of recreating the user interface and functionality of the original hardware, while adding many useful improvements that makes workflow faster and more intuitive."

Moog Model 15 - 1130 Drum & Frequency Shifter...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"Moog Model 15 sequence - controlling filter cut-off & frequency shifter with Moog 1130 Drum..."

Spectralis 2 demo

video upload by MIDERA

"Everything from the Spectralis - Half of the drums were fed into the 12db LP filter and an oscillator was used to frequency modulate the filter, creating a ring-mod sort of sound that could be sequenced to different pitch.

Eventide Blackhole VST used for reverb. There was only a single pass done, so everything you hear is from the SUM output."

Knobcon 22: Artisan Electronics Iliad Four Voice Or More

video upload by sonicstate

"Based on the Nucelus voice card - 3 osc, 8pole multimode filter, 4 LFOs 4 Envelopes, the Iliad is a four voice poly (expandable up to 16).
Each voice has a single analog, plus two digital Osc with wavefolding and many other modulation points.
Its still in development and we weren't able to hear much of it today. There are demos of the Nucleus available (and you can buy it) on the @Mike @ Artisan channel
The Iliad is going to be built to order (he thinks around 20 units a year).
The four voice base setup will be around $3400 with and extra $400 a voice."

See the Artisan and Knobcon labels below for more.

Knobcon 22: Catalyst Audio Tube VCO, Noise, Mixer, VCF and VCA

video upload by sonicstate

"Catalyst Audio have a couple of tube based modules: VCO, Noise Source, Mixer, Filter and VCA.
The VCO and noise source actually use tubes to create the sound rather than 'warm them up'.
The VCO has a pair of tubes, one for each side of the wave which gives some interesting configurations of waveforms, with wave folding and PWM, plus a feedback path that adds some unique resonant shapes.

The noise source has a number of noise sources, with the option to tune the noise to sound a little like a fiilterbank (to my ears).

The Mixer uses a tube to add drive at the output stage.
They are aiming to be ready to ship by Jan/Feb 2023 - price tbc."

Knobcon 22: Kanawha Divide Down Organ in Eurorack

video upload by sonicstate

"Kanawha music build pipe organs but the market ain't what it used to be (apparently) so now they are turning their attention to poly Eurorack modules. Using divide down technology from transistor organs. Its called the Long Division Tone Module

This means they have complete polyphony., if you want a regular pure organ sound then this is the module for you. they also have a module called 48 gates that will give you 48 separate gate outputs for triggering solenoids, or drum triggers or whatnot.
Yeah its niche, but its interesting."

This is the first post to feature Kanawha Music.

Playlist: KM&A Long Division Module introduction
The "formal" introduction of the new Long Division organ/piano Eurorack module.
Xenakis- Evryali (excerpt)
This is a MIDI file from the internet played back on the Long Division tone module in Piano mode. This demonstrates how the module can deal with large clumps of notes- since there's no limit on the number of notes in can play at once no notes drop out. (They DO drop out at some points because the score goes beyond the 61 notes of an organ/synth keyboard- the original music was written for piano.) The sound from the module was sent straight into the camera with to processing or effects.
Long Division Module- Organ and piano tones
Here we have the Long Division module busting a move with some Hammond-ish sounds and piano tones. The sound from the module is going straight in to the camera with no processing of any kind.

Introducing the Long Division Tone Module: the first completely polyphonic Eurorack module using 100% analog divide-down tone generation.

The Long Division tone module has features not found elsewhere:

12 independent and free running oscillators, one for each note of the scale

Built in vibrato with speed and depth controls

Choice or organ or piano sustain

Tone Control

Variable release time

Tone and tuning CV inputs

100% analog tone generation

Plug and play operation

All 61 notes available all the time!

48 Gates Demo- KM & A

video upload by cnagorka

"A brief demonstration of our second module, 48 Gates. It's just a big bunch of gates."

48 GATES- 48 heavy duty 12V outputs to run solenoids, relays, LEDs, whatever you like.

48 GATES- it’s nothing but a big bunch of outputs, 48 of ’em, ready to activate anything you like, with standard heavy duty 12V outputs, logic level 5V available as a no cost option.

So…what do you with this thing? Here are a few ideas:

Run a looped 48 note chromatic sequence, and have 48 individual time slots for drum machines or other pattern making sounds. Don’t like the timing on one position? Move it over one for slight timing adjustments.

Make some LED plugs and create a fantastic dot matrix display which an easily be read across a room.

Activate solenoids, relays, small motors, whatever you like, and “play” them from any MIDI source.

Knobcon 22: Madisynths Frequency Central Acropoli

video upload by sonicstate

"Madisynths is a Reverb store and has a couple of new Frequency Central Modules:
Acropoli Sequencer with clock division used in a performative way, changing division on the fly, dropping in CV melody tracks.
Gate mode, scale mode are both CV controllable too, leading to a lot of creative options. There's only a couple in stock for now, but in the next 4-6weeks they will be coming in in larger numbers priced at $299."

Knobcon 22: Circuit Happy Missing Link News

video upload by sonicstate

"Its true that the part shortage has made the original Missing Link Ableton Live Link to Modular Clock device difficult to make but, Ed has been working on some new designs to ensure the next desktop device - the Missing Link Jr. will be coming soon - however the Eurorack ML-2 is available and can still interface with your modular clock wirelessly from your Ableton session."

Not to be confused with Jabrudian Industries The Missing Link

New England Synth Fest - Bill T Miller Synthesizer Performance @ Museum of Science Boston - 08.11.22

video upload by Bill T Miller

"Bill T Miller Synthesizer Performance @ New England Synth Fest @ Museum of Science Boston - 08.11.22. This BTM stereophonic improv performance features a CLASSIC SYNTH array... Buchla Easel Command 208-C, Korg ARP 2600, Moog Mother-32, Make Noise O-Coast and 4MS STS Sampler & Toppobrillo MiniMix.

Video Produced/Directed/Edited by Bill T Miller
Cameras: BTM & Sheri Hausey & Beth Moguel

BILL T MILLER, a chameleon of sonic exploration, is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, recording engineer, producer, filmmaker, photographer, artist, instrument builder and cat lover. From toy piano at two years old to starting a "band" with tennis racket guitar and trash can drums in the 60s to becoming a professional recording engineer / producer / live sound tech after graduating from College for the Recording Arts in San Francisco in 1976, his paths are always unfolding and looping. At recording college he took synthesizer courses with ARP 2600 and Emu synths and then worked (as live sound and recording engineer) in California until 1980.

Eventually ending up in Boston working as a freelance recording engineer and live sound engineer and then starting his own Headroom Recording Studios. While much of his "professional career" was devoted to recording and photographing OTHER artists, he was always working on his own weirdo music bands in the shadows. Some of these adventures include Out of Band Experience (OBE), Kings Of Feedback, Drum Army, Kings Of Slack, Zonkulator, and Orgy Of Noise with over 25 full album releases on his own DIY labels as an artist.

BTM's quest has looped back around to a nostalgic look forward incorporating ALL of the past adventures while moving sideways in time in to an unknown future think void. Living in Boston for 37 years and giving every moment to this insatiable desire to CREATE and SHARE is focus of his true path.

SEE: (this youtube channel)

On the Second Thursday of every month of summer 2022, the Museum of Science teamed up with New England Synth Fest for an incredible fusion of live synthesizer performances that took over the Charles Hayden Planetarium. Experience some of the best synth musicians and visualizers from New England like never before in the immersive full dome environment of the Planetarium.

BILL T MILLER = outer space trip out synths

ARP Foundation (Alan R. Pearman's daughter DINA will be there) & SynthCube & Stompbox Sonic & coolpix and MORE

7:30pm in the DOME three were 20 minute sets back to back for first show...

introduced by the host of MOS SUMMER THURSDAY SERIES... JAMES MONROE ! - Asha Tamirisa
- LIMBC with visuals by Solid State Entity - Bob Familiar with visuals by cskonopka

+ following 1st dome show were two 20 minute LOBBY sets...
- Vizzie / Oxalis (Ed Guild & Richard Tarantio)
- Build (Nick Solarz)

The three lobby sets are hosted by Richard Tarantio in conjunction with Modular On The Spot Boston. Richard provided LIVE SOUND for all three lobby sets and played in a duo for the middle set.

+ 9:30pm in the DOME there was a repeat of the hree 20 minute sets back to back for second show. (see above.)

Boston Museum of Science Polage Art by Austine Wood Comarow !!!!!


Ultra Thanx to BUCHLA GURU TODD BARTON for KRELL WISDOM & FLUTE APPEARANCE via morphagene sampler.

Super THANX to BETH MOGUEL for footage.
Eternal THANX as always to SHERI HAUSEY & Tippi Cat & Ziggy Cat & Mel the Cat !!!!"

Critter & Guitari - Wasis for Organelle

video upload by

"Download this patch here:

We’d like to welcome you to “Wasis”– a drone-y oasis. A wave evolver, Wasis creates subtle and unique changes to waveform patterns manually, algorithmically, or with Evolve/Devolve options. Wasis is the etch-and-sketch of synthesizers as you can choose what shapes to add to the waveform that makes your sound. Choose how and when the next evolution will happen, or set to a regular interval. Fade between evolutions for maximal smoothness."

MakeNoise #XPO | Episode 01 | First Encounter

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"This video marks episode one of the new XPO video series. This first encounter has been love at first patch.

00:00 Prologue
00:41 I/O
01:26 Basic waveforms
02:11 Basics
04:20 Stereo waveforms
05:35 XPO + Optomix
07:44 XPO + QPAS
09:43 Frequency Modulation
10:53 Xtreme patching
13:48 Mono patching
15:45 The Krell vs Predator Patch
16:52 XLFO
18:42 Epilogue

This is the first time MakeNoise sponsored me a module, so this video officially has 'product placement'. But for me, MakeNoise modules don't count, they're in the DNA of this channel. It's more about passion, love and destiny. For the record, I pre-ordered a second one from retail. Alien modules used are the Doepfer A178 Theremin controller, the Tiptop Buchla 245T and the Making Sound Machines Stolperbeats."

Jams from the 80's : Recreated on Synthesizers : PART 2

video upload by Luke Million

Luke Million Jams from the 80's

"Part 2 of me jamming on some of my favourite songs from the 80's.

Dead Or Alive : You Spin Me Round
Michael Jackson : Thriller
The Buggles : Video Killed The Radio Star
The Alan Parsons Project : Sirius
Men Without Hats : The Safety Dance
Sylvester : Don't Stop
Europe : The Final Countdown
Icehouse : Electric Blue
Falco : Rock Me Amadeus
Kate Bush : Running Up That Hill

to keep up to date with new music and upcoming live shows.

Pre-Save my debut album "Gina The Synth Cat"

Equipment used in this video;

Arp Odyssey Mk 1
Digitech Talker
E-mu Emulator II HD
Hohner Clavinet D6
Korg MS20
Roland D50
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland JX-8p
Roland Juno 6
Roland SH2
Roland VP330
Moog Grandmother
Moog Multimoog
Oberheim DMX
Oberheim OB8
Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 3
Yamaha CP70b
Yamaha DX7"

Bastl Instruments Pizza - Review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"This is the fascinating wavefolding and FM-modulating Pizza oscillator from Bastl Instruments. If, like me, you don't get on with FM in your rack, then this could be for you."

Roland System 100m module 121 dual VCF Filter c 1980

via this auction

Wersi EX20 - rare 20 voice additive synthesizer with analog SSM filters

via this auction

Pics of the inside below. You can find videos of the EX20 in previous posts.

"This is the rare 20 voice rack version of the Wersi MK1. The EX20/MK1 is a VERY unique additive, digital/analog hybrid synthesizer. It's an oddly complex, weird alien machine in every manner. It's notoriously one of the most difficult synths to master due to its cryptic language, design, programming methods and function. So if you enjoy taming the more deep and daunting synthesizers: you'll be in bliss with this. Fortunately I have the programmer overlays attached to the top for (much needed and convenient) reference. Adding to its outsider nature; it is also paraphonic, as the 20 additive voices feed into a single but glorious sounding analog SSM filter. The EX20 has been internally cleaned and well cared for. It is functioning as properly as a EX20/MK1 can be, with all the original quirks and charms it was born with. Definitely one of the most unique synthesizers made. The most stable and current OS proms have been installed."

Douk Audio Mini Digital Theremin w/ Display Screen

via this auction, also on eBay

Warm tips

1. Because the antenna is small, you may feel that the piano is not sensitive enough. You can buy a large antenna (3.5mm), or connect the original antenna to a metal sheet or metal rod to increase the control range, or directly press the metal block on the original antenna.

2. The pitch control will be relatively stable after the instrument is turned on for 5 minutes.


Variety of function settings: It is equipped with a color screen display, which can display the waveform/time frequency/volume, as well as a pitch indicator and a corresponding piano pitch display, and various function settings can be realized through the panel keys.
Many Voices: There are more than 70 kinds of voices for you to choose from, including more than 20 kinds of traditional Chinese national musical instruments. It's extremely playable and perfect as a gift for a friend.
Self-contained speakers and pluggable antennas: In addition to connecting to audio equipment such as headphones, it can also play sound through the speakers that come with the host. When the audio device is connected, the external speakers will be automatically turned off. The equipped antenna can be unplugged, stretched and retracted, and it is very convenient to store.
Small appearance, easy to charge: The overall appearance is small and exquisite, easy to hold and play. Powered by Type-c interface, you can play anytime and anywhere by plugging in the power bank. It is very convenient to use and has a high cost performance.

Dimensions: 98*70*16mm/3.86*2.76*0.63in
Net Weight: 107g/0.24lb
Package Weight: 300g/0.66lb
Packing List:

1* Theremin
1*Type-c USB cable

Davoli Krundaal Musical SRL Davolisint

via this auction

Back from the dead.

"The Davolisint is Italy's first analog synth.

First released in 1972 by Davoli Krundaal Musical SRL. This model is a hard to find piece of synth history!

Full working order, just needs a little cleaning.

On the left-hand side of the keyboard are rocker switches to engage the various footages of the oscillators, from 32' all the way up to 1/2'.

The rocker switches on the right side turn on or off VCO1, VCO2, Vibrato 1, Vibrato 2, T1 and T2 (which engage increasing amounts of portamento) and C—a sort of constant drone of the low C note.

In the middle there are sliders to adjust the tuning of VCO1 and VCO2, and the rates and depths of Vibrato 1 and Vibrato 2.

On the far left, the "Extend" lever is a spring loaded pitch bend—pull it down and the pitch bends upward one full octave, and then the lever slowly returns to its default position."

Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder

via this auction

Tom Oberheim SEM Pro w/ Gig Bag

via this auction

1985 Crumar BIT ONE SN 01442 w/ Original Case

via this auction

"Rare and powerful vintage digital / analog polysynthesizer, Cem filter Ic's based, midi, warm sound! It comes with its original travel case in great conditions, cosmetic shape at TOP and perfect working, it has been recently serviced, new battery installed."

Yamaha CS-30 Analog Synthesizer SN 4088

via this auction

Yamaha CS-70M Polyphonic Synthesizer SN w/ Kenton MIDI & Book of Voice Strips SN 1223

via this auction

"All photos are of the actual synth, the first couple are professional photos, the later ones are what I took.

It has Kenton midi and an original book of voice strips with spares. Some of the factory strips no longer have the data, just too old I guess. See the image for which ones are intact, green is good, red is dead.

The voice card wave shaper chips were hand-selected for perfect sine wave tone color-matching. It has a rebuilt power supply, new copper EMI shielding, an added cap mod that eliminates digital noise during certain operational modes, Key Code cable, updated CMOS proms from the old NMOS, new processor, new envelope timing film caps and more. The battery holder has been replaced with a new unit as someone didn't change the cells frequently enough. The midi output cable was adapted the Key Code connector using spare pins so no holes were drilled into the synth for the midi interface (horrors). Fully calibrated, looks and sounds glorious.

There are three blemishes to the finish shown in the last three images; a "rub mark" on the upper left shoulder (can only be seen in the right light), a small chip in the front veneer underneath the right top shoulder, and a small nick in the paint. Other than those three dings the synth looks like it's new. No paint issues or other wood issues."

Korg PolySix Analog PS-6 w/ Kiwi Midi & Printed Manual

via this auction

Simmons SDS 8 Electronic Drum Set Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ Drum Pads

via this auction

"Simmons SDS 8 Electronic Drum Set Vintage Analog Synthesizer in good condition. I have owned this kit since 1985 and I bought it from my drum teacher who was the original owner. All pads and channels work. Includes the brain, 5 pads, Simmons drum rack system, 5 Hosa 1/4" TRS to Right Angle 1/4" TRS Balanced cables."

J.S.Bach - BWV565 / Synthesizer arrange - LIVEN XFM/Sonicware

video upload by BANANA su

J.S.Bach - BW565 / Toccata&Fuga

・FM Synthesizer
LIVEN XFM - Sonicware

When you must bladerunner and you have no CS-80 but a Lyra 8…

video upload by Friendly Noise

"Another short tribute to the master of synths Vangelis and also a try to use the Soma Lyra 8 in an unusual musical context."

Buchla Tiptop 245t and 257t Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

No Talking - Synthstrom Deluge, Two Vermona Perfourmers, UDS Marsch, Empress Zoia Dawless Jam

video upload by Krzysztof Steplowski

"Enjoy! :) Get my Synth Presets:

I've created this song using:

@Synthstrom Audible Deluge (kick, MIDI and CC messages)
@vermonagear Vermona Perfourmer MK2 x 2 (main theme, bass, lead, melodies)
@audiothingies Doctor A (reverb and delay)
@Empress Effects ZOIA (granular effects)
UDS Marsch (clicks and drums)"


video upload by JOSEF KLANG

Echo Works #13: Evans MX-99 Mini Echo BBD + Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0 Wavetable Synth + Boss BX-4 Mixer.

video upload by Ascetic Wires

"Here's a demo of the late 70's/early 80's Evans MX-99 Mini Echo BBD Delay (also known as the Melos MX99, Multivox MX99, Univox MX99 etc...) with Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0 Monophonic Wavetable Synthesizer and Boss BX-4 4 Channel Stereo Mixer. Enjoy!

Recorded on a Q2n Zoom Handy Video Recorder (Video + Audio) with some software compression.

Thanks for watching"

OP-Z and Ableton - Early morning ambient music

video upload by Johan Wave

"Playing Max for live instruments in Ableton with my op-z as a midi keyboard. A soft piano part (soft piano sample) comes directly from the op-z. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for supporting!

If you're new, my name is Johan Wave and I'm a musician who likes many genres and instruments - I especially love synthesizers and bass."

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