MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, November 4, 2022

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Friday, November 04, 2022

Lost ARP Tapes Channel 5, 1974

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"A rare glimpse of Alan R Pearlman in the ARP Instruments plant in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts, June 9, 1074. With David Friend, and images of the ARP production team making the legendary synthesizers!"

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation A Conversation with David Baron

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"David Baron is an internationally recognized composer, producer, and engineer. Recently David co-produced, arranged, and mixed, the Mercury award nominated record 'The Bride' for Bat for Lashes, performed on the Lumineers “Cleopatra” (#1 Billboard Record), produced and co-wrote “Ninth” for Peter Murphy, Produced and co-wrote “The Stranger” for Simone Felice, was one of the two musicians on Meghan Trainor’s 'All About That Bass' (#1 Billboard Song, 1.5+ billion views on youtube and 10+ million sales, nominated for Grammy “Song of the Year”). David has had a broad range of past musical experiences from arranging and conducting strings for Shawn Mendes’ “Illuminate Deluxe” (number one album in 65+ countries), to recording for Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz etc."

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Tom Piggott Lost ARP Tapes

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"After finding a box of Umatic Tapes, d'ARP set out to restore what turned into a treasure trove of vintage footage from television stations as well as workshops given at various colleges and universities demonstrating the ARP synthesizers when they were brand new.

This video features ARPostle Tom Piggott, demonstrating the ARP 2600 and ARP Odysssey.

Tom Piggott is an educator, musician and co-author of several books."

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Interview with Billy Currie

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"Join d'ARP as she interviews Billy Currie, multi-instrumentalist and keyboard/string player for Ultravox about the early days of using ARP Odysseys."

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Interview with Greg Phillinganes

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"D'ARP has a conversation about ARP Synthesizers with Greg Phillinganes, who has recorded or toured with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, George Harrison, the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Anita Baker, George Benson, Karen Carpenter, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagen, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Paul McCartney, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones, and Stevie Nicks (whew!)!"

Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Odyssey 50th Anniversary Celebration with Alex Ball !

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"As a kick-off for the November 5th celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ARP Odyssey, Alex Ball returns to YouTube to extoll everything ARP Odyssey, a little demo, a little music, a little tech-talk and as always, LOADS of FUN!

Join us for the 2022: A Fifty-Year ARP Odyssey Synthposium and Fundraiser. Go to to purchase tickets for the online event. All proceeds to The Alan R Pearlman Foundation's ARPs for ALL project.

Go to for tickets!"

John Bowen Solaris SN 00275

via this auction

"John Bowen is a prolific sound designer with contributions with Moog, Dave Smith and Sequential Circuits. The Solaris is a 2007 creation of his making and design. The Solaris features 4 oscillators, 10 note polyphony, 4 Filters, each with selectable inputs, 4 free LFOs, 1 Vibrato LFO, 6 ADSR envelopes and 1 loopable 8-stage envelope, 16-step sequencer and much more."

Roland Jupiter-8 61-Key Synthesizer + Encore MIDI SN 282899

via this auction

Eventide Blackhole pedal on Prophet-5 Rev.

video upload by SynthMania

"Eventide Blackhole pedal on a vintage Prophet-5 Rev.2"

Moog Mavis Is A Spectactular Eurorack Voice - Here's Why!

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this stream we will explore why the Moog Mavis is both an excellent standalone synthesizer and a fantastic eurorack module.

Shop the Moog Mavis here:

Mavis is a build-it-yourself analog synthesizer kit that delivers the huge depth of sound Moog is known for in a compact and feature-packed instrument. Assembly is extremely simple; users of any skill level can quickly assemble their own analog synthesizer with minimal tools and experience. Perfect for first time users and established synthesists alike, Mavis’ semi-modular design and 1-octave keyboard will get you started making sound immediately without the need for additional equipment (except for a speaker or headphones).

As a stand-alone instrument, Mavis is a straightforward analog synthesizer with patchable modular utilities and the unmistakable Moog sound and quality. Easily remove Mavis from its case and it becomes a 24-point CV controllable module (44HP) ready to be installed into your Eurorack system or alongside Moog’s other semi-modular instruments. Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT)"

Tiptop 245t and 257t

video upload by Todd Barton

"Using the 257t CV Processor to invert the Ref and Pulse output CVs.

My Patreon:"

Our Friends' Favorite Filters Ft. Electronisounds Audio, Moffenzeef Modular's Ross, and Coma Tek

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"We love hearing about our friends favorite things, so we got a few of our pals to tell us all about their favorite filters in this weeks video !

Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. Open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, get your hands on the most excellent gear!"

APEX Vol 1 - Novation Summit - Patches 17 to 32 - Dual Layer Stacks & Splits.

video upload by

Additional APEX Vol 1 - Novation Summit patch demos

"Out Soon...
I'm back with Patches 17 to 32 (of 64) for the Novation Summit, all of which use both Layers for Stacks and Splits.

They are different Sounds from what I created for Zenith Vol 1 to 3 and utilize the added Functionality of the Summit, especially the Filter Functions. Each Patch is made up from 2 different Sounds, mostly Layered though there are some Splits, but of course, they can be used on their own, giving 128 Single Patches.

They're not compatible with the PEAK.

00:00 - 17. Foldback GEO
02:32 - 18. Clockworx GEO
05:06 - 19. Pluck You GEO
07:09 - 20. Love Japan GEO
10:06 - 21. Dualing Saws GEO
12:07 - 22. The Calling GEO
14:25 - 23. Diva EP GEO
15:53 - 24. Cold Keys GEO
18:15 - 25. PPG Pizz GEO
19:22 - 26. Smooth GEO
21:28 - 27. Polykeys GEO
23:05 - 28. Split Up GEO
24:15 - 29. Toy Town GEO
24:58 - 30. Rythmix GEO
26:07 - 31. Chronicles GEO
27:23 - 32. Twitcher GEO"

Shakmat Bard Quartet - Firmware 1.1

video upload by Shakmat

"A quick presentation of the new features from the Bard Quartet firmware version 1.1 :

0:05 – Introduction
0:25 – Editing scales for all harmonies
1:18 – Root Note
2:39 – Sample & Hold
3:34 – Tuning Mode"


"Unabridged digital only edition available at noyzelab bandcamp =>

Originally released November 4, 2022 available as limited physical edition CDr & name your price abridged digital on Psøma Psi Phi =>

HYDR SYNF is a sixty-four minute drone monolith, coaxed out of the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth - the newest smoke signal from Cootamundra, and the first Noyzelab recording at Psoma Psi Phi since the MYZTRYZ assemblage in May. Like many of Burraston's drone recordings, HYDR SYNF exists in a state of minimalism and maximalism simultaneously, allowing the listener to determine (by way of their volume dial) how much or how little of it to fill the room. HYDR SYNF, for its part in this relationship, works beautifully both ways, as a quiet intimate hum to dot the corners of the wall with, or as an immense structure that is dense enough to dissolve those walls, and replace your surroundings altogether. Noyzelab recordings are like no other, as many frequent listeners here will no doubt attest, in their ability to remove axiomatic information from the world they inhabit. There are no longer discernible directions in space or time, and after long enough of a sustained runtime, it becomes possible to dispense with space and time entirely.

Recorded on 19th January 2022 at Noyzelab using ASM Hydrasynth Desktop. Mixed 2nd August 2022 at Noyzelab. Text and design by ABM&D. This is NYZ-XX, #20 in the NYZ subcatalog at Psoma Psi Phi. David Burraston and the Noyzelab logo appear courtesy of Noyzelab.

Released November 4, 2022"

Singing Moog Synthesizer 😁

video upload by RetroSound

2022: A Fifty-Year ARP Odyssey Odyssey Synthposium

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation

"November 5 we'll be having our annual Synthposium! Check out to learn more. Get your tickets now!

Music by Alex Ball
Video by Mary Lock
Artwork by Sharon Wasko (with art from original ARP artist Margaret Shepherd)"


Location: Online, streaming from David Friend Recital Hall, Boston, MA

Date: November 5th, 2022 10:00am – 2:00pm (East Coast USA time)

*Please adjust your time zones accordingly*

Hosted by: The Berklee College of Music's Electronic Production and Design Department


video upload by LepLoop

"Open.Circuit (Assunta Alegiani and Pedro Ferreira) improvisation session with Lumanoise v4, Lumamix and Multicassa for the audio of handmade 16 mm analogue film, All To Sand Returns (Berlin 2022)."

November 3, 2022

video upload by John L Rice

"More changes to this little 48 hp eurorack modular synth! 🤔
#modularsynth #eurorackmodular #electronicmusic"

"Heligoland" - ambient improvisation with @Lanthan O'Ide

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Some weeks ago, @Lanthan O'Ide embarked on an epic journey to the northern shores, stopping by at my place for 2 days, and we recorded no less than 4 videos (which you can mostly watch / listen to on his channel). But here's a peaceful, ambient piece played on Yamaha Reface DX / EX5. Lanthan came up with the chord progressions and I added the EX5 'melody' part later (patch is P2-091, 'Oberlead' - using the EX5's virtual analog engine)"

There is an alternative take of this on Lanthan's channel: [below] - can you spot all the differences and which one do you like more? ;-)"

video upload by Lanthan O'Ide

"Jamming together on the Reface DX and the EX5. This is another ambient track that came to be during my recent visit at @Floyd Steinberg 's place. Hope you'll like this little improv of us making music together!
For those playing along at home:
The key is C major, the tempo 90 BPM.
About the recording process:

We recorded this song in two steps: I laid down the part of the Reface DX first, and afterwards, Floyd added his part with the EX5.

Also, many thanks to Floyd for the mixing and editing the video!
It was also him who came up with the title 'Heligoland', and thus we included some videos from my recent trip to the island of Heligoland as B-roll."




video upload by Gamechanger Audio

"To celebrate the arrival of the MOTOR Synth MKII, Gamechanger Audio has released an epic synthesizer space journey video, created by the MOTOR Synth's designer Fricis Kalvelis, and featuring an exquisite all-MOTOR Synth composition by Martins Melkis - Gamechanger Audio's lead development engineer and one of the creators of the MOTOR Synth."

The Synth Trek I - Synthesizer Preset Kit

video upload by COPtv

"The Synth Trek I is the first item of the series 'The Synth Trek'. It is a preset bank with 128 presets made with Synth1, a free VST plugin available for Windows and Mac. The first edition of The Synth Trek brings presets inspired by the catalog of Kraftwerk, the German band considered the pioneer of Electronic Music.

►The Synth Trek I - DOWNLOAD NOW

► DOWNLOAD Synth1 for FREE"

EastWest String Machine Walkthrough

video upload by EastWest Sounds

That would be one huge synth with full size keys. Some pics further below.

"Watch the Official Walkthrough for the brand new EastWest String Machine, a retro virtual keyboard with a twist. Instantly combine string synthesizer samples from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with modern strings, brass, woodwinds, and vocals to create unique vintage vibes for your next pop, rock, or hip-hip masterpiece . . . there is nothing else like it!

Paying homage to the great vintage synthesizers of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, String Machine brings the past into future. Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, String Machine samples from some of the greats – the ARP Solina, Oberheim OBX, Roland RS-505, and the Roland Jupiter 6 – and allows you to instantly combine them with modern strings, brass, woodwinds, and vocals to create unique vintage vibes perfect for your next pop, rock, or hip-hop masterpiece.

String Machine is now available for purchase and in all ComposerCloud plans. Get String Machine and all 60+ EastWest collections that include over 42,000 instruments for just $19.99/month with ComposerCloud+:

Discover more about String Machine:"

Messing around on the Roland Gaia [Synthesizer]

video upload by Beetlemuse

Synergy // Moog Subharmonicon and DFAM, Modular Synthesizer

video upload by Eisenia foetida

"Moog Subharmonicon and DFAM are on main voice and percussion, respectively. Subharmonicon is being processed by Mutable Instruments Clouds and DFAM by Milky Way."

As a Rorschach I'm seeing amoeba crabs.

One more:

Constellations// Modular Synthesizer, Pittsburgh Modular SV-1b, Make Noise 0-CTRL

Korg Nautilus – STR-1 plucked string sound engine

video upload by Korg UK

"Based on Korg’s history of physical modelling, the STR-1 sound engine within Nautilus uses struck and plucked string modelling to produce sounds that respond to a player’s touch in a way simply not possible with traditional PCM sound generation.

This sound engine shines at producing sounds whose tone responds to your touch in ways that are difficult for a PCM sound engine to reproduce: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harpsichord, clavinet, harp, bell, as well as ethnic instruments. It also goes much further, allowing you to synthesize and modify sounds that do not exist in reality. This is a sound engine of the future, one that allows the synthesizer programmer to construct truly new sounds."

the mighty M.F. / 130 patches for Arturia Microfreak (vid 2)

video upload by Jexus (

"My thoughts on the synth & how to buy:

No talking demo. All patches custom-made by Jexus. As you all know the Microfreak is monoaural and has no onboard FX. It sounds slightly different and more “stereo” in my demo because some of the sounds have been EQ-ed, and many of the sounds have a chorus and / or stereo delay & reverb applied (but nothing that would dramatically alter the original timbre of the synth like phasers, flangers, pitch shifters, etc). The wet / dry ratio is usually 20:80 (or 20% mix in other words), reaching 50:50 in a few patches (I used the simplest presets on a Lexicon MX). I wanted to make the sounds nice for the ear but I also wanted show the true sound of this synth without too much embellishment or experimentation.

Here's a short FX dry/wet comparison to give you an idea what the patches sound like without FX:"

1981 Roland Jupiter 8 w/ Flightcase (Serviced) SN 100745

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"Pro owned and maintained Jupiter 8, this one was just fully serviced and overhauled. Fully recapped, all keyboard contacts, sliders and pots have been painstakingly cleaned for optimal performance. This is a very early model, pre DCB port. Includes a heavy duty ATA Anvil flight case, super clean condition as well.

Serial number: 100745 (September of 1981).

-Polyphony - 8 voices
-Oscillators - 2 VCO's per voice (16 oscillators's!) switchable between triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and square waves plus noise on OSC 2
-LFO - 4-waveform (sine, tri, ramp, random) LFO
-Filter - Low pass filter with 2-pole (12 dB/oct) and 4-pole (24 dB/oct) modes, Env Mod, -LFO MOd, Key Follow. Separate 6 dB/oct high pass filter.
-VCA - Standard ADSR and mixer to balance oscillator levels
-Memory - 64 patches and 8 patch presets
-Keyboard - 61 note keyboard"

SYNTHI AKS by EMS, London, early 70's : the Graal of analog synth !

via this auction

"bought... in London in 1976 and used it with great care, mostly in my non-smoking home studio.

Studio Electronics SE-3X

via this auction

Roland D2 Groovebox SN ZP36547

via this auction

"The D2 Groovebox is the first compact groove music workstation to benefit from Roland's D-Field Controller technology. This touch-sensitive pad makes it easy to program and modify patterns, sounds, effects and more simply by touching the surface

150 all-new patterns

Performance-oriented Groovebox (sequencer/sound module) with all-new interactive design
Easy operation using touch-sensitive D-Field with three distinct modes
SOUND makes playing patterns and sound effects easy by touching the D-Field
XY provides simultaneous control over two parameters (e.g. filter cutoff + resonance)
SPIN creates turntable-style effects by tracing the pad in a circular motion
600 Preset patches and 30 Preset drum kits with waveforms equivalent to the MC-505
150 patterns including new 2-Step and R&B styles, plus 240 RPS (Realtime Phrase Sequence) patterns
Separate Reverb, Delay and MFX sections with Groove-oriented algorithms
New Step Recording method using D-Field and 32 LEDs
Megamix function creates new patterns using parts from existing patterns
The D2 puts you in control of the music with its revolutionary D-Field Controller. The D-Field makes playing sounds, controlling patterns and creating effects as easy as rubbing your finger across the surface. Three modes are provided, each with four buttons used to call up various functions.

This mode allows you to play patterns and sound effects by touching the D-Field and includes the following function buttons:

RPS Play back Realtime Phrase Sequence patterns.
AD LIB Use the pad to play solos manually or via the arpeggiator.
VINYL EFFECT Call up scratching, backspin and other turntable sounds.
ASSIGN 1 Use the D-Field to select or mute patterns and preview Patches.
FILTER Control both cutoff and resonance with one finger.
MFX Use the D-Field to control one of the 25 onboard multi-effects (MFX)
X-FADER Crossfade between two Parts of the current pattern.
ASSIGN 2 Assign the D-Field between Bender, LFO and Envelope.
VINYL Control patterns like a turntable including forward, reverse and stop.
BPM Trace the pad forward or backward to vary the tempo.
SD ROLL Control the speed of snare drum rolls by tracing the pad.
ASSIGN 3 Assign the D-Field between Note Mute, Random Pitch and MFX.
The D2 includes 600 patches with waveforms inherited from the industry-standard MC-505 Groovebox. These dance-oriented sounds include ultra-phat bass and lead synths, screaming TB-303’s, dance piano and strings, plus 30 floor-pounding drum kits. 150 Preset patterns are included and have been programmed in the latest dance music styles such as 2-Step and drum-intensive R&B. Of course, there’s also plenty of house, techno, hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass."

Roland JP-8080 Desktop Synthesizer Module SN ZM67844 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Extremely clean unit.

All functions, knobs, sliders, audio outs/ins working perfect.

Noticed it has the coveted Sandstorm patch while testing."

Roland Super JX / JX-10 with PG-800 Programmer

via this auction

"JX-10 in perfect working order. Other than a scratch on the left side of the button panel (see photos), it’s in really good condition.

The PG-800 is in excellent condition. I would assume it was the box that protected it over the years but that’s in impressive shape too.
There’s a smoke smell but only on the PG-800’s case for some reason. It doesn’t seem to follow the PG-800 around or the box expect faintly on the inside.
Some of the original patches have been modified but the good ones have been left alone. Factory tones roughly 51 and onwards are the JX-8P’s factory presets which is pretty cool.

original power cable
PG-800 with case, 6 ft original cable and box"


via this auction

"In perfect working condition and like new. Serial number is XL 0167. The info online I could find about the XL is there were only about 300 made. Own a part of Moog history! Slight scratch on the wood panel on the right side. Manual, power cord, and colored patch cables included."

Serge Ring Ringmodulator

video upload by Boele Gerkes

"This is another lovely Random*Source Serge module. Simple, but producing great ringmod and AM sounds."


video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"just tested the sample drum I just made and tried the Kaossilator with the VCA envelope trigger."

ST Modular - CION (Function Generator)

video upload by Stefan Tretau

"This is only a short overview of the most important functions of CION and I am only scratching the surface here. There is much more you can do with this function generator.

00:00 Cycle & ENV Mode
01:04 Cycle & LFO Mode
01:47 Using External CV
02:56 OSC Mode
04:00 Processing External Audio"

CION is something of a jack-of-all-trades. It can be a CV AD or ASD envelope, a basic filter, a distortion effect, a slew limiter or even a voltage controlled oscillator with waveshape.

The function generator offers an ATTACK and a DECAY potentiometer, which represent the attack and decay times, the positive or negative slew time or the rising and falling edges of an oscillation, depending on the application. There is a CV input for ATTACK and DECAY. The rise and fall times are individually voltage controllable, but they can also be controlled together via the AD input. A shape knob lets you change the CV curve from exponential to logarithmic. The time range per cycle can be as fast as 3ms and last for up to 20 minutes depending on the position of the RANGE switch.

The TRIG socket is used to start the envelope via CV. This can also be done by the press of a push-button.Connect any signal (CV or audio). to be processed to the INPUT jack. Insert a gate signal to add a sustain stage to the AD envelope.

If no external signal is available to trigger the envelope, the function generator can be set to loop mode by the CYCLE switch. When the switch is active, the envelope starts again from the beginning as soon as it reaches the end of a cycle. The CYCLE CV input activates or deactivates the cycle functionality depending on the switch position.

Attack & Decay Envelope
Attack & Decay CV (also both simultaneously)
Shape Control
CV Processing via Input Socket
Trigger Input
Cycle Functionality with CV Control
EOC Output
LEDs indicate Activity on all Outputs
Wrong Polarity Protection
Skiff friendly
3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide
Power consumption: 45 mA at +12 V and 31mA at -12 VThe module consists of two boards:
Front PCB Panel

Patch n Tweak
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