MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday, March 10, 2023

Erica Synths Perkon // Beats From Scratch

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this live stream Matthew (aka EZBOT ) from Patchwerks gives us a thorough overview of the Erica Synths Perkons and makes some beats from scratch.

Perkons HD-01 is a device with four voices that can create hybrid sounds using both digital and analogue technology. Each voice has eight controls and can be triggered by drum pads with variable sensitivity. There are separate outputs and effects for each voice, and you can save up to 64 kits and patterns on the device, with more storage available on an SD card. The device also includes a delay and compressor, as well as an LFO for modulating sounds. It has a four-track sequencer with different timing options and probability controls, as well as MIDI inputs and outputs for connecting to other devices.

Learn more about the Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora"

Stoel Music Systems Eurorack Modules

video uploads by Stoel Music Systems

Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Ring Mod Introduction
Stoel Music Systems 2044 Eurorack Filter Demo - No Audio Effects
Stoel Music Systems 2044 Eurorack Analog Filter Demo
Stoel Music Systems Spring Reverb Eurorack Module
Generative Music on Eurorack Modular Synth - Session 1
Stoel Music Systems Standard Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Eurorack Modular
Stoel Music Systems Discrete Filter Eurorack Module

via Stoel Music Systems

"My philosophy is to make beautiful, long-lasting instruments with musically functional user interfaces that will become heirlooms for future generations of music makers. I enjoy a day of soldering and prototyping in my workshop as much as a day in the studio immersed in sound.

I started tinkering with electronics and designing sound effects for school plays when I was a teenager. During high school, I worked hard to be able to buy a Juno 106, an Oberheim Matrix 1000, and an Akai sampler. Then, I studied electronic music and audio for film and video in college. I also started modifying organs and keyboards and learning how they worked. This led to starting a musical instrument parts and repair business I operated for over ten years.

In the back of my mind, I dreamed of designing synthesizers and effects processors. After moving on from the parts and repair business, I was hospitalized and nearly lost my life to COVID. During my recovery, I looked through all the designs and ideas I had accumulated for twenty years and decided it was time to begin making my ideas a reality.

The Vacuum Tube Ring Mod is our most popular module, and the one I patch in the most. It has more harmonics and edgy character than a typical solid state ring modulator. It is built using full-sized vintage vacuum tubes, ceramic tube sockets, and audio transformers. The look and feel was really important to me so it has a high-gloss aluminum front panel with a raised texture and UV-cured digital printing.

Every month we give away a free Eurorack module to one of our newsletter subscribers. We’ve given away Vacuum Tube Ring Mods, VCOs, Dual Morphing LFOs, and other fun modules. Worldwide shipping is included. You can sign up at"

Akai Introduces Sample Manipulation Tool

via Akai

The plugin we’ve ALL been waiting for is only $39

Flex Beat is a sample manipulation tool that allows you to easily create unique beats or add extra flavor to any loop in your sample collection. With Flex Beat you can twist samples beyond recognition and make them sound completely different than they originally did!

Grab Flex Beat at a special introductory price for only $39.
Limited time offer!"

Complexity not required

video upload by Richard DeHove

"For days I've been trying to make an "Oceans 11 - Complete Walkthrough" video, but I keep getting distracted by the sounds. So I gave in and made this first. Originally I was going to just take a few seconds of this but I like drony dirty choiry things and thought you might enjoy it too, especially as it was so simple. The danger with a giant multi-tier stand of vintage polysynths is that you might feel obliged to use several of them at once. Less is more. At about the halfway point (as mentioned in the video) I add in some FabFilter Pro-R "Cathedral" reverb at 50% mix. But there's no other DAW fiddlings.

Since I blab endlessly in the video I won't repeat all the info here but merely add that the FM knob on the DB-01 is very useful but could perhaps be great. Imagine if it could be somehow locked to the chosen scale? Now that would lead to all sorts of good things.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

"Entanglement" - Gavin Ryan, Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer

video upload by gavinryanmusic

"Event Horizon" - Gavin Ryan, Buchla 100 series modular synthesizer

"A 'Slow Knob Turn' inspired by Todd Barton."

MFB Synth Pro Patch Impro

video upload by Əlәɔʇɹo ᴟuᴤiɔ

"MFB Synth Pro + Boss Dimension DC 2w"

Classic Oberheim sound with Sequential OB-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Sweet Sounds dedicated to Sequential OB-6:"

Bad Gear - Evolver by Dave Smith - The False Prophet

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Evolver by Dave Smith. Is this very first instrument and hybrid synth released by DSI a modular synthesizer in a box or the false prophet? Is it still in the tradition of classic Sequential Circuits synths?

00:00 Intro tune
01:01 Overview DSI Evolver
01:33 Harshness of the Preset Sounds
01:55 How to play it with a Keyboard (Key off/Xpose)
02:08 Analog Oscillators, Sync, Oscillator Slop
02:37 Digital Oscillators, Prophet VS - like Waveforms
02:49 FM, Ring Modulation
02:58 Basic Routing, Noise, Filter, Split
03:37 True Stereo
03:48 Envelopes, LFOs, Signal Flow, Digital FX
04:03 Feedback, Grunge
04:18 Multitap Delay
04:36 Distortion + Noise Gate
04:44 Output Hack, HPF, Panning
04:59 Analog/Digital Conversion
05:15 More Modulation
05:34 Step Sequencer (Wave Sequencing)
05:58 Sounds, Processing External Signals
06:19 What else???
06:33 Pricing
06:40 Hate
07:07 Jam 1 (Techno)
08:08 Jam 2 ("Normal" Sounds)
09:04 Finale (DarkSynth RetroFunk)
09:35 Verdict"

This Is Not Rocket Science Wobbler² launch! Demo and Q&A

video upload by This Is Not Rocket Science

"Join us to send out our new Wobbler² with love.
We will demo our LFO & drumsynth module and answer any questions you may have.
Livestreaming from 19:00-20:00 Amsterdam time
and then we go have cake 💋"

New K-Teck Shelley & Maybe Turing Machine Max for Live Sequencers

In via brian comnes.

via K-Teck

Shelley Features:

4 - Track percussion sequencer
Simple and fast user interface
Easy polyrhythms
Per-Track probability
Stackable - two or more devices can be used on the same track
Optimised for Ableton Drum Racks
Can be used with any percussion sampler or synthesizer

Maybe Features:

Turing Machine based step sequencer
Create changing, random Note and Trigger Sequences
Scale Scanning Module - a non-random way to select notes
Division based Trigger Sequence
Poly Mode Shift Registers - create strums and delayed note patterns

See for more.

New Behringer Neptune-80 In the Works

via Behringer

"So, for years you guys have been urging us to build one of the most sought after synth. We managed to resist for a long time, but we finally gave in;-)

Here is the fully working prototype of our Neptune-80, an 8-voice polyphonic synth with original analog matrix, BBD chorus and modern user interface such as LCD Display, USB/Midi etc.

We modeled it after the best sounding 6/60 version and we absolutely love the sound.

Our product engineer Ben (a synth fanatic himself) couldn’t stop playing the Neptune, but we luckily managed to pull it out of his hands and get it in front of our camera. Sorry Ben:-)

What do you think?"

Neyagawa Instruments Soldering Synthesizer - A Synth You Play with a Soldering Iron

video upload by PikoPiko Factory ピコピコファクトリー

"Neyagawa Instruments Soldering Synthesizer ねや楽器 ソルダリングシンセサイザー Maker Faire TOKYO 2018 2018/08/04"

This is the first post to feature Neyagawa Instruments.

Soldering Synthesizer

video upload by

"ソルダリングシンセサイザーは半田ゴテを使って演奏する新感覚のシンセサイザーです. ツマミも鍵盤も一切使わない全く新しい演奏方法を確立しました.半田ショートでリズムパターンを変えるだけでなく,抵抗やコンデンサを直接取り替えることでドラスティックな変化を楽しむことができます.


The Soldering Synthesizer is a new type of synthesizer that is played with a soldering iron. We found a completely new way of playing music without any knobs or keys. You can change the rhythm pattern by electric shorts, and enjoy the drastic changes by directly replacing the electric parts such as the resistors and capacitors.

The Soldering Synthesizer has a 16-step sequencer and 4 tracks of sound generator. The sequencer can set a rhythm pattern with short circuit by the solder. The sound generator part consists of a T-Bridge analog circuit, which can reproduce various percussion sounds by the combination of capacitor and resistance. Also, you can change the EQ and BPM freely by changing the corresponding components. All components can be replaced, so you can enjoy an infinite sound making.

ねや楽器 / Neyagawa Instruments"

Google translated:

Synths hot enough to burn The soldering synthesizer is a new type of synthesizer played with a soldering iron. We have established a completely new playing method that does not use any knobs or keyboards. Not only can you change the rhythm pattern with a solder short, but you can also enjoy dramatic changes by directly replacing resistors and capacitors.

A combination of 16 steps x 4 voices The Soldering Synthesizer has a 16-step sequencer and a 4-track sound source. The sequencer can set the rhythm pattern by shorting the solder. The sound source part consists of a T-Bridge circuit, and various percussion timbres can be reproduced by combining capacitors and resistor values. Also, EQ adjustment and BPM can be freely changed by changing the corresponding parts. All parts can be exchanged freely, so you can enjoy creating a wide range of sounds that cannot be experienced with conventional synths.

Battery Powered Eurorack Modular Synth!

video upload by John L Rice

"The second test with this battery pack is something I’ve wanted to try for many years with this case! Now it’s the ultimate portable go anywhere modular . . . anyone up for a gorilla flash mob MOTS? 😆 I still need to test how long it will run on a full charge and make or buy a better cable since the surrender one doesn’t allow the lid to close. I’m using a TalentCell brand battery model LF4100 #eurorackmodular #modularsynth #batterypowered"

S2400 Firmware Update March 2023

video upload by Isla Instruments

"Go Get it:"

S2400 Round Robin Slice playback demo

"A new feature in the latest (March 2023) S2400 FW update is Round Robin mode.
Take a watch...
In this video Rory has loaded the Amen break, and cycles through some of the Round Robin modes as it plays back.....

Alex Ball videos here

Make Noise 0-Coast // First Ambient Approach

video upload by Dexba

"Almost 5 years after my first Make Noise 0-Coast, I got one again.

I don't even know why: I am slowly moving back to eurorack, but the 0-Coast is only marginally modular or rackable, so yeah, I got just struck by a lightning of GAS.

Anyway, this is my little welcome jam.

I only had three cables, the bare minimum for sequencing, and I decided to expand the sound with the help of the Hologram Microcosm.

I've heard a lot of experimental, noise, and harsh-sounding demos on YouTube, so let's see how it will work with something more gentle."

Let's make full use of the Lofi-12!

video upload by SONICWARE

"Parameter Lock is your friend!

Watch the full tutorial video and manuals:"

Shakmat Banshee Reach — Out Now!

video upload by Shakmat

"Murmuring, singing, screaming, and howling, the Banshee Reach delivers a very large panel of sounds. The mo- dule’s heart is based on a triangle core VCO with thru zero frequency/phase modulation capabilities. Besides delivering independently the typical analog waveforms, the Banshee Reach has a vari output combining a continuously variable waveform crossfading with a sub octave generator.

The analog core has been completed with a digital control for frequency locking and octave transposition, which makes the Banshee Reach really per- formance oriented. LFO mode, hard or soft sync, digital noise modulation and PWM complete this rich feature list. Compact and powerful, the Banshee Reach is a VCO suited for west coast, east coast synthesis and many more!"

See the dealers on the right for availability.

Phantasmal Force - micro MIDI controller - Now Available!

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Available here:

Phantasmal Force is a 16 button, 1 knob, micro (reeeaaally small) MIDI controller that sends messages via USB-C and TRS-A. It can be completely customized from the device itself (no external editor required).

Want to send 16 different CC messages with random values? Fine.

Want to send different chords with the top eight buttons and single notes with the bottom eight? Okay!

Need a little DAW controller to throw in your bag that send PLAY/STOP and some Program Change messages? Why not?

The CLICKY tactile buttons are NOT velocity sensitive, but can be configured to send random values between specific ranges. For example you can send a MIDI note randomized between a velocity of 70-90 to give the notes a more human feel. Or maybe send some random CC values to your synth's filter and then reach up and turn the knob to dial it back to a specific value.


- 16 programmable, clicky, tactile switches
- 1 programmable knob (functions based on the last button pressed)
- OLED display
- Note, Chord, CC, Transport, Program Change via MIDI
- MIDI out over USB C and TRS-A
- 26 save slots
- Configurable default settings
- RGB LED status indicator
- A complete, printed Users Manual"

See the Phantasmal Force label below for more.

Osmose - Expressive E - Performance

video upload by GEOSynths

"I have made an Overview Video of the fantastic new Osmose by Expressive E and decided to make a Track using 2 of the internal Patches, slightly tweaked and 2 others from Equator, plus Percussion etc."

Optotronics Mini-Eurorack System

video upload by e j

"modules include:
1) CEM3340 dual VCO
2) Rungler
3) wavefolder
5)basic dual LFO

more info (detailed docu on each module)
purchase here:"

"Running Fire" on the ISE-NIN

video upload by Mostly Synths and Keyboards (Logan)

"A tune from the 'Disgaea' OST on Black Corporation's ISE-NIN

This is a fun one to play. It's layered with other sounds from the ISE-NIN (besides the drums). The ISE-NIN isn't a mono synth but the unison mode really thickens up the sound for leads. This patch utilizes polyphonic aftertouch for vibrato."

Roland VP-330 MK1 vintage analog vocoder string synthesizer SN 881011

via this auction

KORG POLY 61M (late native MIDI version) fully serviced

via this auction

"KORG POLY 61M vintage analog / digital poly synthesizer, SSM based, great techno sound, wonderful leads and pads! It has been recently serviced / restored and play great, new battery installed, loaded the factory sounds. It's the late native MIDI version which is the most valuable."

Korg PE-2000 polyphonic ensemble SN 770006 + FK-4 pedal

via this auction

"Korg PE-2000 polyphonic ensemble from 1976 with its original Korg FK-4 pedal. It's a very nice analog fully polyphonic vintage synthesizer with an UNIQUE wonderful built in phaser effect. Original cover lid is here included. All the potentiometers has been serviced as others parts and a psu proper recapped. It has been fully restored and come in spectacular cosmetic conditions."

Cool arcade machines in the background!

CRUMAR BIT ONE - SSM early version / pro serviced SN 00169

via this auction

"A good opportunity to buy a cool Bit One version, produced in few exemplars during the '80 years. It's a very rare SSM filters version, in my opinion it sounds much more hot respect the late Cem based release which I owned in the past. This is my last lovely Bit One out of my collection.. I keeped it as the most rare example with an unique warm sound.

It has been serviced and recapped as it deserve, sounds awesome! New bk battery installed and loaded its factory sounds banks"

MP Midi 1A+ MIDI Controller

via this auction

You can find demos in previous posts here.

"MP Midi controller model 1A+ compatible with apple silicone native touch (no drivers etc needed for touch screen). This is probably the nicest piece of equipment I've ever owned as far as controllers etc go. It is built. like. a. tank. all metal enclosure. beautiful screen. nice knobs. does WAAAY more than I need. I used it 3 or 4 times and it's been boxed since. I prefer woking on my Push 2 for space reasons and I'm just a hobbyist so this is way over kill for me. will ship in original shipping container with all the cords and remote."

Oberheim OB-X SN 804706

via this auction

"A rare find!! Purchased in 1980, this 6 voice synth has been in a climate-controlled area since it was last played in 1982.

We're offering this vintage synth at a discounted price since it may need some cleanup/repairs. The OB-X powers up, makes sound and the keys all feel good but due to its age, should be looked at by a tech."


via this auction

"ARP PRO DGX Mki The synthesizer is on incredible physical and functional condition. Recent maintenance . The 4075 filter was replaced by a 4034."

Minimoog Voyager Luna Select Series SN SS0336 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"The panel LED is Luna (white) and the body color is Maple. It was purchased new at Ikebe Musical Instruments in the winter of 2007, and was carefully used indoors in a smoke-free environment. It's been sitting in a box for the last 10 years"

Moog Minimoog Voyager Electric Blue SN EB1175

via this auction

Yamaha DX7 FM Synth MK1

via this auction


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