MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, March 24, 2023

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Friday, March 24, 2023

OXI Coral with OXI One Sequencer - Second Jam

video upload by verstaerker

"another jamsession using only the OXI One sequencer and the new OXI Coral polyphonic Eurorack Synth. Using a touchOsc on iPad to control some parameters.

to listen more music by me please visit"

Ondes Martenot Waveshaping Circuits in a Eurorack Synthesizer Module (custom PCB layout)

video upload by Lantertronics - Aaron Lanterman

"Work in collaboration with Georgia Tech Music Technology student Mir Jeffries.

0:00 -- Introduction
1:47 -- Sound Demos"

"To contribute to my work on this channel, you may make a targeted donation to Georgia Tech earmarked for my work with my students:

Type Lantertronics/GTF210000920 into the "Special Purpose" field, and type the amount of your donation into the "Your Gift" and "Special Purpose Amount" fields. Leave the "Roll Call" and "Parents Fund" fields blank. Fill out the remaining fields as appropriate.

Then, please send me an e-mail at telling me 1) your name, 2) the amount, 3) when you submitted your donation, and 4) if you'd like to be publicly acknowledged by name or would prefer to remain anonymous. (This will help me make sure funds don't get accidentally held up in our financial offices.)

This helps demonstrate to my colleagues that there is a hunger for this kind of material."

Korg ARP 2600 M and the Polyend Tracker

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this live stream we use the Polyend Tracker to sequence the Korg ARP 2600M.

Learn more about the Polyend Tracker here:
Learn more about the Korg Arp 2600 M here:
Video by: Matthew Piecora (aka @EZBOT_ )"

Roland SH-1000 - the ten classic factory patches #shorts #analog

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Origins of Roland’s first Synth

The Roland SH-1000, introduced in 1973, was the first compact synthesizer produced in Japan, and the …"

"Back In The Day" feat. Steve Langone

video upload by Jeremy Parker

"This original composition was written for my Amiga restoration video series, inspired by memories of my childhood. It ended up having kind of a retro Yellojackets vibe, and I really like combination of the synth voices and piano. Steve and I worked up a new studio version of the tune, which we're excited to share with you.

All you drummers, please check Steve over on his YouTube channel:

/ @stevelangonedrum... and website:

In terms of sounds, this song features my Arturia Polybrute and my grand piano. The Polybrute sounds include, "Analog Bass", "Amped Clarinet", and "PPG 4.0". The piano is a Yamaha S3X, 6'1" grand. The miking on the piano is the same as previous videos, with two cardioids (Shure KSM141s) spaced around 15" apart at 90 degrees and an omni in middle front (Shure KSM44a in omni)."

Alesis A6 Andromeda w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Excellent condition fully serviced late model Alesis Andromeda. Comes with ALL original accessories, manual, foot switch, even the original box and packaging materials. Also comes with hard to find 2MB SRAM expansion card."

Anyware Instruments Semtex XL Analogue Synthesizer

via this auction

"Great condition Semtex XL Oberheim SEM clone. Works and sounds great."

Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer w/ Leather Case

via this auction

Moog Voyager improvisation

video upload by Daniel D

"External reverb and delay added to additional creamy"

Erica Synths Perkons

video upload by Markham Synth Society

Facehugger Trigger function

video upload by flightofharmony

"Demonstration of the Trigger function.

Facehugger project is live on Kickstarter until Saturday, April 22, 2023!"

WEIRD GEAR: Pulsar-23 (Andrew Huang Edition)

video upload by ANDREW HUANG

"Honored to be partnering with Soma and Perfect Circuit on the Andrew Huang Edition of Pulsar-23! More info:"

Note the Embodme Erae Touch controller.

We're pleased to present the new Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition: a vibrant yellow version of the one-of-a-kind, organismic semi-modular drum machine made in collaboration between SOMA and the producer and YouTuber himself. SOMA's Pulsar-23 has become a go-to instrument for subverting the expectations of what a drum machine can or should do, attracting the interest of curious musicians looking for something a little bit different out of their drum synthesizer. With this version finished in a vibrant yellow personally chosen by Andrew Huang, the Pulsar-23 has become a favorite part of Andrew's studio due to its open-ended patching structure and rejection of standard drum machine tropes. The results may not always be what you expect, but like many other SOMA devices, Pulsar-23 creates a seemingly organic connection between the musician and instrument, tapping into the deeper parts of your subconscious mind to rely on instinct and reaction rather than conscious decision-making.

AELITA .rare soviet synth after repair

video upload by Alexey Taber

808 Through an Ampeg - Sample Journal From Mars

video upload by Samples From Mars

"We ran the 808 through the classic bass amp and sculpted the results into colorful one-hits, ranging from subtle and vintage, to downright smashed 😈

Download now at"

Winter's Dregs for Moog Voyager, Mellotron, Hammond Organ and Nord Electro

video upload by R. Reger

"Original piece for classic keyboards."

GS e7 - Analog Poly Synth with Ladder Filter | Full Track

video upload by Mamotreco

"Music track made fully with the GS Music e7 polyphonic analog synthesizer from Argentina. All sounds apart from drums are made with the e7, multitracked in Ableton Live 11. I originally composed the song with a VST synth, but subsequently rerecorded all the midi tracks with the E7 from scratch.

I received the synth earlier this week and recorded the track fairly quickly - I've since had time to create nicer sounding patches which I look forward to using in future tracks.

#gsmusic #gse7 #synth

The GS Music e7 is a 7 voice analog polysynth with 2 VCOs and a ladder filter. It has a very analog sound despite being a modern and stable synth design.

Here's more info about the synth:

Current channel music compilation:
Previous music releases available here:"


video upload by Synth Cloud

▬▬▬ Download Link ▬▬▬▬

From pads to leads, from basses to arps: 16 awesome warm & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your Sequential Take 5.

Patches list:
101 DKS P5 Brass
102 DKS Pluck1
103 DKS Pluck Wet
104 DKS Harmo LFO
105 DKS Lead 1
106 DKS Lead VTG
107 DKS Lead Soft
108 DKS Big Pluck
109 DKS Lead VTG PF
110 DKS SynthBrass
111 DKS Voyage Pad
112 DKS Pluck Soft
113 DKS LFO Pad
114 DKS ARP Mode
115 DKS Dirty Bass
116 DKS Armo Lead

Poly saw sound with Sequential OB-6 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Sweet Sounds dedicated to Sequential OB-6:"

sequential prophet rev2 bali sequence

video upload by synthcurry

sequential prophet rev2 director's cut

Residue 6 0scillator Ambient Drone Soft Synth

video upload by DecadeBridge

"Residue is an ambient/drone software synthesizer. Residue is capable of a wide range of sounds and effects whilst focusing on keeping the controls and workflow immediately accessible.

Download the Residue demo here:-

00:00 - Meandering Keys
00:43 - Metallic overtones
01:36 - Ambient pads
02:36 - Dissonant but sweet
03:48 - Warm and evolving
04:46 - Classic with movement"

"Residue is a 6 oscillator synthesizer aimed at creating a wide range of interesting sounds and textures with a simple approach.

Keeping complexity as minimal as possible, Residue’s controls are readily available on it’s single page interface. With basic waveforms, a filter, envelope generators and 2 delay lines Residue can create anything from sweet pads to dissonant hits and rhythms."

PitchShifter Glitch

video upload by gotharman

"Making Glitch with a Zaturn Pitch Shifter effect."

US Highway 395: Owens Valley (Independence to Bishop)

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We ride north on US 395 as it traverses the arid Owens Valley on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada; we start in the town of Independence and end in Bishop. In the community of Big Pine, the Californa Highway 168 joins with US 395 en route to Bishop.

The Owens Valley is among the deepest valleys, wedged between the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the Inyo and White Mountains to the east. The rain shadow leaves most of the valley a dry, desert environment. The Owens River, an which runs through the valley, has been heavily tapped as a main water supply for Los Angeles, which makes the valley even drier. Nonetheless, it is quite beautiful, as is US 395.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary (an updated version of the music from 'Highway 58: Part 3').
Drums by G Calvin Weston
Synthesizers, keyboards, and electronics by Amanda Chaudhary featuring the following instruments:
Sequential Prophet 12
Buchla Red Panel 158 and 156m
Arturia Piano V, Wurli V, Mellotron V, CS-80 V
Ministry of Rock, Fab Four, Orchestra Gold
Styrmon Magneto
Arturia MiniFreak
Korg modwave
Nord Stage EX
AudioThing / Hainbach Wires"

DX5 performing Depeche Mode "Wagging Tongue" cover

video upload by DX5

"Instrumental cover song of my favorite Memento Mori song (by now).
Backing track previously recorded, instrument by instrument, by me on Pro Tools. No original sound were included on this cover.
Gear used:
Roland Promars MRS-2
Roland JP8000
Kurzweil PC1x
Roland JX-8P
Original song composed by Martin Gore/Dave Gahan
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara"

10 Minutes of DK Synergy and Emu Modular

video upload by zack dagoba

"10 minutes of random digital tonalities

A DK Synergy being played by random voltages from an Emu Modular by way of a CV to MIDI converter"

ALM System Jams

video uploads by ALM TV

System Jam #1
This patch is from a series of jams featuring an all ALM groovebox style setup with sequencing from the ASQ-1 & Pam, sounds from Squid, Akemie’s Taiko & Tyso Daiko, and mixing via 2 MEGA-TANGs, Jumble Henge & MFX. A faderbank with 16 offsets is patched around the system for performance and macro controls (making use of the assignable CV inputs of Squid, Pam and MFX).

Big thanks to Ed2d (Edd Butterworth @begg_egg) for the patch / performance and Andrew Duff (@allthesixes666) for the video synth visuals.

Patch notes:
A chord and bass line from the Squid Salmple are processed through the built in channel filters with their cutoffs controlled via assignable CV by the faderbank offsets. The bass line is only triggered, with pitch changes occurring via stepping through different cue sets. The v/oct inputs are used to transpose the chord and bass lines together using the ASQ-1’s global transpose function.

The snare and vocal samples are also a single sample using cue sets to step through different sounds each time the channel is triggered. An additional snare from the Tyso Daiko is layered in and processed by gated PL8 reverb from an MFX.

The faderbank sliders control many changes including open hi-hat width, sample pitch, and the snare/vocal rolls. To create the fast rolls, Pam’s new ‘ratchet’ wave is used to trigger the sounds, with the slider controlling the width parameter to let more/less ‘triggers’ through.

Bad Gear - Korg MS2000

video upload by AudioPilz

00:00 Intro tune
00:58 Overview Korg MS2000
01:25 Sound Examples, Polyphony Limitations
02:05 Oscillators 1 (VA, PWM, Cross Mod, Vox Wave)
02:40 Sample Based Waveforms (Korg DW-8000)
02:50 Oscillator 2 (Sync, Ring Mod)
03:03 Mixer, Filter
03:21 Modulators (Envelopes, LFOs)
03:32 FX Section (Distortion, Modulation, Delay)
03:40 Virtual Patch Matrix
03:58 Multitimbrality
04:05 MS2000 vs. Microkorg
04:31 Modulation Sequencer
04:51 Arpeggiator, Vocoder
05:01 What else???
05:39 Hate
06:09 Jam 1 (Pseudo Analog Sounds)
06:58 Jam 2 (Digital Funk)
07:58 Finale (Drum & Bass)
08:31 Verdict

PAiA 4700 Vintage Modular Synth

via this auction

(3) 4720 VCOs (Oscillators)

(2) 4740 EGs (Envelope Generators)

4730 VCF (filter)

(2) 4710 Balanced Modulators

4711 Mixer

4712 Reverb

(3) 4770 Watt Blocks (one with connecting cable)

4761 Wing (with power cable)

4780 Sequencer

Control Oscillator with Noise (no number)

Access Virus TI2 Darkstar Limited Edition w/ Original Box

via this auction

Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 160797

via this auction

Roland RS-505 49-Key Paraphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland Juno-6 61-Key Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim OB-8

via this auction

Pearl Syncussion

via this auction

SSR Labs / Keen Association 220 Polyphonic Touch'N'Run Voltage Array

via this auction

You can find it featured in previous posts here.

"As I'm sure you know, these are extremely rare. I believe only 20 or 30 were made. I hate to sell it since this is truly my dream controller but family needs call for me to part with some of my beloved gear.

Comes with the Keen case and 2 ribbon cables (only one shown) that connect to the Keen Smart Cab. I made a ribbon cable to bus cable connector to connect it to busboards from Samodular, Studio H, and of course Buchla.

It has the latest firmware."

KORG 05R/W w/ Original Box

via this auction

Not the best pics, but the first of the box.

Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 Synth w SMR-Mk2 Filter

via this auction

Erica Synths PERKONS HD-01 - Day 1

video upload by Markham Synth Society

"First day jamming with the Perkons, no external effects were added."

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins Tutorial | Creating "Conditional" by Colleen

video upload by Moog Music Inc

"Tutorial: How to create a complete song using five Moogerfooger Effects-Plug-ins and just two external audio sources!

Inside her DAW of choice, French musician Cécile Schott (Colleen) details how to replicate a hardware gear workflow with sends and returns using nine instances of the plug-ins, treating each effect as its own instrument. From the artist:

'I have a pretty intimate knowledge of the MF-104M Analog Delay, MF105 MIDIMuRF, and MF-101 Lowpass Filter, so I was curious to hear the effects’ digital replica and try the other two I didn’t know, especially the MF-107S Freqbox, which I fell in love with madly (it is responsible for the song’s impossibly crunchy rhythm!).

I purposefully used a very minimal sound source—the Hammond of the Yamaha Reface-YC—as a blank canvas to showcase what makes the Moogerfoogers truly unique: their ability to radically transform sound and impart a sense of motion, making them closer to a synth module than an effect pedal. Having just finished a fully instrumental album, I actually really felt like singing the lyrics to a song which I had to discard, allowing me to also showcase the MF-104M as an awesome vocal processor.'

Visit the link below listen to “Conditional” by Colleen in full, and hear more complete tracks created using the Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins.

Listen to "Conditional" by Colleen:"

KORG NTS-2 oscilloscope D.I.Y. Kit

video upload by Jarkko Tuohimaa

"Short video showing easy process of assembling KORG Nu-Tekt NTS-2 Kit. Mainly it is just screwing parts together... MiniMoog Voyager bass (part) is displayed at the video on NTS-2 oscilloscope."

Haken Audio Eaganmatrix Eurorack Module Sound Demo (no talking)

video upload by Bonedo Synthesizers

PĒRKONS HD-01 & EarthQuaker Devices sound demo

video upload by Erica Synths

"Six jams with Pērkons HD-01 and various EarthQuaker Devices pedals. Used pedals are - Aftermath, Avalanche Run, Grand Orbiter, Rainbow Machine, Westwood.

00:02 - Jam 1
02:00 - Jam 2
04:02 - Jam 3
06:58 - Jam 4
08:48 - Jam 5
11:16 - Jam 6"

Amazing Soundset for Roland D-50 Digital Synthesizer Part I- Epic Pads, Athmospheres, spacy Sounds

video upload by Elmar Mihm

"Roland D-50 like I've never heard before!
Unbelieveble Sounds by Frank Dierckx!
No external FX, EQ!"

All parts here

Patch n Tweak
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