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Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Korg M1 - Putting it all Together

video upload by Johnny Morgan Synth Dreams

"A mini-doc about Korg's famous workstation synthesizer - the M1." Release Guitar Friendly, Pedal-Format Ghost & Golden Master | NAMM 2023

video upload by Reverb

" have released an expansive pedal version of their Ghost Eurorack module, a collaboration with Andrew Huang, as well as the Golden Master, a powerful multi-band compressor that is a rare bird in the pedal world. Both of these pedal adaptations have deep functionality and features, and are built with the highest quality in mind. Read more on Reverb"

Expressive E's Osmose is Fittingly, An Incredibly Expressive Synthesizer | NAMM 2023

video upload by Reverb

"The minds at Expressive E have created an immensely powerful synthesizer that reacts to a variety of gestures in a way that can take musical expression on a keyboard to the next level. Pair that with a sleek, simple interface and a deep sound design engine and you have one of the most exciting synthesizers to come out this year: The Osmose.

Read more on Reverb"

Polyend Tracker Mini at NAMM 2023

video upload by Reverb

"Maybe it's the nostalgic pull of a Game Boy-like device. Maybe it's that the fan-favorite Tracker's sampling and sequencing is now packed into the size of a toy. But Polyend's Tracker Mini has already won over everyone's hearts. Read more on Reverb."

NAMM 2023: New modules from endorphin es

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We get a tour of the current modular offerings from, including Ground Control, Queen of Pentacles, Ghost, Shuttle System and more. We are also treated to a short techno jam.

To find out more about all of the modules and pedals from, please visit their website of the same name.

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Korg ARP 2600 M Workshop & Sale at Patchwerks Seattle - 6PM This Evening April 13

via @patchwerks_

"Today from 6-7PM in our Seattle Showroom Tom Butcher will be giving a special workshop on the iconic Korg ARP 2600 M


We will be selling these synths for an insane incredible price for tonight only! If you've ever wanted one this will be a workshop you do not want to miss!!"

Facehugger Alpha R02 and Parasite Antifilter Unedited

"Noodling around with the Facehugger function controlling the Parasite Antifilter, part 1.
Drone with INM into Parasite

The Facehugger Kickstarter runs until April 22nd - please help make the Facehugger a reality!"

NAMM 2023: Polyend Tracker Mini

video upload by CatSynth TV

See the announcement post for additional details and demos.

"A demo and overview of the new Tracker Mini from Polyend at NAMM 2023.

This is a smaller and more portable version of Polyend's popular Tracker workstation that presents a modern take on the classic "tracker" music players from the 1990s.

'The highly-acclaimed Tracker has evolved. Tracker Mini is a portable, standalone audio workstation with eight tracks to sequence stereo audio and MIDI, audio-over-USB functionality, a built-in battery and microphone, gamepad quality buttons and a host of sampling and sound design tools. With an improved user interface, more memory, stereo sampling, and performance enhancements, we’ve made it even more powerful. The Mini is only small in size.'

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NAMM 2023: The Centre by 1v/Oct

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We present The Centre, a new all-in-one Eurorack module from 1v/Oct.
To find out more, please visit

'One day I wanted to add some gritty sounds and add dubstep and hard trance vibe to my ambient music. What I was missing was wavetables. Of course when you think wavetables it always brings software ultimate plugins however it is just so inconvenient to send sound from PC overall complicated interfaces to the modular synthesiser. 'The Centre' was born. What started as prototype wavetable oscillator over time has transformed itself into fully fledged synth with LFOs, LFO shapes, envelopes, voltage controlled amps, digital) filters and effects. The Centre became modular itself. Multi modules in one It can run multiple oscillators and those can be controlled them with external voltages or you can just add internal LFOs, filters and you can control all by internal voltage paths as well as external. The Centre became synth on its own'

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TherapSID with ASID support! (Plays C64 SID tunes)

video upload by tubesockor

"Since the Twisted Electrons TherapSID firmware is now open source, I have implemented some enhancements to my unit, adding 'ASID' protocol support and performance controls, showcased here. ASID was originally developed as a way of sending Commodore 64 SID files over MIDI to be played back on the Elektron Sidstation.

First few minutes shows the features, then follows some full SID songs. This TherapSID is equipped with two 6581 SIDs, a bit panned to give a stereo effect.

00:00 Intro
00:21 Acidjazzed Evening - GRG
01:01 Oscillator visualisation
01:15 Snippets of tunes
01:50 Filter visualisation
02:02 Performance controls
02:56 Wonderland XII Tune 2 - Magnar
05:19 Supremacy - Jeroen Tel
09:09 Banaanin Alle - Mutetus
13:06 Fist II - Neil Brennan
16:03 Cybernoid II - Jeroen Tel
21:47 Comic Bakery - Martin Galway
24:56 Artillery - Geri Tjelta
32:21 Cobra - Ben Daglish
35:28 Delta - Rob Hubbard"

Ambient Rhodes - Prophet 5 (rev 4)

video upload by thesynthsofgus

Brass sound with Sequential Pro 3 (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private Analog Beast collection dedicated to Sequential Pro 3:

No EQ. No compression. Only internal effects. Pure sound.

Enjoy! :)"

Roland System 100m synth sequenced by Synclavier PSMT

video upload by INHALTVIDEO

"Roland System 100m being sequenced by the Synclavier PSMT tower with drums coming from the Synclavier sampler … selling the 100m so hmu if interested."

Moog Sub37/Subsequent 37: 64 Classic Lead Presets Sound Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"'Leads Classics' is a collection of 64 Lead Presets for Moog Subsequent 37 and Sub 37. The bank of presets includes different colors of lead timbres: vintage and modern, soft and aggressive, dark and bright, clean and noisy/detune/lo-fi.
🎧 Get the soundset:

The soundset is universal, the leads are suitable for all genres of electronic music, including Techno, House, Trance, Lounge, Downtempo, Funk, Disco, Pop, Acid, Hardcore, IDM, Drum'n'Bass, Breaks, Breakbeat, Trap, Electro, Ambient, Dubstep, EDM, Synth-Pop and others.

ModWheel is set in all patches, it adds brightness or changes the tone.
Velocity controls volume and brightness.

Patches' volume levels are set close to each other, you won't get sudden volume spikes or drops while switching the timbres.

The presets are uploaded via official Moog Editor/Librarian.
They are stored in:
Mac - /Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Moog Music Inc.
Windows - C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Moog Music Inc\Sub 37\Presets Library\Moog Music

Make sure you are using the latest firmware version.
The soundset doesn't include drums, keys, pads samples from the video demo. Lead/mono/solo presets for Moog only.

Performed by Dmitry Chemyrev."

FREE GEAR & PAID PROMOTION - What you need to know

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

No synth demo in this one, but I thought it would be interesting to some readers, and Woody is a supporting member of the site. Woody did not send this in. I am posting this one on my own accord. I usually stick to synth demos only, but I thought this was an important message for people viewing videos in general.

"This is a very important topic and I would appreciate it if you watched the video. An explanation of YouTube policies regarding paid promotion, sponsorships, product placements and how I am applying the rules to my own channel. I would like to be as transparent as possible with my audience so I appreciate your time to watch the video, thanks!"


The Sounds of Distant Futures Past // Behringer Solina Strings

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Calling all droogs from a 70's dystopian future ... oh and for all your Lo-Fi French House Trip Hop Disco & 70s Rock God Needs! Also marketed as the ARP String Ensemble in the US this is an absolute classic. It's very simple, does one thing, but does it so well it's been used for decades."

Orbital's Live Gear

Some synth spotting with Orbital's live gear via @WeAreNovation

"The incredible @orbitalband LIVE last week, performing a packed show with just a little 'help' from some of our gear. 📸: LANTY @lantyzhang"

Click the pics to zoom in.

NAMM 2023 - IV/OCT - The Centre

video upload by sonicstate

"Marcin Dudar showcased his latest product at NAMM 2023. The Centre, a semi-modular version of his Euro-Rack module is designed for performers and beginners in modular systems. This module allows users to build multiple sounds simultaneously with internal patching to the mixer and MIDI control. The module has four analog outputs to the rest of the modular system, and it can be controlled by CV voltage, gates, voltage per octave input, and MIDI.

The digital engine is based on floating point precision and can take wave tables from popular synths and includes VCOs, LFOs, shapes, VCAs, and effects such as low-fi delay and reverb. The system's firmware has been updated to version 2.0. Marcin demonstrated the intuitive and simple patching process. The module is available as a Eurorack module or a semi-modular system, and it comes with optional extra modules as well.

The Centre module Price: 699 USD

Whole system Price: around 1000 USD

More Info:"

The Centre - Getting Started - First Patch

video upload by 1V-Oct

"This video is specially made for beginners to understand how to make patches with The Centre"

The Centre Firmware 2.0

NAMM 2023 - Nektar Aruba

video upload by sonicstate

"At NAMM 2023, Sonic State caught up with Tim Chandler to see a live integration demo of Nektar's Aruba, which enhances the beat-making experience with Ableton Live using Max for Live devices. Tim demonstrated the integration by showing Ableton Live and Aruba running side by side. He explained how five settings within the integration need to be enabled, particularly the Clip Record mode and Auto Trim Recorded Clips feature, which trims the empty space at the start and end of a clip. Tim went on to demonstrate the basic DAW integration with Ableton Live, including controlling the arranger loops, track selection, and scene selection.

The demonstration moved on to where Aruba excels with Live, which is controlling the drum rack. Tim showed how Aruba automatically updates to give slices on the rack when loading a loop, with the bank up and down buttons moving up and down the rack. He then showed how to switch slices to be simple one-shots and change the color of pads using the pad coloring feature.

More information on Aruba can be found on their official websites.
Aruba Price: £269.00
More info:"

Aruba’s hardware is all about realtime access and performance: A host of controls ensures direct access to key features without any menu diving. At the center are 16 large RGB pads – they are velocity and pressure-sensitive and can be fine-tuned to match your personal playing style. ARUBA’s 8 heavy-duty 360-degree rotary pots are always assigned to control a selected feature’s parameters with their assignments shown on the color TFT display. 4 display buttons give access to additional settings, MIDI assignments or secondary menus. Dedicated buttons make it easy to switch between different modes: Internal MIDI controller, drum machine style sequencer, Pad Repeat or DAW Control are always just one button-press away.

The hardware Step Sequencer is programmed like a classic drum machine from the 16 small RGB buttons. Each pad can be programmed, or recorded in real-time, with its own independent sequence. You can solo, mute or trigger sequences simply by hitting a pad and control other parameters from the pots, which makes the Sequencer an excellent realtime performance tool. The MIDI Out on ARUBA’s back lets you sequence external MIDI gear and can also be used as a MIDI interface from the computer.

Then there’s the transport section for DAW Control: With Nektar DAW Integration everything’s set up for instant control of your DAW’s transport functions from Aruba. In this mode, the pots let you set locators, select tracks, navigate and even set up a connected footswitch for transport control. Without DAW integration, the transport buttons can be assigned to MIDI functions or to control the sequencer. The 2 footswitches are also MIDI-assignable. Aruba’s feature set is greatly enhanced when connected to the included Nektarine software. Eight mode buttons give one-press-access to key Nektarine functions, including Mixer, Pad Setup, Instrument and FX plugin control, browsing and solo/mute. When a mode is selected, the eight 360 degree analog pots offer smooth control of the selected mode’s parameters and in particularly, deep plugin control of your VST, VST3 and AU plugins. Control the assigned plugins, sends or insert FX from Aruba – with full parameter feedback on Aruba’s screen. Many plugins are already pre-mapped for control but you can also create your own mapping, as deep as you like.

ARUBA stores 16 user Internal presets for pad configuration and pot MIDI control assignments. When paired with Nektarine, an ulimited amount of pad configurations can be saved complete with plugin and Nektarine settings. Pad’s are programmed from the Pad Setup mode which also includes menus for Chord and Scale, so you can use the pads to play melodic parts or assign chords to each pad.

WWWS live with Folktek Mescaline & LepLoop Multicassa SPLITTING THE ATOM LXI

video upload by While We Were Sleeping

"I have taken two of my favourite experimental instruments the Folktek Mescaline & LepLoop Multicassa to play at the long-running event Splitting the Atom a Lost Property and Club Zygotic’s bi-monthly showcase of aural oddities, held in the strange gloom of The Green Door Store in Brighton UK.

Setup Detail
Sound sources:
* Folktek Mescaline V1 - Used for otherworldly sound textures, noise ,cosmic growls & glitchy vibes
* LepLoop Multicassa - Hartbeat and hypnotic organic rhythms
* DIY Soup tin microphone - Don’t trust any words that go through it.

Audio processing:
* Strymon Volante Magnetic Echo Machine - In looper mode. I love this pedal
* Empress Reverb - The world's greatest reverb (at least in my opinion the best I ever played)
* Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII VHS Duplicator - a small task for a mighty pedal. It set before the reverb to create movement in the sound. Each time a kick from the Multicassa hit the reverb it caused a different reaction of the reverb.

I did not have much video footage of my set so used other acts that played on the day and from the previous event as those were both a pleasure to the ears and the eyes."

Roland JV-2080 64-Voice Synthesizer Module SN AK34697

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Make Noise 0-Coast w/ Analog Cases Bag

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

Social Entropy Engine Sequencer with CV Expansion

via this auction

"From Social Entropy:
Engine is a powerful multitrack step sequencer with 8 polyphonic tracks for recording both melodic and percussion patterns.
Pattern chaining, snapshots and a song mode help move your ideas from simple loops to completed songs.
The six performance knobs can be used to control external devices or the built-in performance effects system, which includes velocity and gate offsets and ratcheting.
Engine includes comprehensive editing features to fine tune your performance, with rotation, cut/copy/paste for both patterns and individual steps.
STRUCTURE 8 Polyphonic Tracks Each of the eight tracks can be programmed with individual time settings for scale, length, shuffle and skipped steps. This allows for experimenting with polymeters and polyrhythms.
Synth type patterns can record and play up to four notes of polyphony, while drum type patterns have sixteen notes of polyphony.
512 Patterns Each track has 4 banks of 16 patterns, for a total of 512 patterns.
A pattern can be up to 64 steps in length, and patterns can be chained together for even longer passages, up to 1024 steps!
128 Snapshots 64 snapshots allow you to store settings across all eight tracks for quick recall.
This includes things like selected patterns and pattern chains, track mutes, transpose and individual drum mutes. Snapshots make it easy to construct songs on the fly.
32 Songs Entire performances can be performed using the 32 songs. Songs are created as a sequence of snapshots that can be programmed or recorded in realtime.
6 Control Knobs The 6 knobs can be used to send MIDI control messages or control voltages with the optional CV expansion. This makes Engine the perfect studio centerpiece.

WORKFLOW Realtime, Grid and Step Recording With three types of recording, you can choose the right method for your workflow, and you can switch between them any time.

Grid recording gives you the traditional drum machine type programming interface, which works great for synth lines also.

Realtime recording lets you play notes in via the mini-keyboard or using MIDI controllers, great for capturing a live performance.

Step recording moves automatically from step to step as you enter note events. This is great for generating unexpected grooves."

Korg Prophecy SSP-1 Physical Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Oberheim Two Voice TVS-1A SN 0448

via this auction

Sequential Pro 3 SE w/ Original Box

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 61-Key 6-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 3734

via this auction

Korg MICROKORG 37 Keys Analog Modeling Synthesizer

via this auction

Warm Leatherette (The Normal) Eurorack synthesizer cover with Coral of Oxi Instruments. #postpunk

video upload by Audiorial

"One of my favorite track in the Electronic Post Punk style originally written by The Normal//Daniel Miller of Mute records. Every sound is from the Coral, the brand new multipart and polyphonic sound generator of Oxi Instruments."

Torso T-1 Now Available in White

video upload by torso electronics

"Introducing T-1 White!
We are thrilled to announce the special edition T-1 in white.
Head to our store, to get a hold of your unit!"

Joranalogue Audio Design PIVOT 2 / a few basic patches / variable signal router

video upload by BRiES

"In this video I approach PIVOT 2 by Joranalogue Audio Design a little bit more methodical.
First I send one sound into PIVOT 2 while using the send outputs as a left and right stereo pair. Then I send 2 sounds into the returns and use PIVOT 2 as a crossfading mixer. The last clip is a patch where both a wavefolder and a filter are connected to the send/return pairs on PIVOT 2, using the module to change the order of both processors (in - waveshaper - filter - out / parallel operation / in - filter - waveshaper - out)."

CORAL - MDO Engine

video upload by OXI Instruments

"CORAL MDO Engine with cross-LFO CC Modulation"

Also see OXI Instruments CORAL Tutorials, and additional posts here.

Sound library WaveShaper for Tera Pro

video upload by VirSyn

"Shows you a couple of sounds from the new IAP Sound library WaveShaper for Tera Pro

Available in the App Store:"

Make SPII Sound Totally Different

video upload by Bastl Instruments

"In this one Vaclav will show you one of his favorite patches you can make on Softpop SPII."

Patch n Tweak
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