MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, May 4, 2023

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Thursday, May 04, 2023

Qun mk2 4.29 Firmware Adds Sample-based Beat Matching

Qun mk2: Sample-based beat making demo video upload by Nunomo LLC

"4.29 firmware introduces beat matching the sound to the looper. Now I can import samples not too much worry about BPM.
Drums are chopped and rebuilt. Bass is sampler too. Chord is directly imported from sample loop."

SynthAsia EP 1: Siam Modular - Thailand's first modular synthesizer company

video upload by Mixmag Asia

"CFK Production & Mixmag Asia team up to bring you SynthAsia; a documentary show where we travel around Asia interviewing synth companies, while looking at the environments around them.

For this episode, we head to Chiang Mai, where we speak with Pete Wallis from Siam Modular, Thailand's first modular synthesizer company."

You can find a feature for the video on Mixmag here.

See the Siam Modular label below for additional posts.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 | 10+ years later | Still good?

video upload by Mamotreco

"Find out how the Teenage Engineering OP-1 portable synth stacks up roughly a decade after I got it. While the compact design of the OP-1 as well as its distinct looks contribute to its lasting appeal, this video examines whether its a durable and useable synth and luggable music production tool.

This Teenage Engineering OP-1 video can be broken up into the following sections. Please feel free to skip to what interests you most:

00:00 Introducing Teenage Engineering OP-1
00:36 OP-1 Cosmetics / Durability
02:20 OP-1 Sound Overview
03:36 OP-1 Value For Money
05:41 Concluding Thoughts on the OP-1
06:01 Musical Outro made with OP-1

Here are some relevant videos so you can get an idea of how I use the Teenage Engineering OP-1 to make music:"

1. My first OP-1 mixtape where I used radio receiver and sampler to get loops and vocal snippets to create a series of musical vignettes
2. Full synthpop track made with Teenage Engineering OP-1
3. An example of hauntology track that I started on the OP-1 and finished off with other gear and software.

Full Teenage Engineering OP-1 Playlist:


video upload by zack dagoba

"I have finally added a quantiser to my system

Its a 2HP Tune eurorack module that Keith very skilfully transplanted into my Serge cabinet, using a space created when I swapped out the MIDI to CV converter that had been put in years ago by a previous owner but which I never used. So that end of the panel now houses this new quantiser and also the clone of the 1050 mix sequencer. This means I can now do some extremely complex sequencing on this system. For example, I can use the 2 programmers to go into the mix sequencer giving me up to 60 steps (because it can act like a sequential switch). Add in the new quantiser and everything gets a bit easier to keep in tune, not something I am particularly used to with the Serge. Hopefully this will help. The 2HP Tune has a bias cv input so I can keep it evolving"

Hexpad! Friend of norns - enabling midi for passersby, molly the polly, and bitters.

video upload by astrophage

The Hexpad is from Adafruit:

Hexpad MIDI Device #adafruit #circuitpython #3Dprinting

video upload by Adafruit Industries

Oberheim Teases Something New Coming for SUPERBOOTH

Just the flyer with the following for now:

"Oberheim returned in force with the 2022 introduction of the universally acclaimed OB-X8 - a keyboard that combines the three different voice architectures of the OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 into a single instruments.  And this year, we bring along a little something new..."

Snakes of Russia - Dos Thrones

video upload by Snakes of Russia

This one is in via Soviet Space Child who had the following to say about it:

"Local Los Angeles musician and sound designer Snakes of Russia just premiered a new music video with some nice synth goodness included.

Here's a previous interview of his regarding his sound design work:"

Creative Cribs - The Small Space where BIG Sounds are Made! with @SnakesofRussia

video upload by Spitfire Audio

"​@ChristianHensonMusic visited 'death beat' producer, composer, and sound designer @SnakesofRussia in his Pasadena studio where they talk all things sound processing, plug-ins and more!"

Star Trek: First Contact // Main Theme [SYNTHWAVE COVER]

video upload by Amie Waters

"'You broke your ships.'

Went to see First Contact in theaters on First Contact day and couldn't get the theme out of my head. I hope you enjoy our ongoing mission to explore the music of Star Trek. #startrek #ost #sciencefiction"

Tiptop 292t as CV Mixer

video upload by Todd Barton

"Title says it all :-)

My Patreon:"

303 and 808 doing some proper acid thingies

video upload by Peter Maas

"Running the RE-303 and TR-808 with some Minimoog and Juno-106 stabs for some squelchy acid! Just had to put some dancing people with it."

4 New Eurorack Modules by Vostok

video upload by DivKid

Ceres, Sena, Fuji, and Asset

Note this is the first post to feature Vostok on the site.

Update: additional info via Vostok:

"The brand starts with four multi-channel analog modules. The modules have been created with live systems in mind, adding a big amount of functionality in a small space but keeping the user interface clean.

A short description of the modules:
Sena: This is a four-channel VCO with a dedicated waveform modifier per channel and an analog noise bank with different noise colors. 14HP width. Price: 280 euros. (Tax. Excluded)
Fuji: a six-channel analog AD envelope generator with Hold and LFO mode per channel in 10HP. Price: 160 euros. (Tax. Excluded)
Ceres: a six-channel linear VCA and mixer based on the 3360 IC in also 10HP. Price: 160 euros. (Tax. Excluded)
Asset: a six-channel bipolar attenuator and offset generator in 10HP. Price: 160 euros. (Tax. Excluded)

All the modules are immediately available at the official dealers. [check with dealers on the right for availability]

More detailed information and User Manuals are available on my website:"

New FREE Synth for iOS !! - King Of FM from Audiokit!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"New 100% FREE synthesizer from Audiokit for iOS!

Grab it here for FREE:"

"Completely Free, Forever! Exclusive sounds from a hit-making synth. Make music. Share it. We want to hear YOU! Feel free to tag me, Thanks - @AnalogMatthew

Classic & new presets, faithfully recorded from original retro 80s Synthesizers: DX7, DX7II, TX81z, and SY77 sounds

This app contains the exclusive “Holy Grail” DX7 samples used by Herbie Hancock in the studio. Plus, this app is used by producers for Sting, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and more!

KING OF FM is the reboot of FM Player. For the first time, these award-winning sounds are available for iPhone & Silicon Mac. It’s no longer the sound of the past. These sounds are being used on hit records now. This app is the sound of TODAY!

'This app filled my eyes with tears when I first played through the sounds. It brought back memories of my youth, I was transported to a time when anything and everything was possible.'

Who knew a humble iPad musical instrument could bring so much joy to people?"


The Sound of Analog Synthesizer - Moog Sub37, Roland Juno-60.

video upload by Elmar Mihm

"All Sounds from Moog Sub37 and Roland Juno-60.
No external FX or EQ. Moog played over Boss RE-20 Space Echo.
Hope you enjoy!"



"As you already know from our previous announcement about our cooperation with the ZKM and University of Music in Karlsruhe we are in the process of reconstructing the first device out of the Harald Bode archive. [see previous posts here]

We would love to give you first hand information about the BARBERPOLE PHASER from SYNTH-WERK at the Superbooth23 in Berlin."

ISE-NIN: A Jupiter-8 Replicant

video upload by Alex Ball

"A look at the Black Corporation ISE-NIN which is an 8-voice analogue synthesizer based on the Roland Jupiter-8 from 1981.

0:00 Intro Jam
1:07 Ise-Nin
1:41 Demo 1: Synth & Drums
2:26 What's Old?
3:44 Demo 2: Whimsy
4:52 What's New? Pt 1
5:42 Demo 3: Touche
6:11 What's New? Pt 2
7:08 Demo 4: Two's Company
8:04 Comparisons with a Jupiter-8
10:12 Comparison to a Super Jupiter
11:10 My Opinions
12:52 Outro Jam"

Chronoblob 2 Ping-Pong Delay \ Quick Tip

video upload by Omri Cohen

"Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -"

Befaco Introduces 7u Case & Trolleybus Power Supply DIY Kit

via Befaco

"Following the path of 1u we have designed our 7u Case following our own needs for a kick ass case. Our non-stop pursue for the ultimate weapon we have packed in this one the following:

- 7u 104 HP, with the possibility to place 1u row either on top or center.

- Power hungry modules? suffer no more: 5A @12v, 2.5A @-12v and 4A @ 5V.

- Six 6,5" jack connectors (with color coded nuts), two USB A ports (enabled for charging and USB host duties), MIDI IN, OUT and Thru and USB type B for device.

- Internal connectors compatible with your favorite 1u Canadian manufacturer.

- Vesa connector compatible: Step up your studio space!

- Kensington lock.

- Plastic cover included.

- 150W wallwart adapter included.

The case will be available assembled and as a DIY Kit. Selling at 650€/550€ Tax included. Available end of June.

Also , we will be releasing this case power supply both assembled and DIY kit for sale: codename Trolleybus.

Available end of june Assembled and DIY kit. Selling at 260€/190€"

Update: Additional pics added below.  

Click on them for the full-size shots.

Instruoducing: Instruō - àradh and tágh

video upload by Instruō

Additional videos below.

"Announcement time!

Here are two new old modules :) I have been trying to get these in production for quite some time now. Delays in supply chain forced these to the background for too long.

àradh is a new take on a transistor ladder filter and fills the role of fat "East" Coast subtractive filter as well as adding a dedicated low-pass gate (LPG) to the Instruō range. Plus some other quirks!

tágh is not a V2 but is in fact the OG module that I had in mind for the name a long time ago. It's a 4HP powerhouse of modulation sources and clock utilities.

Please check out the full Overview videos for both àradh and tágh now :) [below]

In addition I would like to introduce the first production range of Instruō spacer panels. Available now are 1HP, 2HP, 4HP, 6HP, 8HP, 10HP, 12HP and a very special limited run of 14HP.

The 14HP panel features a glorious picture of my Greyhound Winston wearing his jammies.
"GAL is a registered charity in Scotland (SC031027) that rescues and rehomes Greyhounds and Lurchers throughout Scotland. "
A donation of £7.50 will be made to GAL for every panel sold from the limited batch.

Hope to see you all at Superbooth this year!

00:00:00 Instruōduction
00:00:26 àradh
00:03:10 tágh
00:05:53 Spacer Panels
00:07:00 Winston panel"

Instruō - àradh Overview

video upload by Instruō

Here is the àradh.
tràigh again!

By popular demand – an exciting new take on the legendary transistor ladder filter. Introducing the Instruō àradh, the long-awaited successor to the first Instruō low pass filter, tràigh. Expanding on tràigh’s classic functionality, àradh adds a VCA with pre or post-filter routing options, an envelope follower, a comparator gate, a strike input with variable decay time, and a plethora of user-definable voltage-controlled parameter combinations.

Whether you’re looking for voltage-controlled resonance, pre-gain filter saturation, noise gate functionality, dynamics processing, or even an envelope follower, àradh can get the job done – a true sound-shaping powerhouse in only 6 HP.

• Low pass filter and VCA
• VCA pre/post-filter routing options
• Strike input and button
• User-defined CV input
• Envelope follower and comparator functionality
• Self-oscillating resonance

00:00:00 Instruōduction
00:00:27 Design Concepts
00:03:13 Quick Reference - Module Initialisation
00:04:48 Overview - Subtractive LPF
00:05:45 Overview - I/O
00:06:04 Overview - VCA Pre/Post LPF
00:06:34 Overview - Filter Controls
00:09:02 Overview - CV Input
00:10:23 Overview - Primary Parameters
00:12:50 Overview - Secondary Parameters
00:14:23 Overview - Decay Envelope
00:16:10 Overview - Pre/Post Definition
00:17:31 Overview - Gate/Follow
00:21:47 LPF - "East" Coast
00:52:16 LPG - "West" Coast
01:07:34 Dynamics Management

Instruō - tágh Overview

video upload by Instruō

You can find the initial overview video from back in 2021 here, and a few user videos in additional posts here.

"This is a module I've wanted to release for years!

The Instruō tágh is a “Swiss Army Knife” modulation source. It features an analogue sample and hold, white noise generator, digital random voltage generator, morphing LFO, and probabilistic trigger generator, all with a unique phase-adaptive tap tempo functionality.

After many iterations of random voltage generation experiments, tágh’s 6 algorithms were meticulously curated to meet the needs of the designer. Once realised, it was quick to see its importance in small and big systems alike. These 6 random algorithms include Classic Stepped Random, Repeatable Stepped Random, Chaos, LFO, Probability-Synced LFO, and Downsampled LFO.

At only 4 HP, tágh is a true modulation workhorse.

• Analogue sample and hold
• Analogue white noise generator
• Six digital random voltage algorithms
• Built-in bias and attenuation controls
• Smart tap tempo follower with manual button
• Steady and rhythmically-relevant clock generator
• Internal or external clock options of analogue sample and hold

00:00:00 Instruōduction
00:01:46 Overview
00:04:56 Clocking
00:06:55 Clocking - Probability
00:07:50 Clocking - Tap Tempo
00:09:54 Clocking - External Tap Tempo
00:13:58 Clocking - Internal Clock
00:17:11 Tempo Follow
00:21:24 Tempo Follow - Adaptive Phase
00:22:50 Tempo Follow - Probability + Phase Sync
00:28:48 Patch Example - Lubadh Sync
00:35:20 Patch Example - Analogue Sample Rate
00:40:25 Patch Example - Random CV pan
00:42:37 Algorithm 1 - Classic stepped random
00:58:31 Algorithm 2 - Repeatable steps
01:09:41 Algorithm 3 - Chaos
01:22:08 Algorithm 4 - LFO
01:33:04 Algorithm 5 - Probability-synced LFO
01:40:50 Algorithm 6 - Downsampled LFO"

AJH MiniMod Keyz Complete System - Minimoog-inspired Eurorack Synth & Keyboard Controller

video upload by

"Complete AJH Synth systems now available.

First up the MiniMod Keyz - equivalent of a Minimoog, plus extra modules, pre-installed inside a Cre8audio NiftyKeyz Eurorack case and keyboard controller.

This makes a complete Eurorack modular synth that's ready to go straight out of the box.

Our package includes the standard MiniMod voice - directly based on the original R.A. Moog version of the Minimoog, along with a RING SM, Tap Tempo VC-LFO, and the new Low Fat HP filter.

It is fitted with custom Dark American Walnut end cheeks, for a more vintage look, and comes with a selection of patch cables, so that you're ready to start making the floor rumble right out of the box.

The Ring SM is a 5-channel Moog CP3 mixer, EMS Synthi/VCS3 based Ring Modulator, and a very rich-sounding, simultaneous 2 octave sub-bass generator. User Guide:

The Tap Tempo VC-LFO is a very complex modulation source, with 16 common and unusual wave shapes, including stepped and sloped random voltages. Every element can be voltage-controlled, and can be clocked by external modules/sequencers, or act as a master clock, clock divider/multiplier. User Guide:

The Low Fat is a voltage-controlled 2hp high pass filter, and a great compliment to the classic, huge-sounding Transistor Ladder Filter. The Fattest filter in town needs to slim down sometimes! User Guide:

The NiftyKeyz is a 4-octave keyboard controller, with a large host of features, including arpeggiator, 4-voice polyphonic control, built-in LFO, and much more. Check out the website:

This pairs with the MiniMod system well, as it provides everything from Minimoog-like functionality, to way beyond, whilst maintaining the classic vintage sound and honouring the circuitry of the awesome original.

The AJH SYNTH Eurorack range consists of high-end modules, all hand-made in the UK, most of which are based on classic, vintage designs, authentically recreating the circuitry of much sought-after analogue instruments and technologies of the past, whilst greatly expanding them, and bringing them to modern Eurorack levels of convenience, limitless flexibility, and reliability.

Check out the AJH Synth playlists for module 'User Guides', and 'Patch of The Week' videos, which will be either performances or 'how to' guides, detailing functions/methods, and a range of sounds, some familiar, some less so, containing a patch sheet at the end to show you how to construct it for yourself.

Video by @DreamsOfWires

00:00 Intro
00:24 Overview
01:45 Example Sounds - Classic Mono
02:16 Chords into Ladder Filter
03:14 Ring Modulator
03:37 Melodic Ring Mod
04:13 Mini Choir
04:53 Bass & Arpeggiator
05:54 Sync and Random Voltages
06:35 Blade Runner Lead & Mod Wheel
07:24 Arp Jam Session"

Behringer Update on Mini and Micro Synth Line

Two updates from Behringer on their Mini and Micro synths:


"As we’re rolling out our amazing Mini and Micro synths, we have also drafted a CZ-1 Mini which is modeled after one of the most sought after Casio CZ-1. This was a highly revolutionary synth as it used unique Phase Distortion synthesis.

Would you be interested in a CZ-1 Mini? We believe we could make it for US$ 99."


"PRO VS Mini is now ready for production.

It has taken a bit more time than we had planned for, but we couldn’t help adding many more exciting features that you had requested during the development process. Thanks for all your valuable input. This is a monster synth in a tiny little package.

We hope you’re as excited as we are."

See this post for a demo.

Behringer Introduces PERFECT PITCH PP1 Eurorack Module

video upload by Behringer

"List price: $99 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)"

Yamaha SY99 - "Analog Dreams" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"FM Synthesis is Back with a monster synth Yamaha SY99!


The SY synths are very complex and organic sounding & SY99 is the most complex, advanced & massive sounding big brother from the series.

Introducing unique 64 patches for SY series – “Analog Dreams” soundset !

Made by Nick Klimenko, author of WS Universe pack for Korg Wavestation & Organica pack for Waldorf Blofeld.

Here you will find:
Lush & complex ambient pads, swells, drones, textures.
Great strings from JP, GX, OBX series (emulations)
Very organic solo leads with dedicated expressively
Beautiful FM bells, plucks, complex structures
Powerful Analog-like basses Moog, Juno,Prophet style

All patches working with MW 1&2.

With passion & love to instrument.
Instruction of how to load is included.


Making Racket with Rakit (DIY Synth Jam)

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"I've built several of the DIY kits from Rakit and I decided to try to use all of them in one video. I really like all these little gadgets. The devices used are the Disintegrated Cracklebox, Mini-APC, Baby8 Sequencer, Drum Synth, and Rakimix5.

Check out Rakit's website to learn more:"

When They Suddenly Stand And Nod Backwards - Anna Schnabel - Nat Bradley

video upload by

"Experimental video / sound art collaboration by Anna Schnabel and Nat Bradley

Visuals by Anna Schnabel

Sound Design by Nat Bradley"

Roland SH-4d | A problem that Roland should fix

video upload by Malvinus Music

"Roland SH-4d jam and a problem Roland should fix (in my opinion).
Enjoy, peace!"


Roland SH-4d and Live | The secret Roland didn't tell us

JS80P Yamaha CS80 Inspired Soft Synth

video upload by Attila M. Magyar

Note the playlist above includes both the JS80P (1st two videos) and previous JS-80 (2nd two) for reference.


"In 2022, I started developing a browser-based synthesizer using the Web Audio API, mostly being inspired by the Yamaha CS-80. I named that project JS-80. Then I started adding one little feature and customization option after the other, then it got out of hand, and I also started finding limitations of doing audio in the browser. So I decided to implement a cleaned up version of this synth in C++ as a DAW plugin (with a better waveshaper antialiasing method than what's available in the browser), and so JS80P was born."

KORG Re-Releases the ARP 2600, Exclusively on Reverb US for Star Wars Day

video upload by Korg

Available exclusively through KORG's Reverb Shop (in the U.S. only)

"You asked, we listened. Due to overwhelming demand after the original re-issue sold out in record time in 2020, KORG has resurrected the classic ARP 2600 full-size synthesizer for an extremely limited run in the USA. https://reverb/ARP2600FS

The Korg ARP 2600 FS is a replica of the 1970s original, handcrafted in Japan and includes USB and DIN-style

MIDI connections, XLR audio outputs, plus the improved ARP 3620 Duophonic Keyboard with an added arpeggiator / sequencer. This iconic synth will arrive in a custom-branded hard shell case, complete with casters.

The original ARP 2600, invented by Dennis Colin and released by Alan R. Pearlman’s ARP Instruments, was one of the first semi-modular synths to hit the market. It has been used by legendary artists like Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Pete Townshend, Orbital and Nine Inch Nails, and even provided the sound of R2-D2 in Star Wars." 

Mini press release follows:

"KORG has re-released the legendary ARP 2600 FS synth, which was used to make the sounds for R2D2 in the original films.

A limited run, these ARP 2600s are available exclusively through KORG's Reverb Shop (in the U.S. only) -- and at a highly discounted price you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. You can check them out here.

Originally launched in 1971, the ARP 2600's role in creating the iconic bleep-bloops of R2D2 is well-documented. In fact, the celebrated semi-modular synth is so renowned that it's been used by massive musicians like Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Edgar Winter, Pete Townshend, and many, many others."

Yamaha GS-1 88-Key Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Voice Cards & Anvil Road Cases #48830

video upload by Techno Empire

Yamaha GS1 Super Rare 1981 FM Synthesizer with MIDI SN 1116

via this auction

Silver Machines R-Enigiser (clone Orgon system)

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rackmount Vector Synth SN 0276

via this auction

"This is a Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rackmount version synth. It includes the expansion card for additional presets. This unit is in Excellent condition. I've included the service receipts from Wine Country Sequential with the service history. All new switches, battery, OLED display... Everything works %100."

Roland VP-330 MKI Vocoder Plus

via this auction

"Roland VP-330 mk1.5 (based on serial number and the great help of Peter Forrest's books) - very rare - Reticon BBD, wondeful strings and Vocoder sounds. Have some small marks but pretty nice anyway."

Crumar Performer Model PRF SN 01260

via this auction

SynthCone Woodblock & Lunetta

video upload by SynthCone

"Random sequences and crystal sound from SynthCone.

Woodblock synthesizers are modulated by the Lunetta synthesizer. Then the sound is processed by the effects module in the Lunetta synthesizer.

You can buy all of these synths from the SynthCone store on the Boosty website. Write to me in all possible social networks, I will answer your questions.


Waldorf Pulse 2 // Farewell to a Future Classic?

video upload by Starsky Carr

"The Waldorf Pulse 2 has been discontinued, but will it live on as a classic? It's certainly unique enough to take a place in the synth hall of fame. 3 oscillator mono synth than can play 8 note chords.. it doesn't get more out of the box than that!

0:00 It did it its way
1:04 Track #1 Cool Vibes
1:43 Oscillator overview
2:24 Osc 1 - its got 8 oscillators!
5:50 Modulation
6:53 Osc 2 - it's got Cross Mod
9:29 Track #2 EDM Banger
10:07 Osc 3 - it's got Audio Rate Modulation Routing
10:51 Track #3 One Step Beyond - Jungle Madness"

Apocalyptic synth jam with PWM Malevolent, Meng Qi Wingie 2, Chase Bliss Mood MkII, Zen Delay, DFAM

video upload by Jay Hosking

"Please support my work on Patreon:
A song that started as a live, semi-improvised synth jam, and was finished by adding some extra sounds in the box.

I recently bought the Malevolent and Wingie 2 from the same friend, and thought it might be fun to get such different pieces of hardware in the same song. The Malevolent really can get monstrous with its drive/distortion, whereas the Wingie 2 reminds me of MI Rings, bright and ringing, but with tons of playability. From there, I filled out what I needed to quickly improvise, some effects on the synths, and some drums to play with. Finally, I added some extras like guitar and a little more synth after the live performance was captured. Notes below. It's fun to have no sequencers on the table and to just make music by playing the devices.

Meng Qi Wingie 2 via Chase Bliss Mood MkII - stereo plucks
PWM Malevolent via Erica Synths Zen Delay - bass synth wildness
Moog DFAM (x 2) - kick (on one DFAM), hats and snare (on another DFAM) - the DFAMs also had compression, a little stereo delay, etc. in the box (see the Patreon walkthrough vid)
Godin Stadium 59 via Elektron Analog Drive and Strymon Iridium - guitar
Reason Europa - synth pad
Reason Thor - additional bass emphasis on kick drum
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 - ride cymbal doubling one DFAM for last chorus

Thanks for listening."

KAWAI Vintage Legacy | Overview

video upload by

"Kawai Vintage Legacy - Gems of the Rising Sun

Discover a powerful collection of 5 instruments that offer a wide range of synthesis approaches, leveraging the sounds of an iconic Japanese synth legacy. Take control of the K1, K3, K4, K5, XD5 and R100 individually or in a monolithic 'multi' instrument, combining four synth layers with a drum machine.

Also included in SonicPass ➡️

Video credits: Venus Theory"

Famous Roland Juno Synthesizer Sounds

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-23 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

Famous Roland Juno-60 and Juno-106 sounds part1

0:06 Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
0:27 Real Life - Send Me An Angel
0:50 The Cure - A Forest
1:20 Mac DeMarco - Chamber Of Reflection
1:48 Metronomy - Aquarius
2:30 Cindy Lauper - All Through The Night
2:45 Duran Duran - Save A Prayer
3:02 Daft Punk - Voyager
3:25 Double - Captain Of Her Heart
3:47 My Mine - Hypnotic Tango

The Roland Juno-60 is one of my favorite synthesizer ever. I use the Juno-60 since the mid 90s. Long before all the hype.
A few words come in my mind when I thinking of the synth:
Very inspirative. Wonderful sound character. Easy to use. Very reliable.
Sure all is a matter of taste. We are so different like the synths we love. :)

Here can you find the full Juno-60 playlist with a lot single sound demos and one synth demo tracks. Enjoy.
The Juno-60 playlist:"

Softube Model 80 / Five Voice Synthesizer Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Happy #starwarsday 🎉🎉🎉 #shorts #starwars

video upload by Luke Million

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 & Roland Jupiter-6.

Patch n Tweak
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