MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 25, 2023

Friday, August 25, 2023

Moon 569 Sequence With A Side Of Mellotron Noodles

video upload by John L Rice

"Sequence setup is the Moon 569 + 569EGB + 569ES with rows 2,3,4 affecting the position of row 1.

The synth voice is a MOTM-300 VCO, MOTM-380 LFO, Moon 517 VCF, Oakley Dual VCA, and STG EG.

The Mellotron is a M4000D Rack played from a Roland A-88 keyboard.

Effects were from Strymon Timeline and BigSky pedals plus a Lexicon MX400.

#modularsynth #electronicmusic #sequencer"

Intellijel System with Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

"since yesterday I try to build up an Intellijel System with a new Intellijel 7u Case.
I found these modules in my € ~ Rack collection from Intellijel
µMod V1 Ringmodulator, my oldest Intellijel Module
2x Planar 2 , best joystick ever
2x Polaris Multi Mode Filter
2x Dixie II +
2x Multi FX 1u
Cylonix - Cyclebox II with expander
µMidi (doesn't work with a new Intelligel Case)
I miss some importent Intellijel modules: Dr. Octature,
an eight channel mixer with the channel possibilities of Azimuth II
other used modules
Jouranalogue Filter 8 , Link 2
MI Veils V2, Ripples, 2x Peaks,
µYarns 1u and Ornament and Crime (harmonic minor scale) by Tunefish Modular
4ms Peg
WMD Modbox
Hexinverter Panmix
2x Meng Qi DPLPG
Strymon 2x Cloudburst
vid # 2261"

Preview: The Sounds of HARMONIA from Cherry Audio

video upload by Cherry Audio

"From the team that brought you Dreamsynth and Sines comes HARMONIA, Cherry Audio's most innovative and original virtual synthesizer instrument yet.

Preview of just some of the over 350 astounding presets included with Harmonia, including an excerpt from a demo track by Cherry Audio's Director of Sound Design, James Terris."

Critter & Guitari - RichFM for 201 Pocket Piano

video upload by Critter & Guitari

6-operator FM Synth mode for the 201 Pocket Piano!
The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Decay
Knob 2: Tone
Knob 3 : Synth preset selector. It selects from eight presets."

Aphex Twin, Tha - cover

video upload by fischek

"I've already done this cover back in 2007 [previously posted here], but decided to revisit with some new synths.

Moog Grandmother
Korg Wavestate
Korg KP3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 controlling Ableton
TC Electronic Hall of fame 2
Valhalla Shimmer"

Der erste Moog Synthesizer in Deutschland - SUPERGAIN TV 234

video upload by SUPERGAIN the guitar academy

You can enable captions by clicking on CC at the bottom of the player, followed by the gear icon, Subtitles, Auto-Translate, and your language.

"Ein Visionär! Eberhard Schoener hatte den ersten Moog Synthesizer mit Seriennummer 002 in Deutschland, den zuvor die Beatles auf 'Abbey Road' benutzten [siehe hier, und hier]. Ein Pionier der elektronischen Musik!

Aber der Synthesizer ist nur ein kleiner Teil seiner unglaublichen Geschichte: Förderer von Sting und The Police, Rock meets Classic u.A. mit Jon Lord, Geiger und Dirigent, Komponist von Opern und Filmmusik, und vieles mehr!"


"A visionary! Eberhard Schoener had the first Moog synthesizer in Germany, serial number 002, previously used by the Beatles on Abbey Road [see here, and here]. A pioneer of electronic music!

But the synthesizer is only a small part of its incredible history: promoter of Sting and The Police, Rock meets Classic and others. with Jon Lord, violinist and conductor, composer of operas and film scores, and much more!"

OCTAVE PLATEAU VOYETRA EIGHT - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale.

video upload by Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

The Stylophone BEAT - Take a 360 degree tour!

video upload by Stylophone

"Get right up close and check out all the features of the Stylophone BEAT!"

Also see: Introducing the Stylophone BEAT

TTMC Sequencer Card , KORG drumlogue SYNC OUT

video upload by Tokyo Tape Music Center

Hordijk Rungler to Buchla 296

video upload by Todd Barton

"Today's little experiment."

Expert Sleepers showcase at Signal Sounds, 24th August 2023

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"On 24th August 2023, Signal Sounds hosted Andrew Ostler of Expert Sleepers for a showcase performance and Q&A session."

Expert Sleepers showcase at Signal Sounds, 24th August 2023 - Part 2: Q&A

video upload by

Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 DIY Build and demo

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"Come and watch my build of the latest Elmyra noise and drone machine from Neutral Labs. Filled with far more modulation and melody than the original and all you have to do is solder in a fist full of patch sockets, knobs and switches."

Index - 0:00
What's in the kit - 2:31
Touchpads - 9:07
Pot rotational tag dismembering - 12:32
Eurorack power header - 13:25
USB power connector - 16:19
Buttons and caps - 17:58
Sockets and Pots - 20:32
LEDs - 26:00
Put on the front panel - 29:12
Soldering sockets and switches - 35:59
Soldering pots - 42:53
Soldering LEDs - 45:13
Headers - 52:01
Case power connector - 53:55
First test - 54:52
Firmware update - 59:47
Fixing it in the case and putting on the knobs - 1:03:48
Demo - 1:09:04
Conclusion - 1:17:41

Mixer? NoInputMixer! (first preview)

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"No-Input Mixing is an experimental technique for creating a wide range of amazing, otherworldly electronic sounds by feeding the mixer output back to the input, thereby making a feedback loop. This application models an analog mixing console and effects rack in detail, providing the ability to make a huge number of feedback configurations with additional effects.

A little more about the No-Input Mixing technique:

NoInputMixer app (iOS/Mac/Audio unit) - Coming soon!"

Sequential Prophet-6 Random Noise Ambient

video upload by Mush

untitled jam | novation circuit jam 001

video upload by Pocket Synth Jams

"a simple and minimal techno jam using my @NovationTV circuit! i'm still learning how to use this device. all sounds/patches are from the factory pack."

SYNTH WALL |Episode7| - "Summer Time"

video upload by LFOstore

"Summer time of live performances & jams!

In this episode we will immerse into melodic vibes of hot summer sun!

Live trance Piece played live with:

Roland System-8
Roland System-1
Novation UltraNova
Novation Circuit

Sounds for all this synths you can find on"

KORG DW-8000 - FB7999 VST "Analog Pearl" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore


Now avaliable in SYSEX and VST format for free plugin from Full Bucket:
You can download plugin here for FREE:

'Analog Pearl' Soundset is here! 64 custom patches for for wonderfull vintage machine.

Korg DW-8000 is a great 33 years old vintage synth with deep sound & midi onboard.

While some people thinking that interface is limited - we made deep vintage strings,
warm pads & swells,fat basses,prophet 5 style leads & musical bells and plucks & fx to show that this machine is Deep!

All the sounds in this song made 100% with DW with no external fx - only mixing volumes & a bit limiting on master section.

You will get 64 highly usable presets.
The patchbank comes as an audio file (wav) for the built in tape interface of your DW-8000/EX-8000. Included instructions how to load the bank. Also included is a patch list, to find the right sounds quickly."

SynthCone Planetoid & OmniPOP

video upload by SynthCone


SynthCone Astronaut

video upload by

"Space immersion with Planetoid and Woodblock synths run through Shift Line's Astronaut effect."

Behringer Polivoks Prototype

You might remember back in 2021, Behringer shared that they were working with Polivoks creator Vladimir Kuzmin.

Here's an image of the prototype in standard Behringer desktop & eurorack format.

"Two years ago Vladimir Kuzmin and Behringer entered into a collaboration to develop a new Polivoks synthesizer. Here now is the latest prototype, which is now undergoing thorough testing and hopefully the approval of Vladimir."

Sequential Circuits Studio 440 vintage sampler Mike Synth

video upload by Mikus Pilatus

TAMA DS200 drum synth disco toms TR-606 MikeSynth

video upload by Mikus Pilatus

Two New Waveshapers - August 2023

video upload by John Schussler

"New month, new modules.

I built the Wave Animator from the kit: it's very straightforward with a small part count and easy assembly.

I most certainly did not build the Foldiplier. It's got lots of parts and does not look to me like an easy project. (Zlob's web page rates its difficulty at 3.5/5)

They're both waveshapers, but with very different approaches. The Wave Animator is based on an Ian Fritz design that produces two pulses whenever it sees an input wave. The Foldiplier is a more "standard" wavefolder/harmonics generator, with the caveat that it has a feedback mode best described as 'pissed off.'

Both are quite fun.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Wave Animator
07:02 WA growly bits
12:45 Foldiplier
19:45 Foldiplier feedback"

Hordijk Five Snippets

video upload by Todd Barton

"I've used this same patch for the previous two video explorations. I will conclude and pull this patch now and move on. These three videos are a tribute to Rob Hordijk's genius: the fact that, without changing patch cables and only adjusting knobs, I can get such diverse characters of self-playing patches! I don't find this kind of range and variety on my other synths."

Crumar Bit99 + Wersi Wersivoice

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick demo of the Crumar BIT99 i fully serviced. In the frst part i flip through a few patches to let you hear how this one can sound, mainly for bass/lead/keyboards sounds. And in the second part I focus on pads and i run the synth through a custom built Wersi Wersivoice analog triple chorus. As you can hear i can turn the BIT99 into a great string machine and more.
Record with no other FX or treatment.
Pardon my playing, I'm better at servicing these instruments than playing them :-)"

via this auction

"Here is your chance to grab a unique combo in the form of 6 voice analog polysynth and a custom made BBD triple chorus ensemble effect.

The Crumar BIT99 was fully serviced:
- power supply electrolytic capacitors replaced
- voice board electrolytic capacitors replaced
- firmware upgraded with Tauntek one: you can now easily control and program the synth with any midi controller
- keyboard dismantled and contacts and bus bar cleaned
- meticulously calibrated
- panel board and case fully dismantled, cleaned and polished
- custom made real wood side end cheeks

It sounds, plays and looks awesome. It does has some wear and scuffs but it is in great condition.

The Wersivoice was custom built and is a great addition to any synth, analog or digital. It simply can turn anything into a great string machine, and more.
Very simple, no control: sound in sound out. There is a 3 positions switch with ON / MUTE / (true) BYPASS positions.
It runs directly from 230v.
Since it's DIY it doesn't look perfect."

BLEASS Fusion is a wavetable distortion

video upload by DATABROTH

"My review:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon"

Recording Live MIDI Drum parts

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"This video explores a technique that I researched this past week. Drums are my most proficient instrument, so this technique lets me record more natural "live" sounding drum parts into a DAW or Groovebox.

I'm using the Roland SPD-30 drum pads (a successor to the Octapad ). I'm not using the internal SPD-30 sounds, I'm just outputting the stream of MIDI notes.

I'm using the eMu XL-7 Command Station (groovebox) to record the MIDI notes as well as producing the sounds associated with those notes. The XL-7 is a great desktop Workstation platform. The sounds are great and there are so many hands on controls:

    16 knobs, plus volume and data encoder
    49 switches
    13 performance pads plus a ribbon controller

The rack mount successor to the XL-7 is the flagship eMu Proteus 2500."

Sequential Circuits Pro-One

via this auction

Additional Nightlife Electronics Listings

"The Sequential Pro-One (Vintage) has been tested and is in excellent working condition. It has been recently serviced at our Synthesizer Rejuvenation and Wellness Centre and given a clean bill of health."

Roland System-100 Model 101

via this auction

Additional Nightlife Electronics Listings

"The Roland System-100 Model 101 (Vintage) has been tested and is in excellent working condition. It has been recently serviced at our Synthesizer Rejuvenation and Wellness Centre and given a clean bill of health."

Roland System-100 Model 104 Sequencer

via this auction

Additional Nightlife Electronics Listings

"The Roland System-100 Sequencer (Vintage) has been tested and is in excellent working condition and comes with original box and accessories. It has been recently serviced at our Synthesizer Rejuvenation and Wellness Centre and given a clean bill of health."

Macbeth Elements SN 101

via this auction

Korg Mini Pops 3 & Korg Mini Pops 7

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

Update: video added.

via this auction

"2 Korg analog drum machines: the Minipops 3 and Minipops 7

Both units were serviced and partially recapped and are working and sounding as they should. Cosmetic the Mini pops 3 is in very good condition. The MP7 has the red lettering for second row of rhythm almost erased and it's missing the Mini Pops sticker. Case is hower in good condition.

Please note these are the Korg (Keio) genuine Mini Pops model, not the Univox SR55 and SR95."

Vermona Vintage Analog Synthesizer SN 212894

video upload by Kee Reel

via this auction

Reon Driftbox R MIDI SN 123

via this auction

"Reon (Pre KORG) Driftbox R MIDI. Driftbox Rs are fairly common, but this one is an original MIDI version. I have not seen another on the market. I imported this from England as a NOS. MIDI connectivity and full Modular CV allows this synth so much more flexibility than a standard Driftbox R.

Handmade in a small boutique in Japan using the best of the best components. The quality of the sound from this is fantastic--definitely next-level from mass-produced synths. The rarity of the MIDI version elevates this to collectable status." MIDI RECORDER demo 1

video upload by oZoe_fr

"Vidéo de démonstration du MIDI RECORDER
Option 'last interval' ou 'auto loop' automatique
Tous les sons produits le sont avec le Mask1 de Kodamo."

Automatic 'last interval' or 'auto loop' option
All sounds produced are with Kodamo's Mask1."

33- Arturia MiniFreak- Effects: Distortion

video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the distortion effect found on the Arturia MiniFreak."

Arturia MiniFreak demos by AutomaticGainsay

DUB-TECHNO Eurorack Micro-System

video upload by

"If you are a fan of techno, but also enjoy ambient music, todays video is right up your alley! Today we are exploring the world of atmospheric, ethereal and spacey dub techno, bridging the gap between dance and background music. For the first time we will show you how to create multi oscillator voice chords using the Godspeed and Furthrrrr generator, processed by dark and tape-like delay on the Ghost!"

Tiptop Audio & Buchla - Fake Delay & Bouncing Ball

video upload by Stazma

"Hello there!
Today I'll share with you a classic modular synth patch that I really enjoy using, it's also a great exercise to get a feel for how VCA's and envelopes can work together. It's actualy just one of the many ways you can patch this, wich will use any sound source (258t here) with the 281t, 257t and 292t as the main building blocks (you can of course patch this with similar modules). I like it in the Buchla contect as you can play with 292t modes and get different sounds this way.
Anyway, I hope this will be helpful. Have fun."

8/24/23 Technosaurus Cyclodon sequences Microcon + CXM 1978 (nine-cornered bridge)

video upload by Cfpp0


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