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Monday, September 07, 2015

Sequencing Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round on a Linn 9000

Published on Sep 7, 2015 javd007

"Hey guys, I decided to cover Dead or Alives single You Spin Me Round. Im a huge fan of Stock and Aitkens work in the mid 80s. I tried to be as faithful as possible, using the same equipment as the duo used. Hope you enjoy. There is a link below for a HQ version of my cover."

Micro Ion Analysis - Self generating soundscape

Published on Sep 7, 2015 A Box In The Sea

"I don't own a sequencer per se. The closest I have is the Brain Seed which has the option to be controlled and triggered by CV. I have nothing against self generating patches but I feel more like a programmer rather than playing with expression. So while the patch is generative I'm controlling (tonally) it and Alchemy with the Linnstrument which allows for the most amazing 3D expression.

Nebulae, Braids, Phonogene, Clouds, Ultra Random Analog, 3 Sisters, Brain Seed, G8, Alchemy, Soundscaper and the Linnstrument."

Yamaha CS-5 Analog Synthesizer SN 2707

via this auction

"The synth has been overhauled, all capacitors replaced, all pots and switches cleaned and calibrated to specs. Everything works 100%"

Logic Pro X drummer test

Published on Sep 7, 2015 SynthMania

"A ditty to test Logic Pro X's 'drummer' app. All instruments were recorded straight into Logic, utilizing the program's plugins and amp emulations. The Emulator strings also have Alesis MidiVerb II Bloom.
Apple Logic Pro X
Squier Vintage Modified Precision PJ bass
Epiphone 1966 G-400 PRO guitar
E-mu Emulator"

Audio Damage ADM10 Kompressor Overview...

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Audio Damage, Inc.

"This is a quick(ish) look at our ADM10 Kompressor module.

More information available at"

"Kompressor is, as the name implies, a DSP-based buss compressor for the Eurorack format, with two operating modes: true stereo, or mono with sidechain. Equally at home taming your master outputs or drum mix, or sidechain-pumping a bass or synth line, Kompressor brings our incredibly popular dynamics code, used in many of our plug-in products (including Rough Rider, Rough Rider Pro, and Kombinat Dva), in to the realm of hardware.

» The THRESH knob controls threshold (sensitivity) level, from 0dB to -60dB.

» RATIO is a scaled control. The first half of the rotation goes from 1:1 to 1:10, and from 12 o'clock to fully clockwise, it goes from 1:10 to 1:1000 (infinite).

» The SPEED knob controls both the attack and release of the dynamics. At fully anti-clockwise, attack is 5ms and release is 50ms. At fully clockwise, attack is 100ms and release is 500ms.

» The MAKEUP knob adds gain to the final signal to compensate for attenuation in the compressor, from 0dB to +30dB. This leads directly to a soft-knee saturation stage; overdriving this stage provides everything from a mild "tube-like" saturation sound to full-on distortion, depending on the settings of the compressor stage.

» The MODE switch determines the unit's style of operation. In L/R mode, Kompressor is true stereo, while in M/SC mode, the LEFT input and output are the monophonic compressor. If a cable is plugged in to the RIGHT input, then the sidechain mode is activated, and the RIGHT input's level controls the gain reduction. The RIGHT input signal is passed through to the RIGHT output, for convenience's sake.

» Kompressor is a DSP-based effect that runs at 48kHz sample rate and 24 bit depth, via a high quality Cirrus-Logic codec.

» USB port (on the PCB board) for easy firmware updates.

» High-quality 100% Made In The USA construction, including panel-bolted 100,000-cycle BI potentiometers and custom stamped Rogan knobs.

» Power draw is 40ma from the +12V rail and 9ma from the -12V rail. This module has an on-board regulator and does not require +5V. Module depth is 25mm.

» Kompressor, like all Audio Damage hardware products, includes our lifetime unconditional warranty."

Ice Machine - Depeche Mode cover intro

Published on Sep 7, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Just a snippet of what could be a cover version of Depeche Mode's "Ice Machine." This track is my favorite song by them and so I decided to see what I could do with my gear. The notes aren't entirely accurate, but it was fun to do anyway.
Original song copyright 1981 Mute Records."

KORG MS2000, Arturia MiniBrute & KORG EMX-1.

Vintage KORG MS-10 SN 135329

via this auction

Cool patch cables.

Some details on this one from the listing:

"I plugged it in and messed around with it for about 10 minutes the other day. the only issues I could find were: the highest key all the way to the right sticks sometimes (note it is bent or angled up a bit. someone was telling me that there might be some rubber back there that needs to be replaced), and a couple knobs are a little static-y . Also, of the four screws holding the faceplate on, the one in the lower right corner seems loose, like it is stripped behind there or something.

fun vintage synth. previously owned by Carla Torgerson of the Walkabouts.

measures approx. 19 5/8 inches by 12 1/8 inches by 9 7/8 inches.

little red light blinks/works.

some cosmetic issues/wear. see pictures. I could have cleaned it up a little better before taking pictures, but there you go."

Electro Faustus Blackfly - First Impressions w/ Sub Phatty & Eurorack Modular

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Swan Messiah

Moog Voyager S&H Sync

Published on May 17, 2015 Synth Jam

"Test - Sample & Hold synced with Doepfer MCV 1 Midi to CV interface
Test - EHX V 256 Vocoder"

This one reminded me of ebotronix. Reggae synth music.

Forgotten World

Published on Jun 27, 2015 Synth Jam

"Nothing to experiment only for fun."

Synth Jam - 1 - 4

Published on Oct 20, 2014 Synth Jam

Moog Voyager
DSI Prophet 08
Novation Bass Station 2
Roland TB 3
Moog Little Phatty
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Akai VX 90
Jomox Airbase 99
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
Moog MF Delay
Lexicon MX 300
TC Electronic M 350

Cosmosf Saturn v2

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Sinan Bokesoy

"The new upgrade v2 of CosmosÆ’ vSaturn and CosmosÆ’ Fx is a total improvement in structure, precision and optimisation for impeccable sonic quality."

E-mu Drumulator original factory patterns

Published on Sep 7, 2015 SynthMania

BASTL Instruments "Will Always Patch You"

via @_weliveincities

"Slick Whitney/swag with @bastlinstrument modules"

Snazzy Fx: snazzy fx row--system generated musics

Published on Sep 7, 2015 snazelle
Update: video re-published.

"Someone asked me recently if the telephone game can be used as a random cv module ....Boy can it !

In fact in this patch, the telephone game is providing five different cvs and the tempo, the relative cv offsets, the feedback, and the analog looping all allow the "player " to guide the patch in interesting ways"

Moog SUB PHATTY Explorations 2

Published on Sep 7, 2015 matrixsynth

Set to HD for best quality.

This video is a bit long for what it is, but there are some sweat spots so I went ahead and uploaded it. The SUB PHATTY is being sequenced by StepPolyArp on an original iPad. One sequence throughout. Dry signal up to 1:42 and then liberal effects - mainly reverb & phaser. As always, just tweaking and exploring sound. Think of these more like enjoying flavors of sound rather than compositions of music. A bit like sonic wine tasting! :) Remember to set it to HD otherwise your will be denying your sonic palate!

Follow-up to Moog SUB PHATTY Explorations 1.

Vintage Roland SH-1 Analog Synthesizer

via this auction


Published on Sep 7, 2015 Morgan Karlsson

"SQ1 controlling MFOS Ultimate & Expander. Syncing the VCO's."

Abends spazieren gehen

Published on Sep 6, 2015 Morgan Karlsson

All sounds are the KORG MS20.

Synth bass line examples

Published on Sep 7, 2015 SynthMania

"Synth bass line examples (bass sound: Roland Alpha Juno-2; drums, sequencing: Roland W-30)"

ALM011 'Akemie's Castle'

ALM011 'Akemie's Castle' from ALM on Vimeo.

"Akemie's Castle digital FM dual VCO overview video.

The video demonstrates some of the extremely wide pallette of tones the module is capable of from blissful sine waves to rawkus noise.

All sounds are produced by the module directly recorded with no post processing.

See for more info."

Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo #1

Published on Sep 7, 2015 sonicstate

"The first in a series of patch demos using the Abstract Data OctoController. The Abstract Data Octocontroller is a multi-function generator which can offers: Control, Modulation, Triggering and Pattern generation. it has 8 simultaneous Outputs and 12, individually assignable, Output types.

Output and Modulation types include Pulses, Gates, LFOs, Digital Noise, Loopable S&H modes and a collection of Arpeggios and Rhythmic Loops."

Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo #2

Published on Sep 16, 2015 sonicstate

"Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo #2 The second is this series of patch demos"

OBSX MIDIControl Accessory Demo

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Michael E Caloroso

"The MIDIControl is an accessory that turns your Oberheim "preset only" OB-SX into a fully editable analog synthesizer. You just use any MIDI controller that can send MIDI CC messages as the editor. The accessory plugs into the computer port on the rear panel of the OB-SX and you plug the MIDI cable from your controller into the box.

They have a rev2c model that adds storage of user patches.

(I have no affiliation nor do I receive any compensation)"

Oberheim OBSX Demos by Michael E Caloroso

Published on Oct 15, 2014 Michael E Caloroso

"Preset demos of my restored Oberheim OBSX. Some are good, some are cheesy (remember they started making these in 1980). Showing how tweaking of the panel can slightly or drastically alter the preset sounds. Recorded direct with stereo effects post processing, no wimpy camera mics. Webpage for this synth and my other gear at"

Oberheim OBSX Demo 1 - 6.

Devo - That's Good (chisel316 cover)

Published on Sep 7, 2015 chisel316

"Here's my live rendition of one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. I hope you enjoy it!

Peace \/

lead synth - Korg MS-20 mini
bass synth - MFB Kraftzwerg (Eurorack)
poly synth - Kontakt Retro Machines mk2
other synth - Arturia MicroBrute
drums/claps - Ableton Live
controller keyboard - E-MU XBoard 61
other controller - Korg Kaossilator Pro+
recording gear - IK Multimedia iRig2 into Samsung S5 (direct recording)"

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth - Strng

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"This week: Strng Synthesizer from Erik Sigth. What is Strng?

"Strng is a string synthesiser inspired by the karplus-strong alghorithm. The physical modelling starts with a short burst of noise that then guided by a tuned delay buffer and string tension filter, generates plucked string like sounds. No samples are used. Strng is 16 voice polyphonic and can be controlled with an in app 25 key chromatic keyboard or connect prefered midi controller through USB or Wifi. To further shape the sound two post effects are available, a ping-pong stereo delay and two channel resonant filter controlled by two LFOs."


via this auction

Yamaha CS 50

via this auction

"Yamaha CS-50 Analog Synthesizer Nearly Mint Condition

Another very rare treat from the South Florida Estate sale

Exterior and interior of unit is in excellent condition, see pictures

Unit is US 120 VAC

Everything works, Keyboard is functioning perfectly, all switches and sliders are working perfectly

This piece is very difficult to find especially in this condition with all exterior parts

Case is in great condition and all the chrome legs and other parts are included and are in great condition"

Roland CSQ-100 sequencer demo

Published on Sep 7, 2015

"CSQ-100 demo with a Roland SH-101 an a Boss DR-550e."

via this auction

SN 952789

BS2 (Elektron Machinedrum, Roland SH-32)

Published on Sep 7, 2015 northwestpassage

"Machinedrum in Song Mode controlling SH-32 in 4-part multitimbral mode. 1-6 internal drum tracks, 7-14 MIDI tracks (not all used for this one), 15-16 input tracks for SH-32."


Published on Sep 7, 2015 ux256


littleBits improvisation #6

Published on Sep 7, 2015 organfairy

"I think this is the darkest piece of music I have ever made. I experimented with modulating a VCO with another VCO that was modulated by a third VCO and used as a modulation source for a VCF. The rhytm is a slow sawtooth wave processed by a VCF modulated by another slow sawtooth wave. And finally there is a deep bass drone buzzing in the background."

littleBits on eBay

No matter what - Gattobus & Millolab

Published on Sep 7, 2015 millolab

"Composed, arranged and performed by Emilio Sapia (Millolab) and Gianni Proietti (Gattobus). Headphones highly recommended.

Millolab Gear:
Waldorf Blofeld, Korg Ms2000, Mpc500.

Gattobus Gear:
Eurorack modular synthesizer: Makenoise, Verbos, Mutable Instruments, Cwejman, CG Products, SSF, ALM BC, Intellijel, Toppobrillo. Korg SDD3000 Delay, Eventide Space Reverb"

Mini Modular test

Published on Sep 7, 2015 zaphid

Mini Modular test 2

4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator 1st Test

Published on Sep 7, 2015 PaulLawlerMusic

"Very first basic test of the 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator.
I have an LFO slightly modulating the pitch of the Telharmonic as my audio input. An LFO sweeps through the Rotate function on the 4ms which runs on 2 scales in the video. The first is the Gamma Scale, and then I change this to the Mesopotamian half way through. Everything is then output to Clouds."

Hard Journey(MicroKorg,MoroderNova,Korg Volca Series+Beatstep Pro)

Published on Sep 7, 2015 Metatron's Cube

"You've spent years toiling, working, and calculating. All to get to Mars under the radar of the Sol System Confederation of Planets. No human has made a solo space flight from the planets surface in over 100 years. With all the strict resource and information management this type of technology is normally out of the average persons reach. Refurbishing this old museum rust bucket was the only option. Let's hope it doesn't rip apart trying to break atmosphere. Thanks for watching/listening!
Gear pile:
Korg MicroKORG (Strymon Bigsky "Bloom" setting)
Novation MoroderNova
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Korg Volca Bass (Korg Kp3 LCR Delay)
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca Beats
Mackie Mix12FX
BBE Sonic Maximizer
M-Audio M-Track(24bit 48kHz)
Presonus One ver2(track mastering)
Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine
Slate Digital Virtual Mix-rack"

Korg Arp Odyssey Bassline with Strymon and Eventide

Published on Mar 12, 2015 GEOSynths

"Just a follow up video focusing on a simple bassline, adding fx to the Arp Odyssey from Eventide H9 and Strymon Deco. Filter modulated (in part) by EHX 8 Step."

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