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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Disgruntled Machines (Korg Electribe 2 & Roland System 1m)

Published on Sep 16, 2015 HardtekStudios

Love the look of the System-1m in the video.

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
Trying out some new camera work so tell me what you think of multiple shots in one video. This jam features the Korg Electribe 2 playing drums & backing synths and sequencing the Roland Aira System 1m."

Roland JD-XA Sequences and Sound Design pt-1

Published on Sep 16, 2015 iVardensphere

"Here are my first three patches on the new Roland JD-XA. It's a phenomenal synthesizer. It sounds great and is really quite flexible. You're bound to see some of this material on my next iVardensphere release. :)

Best heard on a sound system with decent low end.

Patch 1: Primarily sticks to the 4 analog voices with the exception of some sitar and a little flavour sweetener.

Patch 2: Just some old school industrial, coldwave style. A mix of analog and digital voices for all percussive, rhythmic and melodic parts.

Patch 3: Strictly the digital voices, modulation and FX to create some really interesting rhythmic and bass driven sounds.

All the audio is recorded from the stereo outs and is without further processing or layering. What you hear is what you get."

LinnStrument & Bitwig Studio 1 2

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Roger Linn

Update: Roger Linn let me know the video isn't ready to go live yet. When it does I'll let you know via a new post.  Leaving this post up so people don't have to wonder what happened to it.

"A demo of LinnStrument playing Bitwig Studio 1.2's Polysynth, containing Multidimensional Polyexpression (MPE), enabling independent X, Y and Z control of each touch."

Constanze M 757

Constanze M 757 from Peter Speer on Vimeo.

"Clouds, scanning through two seconds' worth of 'Requiem;' RF Nomad peering into the shortwave; homemade inductor amplifying a phone's thought process.

September, 2015"

First Moments With The Modal 001

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Mike Kiraly

"First day with the new Modal Electronics 001. Creating some new patches for a sound design project. Some real potential in this synth."

Gurus Amps Echosex 2 Tube Delay Pedal (w/ Jupiter-6, TE Pocket Ops, and Korg Mono/Poly)

Published on Sep 16, 2015 perfectcircuitaudio

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

MFB Dominion I Custom Patches

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Wavestrike Electronics

MFB Dominion I
Elektron Analog RYTM
Zoom MS-70CDR Reverb

Alina String Ensemble for iOS Now Available

iTunes: Alina String Ensemble - insideout ltd.

See the video here.

50% OFF SALE!!

Alina String Ensemble is a musical keyboard application for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that simulates the Solina String Ensemble. The sound is in reference to Solina String Ensemble (Serial number "SERIES 22, No.0093158”) manufactured by N.V. EMINENT BODEGRAVEN HOLLAND in the 70’s. You are sure to be surprised at the real sound generated from this App.

- Pre-loaded with 6 instruments including Viola, Violin, Brass, Horn, Cello, Contra Bass
- 49key, 4-octave Keyboards with scrollable
- iOS7/8 compatible
- Optimized appearance on iPhone 6/6 Plus
- Core MIDI and MIDI over Bluetooth LE compatible
- Supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (requires iOS 7 or later)
- Scrollable Keyboard & dual Keyboards(Only iPad)
- BASS tone(Cello, Contra Bass) is assigned on lowest 20 keys
- Built-in Reverb that simulates a spring reverb
- Vibrato that can adjust the rate and depth

Special thanks: Jun Kawabata courtesy of AIRPLANE LABEL & Studio Peach Blue Peach"

Doepfer MS-404 - Part 02 [cut]

Published on Sep 16, 2015 batchas

"Testing sounds on the MS-404."

Bubblesound to Release Dual Version of the SeM20

Bubblesound is coming out with a dual version of their SEM eurorack module based on the Oberheim SEM filter, "with the resonance section of the MS20 grafted on for extra bite and the input section modified to overdrive the signal, much like on the OSCar." The Dual SeM20 manages to put two of them in a single compact module without sacrificing features or sound.

Bubblesound tells us that the module is slated to arrive as soon as next week.

Click on the pic to read the details.

20150916 Modular Jam with Braids' new CYMB algo

Published on Sep 16, 2015 yanGVideoOut

via Mutable Instruments:


Raw material for cymbal sound synthesis, as inspired by the TR-808 circuits. COLOR controls the balance between a droning sum of square waves and noise. TIMBREcontrols the cutoff of a band-pass filter applied on the resulting signal."

Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo #2

Published on Sep 16, 2015 sonicstate

"Abstract Data Octocontroller Patch Demo #2 The second is this series of patch demos"

Part 1 here.

Elektron Overbridge Demo at Control Voltage in Portland this Thursday

via Control Voltage

"Join us this Thursday for an Overbridge demo by Elektron's Devon Hughes @ 7pm followed by performances by Portland's tabla/synth superwoman Neybuu and then Dr. Strangeknob plus maybe a special guest or two...

See you soon!

Control Voltage
3742 N Mississippi Ave, 97227
9/17/15 from 7-10pm
Free, no RSVP req'd
Complimentary beverages"

AVP Synth ADB-5 mixed with Estradin Solaris 314 and Formanta Polivoks

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Avp Synth

"In this video you can hear the AVP Synth ADB-5 Analog Drum Box spiced up with the Estradin Solaris 314 - chords/strings/sequences and Formanta Polivoks - bass and sequences.

Effects and some compression has been used" Drum Programming (w Korg SQ-1)

Published on Sep 16, 2015 mootbooxle

"Here is a fully analogue drum machine, created by sequencing a Modular Synthesizer with a Korg SQ-1 step sequencer. I'm basically only demonstrating the different things you can do on the fly with the sequencer, with a brief description of how the patch was made.

Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel to see more synth and musical videos! I have a lot more in the works.

Sights and sounds copyright 2015 Moot Booxle Studios."

THE BATELEUR VCO - Through-Zero FM Analysis with Oscilloscope

Published on Sep 16, 2015 birdkids

"TB VCO = carrier
E440 = modulator

Eureka! It goes CLAAANG!"

Modular Music Days 2015 - Birdkids Performance

Published on Sep 16, 2015

"This was the Birdkids Performance at Modular Music Days in Linz.

Birdkids is an austrian modular manufactor from Vienna."

DSP Synthesizer Builds the noob Mini Solina String Synth with Clavia Nord Looks

Codename "Solina" Published on Aug 11, 2015

"The JANO String Synthesizer running on a Arduino NANO."

Update: You can find DSP Synthesizer at

via Jan of DSP Synthesizer:

"Because of all the hype with Reface and now Boutique I spent my holiday building a minikey rerelease of the Eminent Solina string synth.

Featuring 37 minikeys and only 3 knobs, Modulation, Ensemble and Envelope, it sounds like the original.

It features a gate output like the original so that the sound can be externaly processed.

And the best of all, I open sourced it for anyone to build.

Check it out at Muffs [where you'll find the code]


"It's a Solina String synth running on an Arduino Nano with 37 minikeys, LFO-mod, phaser and envelope.

You can't buy this but it's still a DSP Synthesizer Product.


Connection for Sylenth Cinematic Soundbank

"‘Connection’ for Sylenth is an experimental, cinematic soundbank. It contains 60 carefully engineered high quality presets to bring you unique timbres for use in all your electronic music and movie scoring applications.
Beautiful pads, haunted atmospheres, piercing textures, mechanic sequences and avant-garde effects will provide inspiration to any producer seeking contemporary, experimental sound with a dash of retro nostalgia.
Movie scores in genres such Sci-Fi, suspense and horror will benefit most from this preset pack, but the provided sounds can also be used to great success in music, including ambient, electronica, downtempo and even EDM as intro or breakdown layers.

Created by Adam Pietruszko [], a specialist in cinematic synthesizer programming and sample library production, to bring unsurpassed, extravagant timbre to your works."

Reaktor Blocks Videos by Cray

Reaktor spits Published on Sep 14, 2015 Cray

System 63 Modular for Reaktor 6

System 63 teaser Reaktor 6 Blocks compatible CV modular

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Flux302 of

" is proud to present a Labor of love.
System 63 is a complete Modular synth with audio rate modulation and a host of Modules to choose from. this has been in the works for 3 years. with the recent update to Reaktor and the release of Blocks (which borrows heavily from the System 63 format) you can now easily inter patch between blocks and system 63 then out to your eurorack modular. Stay tuned for the release date and more information!"

Bytewise Operator Demo 1 Overview/Waveshaping

Published on Sep 16, 2015 boogdish

"This is a demo of a new synthesizer module I've designed. PCBs, panels and microcontrolelrs available for DIY synth builders, visit for more information"

Bytewise Operator Demo 2, Sequencing

KORG MS-20 SN 143980 with Original Leather Case

via this auction

"Up for sale is vintage KORG MS-20 Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer. This is the original classic patchable monophonic synth that made its debut in 1978.

The unit appears to be working fine, all the keys and knobs and switches worked well to the best of my knowledge. There is a slight scratch noise on some of the knobs, with slight unstable pitch on a few of the keys at times, which could probably do with some adjustment/servicing if required."

Yusynth Analog Modular Synthesizer in Eurorack Format

via this auction

"Built this summer 2015. The cabinet is made of veneered chipboard with dimensions 25 x 60 x 35 (H x W x D) [cm]. Modules are powered by switched power supply inside the cabinet which is placed in the cover. Cover prevents heating from power supply inside cabinet. Ventilating is ensured by the vent in the bottom and vent in the rear ensuring circulation air inside the covered place. At the rear is connection for 230 VAC power and the power main switch.

Installed modules:

2x VCO
1V/oct. characteristics
Sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse outputs
Linear, exponential FM inputs
Sync input

1x ARP 4072 VCF
Legendary ARP filter clone
Cutoff, resonance controls
Two modulation inputs with controls
Two signal inputs with controls

1x LFO
Two speed modes
Sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse outputs
PW control
FM input with control

1x Noise and S/H module
White, pink noise outputs
Random signal output
Sample and hold module with rate and glide controls
External clock inputs

2x ADSRs
Fast envelopes
Attack, decay, sustain, release controls
Normal and inverted outputs
Two gate inputs

1x VCA
Gain control
Input signal 1 control
Control signal 1 control
Two inputs

More info about modules can be obtained on website"

Evol Fucifier Distortion Synthesizer

via this auction

"Described as a Distortion Synthesizer, Evol Audio's Fucifier is a striking overdrive/distortion processor that features an analogue filter, tape simulation, a vintage germanium preamp and an inductor‑based equaliser. Although not a synthesizer in the usual sense, the Fucifier (pronunciation "deliberately vague”) aims to deliver a tempting menu of grunge and deep, fat saturation to satisfy even the most demanding firestarter, industrial‑noise merchant or metalhead..."

See the listing for the full description pulled from Sound on Sound. See the Evol Audio channel below for previous posts including video.

Those knobs remind me of the clear Gleeman Pentaphonic.


via this auction

Vintage Arp Synthizser And Keyboard Model 3604-P SN 26678

via this auction

"Vintage ARP 2600 synthesizer with ARP keyboard model 3604-P
Serial number as seen in photo
One knob missing (left speaker) all others present
patch cords included
Several slight scratches on Cases
No lids/covers
Has been in house for 30 years never used
I know very little about this equipment.
Nice condition"

VGM #50: SMB Ghost House (Super Mario Maker)

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Ace Waters

"I can't believe I have done 50 VGM covers! Got bit by the Mario Maker bug, and just had to do a cover of the brand new, Super Mario Bros Ghost House music made specifically for Mario Maker! Hope you enjoy!"

Reaktor Blocks Love Eurorack

Reaktor Blocks Love Eurorack from listentoaheartbeat on Vimeo.

"A bunch of Bento Box 8 Steps sequencers disturbing each other and controlling a Eurorack modular synthesizer. All sequencing and modulation coming from Reaktor Blocks, except for some humble human interaction. Maschine joins the party with bass drum, hi-hats, and rim shot.

All control signals from Reaktor Blocks are directly routed to the Eurorack modular synthesizer via DC-coupled converters (Expert Sleepers ES-3).

No quantization used on the hardware side. The pitch scaling in Reaktor Blocks (value of 0.1/oct) plays nicely with the ES-3. Since its output voltage range is roughly ±10 V you get approximately 1 V/oct. Obviously tracking is not perfectly accurate without calibration - in my case it was off 1 semitone over 4 oct."

CV Conversion via 257r Buchla DIY

Published on Sep 16, 2015 djangosfire

"Very quick example of using a 257r Dual Voltage Processor module to convert and scale 1V/oct CV from a Serge... into a 1.2V/oct Buchla format scale.

It works - it's easy - just don't bump your knobs !! :)

- Adam"

New Ubu Noir Mu-Tron clone with Acidlab Drumatix

Published on Sep 16, 2015 ] Duplan [

"This is a pedal made by my neighbour who... makes pedals under the name of UBU NOIR
It's a Mu-Tron III clone and it sounds real good !"

Note this is the first UBU NOIR post on the site. Great name!

Acid Rytm Test

Published on Sep 16, 2015 BoBSwanS

"This is a kit provided by Adam Jay on the Elektronauts forum in this thread

The kit was made to show the analog sounds that are achievable from this lovely Drum Machine.
This is just me messing with it along with Audiorealism's ABL 2 with a bit of external reverb and a Memory man with Hazarai on the 303.
I take no credit for the sounds coming out of the Rytm, this is Adam's kit. I made the 4 bar pattern and the 303 pattern

Big thanks to Adam Jay for passing it onto the forum and for creating this lovely analog drum kit

Check out his live Rytm and Analog 4 set here

I have only had my Rytm for a month and its pretty damn impressive!"

Today's Synthetic Jam

Published on Sep 16, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Sequence using the MOTM-440 MU filter, some percussion via the Vermona DRM1 and the Analog Solutions Leipzig-s, plus a melodic arpeggiated tone via the Arturia Minibrute."

Rheyne - Live Jam #131

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Rheyne

"Live looping with Ableton Live. Recorded in one take with no pre-recorded loops or samples."

MFB Tanzbär+ Vermona Perfourmer + Cirklon

Published on Sep 16, 2015 dresseduplunch

"jamming around with my new vermona perfourmer and a friends MFB tanzbär..

equipment used:
MFB tanzbär (drumcomputer)
sequentix cirklon (sequencer)
vermona perfourmer MK2 (synthesizer)
jomox T-resonator (effects)
korg kaosspad KP3 (effects)
mackie 1402 VLZ3 (mixer)"

Kick.S Live / Korg ELECTRIBE MX&xOxbOx&AcidlabMiami X939

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Kick.S

Acidlab Miami
electro harmonix memory boy
electro harmonix Cathedral

Elektron. My daughter plays with Machindrum. 2008.

Published on Sep 16, 2015 Nicholas Lem

"It is archive video record (2007-2008.). My daughter plays with Elektron Machindrum mk1 and Monomachine mk1."

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