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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Two New Cards for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP

Grain de Filie - The seeds of madness, grain synthesis engine for the Z-DSP.

Tim Fabric - Rotating tape head pitch shifting delay lines for the Z-DSP.

Testing Quantum VJ with Korg Monotribe

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Alexander Zolotov

From Alexander Zolotov, the creator of Sunvox & more:

"Quantum VJ is a glitch-style 8-bit pendant and audio visualizer. Any audio source can be connected to this device through the jack plug (3.5mm). It also can visualize some electromagnetic interference and the "soul modulations" of the owner when the audio ports are not connected. There are nine display modes that can be switched by the button."

Waveform City Podcast Episode 37 Bastl Insturments

Dapayk & the Elektron Analog Rytm

Published on Nov 3, 2015 Dapayk Solo

"Here's a little Techhouse jam I recorded... Filmed in Canyamel, Mallorca."

Elements // Telharmonic // Rene // Vectr // Planar

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Mike Kiraly

"Checking out the sound of the Mutable Instruments Elements. Pitch sequenced via the Make Noise Rene. Modulations via Hack Me Vectr and Intellijel Planar. Triggers and clocks from the TipTop Audio Trigger Riot."

Roli Dashboard for RISE - Intro

Roli Dashboard for RISE - Intro from Jochen Bohnes on Vimeo.

ARP ODYSSEY - Marc Doty Inside

Published on Nov 4, 2015 ARP

"Marc Doty brings us a brief history of the ARP Odyssey and how together with the original design team KORG brought the iconic analog synthesizer back to market complete with sound demos."

Update: all parts here.

Circuit Shifter (Novation Circuit)

Published on Nov 4, 2015 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
New Circuit jam featuring a neat trick with the delay. On most machines the delay time is controlled with a knob, but on the Circuit you get several timing of delay from 16 buttons/pads. So instead of morphing from one delay time to another, you can jump from one timing to a completely different timing. This creates a unique effect of the delay trying to catch up to the new timing. Bottom line is it sounds kewl and kinda glitchy in a rhythmic way."

Pjhhu-3 (live Electro-House jam)

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Peter Maas

"Pjhhu-3 (Live Electro-House jam) featuring the Roland TR-606, TR-707 and TR-808 in drums. Roland MC-202, Moog Minitaur and Sequential Circuits ProOne on synth voices.

Inspired by older I-F, Legowelt and Doppler Effect work."

Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer "Novemberblues"

Published on Nov 4, 2015 RetroSound

"(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer (1979)
drums: Roland TR-808 (1982)
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: a bit reverb and delay"

Electribe 2 | Ambient IX

Published on Nov 4, 2015 r beny

"Ninth ambient jam on the Korg Electribe 2. All sounds/effects from the E2, one take."

AniModule M1xXOR teaser

Published on Nov 4, 2015 JRock17991's channel

"Quick and dirty teaser of the capabilities of the upcoming M1xXOR module. To be released very shortly! I'll get a nicer vid together too ;)"

The First Look (ARP 2600 Blue Marvin) (1971) - Don Muro

Published on Nov 4, 2015 jd wall

Improvisation II - DSI Prophet 08 and EHX Cathedral

Published on Nov 4, 2015 SYNTHWAY

"This is an improvisation on a theme with the amazing DSI Prophet 08 and EHX Cathedral reverb. They sound nice together...

The sound is an ambient pad, using both layers, therefore leaving me 4 voices of polyphony, which isn't exactly enough. Anyway, I think I managed to extract musicality out of it.

Not my best work, but I liked the result and decided to share with you guys. Thank you for watching!"

"Prophet 6 Factory Sequences Part 5" Presets 60's-70's

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Bob I. Gomez

Moog Musonics MiniMoog

via this auction

"This listing is for a vintage Moog MuSonics Minimoog analog synthesizer. Classic synth excelling in fat basses and leads, effects, etc. Fully serviced and excellent working order. Power cable has been replaced with standard IEC 3-prong type."

Overhauled White Odyssey Mk 1 2800 with Mods

via this auction

"Completely refurbished 1973 Odyssey Mk 1 2800 with 4023 filter. Versatile built in NEA aftertouch module($1200 installed) added.Extensive reconditioning( 30 hrs) includes the following:
Keyboard bus bars replaced
Rubber key bushings replaced
Power supply replaced with new Power One linear PSU
Old power chord replaced
All sliders removed , cleaned, polished, rebuilt. All bad carbon traces replaced.
All polarized capacitors replaced
All op amps and CMOS 4011 ICs replaced
Both VCOs completely rebuilt
Decoupling capacitors added to eliminate bleed from VCOs and S&H mixer on oscillator boards
Unit tuned and calibrated
Aftertouch sensor added to keybed
Aftertouch electronics added to panel
Switch routing Aftertouch LFO to S&H clock installed
ADSR and LFO single/multi-trigger mod added.
External audio input to the filter

Aftertouch can be routed to VCO1, VCO2,VCF, and VCA using front panel controls. Aftertouch mod also has its own triangle and square LFO .The switch added to the left of the keyboard allows the sample and hold clock speed to be modulated by Aftertouch. There is also a single/ dual trigger switch installed above the noise generator for the ADSR envelope which disables the retriggerring of the LFO(LFO free run)."

Black & Orange ARP 2061 Synthesizer SN 0718 with Keyboard

via this auction

Midi synchronicity

Published on Nov 4, 2015 rezzy blips

SunVox: Snowfall (by NightRadio)

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Alexander Zolotov

"Made in SunVox modular synthesizer:
Download track:"

iTunes: SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Patch Demos by Paul Dither

Published on Nov 2, 2015 Paul Dither

"A couple of sounds for the Pro 2. No effects added."


mother from Sleepwalk on Vimeo.

"simple repetitive Moog Mother 32 sequence with some modular drums and extra atmosphere"

Moog Modular 55 Lego Set

Moog Modular 55

Vote for Lego to make them here!

Another great set via andy g @grobie

You can also vote for his Minimoog Lego set here [previous post].

On the Moog 55 set:

"The synthesizer that started it all...The Moog System Modular Synthesizer, represented here by the widely-known 55 model.

In 1964, Dr. Robert Moog showed the first of his modular synthesizers to the world, and over the next few years transformed the emerging world of electronic music synthesis by taking a keyboard-based approach to the controlled manipulation of electronic sounds. The Moog 55 and subsequent models made their way into universities, concert stages, and recording studios around the world.

In a modular synthesizer, various electronic components such as voltage-controlled oscillators, amplifiers, filters, and envelopes are "patched" together in various ways by hardware cables, allowing the composer or player to a world of new sonic possibilities. Since the instrument is modular, various components can be swapped out, replaced, or upgraded to suit the needs of the musician.

This Lego-ified version of the Moog 55 has swappable black panels full of components, dials, and audio jacks that can be connected in various ways. Obviously, the elements are only meant to suggest the qualities of the various modular components, and the owner of this set could customize the cabling and dial and jack placement to their heart's content."

Novation MiniNova Play Around

Published on Nov 4, 2015 AiynZahevSounds

"Just mucking about with the Novation MiniNova"

BeatLove live @ home studio

Published on Nov 3, 2015 WeBeatLove

"Image and Edit: Rafa Camacho
Audio: Yamaha Pocketrak W24"

Noodling with Abelton Push 2 + Live 9.5

Published on Nov 3, 2015 Beatworx Studio

"Having a go with the brand new Ableton Push 2 controller, trying out some of the new instruments bundled into the Suite 9.5, testing the new analog modelled auto-filter and brand new sampler with slicing features. This one is a clear winner"

Elektron at DAVE Festival 2015

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Elektron

"We recently went to the DAVE Festival in Dresden, led a workshop showing off what's to come, and enjoyed Dataline sizzling the nightclub dance floor. Good vibes!"

Obscura, an Arduino-compatible MIDI 8-bit Chiptune Synthesizer

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Arcano Systems

"Obscura is an Arduino-compatible 8-bit synth for creating Nintendo, Commodore 64, and Amiga-style chiptune music. Back the Kickstarter campaign to receive the synth as a reward."

via the Kickstarter campaign:

"Obscura is an Arduino-compatible 8-bit synthesizer that allows you to create NES, C64, and Amiga-style chiptune music by simply connecting a MIDI device.

No programming is required. This monophonic MIDI synth comes programmed with software that includes 16 preset patches.

Patch 0: 12.5% duty-cycle pulse waveform

Patch 1: 25% duty-cycle pulse waveform

Patch 2: 50% duty-cycle pulse waveform

Patch 3: sawtooth waveform

Patch 4: 8-bit sine waveform

Infinite Fraction: Sunset Strings | Starry Night | Flying Guitars

Sunset Strings from Infinite Fraction on Vimeo.

Strings by Mysteron
Sequence by Metropolis
Divider by G8
Modulated by E355 and Rubicon
Drums, Bass and Pad by Tempest
Plate by FX 16 Effects
Delay by Demora
MIxed and Compressed by L-1
Patch by Infinite Fraction

Starry Night from Infinite Fraction on Vimeo.

Modules used in this patch:
L-1 Basic VCO (x2)
L-1 Dual vc Adsr
L-1 VC Stereo Mixer
L-1 Microcompressor Stereo
Cwejman MMF-6 Filter
Synthesis Technology Morphing Dual LFO E355
Intellijel Metropolis
Intellijel uVCA 2
Roland Demora Delay
Tempest for Drums and bass

Flying Guitars from Infinite Fraction on Vimeo.

Make Noise Mysteron
L-1 VC Stereo Mixer
L-1 Microcompressor Stereo
Synthesis Technology Morphing Dual LFO E355
Intellijel Metropolis
Roland Demora Delay
Tempest for Pad, Drums and bass

Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Editor: Text Wavetable Examples

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"Here are some examples of Text Wavetables which you can create inside the editor of the Wavetable Modul NW1 from Waldorf"

Korg MonoPoly SN 378934 with MidiPoly MIDI Kit

via this auction

Novation Supernova SN 006016

via this auction

Oberheim OB-12 Synth T

via this auction

These are from CustomSynth.

See the seller's other items for more.

Oberheim OB-X "Novemberblues"

"(c) vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound

all sounds: Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer (1979)
drums: Roland TR-808
recording: multi-track without MIDI"

Teensy 3.1 based drum machine prototype - part II

Teensy 3.1 based drum machine prototype - part II from a guy called tom on Vimeo.

"A step sequencer / sampler / drum machine based on the teensy 3.1 microcontroller ( It records and plays samples to flash. A playstation2 joystick is used to control sound parameters and record parameter locks. Demo shows some of the features that are currently being tested. Work in progress."

Part 1 here.

Tonnetz Fugue

Tonnetz Fugue from Kirk Degiorgio on Vimeo.
Tonnetz Fugue

Korg New microKEY AND microKEY AIR

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Korg

You might remember the microKEY Air in this earlier post for KORG's Module.

"Korg brings you even more compact controller options with the new microKEY and microKEY AIR Series:

microKEY can be completely powered by an iPad or iPhone and now offers a pedal input for sustain (micoKEY25 offers a sustain button). There’s also a new 49-key version for the two-handed player that still wants compact.

microKEY AIR – To accommodate simpler and quicker setups, or to simply unwire and unclutter your rig, the microKEY Air series features Apple’s Wireless Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) standard, which provides long battery life and extremely low latency! They also have standard USB connections.

Both come with a comprehensive software bundle to advance your plug in library, or serve as your starting point to making music using your computer or iOS device!"

Korg Electribe Sampler Promo Video

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Korg

"Electribe Sampler combines powerful 16-part step and real-time recording with flexible sampling and editing. 16 velocity-sensitive pads and a knob-based control surface let you get hands-on with your pattern-making and sound shaping.

Export the 16 parts in your pattern as a multitrack Ableton Live Set with one operation; a great new workflow that expands the creative possibilities and synergizes your hardware and software."

Patchení s Nikol (ENVELOPE + VCA)

Published on Nov 4, 2015 Bastl Instruments

"V tomhle díle Nikol ukáže co jsou to obálky a VCA
ENG: In this episode Nikol will make clear what are envelopes and VCAs"

"IT WILL BE YOU ALL SOON" Industrial Acid mix

Published on Nov 4, 2015 j j

"'IT WILL BE YOU ALL SOON' Industrial Acid mix
mp(three) three"

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