MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Analog percussion synth (PC-2) clone prototype (with CV control)

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Jason Hotchkiss

"First try out of a clone board I am working on, based on the Boss PC-2 / Amdek PCK-100. Couple of differences (mainly due to scarcity of the BA662A VCA chip) and some experimenting with CV control. I will eventually be selling these as kits, but not quite there yet! Enjoy the clip - the Cv really does open this thing up!"

DSP Synthesizers CR-4 - DR-55/CR-4 6HP Eurorack Module & DIY Kit

via DSP Synthesizers where you'll find order links.

"A kit with PCB, panel and all the components are now available.

The kit is $99. Prebuilt is $150.

You can buy just the PCB for $30 and just the panel for $30.

It’s the same PCB used in all my 6HP drum modules (including the dsp-D4)."

the turning point

All Yamaha FS1r, 8 voices.

Update: track notes:

"Looking back at '15, I find it hard to believe that I've spent over 6mths analysing ONE 16-note arp!!!

It took me quite a while to understand the shape of the arp, by stretching it, compressing it, inverting it etc using only an event-list editor. Things started to click when I began to separate out the frequencies in the arp and assign them to different voices. The rhythms that already existed in the arp, became better defined.

I used the matrixsynth fs1r editor [here] to create some of the envelopes. There's no patch library feature on this app yet, so there was still a vast amount of buttonwork on the synths - yes, I used a pair of fsir modules and a QY700, nothing else whatsoever apart from the amp and monitors.

Being limited to 8 voices was a real challenge. We know that two oscillators produce a more complex sound than one, and I upped this massively by allowing 2 voices for the pad. The sub-bassline and the kick drum take up another 2, so that's one machine used up already, meaning that I only had 4 voices for everything else.

The levels of complexity needed in a sound, to make it interesting, should also not be underestimated, and required efficient use of fseq, lfo, and fx assignments. There's no cc happening, variation was produced using lfo to freq mod, amp mod, filter mod, and for the drum tracks, 32quantise against 16accent up, which are preset templates on the QY700."

Custom Blue Roland TB303 Devilfish SN 021

via this auction

"Up for grabs is a flawless, fully serviced and modded TB-303 with Devilfish mods and custom aluminum casing.

Professionally serviced and modded by Robin Whittle of Real World Interfaces in Australia

In addition, Robin also professionally mounted the TB-303 in a custom aluminum case from Acid.Ch

A little about the mods:

This machine is Devil Fish serial number 146 and was modded with version
2.1C. This is the only Devil Fish with Blue LEDs in the Devil Fish board itself. Normally the "e" gate LED and the ‘Normal’ and ‘Accent Decay’ LEDs are Red.

Just to the right of the Tempo pot, there is an extra switch on the left for enabling the Audio In to Filter using the 6.5mm socket on the rear panel. Center is Off. Up is On. Down is momentary On - with spring return to Center.

On the left, the unit also has the optional 32 bank memory system.

The Devil Fish sound modification provides the following additional controls:

Normal Decay
Accent Decay
Filter Tracking
Soft Attack
Slide Time
Filter FM

Sweep Speed

Push button to momentary activate Accent

Additional interfacing on the back of the panel is also provided:
Gate, Accent and CV Outputs
Gate in
CV in
Slide in
Accent in
Filter CV in

The model does not have midi but can be synced via din-sync to other electronic instruments or can be played externally through the CV/Gate inputs etc.

If you LOVE the TB-303 like I do, this is your chance to pick up the ultimate example! The Devilfish mods really take the 303 to the next level! This is the ultimate ACID machine! The unit is in excellent shape and all switches, pots and buttons are perfect. It is extremely durable when combined with the aluminum case. It feels solid and durable and will probably outlast my lifetime. The case is like new with no scratches."

Arturia Origin Desktop Virtual Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Z1 Analog Modeling Multi-Part Polyphonic Synth

via this auction

Emu Emulator II Analog Sampler Synth Keyboard SN 1251

via this auction

"Emu Emulator II w/ Extra Floppy Drive - so basically a II+
Fully Functional - Includes Floppy Disks with Samples
Similar to E-Mu's Legendary SP1200 sampler but with a Full Keyboard
61-Keys, Midi, Velocity, Aftertouch
Holy Grail of Analog Sampling - Efficient and Easy to Use Music Workstation
100% Working, No Issues, No Damages"

Mocher Dub - Moog Mother-32 with Korg KR-55B - demo from Warstat #15 :o)=

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Druweed

ROLAND TR-77 Analog Rhythm Box 1973 | HD DEMO |

Published on Dec 13, 2015 AnalogAudio1

"(c) 2015 by AnalogAudio1

The Roland Rhythm 77 (exact model name: TR-77) is a non programmable analog rhythm box. It is the predecessor of the Roland CR series, some drum sounds are quite similar. All rhythms are mixable. Volume sliders for BASSDRUM, SNARE, GUIRO, MARACAS/HIHAT/CYMBAL allow more variety of the patterns. The TR-77 has that classic Roland analog sound. Roland choosed the flat design to fit on top of organs.

I played the TR-77 with a small amout of ambience from a Lexicon MPX-500. Beginning at 4:10 and in the intro I played the TR-77 through a Korg SDD-3000 delay."

Plumbutter - Patch 003

Published on Dec 13, 2015 batchas

"Impro on the Plumbutter 1.
Direct outs, one take."

The Art of Sound Smoke Rings - Live Jam #1

via MATRIXSYNTH supporter, The Art of Sound.

"Live Jam performed using the following gear;

Prophet 12 + Big Sky - Chords Via Octatrack Seqs
Moog Sub 37 + H9 + Timeline - Leads
Ultranova - Arps
Virus C - Special Audio FX
DSI Tetra - Basses
Analog Keys + Big Sky - Pads
Novation Circuit - Drums
Octatrack - Sequencing + Clock
Waldorf Pulse 2 - Arps driven by BCR2000
Pigtronix Infinity - Looping
BCR2000 + Custom Firmware - Sequencing
FutureRetro Orb - Sequencing
FCB1010 - Triggering loopers and sequencers

Recorded to Logic Pro X for Mastering only

ElectronicaProphet 12Analog SynthsLive JamBig SkyMoog"


Published on Dec 13, 2015 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A recording of my live set for Modular 101, set up by London Modular, and presented on 13 December 2015. A fun day of all things modular, and a great opportunity to introduce newcomers to the possiblities of modular thinking, with guest speakers Ansome, MUMDANCE, DMX Krew and myself.

This set was completely improvised to show what's possible with a modest set up and combining sampler modules with other Eurorack goodies :-)"

Aalto for iPhone / iDevices?

Published on Dec 13, 2015 trabouliste

"It would be really great to have Aalto for iDevices! This is only faked with xDisplay, therefore the sound engine is still in the Mac."

Synthesizer Treffen Schweiz Jam Aarau 12.12.2015

Published on Dec 13, 2015 moondustweb

"Jam from Synthesizer Treffen Schweiz in Aarau"

This one in via Moondust of

The Little Green Echo Machine by S-CAT

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Circuit Bent Filtered Lo-Fi Digital Delay"

Sanxion - Menu Music (Sergei Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights) - Commodore 64 SID chip in HD

Published on Dec 13, 2015 MrCaliforniaD

"Played on an original Commodore 64c with a 8580 SID chip (R5-3888)

Programmer/Composer: Rob Hubbard

In find this piece of memorabilia very interesting. You can hear that the programmer was a pro in sound synthesis.

Usually, programmers of that era would OVERUSE the pulse width modulation to achieve this classic C64 sound.

In this particular piece, the programmer actually tried to synthesize real instruments sounds and, to my humble opinion, it was a complete success given the limitations of the SID chip at this particular game.

Remember that the SID chip had only 3 voices. So theses voices had to be constantly reprogrammed to give this impression of a full orchestra, alternating from one instrument to the other back and forth."

A Very Synthy Christmas

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Autotross

"A rendition of 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' on a Moog-format (dotcom) Modular and Juno 60."

Dr Blankenstein builds Atari Punk Consoles (3 Year Anniversary Video!)

Published on Dec 13, 2015 DoctorBlankenstein

Congrats to Dr Blankenstein!

"More Dr Blankenstein:

Dr Blankenstein (Drew Blanke) builds his Atari Punk Consoles (3 Year Anniversary Video!)

I can not tell you how excited I am to finally put this video up, or should I say... A video like this (a fast motion build video). I am equally excited that today (meaning 12/13/2015 at the time of this video) is the 3RD YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my version of the ATARI PUNK CONSOLE! Here is the original video if you haven't seen it: Since uploading that video I have sold HUNDREDS of units to countless talented musicians and art collectors from all over the globe. This video is a kinda thank to all those people, giving you a FAST GLIMPSE of all the work that went into your little video game sounding drone synth. When people say "hand made synth"... they usually don't get much more hand made than what you see here. I am excited to share that experience with all of you. I really do hope you enjoy.

So how the video goes is... I was building a batch of 6 APC 2600's when a ton of holiday order rolled in at once. So, I needed to start to finish a few of them off one by one. So, I only really finish ONE Atari Punk Console... BUT, you are really watching me prepare a batch of six of them. Sorry about all the weird lighting and camera angles, I still haven't gotten the perfect camera for these sorts of shoots and my space is limited for lighting and tripods... so it is what it is. :)

I obviously was shooting for a video in the style of the great TIM SWAY: or say the amazing Jimmy Diresta: (sorry for goofing on your name btw, I was totally just playing dumb:).

Well I guess that's it for now... here's to another year of making crazy sounds together. Thanks for all who have grabbed an APC 2600 from me over the years, and for those of you who haven't... well... I hope to speak to you soon. Be well, have a happy and healthy holiday season.

If you enjoyed this video... please pass it on. If you want to see more like it... please SUBSCRIBE NOW :) Thanks again!


Music by: Phree Nugz 2002"

Peace On Earth-Bert Anjewierden

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Bert Anjewierden

"I have composed these simple and short piece of music in the year 2010 and made today a NEW version of it:for Christmas 2015,i hope you like it,i have used:
Lead:Roland D-50("Glass Voices 2")
Choirs:GEM Equinox-61,Roland XP-30
Bass:Roland JX-8P(MIDI out from Roland JX-10)
Noise:Roland JX-8P
Music composed,produced and live prerformed by Bert Anjewierden c2010/2015"

Dreadbox modular jam

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Dreadbox

"This is a synth jam, shot at our workshop with two G-systems.
The left one performs the drum sounds via an arturia beatstep pro, while the right one performs all the synth sounds-controlled by a standard midi keyboard and later,on by a guitar."

Teisco (Kawai) 100F Japanese Analog Synth with Original Case & Patch Cards SN 0648

via this auction

"Comes with original case, patch charts and even the original waranty card!"

SIEL Expander 80 - Vintage Analog Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

"This synthesizer is derived from the SIEL DK-80 and is an analog/digital hybrid synth like others from the same period."

JoMoX AirBase 99 Analog Drum Machine Synth Rack SN 0210 - 1702

via this auction

"The AirBase 99 is based on the XBase 09, but is much better. It has many of the same great TR-909 sounds and much more but comes in a 1-unit rack-mount MIDI module rather than a table-top drum sequencer like the latter. Its front panel is extremely bare, with just 2 knobs and a few buttons and LEDs. The AirBase is designed for use as a Drum Tone Module with your sequencer. Programming is easiest through MIDI control of the parameters. Otherwise, prepare to page through data screens on the small 2-line LCD display.

The AirBase features the same sounds and parameters as the XBase 09 and adds increased polyphony (9 voices) and Tom Toms. The AirBase emulates 808, 909 and CR-78 style sounds with excellent quality. Kick, Snare and Toms are analog and feature various tune and envelope controls. Hats, cymbals, clap and rimshot are samples but can still be tuned and reversed! For emulated 808 and 909 drum machine sounds, the Airbase 99 is great! It costs half as much as getting all of the real drum machines.

The AirBase 99 does not feature lots of hands-on knobs like the Novation Drum Station. But some cool features include both high and low pass resonant filters and a band pass filter to apply to the hi-hats! There's more parameters to edit per each Drum Tone than the Drum Station or any of the original beat-boxes and there is almost 38 times more patch memory in the Airbase with 1,024 user and 500 preset drum kit settings! Two global LFOs can modulate the pitch of any sounds and sync to MIDI. Of course there are individual outputs for each drum sound as well as a stereo out."

Roland CR-8000 Vintage Drum Machine SN 793962 with Output Mods

via this auction

"Roland CR-8000 Vintage Drum Machine Complete Service Done 12hours of work.
All push button switches have been removed and cleaned. Contacts have been treated with CaiKote 44 a repair solution for membrane buttons. All push buttons now work 100% and should be good for another 20 years. :)
All electrolytic caps and some ceramic caps have been replaced. Added individual outputs 1/8''/3.5mm for each of the instruments volume pots which controls the volume to the added output jack. Also a 1/8'' 3.5mm master output has been added in case you want to plug this into a EuroRack modular, the 1/4 jack still works too.
3 new AA batteries have been installed which hold user patterns when the machine is off. Tested with a few patterns i programmed into memory."

Mutable Instruments - Rings

Published on Dec 13, 2015 DivKidMusic

"**NOTE** The release version has all white knobs. Mine was is a prototype with the two coloured knobs.

It's here! After the initial teaser 'feature jam' video - [posted here] - here's the full overview video for Rings. Throughout we'll go through the Resonator modes, different external inputs and the polyphony settings. It's a fairly long video as I wanted to cover a lot of ground regarding different musical content across different audio inputs and using different sequences to highlight the polyphonic strumming and resonators etc. Timings for all the sections are below to aid some video skipping if you just want to check certain things out.

00:00 Feature run down
01:34 Resonator Modes
07:16 External In - Thumb Piano
08:23 External In - Synth Bass
09:21 External In - Drums
10:07 External In - Strings
10:52 External In - Oscillator Drone
12:00 External In - Vocals
13:24 External In - Contact Mic
15:18 Polyphony Settings

As always hit like and subscribe for more videos every week and click the Patreon link below to support me making these videos."

Nada le Gana a un Astronauta. Sonata Electrónica

Published on Dec 13, 2015 Kofla2000

"Electronic Sonata in dorian and aeolian. "Nothing beats an Astronaut". In three movements: Allegro, Allegro and Allegro ma non troppo.
Recorded direct from the mixer, no post processing.

Sonata para instrumentos eléctricos, en dorian y aeolian. Nada le gana a un Astronauta. En tres movimientos: Allegro, Allegro and Allegro ma non troppo.

Sonido grabado directamente de la mesa, sin procesar.

- Electribe 2
- Volva Beats
- MPX 8
- Micro X
- MiniKaoss Pad 2


DIY modular synth. FM patch

Published on Dec 13, 2015 sergioavia

"FM patch with Buchla 258 L-1 clone, Scott Bernardi VC echo module and others."

Buchla easel party - LittleBits & BOB

Published on Dec 13, 2015 DJjondent

"I'm pleasantly surprised at how good the Korg LittleBits sound
through a Buchla 208. The setup involved a BEMI easel with the Cobramatic breakout box (BOB) and two of my easel patch cards (the main & satellite).
The satellite one lying on the table with the little bits on top is powered from the vintage easel.

Everything is clocked from the Littlebits sequencer even the two easels. We were really surprised how easy this was to do.
I'll upload some pics and more info to my blog soon."


Published on Dec 13, 2015 Peter Maas

"montarai. analog synth studio jam using tr606, tr808, mc202, buchla music easel, sequential pro-one, beatstep pro, future retro mobius."

Korg Radias cinematic pads

Published on Dec 12, 2015 MIDERA

"Created this pad using only the Korg Radias (no effects other than a
little compression/limiting in Logic). I found that using the master FX
in the Radias for reverb was far better than within a patch. I haven't
looked over the routing, but I wonder if its placement in the chain is
what causes its different (and in my experience, better) sound compared
to insert FX.

Hope you enjoy"

Korg ARP ODYSSEY &Friends TRIPPY Downtempo SYNTHS +Space Guitar (Ambient Psychedelic, Korg Volca)#45

Published on Dec 13, 2015 VolcaRock

"Hello Boys & Girls :-) Here is an trippy Downtempo track featuring KORG ARP Odyssey, Ambient Space Guitar. Volca Keys/Bass/Beats, MS-20 mini and other great synths.
Enjoy also the drone video from high above the sky :-)"

OMG! for Omnisphere 2.1 Coming Soon Preview

Published on Dec 12, 2015 PlugInGuru

Coming Dec 15 - 20th, 2015
Here is a preview - had to take a break while making the Grooves to show how cool this library will be….."

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