MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moog Source SN 2219

via this auction

Alesis Andromeda 16 voice analog synthesizer

via this auction

Minilogue Day 2 - Earmonkey Synth Journal - Moog Mother 32, Korg EMX1 (and my elbow)

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Excuse my arm I didn't realize I was so intent on showing off my elbow. But this is day two of Minilogue synth journal. Here's what's going on:

Working with leads today in Mono and Unison modes and using sync a bit. I don't really know how to use sync (obviously) but hey, this is a synth jam journal.

Very simple sequence on the Mother 32 just modulating a bass note really. The EMX provides the drums and additional bass. The EMX1 also does motion sequencing like the Minilogue, and you can hear it in the bass note filter modulation.

Anyway, I thought this sounded kind of cool so I kept it, even though my arm is annoying. I'm keeping the arm anyway, though."

minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Mode Machines Dtronics Dirty Pi Sound Test - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Mode Machines is a fairly new little company in Germany. This is one of their new synthesisers, developed by Dtronics, and based on the Ploytec PL2 engine. I think it sounds bloody brilliant."

Yamaha Montage - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Sound On Sound magazine

"Flagship synthesizer that offers twice the power of the Motif, plus an advanced FM synth engine.
Available in 61, 76 and 88-key configurations."

NAMM 2016: Modal's New Eurorack Modules Demo

Published on Jan 24, 2016 AskAudio Mag

"Paul Maddox shows us round the new Eurorack modules at NAMM 2016."

Waldorf KB37 Keyboard, DVCA1 Dual VCA, CMP1 Compressor & MOD1 Modulator - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Sound On Sound magazine

"A range of new Eurorack modules and a keyboard controller that has Eurorack slots."

[NAMM] Teenage Engineering: 3 New Pocket Operators

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Audiofanzine in English

"See and hear three new Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering: The Arcade, The Office, and The Robot."

[NAMM] Rossum Electro Music

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Audiofanzine in English

"Here's a demo of Rossum Electro Music new products for the NAMM Show 2016."

NAMM2016 Introducing the New Kasleder Acid Fuzz and Tested By Richard Devine

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"NAMM2016 Introducing the New Kasleder Acid Fuzz and Tested By Richard Devine"

[NAMM] Vermona TwinCussion

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Audiofanzine in English

"Here's a demo of TwinCussion by Vermona at the NAMM Show 2016."

NAMM 2016: MFB Tanzmaus and Tanzbar Lite

Published on Jan 24, 2016 sonicstate

"Two new drum machines from the Berlin residents"

NAMM 2016: Hex Inverter Mutant Snare

Published on Jan 24, 2016 sonicstate

"The next child in the Mutant family"

NAMM 2016: Steady State Fate Gatestorm

Published on Jan 24, 2016 sonicstate

"One of the most advanced gate sequencers we have ever seen."

NAMM 2016: Soulsby Synthesizers Oscitron

Published on Jan 24, 2016 sonicstate

"The first eurorack offering from Soulsby"

Marion Systems Mini*Sequncer & SEM*Plus - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Sound On Sound magazine

"Eurorack sequencer and SEM synth modules."

Novation Circuit - Big Beat #2

Published on Jan 24, 2016 KlaatuNinja

"Big beat no.2 on the Circuit"
Novation Circuits on eBay | Novation Circuits on Amazon

Arturia Matrix Brute - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Sound On Sound magazine

"Analogue synthesizer with matrix control."

Percussa presents: A conversation between 2 AudioCubes

Published on Jan 24, 2016 AudioCubes by PERCUSSA

"In this video we show the new SOLO mode in synthor, our digital modular synthesizer which integrates seamlessly with the wireless audiocubes interface. Using this mode it's possible to interact with multiple cubes which are each linked to a different synthesizer module inside synthor. The cubes sense distance to your hands, allowing you to control 4 synth parameters independently, all wireless. In the video we use 2 oscillators, the green cube is linked to a sine osc while the red cube is linked to a square osc. For each cube, two of the 4 faces are linked to pitch and amplitude."


Published on Jan 24, 2016 AudioCubes by PERCUSSA

"Gestural sound modulation and patching using distance and rotation"

wireless audiocubes visualization in synthor #2

Published on Mar 12, 2016 AudioCubes by PERCUSSA

"in this video we show the new network visualisation feature of the wireless audiocubes, together with synthor, our new digital modular synth which is included for free with every audiocubes system."

"For those of you who don’t know SYNTHOR yet, it’s a modular synthesizer application we're working on for the AudioCubes. It lets you patch simply by placing wireless AudioCubes next to each other. By changing the distance between the cubes, the amplitude of the modulation signals between the modules can be changed. This allows the user to patch wirelessly and change synthesis parameters simultaneously, simply by moving cubes relative to each other. SYNTHOR is currently in BETA and available for free download on our website.

The cube network visualization feature which we integrated into SYNTHOR lets users visualize the location and orientation of the AudioCubes in the network. As you can see in the video below, each time a cube is added or removed from the network the changes are automatically reflected in the visualization window.

We're planning a patch recall feature, such that if you load a preset file in MIDIBridge containing all SYNTHOR settings, the connections between the cubes and distance will also be recalled, which lets you continue with your modular synth patch and cube setup where you stopped the day before, a feature that’s not or rarely available on traditional hardware modular synthesizers."

Audulus 2 Minute Tip - 9: The Best AB Switch

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Bimini Road

Get Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

"I used to make AB switches with Crossfader nodes, but this is a far more elegant solution - works in both directions with lights with no logic expressions! Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The *-1+1 is a common function inverter - you'll see it pop up anywhere you want one control to do two opposite functions.

The 2 Minute Tip series breaks apart topics on Audulus into bite-sized chunks. I don't talk during the tutorials (though there are a few notes that pop up), and this is so that international viewers who don't understand English well don't feel left out. Familiarize yourself with the node menu and my navigation won't be so mystifying. In the future, we'll develop a finger press indicator so you can see where I'm tapping."

All parts here.

DSP Synthesizers Solina Trance Lead

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Jan Ostman

"Here the string synth is twisted to produce a typical trance lead sound."

One Patch Easel

Published on Jan 24, 2016 The Galaxy Electric

"This is a response to a friend recently commenting on my use of the easel and saying "you don't really patch that thing up much". You can get quite a bit out of just one patch cord. To be honest, I am only scratching the surface as to what can be accomplished with just one patch cord on this fantastic device. I didn't even touch the reverb, sequential voltage source, random voltage, to name a few. This is mainly a highlight of the timbre and frequency modulation of the complex oscillator. The thumping around on the touch plates is simply to change up the drone effect a bit, have no idea what I was trying to accomplish with the melody…."

NAMM2016 Exclusive Interview with Synth Pioneer Dave Rossum

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"NAMM2016 Exclusive interview with - the Creator of E-MU Systems

His modules will be available soon from"

OB-6 by Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim joined forces and released this crunchy sounding synth called the OB-6. Cool stuff.. cool stuff. :)"

NAMM 2016: Endorphines synth modules.

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Amanda Chaudhary

"Demo of the new Endorphines synth modules at NAMM 2016"


via this auction

"Here is a vintage and rare Roland SPV-355 P/V Pitch-to-voltage synthesizer launched in the late '70s. GREAT as analog synth, it was anyway intended to allow the pitch of external instruments like guitars to control analog synthesizer sounds.

This unit is perfect working and in very nice cosmetic conditions.

Features and Specifications:

Dual-voltage controller oscillators
Selectable input source with filtering and level attenuation
Portamento with foot switch control
Three selectable waveforms: Pulse, Square and Sawtooth with three selectable ranges: 4’ , 8’ (unison pitch) and 16’
Offset tuning for VCO #2 with foot switch control to select from two pitch presets
Audio mixer to blend VCO #1, VCO #2 and Sub-Octave outputs
Envelope generator with attack, decay, and sustain
Voltage-controlled filter with resonance, pitch tracking, and variable envelope generator or envelope follow control.
Voltage-controlled amplifier with selectable envelope generator or envelope follow control
Hold pedal input
Variable foot pedal control over filter cutoff of VCO output
CV outputs for Pitch (control voltage), Gate and Envelope Follower
CV inputs for Pitch (control voltage) and Gate
Effects Send
Dimensions: 482 (W) x 92 (H) x 350 (D) mm
Power Consumption: 13 watts
Weight: 5.7 kg"


via this auction

"Here is a rare SEQUENTIX P3 analog digital step sequencer, one of the most powerful sequencers ever made. Absolutely GREAT for drive modular synthesizers and midi analog / digital keyboards."


via this auction

Roland TB303 Bassline SN 242400

via this auction

Sequential Circuits Pro-8 Vintage Analog Synth SN 02033

via this auction

"Sequential circuits pro-8, this is the much rarer version of the sequential circuits split 8"


via this auction

The Red Diva - Presets Library for U-HE DIVA Synthesizer

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"The Red Diva is a new preset library for U-HE DIVA Synthesizer. It comes with 120 new presets and it's available for an affordable price.

Available here:"

NAMM2016: Shuttle Updates

Published on Jan 24, 2016 sonicstate

"Andreas was on hand to show off their new pieces for this year. That mixer has some super interesting features."

NAMM 2016 Yamaha Montage Synthesizer

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

And the more extensive demo video previously posted here:

Yamaha Montage Synthesizer Demo with Blake Angelos

NAMM 2016 Vermona twinCussion Eurorack Module

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

NAMM 2016 Malekko Varigate 4 and Eurorack Case

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

NAMM 2016 Waldorf Eurorack Synthesizer System with Keyboard

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

NAMM 2016 Studio Electronics Modstar Sensei Analog Synthesizer and Charcot Circles Step Sequencer

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

NAMM 2016 Tiptop Audio SD909 Analog Snare Drum Module and RS909 Analog Rimshot Drum Module

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

NAMM 2016 Zoom ARQ Aero RhythmTrak

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

Elektron Rytm + Analog Four + Octatrack + Tanzbar

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Garnomala

Serge modular & TR808 & BigSky

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Chris David

"Capture of my live performance at Noodlebar 23-1-2016"

benge Serge bells2

Published on Jan 24, 2016 zack dagoba

"A development on the Serge Bells meme - This time a better recording. Vid is all closeups of the Serge. See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot...."

attachments live eurorack modularsynth

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kri Samadhi

"This video is about attachments live eurorack modularsynth"

[NAMM] Strymon Generalissimo

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Audiofanzine in English

"Here's a demo of Generalissimo by Strymon at the NAMM Show 2016."

Qu-bit Electronics Namm 2016 eurorack modular

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Flux302 of

"Http:// Subscribe and share!
Chord module is a polyphonic analog Oscillator"

Teenage Engineering - Pocket Operators Demo - NAMM 2016

Published on Jan 24, 2016 djthomaswhite

"Two of the new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (Arcade and Office) are featured here along with the Rhythm Operator that came out last year. Both "Office" and "Arcade" are named appropriately, but the sounds are much more that those limited generalizations. Most of the bass comes from Office for example. In this demo I am showcasing what you can get with these 3 units in sync. They are wired together and the audio is directly recorded with some compression added. I deleted all of the stock patterns in each Pocket Operator and made 16 new patterns per unit. The video shows navigation through these patterns in each machine with different combinations as a performance. You will see example of built in FX, parameter locks, pattern chaining and more. I hope you enjoy the demo and the house beats. Thanks for stopping by to watch another one of my videos."


Published on Jan 24, 2016 ryouichi harada


Published on Jan 24, 2016 VolcaRock

Hola Amigos, welcome to my 70ies Ambient Space Rock trip featuring:
KORG ARP Odyssey (Lead, Subbass, Sequenced)
MOOG Mother32 (Glitchy Ambient, Bass),
GODIN LGX-SA (Ambient Guitar),
1973 DUALrecord-player for Orchestra Strings from Viny
FARFISA Compact (1966 Spacerock Organ),
ELEKTRON Octatrack (Digital Tape-Recorder, FX, DrumLoops), KORG Volca Beats (Kick,HH).

Special Thanks to Natalia Posnova for speaking the Intro!

MainFX are MWFXJudder (Glitch, pitchshifted Ratcheting, Organ Tremolo).
EHX Deluse Memory Man TT1100 (Delay)
& NEUNABER Wet Stereo Reverb & Slate V2 (Reverb for all tracks)

The Track is inspired by early Berlin School, Pink Floyd& Krautrock and other psychedelic Music and has a general vintage Vibe , although I also used modern FX from Octatrack & Judder.

Anyway Hope you enjoy :-)"

NAMM 2016 Dataline live on Elektron Music Machines

Published on Jan 24, 2016 Kraft Music

NAMM 2016 Keith McMillen Instruments K Board Pro 4 MIDI Controller

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Kraft Music

Introducing Jambé Drum Controller & Synthesis

Jambé - A Quick Look - NAMM 2016 Published on Jan 23, 2016

This one was sent my way via Chris Stack.

"Learn more and pre-order at - Daniel Berkman jamming on Jambé during NAMM 2016. Jambé, a new versatile and expressive electronic percussion instrument was previewed last year at Winter NAMM, and in a series of sneak peaks for leading members of the Los Angeles music industry community. Jambé returns to NAMM in 2016 unveiling a vastly more powerful sound engine and an online store ready to take pre-orders.

Percussionists, producers and music tech aficionados alike were incredibly enthusiastic about Jambé and the qualities that make it unique - portability, extensibility, and the deep expressive possibilities of advanced high-resolution pressure sensor technology. After in-depth consultation with top players, the decision was made to rebuild the software from the ground up to better enable Jambé to exploit the full potential of its hardware.

The result is an incredibly powerful sound engine architecture dubbed Sample Powered Matrix synthesis or SPX. The software was created with the idea that a single hand or stick strike on a Jambé pad maps to an incredibly powerful individual voice, each with advanced expression and sound design features including:

Expanded Gestural Interpretation - normal percussive strike detection and MPE (Multi-touch Polyphonic Expression) style performance techniques, with sounds triggered or modified while a pad is held.

Extensive Synthesis Tools - 2 LFOs, 3 envelopes, 2 tracking generators, and 2 ring modulators per voice. Over 30 modulation sources and over 40 modulation destinations.

Natural Sonic Variations - 3 sample lists per voice with up to 8 samples per list.

Sample List Modes - sequentially trigger the samples in a list, allowing stroke variations or sequential patterns. Crossfade between samples using a modulation matrix and trigger samples simultaneously for chords.

Gestural Crossfade Between Sample Lists - creates effects like a closed slap or dead stroke without tying up multiple pads for an open and closed slap.

Massive Polyphony – with the ability to use number of voices playing as a modifier for more natural sound layering.

Unique Features - use the number of voices sounding as a modulation parameter. Enables sculpting the sound as more voices play. Perfect for adding special character to rolls, etc.

Like today’s musicians, Jambé lives in a connected world. Need a new sound for a last-minute gig? Professionally designed instruments can be purchased through your the iOS device. Working with DAWs or other sound modules? MIDI Output allows connection to a world of other musical gear. Play with your hands or sticks? Jambé supports both. Jambé will ship in the 2nd quarter of 2016 and is now available for pre-ordering online. The first 200 customers on the store at can place their Jambé pre-order to secure a place in line, and also receive a $200 discount!

About SensorPoint, Inc: This advanced yet elegant design is made possible by the rich industry and musical experience of the Jambé team. John Worthington created and implemented the Macintosh MIDI Manager. He was project leader for Apple QuickTime and one of the creators of the AIFF file format. Mark Bain was a pioneer in the use of MPEG technologies for media authoring and delivery for Hollywood studios, and was directly involved with the introduction of DVD authoring and HD media players. He has designed multiple new OEM products involving advanced semiconductor sensors, Apple’s iPad, electronic compasses, and computerized lighting controls."

NAMM2016: Industrial Music Electronics (Harvestman) Stillson Hammer Mk2

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"President of Industrial Music Electronics Scott Jaeger was on hand to show us the full feature set of the newest sequencer on the market."

NAMM 2016 Roland Boutique A01 And System 500

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"Another Boutique for the range, the A01 gives MIDI/CV Sequencing and an 8 bit chip synth"

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 SN 00297

via this auction

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 SN 00007

via this auction

Synth pop jam - AIRA, Bass Station 2, Microkorg, Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Microbrute

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Calle Nilsson

"I came up with the bassline on the Microbrute and built the track from that. The Bass Station 2 was used for the lead sound and it's great for lead sounds, not only bass :)
Main drums are from the TR8 and some extra drums from the Analog Rytm.
Extra synths from the Analog 4 and arpeggio from System 1 and bleeps from TB3. Lead also from the Microkorg."

BURG - Album Movement 01 (KORG volca, Roland Aira, ms-20, PreSonus, JX03, Nord Lead)

Published on Jan 23, 2016 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff, please support me on

Alright friends, this is it.. the first test track with the new PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 mixer.. it is just about everything i thought it would be plus a little more.

Now I am taking the step toward starting to write a proper full length album, and what you here on this video/track, is the first jam session. I would love you hear your input, as this one is not final... i will do another recording tomorrow as Cubase could not record 16 tracks at once (it stopped after 2 mins).. so i have to use StudioLive capture, which is fine... so this one only exists as a 2 track version.

Plan going forward is, to record a live session... both to 2 track, and also on 16 track, so i can first post the video on youtube, get your input ... also id like your feedback on what to do with the track going post production. This will take some time (obviously).. but id like to get you involved in the post production process. Any and all comments are welcome, as you can understand i cannot answer all questions and input... but i will try to do my best :)

Also, once i have the stems ready.. for a few tracks, and the album starts closing in on completion.. i will reach out to you for some remix work. (which will be loads of fun !)

This track as you understand is in no way a complete piece of music.. consider it a jam, and a structured piece to try and complete the jigsaw puzzle of the new BURG album. For all we know, this track might not even end up on the album :)

So Enjoy, and play it loud! :D

Gear Used: KORG volca bass, keys, sample, ms-20 mini, SQ-1, Elektron Analog Four, Roland Aira TR-8, TB-3, System-1, Arturia Microbrute, Roland boutique JX03, Bastl Microgranny, Nord Lead A1, Studio 601 8 bit synth

FX and Mixer: PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, KORG kaoss pad, strymon timeline, SolidgoldFX electroman, Zoom MS70 CDR, Jomox t-resonator, Mooer Reecho"

Strumpad MIDI Controller

Published on Jan 23, 2016 miro2424

"Play a chord on a MIDI piano keyboard and strum those notes on a touch and velocity sensing Strumpad.
Strumpad is a MIDI Controller, it receives MIDI IN messages from other MIDI controllers like keyboards and transmits MIDI out messages based on 6 capacitive touch sensors and a force sensor for MIDI Velocity based on a strain gauge."

NAMM2016 Introducing the new AQA QLFO and MS Matrix and Dual State Variable Filter

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"NAMM2016 Introducing the new AQA QLFO and M/S Matrix and Dual State Variable Filter

AQA - Dual State Variable Filter
AQA - Triple Envelope Generator
AQA - M/S Matrix

Available soon from"

NAMM 2016 Korg nanoKEY Studio and nanoKONTROL Studio MIDI Controllers

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Kraft Music


Published on Jan 23, 2016 LESINDES

"Testing the ROLAND JD-XA. Own sound creations.
Using arpeggios and sequences. Tweaking occasionally. JD-XA does not contain any drum kits as its smaller and cheaper sibling is providing. If there are any drums to be heard they're mostly programmed from scratch with the internal sound engines -- both digital and analog.
More thoughts about the synth:
Many options. But it is a little bit the JD800 problem: the basic sound is quickly edited but the fine tuning takes hours because you have to step thru hundreds of parameters in a 2-line-display (without dial!!!).
No computer editor!
The sequencer is almost the same as in JD-Xi with the same flaws. It crashes frequently and it DOES NOT TRANSPOSE! I hope Roland will fix and implement this with the next update.
About the integration of digital and analog section: The routing is a bit confusing to me but once you managed to lea a digital sound through the analog section it sounds very nice. The digital waves are also well chosen and sounding. For understanding the concept: There are two synths -- one digital, one analog -- that only share the housing and the FX. As a consequence you cannot choose a digital waveform in your analog synth you can only lead a complete sound of the digital machine through the analog section for sound enhancement.
But all in all it is a versatile well sounding synth!"

All parts here.


Published on Jan 23, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Korg announced the Korg Volca FM at NAMM 2016. Lovely stuff. This is just a sound test, to see what the FM synthesis sounds like. I think they nailed it! :)"

Artisan Instruments Ottava Quick Patch - Demo 2

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Synth Man

"Ottava Demo 2 - A half dozen patches and how you can assign them to the quick recall buttons."

NAMM2016: WMD Aperture and Performance Mixer

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"WMD Aperture and New Performance Mixer on show this year."

NAMM 2016: Vermona twinCussion

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"Dual analogue percussion module from Germany."

NAMM2016 Tiptop Audio Announcing New Eurorack Cases and a New ZDSP Cartridge Products for 2016

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"NAMM2016 Tiptop Audio New Products for 2016

Available soon from"

NAMM 2016: Noise Engineering - 2016 Prototypes!

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"Stephen took us through the range of new modules for 2016. And theres a lot of interesting and unique designs."

NAMM 2016: Verbos Electronics - Sequence Selector and Random Sampling

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"We caught up with Mark to talk about his new wares for 2016!"

NAMM2016: Snazzy FX Modules for 2016

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"Snazzy Dan take us through the newbies for 2016. With some gnarly results!"

NAMM2016 Introducing the New MODAL Electronics Eurorack Modules

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

NAMM2016 Introducing the New Tom Oberheim SEM Plus Eurorack Module

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

NAMM2016 Doepfer New Eurorack Modules and Updates

Published on Jan 23, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"NAMM2016 Doepfer New Eurorack Modules and Updates

Doepfer - A-121-2 VCF Dark Energy 2 Filter
Doepfer - A-110-3 TZVCO Triangle Thru Zero VCO
Doepfer - A-168-1 PWM Generator
Doepfer - A-110-6 TTZQO Trapezoid Thru Zero QVCO
Doepfer - A-184-1 RM/S&H/SL

Available soon from"

NAMM 2016 Doepfer New Stuff

Published on Jan 23, 2016 sonicstate

"The new Doepfer vintage range, new modules and the step sequencer is nearly here."

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