MATRIXSYNTH: Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday, April 02, 2016


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DJ Shadow's Akai VX600 Analog Synthesizer w/IC Memory Card BR-16 & Hard Case?

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"Up for Auction is the Akai VX600 professional analog synthesizer with an IC memory card BR-16 & hard case owned by DJ Shadow in mint condition. Everything is working 100% perfect and has been recently serviced. DJ Shadow used this synth in the making of 'Endtroducing.' All buttons, knobs, and keys are working flawlessly. Comes with a memory card with original DJ Shadow patches, power cable, hard case (mint) and Japanese 100W~120W power converter (sent separately with tracking number)
The hard case was made custom for the Akai VX600 professional synthesizer."

Kawai K-5000S Synthesizer SN 602883

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Analog DIary : Moog Mother-32

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Kevin Polzer

"Semi Modular"

New Superbooth Live Talk with Nik Nowak, Herr Schneider and Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk

See this post for the new updated video!

OBERHEIM OB-8 8-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/ MIDI SN C40429

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Superbooth 2016: U-he RePro 1 Pro 1 Emulation Public Alpha

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Help choose which filter model will be used"

Superbooth 2016: Addac Systems EHX Collaboration Modules

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Superbooth 2016: Addac Systems EHX Collaboration Modules A look at the Electro Harmonix collaboration modules"

Superbooth 2016: AJH Synth Sonic SV Diode Filter and Ring SM

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Two new modules from AJH with a lot of history behind them"

Nantes Synthfest 2016 Retrospective

Published on Apr 1, 2016 franck vaissières

"Rétrospective du Synthfest III, le rdv des passionnés du synthétiseur, qui s'est déroulé à Nantes du 25 au 27 Mars 2016
images, montage, étalonnage, post prod Franck Vaissières
musique Klairzaki Project:"

Testing The New

Published on Apr 2, 2016 John L Rice

"Working out the kinks in my studio. Now that I've got everything functioning enough to produce a video I can start working on tweaking the setup and settings to get the best results."


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Note how thin it is in the pics below.

"The Grendel RA-9 Grenadier is a 1-oscillator analog monosynth with CV-Gate control. It has a semi-modular design in a tabletop enclosure with 1/4? audio output. The Grenadier can be played stand-alone by using its keypad with 4 independently tuneable keys, or you can activate its onboard sequencer for minimal rhythm loops and tone sequences. Patch in a 1v/oct MIDI-CV converter (not included) and the Grenadier can play sequences from a MIDI workstation or computer. The Grenadier?s unique palette of analog tones comes from its triple bandpass filterbank with syncable modulation."


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Vintage Crumar Performer 70’s Analog Strings & Brass Synthesizer

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ghostradio experience #02 [nord lead2X / strymon TIMELINE / blueSky]

Published on Apr 2, 2016 ghostradioshow

"Realtime tweak performance.
Strymon's ICE delay sound is realy good!
Enjoy :)"

MIDI SYNC #2 - Event at the Copper Owl, Victoria, BC Canada

This one in via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Lorne Hammond:

"On the last night of March in Victoria BC Canada at the Copper Owl, named one of Canada's best small clubs, eight local midi maniacs, including supporters of MATRIXSYNTH, got together to share a master clock.

We drew names drawn from hat, cleared our memories and set out to improvise live in groupings of two, then as quartets, then all eight together. Players came from a wide range of genres. A bit of everything was in use: a TTSH 2600, and ms-20, octatrack Akira's Akai Timbre Wolf, shruthis ssm and polivoks, beatstep pros, elektron, guitar, Linn Tempest, Speak and Spell and a pitch hacked Clavia DD4, Volcas, and more. The Akai Wolf provided a common clock from a splitter box.

Here are 3 and a half hours of the results." [embedded above]

Thank you Lorne, and everyone who supports the site!

from superbooth16 with elastic drums, modstep, triqtraq and zmors

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sven braun

"mr Schneider opened the absynth bar, all ipads have to play alone :-)"

SUPERBOOTH16 LIVE SchneidersTalk; Nik Nowak, Herr Schneider and Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk) FULL

Scheduled for Apr 2, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"BREAKING! Florian Schneider from Kraftwerk is also attending this event!

This is the full version with Florian Schneider also"

P.S.: giant size educational KORG MS20 at 5:08.

Superbooth 16: Dave Smith Instruments Feedback Module

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Karplus Stong resonator module prototype and a chat about synth design with Mr Smith himself"

Dave Smith DSM 03 Feedback Module Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:
Dave Smith Instruments:

Dave Smith Instruments showed me their new feedback filter module at Superbooth 16. I think it sounds really nice. A lot of grit and texture in there. It has a truly physical feel to it. Check it out!"

SUPERBOOTH16 LIVE Doepfer Masterpatch - Dieter Doepfer

Streamed live 5 hours ago Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"Doepfer Masterpatch - Dieter Doepfer at Superbooth16 Hall1"

Superbooth 2016: Modal Modules, 008 Editor

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Superbooth 2016: Modal Modules, 008 Editor 002 Oscillators, Filters, modulation"

delamartv Superbooth Videos

Published on Apr 1, 2016 delamartv

Yamaha Montage // Sounds & Klangbeispiele Yamaha Montage // SUPERBOOTH 2016 News
KORG volca fm & Friends // Sounds vom neuen KORG volca fm // delamar auf der SUPERBOOTH 2016
KORG Minilogue // Klangbeispiele & Sounds vom KORG Minilogue // Direkt von der SUPERBOOTH 2016
Dave Smith OB-6 // Sounds & Klangbeispiele // SUPERBOOTH 2016 // Video
Dreadbox Hades: SUPERBOOTH16 // Hades von Dreadbox // Synthesizer Messe
WALDORF KB37 // Synthesizer Keyboard Sounds // Superbooth 2016 // Musikmesse 2016
Vermona Lancet 15 // Analog Synthesizer // Sounds & Klang // SUPERBOOTH 2016

SUPERBOOTH16 Introducing the New Birdkids 42HP System and the USB Powered Power Module

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"SUPERBOOTH16 Introducing the New Birdkids 42HP System and the USB Powered Power Module"

The SynthSummitShow episode 9: Delptronics Eurorack Modular designers

Streamed live 1 hour ago Flux302 of

severence // vacuum dub patch

Published on Apr 2, 2016 severence

"// metasonix r54 mark II in filter mode with the verbos electronics harmonic oscillator... additional beats, noise & delay from the schippmann vcf-02, steady state fate quantum rainbow II & mutable instruments clouds

// modules used in this patch

addac802 quintet mixing console
intellijel planar
make noise maths
make noise rené
metasonix r-54 mark II
modcan quad lfo
mutable instruments clouds
schippmann vcf-02
steady state fate positronic transient gate
steady state fate propagate
steady state fate quantum rainbow II
steady state fate ultra random analog
toppobrillo quantimator
verbos electronics dual four pole
verbos electronics harmonic oscillator
verbos electronics voltage multistage
wmd sequential switch matrix + expand
wmd/ssf spo

// desk effects

eventide space
strymon el capistan"

Future Sound Systems Spectral Devastator

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Synclavier II ORK Keyboard New England Digital Synthesizer SN 001930 K

via this auction

"New England Digital Synclavier keyboard only. This is the extra (backup) keyboard for the Synclavier II system, Keyboard is in great physical condition and has few minor scuffs and scratches. All the keys work good and are not damage."

YAMAHA CS40M programable monophonic synthesizer

via this auction

Creamware Minimax ASB Synthesizer

via this auction

Mutable Instruments Clouds Textural Synthesizer Eurorack Module

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

Mother 32 & DSI Evolver Bells Whistles Crackles

Published on Apr 2, 2016 SynthJam

Moog Voyager
Moog Mother 32
Moog Little Phatty
Dsi Evolver
DSI Prophet 08
Novation Bass Station II


Published on Apr 2, 2016 ggijs

Little mechanical white flag sensor contraption from gieskes?

estradin 2 (kraftwerk-robots)

Published on Apr 2, 2016 conor paxton

"quick video demoing the vcf, envelopes and vca of my Estradin, russian MiniMoog clone. sadly the vcos are not operational at the moment but i am sure it is only something small. unfortunately i cannot read russian so any help with schematics would be great appreciated. 2 vco's from my MiniMoog voyager old school are feed into the external input. (straight from the mixer out of the voyager, just pure oscillators)

terrible tribuite to the kraftwerk, just so i don't get sued, i did not write any of this music :)"

Lost Years - Nuclear (Tiergrinder Synth Cover)

Published on Apr 2, 2016 tiergrinder

"My adaptation from Lost Years track Nuclear.

Gear used :
TASCAM 16x08"

Volca FM Day 1 - With Korg Minilogue, Roland TR8 and RE-301

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"Got the Korg Volca FM yesterday. It is extremely musical and easy to approach, even if you don't completely understand what's happening under the hood. I can't say I can make it do what I want, but I can make it do all kinds of things and that may be even better. Sometimes inspiration and order comes from chaos. In this video here's what's going on:

I'm controlling the Volca from the Mopho SE keyboard. The Volca is clock-synced from the Minilogue via the Minilogue's Volca sync output. The TR8 is synced also from the Minilogue via MIDI. Those Korg blokes are so damn smart.... The Volca and Minilogue are both running into the Roland RE-301, and get some chorus from Valhalla Ubermod.

I am only manipulating four different parameter settings on the Volca to get this huge variety is sound. There are two sliders, one for Transpose, which (surprise) transposes the notes up or down octaves, and one for Velocity control. The Velocity gives velocity info to your incoming notes played and can significantly vary the sound. I have not found a way to get the FM to respond to velocity in from the keyboard so if anyone out there knows how to do that please make a comment and let me know.

The other two parameters I'm messing with in the video are the Modulator Attack and Release. As I understand FM, you have a sine wave (operator) that acts as a Carrier, then additional waves (Modulators) that act as, well, modulators. By manipulating the modulator waves, you get a huge variation in the timbre.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what's happening on the technical level, but I do know it sounds totally bitchin.

Finally, the FM has an arpeggiator which I engage at about 3:50. Add some Minilogue lead, and later a beat from the TR8, and this little box is one of the most musical, most inspiring pieces of kit I have bought in a long time. It's just fun. Hope you enjoy."


Published on Apr 2, 2016 LESINDES

"Analogue at its best: KORG ELECTRINE 2 HOUSE loop gets some filter treatment from CWEJMAN QMMF-4 4 band multimode filter + a little help from MAKE NOISE ECHOPHON"


Published on Apr 2, 2016 LESINDES

"Programming an tweaking sounds on the MINILOGUE is lots of fun.
Combining the poly SEQUQNCER set to quarter or half notes with the ARPEGGIATOR is creating very long patterns in the KORG MINILOGUE.."

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Korg minilogue demo

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Michael Kukat

"Okay, why not? I usually don't do synth reviews because i have more clue about their inner workings than the sound quality. So this one is more from an engineer's point of view than from a musician's one, but maybe someone finds it interesting.

I usually avoid buying more studio gear because i neither have the talent nor the time to make music besides my other hobbies, but Korg is very successful in selling me stuff like Volcas and now this minilogue, because you get a serious amount of fun for the money. While Volcas are simple plastic boxes and (besides the fun factor) not much more than you would expect for the price, the minilogue really has an impressive overall quality for the money and while it still has some minor firmware bugs here and there, it's stable enough meanwhile to have lots of fun with it.

I recorded audio from the synth in higher quality, but as the audio path was different from than the one i heard on my speakers, i didn't notice that my level adjustment i performed before wasn't optimal for some situations. So there are some distortions here and there that don't come from the synth. But most of the audio track sounds okay."

KORG minilogues on eBay | Korg minilogues on Amazon

Pro One super synthbass

Published on Apr 2, 2016 SYNTH GURU

"a great synthbass patch fro Pro-One!"

Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer 'demo'

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Peter Maas

"Some folks on the 'Synthesizer Freaks' group were interested in practical use of the the Knas Moisturizer in a synthesizer context. Made a quick video while working on a patch to illustrate this. No post processing, all reverb/overdrive/filtering done by the Moisturizer. Filter amount is modulated lightly by an LFO in the Modular."

Ploytec PL2 Leukos at Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Ask.Audio

"Ploytec PL2 Leukos at Superbooth 16"

Eowave Ribbon synth & controller at Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Ask.Audio

"Stu from Eowave demos the Ribbon synth & controller at Superbooth 16, Berlin."

Superbooth 2016: Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms KB-1

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms system not only offers the SV-1 voice, but also the KB-1 which has several Interesting functions, making this quite the control centre"

Frap Tools CGM Creative Mixer Eurorack Module Series at Superbooth16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Ask.Audio

"Frap Tools CGM Creative Mixer Eurorack Module Series at Superbooth16"

WMD William Mattewson live performance Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:

William from WMD was performing live with his modular setup at Superbooth 16, showing a wide palette of sounds coming from their system. Beautiful stuff!"

Modor NF-1 interview Demo Cuckoo Exploring

Published on Apr 2, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:

One synthe that captured my interest was the Modor NF-1. A very digital synth with handy envelopes, a bit different sounding noises and a beautiful formant filter. I had the opportunity to talk with the creator of the synth, about the process of turning his hobbies into a real project, and singlehandedly coming up with this synthesiser. Also taking it for a spin in the end myself, exploring different aspects of the synth. I found it to be lush, sharp and lovely. It's taking advantage of the digital heritage in a very charming way, while also being able to go a bit wonky :)"

Synced iOS Performance MUSIK APP MANUFAKTUR Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:

An alliance of music app developers called Musik App Manufaktur had a very nice performance with iOS apps here at Superbooth 16. They're clearly showing that mobile app music is not just something fun to play around with while you're waiting for the bus. No, these are highly capable of high performance stuff, also controlling modulars and syncing over Ableton link. Good stuff."

Continuum Fingerboard Edmund Eagan Intervew Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:

I had the opportunity to have a talk with Edmund Eagan, the extraordinary sound designer, and really the "ears" of Haken Audio. We talked about new features of the Continuum Fingerboard engine, also touching upon what makes the Continuum feel so "real", and the importance and vurtue in practising playing an instrument to improve your skills. Also in the end I tried to film Ed's hands when he's performing, with a long lens (although a bit shaky) so that you can all see the subtle level of pressure required to play the Continuum."

Vermona new Eurorack synth modules at Superbooth16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 Ask.Audio

"Vermont show their new Eurorack synth modules at Superbooth16"

Superbooth 2016: Bastl Instruments Dynamo, Tromsø and Hendrikson

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

BASTL Instruments Superbooth 16

Published on Apr 2, 2016 cuckoomusic .

"Support CUCKOO here:
BASTL instruments:

BASTL instruments was showing a lot of new modular stuff at Superbooth this year, and I had the opportunity to have a chat with Vaclav from BASTL, talking about how they're doing, and what they've got lined up."

Superbooth 2016: Mordax Systems DATA

Published on Apr 2, 2016 sonicstate

"Superbooth 2016: Mordax Systems DATA Super useful utility module"

ARP 2500 - Modcan'd

Published on Apr 1, 2016 DJjondent

"Experimenting with a Modcan Touch Sequencer. It's Eurorack format but seems to work pretty well with the ARP 2500.

The 1004 VCO is being sequenced by the Modcan. ... the audio is filtered through a 1047 resonator. The 1047 filter cutoff is modulated a bit by a 1046 Envelope Generator."

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