MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rain - Live Jam with Yamaha Montage and DSI/Oberheim OB6, Akai Tom Cat

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"It's raining! That may not be a big deal to you, but here in Southern California, it's a miracle. Anyway, the rain put me in a moody good mood so I just wanted to play something exuberant. Yamaha Montage does most of the work here. Using the FC7 pedal to control the SuperKnob and get some nice dynamics. It accompanied with a little lead and a sequence from the OB6. the Tom Cat makes a brief appearance as well."

Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line

via this auction

The Cary Grace Band + Steffe Sharpstrings + John Garden - May 2016 - Glastonbury - Set 2 Part 1

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Door 13 Music Video

"The Cary Grace Band with special guest musicians Steffe Sharpstrings and John Garden, live at The King Arthur, Glastonbury, 21 May 2016. This is the first 30 minutes (approximately) of the second set.

Cary Grace - Vocals, EMS VCS3
Andy Budge - Bass
David Payne - Drums


Steffe Sharpstrings - Guitar
John Garden - Guitar

Visuals by Keiran"

Moog Mother 32 (Noise/Drone)

Published on Oct 23, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Messing around with a Mother 32 with VCA On, playing with the controls and patch bay.

Synth was recorded direct with no further processing except for normalisation."

Moog Sub 37- Rhythmic and Percussive Looping

Published on Oct 23, 2016 iVardensphere

"The Moog Sub 37 is a wonderful synthesizer that is capable of doing many of the classic Moog sounds but is also capable of going into very different sonic territory. This video explores the use of tempo sync'ed looping envelopes and LFO's to create rich, modulation based, rhythmic material without the use of the sequencer or incoming midi data. You can hear the Sub 37 in many of the tracks on my most recent release- iVardensphere: Fable

The video is made in conjunction with Long and McQuade Music Instruments. If you're in Canada and want to check out a Sub 37, be sure to head down to a L&M near you."

Schtang - Voicemail (Live DAWless Hardware Jam ft. Korg E2, ESX1 and Volca Keys) Ambient

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Schtang

"For a free download of this track in high quality, and loads more music, head to my Soundcloud:

I've been listening to loads of Murcof, Loscil and Muslimgauze lately and I hope you can see my inspiration. Please please please if you know any dark ambient artists write them in the comments below. I'm really enjoying this kind of music recently. Hopefully I will be writing a few more like this in the future!

Please leave any feedback in the comments, I'm interested to know what people think of this style.
Happy Listening :)"

Dogs V4 by zvonx

"I'm helping a guy on reddit with his cover of Pink Floyd's Dogs.

Here's the solo @ 10 min in the original I recorded for him. My first recording on my model d reissue I picked up used last week (holy crap is this thing fantastic!)

I'm no rick wright and still learning how to perform on the minimoog but this sure was fun!

On the original it sounds like he is switching between LFO pitch modulation and FM Modulation. I couldn't really figure out how to do that without a third hand. On the 10th take I was finally successful working it in quickly in one part.

This is a much bigger solo than the original but it was hard not to leave her wide open and let her shine.

Minimoog into TC2290 delay"

Alpes Machines - Matrix Ctrlr - Hardware Controller for the Oberheim Matrix-6/6r/1000

Published on Oct 23, 2016 BIM0X

"The Matrix Ctrlr is a custom arduino based midi controller to edit Oberheim Matrix 1000 and Matrix 6 synths. Available as a kit.

Short demo of the Matrix 1000 os1.20 with the Matrix Ctrlr by Thomas from Cotton Claw."

Rackable, desktop hardware controller for the Oberheim Matrix-6.

"Hardware 19” 3U rack

Compatible with Matrix 6 Keyboard, Matrix 6R Rack & Matrix 1000 Rack units

32 knobs covering 50 parameters (2 virtual layers)

All 96 of the Matrix’s voice parameters (including the modulation matrix) editable using display and buttons

Control up to 4 Matrix synths at the same time

Full SysEx and MIDI CC implementation

Store and manage 1000 patches

Includes a powerful arpeggiator

Computer free!

Available as a DIY kit (soldering required)"

Update: note you need OS 2.13 or greater on the Matrix-6 for external sysex editors like this.

Noisy Spaces III

"Wide timbral space noise improvisation on a DSI Evolver with way too much Eventide Space shimmer reverb recorded live in one take through a Tapco Mix100 distortion unit into the audio input of a towable.

This is essentially a demo of the Eventide Space reverb using the shimmer algorithm with mix=100 and lots of feedback. Eventide Space is the primary sound source in this track though signs of the original sound source are a lot more audible than with the blackhole inverse gravity settings."

via @dslsynth in follow-up to the Dial-up post.

1981 Passport Designs Soundchaser Ad

via Retro Synth Ads where you'll find the full write-up

"Passport Designs Soundchaser 'Bring your computer to your senses...' 1/4 page black and white advertisement from the bottom left side of page 13 in the August 1981 issue of Keyboard Magazine."

James Fei with Vintage Buchla System

Click through his site for more pics and audio.

This one in via brian comnes.

Synthrotek ADSR eurorack module demo at Knobcon 2016

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Flux302 of

"For more info or to purchase this module head to"

Atirubu - Novation Circuit experiment 3

Published on Oct 23, 2016 kbroom

"Another jam with the Novation Circuit."

KORG DELTA DL-50 SN 287092

via this auction

"Working 100% Sounding VERY 1970s early 80s! Cosmetic condition is quite good for a synthesizer this old. I like to Trigger the synth section with a drum machine and play the strings over that arrangement. You can also get a wide variety of modulation and superb wind and space sweeps. Add a little FX like delay and reverb and it really comes to life!"

Korg PolySix with Full Kiwi Mod: Kiwi Overlay, Custom Bubinga Wood Enclosure SN 384566

via this auction

"For sale is a Korg PolySix that sits proudly above all others.

Needs to go ASAP. Motivated to sell. I will entertain & Consider all offers!

*Contact me to discuss the FREE Limited Time Offer*

- This unit is fully functional and has never had any problems
- This unit is in immaculate cosmetic condition thanks to the new overlay
- This unit has never left a smoke-free studio environment
- This unit was purchased from the original owner
- This unit basically got the best make-over overhaul possible with no detail sparred taking the classic vintage analog synth and blending it with modern technology

*For what its worth, the Bubinga wood enclosure is a one-of-a-kind custom job that makes this unit even that more special*

1) Modified into a KIWI-Six by Three Wave Music
2) This was the full modification including the new battery board
3) Equipped with a brand new classic overlay from Synthgraphics
4) While under the hood, the unit had every inch and component inspected, cleaned and calibrated to perfection

*To all hardcore synth collectors out there, I have another classic vintage analog synth that has had the same super upgrade treatment as this PolySix... An immaculate Roland Juno 106 with the full KIWI mod, KIWI overlay, wood sides and a hard case. I am willing to offer a great deal if both are purchased; perfect to go in on it with a friend*

Only selling because I am moving in a different direction, scaling down my gear collection and in dire need of cash..."

Future Retro 777

via this auction

inventions for 3u 104hp eurorack by Ian Richter

A new release by new supporting Matrixsynth member, Ian Richter.

"Noise is your only friend. But friends can be noisy too."

Buchla 296e Transfer Test

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Todd Barton

"This is a test, just scrolling through the Transfer Mode settings on the Buchla 296e Spectral Processor. Better audio here:"

All parts here.

Serge Modular Systems - Patch 021

Published on Oct 23, 2016 batchas

"Serge Paperface Modular System from 1978 with the little help from more recent Serge modules from STS and Random*Source modules.

We see the Bugbrand modular is also synched to the Serge. Only one of its oscillators is involved here and it's the sound we hear better at the very end of the video (the high pitched sequenced note).

This video is actually based on the patch I did yesterday on the Paperface system: "Serge Paperface '78 - Patch 004".
I only extended it with a few STS and R*S modules."

Cosme Feroz - Noves Maneras De Parlar (Synthpop Catalá)

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Jacques Mongrel

"Grabat en dos pasos, primer les parts instrumentals i despres la part vocal en una toma. Sintes analogics i sampler per els sonidos ritmics, grabat i produit dintre de Ableton Live

Recorded in two steps, first instrumental part (modular for bass, A4 for melodies and Octatrack for drums) and then vocals in one take. Mixed in Ableton Live"

A new track via supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, Jacques Mongrel aka Pinwale Sounds.

Drone Resurection Double Andore MKII + Tyme Sefari MKII

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Droning with Tyme Sefari + ASOT + Double Andore + Hertz Donut."

Dial-up sound 700% slower (Creepy)

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011 Darkfalky

This one in via @boe_dye. A bit buchla-esque. See if you can identify the classic dial-up modem transitions.

"You know how when you slow a Justin Bieber song down by 800%, you get a neat ambient track? Well if you do this kind of thing with the most horrible sound in the world OH MY GOD I CAN NEVER SLEEP AGAIN

This was made with a program named PaulStretch, which can make this sort of thing from any sound files. I edited the final product a bit to remove long silences and some white noise length, and to try to even the volume out a bit. I didn't add any echo or whatnot, that's just what happens when you want to slow down a sound file without affecting the pitch or sounding like shit, so blame the program, not me. It can be downloaded here:

You can now download it on Mediafire:"

Update: Also see Noisy Spaces III.

Sound of the dialup modem explained

Published on Jan 30, 2013 bialasiczek

"original image taken from"

Folktek Conduit

via this auction

"The Conduit is a symbiotic touch-based drone synthesizer. Cool, Discontinued, and Rare."

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer

via this auction

"Great working condition. Only issue is that the key bushings need to be replaced one day - this does not effect play, just makes for a bit of a klunky key. This is the best monosynth on the market here for a great price. J wire model. European with a US adapter attached."

Analogue Solutions Vostok Matrix Synthesizer

via this auction

"I'm parting with this great sounding synth to make room for a fully modular one. It's great for basses, leads, experimental and gritty sounds. The VU unfortunately is pushed slightly into the case but other wise is in great shape."

Roland TB-03 Bass Line

via this auction

The box pays tribute to the original TB-303 as well. Curious what it has on the sides and bottom.

Access Virus TI Polar

via this auction

Happy Birthday Twig!

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Peter B

-Westside forever
-Drywall screws
-Oldman curve

A look at Ciat-Lonbarde's Peter Blasser's workspace from the man himself.


Published on Oct 23, 2016 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"An hour after the new Rhythm module from Qu-Bit Electronix arrived in the post, I patched it up and explored an alternative idea, triggering musical samples from Wave instead of percussion to set what it might offer. This dark pulsing beauty appeared immediately, and again I love the element of surprise that appears through such connections. As always, it's merely a sketch of an idea, a playful moment in the studio."

2016.10.23 Klee + Serge + Phonogene + Clouds.

2016.10.23 Klee + Serge + Phonogene + Clouds. from bucketbd on Vimeo.

Kawai K4r Fan Videos

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Kawai K4r Fan

1. "The Truth of Love" (Kawai K4r synthesizer)
"All sounds: Kawai K4r, External effects: Alesis Midiverb II"

2. Kawai K4r: Adieu m'amour (Gilles Binchois)
"The song of burgundian composer of the 15th century Gilles Binchois. Recorded with Kawai K4r synthesizer, Roland MC-50mkII sequencer and Alesis Midiverb II reverb."

3. Kawai K4r (1989): Ambient Improv (High Quality Audio)
"Little live jam with my Kawai K4r
External reverb: Alesis Midiverb II
Drum programming and sequencing: Roland MC-50mkII"

My first analog Synthesizer

Published on Oct 23, 2016 mas2477

"Oto mój pierwszy dzień z odpalonym Analogiem. Wiele rzeczy jeszcze nie zrobione: brak synchronizacji polifonii (co słychać), Nie zestrojone do końca VCO i kilka innych drobiazgów, ale już coś jest :)"


"This is my first day with the analog is rebuffed. Many things are not taken: the lack of synchronization of polyphony (what you hear), not tuned to the end of the VCO and some other stuff, but something is :)"

Not Four Me

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Barry Neilsen

"More from my Pure Data sequencer without a name. Lots of features added now, not to mention eight tracks and independent trig patterns. It's a bit of a monster and I get to very interesting places very quickly using it, but I really want to make it more playable.

Here five sequence tracks are driving four sounds on the 002 in a multi-timbral setup. All FX are from the 002, as well. The mix is taken straight from the outputs."

Tangerine dream -sam's forge (1981)

Published on Oct 23, 2016 graal7

"Tangerine dream -sam's forge (1981)
album THIEF;"

Session AEM Three: Nord Lead 4, System-1, Novation Circuit, Volca FM...

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Feeling better - thank you for all your wishes!
In this Session no. 3 I'm passing the Volca FM and Braids through Clouds - which is modulated by Disting mk3. Z3000 mk2 is playing a sequence from Beatstep Pro and ends in Roland Demora.
Pad from Nord Lead 4 - for which I'm preparing a patch bank, lead from System-1 - Promars and drums from Novation Circuit.

Have fun!


Published on Oct 23, 2016 Smokey Quartz

"Some late night fun with the Knas Ekdahl Polygamist and blacklight fun. The ADSR of the Polygamist is being triggered by the Roland TR-77, which is heard but not seen."

volca kick + TR-09

Published on Oct 23, 2016 SERI@ACIDWORX

Dataline - Take one only

Published on Oct 23, 2016 MrDataline

"Analog Heat warms up the master output. Giving slight mid drive and some boost."

JD-Xi - Space Lounge

Published on Oct 23, 2016 KlaatuNinja

Yamaha Electone C 605 P with Eurorack modules DEMO by Nord

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Nord

"This is a Berlin school of electronic music style demo of the Yamaha Electone C 605 P portable analog home organ routed through Eurorack modules. No multitrack recording was used. No other instrument was recorded, only the Yamaha Electone C 605 P. It's all live recorded in Nord's studio. The sound of the organ was routed through a Mutable Instruments Ripples module followed by a Clouds module upgraded with the Parasite software. The Ripples and Clouds modules were modulated by Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO, Doepfer A- 183 - 1 Dual Attenuator, Doepfer A - 118 Noise/Random voltage modules. For more music and electronic music albums produced by Nord, follow


Yamaha Electone C 605 P with Eurorack, Keio Minipops and Vermona Synth Demo by Nord Part 2

Published on Nov 8, 2016

"I made an other DEMO for my Yamaha Electone C 605 P home organ. I routed it through an Eurorack modular synthesizer. This time I used a sequencer (Arturia Keystep) to trigger the oscillators (MI Braids and AS RS95E VCS3 clone) and the gate of the Intellijel Dual ADSR. The sound of the oscillators and the home organ are filtered by a MI Ripples, that is modulated by a Doepfer Quad LFO and a S&H module. The sound of the Electone organ and the OSC's are the routed into a MI Clouds module. For drums I used a Vintage Keio Minipops and at the end of the demo the Electone's own drums. I also used a vintage Vermona Synthesizer routed through a Strymon TimeLine effect pedal.

For more music please visit and"

Quadnic Detuned Phase Mod

Published on Oct 22, 2016 Robert Shipe

"Studio Electronics Quadnic in Phase Modulation modes 1 & 2. Sequenced by René/Disting's Random Shift Register. Clocked by 2 Wogglebugs. Also added the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP HP Delay. Audio was summed in the Intelljel Linix and filtered with the Doepfer Wasp LPF."

iPad MoogLPSound1023

Published on Oct 22, 2016 ryouichi harada

iTunes: iProphet Synthesizer - Arturia

Live Modular Jam

Streamed live 14 hours ago Soulier Music

"Intellijel Shapeshifter and Rainmaker"

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