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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix (LMS EE) - Demo + Overview Videos by Learning Modular

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Learning Modular

Details for parts 2 - 4 further below.

1. Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix Oscillator 1/4: Demo + Overview (LMS Eurorack Expansion Project)

"This is the last of four movies on the Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix Oscillator, focusing on its “Contour” section that includes both a wavefolder (Timbre) and a low pass gate (Dynamics). The video breaks down like this:

0:00 introduction
0:17 Timbre (wavefolder) overview
1:49 wavefolder as VCA
2:46 LFO to wavefolder
3:56 enveloping wavefolder depth
4:25 FMing the wavefolder
6:10 layering 1
6:39 Dynamics (low pass gate) overview
8:38 Dynamics offset
9:31 Dynamics CV
9:51 Dynamics Response
10:07 LPG control interaction
11:04 externally enveloping the LPG
12:06 FM percussion revisited
13:01 Contour input mixer
13:53 layering 2

For more details about using the Double Helix (as well as other modules I’ve made videos for), I encourage you to join the Learning Modular Patreon Tribe: For more on the Learning Modular Synthesis Eurorack Expansion Project for those exploring what module to add to their system next, visit"

2. Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix Oscillator 2/4: Waveshapes + Voltage Controlled Routers

"This is the second of four movies on the Pittsburgh Modular Double Helix Oscillator, focusing on its waveshapes (including its unusual Blade shape), and its Voltage Controlled Routers: a flexible modulation bus you need to master to truly get all of the potential out of this module. The video breaks down like this:

Bubblesound Instruments Releases 141 EG/VCA/LFO Eurorack Module

"The 141 is a EG/VCA/LFO that fills in gaps and helps clear out some case clutter.

The Envelope Generator is based around the Roland SH101/M-140 era transistor EG giving the 141 a very snappy feel.

The EG is sent to the ENV OUT and to a VCA for the velocity sensitivity section of the circuit. The VEL IN is normalized to +12V, so when there is no input the VEL OUT is the same as the ENV OUT. But when positive voltage is applied to VEL IN the output of VEL OUT will vary as the voltage varies. The 141 ships set up for a 0-5V inout for the velocity sensitive VCA. This makes is compatible with most analog sequencers and modules from companies like Expert Sleepers. There is a 0-10V jumper setting on the back to make the 141 compatible with the Beat Step Pro and other CV sources that put out 0-10V.

The INV OUT is an inverted output of the EG with a range of 0 to -10V.

An Audio VCA is included and normalized to the EG by the 2 switches near the Audio Input. The VCA has Linear and Expo responses and the CV can either be the normal EG output or the velocity sensitive EG.

The LFO has a range from about 10 second to a little over 200Hz. The Triangle and Square outputs are always active. The Square is normalized to the Gate IN and when there is nothing plugged into it the LFO loops the EG. When an external Gate is plugged in the Sync switch can sync the LFO to the external gate or allow it to run freely.

Width - 6HP
Depth - 35MM
Draw - +60mA -50mA
LFO Range: 10 sec - 200 Hz
EG Range
Attack - 1.5MS - 4 seconds
Decay - 4MS - 12 seconds
Sustain - 0-10V
Release - 4MS - 12 seconds"

Møffenzeef Mødular Introduces The CØUNT Open Source Eurorack Module

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Møffenzeef Mødular

The CØUNT first løøk! Pre-order is $189.00. Ships in December 2017.

via Møffenzeef Mødular

"The CØUNT (BLEH!) is a master cløck transpørt with a rich feature set suitable før a small drum system. User has cøntrøl øver master tempø with cøarse and fine adjustments as well as bipølar CV mødulatiøn capabilities. There is a range switch which alløws the master tempø tø tøggle frøm sløw tø fast speeds. The master cløck can be initiliazed with a start/støp switch. Pulse width før all øutputs can be cøntrølled with a single knøb ør bipølar CV.

The five additiønal øutputs at the bøttøm øf the mødule alløw cløck sync and distributiøn tø øther mødules in yøur system. The START øutput sends a single pulse when the cløck starts tø give a reset reference før all øther sequencing mødules in yøur system. The føur additiønal øutputs are all divisiøns øf the master cløck which can be cønfigured with the TØP, BØTTØM, LEFT, RIGHT switches. TØP/BØTTØM switches the divisiøns frøm "even" tø "ødd" metered divisiøns where as RIGHT/LEFT switches the divisiøns frøm "beats" tø "bars." Pøssible divisiøns are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36. The user alsø has the additiønal capability øf changing these øutputs frøm upbeat tø døwnbeat with the BEAT switch.





Korg Monologue - Let's Build... An Organ Patch!

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Oscillator Sink

"Let's have a look at building an organ patch on the Korg Monologue!"

Roland Boutique D05 Sequences (HQ Audio - Full & Stabilized)

Published on Sep 13, 2017 gestelt

"New Roland Boutique and all its built in sequences, Live from Knobcon 2017.
Audio recorded with a Roland Go into an iPhone."


via this auction

Rheyne - Demonstration - Pico Logic (Erica Synths)

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Rheyne

"A demonstration of some of the modes of an Erica Synths Pico Logic, and how it can vary the rhythm of sequenced triggers. Feel free to ask questions in the comments!"

Exploring: Beepstreet Zeeon ( Custom Sounds )

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Todd Smith Music

"This video will jum into my custom sound for the Beepstreet Zeeon , Apple iOS synthesizer. This iOS synthesizer has top notch sound quality. I plan to share these sounds once the option is available in Zeeon."

iTunes: Zeeon synth - BeepStreet

3-Voice Patch using the VBrazil Eurorack Modules

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Ícaro Ferre

"The patch in this video was created using mostly VBrazil / VB Modular eurorack modules. The idea behind this patch was to use the wave switcher in my two Lizard2 modules (mk2 and mk3) to work as “gate sequencers” since the switcher is linked to the sequencer stage. I’m using the Lizard2 MK3 to sequence the Aether Oscillator and the Lizard2 MK2 as the main clock and switcher for the drum voice.
What’s cool about this patch is that I can basically change the sequence by moving around the signals going into the switchers.

For the main voice, I’m sending different outputs of the Aether VCO and switching between them using the switcher in the Lizard2 MK3. The output of the Lizard2 is then fed into the Overfolder and finally into the Bastl Instruments Skis (which I’m using as a VCA being controlled by the VBrazil ADSR).
For the drum voice, I’m sending a sine wave and some digital noise out of the MultiLFO module and into different inputs of the Lizard2 MK2 switcher to create a kick and a snare. I’m then using the 2 envelopes of the Skis to controle the amplitude and pitch of the MultiLFO (which are being triggered by the main clock)."

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — 'Existence in the Unfurling,' Live on Soundcheck WNYC

"Producer and composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith joined us in the studio to perform some of her psychedelic synthesizer and vocals-based electronica live in studio.

Soundcheck is hosted by John Schaefer.

Video: Kim Nowacki
Audio Engineer: Irene Trudel"

via WNYC where you'll find a write-up.


A new sample pack from Supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, You can find the pack at Sample Magic here.

"Analogue driven production for the big screen and beyond...

Dark, driving, epic and emotive - Cinematic Sequences brings together a collection of artfully processed analogue synths, pounding drums and textural elements. Cinematic Sequences combines suspenseful, eerie and supernatural Caprenter-esque elements with rich textural sound design in an expertly crafted 500MB collection of loops, MIDI, one-shots, sampler instruments and synth presets."

Axon 2 times 2

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Audio Damage, Inc.

"Axon 2 available here:

A pair of Axon 2 instances. The one on the left is doing the rhythm, and the one on the right is doing the melody. A bit of Eos 2 on the melody instance’s outputs."

Oberheim Two Voice Pro demo #2

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Boele Gerkes

"Filter FM on both SEMs with external (tracking) oscillators. I also used two euro rack envelopes to modulate the pitch of one SEM vco and the other to modulate the other SEM VCA. The internal two sequencers are used, synced to MIDI clock from DAW"

Demo 1 here.

Oberheim DMX 9/13/2017 Demo Video

Published on Sep 13, 2017 SynthMania

"Three Oberheim DMX drum machine rhythms, at different tempos"

Expressive Organelle

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Mark Harris

"This is a technical preview of my MEC application allowing an Eigenharp to be used directly with an Organelle, to allow a more expressive interface.

The aim was simple, add more expressive possibilities but to keep the portability of the setup, something that can be taken out and about and enjoyed. No computer required :)

- Im running off a USB battery with a 9v converter, which would last 12-20 hours depending on usage.
- MEC will work with any Eigenharp controller - Alpha, Tau or Pico, and runs on Mac, Linux (x86 and ARM)
- Pico and Axoloti are both bus powered off the Organelle.
- Axoloti is running an MPE enabled patch, sound is sent to Organelle via a small patch cable.
- The Pico would typically be held in the hands, and also features breath control... but was a bit difficult to film, so sat it on a table.
- Sound is recorded directly on the camera, all effects are from either the Organelle or Axoloti."

Oberheim Dave Smith OB6 Artist Sound Bank by INHALT

Published on Sep 12, 2017 INHALTVIDEO

A demonstration of some of the 100 patches and sequences we've created for this very special INHALT Artist Sound Bank for the Oberheim OB6 Analog Synth. Absolutely no additional FX were used, what you hear are the raw patches on the OB6. The patch bank is a direct download from our Big Cartel store (link above)."

Modular Workshop - Live @ Analogue Zone Showroom E03

Streamed live 36 minutes ago

"Modular Workshop - Live from the Showroom

This week's episode still focuses on the Stillson Hammer MKII.
Ramin will work backwards this time: he will build a track from scratch, so that you can see the whole patch built up live. We will show how to program the Stillson Hammer for bass and leads, and the Varigate 8+ for building a 4/4 kick first followed by the clap. Then he will shift grooves for the percussion section, while utilising the SH's modulation outputs on the Mutant series modules' parameters. We'll end up with a techno groove with a plethora of possibilities on the fly. Join us & get inspired with us!

Modular Workshop is a weekly live series from the Analogue Zone Budapest showroom with our experienced modular electronic music performer & friend, Ramin Sayyah. The series was created in order to introduce either one particular module or a very special selection of module-combinations to make various kinds of music with them.

A new episode is streamed live every Wednesday on Analogue Zone's Youtube channel. After a short live performance, Ramin walks us through the building blocks of the patch and answers any questions raised by the viewers.

Tune in every Wednesday afternoon for the show and feel free to ask questions directly during the live stream - also let us know if you want to pay a visit to the showroom during the live show: we can accept a few guests too.

AnalogueZone ►"

Audio Damage Releases Axon 2 - AI Driven Drum Synth

Axon 2 is now available at the Audio Damage website here.


"Axon 2 is a drum synth driven by artificial intelligence. (Well, 'intelligence' might be a strong word. Artificial something-or-other.) An experimental instrument, Axon uses a modified artificial neural network as a sequencer, and features seven FM-based percussion voices, that are really a single 18-operator FM voice.

If that sounds weird, you ain't seen nothing yet. It is surprisingly intuitive once you get the knack of it, and is capable of all-new, complex rhythms that repeat in surprising ways. It often gets referenced as a "random sequence generator," but there is nothing random in Axon; it is entirely determinative.

The sequencer features seven "neurons" that trigger a voice and send a pulse when they have received a predetermined number of pulses. You can wire the output of any neuron to the input of any other (with built-in loop detection to prevent runaway feedback), and in this manner pre-program the artificial neural network without having to go through a "learning" phase.

The seven individual drum voices, each triggered by its attendant neuron, are 2-operator FM voices in a configuration to best make percussion sounds, with additional FM and AM busses that all voices send to and receive from. Each voice has a HPF, distortion circuit, and white noise generator to provide a full range of percussion-oriented voicing individually, while interacting with each other in new and unique ways.


• Artificial Neural Network sequencer features seven neurons, and is easily programmed to create strange new repeating rhythms.

• Seven FM percussion voices that also buss together to create a single monolithic complex percussion synthesizer.

• Full mixer with pan, level, mute, and solo on each voice.

• Built-in stereo delay with X/Y pad control over feedback and filter frequency, for live playability.

• MIDI in and out, for driving Axon from DAW and hardware sequencers, or driving your drum rack or other samples from Axon.

• Internal transport for non-synchronized playback.

• Resizable vector-based user interface.

• Drawn reciprocation dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal depleneration.

• XML-based cross-platform, human-readable preset system, with copy/paste, for easy transferring of your own presets and third-party offerings."

If the Theremin was Pavarotti

If the Theremin was Pavarotti (10th anniversary rare video) - Decostruttori Postmodernisti

Published on Sep 4, 2017 Decostruttori Postmodernisti

"Being Italian, it is our precise and hugely pleasant duty to honor those Italians who were able to make the world a better place by creating immortal artworks and unforgettable emotions. Among those there is the biggest of the big, Luciano Pavarotti, that we want to celebrate - 10 years after his untimely passing - with a video as irreverent as full of love for a man that keeps sending chills down the spines of us Opera enthusiasts.

Siamo italiani e non possiamo (né vogliamo) esimerci dall'omaggiare chi dei nostri connazionali ha regalato al mondo opere immortali ed emozioni straordinarie. Tra questi c'è il grande tra i grandi, Luciano Pavarotti, che a 10 anni dalla scomparsa celebriamo con un video tanto irriverente quanto pregno d'amore nei confronti di chi per sempre farà scorrere brividi lungo le schiene di noi appassionati d'Opera.

Arrangement: Massimo Cervini

Four professional musicians combining an astute technical performance with the verve of cabaret. For both a refined and curious ear. Decostruttori Postmodernisti – or if you like, Postmodern Deconstructionists – perform with a piano, violin, cello and a theremin.

Quattro musicisti di professione capaci di unire un'attenta esecuzione tecnica con la verve da cabaret. I Decostruttori Postmodernisti si esibiscono con un pianoforte, un violino, un violoncello e un theremin."

ludoWic Jam 6

Published on Apr 22, 2014 ludoWic music

This one in via Soviet Space Child after seeing the Suiko for sale, just posted here. If you enjoyed the above, you can find a playlist of all of ludoWic's jams below.

Thijs Lodewijk

- Oberheim DX
- Jomox Xbase 09
- Korg MS10 (Kenton MKll midi)
- Koto / Suiko ST20 / (Japanese synth)
- Circuit Bent
- KNAS moisturizer
- Strymon (Bluesky)
- Doepfer (midi - sync / clock)
- MFB machine

Roland D-20 Internal tones

Published on Sep 13, 2017 fernando Costa Tecladista

"tones that are in RAM memory
some from the factory, some downloaded, others edited

timbres que estão na memoria RAM
alguns de fábrica, alguns baixados, outros editados"

Sync Tab for ARPIE

Published on Sep 13, 2017 midierror

"A neat device to sync your pulse clock devices to the ARPIE and an external clock. Works with Pocket Operators, Monotribes, Volcas and more!"

The synchtab for arpie was introduced in 2015. Note it's spelled both synchtab with an h as you can see here, and synctab minus the h here where you can order one.

Setting up your Sync Tab

Published on Sep 13, 2017

"This video shows how to set up your Sync Tab and ARPIE with external Pulse clock devices! Works with Pocket Operators, Monotribes, Volcas and more!"

ROLAND JUNO-6 w/ Hard Case

via this auction

Suiko ST-30 Traditional Japanese Musical Instrument Synthesizer 水光社 詩吟

via this auction

Oberheim MATRIX-6 Vintage Analog Synthesizer v2.13 w/ Original Box SN 705632

via this auction

Yamaha Tenori-on Midi Synth Sequencer w/ Original Box

via this auction


Published on Sep 13, 2017 once upon a synth

"This is a tutorial and overview of the Roland System 100 Model 101. The Model 101 is the keyboard synth part of the system. The system also included speakers, a synth expander, a mixer and a sequencer. This was a system of synths made by Roland in the 70s. It sounds really smooth and fat and has that classic vintage Roland sound which can also be found on the bigger brothers SH-5 and SH-7. In this video I go over each component, knob, button and jack on the front panel of the synth.

This is a fairly simple and standard synth on spec. It has a single oscillator, a single ADSR envelope generator, a single LFO and a combo low pass and high pass filter. What sets it apart is that it's semi-modular so you get to patch in and out the different components. It also has a really nice basic tone. It's one of those synths that has a large sweet spot and sounds good in almost all settings.

Here's that synthesis 101 video I was referring to in the video (if you're new to synthesizers):"


Published on Apr 5, 2017 once upon a synth

"In this video I explain the basics of subtractive synthesis with an emphasis on modular synths. This is intended for complete beginners to synthesizers. We cover concepts like timbre, synthesis, harmonic content, the fundamental, control voltage, gate, trigger, audio vs control signals. The video starts off with theory and we end the second half with a practical demo using the Kilpatrick Audio Phenol semi-modular synth. This tutorial is not gear specific and the concept should apply to any subtractive synth."

iPad Synth Jam: ModStep, Zeeon, BeatHawk, Mersenne & Korg iMS-20

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Marcus Padrini

"Recreating, with the iPad and music apps, a track created live in an old jam with electribes and other synthesizers.

ModStep: MIDI sequencer (with AU plugins support).
Zeeon: Lead, Synth Bass & Synth Duo.
BeatHawk: Tron Strings, Drums.
Mersenne: Synth Bells.
Korg iMS-20 (controlled by Korg MS20ic): Saw Lead."

Unpacking the Scrotum Lab's Serge Panel

Published on Sep 13, 2017 batchas

"Printed by Schaeffer AG. It was a good test checking how the printed version would look like.
Making all in Illustrator, exporting as PDF, importing directly and making holes in FrontDesign, it's for me far easier now in than when it was engraved."

The Digitakt - more than a Drumsampler? Yes.

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Rickinger B.

"My first and only Digitakt Session.

The Digitakt is really a great machine, but i am missing timestretching, slicing, stereo and many more. Thats why i will send it back and i am still waiting for the new Octatrack. But i had a nice day with this little friend. I will miss it ;-)

The Digitakt was recorded in Logic Pro without FX."

Polyend Seq and Poly - Pop Music feat. Mutable Instruments Edges and Anushri

Published on Sep 13, 2017 isvisible / isinvisible

"I've had the Polyend Seq sequencer for a few weeks now, but not really had much of a chance to try it out, so this is my first simple effort... and it ended up spitting out pop music!

The melody and chords are going via the Poly midi to cv module to the Mutable Instruments Edges module and the bassline via Poly to the Anushri module.

The only other accompaniment is percussive, from the Touched by Sound DRM1 sequenced by Seq and the Wurlitzer Swingin' Rhythm (modified with trigger in's) sequenced by the Iron Ether Pithoprakta.

There's lots of other stuff patched up, but that's all for another track I'm working on."

it is what it is

Published on Sep 13, 2017 thevco

"minimal techno 90s styles one box does it all"

ARP Odyssey sounds

Published on Sep 13, 2017 Alba Ecstasy

"ARP Odyssey Korg sounds. This synth is about nuances. Any slight movement of a slider or a knob can bring another mood, feeling, sensation: from shy, mellow, dreamy sounds, to bold leads and basses and shiny pads and strings. After two days of tweaking, this demo is not covering even 30% of the sonic capabilities of the #ARPOdyssey.
I hope you'll enjoy and change your thoughts - as I did - about the ARP Odyssey!
PS: I'm really thinking of a second unit!
PPS: reverb from Clouds and delay from Demora.


Serge Modular System - Creature & efx

Published on Sep 12, 2017 batchas

VGM #114: Labyrinth Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog) Ambient-Synth Cover

Published on Sep 12, 2017 Ace Waters

"Give yourself 11 minutes, and put this on and try to relax. This is like, the opposite of the drowning music."

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