MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

VGM #125: Ice Cap Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3) Chill Synthwave Cover

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Ace Waters

"This was probably my favorite unreleased track from Gotta Go Slow, so I wanted to share it with you once we made it through Zelda Month! I tried to combine my favorite things from synthwave, ambient, and post-rock. I have actually already covered this track as well, so this was a re-arrangement. Got my good friend Kyle Von Lanken back on the guitar!"

Sonic Album:

New Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Micro Sequence Eurorack Module

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers


1. Lifeforms Micro Sequence | Slider Integrated Mute
The channel sliders control the output voltage of both the quantized pitch output and the analog CV output. Placing the slider in the down position enables the channel mute functionality for the quantized output. When a muted channel is active, the gate output does not trigger and the quantized pitch output does not change from the previous active channel. The output of the analog CV jack is not affected by the mute functionality and will output a voltage corresponding to the position of the slider.

2. Lifeforms Micro Sequence | Modulation Gate Input
The gate in mode button assigns the external gate input jack to one of four modulation destinations.

Reset - The sequence resets to step 1 when the incoming gate signal goes high.
Hold - The sequence pauses on the active step while the incoming gate signal is high.
Reverse - The sequence direction reverses when the incoming gate signal goes high. The sequence returns to normal when the gate goes high a second time. If the direction mode is set to random 1 or random 2, reverse mode enables the sequence to play forward.
Ratchet - The sequence gate output triggers 4 times per clock cycle while the incoming gate signal is high.

3. Lifeforms Micro Sequence | Quantized Scale Modes
The scale button sets the quantized pitch output scale. Press once to show the current scale. Press again to cycle through scale options.

Micro - Fine grained access to 250 note intervals per octave.
Chromatic - 12 step scale with note intervals at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
Major - 7 step scale with note intervals at 0, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11.
Minor - 7 steps per octave scale with note intervals at 0, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10.
Blues - 6 steps per octave scale with note intervals at 0, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10.
Phrygian - 7 steps per octave scale with note intervals at 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10.
Lydian - 7 steps per octave scale with note intervals at 0, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11.
Dorian - 7 steps per octave scale with note intervals at 0, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10.

4. Lifeforms Micro Sequence | Assignable Sequence Length
The length button assigns the number of steps in the sequence. Press once to show the number of steps. Press again to cycle through and assign the number of steps in the sequence. When Transpose Direction Mode is active, the length button sets the number of steps in the bottom transposing sequence.

5. LIfeforms Micro Sequence | Assignable Direction Modes
The direction button determines the direction mode of the sequencer. Press once to show the selected direction. Press again to cycle through direction options. After selecting a new direction mode, the change takes effect on step 1. The first step of the cycle.

Forward - The sequence steps between channels 1 to 8 in order. Channel 1 represents step 1.
Reverse - The sequence steps between channels 8 to 1 in reverse order. Channel 8 represents step 1.
Pendulum - The sequence steps between channels 1 to 8 then reverses direction. Channels 1 and 8 are triggered twice to create a 16 step sequence length. Channel 1 represents step 1.
Stagger - The sequence steps between channels 1 to 8 in order with a 25% chance that the sequence will stagger back 1 step or ahead 2 steps. This creates a sequence that staggers back and forth as it steps between channels. Channel 1 represents step 1. Step 1 may be staggered past on any given cycle.
Skip - The sequence steps between channels 1 to 8 in order, skipping a subsequent channel each cycle. This creates a complex sequence of 56 steps. The first time through channel 1 is skipped, the second time through channel 2 is skipped, and so on. Channel 2 represents step 1 because Channel 1 is skipped on the first sequence cycle.
Transpose - Transpose splits the sequencer into two sets (channels 1-4 and channels 5-8). The top sequence (channels 1-4) is transposed by the bottom sequence (channels 5-8) running at 1/4 the rate as the top sequence. Channel 1 and channel 5 active represents step 1.
Random 1 - The active channel is selected randomly. There is no step 1 tied to random. Program changes happen immediately.
Random 2 - The active channel is selected randomly with the chance of a rest. There is no step 1 tied to random. Program changes happen immediately.

6. Lifeforms Micro Sequence | Introduction
Hands-On Sequencing
With a simple, performance focused interface, the feature set of the Lifeforms Micro Sequence module speaks for itself. Eight sliders with integrated channel mute. Eight quantized scales. Eight sequencer direction modes. Sequences up to 8 steps. Four external modulation functions. Integrated tap tempo clock. Eight step external clock divider. Run/Stop transport button. Sequence reset button. Dedicated analog CV output. And more....

Emu Systems Emax II Keyboard Sampler Rack Version

via this auction

Emu Systems Emax II Keyboard Sampler

via this auction


via this auction

Haven't seen one of these in a while. Check out the controllers on the side. There are some pics of it glowing in the dark below. If you are not familiar with the Beat Thang, see the BeatKangz label at the bottom of this post for previous posts including demos.

Quasimidi Rave-o-lution 309 with I/O and Synthesizer Expansions

via this auction

"Quasimidi 309 in perfect working and very good physical condition. This has the I/O and the synthesizer expansions. AC adapter is also included."

Free DX7 Sample Based AudioKit App for iPad

Published on Dec 5, 2017 redskylullaby

"Demo of new and totally Free sampled DX7 app from AudioKit" coming December 7th.

You might remember Analog Synth X also based off of the AudioKit framework. I was playing with it just the other day and it is a great sounding synth, (although personally I couldn't get it to work with an external MIDI controller - an Arturia KeyStep connected directly via USB). AudioKit Pro is a framework for building synths on the iPad.



Classic presets, faithfully recorded from the original retro 80s Synthesizers: DX7, DX7II, TX81z sounds
Over 50+ presets included, completely free!
FX: Reverb, Ping-pong dealy, Auto Pan, Bit Crush, Stereo Fatten, and more!
MIDI in (Play with a MIDI Keyboard or AudioBus 3)
Filter: Low-pass Cutoff, Rez, and Filter LFO
AudioBus 3 & Inter-App Audio (IAA) integration. Use these amazing sounds w/ GarageBand, and other apps
Save your preset settings
All knobs have MIDI Learn"

Volcas Circuit RM1x Electronica Session 5

Published on Dec 5, 2017 014london70

"RM1x is sequencing the Volca Bass and Keys. Circuit is synced to the RM1x.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch."

Fifteen Minute Patch Challenge - 2017.12.05

Published on Dec 5, 2017 DRD_Tutorials

"Inspired by Instagramer @redstripdown, I decided to try their 'Fifteen Minute Patch Challenge.' Where, as the name suggest, you give yourself fifteen minutes to create a patch from scratch. I had a lot of fun with this one, and although, I feel like the patch never didn't reach full maturity in these fifteen minutes, I learned a lot about how I patch and really enjoyed the challenge. I'll definitely do more of these and maybe even make it a regular part of my week. Hope you enjoy! And try this for yourself!"

Pitch & BPM Tracking with References Mode in Ornament & Crime

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Voltage Control Lab

"Our most popular collection of videos is the Ornament & Crime collection that we've been adding to for over a year now. One of the modes that we haven't explored yet, References,"

modular setup dkmnews 6dec2017

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Dee Kay

"Modular Setup / 6.December2017

MakeNoise 0-Coast
Korg Volca Beats
TipTop ONE
Mutable Instruments Rings
WMD/SSF Ultrafold
Erica Synths Pico Drums
Malekko Varigate 4
Korg SQ-1
Malekko Holy Grail Nano

not more.not less."

Elektron Analog 4 MKII & Digitakt Jam

Published on Dec 5, 2017 soundseasy

"We use the all new Elektron Analog 4 MKII 4 Voice Analog Synth that is midi Synced to the Elektron Digitakt. The Analog 4 is providing all 4 Synth Sounds while the Digitakt is supplying a simple tech house drum pattern. All sample are standard on the Digitakt as factory. The Synth Sounds on the A4 have been programmed form presets. This was a one piece full run through with no edits. We tried to show you how warm and lush the Analog 4 synth engine is. All patterns have been created from scratch. Mutes and arrangement was made on the fly in one take."

Buromaschinen | Clockwork | Monomachine, Machinedrum, Analog4, Strymon Big Sky

Published on Dec 5, 2017 buromaschinen

"Monomachine is the main sequencer and synthesizer with triangular wave SID melodies and arpeggios, machinedrum ticks like a clock, analog4 is the power bass.

Big sky makes everything way more sentimental.

Buromaschinen is part of the Distant Future Association,"

ARP Synthesizer SERIES 2600 Owner's Manual

via this auction

"ARP Synthesizer "SERIES 2600" Owner's Manual

Excellent condition!

No missing pages, nor writing on any pages."

OBERHEIM DPX-1 RARE Vintage Synthesizer Sample Player SN 761193

via this auction

Acidlab Drumatix Analog Drum Machine Synth TR-606 Clone

via this auction

Novation Peak 8 Voice Polyphonic Analog Digital Synth

via this auction

"Novation Peak - Analog/Digital 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer --- In new condition! 100% functional! Looks new! Comes with everything that it comes with new: original quick start guide, original universal power supply, usb cable, original box and packaging and original outer shipping box. Novation hit this one out of the park! Superb sounding hybrid synth!! Awesome sounding digital oscillators through punchy analog VCFs and VCAs."

Buchla Music Easel by BEMI SN 2513900109

Buchla Music Easel - home alone with Tim Love Lee

Published on Jul 10, 2015 Tim Love

"This is what happens when you leave a Buchla Music Easel to it's own devices."

via this auction

The Easel in the video above is the one in this listing.

Via the seller: "I bought this shortly after they were reissued by Buchla/BEMI in 2014, but the keyboard and power supply / MIDI section (ie the 218 module) is an updated version from 2016.

All functions working perfectly with just a few signs of use - this machine was designed to be played after all !

It comes complete with case, power supply, banana cables & shorting bars, printed manuel and unused program cards (not pictures - pics to come soon).

This is the actual instrument for sale"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 Synthesizer with Midi

via this auction

"The synth was serviced several weeks ago and has a new battery, cleaned ic sockets, aligned j wires, all switches, jacks, controls and connectors cleaned as well.

In other words this synth is in PERFECT working condition."

Crumar Bit One Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse Synth SN 210002205331

via this auction

Modal Electronics 008 - 8 discrete voice pure analogue synth

via this auction

"Modal 008 100% true analogue 8 voice discrete voices of polyphony with uncompromising analogue architecture with I’ve 40,000 components no other English synth with this pedigree made by musicians for musicians only 130 made to date comes fitted with the optional usb streaming fx card allowing 8 direct voices into your daw with one cable cost additional 600 fitted"

That's one run on sentence... Fortunately we all have a "good brain" to make sense of it.

Korg ODYSSEi Test Bank

Published on Dec 5, 2017 James Edward

"Korg have done a great job with the iPad App 'ODYSSEi'! This is my First Test Bank investigating what the synth is capable of and I have to say anyone who enjoys using their iPad for music will not be disappointed with the sound of this beast! Due to the interface, some parameters can be difficult to fine tune accurately but otherwise this is a fantastic recreation of the classic ARP Odyssey."


Tonus VCF (X3) Filter Gets An Onslaught of CVs Eurorack Synthesizer

Published on Dec 5, 2017 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

Tonus VCF is now available in my Reverb Store

This being my THIRD video of my new Tonus VCF module, and therefore I must punish THREE of them, in a line up, with an onslaught of control voltages. For those living under a rock, Tonus VCF is my all-analog Eurorack adaptation of the righteous ARP 2600 filter - the early version 4012. Module #1 (left) is belting out a big ol' kick drum using self-resonance only. Module #2 (middle) is being grass fed whole grain digital bliss from the DNA Symbiotic Waves. Module #3 (right) is squeaking out stupid little astrodroid noises using only self-resonance. Varigate 4 and Beatstep Pro are micro-managing other things: Bastl Skis dual VCA, Pittsburgh Synthesizer Box, Toolbox Sample/Hold, 4MS RCD, sequential switch. All 3 filters mixed using my Infusor module. No filters were harmed in making this demo."

Snyth by IDMTX

Idmtx - Wet Rain Published on Dec 3, 2017 edfone

Synth is a new release from supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, IDMTX.

"This is 100% hardware music from sequencer to fx, focused on empirical synth sound design, main gear in use are monomachine sfx6, manikin schrittmacher, akai vx90, korg wavestation A/D, eurorack modular, DSI evolver desktop, Alpha Juno, MI Ambika, Waldorf Micro Q"

released December 1, 2017

W&P Idmtx (
Mastered Studio900
Cover Idmtx

Portland Synth Library

Did you know there was a "synth library" in Portland, OR? Well, there is. Some details on it follow, but before that, they are seeking funding on GoFundMe here. This one is in via lord zool.

"S1, in partnership with 4MS Company, is home to the Synth Library, a publicly-accessible resource in Portland, Oregon. Since spring 2016, the Synth Library has hosted regular workshops to educate and empower new people and communities to engage with modular synthesis.

After attending a sliding-scale introductory workshop, participants can sign up for open library hours to access any of the modular rows and other gear available in the space. A facilitator will always be in the room to help answer any questions that come up during your exploration.

The Intro to Synthesis course (or an equivalent competency exam) is required before gaining access to the Synth Library; this course costs $25 and includes one month of membership. Monthly membership is $15. Scholarship opportunities are available for those unable to pay.

We’re committed to representing and empowering all types of people and providing the opportunity to learn comfortably from and alongside peers. To this end, we offer female/non-binary-only courses, as well as open enrollment courses available to all.

Artists-in-Residence at S1 will have the opportunity to check out gear from the library to compose and perform pieces. We will begin accepting applications for our residency program soon.

Sponsors: Control Voltage

Donors: 4MS, Ableton, ADDAC System, AI Synthesis, Anti-Matter, Bastl, Befaco, Bird Kids, Ciat-Lonbarde, Control, Erica Synths, Glow Worm Cables, Hexinverter Électronique, Koma Electronik, Ieaskul F. Mobenthey, Make Noise, MFB, Malekko, Meng Qi, Moffenzeef Modular, Mordax, Moog, Mutable Instruments, Mystic Circuit, Noise Engineering, Novation, Pittsburgh Modular, Snazzy FX, Sputnik Modular, STG, Toppobrillo, Verbos, Warmstar Electronics, WMD."

1985 private studio landscape (Tokyo) - Featuring PPG & Fairlight

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Genius Anz’s movie vault / Retro and Latest tech!

"Is it cool?"

MEFF 2018 - Modular Synthesizer Exhibition Fair in Florence March 24-25 Announced

MEFF 2018 - Official video teaser from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

"Tiptop Audio and Lattex Plus are joining together to host the second edition of MEFF, a modular synthesizer event in the heart of Italy.

This is a two-day event in March 24-25 2018 which will take place at the Impact HUB, in the artistically vibrant city of Florence.
This event is open to all manufactures of Modular Synthesizers and electronic music technology entrepreneurs.

There will be many stands in different exhibition spaces and every brand is welcome to manage mini live sets and/or presentations by performing the sounds of their systems.

The access to the event will be FREE for visitors.

Organized in collaboration with our partner Lattex Plus, the final show will include performances by well-known and established artists, who perform their live sets with modular synths."

Elektron Octatrack MKII Drums With Waldorf Microwave XT Chords

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows the Elektron Octatrack MKII being used as a drum sampler and midi sequencer for the Waldorf Microwave XT wavetable synthesizer. The Octatrack delay is used as a looper/stutter effect and can be controlled with the crossfader and scenes. The Octatrack can sequence external synthesizers with midi and then they can be mixed with the internal sounds of the Octatrack via the 4 inputs. The Octatrack effects can also be used on the external synths.

Octatrack MKII available here:"

Supporting members of MATRIXSYNTH get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

Roland Fantom G6 SN ZZ99740 w/ Original Box


"Brand new condition, basically taken out of the box to test and take pictures of. Works great! Comes with manual, power cord, and original box. This is an extremely powerful workstation that lets you sample directly, chop, and edit, sequence and arrange from within the keyboard or externally over MIDI and USB.

Keyboard 61 keys, with velocity and channel aftertouch

Mamimum Polyphony128 voices, shared with the sampling section
Parts16 parts (Internal) + 16 parts (External) + 2 parts (ARX) + 24 parts (Audio Track)Wave Memory256MB (16-bit linear equivalent)Waveforms2,230Preset MemoryPatches: 1,664 + 256 (GM2)

Rhythm Sets: 64 + 9 (GM2)
Live Sets: 512
Studio Sets: 128User Memory (per one project)Patches: 512
Rhythm Sets: 64
Live Sets: 512
Studio Sets: 128EffectsPatch Multi-effects (PFX): max. 16 units (76 types)

Multi-effects (MFX): max. 2 units (78 types)
Chorus: 1 unit (3 types)
Reverb: 1 unit (10 types)
Input effects: 1 unit (6 types)
Mastering effects: 1 unit (3-band compressor)SAMPLING SECTIONData Format16-bit linear, .WAV or .AIFF Sampling Frequency 44.1kHzMaximum Sampling Timeapprox. 360 sec, mono/180 sec, stereo (when sampling memory isn't expanded/32 MB)
approx. 108 min, mono/54 min, stereo (fully expanded with DIMM/544 MB)Number of Samples2,000 (per one project)"

VINTAGE PaiA Strings N' Thingz Synthesizer 1550 KIT PARTS

via this auction


via this auction

KORG 800DV Vintage 1976 Analog Synthesizer SN 0620

via this auction

"This is a MaxiKorg DV 800 synth, circa 1976 that belonged to my Dad . It lights up and makes sounds but past that I cannot tell you anything. All of the keys work and one was glued back together some years back. It may need a good cleaning on the inside as for the pots and slides as they tend to attract dust over 41 years."

Note SN 0620 was listed back in 2012.

Cheetah MS6 Analogue Polyphonic Synthesizer 12 DCO's and 6 Curtis Filters SN 1169

via this auction

Note the letter in Cheetah stock paper below.

"The MS6 is a full-featured analog synthesizer with 12 DCO's with PWM, noise, sync and 6 voice Multitimbral.

There are 6 analog 24dB/oct Curtis filters which are warm and resonant! (CEM 3396). This includes latest firmware V1.3 from MAAD.

I have been fully controlling this Cheetah with a Beatstep Pro and Cirklon. This Cheetah MS6 was from the first production run (serial 1169) and has a slight hum when powered on which is normal for these. I have a letter from Cheetah (see pic) stating how to remedy this but I have never bothered as you can not hear it when a sound/patch is playing and barely noticeable when there is not. Again I can not stress this can not be heard when a sound/patch is playing. Includes Factory Sound Bank Disc and Printed Manual."

Flame MIDI Talking Synth

via this auction

"The FLAME MIDI TALKING SYNTH is a small-sized MIDI-controlled sound module based on the analogue Speakjet ™ chip, produced by the U.S. company Magnevation LLC. Originally designed for basic artificially generated speech output in American English tongue it was then refined and further developed as an 8-bit sound module with speech-like sounds and synthetic robot voices as well as beeps, alarms, noise and retro-style sci-fi sounds. Due to the structure of the Speakjet ™ (with its complex sound synthesizer, preset sounds and serial interface) it offers an impressive range of possibilities. It contains 72 speech elements (allophones), 43 sound effects, and 12 DTM touch tones. The idea was to create sounds, patterns and sequences in the 8-bit style of the 80s or other retro sounds for making music instead of just simulating speech. Most allophones can be tuned and used tonally. The FLAME MIDI TALKING SYNTH contains two Speakjet ™ chips to produce a richer and more complex tonal variety as well as generating a pseudo stereo effect. Since the Speakjet ™ has not originally been laid out for the purpose of making music it is actually not fully controllable via MIDI input, i.e.: once sounds are triggered they cannot be directly stopped by Note Off messages from a MIDI keyboard or a sequencer. Thus a MIDI-controlled audio tremolo has been implemented in the FLAME MIDI TALKING SYNTH virtually allowing MIDI control and enabling an easier integration into a MIDI setup. The FLAME MIDI TALKING SYNTH lets you play back preset words in its EXPANDER mode via an external MIDI keyboard or a sequencer. In addition you can use the FLAME MIDI TALKING SYNTH as a stand-alone MIDI controller since all controls and joysticks send MIDI control/change data to the MIDI-OUT connector.

> tech specs
- 2 independently controlled Speakjet ™ chips
- Each of them provides a mono audio output (32 kHz PWM output) through a 6.3 mm stereo socket
- MIX control with start/ stop /MIDI-sync/ tempo/ sound/ tremolo/ scale/ note/ pitch
- HOLD-switches to freeze the position of the joysticks
- REC-switches to play back the recorded movements of the joysticks.
- SEQ mode sounds can be played manually.
- EXP mode for a drum expander module use. Words and sounds are triggered only by received MIDI notes. No sequencer/ tremolo/ random or scale functions are available in this mode.
-controlled by the internal or external MIDI clock and sends MIDI TIMING data (start/ stop/ clock) when running
- joystick TALK
- 64 sounds can be played.
- HOLD switch (Talk)
- REC switch (Talk)
- LOOP switch
- SOUND turn-switch with 12 patches are available.
- SOUNDS TALK: lists with allophones that can be played tonally
- SOUNDS SYNTH: lists with effect sounds that cannot be played tonally
- SPEED control
- Playback velocity of the allophones: left = slow, right = fast
- MIX control controls the volume for Speakjet A and B.
- joystick NOTE
- SCALE switch

Arturia V Collection 6 Tutorial Videos for New Fairlight CMI, Buchla Music Easel, DX7 & Clavinet

Tutorial videos have been added to the announcement post here.

PPG Infinite Pro VST/AU Details

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Cornel Hecht

Key Features

New system which can synthesize harmonic and inharmonic sounds
Morpher - X/Y controller which morphs 5 user selectable sine resources
Noiser - X/Y controller morphing 3 noise resources and performing modulations on the tonal part
Molder - acts as a digital filter with any imaginable filter sweeps
Two detail editor pages for the Sine resources featuring a 3D display *
Analyser with 6 modes for directly converting your own sounds
Noise separation lets you create own resources for the Noiser
Import WTS and TCS files from WaveGenerator and WaveMapper
Import Phonem utterances and use them in the Infinite PRO Molder
Versatile matrix system - allowing 16 sources to control 40 parameters
10 Envelopes, for control of filter sweeps, waveform, noise and many modulations
4 LFOs which can be freely routed via the matrix
Delay/Reverb effect
Overdrive/Distortion effect
Preset browser with new listing filters
Directly accessible context help for each module
Freely configurable schematic keypads, with extremely expressive modulation options
4 MIDI modes: Omni, Poly, Mono, and Voice-Per-Channel (MPE).

"This has always been my dream. A system which can reproduce all kinds of sounds and transform them into a universal set of parameters. Thus all these sounds are completely morphable." - Wolfgang Palm

"At the end of the 70s Wolfgang Palm developed wavetable synthesis. This was very successful and used by many synthesizer companies in the 80s and 90s. But this technology has its limitations. The main reason is that all sounds are harmonic. In nature this does not happen very often. Many sounds like a piano string have small offsets from the harmonic frequencies. This is even stronger in sounds like bells or percussion.

Infinite PRO overcomes this limitation.

The frequencies of the overtones created by Infinite PRO can be totally freely defined. So the sounds it produces are totally free in the frequencies of their overtones. This means that each partial wave can have an arbitrary frequency.

Moreover it is possible to move these overtones independently during the duration of a note.

Another important part of most natural sounds is noise. Be it a flute or when a drumstick hits the drumhead - and this all can be reproduced in Infinite PRO.

Furthermore the noise source can be used to modulate the tonal part which results in very powerful effects.
Besides these new digital features, we still have the typical 24db Lowpass filter, 2 VCA with stereo out and effects. All this is controlled by 10 envelopes, 4 LFOs and a modulation matrix.

Maybe the greatest innovation in Infinite PRO is the Morpher. It is so easy to create new timbres and real-time effects by morphing the gains and frequencies of sounds with the X/Y controller. To get an impression of the morphing possibilities watch this short video.

Infinite PRO comes with more that 300 tonal resources, which can be loaded into the 5 fields inside the Morpher. But it does not stop there. You can edit these in detail on two extra pages and even analyse your own sounds in a sophisticated analyzer.

On the Sine Parameter panel, you edit the sine tracks with a set of parameters for each track. A track is the time sequence of one sine component over the full length of the sound. A 3D display gives a good impression of the whole resource.

Example of a 3D view showing a vocal resource which features strong pitch moves.

On the Sine Structure panel, you edit the fine structure of a track in a bar graph. A FREQ mode lets you do this for the frequency.

The Main Parameter page edits the program parameters like Oscillator Pitch, the VCF (a 24dB lowpass filter), gain envelopes and LFOs. PPG Infinite PRO is equipped with 10 envelopes. Some are fixed to a certain function, others can be freely connected with the matrix.

A sophisticated analyzer offers six modes to capture all kinds of sounds in the best possible way.

* The 3D display does not run on 32bit Mac hosts and not on all Windows PCs. But there is also a 2D mode which features all the functionality of the 3D mode and even more. If you think the 3D is very important for you, please wait for the DEMO version, and test it there before buying."

Trueno Synth - First play around

Published on Dec 5, 2017 afta8

"Playing around with the Trueno Synth for the first time. Trueno is an analogue synth on a USB stick."

See this post for details on Trueno Synth.

OSCILLOPLASM aether machine modular synth wiard 300

Published on Dec 5, 2017 DavidH

"welcome Oscilloplasm :)"

Not to be mixed with VBrazil's Aether System, this appears to be the first post to feature aether machine.

via aether machine

"Two analogue oscillators optimised for use as an FM pair. On the left is a very high purity sine/cosine core, with additional second harmonic (twice frequency) outputs.
The right variable harmonic oscillator is based around a totally unique complex VCO core which allows fluid control of it’s harmonic content, changing the resonant path of a tuned feedback loop, generating a multi frequency output waveform. The most simple analogy for the circuitry is that it is a fully analogue implementation of a wavetable oscillator, where, instead of accessing stored waveshapes from a look up table, they are computed directly in real time. The reason for pursuing this method was primarily sonic curiosity but it yielded several other musical advantages. One is that the possible output waves are not limited to only the settings that someone else has considered to be musically useful. The mathematical equation generating the output is also capable of many inharmonic settings, including those that do not generate a strong or consonant oscillation, or those just outside of consonance where beating, phasing responses are possible. The other big advantage is that the harmonic control can accurately respond to changes according to 1v/oct.

Front panel jacks are TT (bantams), with impedance balanced outputs and inputs. Balanced signalling along with studio practice in harmony with the laws of physics will ensure trouble free integration straight from the module into studio and live environments.

Chassis earth and 0V separated in accordance with AES48.

Price £725"

Expert Sleepers FH-1 - Roli Blocks MPE demo

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Expert Sleepers

"The FH-1 is compatible with MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) as produced by the Roli Blocks controllers, amongst others.
Here a Bluetooth LE MIDI dongle (the Widi Bud) is used to connect the Block to the modular synthesiser wirelessly."

Chirp Patches Select

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Konarie Music LLC


The Konarie Chirp is a sample based Rack Extension synthesizer instrument made exclusively for the Propellerhead Reason rack. It is the first RE synthesizer designed specifically for optional hardware control - the first RE synthesizer you can actually touch.

The layout of the Chirp matches the open source Behringer BCR2000 midi hardware to give the user a true physical
experience. For an authentic experience, you can purchase the sticker kit for the BCR 2000 from the Konarie Etsy store. The Sticker kit is sold separately and the Behringer BCR2000 is available from various retailers and on-line stores. Konarie is not affiliated with Behringer and only leverages the open source hardware as an option. All hardware support is obtained exclusively through the manufacturer and it’s affiliates.

Trademark disclaimer
All trademarks referred to within the Konarie Chirp advertisement are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademarks holders are affiliated with Konarie Music LLC or its products. The referrals to these trademarks do not in any way constitute trademark use.

For more information, please visit"

Double note, double Sub 37, 64 step sequence.

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Resonant Anvil

"No other audio input. Reverb by Strymon Big Sky."

MFB Tanzmaus, Korg Monologue & DOD FX90 Delay

Published on Dec 5, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzmaus drum machine & a Monologue synthesiser synced together. The FX90 has been placed on an aux send."

Arturia Introduces Virtual Polyphonic Buchla Music Easel, Fairlight CMI, DX7, Clavinet in V Collection 6

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Arturia


Arturia announces V Collection 6
Arturia announces CMI V
Arturia announces DX7 V
Arturia announces Buchla Easel V
Arturia announces Clavinet V

Update: tutorial videos:

And a couple of user videos followed by some details on each:

Arturia Buchla Easel V Dual S&H Sequence Sound Design

Published on Dec 5, 2017 Rishabh Rajan

"A tutorial on creating a unique Sample & Hold type melodic pattern using the Complex Oscillator and the Modulation Oscillator in the Buchla Easel V from Arturia. The Buchla Easel V is included in the V Collection software suite."

Arturia V Collection 6 vs Analog Lab 3: Review, what's new and the best way to get it

Published on Dec 5, 2017 loopop

"For over 15 years now Arturia has been recreating and then breathing new life into legendary vintage synthesizers. Both V Collection 6 and Analog Lab 3 contain a massive library of 21 instruments and over 6,000 presets. The depth they go in and care they put into these recreations is astounding. And once they've completed recreating an instrument, they take it much further adding substantially more functionality, typically including more modulations, sequencing, effects and polyphony. Since there are quite a few buying options that let you get your hands on these - in this video I'll talk about what the different software packages give you and what's the cheapest way you can get started."

"In 1980, the Fairlight CMI turned heads with the introduction of digital sampling. Now our software homage lets you turn some heads yourself.
With exotic new sound of digital samples, the promise of an all-in-one digital workstation, and a physical design right out of a sci-fi movie, the Fairlight CMI was an object of desire for most self-respecting ‘80s keyboardists. Countless musicians and producers weighed the risks of bank robbery in order to afford one. No need today. Our faithful recreation gives you the same tools that many MTV stars used to make a cannonball splash into the pool. We’ve even made lots of improvements and additions that bring added power to this keyboard legend, including an alternate additive synthesis engine and tons of new modulation options. No vintage keyboard collection is complete without the CMI V.

Now it’s your turn to experience the sound and power of the digital workstation that started it all.

The unique musical architecture of the CMI

The CMI V isn’t just a digital instrument. It’s a complete digital workstation.
Our enhanced reproduction of this keyboard superhero lets you work with 10 digital instruments of your choice at once—mixing, layering, splitting and sequencing them as you please. Each instrument can draw from three different means of sound generation. The most obvious is the sampling engine that literally first defined the term in the industry. You can also shape sounds with the original additive synthesis engine where you control each of the component harmonics over time. We’ve even spun up the propellers and introduced a newer, simpler means of exploring additive synthesis like you’ve never heard it before named Spectral Synth. You also get around 300 expertly designed presets to get you going—including the original library of sounds you’ll recognize from countless hit recordings.

The CMI V has everything you need to explore the intersection of sampling and digital synthesis."

"In 1983, the DX7 changed the world of music. Today, the DX7 V gives you the power to change it again.
Nothing says ‘80s like the sound of the DX7. Our authentic recreation gives you all the same FM digital technology and sounds that earned the instrument a revered place in the history of both keyboards and contemporary music. We didn’t stop at just replicating it, though —we re-imagined it. New operator waves, extensive modulation additions, arpeggiator and onboard FX chains enhance your sonic possibilities exponentially. For bonus points, an intuitive graphic interface makes what was once a daunting programming task a creative joy today.

We put booster rockets on the instrument that created innumerable ‘80s hits. Now you can create the definitive sounds of today and tomorrow.

Unleash your inner sound designer with expanded features

The DX7 V gives you a unique tool for customizing and creating new musical instruments and sound effects.
With its radical departure from analog designs, FM synthesis helps you chart new sonic spaces. The DX7 V is capable of producing an incredible spectrum of sounds ranging from natural-sounding instruments to unique synths to alien worlds—complete with all the crystal clarity and punchy transients uniquely associated with FM. Since having an instrument with such extreme depth and potential is the dream of every sonic explorer, we challenged ourselves to go even further. We added a host of new features including multiple waveforms, a filter and feedback loop on each operator, new modulation sources, a monster unison mode, and more.

The DX7 V is the perfect design tool for designing unique new instruments and ear candy that help you make your own distinct musical statement.

Design elegance meets sound design power

The DX7 V sports a stunning interface allowing intuitive control over all of the instrument’s dramatically expanded features
While retaining the feel of the original design, we’ve streamlined the main interface of the DX7 V to make it much simpler to use and understand. Here you’ll find an uncluttered presentation of only your everyday performance controls, as well as the fundamentals to start visualizing and exploring new sonic structures. When you’re ready to dig deeper and flesh out the detailed character and animation of your sounds, one click presents a programmer’s paradise of incisive controls and displays light years beyond the tedious original hardware interface. Balancing usability and all the added power in the DX7 V, tabbed windows easily put your fingers on logically grouped functions spanning enhanced operators, additional envelopes, matrix modulation, step sequencer, FX architecture, and more.

Whether you just want to play the extensive library sounds or program your own, the DX7 V is a dream to use."

"Buchla Easel V

The Buchla Easel V is the first recreation of Don Buchla’s iconic instrument that helped define experimental West Coast modular synthesis in the early ‘70s. Our enhancements translate to vastly expanded possibilities for sound design and avant-garde music.

You’ve always wanted to paint with sound. Now you can with the Buchla Easel V.
One look at the Buchla Easel V and you know this is a different beast. In fact, it makes you think differently about sound right from the start—and the soundscapes you can design with it are as unique as the front panel array. To put that experience at your fingertips, we meticulously recreated the rare 1973 Buchla Music Easel right down to the component level. As you’ve come to expect from our other V-series instruments, we’ve gone the extra mile by designing in an enhanced feature set including polyphony, innovative new modulation/control sources, step sequencer, effects, and more.

If you like to paint outside the lines, Buchla Easel V is the perfect artistic tool for you.

Welcome to West Coast school of synthesis

Your music breaks from the pack. So does the Buchla Easel V.
The Buchla Easel V faithfully reproduces Buchla’s Music Easel that helped define West Coast synthesis’ focus on experimentation and breaking musical norms. We’ve applied our award-winning TAE™ modeling technology from the front panel to the resistors to capture it all with incredible realism.

Complex oscillator design, AM and FM synthesis, uniquely percussive gate/filter combos, and numerous ways to modulate and clock just about every parameter, all drop you right in the middle of a sonic sandbox. Design and perform soundscapes that burble, shimmer, pulse and evolve without ever touching a keyboard or pad—unless you want to add even more control. Nearly 300 presets by expert sound designers get you started with timbres ranging from hauntingly beautiful sonorities to clangorous pokes in the ear.

Whether you’re looking to experiment with simple sounds or build complex evolving passages, the Buchla Easel V is a constant source of inspiration for sonic adventurers.

Create sounds no one has ever heard before

In addition to faithfully reproducing a classic, we’ve infused the Buchla Easel V with even more of that vintage goodness to love.

We’ve made patching even more fun and foolproof. When you drag a color-coded patchcord between patch points, only valid targets light up, saving you the frustration of making invalid connections that do nothing. The original Music Easel lacked a noise source, so we’ve added one to the preamp—handy for introducing rhythmic elements. We’ve also designed a feedback loop into the preamp, so you can really get things howling. Up to four-voice polyphony greatly enhances your performance capabilities, too.*

With our extensions to Buchla’s original design, you now have an even more intuitive programming experience paired with additional sonic options."

"May the funk be with you

Whether you love playing oldies or pioneering new musical territory, there’s nothing like the distinctive sound of the Clavinet’s hammered strings.
The unmistakable bright, punchy sound of this vintage keyboard occupies a unique sonic space somewhere between harpsichord, hammered electric guitar and slapped bass. Top keyboardists of the ‘70s used its signature bark and bite to cut through the mix while delivering some of the most authoritative percussive keyboard lines ever played. Thanks to the ultra-realistic Clavinet V, you can now command the same crisp sound that helped define funk and formed the bedrock of many pop and R&B hits back in the day. If you’re looking to add natural energy and vintage cred to your sound, the Clavinet V is just the ticket.

The Clavinet V inspires with both the sound and feel of the funkiest electric keyboard ever made. Your fingers have never danced like this before.

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby

Only modeling technology gives you this faithful reproduction of a vintage Clavinet.
Since the Clavinet is an electro-acoustic instrument, complete with multiple settings and a dynamic action, there are countless subtle variations during performance. By comparison, “Clav” synth patches and samples seem one-dimensional. That’s why we’ve applied our award-winning physical modeling and algorithmic emulation to give you a sound and playing experience indistinguishable from the real thing.

The Clavinet V brings all the inspiring nuances and natural goodness of the original instrument to your keyboard collection.

More than a Clavinet

Clavinet V delivers all the original features, plus new additions designed to keep your creative juices flowing.
The original Clavinet controls were simple to use, and we’ve kept them authentic. If you want to go deeper, just click the lid open and you can easily tweak exactly how your instrument sounds and behaves. The built-in collection of effects pedals—chorus, flanger, wah and more—let you easily get the rich signature sounds of the keyboardists who popularized the instrument. You’ll also find an integral vintage guitar amp, so you never have to look elsewhere to get just the sound you’re looking for. Of course, everything can be preset for instant recall.

The Clavinet V isn’t just a Clavinet. It’s a complete rig at your fingertips."

Quadrantid Swarm meets Make Noise 0 Coast

Published on Dec 5, 2017 eowave

"A demo of the 'Metal' instrument on the Quadrantid Swarms, which is playing the longer resonating sounds. The 0 Coast is the shorter percussive stabs.

The 'Metal' mode features 9 VCO's, 8 as per the other instrument models, and one to modulate them all. The character control then becomes the speed of VCO 9. You can use slower modulation speeds for resonating timbres which sound like bowed metal, as featured in this demo.

The square output of the LFO is triggering the gate input of the 0 coast, so the two are synced in a simple way for a generative type patch.

Our kickstarter campaign has just a couple of days left, join us!"

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