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Monday, September 02, 2019

Return Of Def Con 4 by Everett Dudgeon (Prophet X)

Published on Sep 2, 2019 EverettDudgeon138

"Very quick track I did tonight on the Prophet-X. I've been listening to a lot of scores recently from Christopher Young (Hellraiser, Species, Dorm That Dripped Blood, Def-Con 4, The Power) and I decided to do a quick track in his style. I noticed that, despite not using any synths Young focuses a lot of ambience and atmosphere conveyed. His score for Def-Con 4 showcases this and I wanted to try my hand at something a bit more 'Freestyle' with not a whole lot of traditional structure. I used a lot of "Ambience" and 'Cinematic' samples from the Sequential Prophet X for this piece as well as some Brass, Flute and String effects. Ironically the PX even has a category in the Cinematic section called 'Def-Con'...I couldn't resist using a sample of it at the end. ENJOY!"

Matt Johnson Jamiroquai Moog One Sounds

Published on Aug 29, 2019 Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"Here are some sounds I have programmed on my Moog one plus a chat about my feelings on the synth"

A phone recording of a little jam at the Waveform Research Centre

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Dennis Verschoor

"This is what i love, this is what i do, just test equipment and fx. No vca’s or envelope generators or sequencers used."

Cassette Soundscape 2 (TX Wiggles 48)

Published on Sep 2, 2019 poorness studios

"This is my second attempt at making a video with the circuit bent tape player. I used the Eurorack and my Roland Juno Gi to create something really weird.

This first cassette soundscape video is here: [embedded below]

You can find the tape player mod here: [posted here]

Check out all my TX Wiggles videos here: [poorness studios TX Wiggles]"

Cassette Soundscape 1 (TX Wiggles 47)

Published on Jul 28, 2019 poorness studios

"This is a first take, so it's not perfect... but I like the way it came out. I was messing around with the cassette player I modified and my Roland Juno Gi. It's a definitely moody soundscape. The wow and flutter of the deck adds a lot."


Published on Sep 2, 2019 MsMotif6

The last video from MsMotif6, aka Crystal of TheSynthFreq, dates back to 2017. It's great to see her back again.

"Solo, original composition by Crystal of TheSynthFreq (TSF) using an original Yamaha Motif 6. This song is written using 9 tracks, no computers, sequencers or pre-programmed parts, drum machines and no looping used. Drums were played by hand using the keys only. Guitar is modulated via pitchbend wheel which is in the foreground (left hand). This song is meant to inspire and also show my passion as an disabled musician for composing/performing. Everyone, please enjoy and feel free to comment and subscribe! check out our other band channel: TheSynthFreq.

Just Sounds: KORG Monologue Synth With a Soundcraft Notepad Mixer

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Noisegate

"In this video, we hook up the Soundcraft Notepad 12FX mixer with a Korg Monologue synth and explore the lush sounding built-in Lexicon effects engine.This little combination of a monster analogue synth into the small analogue mixer with built-in effects can really add width, depth and dimension to your sonic landscape."

"List Of Grievances"- Dave Lakes & The World Of Tomorrow

Published on Aug 24, 2019 modularman

"Dipping our collective toes into a different genre for us, why not?
Much of this done on Live with it's various synths and beats and some Roland V-Synth, Yamaha MX49, assorted samples and a pig."

New track and video from supporting MATRIXSYNTH member, modularman.

New Ampethron Touch Screen DSP Hardware Synth In the Works

"Revolutionary hardware synthesizer for live-acts, DJs and studio production..."

Details to follow...

DIY MIDI Breath Controller

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Chip Audette

"Using a pressure sensor, an Arduino, and a Sparkfun MIDI shield, I made a breath controller to drive my Prophet 6. Synth hacking!"

Drawing MIDI CC Automation with Squarp Pyramid sequencer | Live Synth Jam

Published on Sep 2, 2019 MR TUNA Music

"Using the built-in touch screen on Squarp Pyramid to draw in some MIDI CC automations with my finger. I rarely get a chance to use this feature, but it's definitely been very useful, and lots of fun.
The Pyramid is controlling the Prophet-6 synthesizer by Sequential Circuits"

Novation Supernova saves a prayer

SN 007955 via this auction

"The Supernova from my famous rack! This is a gem. Favorite synth I've ever owned, but it's time to let things go. I hope I don't regret it. I used this rack of synths to produce all of my well-known remixes for J Lo, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Madonna, N'SYNC, and many more. Now you can own it and make great music of your own with it. It's awesome."

Video of the Supernova covering Duran Duran's Save a Prayer in the listing previously posted with others here.

Waldorf Microwave 1 Rev A with Stereoping programmer

via this auction

12-The Arturia MicroFreak- Oscillator types L: Modal

Published on Sep 2, 2019 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the Modal digital oscillator present on the Arturia MicroFreak."

Arturia MicroFreak videos by Automatic Gainsay

Control: Sonic Scenarios | Make Noise: Mimeophon - Parts 3 & 4

Published on Sep 2, 2019 CTRL MOD

Update: it looks like YouTube cropped the link below. You can find the Mimeophon on Control's site here [link below fixed as well].

"Video 3 of 4: Simple experiments using the Make Noise Mimeophon. Here we experiment with the different delay styles, creating flange, karplus and more.

For more info on the Mimeophon visit our site here:

Sonic Scenarios is a series of videos chronicling the features, designs and sounds of Eurorack format synthesizer modules with sound designer Mike Kiraly — Presented by Control.

Control is a synthesizer brick/mortar and online shop located in the South Williamsburg Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY specializing in Eurorack Modular, vintage traditional and unusual eccentric electronic devices both analog and digital. Please do not hesitate to get in touch."

Sonic Scenarios | Make Noise: Mimeophon - Part 4 of 4 / Looper

Published on Sep 2, 2019

"Video 4 of 4: Simple experiments using the Make Noise Mimeophon. Here we use the Mimeophon as a looper."

All parts here.

Kilpatrick Audio REDOX Stereo Reverb

Published on Sep 1, 2019 SynthMania

"The great-sounding REDOX Stereo Reverb from Kilpatrick Audio

High quality modulated reverbs (and many other algorithms) available on this friendly, easy to use studio & live unit:

00:21 Unboxing
02:10 "Concept" (large hall)
03:04 "Hey..Hey" (slapback delay)
04:25 "SpaceDrv" (sci-fi style reverb)
06:22 "Neptune" (shimmer reverb)
08:11 "Imagine" (stereo space rev)
10:44 "Orbit" (modulated hall)
12:41 "RevRhode" (modulated hall)
14:10 "Heater" (filtered reverb)
16:05 "Crusher" (lo-fi effects)
17:17 "Sweetish" (filtered reverb)
18:43 hands-on tweaking
23:43 conclusions"

INHALT Patches for the Novation Peak

via @WeAreNovation

"We've just released our latest round of Peak Patches featuring the founding member of the established and energetic electronic music group INHALT -
! 🎛🎚🎹 Read more and grab your latest pack for free via Components >>>"

"Matia Simovich is a Los Angeles based musician, producer, and sound designer whose work is charactered by an elaborate use of analogue synthesizers and drum machines coupled with a full studio production style, often employing large format mixing desks, hardware FX processing, and a hybrid, tape + digital based recording process.

Matia has a keen interest in enabling underground aesthetics with a through and large studio production as well as championing independent music instrument manufacturers via his various sound design endeavors - Dave Smith Instruments, Oberheim/Sequential, Elektron Music Machines. You will find just that in this pack of 50 presets for Peak and Summit.

He has also collaborated with Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream), co-produced and co-written on "Machines of Desire", produced the debut of SRSQ for Dais Records, and is a full-time, founding member of the electronic music group INHALT.

Read more about INHALT and check out their Bandcamp."

Delay Based Effects With The Make Noise Mimeophon

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Perfect Circuit

"There are multiple effects that can all be generated with a delay, these are often called time based effects and they include flanging, chorus, delay, vibrato, looping and Karplus-Strong. Read our Signal article about time based effects for more information:

The Make Noise Mimeophon module combined with an LFO can create all of these delay based effects and more since it has other options like skew, reverse and a reverb like halo effect. With the traditional time based effects used as a starting point you can develop great sounding traditional effects or go off in another direction completely.

0:57 Delay
1:55 Karplus Strong
2:44 Flanger
3:50 Chorus
4:45 Vibrato
5:33 Looping

Mimeophon available here:

#PerfectCircuit #Mimeophon #Eurorack"

UFOs over Montreal?

Published on Sep 1, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

"One night I climbed the Mont Royal to look at the city from above. When I wanted to record a small video of the skyline, something strange happened. A glowing object moved from right to left over the city. Of course, I thought of a shooting star. On closer inspection, the whole thing looked very strange.

I believe, I meanwhile have an explanation for the strange light. But I would still like to hear what you think about it. ;-)

The 2017 album "Indiscreet" is available at my bandcamp page:"

Jörg Schaaf is the man behind Radikal Technologies and formerly Quasimidi.

Chronos "Helios 2" Altar Records

Published on Sep 2, 2019 chronosproject

"6 years had left since first chapter of Helios album was released.

Nick recieved so many great feedbacks from you - that it inspired our team to make a full lengh Ambient Art House Movie - "Helios Film" [embedded below]

It reached 12 k views

And after 6 years - Nick again travelling in Krimea - magic & spiritual places in search of inspiration.

And as the result - visiting of 12 sacral & powerfull places around Krimea -
and 12 new compositions which was created right in the middle of this journey.

Inside of this immersion you will find field recordings of birds, rivers, sea, fountains, voices, live instruments merged with cosmic electronic sounds, modern technology idm beats & ofcourse - space ambient atmosphere from Helios.

And, yes.
Chronos is back on Atlar Records.

All the shots of this video made in sacral places of Krimea Magic Land."

Helios Audio Visual Performance Movie

Published on Mar 10, 2015 Altar Records

"Helios - An Audio-Visual Performance Film.

There’s something timeless about the marriage of music and images, with no dialogue. Following in the inspiring footsteps of films such as "Baraka", "Atlas Dei" and "Ashes & Snow", for the last decade Nick Klimenko (aka Chronos) has been carefully curating and combining unique footage in preparation for a similar project. Now at last the results can be seen as video-clips, photos, computer graphics, dance performances and live acts are all woven together to accompany the wonderful ambient music from Altar Record’s "Helios" album ( ) - reworked & remastered into a stunning cinematic experience.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, intriguing dance forms, ethnic cultures, hypnotic sand drawings, the far reaches of deep space and the miracles of modern technology -in a world that is our own, and yet far, far removed from the rush and chaos of everyday life.

Ten specially selected artists -unique in their talents- were chosen to team up and work on this project to create six complementary chapters. Themes range from the timelessness of Earth’s cultures and beauty, to the stark brilliance of outer space and beyond; from ancient mystic rituals from days gone by, to the primal forces of nature that continue to awe; and from spiritual practice and faith, to universal human feelings of love and devotion.

This engaging yet relaxing film is a gift, lovingly crafted and offered to the world at large via the internet, featuring the creative talents of the Chronos Project team and their ten years of outstanding artistic output.

The movie is available for viewing directly on Youtube ( ). As a bonus you’ll be getting the free digital release of "Music from Helios Film" in its entirety on Bandcamp (in the format of your choice). The release contains new versions of the worldwide supported Helios album - remixed and rearranged with extra drums tracks, live vocals, cello and guitar, all done in a tastefully cinematic way.

Enjoy the Journey!
released 10 March 2015

PPG Wave 2

via this auction

"unique sound synthesizer. historic museum piece.
100% working condition, revised recently in Vienna.
unique for sale in the last ten years,
one of the few dozen existing in the world
i'll ship from italy
thank you
grazie "

Custom Desktop Polivoks

This appears to be the one previously posted here.

Note the 1982/125 on the back. That implies it was made in 1982. I thought the 125 might be the serial number, but there is what appears to be a separate badge for the SN, 0490265 if this is indeed the same one as the previous post.

Pics of the inside boards below.

ARP 1601 Sequencer (16 Step Analog Sequencer Clone)

via this auction

Roland JD-800

via this auction

"last year, it was completely serviced by Mr. Cirelli in Italy, who has serviced some 200 pcs. of JD-800's till now.

service included:

- Totally removing the red glue and it's remnants from the keyboard
- Keyboard calibrated and aftertouch restored
- All sliders and knobs checked and cleaned
- Internal cleaning of the synth
- system battery replaced

al in all the synth works like new, ready to be used for many years without problems."

Ova dal Fuorn - Nonlinear Labs C15

Published on Sep 2, 2019 peter m mahr

"Ova dal Fuorn - Graubünden / Switzerland
©2019 Video & Audio: Peter M. Mahr

Synthesizer: Nonlinear Labs C15"


Published on Sep 2, 2019 LESINDES

"Vintage machines are very interesting indeed and not only for their unique sound character, it is also almost always an adventure to review the sound creations or at least compilations of the former user, especially in a synth like CLAVIA NORD MODULAR which still is a nerd machine. Here ar now some of the SOUND I FOUND in the MACHINE I bought last year."

ALM Busy Circuits - workshop at SchneidersLaden

Published on Sep 2, 2019 SchneidersLaden

"Matthew from ALM Busy Circuits was visiting SchneidersLaden for a special workshop in August 2019! His innovative and established eurorack designs have found their way into many many modular cases. Matthew played a short performance and talked the audience through the patch he was using. This is an all ALM system - if you every wondered how this would sound like, this is your chance."

Check out the MOK WAVERAZOR DUAL complex oscillator

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

See the MOK label below for more.

Lyra-8 Minimal Ambient Drone Part 11 // Lyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth Demo

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Ron Cavagnaro

"Please make sure to keep your volume at a moderate level. Due to the experimental quality of this synth some parts may become noisy to some, and extremely irritable to others.

This is The Soma Labs Lyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth. It is an experimental analog synthesizer that creates cinematic, strange, beautiful, and cerebral soundscapes.

In this episode there is the eventide h9 and korg kaoss pad 3+ effects after the Lyra8 signal."

Vermona Perfourmer (FM) / TR-606

Published on Sep 2, 2019 ljs8888

1 09 2019 Tresses - HARM

Published on Sep 2, 2019 batchas

"Scrotum Lab's Tresses with a bit of reverb.

Tresses is an adaptation for the BugBrand Modular System of the Open Source project from Emilie Gillet called Braids."

Ants! Plankton Electronics (my first touch - no external processing /fx)

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Default Corporation

"My first touch - no external processing /fx."

Xaoc Drezno and Jena quick patches

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Xaoc Devices

"Here is another quick video. This time I'm focusing on the new expander for Drezno module - Jena. Most of the time it is used as a wavetable oscillator/waveshaper - exploring also phase modulation possibilities. Next, you'll notice a short part where Jena's bit outputs are triggering Percs from our fellow company Polyend. This is possible because there is a special bank of wave shapes designed for percussive duties."

Drezno | Jena

"The Pines" – American Folk LoFi Beats (Korg Volca Sample, FM & Hotone xTomp Pedal)

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Little Music Boxes

"Vocal Sample:

Welcome to The Pines.
This is the third location in which I’ve set up and recorded this arrangement.
All three places had pines. Of course.

This is an old American folk song.
It’s about loss.
About trust.
Life, the mess of it.
And the simplicity of death.

I first heard it when Kurt Cobain first sang it on Mtv Unplugged.
That was a mesmerizing performance.
It really helped me to understand the depths that music can take you.
Any music.
Kurt was a punk rock hero...
And he used folk music to say goodbye, in a way.
Just five months after that recording, Kurt died.

#KurtCobain #KorgVolca #VolcaSample #outdoorMusic #bedroomMusic #improv"

THE TROLLEY PROBLEM// Live Synth Jam: MS2000, OB-6, SP-555, TR-8, Squarp Pyramid

Published on Sep 1, 2019 MR TUNA Music

"What do you do?"

Behringer VC340 Vocoder demo

Published on Sep 2, 2019 Hunart©

"Hi Everyone!

Thanks to SoundTrade, the distributor of Behringer in Poland I`ve had a chance to check the new VC340 Vocoder. Due to the specific sound of vocoders I had to use some EQ but tried to keep the sound as natural as possible. All sounds were made by the synth or via microphone. I used a compressor to side chain and transposed down two tracks in Live. Beside this no external effects were used.

Feel free to ask any questions.



Behringer Pro-1 Demos

Published on Feb 22, 2019 Heinakroon Overlays & Accessories


1. Behringer Pro-1 bassline
A quick and dirty test of the Behringer Pro-1 clone.

Starting with a thick sync-sound and then switching to paraphonic mode.
2. Behringer Pro-1 resonance bubbles
Making some bubbles with the self-resonating filter on the Pro-1. A touch of delay on the latter part, otherwise no effects.
3. Behringer Pro 1 / Behringer Model D comparison
In an attempt to see if there was any major differences between the two Behringer mono synths Pro-1 and Model D, I put them next to each other and recorded a little comparison video.

Even though I've tried to match them as well as I could, there's quite a clear difference in tone between them.

Behringer K-2 first demo

Published on Sep 1, 2019 Heinakroon Overlays & Accessories

"The Behringer K-2 (their MS-20 clone in Eurorack format) in a quick demo, with some added effects (delay + reverb)."

Patch n Tweak

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