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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Chroma Polaris | An ambient soundscape

Published on Nov 5, 2019 MIDERA

"I may have found the most amazing synth out there. The Chroma Polaris. It's not perfect - but I'm blown away. You can set the release to infinity and just drone out with this. Sync and Ring mod, dual VCOs, It's just a beautiful synth.

#soundscape #drone #ambient"

DSI Tempest Meets WMD Geiger Counter - Industrial Drums

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Dj Puzzle

"Running my Tempest through a Geiger Counter for some nasty Industrial noise drums. This is what the Tempest sounds like when it's being destroyed by the WMD Geiger Counter. The WMD Geiger Counter is like a wave folding type distortion."

A Session w/ Moog Matriarch, Novation Summit & Digitakt

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Ehsan Gelsi

A Relatively Brief History of Synthesizers

Published on Nov 5, 2019 SynthDan1

"On October 2nd, 2019, I was invited to the College of Southern Nevada to give a talk on the history of electronic synthesizers, at CSN's 2nd Annual Audio Industry Event. There are lots of important inventors and instruments that I couldn't fit into my talk, but I tried to hit the major highlights of the strange and winding path that synthesizers have taken, from the earliest days of analog modular synthesizers, to the complex days of sophisticated digital instruments, and then, oddly, the winding road back to analog modular synthesizers, which are more popular today than they've ever been before."

DX5 playing Kraftwerk "The Robots"

Published on Nov 5, 2019 DX5

"The Robots" Cover.
All sounds synthesized, sampled and sequenced by me (no samples from the original song were used, even in the backtrack ).

Gear used:
Emu Emax.
Yamaha DX27S
Kurzweil PC1x (Controller)
Access Virus TI (Vocoder)
Roland MRS-2 Promars

Backtrack recorded on Pro Tools, including Roland Promars for the bass sequence (using filter's resonance modulation), Yamaha DX27S (the sine intro with some delay added), Virus for some extra modulations, and more.

Composed by: Karl Bartos / Ralf Hütter / Florian Schneider.
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara.

Pick the Right Synth to Build Your Biceps

The Mirage is Not Heavy Published on Nov 5, 2019 SynthMania

"Is the Ensoniq Mirage really so heavy?"

What synth would you bench press with?

Or on? Get one with motorized faders and knobs for a back rub while working out.

Variable Oscillations SNID Synthesizer

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Variable Oscillations

First synth small batch!
More to come
About : 300$
7 units available

Comes with carrying bag, mini patch cables, manual/poster and other electronic components for patch bay.
3.5mm Audio out

CV Gate in/out 0-5V+
5V Micro USB power

Any questions please contact us through Gmail we are just in the process of setting up Etsy

First run of this synth, small-batch! More to come! ;)

User guide sheet with specs below.

Hypnotriod Beatsqueezer

Published on Apr 15, 2018 Hypnotriod

The prototype of the Beatsqueezer was first posted in 2017 here.

Microbrute + Mininova + Beatsqueezer. Carpet Show, Episode 2
Microbrute + Mininova + Beatsqueezer. Carpet Show, Episode 1
Beatsqueezer sample-player - sound banks demo
Beatsqueezer sample-player + KORG padKONTROL + Flute + Green Cat. Improvisation with jazzy loops.
National Ukrainian instruments Domra & Bandura. Played with Beatsqueezer sampler.
The Beatsqueezer sample-player + KORG padCONTROL. Some Trip Hop Beats
Beatsqueezer Virtual Pad - free 5x5 pads USB-MIDI Controller for Android 4.0+ DEMO.
The Beatsqueezer. Play Mellotron style sampled Flute.
The Beatsqueezer Filters DEMO (DIY handmade audio-sampler 44100 Hz 16 bit)
My DIY Audio sampler - Beatsqueezer v2.0 plays Beethoven Moonlight Sonata over USB-MIDI
Beatsqueezer. DEMO. DIY audio sampler-prototype based on stm32f401 mcu. By Ilya Pikin.
Beatsqueezer + Korg padCONTROL. DIY audio sampler-prototype based on stm32f401 mcu. By Ilya Pikin.
My DIY audio sampler prototype based on stm32f401, MAX7219, AT45DB161E, SD card. Made by Ilya Pikin

via this auction

"The Beatsqueezer - small sample player device which produce Hi-Fi sound in 44100 Hz 24 bit stereo, with up to 16 mono (can be applied panorama) or stereo voices polyphony in 44100 Hz 16 bit. It is designed to bring on stage Mellotron-style synthesizer with unique sampled instruments, one shot / looped samples sets, drums, backing tracks, sound effects etc.

It has 4GB internal flash memory for keeping samples Banks aka Patches (up to 13 hours 20 minutes of mono or 6 hours 40 minutes stereo samples; after loading to the device’s internal memory all Banks are immediately available, no SD card present is required), 4 knobs for fx filters (each filters parameters can be accessible with MIDI CC), 1 rotary encoder with button for menu navigation, 128x160 color TFT display, 3.5 jack MIDI IN, 6.3 jack stereo audio output, micro SD card slot and full size USB B connector for device powering (can be used any 500 mA power source: mobile phone charger, 5V adapter with USB socket, power bank, etc.), and for communication with PC, MAC, mobile phones and tablets (with usb host feature) thru USB-MIDI protocol.

With "Banks Editor" software, user has possibility to create his own samples Banks (paches):

Up to 3 samples ("Default", "Piano" and "Forte") for each of 128 notes with unlimited sample length.
Sample Loop Point, for infinitive playback.
Cut Group, for playing only one sample at one time from specific group (for example: open and close hat, solo instrument), "self" group to stop playing only same sample, if corresponding note pressed twice and "none" group for multiple sample playback.
Dynamic or Fixed velocity for each sample.
"One Shot" behaviour.
If "One Shot" and Loop Point are defined, sample goes to "Loop trigger" mode, when 1-st press will play sample and 2-nd will stop it.
Stereo panorama for each note (mono samples only).
Also implemented simple MIDI files track Player. Can be played one MIDI Track from song (MIDI file) at one time. Tracks can be switched (next Track will be played after end of previous) and looped in real time. MIDI Player can be triggered and synced with master sequencer, by MIDI Clock and MIDI messages:

Start (Play MIDI Track)
Stop (Stop MIDI Track)
Song Select (Change MIDI Track)
With "Split Mode" feature, possible to split keyboard in up to 4 ranges (groups), and load individual Bank for every group.

Beatsqueezer has a number of master filters and special effects that are available simultaneously:

Low Pass Resonant filter
Ring Modulation
Stereo Rotary Vibrato
Granular Glitch
Delay with Low Pass and High Pass filters
ADSR envelope for Amplitude
ADSR envelope for Low Pass filter
Velocity dependent Attack and Timeshift
Via MIDI messages are supported:

Pitch Bend Wheel +2/-2 semitones
Modulation Wheel
Expression Pedal
Sustain Pedal
Sostenuto Pedal
Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)
Program Change (Bank selection)
Program Change LSB (Split Group selection)
For onboard knobs implemented the "Smart Knobs" behaviour - the filter value will react to the knob position only if the actual knob position and the filter value match.

There is a possibility to upgrade firmware from SD card thru built in bootloader."

Moog Memorymoog Plus Serviced Analog MIDI Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Oasys 76 Key Piano Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction

Roland MC-707 Review

Published on Nov 5, 2019 tarekith

"In this review I cover the Roland MC-707, their latest Groovebox wonder box. For a more indepth look at some of the MC-707 features, be sure to check out these videos as well:" [posted here]

SynthFest UK 2019 Seminar - Fairlight CMI @ 40 with Rob Puricelli aka Failed Muso

New video added to this post.

Tech Talk: Explore Lapalux’s London studio (Electronic Beats TV)

Published on Nov 4, 2019 Telekom Electronic Beats

"In almost a decade, Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) has established himself as one of Brainfeeder’s most innovative artists. Since releasing his debut album, Nostalchic (2013) on Flying Lotus’ iconic LA-based label, he’s navigated a modern kaleidoscope of sounds, from British electronica, to soundscape-inspired IDM and downtempo introspection. In this Tech Talk on Telekom Electronic Beats TV, Lapalux divulges some of the production process and gear behind his personal style, most evident on his fourth and latest Brainfeeder album, Amnioverse."

Sequential Prophet-6 & eurorack system.

Sounds of the Seventies Jam (full version) all-analogue Eurorack Modular

Published on Nov 5, 2019 DreamsOfWires

"Live/real-time performance with a 70's-inspired Eurorack modular system, including AJH Synth modules based on a complete R.A.Moog era Minimoog and the 914 fixed filter bank from the Moog Model 55 modular synth. Turn on Subtitles for commentary.

I listen to a lot of so-called 'Berlin school' electronic music that featured these instruments, but I could never afford the originals, so having such a quality instrument in Eurorack format that's this close in terms of sound and technology is really special. This rig is closer to a Model 15 in terms of modules, but goes way beyond it in features and capabilities. The AJH Fixed Filter Bank 914 also has more functionality than its namesake, and my next video will spotlight this filtering monster, explaining a little more about what it does.

All modules are by AJH Synth, and I've also used their Precision Voltages, Ring SM, and Wave Swarm in this composition.

Sequences are driven by an Arturia Keystep, and overlaying notes played manually from a USB keyboard into an Expert Sleepers FH-2, then into the modular.

Recorded into AUM on an iPad, using Audio Damage Dubstation 2 delay and ShimmerFX reverb.

If you wish to help me continue this channel or support my music, my albums are available here:

Or you can support me on Patreon:

#ajhsynth #dreamsofwires"

Yamaha DX7 Custom Patch Tutorial 29 | CADASH & 30 | SOFT SQUARE BASS

Published on Nov 4, 2019 madFame

"This custom patch series is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to program your DX7 FM synthesizer.

To support the channel further check out my Patreon page
All $2 or more Patrons can download my Custom Patch SYSEX files

Some of the music used in my videos is available on the Magic & Steel bandcamp page:

Thanks for watching!"

Yamaha DX7 Custom Patch Tutorial 30 | SOFT SQUARE BASS

Published on Nov 4, 2019 madFame

madFame Yamaha DX7 Custom Patch Tutorials

Landscape Stereo Field

Published on Nov 5, 2019 CatSynth TV

"We explore the Stereo Field, a unique instrument by Landscape that acts as a stereo/quad processor, synthesizer or chaotic CV controller.

0:00 Introduction
0:17 Basic elements
0:34 Using the Stereo Field as a signal processor
2:00 Using the Stereo Field with no input as a synthesizer
3:18 Introducing the patch points
4:05 CV control of an external instrument (Arturia MiniBrute 2)
5:38 External CV input
6:09 Catching a radio station by touch the patch-point plates
6:49 Conclusion


STEREO FIELD is one instrument with three uses. It is simultaneously a stereo/quad modular touch plate feedback atonal synthesizer, a stereo/quad audio processor and a pressure sensitive chaotic CV "controller". All three uses are available separately as well as simultaneously and in conversation with each other. The Stereo Field allows its user to manipulate and patch two analog stereo preamp circuits via touch plates. By utilizing skin conductivity as new paths for current to follow you are creating "new circuits" and new sounds in relation to where your fingers are patching. The individual touch plates are directly connected to nearly every connection point of every component in its circuitry (located directly under each corresponding touch plate). When touched with multiple fingers it will create atonal analog feedback with either of the two mirrored circuits represented by interlocking touch-plate circles. The resulting feedback can go beyond the abilities of human hearing (Take caution!) and down to the very slow clicks of a saw waveform and both can often be happening simultaneously."

Elk Audio OS Coms to the Raspberry Pi

"Elk Audio OS for everyone! - Elk releases open source version of award winning Audio Operating System and Development Kit for Raspberry Pi.

Elk Audio OS is the award-winning Audio Operating System from Elk (​formerly known as MIND Music Labs) ​that allows you to run existing VST and other plugin formats on hardware instruments and audio devices in real time with ultra low latency. And this using only ​general purpose ARM and x86 CPUs, opening up for a new generation of digital instruments and remote 5G network experiences.

In the upcoming weeks a beta version of the Elk Audio Operating System will be made available under a Dual licensing model (open-source & commercial), but already today, the Elk Audio OS SDK & documentation is available and is free for anyone to start using. Available on ​ is also an ​Elk Audio OS Development Kit for Raspberry Pi​ that includes a custom​ Elk Pi Audio Hat. The Elk Pi Hat alone is one of the most advanced pro Audio Hats in the markets with down to 1 ms latency, multichannel and support for Raspberry 4 coming up in the very near future.

'The idea behind the Elk Audio OS is to make a whole new generation of connected musical instruments possible. Instruments that can connect people around the world and spur new kinds of musical creativity. We believe there are so many potential instrument makers out there who could create fantastic things if they just had the right tools, and it is for them we have created Elk. So today I'm very happy to announce that we have reached a major milestone in our company, when we can make Elk available to everyone through the open source release.'
- Michele Beninicaso CEO at Elk (former MIND Music Labs)

Elk Audio OS is officially endorsed by ​Steinberg​, owners of the ​VST format, is supported in the VST3 SDK and is fully compatible with plugins written in ​JUCE​, making Elk the perfect solution for companies and makers alike interested in developing new digital hardware instruments. With VST being the defacto standard for software instruments and effects there is already a vast library of existing world class plugins out there waiting for a new life as hardware. An example of this is the Retrologue desktop prototype synth built on the VST synth with the same name debuted earlier this year at ​SuperBooth​ in Berlin.

'When working with Elk Audio OS on the Retrologue we immediately recognized something that could be a game changer. Running the same VST plugin on hardware as you do on desktop opens up for new possibilities and new ways of working. Getting Elk Audio OS available under open source is really exciting and I believe that this could make Elk a standard for digital hardware instruments.'
- ​Florian Haack, Steinberg

If you are one of the lucky ones to have grabbed a spot at the ​Elk workshop at this years ​ADC (Audio Developer Conference) this news should be even more exciting. Not only will you get a hands on workshop from the core team of developers behind the Elk Audio OS, but you are also the first ones out to get access to the full ​Elk Audio OS Development Kit​, including the ​Elk Pi Audio Hat​. For those of you who have not secured a spot, make sure not to miss the planned ​talk on Elk Audio OS​!"

Behringer MS-101 Workflow, Part 1 - Sequencing

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Digiphex Electronics

"Behringer makes the best Roland products!"

Signus Vol 1 - Studiologic Sledge - Patches 92 to 120 -

Published on Nov 5, 2019 GEOSynths

GEOSynths Studiologic Sledge videos

"Buy Now -

Final Video of 4...Lots of great Patches from the Sledge, just highlighting what the Studiologic Sledge can do. All the Patches in the Bank use the a combination of the Wavetables, Modeled Waves and FM, however no Samples have been used.

Also used are some of the hidden parameters, such as other Filter types that are in the Waldorf Blofeld, though not accessible from the front panel of the Sledge, such as Notch Filters."

Pin Matrix Patch Bay Panel & Cables For DIY Modular Synth Project

via this auction


John Bowen Synth Designs Solaris SN 00032

via this auction

"Essentially in brand new condition - not a scratch

I received it in mint condition from its first owner, and have kept it that way in my home studio since 2015. [listed here]

Serial number 032 - from the first or second run - this one includes the 'Limited Edition' mark under the main logo.

This instrument is a monster. I won't go into details, but it's basically a digital modular synth capable of anything. Analog modeling, wavetables, samples, rotors and more. You can read all the specs on John Bowen's website.

There is a one-year wait on new orders and there may not be many more production runs left. I pack professionally and the original box is included.

Sale includes only the synth, CF card with latest OS and patches, and power supply. If it's not listed, it's not included."

Access Virus TI2 Whiteout Edition SN 115 of 150

via this auction

"Same exact electronics as the black TI2 61-key version but in a rare limited edition whiteout finish.

Only 150 produced in this finish. This is serial number 115 and has a special plaque affixed to the bottom of the unit. I imported it from its original owner in Germany and have babied it in my home studio since I got it.

Still has protective plastic film on the display. Slightly noticeable scuff on the front of the right wood end cheek."

Gradient Red KORG KRONOS 2 61 SE Special Edition

via this auction

"Special KRONOS with red gradation painting, additional Italian Grand Piano
A red gradation paint that can be seen at a glance, and a new Italian grand piano installed on the Grandstage and highly acclaimed. In addition, KRONOS Sound Libraries is pre-installed with “KApro Showcase” which collects only carefully selected sounds from KApro, which provides over 100 libraries. Gorgeous colors and sounds given only to this special KRONOS make a difference on stage. KRONOS Special Edition is available in three types: 61 keys, 73 keys, and 88 keys.

Italian piano
Italian Grand has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. The sound with the presence of sound and delicateness attracts many people. A specially tuned full concert grand was sampled for KRONOS, also used in prominent piano competitions.

KApro Showcase
Includes orchestral strings, brass, wood wind, queir, phrases, etc. that sing emotionally. This is a showcase of KApro sound with over 100 titles in the Korg Sound Library. It will be an entrance to get more sound variations.

KApro ("Kurt Ader Productions") is a company founded in recent years by the founder and sound designer Kurt Ader of KARO Sound Development, producing sound libraries for KORG KRONOS and other KORG products. The Recently, we have started close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Peter Jung, providing a high-quality sound library.

* All specifications except the main body color, Italian piano, and KApro sound conform to the standard KRONOS."

Roland SH-7 44-Key Duophonic Synthesizer in excellent working condition serviced SN 220793

via this auction

"Roland SH-7, in excellent working condition.
This synthesizer is in excellent condition, though it does show some signs of age.
It is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished.
All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated.
The keyboard has been rebuilt, every keys are working correctly without double triggering.
The VCO 1 and 2 board have been checked, some OPamp have been changed as they were saturating.
The Octave divider have been changed as well
The KCV board have been checked and upgraded.

The unit has been calibrated following the factory specifications.

Technical Specifications

Serial : 220793
Country of Manufacture : JAPAN
Power Supply : Input 100V 50/60Hz"

Yamaha CS40M in excellent working condition SN 2699

via this auction

"One of the most versatile synthesizers on the market with one of the most advanced modulation possibilities !

This CS-40M has been fully serviced and is in excellent working condition, it has arrived in pretty poor condition at the workshop with a lot of issues.
This has taken more than 20 hours of work to have this beast sounding great again.

- The power supply has been fully recapped, the fuse resistors have been changed, the power transistors has been changed as well.
- All the boards have been checked and the bad tantalum capacitors have been changed.
-The 4000 series ICs have been changed.
- After the synthesizer has been completely checked, it has been calibrated following the factory specifications.

This synthesizer is now ready for a new home.
It needs to been cherished again !

It has some signs of wear on the wood parts and the panel board.
But the working condition is definitely not affected by it.

Technical Specifications

Serial : 2699
Country of Manufacture : JAPAN
Power Supply : Input 100V 50/60Hz"

Roland Jupiter-6 in excellent working condition SN 011671

via this auction

"This synthesizer is in excellent condition, though it does show some tiny signs of age.
It is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished.
All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated.
The keyboard has been rebuilt, every keys are working correctly without double triggering.
The two voice boards have been checked, 2 CEM3340(VCO), 2 IR3109(VCF), 1 CEM3360 (VCA) have been changed.
2 TL074 VCA CV gen have been replaced as well.
The unit has been calibrated following the factory specifications.

Technical Specifications

Serial : 011671
Country of Manufacture : JAPAN
Power Supply : Input 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V 50/60Hz"

E-MU Systems Emulator II+

via this auction

"After finally getting a EII+HD I'm selling my EII+. As you know the + version means double sample memory...a whopping 1 MEG! The EII is (IMO) the king of emus, everything is subjective but it has a fatness that I prefer over all other EMU samplers...and I've had them all!! This works as should, all keys trigger floppy works, has HxC loaded with about every EMU disk available!"

ARP 2600 w/3604P Keyboard SN 26524

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Music GoRound

via this auction

"ARP 2600 w/ 3604P keyboard. This came from an estate and the gentleman who passed away was the original owner. It is on consignment in our store, we are helping the family list it as they are not familiar with these at all.

The lids for the unit and keyboard are missing. It works, but will need serviced. We were able to produce sounds on it and test it to some degree. I have included a link to a short video showing that it works.

We are not experts on these older modular synths. What I know is that the right speaker is not working, there are 2 slider caps that broke off (I found one and will include it), and the reverb is not working. Not pictured is an aftermarket cable to connect the keyboard to the unit. The keyboard works.

If you are looking at this, you probably know what it is and understand that it will need serviced to be at it's best. It appears to be in good condition cosmetically as seen in the photos. We are selling it As Described because we do not have the knowledge to know if everything is working as it should."

Convert Midi to CV from VCV Rack

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Omri Cohen

"If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining my crew on Patreon -"

Random Source La Bestia II Demos

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Jae Ryan

Two demos by Jae Ryan. Also see La Bestia 2 by Random Source - overview, sounds, music by HAINBACH.

Video descriptions:

1. Random Source La Bestia II - 01
I got my first Serge panel in yesterday! It's a La Bestia II and I have to say. I regret waiting this long. As far as an "analog modular" panel goes, I think this one is just perfect. It took a little time to get going with all the serge patching requirements, but the arrival couldn't be any more rewarding :D
2. Random Source La Bestia II - 02
Another quick serge jam. The battery in my camera died so I kinda rushed it to get the gist.
I'm pinging the VCFQ with the SQ-1 and feeding it into the mixer. I also took two more outs from the filter and ran them separately into different sections of the wave multipliers. That's the second 2 sounds I bring in. It's crazy how much variety you can get out of a single "voice" when you have a panel this deep!
Later I bring in a little bit of the NTO into the variable slope with some random voltage modulating the decay time to give it a little feel :)
3. Random Source La Bestia II - 03
Another little plummy patch. Once again, I was too lazy to actually record and just recorded a still after the fact......
4. Random Source La Bestia II - 04
A big ol' drone this time with pretty much everything controlled by a self cycling SSG LFO. The main "big" bass part that comes in is the Variable Slope VCF self oscillating (thanks to some feedback patching) & ran through the bottom wave multiplier.
5. Random Source La Bestia II - 05
A lil' serge jam in which I explore AM. Eventually.

There's also a little bit of cocoquantus drone that plays in the beginning.

I'm using couple distings in a euroack skiff to quantize the stepped side of the SSG & the bass notes of the TKB too.
6. Random Source La Bestia II - 06
Serge drone patched up immediately after the last video.

Heavy use of the OTO BAM in this one.

Disting MK4 is quantizing the TKBs voltages.
7. Random Source La Bestia II - 07
I've had the serge put away for a little bit in order to explore some new gear while I wait for my Edelweiss panel to show up. I was craving the sound tonight though and decided to pull it out for this quick little ditty. I even took the time to set up the camera!

Playable sound sculptures from obsolete test equipment

Published on Nov 5, 2019 HAINBACH

"In which I detail the process of the creation of 'Landfill Totems', a playable set of sound sculptures put together from obsolete test equipment.
Next performance (with World Gang Tape Tipi): 28th of November at PNDT Gallery Berlin, 18H doors.
New EP Impulsgenerator:
Music, sounds and a heart-felt thank you:
Hi-fi vernissage footage:"

SynthFest UK 2019 - Seminars

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine


1. SynthFest UK 2019 Seminar - Fairlight CMI @ 40 with Rob Puricelli
2. SynthFest UK 2019 Seminar - Getting Started With Modular by Robin Vincent.
3. SynthFest UK 2019 - A Guy Called Gerald
4. SynthFest UK 2019 - Composing With Tape with Marta Salogni

PerfectPatch / Trafic - ANIMA inspired

Published on Nov 5, 2019 TheEndorphines

"Following up on our perfect patch contest, we decided to make something inspired by Thom Yorke‘s most recent album.
Here we are utilizing 2 Airstreamers in slightly unusual ways. The first one is working as modulator for the fm input on Godspeed, creating a fat bass sound. Second one is used as a slew for pitch cv controlling the lead sound coming from Furthrrrr generator"

ONE MINUTE SYNTH REVIEW!!! Ep. 19 Arturia Microfreak (Halloween Special)

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Noir Et Blanc Vie


Hey guys and gals, so ONCE AGAIN better late than never am I right? LOL. I said last year that UNO would be the last episode of OMSR...but, I guess not. Sooooo...Love you all. my thoughts. You're probably going to see the score and wonder, "WHY NOIR, WHY?" Please understand that I review the synth I buy, and last year the same thing happened...I got a copy that kinda was not perfect, but quality control is part of the consumer experience...AS I SAID IN MY SUBJECTIVE OPINION AS A PLAYER. The Microfreak isn't exactly what I wanted for my use case, and this will probably only upset fanboys and fangirls, but I'm not here to read a user manual objectively. You can do that on your own time...How did the Microfreak make me feel. Does the Microfreak inspire, AB-SO-LUT-LY. Is it for me, like 100% me...I guess you'll see in the video. Regardless, I'm not wrong as each person's experience is unique, and this was mine, if you think differently about subjective opinions, well k LOL.


Dreadbox Hypnosis Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

Dreadbox AFFORDABLE Eurorack Modules IN-DEPTH WALKTHROUGH @ Soundmit

Published on Nov 5, 2019 BoBeats

"In this video we are checking out Dreadbox Chromatic eurorack modules. Not only are they good looking and affordable, they offer a lot of functionality too!

Check out Dreadbox:
Check out Soundmit:
Support my videos:

#dreadbox #eurorack #modular"

SoundMIT 2019 Turin | Videos

Published on Nov 5, 2019 sonicstate

Going with the full playlist on this. You can use the player controls to skip around.

1. SoundMit 2019: Midilar - Midi Control of VCV Rack
2. SoundMit 2019: Arturia Audiofuse 8 Pre
3. SoundMit 2019: Euterpe Synthesizer Laboratories Vertice
4. SoundMit 2019: Faselunare DIY Opensource Drum Machine
5. SoundMit 2019: GRP Synthesizers - All Analogue Vocoder
6. SoundMit 2019: InTech Studios Modular Midi Controllers
7. SoundMit 2019: Keen Association Buchla Modules From Moscow
8. SoundMit 2019: Kodaly Kibo - Educational Midi Controller
9. SoundMit 2019: Lab4Music Enjoy - MIDI/CV Joystick Controller
10. SoundMit 2019: Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox - Sound Designers Dream
11. SoundMit 2019: Jomox Loop Resonator - Sneak Peek
12. SoundMit 2019: Chirality Audio Effects Pedals
13. SoundMit 2019: Leaf Audio DIY Eurorack Modules
14. SoundMit 2019: Dreadbox Chromatic Modules
15. SoundMit 2019: Enjoy Electronics Reminder

3+3+2 . 3x3+2 | Behringer to Clone the TB-303 ?

Published on Nov 4, 2019 BEHRINGER

Update: details and pics posted here.

So, what's the significance of the video title? What's the 2? Two 303's and a 202 in one box? 3+3+2 = 8. 808 in there? 3x3+2 = 11? Feel free to guess in the comments section below.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

BTW, see my note on Behringer in the previous post.

The Roland Jupiter-X & XM Story and Why Roland Has No Plans for a New JUPITER-8

I don't like to critique but I thought the following was a little funny (also see my note on Behringer below):

"We are very aware of the very strong passion that synth fans have for the JUPITER-8, and some continue to wait for us to introduce a true analog version. This is something we do not plan to do. Our founder Mr. Kakehashi always said, 'Never chase a ghost', and I really understand his meaning. 'Chasing the ghost' of the original JUPITER-8 or TR-808 does not make sense as we will never catch them, and this effort would not align with our vision for the future. Roland has developed many legendary products throughout our history that came from our drive to always design the future by applying the latest technology and our unique know-how from each era. This is our DNA which will never change."

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"Different from the base Virtual Analog of ZEN-Core, the ABM-powered 'Model Bank' synths in the JUPITER-X and Xm reproduce the total character of specific vintage synths including the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, JX-8P, and SH-101, all with incredible precision. For these synths, we did deep behavioral analysis of elements such as the filter’s curve, range, and response speed, which are different for each model, of course. We even recreate characteristics including oscillator drift driven by temperature changes- we actually put a physical temperature sensor inside the JUPITER-X and Xm to help with this!"

The above is quoted from The Roland Jupiter-X & XM Story posted on Roland's site. There's more to the post, of course, so do check it out, but what I thought was a little funny was the 'Never chase a ghost' quote. They are clearly doing just that, only in the digital realm, not analog. But... they have ventured in analog with the JD-Xa and JD-Xi. Do I think Roland should clone the Jupiter-8 and their vintage analog? No. For one reason: Behringer. Behringer would just put them under with cheaper models, so if I were Roland, I wouldn't bother. I'm guessing the digital clones are more cost effective as well. I'd stay focused on new products just like they are doing now.  Seriously, Behringer has made it so no company will ever bother cloning their previous products.  I heard that Behringer's goal is to not only offer clones of vintage synths, but to become the largest synth manufacturer for both vintage and new designs.  Simply put, the only way to compete will be to create gear that users want and Behringer does not offer for less.


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