MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020

Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Synthesizer Sounds (with DFAM)

Published on May 11, 2020 Perfect Circuit

"The Moog Subharmonicon has been anticipated since it was the synth built during the 2018 Moogfest Engineering Workshop. It is finally here as a production synth with a few upgrades from the Moogfest version. This production version has midi, a built in quantizer, more envelope controls and a slightly different sequencer section.

The Subharmonicon is built around divider circuits. There are two VCOs that each have two dividers that output frequencies between the base frequency 1/1, an octave below 1/2, an octave and a fifth below 1/3, two octaves below 1/4, two octaves and a fourth below 1/5, all the way down to four octaves below 1/16. The two oscillators and the four subdivisions can be mixed together into six note chords that span multiple octaves, the oscillators then of course go through a Moog ladder filter. There are a pair of envelopes for the VCA and VCF.

The sequencing also works with subdivisions of the tempo clock, there are four dividers that divided the master clock from 1/1 to 1/16 in integer divisions. These four dividers can trigger the envelopes and clock the two four step sequencers. The sequencers can then modulate the pitch of the two main VCOs, or select which divisions the subdividers are set to. Since the Subharmonicon is semi-modular its has a patch bay where different signal and control routing setups can be experimented with. The patch bay also makes connecting the Subharmonicon to a Mother 32, DFAM, or any other semi-modular or eurorack synth easy.

In this video we showed a combination of the Subharmonicon by itself as well as with a DFAM for percussion and with a Cooper FX Outward V2. The sidechain style patch at 5:09 uses a Ritual Electronics Anima Function generator to create the sidechain envelope and the Subharmonicon is going through a Tiptop Echoz delay module.

00:00 - Intro
00:05 - Fast sequence with DFAM
01:58 - High resonance sequence
03:34 - Plucky sequence with DFAM drums
05:09 - "Sidechain" to DFAM kick drum
06:29 - With Cooper FX Outward V2
07:37 - Melodic sequence cross-patched with DFAM

Subharmonicon available here"

Update: Moog announcement, demos & more here.

Roland Zenbeats 1.2

Published on May 11, 2020 Roland Zenbeats

"Roland Zenbeats 1.2 — Available Now!

Zenbeats introduces the next evolution in mobile music-making with Bluetooth MIDI support on Android and iOS. Enhance your creative flow with added Zenbeats MutliVerb effects on your tracks, find fresh store sounds, additional MIDI Output Support for Android, MIDI effect Track Routing, and more. Update now:

Music composed by STATIK LNK exclusively using Roland Zenbeats
IG: @statiklnk"

Sounds of the Roland FANTOM Synthesizer: SuperNATURAL

Published on May 11, 2020 RolandChannel

"The Roland FANTOM Synthesizer is a new type of creative hub that eliminates all boundaries in music composition and live performance. Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that's fast, fluid, and full of possibilities. An expandable sound engine delivers Roland’s best electronic and acoustic sounds, with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways. And you command it all via an efficient, streamlined interface and your choice of the best 61-, 76-, and 88-note keyboards Roland has ever made.

FANTOM’s creative tools continue to expand and evolve with ongoing firmware updates. To complement the instrument’s powerful ZEN-Core Synthesis System and V-Piano engines, Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL Acoustic sound engine has been recently added with Version 1.5, along with a variety of SuperNATURAL-based strings, brass, basses, vocals, and world sounds. Version 1.6 extends things even further, bringing premium SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric pianos to the mix.

Backed by decades of Roland R&D, SuperNATURAL technology leverages advanced behavior modeling to bring a new level of realism to acoustic sound reproduction. SuperNATURAL’s organic tonal and dynamic behaviors instantly connect you with the sound, fueling fresh inspiration and infusing your tracks and performances with authentic acoustic vibe.

Going far beyond static sample-based playback systems, SuperNATURAL instruments don’t just sound like the acoustic instruments they’re based on—they also respond with natural acoustic behaviors as you play them. And you’ll always experience smooth transitions between different notes and velocities, with no looping and other unwanted artifacts.

In this video, Mark takes you through the SuperNATURAL sound engine with a demonstration of the following instruments:
1:13 — Strings
2:03 — Violin
2:36 — Trumpet
2:50 — Fing Bass 1
3:10 — Alto Sax
3:21 — Harp
3:57 — Concert Jazz
4:11 — Tine MkII Trem

If you’re a FANTOM owner, be sure to sign up for a free Roland Account. Using the latest version of Roland Cloud Manager software, you can download free SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric piano sound collections for your FANTOM and explore a huge variety of sound expansions for FANTOM and Roland Zen-Core instruments.

In addition, Roland Cloud offers a growing collection of Roland virtual instruments for use in modern workflows. Producer, beatmaker, gigging musician, or just getting started—you'll find something to inspire you. The original TR-808, classic JUNO-106, powerhouse JUPITER-8, and genre-defining TB-303 are all part of the 50-plus instrument collection. And Roland's legacy of innovation evolves yet again with the new ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, an advanced plug-in with deep sound design capabilities and seamless compatibility with your FANTOM and all ZEN-Core hardware instruments."

Roland Introduces ZENOLOGY & Roland Cloud Virtual Instrument Collection

Published on May 11, 2020 RolandChannel

Playlist above:

1. Roland ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer: the ZEN-Core Synthesis System Virtual Instrument
2. Roland ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer Overview
3. Introducing Roland Cloud: Roland's Virtual Instrument Collection
4. Roland Zenology Plugin Synthesizer Demo & Fun w. Doctor Mix

"Synthesizers are in just about every style of modern music, so you need something versatile, authentic, and forward-thinking. ZENOLOGY embodies nearly 50 years of synthesizer research and development. Its roots go back to the dawn of synthesis. Its future is what you make it. 

For decades, Roland sounds have had a massive influence on music. A string of legendary instruments defined genres like techno, house, rap, trap, and hip hop, and deeply influenced pop, rock, and film music. This experience has culminated in the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. It's the most advanced sound engine we’ve ever made, powering our professional synthesizers like JUPITER-X and FANTOM, used on stages and in studios around the world. 

ZENOLOGY is an expandable plug-in version of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. ZEN-Core is based on discrete synth voices—each containing a flexible oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual step-LFOs, and lush effects. It mixes multiple synthesis types, combining vintage Roland oscillators and filters with PCM waves capable of PCM-SYNC and cross-modulation. Layer up to four voices in a single tone for rich, complex sounds, both classic and modern. 

With ZENOLOGY you have access to an ever-expanding, always-evolving universe of sound. Driven by the powerful ZEN-Core Synthesis System, a steady stream of new sounds and expansions focus on specific genres and instrument types, or feature sounds from leading artists. 

ZENOLOGY puts the ZEN-Core Synthesis System in your DAW and provides access to a universe of amazing sounds—but this is only the beginning. In the coming months, ZENOLOGY will get new synth engine expansions and grow into a sound designer's dream with deep editing capabilities.  The ZENOLOGY plug-in works in AU, AAX, and VST formats and is ready for use on your tracks.

ZENOLOGY will soon support Model Expansions for perfect recreations of classic Roland synthesizers like the JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, SH-101, JX-8P, and more. They use Analog Behavior Modeling to capture the essence of these legendary instruments and are optimized for high polyphony with an interface inspired by the original—but reimagined for use in your DAW. "

"Roland Cloud is a growing collection of virtual instruments, creative applications, and sound expansions for use in modern workflows. Producer, beatmaker, gigging musician, or just getting started — you'll find something to inspire you. From techno, acid house, and ambient to trap, rock, and hip hop, Roland Cloud has instruments and tools that will elevate your tracks.

Use over 50 Roland virtual instruments. Embrace the future with the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer that lets you share your sounds across software and hardware with ZEN-Core. And keep your music fresh with genre and instrument-specific patches, patterns, and sound packs for both Roland software and hardware instruments. 

The original TR-808, classic JUNO-106, powerhouse JUPITER-8, and genre-defining TB-303 are all part of the 50+ instrument collection. In addition, from Roland's legacy of innovation comes the new ZENOLOGY ZEN-Core-compatible synthesizer. Plus, enjoy a library of sound expansions for both software and hardware with the convenience of cloud-based mobility.

Download the app, create a Roland Account, and shape your musical experience starting with our free ZENOLOGY Lite Software Synthesizer. Once inside, you can explore membership options as well as purchase Instrument Keys, patch collections, ZEN-Core Sound Packs, and Wave and Model Expansions. 

Roland Cloud offers three paid membership levels: Core, Pro, and Ultimate. Pick a plan and supercharge your sound. All Roland Cloud access begins with a Roland Account. Sign up for free inside Roland Cloud Manager. No credit card required. 

With Roland Account as your passport, you’ll have access to redeem Lifetime Keys, applications, and sound expansions. Roland Cloud plug-ins work in AU, AAX, and VST formats and are ready for use in your DAW.

Roland Cloud works with a variety of compatible Roland hardware. Host plugins in the SYSTEM-8 synth for computer-free performance. Share sounds with ZEN-Core compatible gear including FANTOM and Jupiter-X. Or use your TR-08 or Roland Boutiques to control their software equivalents, with all controls mapping automatically. 

From there, expand your music with sound collections. From Synthwave vibes and Legendary instrument collections to ZEN-Core Sound Packs (SDZ), Wave Expansions (EXZ), and model expansions, these genre-specific sets will provide an extra shot of creative inspiration.

You can even get 24/7 access to individual instruments with Lifetime Keys Purchase a Lifetime Key and use your chosen instrument for as long as your Roland Account is active–even if you’re not a paying member. "

KORG ARP 2600 FS UnBoxing and Setup

Published on May 11, 2020 oscDrift

"After a lovely five days of getting the run around from FEDEX.....I hopped in my Van and picked it up at the distribution depot.

Hopefully I saved one or two FEDEX driver's back(s) in the process.. ;)"

ARP & Moog 5/11/2020

Published on May 11, 2020 SynthMania

"This is my song 'La Bellezza' (The Beauty) played on ARP and MOOG. The original piece with ELKA Synthex and Therevox is here:" [posted here]

Blade Runner-esque.

3 Synths, 3 Notes (TX Wiggles 61)

Published on May 11, 2020 poorness studios

"I was just messing around with my Mopho and I really liked the way these 3 notes sounded with this patch. I built this jam those 3 notes, including the Eurorack parts. It's just the Mopho, Volca Beats, and the Eurorack. I thought I'd share it with the rest of the synth nerds out there."

poorness studios TX Wiggles

Allen Strange Firgure 21 for Easel

Published on May 11, 2020 Todd Barton

"An impulse broadcast today at 5pm PDT 8pm EDT on my Instagram @synthtodd I'll be exploring the legendary Figure 21 patch by Allen Strange found in his 1974 manual for the Buchla Music Easel. Join me!

Monster Patch Demo: KARP

Published on May 11, 2020 Learning Modular

"This was the first patch demonstrated during the 'Patching the Monster' live webcast [below] with Chris Meyer of, Ben 'DivKid' Wilson, and Kim 'Bjooks' Bjørn.

The arpeggiator in a Korg taktile 49 keyboard controller is driving a Mutable Instruments Rings, 2hp Pluck, and an analog synth voice consisting of a Birdkids TheBateleur, Livewire AFG, Rossum Evolution, and Erogenous Tones VC8, modulated by an Ian Fritz Hypster, Befaco VC ADSR, and Erogenous Tones RADAR. Voltage-controlled panning is from a Happy Nerding PanMix; reverb is from a Happy Nerding FX Aid.

The patch diagram for this is available on the Patch & Tweak website:

It is also broken down in detail on the Learning Modular Patreon channel:"

The MONSTER speaks: initial patch ideas // Patching the Monster

Streamed live on May 9, 2020 DivKidVideo

"We had ' Feeding The Monster' where alongside Kim Bjorn and I Chris Meyer walked us through module choices and ideas for filling up his ADDAC Monster system case. Going through the high end power rig and sections of the case. Now we have PATCHING THE MONSTER with audio and with patches!"

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with MATTHEW S

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"Matthew S (aka Matteo Scapin) is an Italian-based electronic music producer who has been releasing music since 2009. Matteo teaches Ableton Live music sequencing software courses at the Istituto Musicale Veneto di Thiene, and also teaches at Pantarhei in Vicenza. He collaborates as a sound designer with Gruppo L’Espresso and Gruppo Magnolia, a TV production leader in creating new entertainment formats that include different genres.

In 2020 he released the single Daydream (for INRI Classic) in collaboration with accordionist Pietro Roffi and pianist Gian Marco Castro. The piece was written during the coronavirus quarantine.

We chatted with Matteo on how he’s been using Sequential instruments in his music.

You can find previous posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Modular Jazz with Voltage Research Lab, Lifeforms and Vox 4

Published on May 11, 2020 jenamu6

One more from jenamu6 below.

"A jazzy piece on my new modular.
(I'm trying to make a portable powerhouse Music Easel).

Midi from euclidian sequencers is send to pittsburgh modular Voltage Research Lab, Lifeforms and Flame 4 vox.
Effects form VRL , Make Noise and Mutable Clouds.

Original music by JenaMu6
Feel free to ask for use of my music."

Microfreak controlling Eurorack. Angry Garden

Published on Apr 30, 2020 jenamu6

"Angry garden is a one time only live performance by JenaMu6.
Artutria Microfreak controlling Flame 4 vox and Pittsburgh SV1. A little clouds and a sniff of echophon."

Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax and Cocoquantus Impro

Published on May 11, 2020 Stefano Bertoli

"Short improvisation with Sidrax and Cocoquantus 2. Some reverb from the mixer, that’s it"

junklight Set from Lines Community live event (10 May 2020)

Published on May 10, 2020 junklight

"The Amazing lines community put on a live event over this weekend & I took part. Got to say livestreaming is a lot more nerve-wracking when you *know* you have an audience :-)

I went with a more maximal setup to give me more options and places to go - and playing this back I realise I could have played for a lot longer. My do a few more sessions on this rig before tearing it down. Feels like I. could do with a hardware mixer too - push is nice but too much mode switching.

The modular is being driven using a Monome Teletype script that acts a bit like the Double Knott, Gesture Arcade setup -in this case using the TXi knobs to generate the patterns - buttons would be nicer but needs must.

The looping is driven entirely by my forthcoming app (I release software as "Pagefall" ) using only the "Fripp soundscaping" side of things although I've got rate quantisation turned on too which I thought worked nicely on the loops (although I was a bit heavy handed a couple of times switching rate - as I was on one of the piano notes at the end -nerves and hands shaking !!! :-) )

Thank you to the Lines community for running this and go and check out some of the other streams - there was so much good stuff being played."

ANALOG FILTER BASICS! ... with Marienberg's VC Multimode Filter A #TTNM

Published on May 11, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"Learn about common Modular Synth Filter Concepts with the help of Marienberg Devices's precision Filter & VCO. MORE INFO BELOW! :-)


/// TIMECODES: ///
0:24 Filter Front Panel
0:41 Low Pass, Band Pass & High Pass Cutoff Sweeps
1:08 Resonance / Emphasis Control
1:40 Notch Filter & Notch Structure
3:20 Resonance Knob Response
4:03 Self-Oscillation & FM
4:49 1V/Oct Tracking Measurements
6:05 Amplitude Stability
6:15 Settling Time
7:10 Filter Pings
8:54 Filter Mode Phase Shift
10:41 Additional Info & Thanks!

Marienberg Devices Germany make high-end analog synthesizer modules, which are not just fun for making music, but also for use as reference devices for demonstration purposes. So apart from looking at the VCF's specific features, we will also learn about typical analog filter behaviours and use cases, which are applicable to filters of other manufacturers and formats as well (e.g. AE Modular, Serge Modular, Eurorack, dotcom Modular, etc.)."

TRAP jam on the Novation Circuit

Published on May 11, 2020 Gabe Miller Music

"An EDM / hip hop trap jam on the Novation Circuit, using my free drum pack and synth patches from BoBeats and Tom Cosm."

NMC Learning at Home: The Sonica Synthesizer

Published on May 11, 2020 National Music Centre

"Evan the Educator highlights the sonica, a quirky electronic instrument in the National Music Centre's collection. Built in 1979 by Frank Eventoff, it sounds like a cross between a theremin, sitar, and violin."

Molasses Industries Wetlander

Published on Jun 21, 2019 Will M

via this auction

"Wetlander is an all analog organic touch synthesizer handbuilt from scratch in Richmond Virginia. It consists of a tangled oscillator/clock pair and three parameter pattern generator, intertwined in a recursive formation. The pattern generator takes its input from the clock, and in turn generates rhythmic/pattern data that feeds the clocks themselves, resulting in completely unpredictable evolving sonic structures evoking something organic and synthetic at the same time.

Furthermore, the center panel allows you to crosspatch different nodes in the synth with your fingers, allowing for flesh-based interaction/interruption of the processes being carried out.

All elements, including wooden case and manually etched pcb faceplate, were done in house. 1" - Studio 110 Synthesizer System

via this auction

"The Studio-110 is our largest pre-configured Studio system. The six oscillator base cabinet is topped by a 22-space cabinet, an inverted 44-space cabinet, then a special crown piece. The system includes our 24-stage Q119 sequencer, plus two Moog-Style Q960 8-stage sequencers, sequential switches, and interfaces. The top row contains a complete three-oscillator synthesizer with dual filters. Patch cables are included with this incredible machine."

Module list below.

Roland RS-505 Paraphonic 49-Key Synthesizer SN 992359

via this auction

"The 505 is full, the bass is thick, the controls are simple and easy to use making it fast to create a killer sound 25 seconds after firing it up.

It does round bass, strings, fat leads and chunky pads really well. Not the synth for you if you're looking for the same sound every time you turn it on, becuase it really does vary with the slightest setting change. It's perfect for creating cool samples to reference again or to fill out that chorus that just needs some more warmth or fatness."

Dave Smith Tempest Analog Drum Machine / Synthesizer / The Soft Moon

via this auction

Seller is borntosuffer with 0 feedback.

See this post for a feature with The Soft Moon. New tats since then, but you ca see the "Z".

Yamaha DX7 w/ TX7 & Extras

via this auction

"Bundle includes:

Yamaha DX7 61-key synthesizer
Yamaha TX7 Tone Generator
4 Data Cartridges
Original Box and manuals for the TX7
Cassette Tape programming instructructions for the TX7
80s Kustom Keyboard Amp"

Arp Odyssey 2800 Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction


Published on Nov 30, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Hell yeah
PATATOE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR, with a Potato electrolysis."

POTATOES Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Potato controlled synth V2)

Published on Dec 8, 2019 Valmont / Mooggy

"Potatoes strike back!"

Synth Sounds of "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk (1978 Minimoog)

Published on Mar 18, 2020 Valmont / Mooggy

"Song starts at 2:35
0:12 - Major Lead
1:20 - Delay Bass
1:46 - Swing Plucks
2:04 - Car FX

Analog drums on Arturia Modular V3, Kraftwerk Tribute design
Thickkk phaser: Audiothing Phase Motion 2

Kraftwerk - Autobahn, ℗ 1974 Phonogram GmbH"

Moog Minimoog (1st gen. VCO)

Published on Mar 16, 2020 Valmont / Mooggy

"Just every sound from this icon is a marvel of the analog dream
I can't stress this enough :D"

The amazing sounds of Minimax ASB

Published on Oct 31, 2019 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Basically a polyphonic modern Minimoog"

Free 1984 Yamaha CX5M emulation (Digital Systemic CX5M-V)

Published on Mar 28, 2020 Valmont / Mooggy

"After a long pause I'm back with a working software (Finally haha), you can get it here for free as usual:

This time it's Windows only, sorry for Mac users but for a complicated reason explained in the page it won't be available for your computers."

1987 Kawai K5: 13 sounds quick demo

Published on Dec 22, 2019 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"The very weird, amazingly complicated, powerful Kawai K5!

Thought like a Synclavier, programmed like a DX7, sounding like a D50 :D

If anyone needs the sticker I print for my K5: [pic below]

All sounds come from various ROM cards.
You can download them here:
And to get the software:

0:11 - Machinery
0:20 - Analog Strings
0:29 - Digital Combo 1
0:46 - Heavy organ
0:54 - DX Bass
1:01 - String Machine
1:12 - D50-ish
1:18 - 90s Bells
1:26 - Dark Bass
1:32 - Digital Combo 2
1:43 - Warm Voices
1:54 - Voices 2
2:05 - Digital Combo 3"

The utterly amazing BIT ONE (1984)

Published on Jan 15, 2020 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Just played some factory sounds!

The Crumar BIT ONE is another forgotten buddy from analog heaven. It was used on early Madonna songs, and lots of Italo-Disco music.

The first 250 models had SSM2044 (Voyetra Eight, PPG Wave 2.x, Emulator I, Kawai K3, Kawai SX-240, Korg Mono/Poly, Polysix...), then they were replaced by CEM3328.

The BIT 99 is the very same synth, with CEM3328 and a better MIDI implementation. There's also the BIT 01, not to confuse with the BIT ONE, which is the BIT 99 expander.

The sound of the BIT is often recognized at the level of a Prophet or a Jupiter!

Intro music made with the BIT ONE.

0:13 - Amazing Filters
0:30 - Lush Brass
0:39 - Organ + Bass
0:50 - Fat Pulse
1:02 - Bass
1:11 - Melody Like
1:30 - Polysynth
1:44 - 1 DCO Brass
1:55 - Bass + Brass
2:10 - Warm
2:23 - Another Bass"

Akai AX-80: 25 sounds demo

Published on May 12, 2019 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Another rare underrated polysynth!
It's analog, 8 voices, 2 Oscillators + 1 Sub, CEM 3372 filters, digitally controlled and ultra stable.
Amazing sound, so far the best synth I've ever played with.
Super warm, versatile and not expensive compared to the Junio-Mania insane prices!
What makes it so good in all kinds of sounds is the X-Mod function, very practical :)

Sounds list:
0:00 Ultra Sync
0:22 Drone
0:48 Scale Chords
1:10 Juno type
1:20 Realistic
1:36 Soft Bellish Synth
1:47 Another synth sound
1:58 Emphasis Game
2:06 Solid Bass
2:16 FM Bells
2:27 Funky Brass
2:34 Envelopped Synth
2:45 Clav
2:49 Harpsichord
2:55 Some sounds passing by
3:04 Woodwind
3:15 Jupiter Strings
3:37 Dat Bass slrpp
3:44 Organ
3:53 Jam"

Siel CTS-2000, just a few sounds passing by...

Published on May 26, 2019 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Another rare and atypical machine: the Siel CTS 2000. (Usually called Keytek)
Italian hybrid synth from 1987, using sort of wavetables...
A mix of Ensoniq and PPG Wave, under an Emulator II/DX7 interface!
It sounds really weird, and it's pretty complicated to use :)
Wavetables are generated by 2 really cheap SGS M114A, and the filters are CEM 3389 (Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, Studio 440, Waldorf Microwave 1, Ensoniq Esq-1, SQ80...)
The whole thing runs under a TMS-7002, that is almost enough powerful to make transients (Often goes not smooth and sometimes there are 'Plops' in the sound)"

Siel DK-80: 17 Nice patches quick demo

Published on Oct 29, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Analog, MIDI, 12 voices with SSM Filters (Like early Prophet 5, PolySix, Fairlight, E-Mu Emulator II!)
The difference is that it costs 10 times less, because it didn't become famous. The workflow is absolutely horrible xD

Ah well I got exportation problems, so the video quality is lower than usual.
I did't know what to play so I played idiot chords, still this video was made to show you the diversity of sounds this rare machine can do!

0:19 Filters In Action
0:29 Brass + Strings
0:37 Juicy Brass
0:55 Soft Pad
1:07 Jup' Organ
1:18 Pulse Synth
1:30 Volume Velocity
1:33 Filter Velocity
1:39 Strings Machine
1:45 Analog Bass
1:53 Bass + Brass
2:02 LFO Synth
2:16 Another Bass
2:23 Dat Lead
2:31 Accordion
2:40 Realistic Flute
2:51 Synth Split"

Wordless Regrets (E-Mu Emax II)

Published on Sep 12, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Fully made with E-Mu Emax II."

1986 Kawai K3: Additive Synthesis in action

Published on Nov 10, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Kawai K3 making sounds using Additive Synthesis.
Some reverb processed by Eventide Blackhole in the end."

Kawai K3: Synthwave with ONE keyboard (Multitracked Live)

Published on May 18, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"8 times recorded Kawai K3!"

Kawai K3, no speaking (Random playing)

Published on May 16, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Such a great synth :D"

SSM filters.

Kawai K3 Free Emulation (Small Demos)

Published on Sep 7, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Psiu Yup slrup bis


Prophet VS Wavescan (All waveforms)

Published on Mar 2, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Jut a simple wavescan, an interesting sound produced by switching the waveforms.
Every 1/4 of a 120 beat I change down the waveform of the 4 oscillators.
Note that they are not on the same tune. If I remember it's 0/0/5/7 but I'm not sure now.

Arturia Prophet VS, version 3."

12 of the best 80's PPG sounds + download

Published on Mar 2, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Here is a short demo showing some of the best textures you can produce with a PPG Wave [3.V].
I created every patch, still some looks really close from others.

Here's the link to download the patches (not samples, only .fxp):"

DX7 with a 1984 Computer (CX5M-II)

Published on Feb 4, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Just to show you that Yamaha released in 1986 a program to communicate with a DX7 and save/import voices.
It was called 'YRM-304, Voicing Program II'.

Audio track: Aльянс - На заре (Alyans - Na Zare)"

Easter Egg in Arturia CMI-V ^^

Published on Dec 10, 2017 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Lol :D

French meme used by arturia:"

Synthwave with 10 Virtual-Cz + Linndrum

Published on Nov 18, 2017 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"A synthwave song made using 10 sessions of Virtual-CZ + one linndrum track.

Used: Virtual CZ, Mixcraft Pro Studio 8, Audiocation Compressor, Acoustica 31 Bands EQ, Acoustica Simple Reverb, Acoustica Pro Studio Reverb, Izotope Mastering Essentials, Classic Studio Delay, Lexicon Vintage Plate, Alex Hilton A-1 Stereo Controler, Filter Grizzly, PG-8x, Acoutica Simple EQ, A.O.M Invisible Limiter G2, Xfer LFO Tool."

Free RMIF Elsita emulation + sample pack

Published on Apr 29, 2020 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"My emulation of the RMIF Elsita, a vintage drum machine from USSR :)
Also provided with a sample pack from the original machine!"

Amazing USSR Analog Drums: RMIF Elsita

Published on Sep 12, 2019 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

"Sounds like a Simmons Drums for 10x less money :D
Straight from USSR, the RMIF Elsita is a 4 chanels analog drum rack.
It can be triggered with external sources... Like separated-outputs drums 8)"

"The Elsita is a soviet analog machine produced from 1989 until 1991, when RMIF went bankrupt. Although being released in a pretty late period, the Elsita was built following old standards from the mid 70’s/early 80’s : fully analog (as you can see on the picture), trigger-only, with big knobs.

The Elsita has 4 channels, which are not perfectly identical, at least on my model. It sounds more like a A/B/A/B disposition (As the colors suggest actually), but they all have the same parameters. Check the oscilloscope snapshot at the back of the page!

With the emulation I added a folder containing various sounds I made with the original machine, so that you can play with original sounds, or with more versatile, clean sounds from my VST :)"

Get it here for free:"

2020 05 11 Drifting

Published on May 11, 2020 George Benton

"Started as a project to get an offbeat rhythm using the Q173 Gate Math module. Also, got a new mixer setup for better stereo imaging and effects."

Yves Usson | SynthFest 2020

Published on May 11, 2020 SynthFest France

SynthFest France 2020 - SynthFestALaMaison
22-24 Mai 2020 free and worldwide

Yusynth - Yves Usson

[tutorial] Waldorf Quantum 12: Envelope Generators

Published on May 11, 2020 Synthesizer Video Service

"Part 12: The Quantum has six EGs - two for the analog/digital LP filters, one for the amp and three for free assignment. They can be configured with different shapes to get i.e. a complete different filter behavior. Plus, the EGs can be set to a multi decay mode."

All parts here

Ambient Techno Jam (TR-08 / Volca FM / SH-01A / RV-500 / Ableton Live)

Published on May 11, 2020 Koichiro Toki

Equipment :
- KORG Volca FM
- Roland TR-08
- Roland SH-01A
- BOSS RV-500
- Ableton Live (MIDI Sequencer , Effects & Mixer)

Bandcamp :

Synthstrom Deluge & Akai Midimix | Dub Techno Session

Published on May 11, 2020 LUSS

"Free Download:"

Erica Synths Garage special - PetrosGT, Platon Buravicky & Multilux

Published on May 11, 2020 Erica Synths

"Concert ‘’Future Follows Us’’ took place on 4th of February 2020, in the concert hall Hanzas Perons in Riga, Latvia. In the second part of the concert PetrosGT (Pedro Eustache's electronica project) in collaboration with Platon Buravicky and Multilux performed an improvisation on synthesisers and a diverse array of woodwind instruments.

In his artistic and professional path of more than 40 years, Pedro Eustache has developed a highly eclectic, richly unique yet personal voice of artistic expression both as a woodwinds player, composer and researcher. He has contributed as the lead woodwinds player for the original scores of movies like Blood Diamond, War Horse, The Passion of the Christ, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones 4, Munich, The Lion King 2, to name a few, as well as recorded, toured and performed with artists like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Paul McCartney, Gustavo Dudamel and Yanni among others. Eustache’s work goes from East to West, from ancient to modern and has brought him several prestige awards and global exposure as a mutlidirectional woodwinds soloist. In addition to acoustic woodwind instruments Eustache is also a wind synthesist - both analog & MIDI- with more than 40 years of experience. in this concert He plays the Lyricon Wind Driver, (vintage analog wind controller) and the Genki Wave/Wavefront ring controller to play a powerful Erica Synths multi-modular system designed by Girts Ozolins, which included prototype modules.

Platon Buravicky is a classical composer, pianist and improviser who can be considered one of the most notable contemporary composers in Latvia. His creative work is dedicated not only to symphonic and chamber music but also extends to electroacoustic music often using sound synthesis as the central tool of composing.

Multilux is the live electronic music output of Emīls Dreiblats.. Sound-wise his solo project covers genres from dark ambient to at times dark & industrial, at times playful techno the fundamentals being flowing between different perceptions. In his live performances Multilux embraces darker shades of dance music and creates the sonic environment using analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Special thanks to Kaspars Kaplis & Skatuves Tehnika, Deniss Pashkevich & Riga Room, Hanzas Perons, Latvijas Koncerti"

TheXcee Analog Keys KW Style

Published on May 11, 2020 TheXcee

"Only Elektron analog keys"

Siel Opera6/Crumar BitOne/Solton Project100 on Aphelion app - CRB Diamond725 drum samples on Sector

Published on May 11, 2020 VSMI

"Siel Opera6 - Crumar BitOne - Solton Project100 plays the same midi pattern on Aphelion app, Montarbo DREV128 echo effect only on synths.- CRB Diamond725 drum samples on Sector thru EFX effects apps. Vintage Synthesizers Made in Italy live jam"

Manecolabs Grone dark drones machine

Published on May 10, 2020 Maneco Theloopmaster

"New module from Manecolabs , includes drone oscillator, multi waveforms Lfo , noise generator , ms20 vcf and clouds parasites"

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