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Monday, July 06, 2020

Behringer's CoolAudio Reveals V3397 Analog Synth on a Chip

"Coolaudio who designs highly sophisticated semiconductors, has just released a complete voice (2 multi-waveform Oscillators, a VCF plus 4 VCAs) on a single chip. The chip is an improved version of the Curtis CM3396 and will allow us to create high-performance analog poly synths in a very compact manner. Stay tuned..."

The 3397 likely refers to the CEM3397. via Wikipedia:

"CEM3397 same core design as CEM3396 but with separate external signal (noise/sub/wavetable) input and VCA to mix stage and additional Pan VCA and L/R output stage. Originally labelled MS1215 and designed for Marion Systems MSR-2. Relabeled as PA397 for DSI."

"CEM3396 Microprocessor Controllable: Wave-Shaper x2, VCF, VCA"

The CEM3396 was used in the Oberheim Matrix-6/6R/1000, and Cheetah MS6.

Behringer owns CoolAudio so expect to see the V3397 in an upcoming synth or two from them. They will be available for others to purchase as well.

EVI reunited

Todd Barton

"Haven’t played this in 3 still works!! 😻
Akai EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) invented and designed by Nyle Steiner."

FH2 and Morph Thunder Overlay - The perfect Eurorack controller combo!

Synth Diy Guy

"This time I take you through my set up using Sensel´s Morph with the Buchla Thunder overlay, connected to the Eurorack via Expert Sleepers FH2 Factotum and expanders for a total of 24 outputs! Morph layout linked below.

Thanks to Sensel and Signal Sounds for sponsoring the video!

Get your FH2 here:"

Thunder Jam - The long one

Quincas Moreira

"This is the leftover jam from my video on the Morph Thunder + FH2 video"

Jupiter-X vs. JX-8P: Slow Envelope Settings


"The JX-8P has some super slow envelopes. Does the JX model in the Jupiter-X stack up?? FIND OUT NOW!!

This is a super important video."

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 PE Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Dave Smith Prophet '08 - 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer. Brand new PE boards installed from DSI on July 1st. Fully calibrated and ready to be enjoyed. Synth has plenty of surface wear but is fully functional. Brand new PSU included."

White YAMAHA CS01 SN 29124

via this auction

PAiA Vintage 2720 Modular System

via this auction

"Vintage PAiA 2720 Modular System with an additional expansion unit. It is in overall good condition and is fully functional. These are clunky in a wonderful way and have tons of character. The build looks clean and the unit is in good shape cosmetically. The expansion unit is not currently wired up but the main unit is currently functional with zero issues."

Oberheim OB-X Vintage Analog Polysynth w/Kenton MIDI SN 800412

via this auction

"Early 80's Oberheim OB-X vintage analog polysynth in near mint condition. It is one of the cleanest OB-X's on the planet and the cleanest one I've had the privilege of owning over the past 25 years of collecting synths. Many years of painstaking work and detail have gone into this synth to get it into the condition you see here. This was originally a 4-voice synth, but 2 more voices were added at some point to make it a 6-voice, one voice more than the Prophet-5. Additional voicecards can easily be added down the road to turn it into an 8-voice."

Pics of the inside below.

EKOsynth P15

via this auction

This one is in need of some work.

"Decent condition for over 40 years old, but sadly no longer working. It does not make a sound anymore. I managed to find the schematics online, but don't have the electronic knowledge. It has a nice moog style filter, and sounds very vintage when working."

You can find a demo of one here.

Moog Memorymoog Synthesizer w/ Kenton MIDI

via this auction

Alesis A6 Andromeda

via this auction

"Just serviced professionally, 9 encoders replaced and pitch bend balanced! IMO this thing sounds more organic and exciting than a Moog One and I have both! I call it the Moog One of 2000-2010. Sounds excellent and is in excellent condition. I do notice a couple scuffs on the letters on the rear as pictured but all in all this thing is in really good condition for the age. Everything works good and the touch strip is a blast! Have fun exploring galaxies!"

Waldorf Quantum Digital/Analog Hybrid Synthesizer

via this auction

KORG Minilogue & Emotional Cello - Classical Ambient Music


"Music downloads:

Hey! Hope you're doing great! Here's some improvisation recorded with a Minilogue, Bestservice Emotional Cello & Violin samples."

Gotharman’s SpazeDrum - Analog Drum Synth Sounds #TTNM


"Here’s a quick jam with Gotharman’s new SpazeDrum. MORE INFO BELOW :)


The SpazeDrum is a four voice, sixteen part drum synth from Denmark, featuring analog oscillators, digital oscillators as well as sample playback. There are lots of Gotharman typical effects too, as well as digital and analog filters. So the SpazeDrum is quite the beast when it comes to drum sound design of any kind. The preset I play in this video contains all analog sound sources with some digital effects applied. I started it out as an analog bongo preset and then evolved it a little further with other sounds too.

Apart from the deep sound design possibilities, the SpazeDrum also has the sound and sequencer morphing features from the Little deFormer 3 groove box, as well as complex sequencing and polyrhythm capabilities.

Check out the website and manual here:"

TTNM Synth Ts:

Modal SKULPT Firmware 2.0 Now Available

via Modal Electronics

– With new features and improvements, SKULPT is now more attractive for today’s sound designers and musicians, new MODALapp version available as well –

Bristol, UK – 7th July 2020 Modal Electronics, one of the leading synthesiser manufacturers, is proudly releasing Firmware 2.0 for its SKULPTsynthesisers to its users. With significant new functions and many improvements, Firmware 2.0 offers more sonic and functional versatility for creative musicians and sound designers alike. At the same time, a new release of the free MODALapp 2.5.0 becomes available for all supporting platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS and Android, while the MODALapp plugin for AU and VST3 compatible DAWs was undergoing a refreshment, too.

With the newly introduced MPE support SKULPT is compatible with MPE controllers. With MPE, every played note can be articulated individually and allows a more expressive performance. Because each MIDI note is assigned to its unique MIDI channel, every MIDI note can receive dedicated MIDI Channel-Expression commands. This feature delivers creative, next-level performance opportunities. SKULPT is now the most affordable MPE polyphonic hardware synth available on the market.

SKULPT’s integrated Arpeggiator offers the new mighty Sustain/Arp Latch Mode to expand the performance versatility. This function works like a classic arp hold that can also be used when the arpeggiator isn’t engaged.

The new Global Tune Setting ensures better integration of SKULPT into mixed setups with other, less accommodating equipment in studio and live applications, like analogue synthesisers or DJ turntables, which tend to be less precise in tuning.

Finally, a new global setting enables a MIDI-In Offset, that simplifies the integration of Skulpt as a desktop module with other synths. MIDI-In Offset allows the configuration of the correct pitch playing range of each individual patch without having to adjust the octave settings of the external controller.

SKULPTsynthesiser is available through selected retailers worldwide. To install the firmware upgrade, the free MODALapp, Modal’s universal editor and sound managing app is required.

Some Elektron Digitone patches - pianos, pads and strings (free download, no talking)

Floyd Steinberg

"Here are some patches I created on the Elektron Digitone. You can download them from my web page for free, no registration required. Table of contents:

00:00 Piano
00:20 EP
00:48 Acoustic Piano 1
01:20 Strings 1
01:52 Piano 2
02:27 Robotalk
03:03 Pluck Attack
03:52 String Section 1
04:38 Evo Pad 1
05:20 Evo Pad 2
06:15 Evo Pad 3
07:15 Riser
07:40 Sub
08:10 Mac
08:30 PSS Harp
09:05 PSS Timpani
09:12 PSS Pad
09:44 PSS Guitar
09:56 Cello
10:18 String Section 2
10:45 EP2
11:10 Sine Piano
11:52 Pan String
12:05 Ether
12:23 Harp 2
12:52 The Swell
13:15 Hip 2B Square
13:29 Spaceship
13:50 Cyber Brass 1
14:05 Wood Bass
14:25 Transmission
15:00 Cyber Brass 2
15:27 Intrusion"

Modular Monday: The Make Noise Morphagene

Red Means Recording

"The Morphagene Soundhack is a tape and microsound music module that uses Reels, Splices, and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. It's wonderful. Let's mess with it."

iPad Piano Arpeggio In The Wild

Perplex On

"Some improvised arpeggios on a windy day. #Launchpadmini sequencing #ravenscroft275 piano and #noiseapp. #RozetaArpeggio is used as midi sequencer while #Mozaicapp infuses some randomness on midi velocity and timing."


zack dagoba

"See for more"

New Stereoping PolyChainer MIDI Polyphony Tool

Stereoping 2020/07 PolyChainer product demo by Stereoping

"The PolyChainer is a little Midi tool enabling 12 note polyphony with two Matrix 1000 or 6/6R while being edited from a Stereoping Synth Programmer. The M1000 manual calls this GROUP mode, every second incoming note is passed to another Matrix connected to the first one's MIDI OUT. Unfortunately the 1st matrix destroys parameter change SysEx on the way, making the 2nd one not editable anymore. Apart from the fact the Matrix 6/6R does not offer a group mode at all.

Now the PolyChainer overcomes these problems, it builds up it's own GROUP mode not using the M1000's built in. This allows editing of both connected Matrix (even M6), switching between LAYER mode for stacking programs or CHAIN mode for double polyphony. A 2nd switch determines to which MIDI OUT the parameter edits are going to be sent - while leaving the note's paths untouched. Sounds complicated, right? This video demoes several situations like editing from the Programmer with 1 and 2 Matrix, without and (of course) with PolyChainer in LAYER and CHAIN mode, editing one or the other Matrix or both. If you have no clue what this is all about this is perfctly ok. It simply means you do NOT need this product. I hope you like the video nevertheless, at least you'll hear some nice Matrix sounds including the "Stereo/detuning trick". The two Matrix are hard paned to left and right - largest happiness level is reached by using headphones.

00:12 - Programmer & 1 Matrix without PolyChainer
00:30 - Programmer & 2 Matrix without PolyChainer
01:34 - PolyChainer presented on a rotating leather chair

01:52 - Programmer & 2 Matrix + PolyChainer, LAYER mode

03:41 - Programmer & 2 Matrix + PolyChainer, CHAIN mode

05:58 - Programmer & 2 Matrix + PolyChainer, LAYER mode on 2 different sounds"

A PolyChainer software script for Logic Pro X's MIDI FX Scripter was previously featured here back in 2018.

Electro Harmonix Space Drum - Electric Drum Pedal Synth Thingy From The 70's???


"So yeah!!! i managed to get my hands on this nice example of a space drum. so heres a video about it!!!
Audio files :::
Support the bigger projects, also today with this vid over there are a collection of audio files of beats and sounds from this space drum! check out over there for many more sample and audio packs :-"

EMS Synth A Mk3 Prototype

via this auction

"Historic prototype dating from the 80s. This is a more muscular take on the Synthi sound and offers a unique featureset: highly recommended!

Unique EMS Synthi A Mk3 Prototype for sale in good working order following a service by the original designer, Steve Gay last year. It comes complete with a sheaf of original papers, hand-drawn schematics and notes.

Designed by Steve Gay; the brief was to modernize the Synthi A for the 90s and make it more stable from a tuning perspective, with a more powerful filter and a full ADSR. Our understanding is that Steve and Robin Wood never reached agreement on the finished design, so this prototype is probably unique. It is a very muscular Synthi – we’ve become very fond of it indeed – offers another dimension to the Synthi sound.

It had a full service performed by Steve Gay at the end of last year. The seller states:

“Everything is working well, though the Oscillator Sync and Filter Low pass / Band pass mode switches maybe should be rewired as they don’t match the panel graphics. Low pass is actually the Band Pass and vice versa, same thing with the Sync switch. The graphics show from top, off, osc 2, osc 3 but i think its wired osc 2, off, osc 3. Moving and re-soldering the wires on the back of the switch to correct positions to mirror the graphics on the front panel. In the end i decided to keep it completely original, nothing was updated, modified and the circuits and components are all original.”

This could be part of the charm of this prototype and we’ll leave it to the buyer to decide if they want to alter anything.

While everything will be been done to ensure this synth is in excellent order functionally, this is a vintage Synthi and some occasional foibles may be expected. We take the view that servicing on these units should be sympathetic – recapping where necessary, but also keeping as many original parts in the audio path to retain character, even if it results in occasional minor flaws. A little noise may be possible from some pots when it’s not been used for a while, but this will clear with use.

These synths should be used regularly for best performance – just like a classic car or bike needs a run out to stay in good shape.

CONDITION: See photos for more information on cosmetic condition."

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 8-Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 000452

via this auction

Korg MaxiKorg 800 DV K-3 SN 760135

via this auction

"Korg MaxiKorg 800DV (Univox K3) analog synth in near mint condition. This is a rare synth on the used market and nearly impossible to find in this condition. This is a US Voltage model (117volt). One of the cleanest ones left in the world. The original cheap Korg wood panels had some minor marks and worming in spots so I hand-built custom American walnut wood panels for it which I painstakingly hand-rubbed with poly finish.

Everything works as it should. I installed a Kenton dual CV/Gate kit in it a couple of years ago which allows you to control both synths via one CV/Gate input, or two synths independently. You can also play the keyboard as normal. There are filter input jacks as well to route external audio through the synth. It was recently serviced by my tech in order to future-proof it for many years of use.

The physical appearance is extremely clean. This is a collector's quality item. One of the cleanest left on the planet. The face is practically flawless. All the knobs are perfect with no visible marks, scratches, or dents. The lettering is clean and legible. The back is very clean. The wood case is beautiful (if I don't say so myself). The keys are shiny and clean. See photos below for exact description. This is one of the (if not the) cleanest MaxiKorg's for sale right now and it is priced accordingly.

Included is the Maxikorg with its built in power cord."

Korg Kaossilator SN 012713 Minus Faceplate Sticker

via this auction

"Old and heavily used (sampled) original kaossilator. Bought new 10ish years ago?? Missing faceplate. Cool sticker on back. FULL DISCLOSURE: some patches don’t act how they should. Some weirdness going on, but it’s pretty cool imo. Great for some unique noise stuff to sample or whatever. But it definitely turns on and makes sound!!"

Interesting to see how the buttons were implemented.

1983 Roland JX-3P Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 4593

via this auction

Arp Axxe Synthesizer SN 0739

via this auction

"It's a single oscillator analog synth with a gnarly sound, no presets, you have to program it. Some knowledge of synth programming is required although it's not too complicated. It was out of production by late 70's. It has good interfacing: CV/gate/trigger in/out, audio high/low out, audio in, pedal input. Buy an awesome mono synth for bass lines, solo lead lines, and true 70's synth grit. 37 keys, all working. No manual but it's standard synth programming."

Waldorf 2-Pole Analog Filter

via this auction

Roland Promars Analogue Synth

via this auction

"This is a killer synth - really great fat bass lines, from heavy tech to electro pop. Super fast envelopes, really zappy if you want it. CV input so easy to control with a MIDI CV converter."

Analogue Solutions Nyborg 24 SN 9358

via this auction

Best Fan Art ever!

via Mutable Instruments @mutable_instrum

"Best Fan Art ever!"

pirates caribbean on the synthesizer-пираты карибского моря на синтезаторе (Аваз Исоев -Avaz Isoev)

Vip Music

Anyone ID the KORG? Or the location? Tour De France is nice nod to Kraftwerk, as well as the mini autobahn on the right.

Roland JX-03 in 2020, is it still worth the money? Custom sounds and sequencer demo.

Electric Cafe

"This video shows off the potential of the Roland JX-03 a copy, using ACB technology, of the 1983 Roland JX-3P classic analogue synthesizer which featured the Roland Jupiter 8 filter. Forget the size, look and almost toy-like appearance, this thing has some killer sounds!"

Pittsburgh Modular Documentary Films Presents the Lifeforms SV-1b Episode 1 Part 2

Part 2 added here.

Analogue Solutions synth jam - featuring Fusebox, nyborg, and more!

Analogue Solutions

"Thanks to JH for the video."

Trigger Riot got a new face

Tiptop .Audio

"The Trigger Riot is a multipurpose trigger module that makes ultra complex patterns of gates triggers and clock pulses. The Riot covers a lot of ground in any Eurorack system from the master clocking for your entire system to algorithmic generation of pulses for envelopes, step sequencers, drums and accents that can venture into highly complex territory driven by simple yet powerful logic and algebra with a dash of pseudo random- ness for some unpredictable results."

Korg ARP 2600 (FS) - First Hands On Demo - [NO TALKING]

Marshal Arnold

"Korg ARP 2600 (FS) - First Hands On Demo - [NO TALKING]

Well, it has arrived! The amazing ARP 2600 has been faithfully recreated by Korg and boy did they do a wonderful job! This is the 1st time I've ever used an ARP 2600 so I still have lots of exploring to do, but this is my 1st hands on demo. I created a few patches, but in future videos I will get a hold of some patch sheets and try out some other sounds. Let me know what you'd like to hear, bass? Leads? Splits?

Hats off to the team at Korg for making this possible!"

Patch n Tweak
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