MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday, August 21, 2020

Blue Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer In Original Box w/ Mod Grip & Keytar Strap

via this auction

"Roland SH-101 Keyboard Synthesizer in classic Blue. Includes strap, mod grip, original manual. Sequencer and mod grip just tested and appear fully functional. Does not include AC adapter."

Original styrofoam as well.

Molasses Industries - Penrose Handshake

Will M

Molasses Industries on Reverb

Patch of the Week 72: Multi-octave “32nd-note” Arpeggiator


"For our last exploration of 'beyond bass,' we dive into volca bass to create a super-cool multi-octave arpeggio, and go on to use a tempo-synced LFO to make 16 steps sound like 32."

Korg Patch of the Week posts

Clavia Nord Lead 1 Still Worth It Today! Virtual Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

Rik Marston Official

Clavia Nord Lead 1 really is Still Worth It Today!
It's a blast to play, excellent build quality, fantastic keyboard!
Sounds like so many favorite vintage flavors: Moog, ARP, Roland,
Korg, Sequential Circuits, Yamaha... plus the FM is out of this world!
I am using light Reverb & Delay FX from the Mackie mixer.
Recorded into the BOSS BR-600 digital recorder!
I am thankful, grateful & blessed to have YOU as a subscriber!
Thank you my friends, YOU ROCK!

Sequential Pro 3 Full Wavetable Tour and First Impressions - This thing is a Monster

Major OSC

"1 week in, figured its time to talk about it. I cycle through all the wavetables, and put the sequencer to good use; Bass, and more Bass. Plus some Bass.

- Caution. - very light profanity (2 occasions). I include this warning out of respect for viewers that may have kids (I often do) within earshot."

Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer RED with Mod Grip Attachments and Hard Case

via this auction

Waldorf Micro Q synthesizer SN 1310052703

via this auction

62HP EP2: Sample And Scratch Groovebox

Perfect Circuit

"For this second episode of 62HP we put together a groovebox system that combines sample based sounds with a simple synth voice, effects and a pseudo scratching sound with a fader for cutting the sound.

The ALM Squid Salmple generates most of the sounds with it's 8 channels of sampling. Everything is sequenced with the Malekko Varigate 8+. Erica Synths Pico Voice is used for a synth line and the Pico DSP adds effects to the case. The "scratch" sound is made with a sample looping on the Squid Salmple, the pitch is modulated with the Soundmachines LS1 and the sound is cut in and out with a Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2R Fader. Everything is housed in an Intellijel Palette case and the 1U Quadratt is used as a mixer.

Module List:

ALM Squid Salmple
Malekko Varigate 8+
Erica Synths Pico Voice
Erica Synths Pico DSP
2X Soundmachines LS1
Intellijel Quadatt
Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2R Fader

available here:"

The Four Stages of Kermit

Synth Diy Guy

"A deep dive into a deep module!
Kermit MKiii is an amazing modulation source with many levels. Whether you like knob-per-function modules or enjoy a refreshing menu dive, it's powerful and inspiring.

Errata: It's an OLED not a LCD ;)

Kermit Info here: http://www.industrialmusicelectronics...

My Cheatsheet:

My Patreon:"

Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country) Live Synth Cover


"Aquatic Ambience from Donkey Kong Country for SNES has always been one of my favorite video game underwater themes. Here is my live synthesizer arrangement of the song. All sounds performed simultaneously without any backing tracks or overdubs.

Get a download of this track on Patreon:

Technical details:

This song was pretty tricky to arrange in my style even though it's pretty downtempo / chill. I wanted to stay quite close to the original arrangement by the fantastic David Wise, and there were a lot of different sounds to recreate and figure out how to do in one go.

I ended up creating a bunch of new percussion samples and mapping them to the arcade buttons as well as layering some of them with the bass. For example, the snare that comes in the second half is unmuted with an expression pedal and layered with the bass notes that I play with my pinky.
I enjoy finding solutions for this stuff, it's like a puzzle game. :)

The bass sound itself is the Boomstar 4075 through Polyverse Gatekeeper (for the arpeggiated effect).

For my right hand, I split the Prophet XL into two sounds: The bottom half is a pitch shifting string and the top half is that "guitar feedback" type of sound. The split point is set up in a way that lets me trigger both sounds with one chord at a certain point. Those dreamy arpeggios are played on the Prophet 6 (Valhalla's free plugin "SuperMassive" is the awesome reverb) and the main melody is an Arturia MicroBrute through a few pedals (Red Panda Tensor and MWFX Judder). The piano is Spectrasonics Keyscape, flute is SWAM Flute (both those sounds are played on the Korg MicroKey).

Phew, I think that covers it! :)
Drop a comment below and let me know what you'd like to see on this channel."

ROLAND JUPITER-X Synthesizer - Jupiter-8 Model Presets | Sound Demo


"Here are some presets of the #Jupiter8 Engine from the amazing #Roland #JupiterX. For #Juno106 and #JX8P check out my other #rolandjupiterX videos too . Thank You for watching. Please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get video updates."

Analogue Solutions Colossus - more than a synthesizer Now Ready for Pre Order at $25k

Analogue Solutions

"Analogue Solutions Colossus - more than a synthesizer.

A video overview of the beautiful lines of this magnificent synthesizer.

Available to order and in production."


Final units may differ very slightly from the photos above of the preproduction unit.


Wait time is around 2-4 weeks from receipt of your deposit. If you wish to order please email us. A deposit will be needed to secure your Colossus. Final payment, shipping costs, and tax where applicable, need to clear in our account before despatch. Payments to be made by bank transfer. (Depending where you live, you may have to pay import tax and duty.)

You are 1 click away from entering your order! Don’t kick yourself in years to come that you didn’t go for it!

Price is £25K - this excludes all forms of tax, and delivery costs.

If this needs to be shipped; crate & packing is estimated at £300, shipping will range from about £300 for Europe to around £1300 for USA."

QUADRIVIUM as Controller for the Modular Synthesizer

QUADRIVIUM as controller for the modular synthesizer from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.

Quadrivium is also a software MIDI controller, you can use the orbital data to control your hardware or software synthesizers with MIDI!
12 Moons for 12 Control Changes that you can assign inside the software.
Connect it to your modular synth with a MIDI USB cable or MIDI interface!

Available at

Follow-up to this post.

Lost in Cosmos [dub ambient / Novation Circuit]

Flak Cannon

"An ambientish dubby tune with a trippy video. Made with Novation Circuit with lots of added effects and channel panning trickery."

Making DARK Beats on the Novation Circuit

Gabe Miller Music

"In which I use the new pack, "A Force Truly Evil" by Yves Big City (available on Isotonik) to make a bunch of dark beats and jams from scratch on the Novation Circuit, including electro house, techno, and a Glitch Mob type beat."

SoundsDivine 'Binary Worlds 1' - Omnisphere 2 Soundset


"This is a demo of the presets from the 'Binary Worlds 1' soundset for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.
For more information, please follow the link below:

00:00 Intro
00:10 First Contact
01:05 Particle Talks
01:51 Terminal Noise
02:30 Utopian Future
03:16 The Dead Zone
04:13 Saturn's Rings
04:56 The Source
05:36 Exotic Lifeforms
06:19 Silicon Spirits"

MIDI Designer layout for Crumar Bit 01 w/ Tauntek Mod

via MIDI Designer

"With the great firmware update by Bob Grieb ( it's finally possible to control all parameters of a Crumar Bit 01 via MIDI. This MIDI Designer layout for the iPad has been tested with a Crumar Bit 01, but should in theory also work with a Bit 99 and to some degree also with a Bit One. Since I only have a Bit 01 here, I couldn't test it myself, but comparing the CC maps of the three synths they look basically compatible (Bit 99 does not have Detune / Noise though, but CC's are otherwise identical).

Note: To use this layout please ensure your device is in Lower, Edit (Address) mode. CC's are only accepted in this mode. Please also note that you will exit this mode when changing a program (e.g. via the Up/Down steppers in this layout). So, after changing a program you'll need to manually enter the Lower, Edit (Address) mode again."

You can find the template here.

Arcadia Electronics PLL 4046 Organ Synth

Arcadia Electronics

A new DIY synth maker with a new upcoming mini organ based additive synth. You can find them at

1. PLL 4046 Organ Synthesizer 4 minute Jam
Here is the PLL Organ after being redesigned, soft keys, new layout and calibrated for better tone and user interface.
2. LFO Low Pass test, PLL Organ Kit
Assigning the multi wave LFO in the PLL Organ to the Filter makes a cool addition and opens up a lot of hidden classic Synth sounds.My favorite the sample and hold settings.
Same LFO can be assigned to do vibrato as seen in the previous demo.
Thanks for watching !
3. Testing PLL Organ Synth Kit first test
This is a new Cmos Organ I’ve designed, with love to Italian sixties organs. This is 24 keys keyboard it has 6 octaves, vibrato with six wave shapes , optical Tremolo,Delay,Filter with resonance,Touch pad , headphone output, amplified output (connected here to a small speaker) line output and can be powered with 9v Battery.
Coming very soon !
Sign up at to be the first to know when this kit is available.

Stay safe

Motor Synth Demo #1

Floyd Steinberg

"My Motor Synth arrived today and here's a hastily put-together demo I came up with after learning the basics. There's still a lot to be learned, but I thought maybe you'd like to hear another sound impression."

Recursive Machine — Live tweaking — No talking!


See this post for additional details.

Majella Audio | IMPLEXUS - Complex Generator

Majella Audio

"This video of the IMPLEXUS (prototype) shows the wide range of possibilities using the Complex Generator with West-Coast style synthesis techniques as the main focus for sound generation.

Film: Remco Becker
Video edit: Desirée Coumans
Music and performance: Erwin Tuijl (Pocket Knife Army)"

See the Majella label below for more.

Analog synth electro jam

Peter Maas

"Running the Roland TR-707 and TR-808 together to create that old school electro house sound. Topping is with a baseline from Sequential Pro One and pads from the Roland JX3P... some high pitched arpeggio's from the MC202. Echo provided by an Vorg Echo Orbit - 1 tape echo. Completely dawless."

Roland System 100m D-Set Vintage Analog Modular System

via this auction

140 800899
130 800493
121 800482
112 800510
150 800892
181 770267

"Here we have Roland's System 100m, their classic compact yet super powerful analog modular system. This set of modules is the most popular configuration that was available (known as the D-set) and includes the 150 Sample & Hold / LFO / Ring Mod, 112 Dual VCO, 121 Dual VCF, 130 Dual VCA, and 140 Dual Envelope / LFO. Of course these modules are not simply limited to their listed functions and include several convenient 'extras' such as 3 channel mixers built in for audio and CV inputs and well thought out duplicates and attenuated options for certain outputs.

The conveniences don't end there, the included keyboard connects straight to the front of the 191J enclosure and is normalled to relevant connections around the system. Simply bring up the first CV input attenuator on either oscillator and switch the envelopes to gate input for quick direct control without having to patch. The base of the 191J includes several multiples, 1/4" to 1/8" jack converters, and an output converter for splitting connections and interfacing with other equipment during patching.

The compact yet all encompassing design of this system makes for a welcoming, approachable instrument that only requires simple patching to make some truly great and classic sounds! But of course, its a modular system - patches can quickly gain complexity and there's plenty of room for deep exploration even with these five standard modules.

As with any vintage Roland, the System 100m has an incredibly nice sound, rich and powerful yet very clean and musical. It is especially strong with sequenced basses and gliding subtractive leads but has incredibly deep audio rate modulation and liquidy filters that certainly give it a natural home in more experimental music as well!

This System 100m set was just fully serviced and cleaned by our in house electronics technician. It has been fully tested and is working wonderfully with no crackly pots or switches and solid patch connections on all jacks. There is a proprietary keyboard connection cable and five power cables included to power each module at the rear. Finally, this sale includes the original 181 49 note keyboard with built in portamento, transposition, and bender. This is a great classic modular setup for anyone looking to get the full 1980s Roland experience!"

Electronic Music Techniques by Benjamin Suchoff

via this auction

"Very rare publication. A musical approach to the SH-1000.

Copyright 1975. Vintage and original. Minty, new-old stock condition with just a hint of shelf wear/discoloration mostly on the cover. Pages are perfect.

Lots of songs and musical notation contained within.

Very nice to have for collectors of the SH-1000 to accompany it."

Yamaha VL1m Ver 2 w/ USB Drive

via this auction

"Rack version of VL1 keyboard, giving 2 voices (monophonic, duophonic, or unison) of Yamaha's pioneering & still much-vaunted VL Virtual Acoustic synthesis technology. As if that's not rare enough... this one also has a USB floppy emulator allowing using standard FAT-format USB sticks to load/save, instead of old disks! It's one of the good emus, which can load/save right to USB, instead of needing disk images. 1000 folders per USB stick are usable as virtual disks at any time; you just select one then read/write it."

Access Virus TI Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Red Roland SH-01A w/ Keyboard

via this auction

Oberheim Tvs Pro 2000’s Black

via this auction

Roland D-50 LA Synthesizer with Multidimentional Expansion by PA-DECODER

via this auction

"An extended version of the classic 80s Roland synthesizer.

This one is in rather good condition with all keys working, joystick and bend wheel still intact.

The LCD display is bright and in good condition.

It’s also equipped with the PA-DECODER extension which increase the internal patch memory to 8x64 = 512 patches! It’s also makes it multi-timbral which makes it possible to play several (8 if I remember correctly). sounds simultaneously via MIDI."

Also comes with PN-D50-00 Memory Card & Programming and Playing Guid tape cassette pictured below.

Modal Electronics Argon8 & OTO Machines BAM


Roland JD800 SL-JD80-02 Dance Drums Sound Card preset patches


11 Pedal Funk Bass1 00:00
12 Oddball Organ 00:53
13 Anvil Clav 02:06
14 PolySynth Wet 03:20
15 Flying High! 04:38
16 Tambo Vox 05:55

Time-Freek Delay by S-CAT (Full Audio Demo)

Space Cat Audio Technologies

"In this video I have the delay in manual time mode, with tweaks to the Repeat and Dub-Back controls."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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