MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday, August 31, 2020

Fairlight CMI IIX Vintage Additive Digital Synthesizer Sampler Working

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"This system is ready to make music. No excuses. No more work is needed to be done from a musician's standpoint. It functions reliably and is a joy to own and play. The light pen works great etc. If you buy the system you will get the FULL Fairlight experience with no work arounds. (Unless you consider a floppy emulator a workaround, it is a godsend to me.)

The keyboard is from a series 1, so it has the airy light synth action. It is still touch sensitive like the series II, but has the synthy action.

Both 8 inch drives have been removed and replaced with a custom dual floppy emulator.

The connections for the 8" drives are still there and work. The original floppy card has been modded so you can run the emulator and the old drive at the same time. If you have a couple of old YE data drives you can easily install them and will never have to remove the floppy emulator connection..."

Note the one of the images of the monitor matches the image in this previous post.

Octave-Plateau Voyetra-8 & Voyetra-One Synthesizer Brochure

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"This is the sales brochure for the legendary Voyetra-8 polyphonic synthesizer, and it's stripped down, and never released version, the Voyetra-One."

Octave-Plateau Cat and Kitten II Synthesizer Brochure

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Roland JD-800 Programmable Keyboard Synthesizer

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3 w/ MIDI

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Mazzatron Slide - Sweet Eurorack Crossfader!

Electronisounds Audio

"I show some examples of what you can do with the Mazzatron SLIDE Eurorack module.
This mono crossfader is very fun to use and offers some creative ways to shape your sounds!"


Breaking down David Bowie's "Heroes" – Tony Visconti

Petr Potacek

"This film is an extended version of BBC Four programme Music Moguls: Masters of Pop (Episode 2: Melody Makers)."

This one is in via John H. Synth at 2:47. You should be able to ID it immediately.


Voltage Modular | Polymode - Polymoog & Year Two Sale

Cherry Audio

Voltage Modular | Polymode
Voltage Modular | Polymode Module Overview
Voltage Modular Tutorial | Creating Layered Sounds with Polymode

"The new polymode module is here! Based on one of the earliest and most iconic polysynths of all time, Polymode has been precisely recreated and adds more features than ever before."

The Cherry Audio Year Two Sale Is Here!

Syndrum: The Electronic Drum

Cherry Audio

"A short documentary about the history of the Syndrum, the world's first commercially produced electronic drum, commemorating the release the release of the MRB Syndrum and poly Syndrum modules for the Cherry Audio Voltage Modular platform"

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with DAVID JOSEPH WESLEY

You can find the interview on Sequential's website here.

"David Joseph Wesley is a Grammy Award nominated composer based in Los Angeles, working in film, TV, and video games. You may have recently heard his music on several network TV, cable and Netflix series such as James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, Chicago Fire, Veep, Saturday Night Live, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Santa Clarita Diet, and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, as well as many trailers and commercials including Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Dave was also fortunate to work with composer Ron Jones on the music for several seasons of Family Guy, which also enabled him to work with the largest live orchestra in television history. One of his favorite projects is his work on the music for “Firefly Online,” the video game based on Joss Whedon’s groundbreaking Firefly TV series. Although the game was never completed, he released his music for the game via the album Music To Smuggle By in 2018 as a tribute to the fans and to keep the Firefly spirit alive.

Dave finds inspiration for his music everywhere. An avid astronomer, his love of space led to two albums, several singles and multiple YouTube jam sessions about the cosmos and space-phenomena. In 2019, he released the album, Cassini, as a tribute to the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn, written entirely on the Prophet-6. And in 2017, in collaboration with NASA, Dave wrote an album for the solar eclipse titled Syzygy, also created entirely on the Prophet-6. Similarly, his obsession with synthesizers and the 80s naturally led to his “Pumpkin Patches” albums of synth-based music inspired by 70s and 80s horror as well as synthwave music released under the name “Parsec.”

We chatted with David on how he uses Sequential instruments in his music."

You can find additional posts featuring Sequential's Spotlight series here.

Manitoba Cassette - Novation Circuit Pack by Digiphex Electronics

Isotonik Studios

"Manitoba Cassette is the first Digiphex Electronics Novation Circuit Pack to be released through the Isotonik Studios Circuit Patch store, its taken well over a year to get here so we're really excited to see what all you Circuiteers think!!

Warped LP’s and worn out tape is the feel of this pack, with some tape oriented macro controls. “Manitoba Cassette” captures the nostalgic feelings and drifting melodies inspired by Boards of Canada, Tycho, Lone, and even AFX.


Scoping out Bifold - New Dual Channel Wavefolder From Intellijel

Bifold Intellijel

"Bifold is a dual channel wavefolder, where one channel (the P channel) has a sonic characteristic inspired by the Buchla-style Parallel “deadband” folding circuit, while the other channel (the S channel) is more characteristic of a Serge-type Serial folding circuit. Besides offering two unique flavours of wavefolding, Bifold features numerous feedback and routing options along with CV control, enabling you to mix, blend and crossfade those flavours into a rich stew of unique waveforms and harmonic movement.

In this video we take a quick look at how Bifold sounds and how it works, in order to get a sense of the creative possibilities offered by this module."

First Folds With Bifold

"This video provides a few demos of how Bifold sounds when used in musical sequences, drones, and distorting drums.

Video Chapters:
00:03 - Melodic sequence with blends of folding
01:36 - Distorting drums and aux feedback
02:36 - Ringmod bell tones and AM
03:28 - Growling drone"

Coming soon for $229.00

"Wavefolding can be one of the most powerful yet simple ways to introduce complex timbres to a simple waveform. When done well, the results can be warm, textured, organic and full of musical character. We studied some of the most revered wavefolding circuits and looked at ways to integrate the positive qualities of these into a design that was full of sweet spots and allowed for a huge amount of experimentation and modulation.

Bifold combines two unique wavefolders with a crossfader; One channel (the P channel) has a sonic characteristic inspired by the Buchla-style Parallel “deadband” folding circuit, while the other channel (the S channel) is more characteristic of a Serge-type Serial folding circuit. There are distinct differences to how they react to specific waveforms, modulation and even their overall frequency response. By linking both folders together with a voltage controlled crossfader we further expand the ability to blend these two different folders together to create new waveforms. But this just scratches the surface of possibilities. Ring modulation, blending, crossfading, complex noise generation, feedback modulation, cascaded folding and so much more are all possible thanks to the strategically placed routing switches, jack normals and attenuators and other control options. This is a module that invites much exploration and discovery and pairs well with almost any kind of modulation and sound source."

Granular Synth Jam // Gotharman's SpazeDrum, Little deFormer 3 & deMoon #TTNM


"More electronic music with the Gotharman synth and drum machine trio! More info below :)


Again, I'm patching both the SpazeDrum analog drum computer and the deMoon digisynth into Little deFormer 3 granular workstation. There I add bass lines with the built-in analog filters, drones and weird effects. The Linnstrument MIDI keyboard plays a deMoon patch I made with my iPad editor. The eight edit knobs on the LD3 are all mapped to specific functions in the patch, so that I don't need a separate MIDI knobs controller :) Let me know if you have any questions!

Little deFormer 3:"

10 Things You NEED to know before Building a Dawless Synthesizer Setup


"10 Things you need to know before building a dawless synthesizer setup. This video is sponsored by DistroKid. Use my link and get 7% off: - its a solid service for getting your tracks onto Spotify & iTunes."

BoBeats links:
►Patches & samples
►Circuit Patches:

An overview of new modules and collections in VCV Rack - August 2020

Omri Cohen

"Here are the patches -

00:00 - Aria Salvatrice
03:20 - BogAudio
04:39 - Count Modula
05:48 - JW
07:09 - Squinky Labs
08:51 - Stoermelder
12:05 - Studio 6+1
13:43 - Surge
14:31 - Miscellaneous

If you like what I do and want to support my work, consider joining me on Patreon -"

SyllixMusic Moog Subharmonicon, Mother 32, and Korg Minilogue Synth Tracks

Moog Subharmonicon - Ambient Dream
Celestial - Moog Subharmonicon (10 Minute Relaxing Ambient)
Subharmonicon and Mother 32 Duet
Moog Subharmonicon + Mother 32 Cinematic Jam
Orbit | Generative Modular Ambient - Subharmonicon and Mother 32
Nebula | Futuristic Ambient - Korg Minilogue
Ambient Synth - Moog Subharmonicon and Mother 32
Gene Flow | Ambient Modular Synthesizer (Subharmonicon and Mother 32)
Melodic Modular Synth - Moog Subharmonicon and Mother 32

Korg Electribe EM-1 Music Production Station w/ Original Box

via this auction

Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Synth

via this auction

Black Corporation Kijimi SN 1212

via this auction

"Amazing 8 voice analog polysynth.

In addition to the two VCOs, you have a sub-oscillator and noise. These run into a great sounding Low Pass filter with its own dedicated ADSR envelope and then to a VCA with plenty of drive (and of course it has a dedicated ADSR as well).

OK, all that sounds great, but you've seen it all before. However, the Kijimi has more tricks up its sleeve. For starters, it's MPE-capable and you have independent control over velocity and polyphonic aftertouch.

The modulation section to the left has a pair of LFOs and they can be synced, shaped by envelopes, and routed to a lot of modulation destinations. This unit has the 1.2 OS installed, which gives you independent amounts of modulation per destination, effectively giving you an LFO per voice.

In addition to the LFO and envelopes, you have a lot of MIDI modulation sources at your disposal.

Basically, this synth can range from being a simply WYSIWYG analog poly to a full-blown almost modular powerhouse with the ability to draw out every nuance of your playing and rewarding the detailed sequencing edits you can do in a DAW.

In addition to the audio and MIDI In/Out/Thru connectors, there is a USB port as well on the back. The headphone jack is conveniently located on the front panel.

This Kijimi has never been rackmounted and is in excellent condition and comes with the power brick and original box."

Red Roland SH-101

via this auction

"The SH-101 is one of the classic synths from the 80s. It has a fantastic and unique sound no matter how you modify all its faders and knobs. Its simplicity can't be copied. Really magical.

Well, yes, you can find some of them online BUT I assure you that it is unlikely to come across with one that has been fully repaired like this one.

More than 100 parts (circuits/chips/resistors/etc) were replaced by one of the most skilled technician in Europe. Also, he cleaned it, tuned it and made all the necessary adjustment to revive this amazing machine."

Siel Cruise SN 227/414

via this auction

Buchla Easel Command

via this auction

Moog Matriarch, Fender Rhodes, Nucleo Modular Synthesizer & Ableton. Live Jam By Pablo Mat

Pablo Mat

Moog Sub 37, Nucleo Modular System & Ableton Live

Live set improvisations.

Echoes of the Elder


"Arp 2600 running through a Moog MF-104M analog delay."

Modular Monday: Mutable Instruments Braids vs. Plaits is a Fight We All Win

Red Means Recording

"Braids and Plaits are both digital macro Eurorack oscillators from Mutable Instruments. They're both excellent, but what makes them different? Let's find out.

Get my modular album and donate to a good cause:

Here are some differences I missed!
* Plaits shares no hardware or software with Braids!
* Floating-point DSP code written from scratch or inherited from Elements, Warps and Rings.
* Band-limited synthesis used almost everywhere, producing aliasing-free results at the base sample rate of 48kHz (Braids ran at 96kHz and used naive oversampling).
* High-quality Sigma-Delta ADC for CV acquisition, approaching a resolution of 16-bit (12-bit for Braids).
* ADC reads are interpolated in software to eliminate zipper noise.
* DC-coupled audio output, extending the range of the module to very low frequencies (Braids could not reach LFO ranges).
* Lean hardware design: less HP, mA and €"

Building on the Blockchain - Abstract, Self-Running Patch on DSI Poly Evolver

Reuben Jones

"I find the concept of blockchains pretty abstract, and this is the sound I imagined whilst blockchains are being built.

This is a self-running patch on the PolyEvolver - I didn't touch the synth during recording apart from to stop the sequencer on the last note and increase the delay feedback for a more effective ending.

PolyEvolver ▶ VladG Molot Compressor ▶ slight EQ ▶ Valhalla VintageVerb"

Model:Cycles - First Impressions & Jams!

Gabe Miller Music

"A super preliminary review of and a bunch of jams on the Elektron Model:Cycles, including chill lofi beats, techno, and hip hop. I've only had it for a little bit but I'm having a lot of fun with it."

12-The Dreadbox Typhon: Delay Effects


"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the Delay effects found on the Dreadbox Typhon.

The theme for this demonstration was recorded by multitracking the Dreadbox Typhon over drum patterns fashioned from GarageBand loops."

AutomaticGainsay Dreadbox Typhon posts

Polypumpkins - First-person Isolation (Hydrasynth / MonoPoly / Bass Station 2 / Polivoks Mini) 📻


"A DAWless jam with Roland System-500, Space Echo, ASM Hydrasynth, Novation Bass Station 2, Elta Music Polivoks Mini, Mode Machines ADX1, Korg MonoPoly, SQ-1 & Arturia Beatstep Pro. Recorded to Ableton Live 10."

Sempervirens | Felt Instruments Blisko, Strymon Magneto

r beny

"Sempervirens - always flourishing or vigorous. (of plants) evergreen

Sound on sound performance with Felt Instruments Blisko and Strymon Magneto. Inspired by the recent forest fires here in California, specifically the sempervirens sequoias, which manage to flourish even in fire.

Felt Instruments makes beautiful virtual instruments in VST format. Here I am using their newest suite of instruments named Blisko, which incorporates Viola, Violin, and Cello recorded and modified in interesting ways. They are MPE compatible and that adds an extra layer of expressiveness. It feels like you are playing an actual physical instrument, as opposed to the normal multi-sample experience.

I am using my iPad as a screen for my computer to show the VST. The Analog Heat is acting as an audio interface for my computer, so I can send the audio from the VSTs to my eurorack. I use Strymon Magneto to make sound on sound loops and then feed that into Clouds in looping delay mode. The bass is from the Moog Subharmonicon.

Apologies for the lower than usual video quality. I didn't realize I wasn't shooting in 4k and this ended up being the best take. Sometimes you just have to let things be."

Patch n Tweak
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