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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Synthesizer Evolution - book review by SynthMania SynthMania


"You can get this book here"

Also available on Amazon for those with gift cards to burn. It makes for a great stocking stuffer. You can find additional synth books at the top of this site. Click through the thumbnails for them.

The Schmidt Returns

The Schmidt is back with a new production run. The press release follows (additional pics below):

"Schmidt-Synthesizer starts shipping fourth batch of no-expense-spared Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer namesake

LANGENAU, GERMANY: having since sold out of its previous built-to-order batches of between 25 and 27 instruments each, the first of which followed from interest in namesake hardware and software designer Stefan Schmidt’s hand-crafted prototype unit’s show-stopping debut at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany, Schmidt-Synthesizer is proud to announce that it has started shipping an eagerly-anticipated fourth batch of its no-expense-spared Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer — available in classic anthracite- or cool white-coloured configurations with visually improved hardware operation, courtesy of cosmetic colour changes to several key knobs, and feature-enhancing firmware, currently at version 3.6 — as of December 16…

Starting shipment of the fourth (25-unit) batch of the still-sought-after Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer has taken time with time spent waiting while production partner e:m:c (electronic music components) successfully solved procurement problems relating to hard-to-source components. “Now nothing stands in the way of further construction of these unique instruments,” says Schmidt- Synthesizer Product Manager Axel Fischer.

“From a hardware perspective, the new Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer is identical to the previous batches, save for the fact that 11 knobs have been changed to a grey colour, making for a more clearly arranged operational layout,” Axel Fischer finally notes — not before highlighting some welcomed additions: “It includes the current firmware, which adds an easy-to-use onboard polyphonic step sequencer capable of recording 40 steps with each step made up of up to six notes — designed to be used as a live performance tool, and an arpeggiator.”

Apart from that, the beautifully-built Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer’s specifications as an eight-voice polyphonic, true analogue dream machine with digital control and preset memories — 1,028 single sounds and 256 multi-sounds are available at any given time — are as they were before. But bearing in mind that it includes almost everything subtractive synthesis is capable of, including some truly unique features — for example, creating colder, wavetable-like sounds thanks to its chain of five ring modulators fed by six pulse-waves, each with different pulse-widths — that have never before been implemented in an analogue synthesizer let alone an analogue programmable polysynth, those impressive specifications are well worth revisiting, as highlighted here: discrete sound generation circuitry — no integrated oscillator/filter circuits on a single chip; dual and true multitimbral modes; separate audio outputs per voice, plus summing outputs and headphone output; 61 keys, semi-weighted with velocity and aftertouch; sophisticated glide/portamento capabilities; several realtime modifiers, fully programmable per preset; comprehensive MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) implementation with USB (Universal Serial Bus) port and DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) connectivity; adjustable-angle capacious control panel with dedicated knobs and buttons for all sound programming functions; precise information on parameter names and current values via a large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with changeable colour background; multi-colour LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes); internal power supply; and, last but not least — though there is clearly so much more besides, an included flight case.

As a case in point, the fourth batch of the no-expense-spared Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer surely epitomises the age-old adage: anything worth having is worth waiting for. Indeed, it has been well worth the wait. With e:m:c recently receiving a sizeable order from the only store it supplies, anyone interested in owning a premier league instrument that will be hand crafted in Germany to meet the highest possible production standards with a metal and wood — carefully selected with a close eye on environmental sustainability — casing that is as beautiful as it is sturdy should seriously consider placing an order directly with Schmidt-Synthesizer’s production partner. After all, the Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer is truly a subtractive synthesis world unto itself!

Schmidt-Synthesizer and production partner e:m:c (electronic music components) have had to increase pricing for the fourth batch of the no-expense-spared Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer by approximately 10%. Within the EU (European Union) it is €21,900.00 EUR (including VAT) for one in classic anthracite, while white weighs in at €22,900.00 EUR (including VAT), with shipping costs not included. Outside of the EU it is €18,500.00 EUR (excluding VAT) for one in classic anthracite, while white weighs in at €19,300.00 EUR (excluding VAT), with customs and shipping costs not included. Interested parties should contact e:m:c here:

For more detailed information, please visit the dedicated Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer website here:

Enjoy taking a Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer ‘sneak peek’ in the suitably-impressive surroundings of the Giesshalle (casting hall) at Sayner Hütte, a German industrial heritage building in Bendorf, here:"

Schmidt Synthesizere Intro

Published Nov 9, 2017

Click the pics for larger versions.

Roland D-05 w/ K25m Keyboard

via this auction

Roland Boutique JP-08 Synthesizer w/ Silver Gig Bag Case

via this auction

Some wear / scuffs on the lower edges show the metal front panel.

Kawai SX-240 w/ replaced battery + handmade mahogany sides

via this auction

"Kawai SX-240 in fantastic cosmetic and functional shape with a replaced battery and handmade mahogany sides

The only blemish to note is a tiny fleck of pant chipped from the top panel on the right edge, and some tarnishing of the jack nuts, otherwise this instrument is incredibly nice. it looks amazing and functions perfectly.

This is one of my favorite synths of all time, sounds unbelievable in DUAL mode. It is refined and silky yet capable of aggressive and monstrous sounds.

Vintage 1979 KORG Lambda ES-50 Polyphonic 48-key Synthesizer SN 232641

via this auction

Waldorf Microwave XT II (Board #03)

via this auction

Waldorf Iridium, Moog Slim Phatty,DSI Pro 2, Virus C: sequenced jam

Brittle stR music

"Iberis is a miniature shrub with a mass of white late-spring blossom: almost as pretty as the Iridium's dynamic display of filter modulation! The popcorn percussion is from the Phatty; the arpeggiated sequence from the Pro 2; swell pad from the Virus; and the Iridium provides the big brassy melody and complex pad. All is sequenced by Korg Gadget 2, with drums by a couple of the drum machine gadgets."

E-MU EMULATOR II - Crockett`s Theme - Miami Vice - 80s tv synthesizer soundtrack


Update: Moving this up as I initially had the wrong video. All fixed. Sorry about that.

"(c)2007-21 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

all synthesizer sounds: E-MU Emulator II sampling synthesizer (1984)
drums: E-MU
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

I sampled my synths for this cover version and I used the EII factory library.
In the original track Jan Hammer used the Jupiter8 for random arpeggio bass, Fairlight voices, Linndrum, DX7 Koto...

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
All is for free. If you like my work, so can you support me with a donation or a purchase of my synth shirts or music albums. Thank you!

RetroSound Merch Shop:
RetroSound Home:"

Thoughts on the Sequential Prophet X by Tim Shoebridge

Tim Shoebridge

"Here are my many many many thoughts on the Prophet X from Sequential, interspersed with a few impromptu ramblings and as many sound demos as I could fit in! Please be warned, this video is over an hour long...

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:22 Synth Architecture
00:08:55 Filter Demonstration
00:13:35 Modulation
00:16:25 Sample Playback
00:22:10 Sample Manipulation
00:29:33 Sample Oscillator Playback Limitations
00:32:50 Importing Samples & Software Demos
00:59:25 Conclusions
01:04:30 Demo Track #7 in full
01:07:35 Demo Track #1 in full

All the demo tracks in this video can be found here on SoundCloud:

The sample libraries mentioned in this video will be available for purchase very soon."

Lower West Side Studio Introduces M122 Master Divider Module

Lower West Side Studio - 2 Minute Tour - M122 Master Divider

"A quick video demonstration of the M122 Master Divider by Lower West Side Studio

The M122 Master Divider is a clock divider which splits the incoming signal into divisions of 2, 4, 8 and 16. Each division is then broken down into 4 phases.

It provides an easy, flexible way to break up your clock signal and produce interesting polyrhythms.

The M122 is a licensed reengineered version of Ken Stone’s CGS22 Master Divider

For more information visit"

via Lower Swest Side Studio

"M122 Master Divider $330 $290

The M122 Master Divider is a clock divider which splits the incoming signal into divisions of 2, 4, 8 and 16. Each division is then broken down into 4 phases.

It provides an easy, flexible way to break up your clock signal and produce interesting polyrhythms.

The M122 is a licensed reengineered version of Ken Stone’s CGS22 Master Divider

As a special introductory offer we have reduced the price of the M122 Master Divider from $330CAD to $290CAD until December 18th!"

Omar El Shariyi Oriental Music & a Mystery Synth


Anyone ID the synth? It reminds me of a Moog Sonic V, but that's clearly not it. Update: found it! :) It just clicked.  Funny how that happens.

This one surprisingly came to my inbox via I found the video above from WEWANTSOUNDS who also has it for sale. For those with gift cards to burn you can find it on Amazon as well. Do your due dilligence on price, shipping, etc...

Details from the video above:


Wewantsounds is delighted to announce the reissue of Ammar El Sherei's superb instrumental album “Oriental Music” from 1976. Here, the iconic Egyptian musician and composer revisits six classic compositions by another Egyptian legend, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, in his own hypnotic way. This reissue has been newly remastered and comes in its beautiful original artwork."

Some pics of the cover and back.

1975 ARP "Meet the Carpenters new string ensemble" Ad

Another one from supporting member, Retro Synth Ads. Click through for the full post.

"ARP "Meet the Carpenters new string ensemble" black and white advertisement from the March 27, 1975 issue of Downbeat Magazine 1975."

Noise Engineering Fall 2017 - Modular Jam I

Noise Engineering

"Another jam from the back catalog.

Gear List
- Jabara Sequent (prototype)
- Basimilus Iteritas Alter x2
- Cursus Iteritas x2
- Manis Iteritas
- Pons Asinorum (Prototype)
- Mutable Clouds
- Xerest Numeri (prototype)
- Mimetic Digitalis
- Soleo Vero
- The Mullet
- TopTop Circadian Rhythms
- Extra Mullet
- The Mullet
- Malekko Heavy Industry MLT
- Make Noise LXD
- Clep Diaz (prototype)
- 2HP Freez
- WMD/SSF Pole Zero
- Bastl ABC"

New Loops Releases New Horizons Dune 3 Presets

"New Loops has released New Horizons - 50 new ambient and cinematic presets for Synapse Audio’s Dune 3 including, deep evolving pads and soundscapes, dramatic effects and atmospheres, ambient keys, powerful bass and leads, and inspiring sequences.

Most of these Dune 3 presets are atmospheric and evolving, often with generous lashings of long delays and reverbs. There is a wide range of presets which will fit right into many styles including ambient electronica, soundtrack, game sound design, film scores, and cinematic music.

Currently £12.99 (reg £14.99) plus get an extra 20% off using code: INSPIRE20

You can find additional details and a free demo at New Loops here.

Kawai K5000S/K5000R - Modern Atmospheric Sounds


"Welcome to the second ambient additive adventure!


Our Vol.2 of atmospheric sounds completes your bank A in the synth
(60 presets in total with our first part)

Flagship from Kawai - K5000S offers huge potential and sound palette.

And we made 30 atmospheric/ambient/cinematic pads,strings,plucks for this treassure covering its possibilities & colours.

Our sounds will work with all K5000 Synth series."

Kawai K5000S/K5000R - Custom Ambient Sounds Vol.2

"Welcome to the second ambient additive adventure!


Our Vol.2 of atmospheric sounds completes your bank A in the synth
(60 presets in total with our first part)

Flagship from Kawai - K5000S offers huge potential and sound palette.

And we made 30 atmospheric/ambient/cinematic pads,strings,plucks for this treassure covering its possibilities & colours.

Our sounds will work with all K5000 Synth series."

Revisiting the Minty Synth 2.0

poorness studios

"About 3 years ago, I built a Minty Synth 2.0 kit. While I had a lot of fun with it at first, it's been sitting for a year or more. I decided to revisit it recently and I forgot how much fun this little gadget can be. I decided to make a video to share with all of you. It's a really cool little kit.

You can see the original build video here:" [posted here]

SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exhibitor - Sandro Grassia - Lilla open source sampler


"LILLA is a 16 voices multitimbral and multi-midi polyphonic audio sampler, based on Teensy 4.1 and equipped with 32MB flash memory for 16 bits audio samples. LILLA offers ADSR and trimming functionalities and various play modes (forward, reverse, f/r/f+r loop) and allows real-time editing during the performance without interruptions. Audio samples are uploaded using an SD-micro card (optional) ; firmware and user-guide can be downloaded from I/O: midi-in, headphones (stereo), line-out (stereo); power supply: 5V / usb micro-b.

LILLA è un audio sampler polifonico a 16 voci, multitimbral e multi-midi, basato su Teensy 4.1 e dotato di 32MB di memoria flash per i sample audio (16bit). LILLA offre funzionalità ADSR e trimming, varie modalità riproduzione (forward, reverse, f/r/f+r loop) e consente l'editing real-time senza interruzione durante la performance. I sample sono caricati con una scheda micro SD (opzionale); il firmware ed il manuale d'uso sono disponibili su I/O: midi-in, headphones (stereo), line-out (stereo); alimentazione: 5V da via usb micro-b."

Expressive E Introduces Noisy - physical modeling and subtractive synthesis

Discover Noisy
Hear Noisy in action
Tonnerre playing with Noisy
Noisy x Touché

Update: Noisy walkthrough video added:

Expressive E

"Enter a world of resonances: A hybrid between physical modeling and subtractive synthesis, Noisy uses the principles of acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Noisy was designed to generate highly playable, multidimensional sounds, whose textures and articulations can be easily combined and manipulated."

Click the pic to zoom in.


Additional info via the press release:

"When the strings of an acoustic instrument are hit, they vibrate and go into resonance, creating timbres that constantly and vividly fluctuate as they dissipate. Noisy recreates this organic response by sending noises into a suite of resonators. The random, continuously changing behavior of the noise enlivens the sounds with unique character.

Each resonator has an acoustic and a subtractive dimension. The “acoustic” side emanates from optimized comb filter technology, while the electronic, subtractive synthesis side applies resonance to traditional waveforms, a new concept called Resonant Oscillators.

Multidimensional - One Preset, Many Sounds

Noisy has been designed to generate highly playable, multidimensional sounds, whose textures and articulations can be easily combined and manipulated. Every preset has four distinct dimensions of sound design, which can be used on their own, or combined seamlessly with each other. In addition, a preset layering system lets you mix the dimensions of two different presets, allowing endless possibilities for sonic creation."

VAI 4 : Maestro Rhythm King - Maestro USS - Crumar Multiman S/2 - Elka Solist

Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Making good use of the Crumar Multiman S/2 string separate outputs: string section are going through the Mu-Tron phaser, brass and bass sections are going through the Maestro Rhythm Kings' modulation effect : an input in the back of the drum machine will chop up the input signal like a rhythmic tremolo.
From there is goes to the Maestro Universal Synthesizer (?) System, possibly the first multi-effect ever put on the market, triggering the envelope filter and adding some phaser there as well...
The Maestro Kings' drums are processed through the Roland RE-301 for crunch and echo.
The Elka Solist 505 monophonic synthesizer is playing the lead.

We make these videos as a showcase for our studio and for curious vintage heads - and for fun.
We don't dilly-dally too much with production and mixing but it can sound pretty good with headphones on."

Elektronika flanger FL01 with drum machine

Jim Hokins

Roland JP-8000 w/ Original Box & Gator Deluxe Gig Bag

via this auction

Oberheim OB-XA

via this auction

Electronic Dream Plant Gnat SN 401463

via this auction

"The EDP Gnat is the slimmed-down version of the EDP Wasp, yet it has its own buzzy attitude that holds its own. The built-in speaker provides a nasty bite, much harsher than its stinging counterpart, and the filter radiates menace at its higher settings, swarming around your head. You can also patch straight out into your favorite effects or direct into your mixer or sound card for a less confrontational volley with your favorite winged insect synth's sticker coated touchplate.

The Gnat has a digital oscillator that is fed through an analog filter, a trick the designer, Chris Huggett (RIP) used to great effect on later classic synths he designed like the OSCar and Bass Station. The oscillator has several selectable waveforms including Ramp, Square, Noise, and the one we always left it on, Enhance, which moves the waveform around in a manner similar to pulse width modulation and makes the single oscillator sound like two beating against each other.

Next to the waveform selection is an octave switch where you can choose footage of 32, 16, 8, 4, and 2.

The front panel also includes an LFO featuring sine, ramp, saw, square, and random waveforms as well as speed control and an offset amount for setting modulation of the oscillator.

The remaining controls are a filter with resonance, seriously, the resonance is wild, and a pot to set the balance of what is affecting the filter's cutoff, VCO, or envelope. Speaking of the envelope there is a dedicated section of the panel for it with attack, decay/release, and a contour knob. Finishing out the panel is a glide amount knob.

The side of the Gnat has a 1/4" output jack, a connector for the EDP Spider sequencer to attach to, and a 9V power inlet.

This Gnat is fully functional, with all "keys" sounding. It can be run with a 9V power adapter, or alternately with 6 "C" batteries, so you can take the Gnat back into the wilderness with you.

The synth is basically in excellent shape but we marked down the condition due to the faint remnants of someone copying note letters to the first four keys, which we have pictured.

A very rare synth, speculation is that there were only 600 or less made. EDP used a serial numbering system that started with the model number, in this case 40, then starting the count from 1000, which leaves this Gnat as the 463rd unit. We were unable to find another for sale anywhere online."

BugBrand - Synth Voice

via this auction

"The SynthVoice brings together all the elements of the classic ‘subtractive synthesis’ methods though, with full patchability, it never limits you to such linear approaches. The setup can be played standalone or thrives from external control, whether from another Modular system or an external controller/sequencer. Many of the circuits are built around the powerful V2164 quad-VCA chip which leads to the natural ‘two of most things’ – because one is never enough. In this way, the system can easily be patched for one or two voice operation without compromise (indeed there are 7 oscillating sources, so you can go even further).

The configuration provides a great starting point for a BugBrand Modular setup!"

Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Moogfest 2014 version w/ Sirin Skin

via this auction

Buchla Format Modular 4u Synthesizer Full System

via this auction

"Buchla Format Modular 4u Synthesizer Full System. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Systems modules all work 100% used in a smoke free studio! This system takes the rings into clouds idea and goes into a territory that is off the charts. Using the comb filter and selecting specific bands to feed into the envelope followers your able to achieve some insane modulation.

1: Digital Sequencer Module Synthetic Sound Labs 303 style sequencer.

2: Dual control voltage adder 256

3: LA67 Buchla 194 Bandpass Filter

4: Model 285 Rev1 Frequency Shifter

5: TSNM a programmable touch input

6: LA67 Buchla 130 Envelope Detector

7: 1979 Modal Synth Voice (elements)

8: 1979 Stereo Microsound Processor (clouds)

9: 295 10 Channel comb filter by Modular Addict

10: 1 SA modular 12U portable case

Over 4500$ invested in this system!"

Korg Arp 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Poly 800 Mkll Synthesizer SN 008414

via this auction

Vintage Casio VL-Tone VL-1 Electronic Keyboard Synthesizer Calculator

via this auction

"Vintage Casio VL-Tone VL-1 Electronic Keyboard Synthesizer Calculator - Works
Circa 1979 to 1884
Uses 4 "AA" Batteries (not included)
No Owners Manual Included
Serial Number: 1G106A"

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Polyphonic 48-Key Keyboard / Vintage Synthesizer SN 001040

via this auction

Eltra Unitra eltronic 109 synthesizer from Poland

Максим Котов

You can find an overview video of one here. A small handful of these have come up on the site here.

Some pics of one via this auction

Not this is not the one in the video above. According to the listing: "Turns on, but about half the keys don't work or have a lot of static noise. There is a constant hum from the output. The flute buttons for the Bass Organ Acc. section are sticky, and there is something rattling around inside when moving the keyboard. This is a Polish keyboard and uses a 220 volt power cord/adapter, NOT included. Comes in a hard case. Due to it's age and condition, this is being sold 'as is'."

u-he CVilization Mode IV: Quadraphonic Panner


"Mode IV offers a 4-input to 4-output mixer with dynamic panning i.e. crossfading. Ideal for distributing audio between 4 loudspeakers, Mode IV is also great for other tasks. Signals at the 2 CV inputs can modulate positions with varying amounts and polarities per channel. Mode IV also features 'Auto-Pan' and 'Auto-Hop', so you don’t even need an external modulation source to move signals around. Mode IV can process Audio or CV signals, making it a highly creative and versatile tool for any Eurorack system.

00:00 - Intro
00:07 - Mode IV Key Features
01:05 - Performance Page / Input Channels
01:20 - Adjusting Input Levels & Panorama
01:31 - Quadraphonic Panorama Positioning
01:53 - Focus View
02:04 - Program Pages
02:18 - Stereophonic Patch
02:36 - Setting up Audio Signals
03:04 - Setting up CV-A & CV-B
03:23 - Program Pages
03:39 - Auto-Pan / Setup
04:36 - External Pan Modulation (CV-A)
05:04 - Inverting Modulation
05:14 - External Pan Modulation (CV-B)
05:29 - Audio-Range Pan Modulation
05:56 - Auto-Hop / Percussive Patch
06:42 - Feedback Patch
07:18 - Program Pages
07:51 - CV Patch / Setup
08:22 - Adding Auto-Pan
08:33 - Blending 4 CV Sources into One
09:15 - Closing Remarks"

u-he CVilization Mode posts

Octatrack OS Upgrade: Multiple Trig Parameter Locks


"Octatrack has reached level 1.40. It has learned a new skill: Parameter locking multiple trigs simultaneously. You can now edit multiple Trigs at the same time, letting you do even more with your limited digits with a single push. Elektron superpowers, even quicker and easier."

An analog multi-effect in 2020? | Finegear Dust Collector


'In which I review the Finegear Dust Collector, an almost all-analog multi-effect that is bold and beautiful."

See the Finegear label for more.

Quadrantid Swarm by Eowave

Cinematic Laboratory

'I had my eye on this one since I saw it in Paul Tas' personal Error Instruments case. While my module was on its way 'home', I saw Mylar Melodies' video using it in a techno set. I was already sold, but wow I did not expect the QS to be that cool. Unfortunately mine came without a spring reverb and I am not sure the Eurorack version includes one. Oh well, nothing a Desmodus Versio can't fix."

Motor Synth - dark, ambient woodworking in the night

Floyd Steinberg

"Here's your reminder that the #MotorSynth deserves more attention and fanfare and is very capable of creating great-sounding melodic #electromechanical #ambient music. Motor Synth is an electromechanical synthesizer which generates sound by spinning drone motors. All the sounds in this track were created on this machine and recorded to 4 tracks one after the other (pad, bass, arpeggiator, lead). I used the 'arpeggiator per oscillator' feature on this track for the bass patch and the filtered saw wave thing.
Effects pedals were set up like this: Motor Synth - Strymon Iridium - ZOOM MS100BT - Source Audio Nemesis - Strymon BigSky
Hope you like it, and apologies to @Gamechanger Audio for the practical cinematographic jokes therein. Hope you take it lightly. :-) :-) :-) (In fact, those guys and girls are very cool and sent me hardware revision containing dampers yesterday, so you will see the new and much less noisy version of this machine again in the future)."

Waldorf Q: Cybernaut


"Waldorf Q in Multi mode: 4 keyboard zones: Noise effect, sequence, brass, oboe. The sequence consists of a percussion track and a transposable bass line. The transposed key changes after the current cycle. The song is Cybernaut from the 1971 electronic album 'Zero Time' by Tanto's Expanding Headband. The Q's multitimbrality allows such real time performance. Recorded on IPhone."

Patch n Tweak
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