MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

New UDO Super 6 Desktop Synth

A leaked pic of the updcoming UDO Synth teased here. It appears it will be a desktop module version of the Super 6.

More here.

FS1R improv with the wonderful Skerjanc controller

video upload by Video muzak

"More or less random noodling with the Yamaha FS1R using the hw controller designed and handbuilt by Robert Skerjanc. The Blokas Midihub (small grey box) helping things out. Just playing with the formants, FM and the nonvoiced operators at the part level. Audio could be better."

See the Skerjanc label below for more.

ARP 2600 Jam with Chase Bliss CXM 1978

video upload by Osceeulator

"STEREO: use good headphones/speakers for best experience!

ARP 2600 directly into a 70s Tascam Mixer with a stereo send/receive going into the CXM 1978 and back into the mixer. From the Tascam mixer into my UAD interface!

Decided to bring out the Arp 2600 and dive into the madness of semi modular with the CXM 1978 reverb pedal. Let’s see where this takes us!

I go back and forth from the onboard spring reverb to the CXM 1978, mix them together then sometimes just pure 2600 all dry.

After exporting I realized there’s a little bit of buzzing going on in the right channel, sorry about that. Must be the old Tascam mixer!"

Three New Modules by Joranalogue

Immersive Chaos - 2 new modules by Joranalogue video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"I can finally 'unveil' the modules I've been hiding! Special for Superbooth 2021, directly from Mexico :D

I go deep into the voltage rabbit hole on this one, featuring my mostly Joranalogue box. Stay Noisy!"

via Joranalogue:

"After a long hiatus, it's SUPERBOOTH time again! We're excited to be in Berlin once more and present our latest developments. This time, we've got no less than 3 new Eurorack modules in the series! If you are attending the event, you can check them out for yourself at booth Z125 in the tent village, outside the FEZ Berlin venue. If not, read on below!


Moving from mono to stereo sound: a logical progression for any synthesist looking to expand their sonic palette. Making use of two audio channels, rather than just one, quite literally adds another dimension to the capabilities of a synthesiser.

Unfortunately, controlling stereo signals can be a challenge within a modular system. This realisation led to the development of Enhance 2: a convenient yet high-fidelity tool for stereo enhancement.

The primary stereo parameters are balance (moving the sound left or right) and width (making it narrower or wider). In addition, tone control is provided by a pair of unique, wide-ranging mid/side voltage controlled tilt filters.

Apart from the internal tilt filters, mid/side outputs also enable external signal processing such as compression or reverberation. An integrated mid/side decoder returns the results back to standard stereo.


In everyday usage, 'chaos' means 'disorder, 'randomness'. In mathematics however, chaos has a very specific meaning. Chaos theory deals with systems exhibiting highly irregular behaviour, seemingly random yet completely deterministic.

Orbit 3 incorporates a modified electronic analogue of the classic double-scroll chaotic attractor. The voltages at each of the module’s outputs can be thought to describe the orbit of a particle through 3D space around two equilibrium points.

Not just limited to low frequency modulation use, Orbit 3 can operate in the audio frequency domain as well, yielding a variety of waveforms from its three complementary output pairs. These span a wide range, from near-sine waves to white noise. The addition of temperature compensation and calibrated pitch tracking makes for an unconventional and lively, yet also accurate audio oscillator.


Step 8 represents a new type of modular building block: a sequential tracking/sampling register, which can be configured to provide a variety of functions. These include sequencers, sequential switches, counters, analogue shift registers...

At its heart lies an analogue 1-to-8 signal switch feeding an octet of high-stability track/sample-and-hold stages. Each of these has its own analogue output with an attenuation slider, in addition to a gate output. LEDs visualise the status of each stage in real time. The switch can be controlled sequentially using the built-in 8-step counter, or addressed directly by an analogue control voltage (CV).

For those who are feeling adventurous, there are always more applications to try: configurable voltage mapper, hocketing controller, clock divider, graphic waveshaper, multi-output analogue downsampler...

Octave Morph - oscilloscope view

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"The prototype of the the Z151 Octave Morph module explained in pictures. In this video I'm driving the CVs for the module from an internal LFO (CV1) and an external LFO ( CV2 ).

Let us know in the comments whether you think we should offer these for sale.
If so, would you prefer 5U/MU/Dotcom or Eurorack format ... or both?

This is the module presented as a short in this video:"

Joystick/Waveshaper Module #shorts

video upload by O.Z. Hall

Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM & Subharmonicon w/ Exploration Patch Book & Cards

videos upload by Moog Music Inc

Playlist: Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM & Subharmonicon
Moog Sound Studio | Patch Demonstration | Standing on Shoulders [patch sheet]
Moog Sound Studio | Patch Demonstration | Mind Police [patch sheet]
Moog Sound Studio | Patch Demonstration | Ese Sabor [patch sheet]

"Begin a new journey in the world of modular synthesis with Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM & Subharmonicon.

Moog Sound Studio includes all the tools and creative inspiration you need to embark on an immersive sonic adventure. Designed for beginner and seasoned synthesists alike, Moog Sound Studio introduces a uniquely comprehensive approach to exploring modular synthesis. Along with the powerful trio of analog synthesizers (Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon), each user receives a custom dust cover, dedicated audio mixer and power distribution hub, rack kit, audio cables, patch cables, cable organizer, synth exploration card game, creative learning tools, artwork, and more.

Watch the immersive Moog Sound Studio experience and environment come to life in this animation by Rapapawn, an experimental animation studio run by artists Óscar Raña and Cynthia Alfonso. This piece incorporates artwork by illustrator Kate Dehler and is set to music composed by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna using Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon.

Expand your knowledge of modular synthesis, hone your sound design skills, and allow yourself to get lost in the joy of discovering new musical experiences!"

The ARP 2600 Synthposium (Trailer)

video upload by Alan R. Pearlman Foundation


Join the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation online Saturday, September 18th, for a virtual Festival and Fundraiser honoring the 50th anniversary of the mighty ARP 2600, hosted by The Record Co. in Boston, MA!

This online celebration will feature live performances, live panel discussions, a 2600 synthesizer clinic, premiered videos of performances and interviews, special guests, a silent auction, and more. All proceeds will benefit the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation and the ARPs For All project. (For schedule please see below.)

Panelists include:
Alsún Ní Chasaide, Alison Stout, Antonio Guitterez (Antonus) BT, Brian Kehew, David Baron, David Friend, David Frederick Jr, David Mash, DJ CherishtheLuv, EMEAPP, Jack Hotop, Jennifer Hruska, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jon Carin, Korg, Lisa Bella Donna, Marie Ann Hedonia, Michael Bierylo, Michael Brigida, Richard Boulanger, Richard Devine, Steve McQuarry, Tom Piggott

New and exclusive content by:
Alex Ball (video performance), Berklee Ensemble (video performance), Bill T. Miller (video performance), David Van Pelt (video performance), DJ CherishtheLuv (video performance + interview), Don Slepian (video performance + demo), EMEAPP (video performance + Live Stream), Ernesto Romeo (video performance + demo),Renzo Torti Forno (video performanc),, Glen Harlock (2600 video patchbook)*, Jennifer Hruska (video performance with ensemble), Jim Mitchmerhuizen (interview excerpt), Lisa Bella Donna (video performance), Marie Ann Hedonia (video performance + interview), Steve McQuarry (video performance + interview)

The ARP 2600 is one of the most influential synthesizers ever created and has been played by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Edgar Winter, Joe Zawinul, and sound designer Ben Burtt (as the voice of R2D2). Recently brought back into production by Korg, the ARP 2600 is once again a beacon of unlimited possibilities for a whole new generation of musicians.

The event will live stream from Boston’s own The Record Co, a community music workspace with professional recording and rehearsal studios. The event will focus on the ARP 2600, the iconic synthesizer that brought semi-modular synthesis to performers and educators around the world. It will feature panel discussions, performances, and interviews with world-renowned artists, technicians, engineers, and more. Participants will be able to interact live with panelists via Zoom.

Proceeds will benefit ARP Foundation initiatives, including The ARPs For All project, a joint effort by The Record Co. and ARPf, enabling anyone who rents studio or rehearsal time to use these incredible instruments at no additional cost.

Come join us!

Video Editing by Margot Bennett
Music by Omer Berger"

Bass Pressure - Novation Circuit Pack by A Force Truly Evil

TECHSTEP DRUM & BASS DEMO - Bass Pressure - Novation Circuit Pack by A Force Truly Evil
video upload by Isotonik Studios

NEUROFUNK DRUM & BASS DEMO - Bass Pressure - Novation Circuit Pack by A Force Truly Evil
video upload by Isotonik Studios

"The definitive sound pack for Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Techstep, Grime, Neurofunk and Breakbeat lovers with 24 massive high quality demo sessions/projects including modern production techniques with automated macro movements.

128 Stunning patches featuring huge modulated Woobles, Reeses, 808 subs, heavy deep and dark basses, Hoovers, Hyper saws, sharp and distorted leads, plus wavetable modulation sounds from the latest hardness synth methods.

24 Massive high quality demo sessions/projects including automated macro movements and modern production techniques, covering Dubstep, Grime, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Techstep, Neurofunk, Jungle.

64 blasting drum sounds samples with heavy weight kicks and snares for ensuring maximum impact on your tracks.


Sequential Prophet Rev2 - Soft Keys Patch

video upload by Lost Clouds (Tom Green Music)

"Been SUPER busy with real life recently hence the lack of content...but I was sitting down with the Rev2 the other day and created this beautiful soft keys-style patch. 3 years later and this thing still brings me so much joy :) I'm hoping to have some more patch from scratch and other fun content soon, just need to get back into the swing of things!"

Mister 1-2-3-4 MophoGUI VST3 - Free, Open-Source Editor/Librarian Plugin for the DSI Mopho

video upload by Mister 1-2-3-4 Programming

MophoGUI VST3 version 1.0.0 is now available for free download at

"Putting MophoGUI VST3 To Work: A Song Built with Mopho Sounds Plus FX

As a use-test of the MophoGUI VST3 plugin, I created this slow, atmospheric acid jam using only sounds generated by the Mopho desktop analog synthesizer module plus various effects boxes and plugins (compression, reverb, delay, phasing). In the first half of the video, I scroll through the Reaper project and reveal the various audio and MIDI tracks that went into creating the song. In the latter half, I isolate each of the Mopho sounds and display the MophoGUI editor settings used to create them. Program parameters that were automated to change over the course of the recording are circled in red."

Interface minus audio

video upload by Mister 1-2-3-4 Programming

"MophoGUI is a VST3 plugin designed to be used with the Mopho desktop analog synthesizer module, manufactured by Dave Smith Instruments between 2008 and 2015. It presents all of the Mopho’s program parameters in a single editor window, lets you edit them within your DAW, allows for the automation of parameter changes, and lets you store and recall both factory and custom programs. At this time, MophoGUI is only functional within Cockos’ Reaper (version 6 and later) and Steinberg’s Cubase (version 10 and later). This video explains how to set up the plugin in those two DAWs.

00:00 Intro
00:22 Global Parameter settings on the hardware
01:17 Installing the plugin
01:27 Setting up tracks in Reaper
02:15 Setting up tracks in Cubase
03:24 Loading and editing sounds on the hardware via the plugin interface

MophoGUI is distributed free and open source under the GPL v3 license. You can download it and get more information about the code at If you find the plugin useful, please consider making a donation at the same website to support further development!

THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT GENERATE AUDIO. It simply provides editing and automation capabilities for the Mopho desktop hardware module. If you do not possess that module, the plugin is of no use to you. It is not compatible with the keyboard model.

I have no association with either Dave Smith Instruments or Sequential Circuits. These companies bear no responsibility for MophoGUI and cannot provide any form of support for it."

"Enhancements in this version:

- Compatible with Reaper (version 6 and up) and Cubase (version 10 and up)

- All sound parameters are exposed and can be automated and/or controlled via external devices.

- Six program storage banks: three read-only Factory banks which hold the original program presets that shipped with the hardware, and three Custom banks where you can store your own programs.

- The ability to copy-and-paste programs between slots in the Program Banks window.

- Specific wave shapes can be selected directly by holding down a number key and clicking an Oscillator Shape knob.

- Floating tooltip windows appear when you hover the mouse over a parameter control for a few moments. You can change the amount of time before the tips appear or turn them off entirely.

- More polished look-and-feel."

Exploring Sample Builder for wavestate 2.0 Update

video upload by Korg

"Sample Builder lets you load up to 4GB of your own samples into the wavestate (4,000 mono samples or 2,000 stereo)! Sample Builder also includes basic tools for editing start points and loops. Arrange the samples across the keyboard to create Multisamples for the wavestate. Group Multisamples into Banks.
Sample Builder is available as a free download for MacOS and Windows here:

0:00 Introduction
0:30 Prepare .wav Samples
0:58 Import .wav Samples Into Multisample
1:12 Edit Mutisamples
1:36 One Shot vs. Loop
2:36 Key Zone
3:21 Save Multisample
4:19 Bank
5:12 Save Bank
4:48 Transfer Samples to wavestate (Save Bank first)
5:32 User Samples in wavestate
6:19 User Category Shortcut
6:52 Playing Demo
7:47 Closing"

wavestate 2.0 Updates:

Support for User Samples
Express yourself in your own unique voice. Import up to 4 GB of your own Multi-samples into the wavestate via the new Sample Builder application for Mac and Windows. Use your samples in Wave Sequences or as single Multi-samples, just like the factory Multi-samples.

Get the big picture. The Editor/Librarian acts as a second front panel for the wavestate. Realtime display of modulated parameter values and Wave Sequences gives you instant feedback on your creations. Copy and paste sounds, envelopes, LFOs, filter settings, and more. Dive deep into Effects with access to all internal parameters and create your own Effects Presets.

User-requested improvements
You asked, we listened. The new Performance-level Hold feature (via SHIFT-ARP) keeps notes or chords playing, leaving your hands free for moving knobs or playing other instruments. Fit to Scale lets you constrain the Pitch Lane’s output to a specific scale and key—especially useful when playing polyphonically.

Get to your sounds faster. Select Categories for Performances, Programs, Multi-samples, Wave Sequences, and Lanes directly from buttons 1-16. The new “User” Category lets you mark your own sounds, and dual Categories mean that a sound can be assigned to both “User” and “Strings” (for example).

Explore Vector Synthesis
The new Curve parameter lets you control the way that Vector Volume crossfades between points. For maximum volume, use Loud (the original wavestate behavior); for more gentle crossfades, use Smooth (the original Wavestation behavior).

Even more refinements
New gain-scaling options bring out the tonal range of the MS-20 and Polysix filters, and user interface improvements streamline your sound design.

wavestate software 2.0, the Editor/Librarian, and Sample Builder are available to all current wavestate owners as free downloads from

Sounds2Inspire Announces 2 New Sound Sets for Absynth 5, "Digital Fiction" and "Dreamers Suite"

"Digital Fiction features 115 melodic presets, diving deep into Absynth’s synthesis with a wide variety of soundscapes, pads, main leads, digital keys, polyleads and more...

Dreamers Suite focuses on Soundscapes, Pads, Atmospheres and many other "Dreamy" sounds! A curated selection of 50 melodies aimed at sound designers, cinematic compositions, ambient music, electronica and many other calmer electronic subgenres.

Intro Offers:
Digital Fiction -> 35% Off At checkout use code "fiction" at checkout. Only 10€
Dreamers Suite -> 35% Off At checkout use code "dreamer" at checkout. Only 10€
Both Offers Available until 18 September, Don't Miss Out!"

EES Germany YAMAHA TX416 (TX216 TX816) in Custom Rack Flight Case

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Note the EES logo on the right. They also made a MIDI interface for the Rhodes Chroma.

"4 modules of Yamaha TF1 FM built by EES Germany, in small Rack. Very rare - mint condition

Rack Synth with 4 modules.

Its like 4 x Yamaha DX7 Synthesizers!"

MS 2600 NG Series 009 DIY ARP 2600 w/ Keyboard by hr.matthias beese

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via M Me.

Listing translation via Google: "You are bidding on an MS 2600 NG series 009 - a very, very good (ingenious) rare arp 2600 clone with extended features (NG stands for NEW generation) - the condition of the ms 2600 ng is good - the specially developed keyboard or keyboard is as good as new (once unpacked, connected and tested) - the developer or builder hr. matthias beese has practically built all his heart and soul and know-how into these devices - the result is a hammer device with a hammer sound and an infinite number of features (wavetables, sequencers, connection options, etc etc, etc. , also thanks to the keyboards specially developed for the synth .....

Of course, this is a self-made system, i.e. DIY. the keyboard was completely set up by mr. matthias beese himself, the synth by a trained electronics technician. if you are looking for something special, far from the mainstream, you will get your money's worth here.

To list all the features here would be too much of a good thing. if you are interested, please go to the homepage of the developer hr.matthias beese.

here you can call up the individual components, structure, list of features and much more.

Here you are bidding on the synth and the associated keyboard and associated accessories (power supply).

Further information, sound samples (you tube or org. homepage), links including an interview with the developer can also be found on the homepage.

if you have serious questions or offers please email .... on request I can send more pictures (interior, etc.)

since private sale no liability or guarantee.

Since the system is determined to be over 40 kilos and very difficult to pack or send, only self-collection.

In addition, it makes sense to take a look at or (test) the whole thing yourself. :-)

purchase price amount is to be paid when picking up (do not offer any further payment options)
details under:

links to synth

to the keyboard"

Oberheim Four Voice 1979

via this auction

JoMoX SunSyn 1999 White / Pink Custom V2.02

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here. You can find additional demos here.

"This synth is in mint condition and comes with the original manual and box. There are no issues with this synth and it works like new. The panel version is 1.1 and the OS is Version 2.02. This is a custom color combination!

This is a true analog 8 voice synthesizer with 2 analog oscillators per voice AND two Ramp Controlled Generators that work a lot like wavetable generators / samplers. This synth features a fully configurable analog filter and you can get just about anything out of it from Minimoog to 303 style sounds. This synth features analog envelopes too! The routing system interface is very robust and is reminiscent of an Oberheim Xpander. The robust routing system allows a massive amount of unique combinations! Yes, it's got multitimbral features, multipatching, advanced MIDI features, etc."

ARTURIA Introduces the SQ80 V w/ Added Features

Update: new videos added below. Don't miss them.

"SQ80 V is Ensoniq’s classic ‘80s Cross-Wave synth reborn, weaving hybrid lo-fi character, complex industrial textures, and thousands of unique waveform combinations into a quick-fire softsynth enhanced for modern production. Digital synthesis unraveled.

SQ80 V → Exclusive launch offer until October 5th, 2021 ⏰"

"What we added

SQ80 V strikes the perfect balance between ‘80s cult classic and modern production workhorse with character. To achieve this, we added hundreds more waveforms and retrofitted its architecture with a number of extra creative features - without compromising its distinct retro charm.

The arpeggiator
Introducing an arpeggiator to SQ80 V’s curious sound equips it for easy performance and melody creation. A classic component with the familiar controls, including arp direction, sync, octave range, and hold. Just turn it on and enjoy free-flowing lo-fi sounds that fit right into your mix.

SQ80 V offers up to 16-voice polyphony - twice that of the original hardware instrument - but we couldn’t resist adding an 8-voice unison option. Stack up those oscillators for enormous basses, gritty percussion, and ultra-dense lead sounds.

When it comes to classic synths and keyboards, the true charm often lies in the details. We went a step further than emulating the SQ80’s sound and interface by introducing dispersion - meaning subtle variations and inconsistencies in the behavior of its emulated circuitry. No two notes will ever be exactly the same, bringing a truly unmatched organic sound.

Envelopes expanded
To further shape the attack, duration, and evolution of your sounds, we upgraded SQ80 V with 2 additional envelope modes: DADSR and MSEG. The former adds a delay stage to the traditional ADSR for staggered strikes and interesting rhythmic patterns. The latter is a fully-customizable looping function generator for painting envelopes your own way.

The Mod Mixer
Combine any 2 modulation sources, from envelopes to keyboard controls, to distort, mangle, and refract your patches in interesting and unexpected ways. With 6 different modes of modulation mixing, the combination possibilities are enormous - as are the potential sonic results.

MPE compatibility
SQ80 V supports MPE-compatible controllers for an advanced expressivity experience. Create dynamic performance patches and textures that can respond in numerous ways to a single keystroke."

Arturia SQ80 V: A Detailed Demo and Tutorial

video upload by CatSynth TV


"We take a close look at the new SQ80 V from Arturia, which recreates the look and sound of Ensoniq's Cross Wave synthesizers, the ESQ-1, SQ-80, and VFX. We explore the main "hardware" panel, look in detail and voice and sound design features, and share a few of the factory presets.

00:31 History the Ensoniq SQ-80
01:15 The Main "Hardware" Interface
03:57 Synthesizer features (Oscillators, Filters, Modulators)
16:09 Effects panel
18:45 Factory Presets"

Arturia SQ80: Ensoniq Reborn! Factory Presets Walkthrough. Sound Demo/No Talking.

video upload by Anton Anru

"Great news from Arturia: a brand new synth is added to their VST Collection. Ensoniq’s classic ‘80s Cross-Wave synth - SQ80 V.
I was glad to tweak it and walk through some factory presets. It's a very deep and a nice sounding plugin."
📺 Presets for Arturia Synths:

Arturia SQ-80 V Synth Demo Song of my Presets for the factory SoundBank.

video upload by

"Hi everyone,
I was lucky enough to be part of the sound-designer team for the new Arturia synth plug-in, the Sq-80 V , here is a little demo i made with some of the presets i created for the sound bank factory included in the synthesizer. For this "Techno" demo I used 13 instances of the synth plus few wav sounds for the drums (kick, snare hh and ride) on my DAW (Cubase from Steinberg) , of course I didn't use any other synths or effects other than a little compression and eq to fine tune the mix and a touch of mastering (also because Mix and mastering is part of my daily job 😉 ) I really liked it when Arturia told me about the Sq80v, having used them in the 90's I really love them and I'm a bit nostagic of the sound of the first hybrid polyphonic synthesizers that mix the coldness and the hardness of the digital oscillators and the warmth of the analog filters. I'm also a big fan of the number of modulations available, the 4 envelopes with 4 bipolar stages, the 3 lfo's and the modulation mixer are a dream for sound designers, without forgetting the Arturia touch with the super simple and hyper inspiring macro management.

Voila :)

Leonard de Leonard"

@Arturia SQ-80v - a software Ensoniq SQ-80 - guided tour and sound demo

video upload by Nu-Trix The Synth Guy

"​@Arturia SQ-80v - a software Ensoniq SQ-80 - guided tour and sound demo
Another Arturia software synth... another great synth to play with. Like all the Arturia soft synth, the SQ80v is a great recreation of a classic (in this case digital ) synth. They do not limit themselves with the limits of the original. They add an easy to use UI for the Synthesis section and extras: Arpeggiator, Unison mode, expanded envelopes, dispersion, mod matrix and MPE.
Using the 8 bit 5503 DOC chip, the original SQ80 was capable of unique organic digital character that is still sought out today.

► TimeLine:
00:00 Introduction
04:43 SQ-80 tour parameters
05:30 Hardware view
08:42 Synthesis view
12:09 Enveloppes
16:48 LFO
18:58 Effects
20:56 Sound demo
26:42 Conclusion"

optx, injectr, & eqx5 by Boredbrain Music

optx by Boredbrain Music: Overview and Demo
video upload by Matt Lowery

Update: new videos added below.

"Come check out optx- a new ADAT Eurorack module that connects your modular synth to your computer.

In this video I give a brief overview of the module, and a few use cases for how I use it in my studio. I'm a huge fan of what Boredbrain has put together here, and can wholeheartedly recommend the module for those who like working with Eurorack in the DAW."

injectr by Boredbrain Music: Overview and Demo

"Injectr makes it super simple to bring guitar (or any other ¼ inch instrument) into your modular system for processing, and also to derive useful control voltage from your signal via its envelope follower and gate generator.

In this video, I give a brief overview of the module, and then demonstrate its incredible musical value. I really love this thing."

eqx5 by Boredbrain Music: Overview and Demo

"This is eqx5, by Boredbrain music. Eqx5 is a five band equalizer, offering 12 decibels of boost or cut per frequency band, at a slope of 6 db/oct. It features stereo input and output, a handy summing output, as well as control over the master volume level and stereo image.

Eqx5 offers cv control over parameter on the module, and allows the artist to push into deeply creative territory by sending control rate or audio rate modulation into some or all of its cv inputs."

Boredbrain Injectr and EQx5 - Guitar and Modular

video upload by Sound Isles

"New from Boredbrain: the Injectr an instrument interface for eurorack and the EQx5 a 5-band stereo equalizer. Two incredibly powerful tools for sound shaping and creation.

Gear / modules used:
Gretsch electric guitar, Thermae - Chase Bliss Audio, Arturia Microfreak, Injectr, EQx5, Rings, Data Bender - Qu-Bit Electronix, FX Aid XL - Happy Nerding, Instruo - ochd, Intellijel Buff Mult, Monsoon. Happy Nerding OUT.

The two video clips of the falls/cliff with forest and the salmon run were shot by my friend while in B.C. Canada. All other videos were captured by me and were not found online."

Boredbrain OPTX ADAT Interface module review

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"OPTX offers 8 analogue inputs and outputs to and from ADAT. It could be a perfect way of expanding your audio interface into your modular for audio and CV shenanigans provided you have ADAT ports. Want to know more? Then watch this video.

I'll be using Bitwig Studio running on a Microsoft Surface Pro and an Arturia Audiofuse to show what the OPTX can do.

Index - 0:00
Intro - 0:00
Patch breakdown - 6:39
Back to basics - 13:26
Bitwig CV output - 14:23
Getting sound back into Bitwig - 18:51
Modulating from Bitwig - 19:46
This is awesome - 23:05
Sequencing modular from Bitwig - 25:00
Triggering drum modules with the Bitwig Drum Machine - 31:30
Adding software effects over the modular - 36:57
Multitrack recording - 38:30
Modulating synths in Bitwig from your modular - 42:14
PolyGrid to modular - 45:49
Conclusions - 45:49"

Waldorf M - Wavetable Synthesizer - Live Looping Ambient Session

Update: moved this video to the main announcement post here.

New Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer

video upload by WaldorfMusicChannel

"Here is the brandnew Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer with analog filters and stereo VCA and much more to explore..."

"Sound demo for our brandnew Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer - no external effects and processing was used."

Waldorf M - Wavetable Synthesizer - Live Looping Ambient Session

video upload by

"This is the Waldorf M - Wavetable Synthesizer. In this track I used Ableton to live-loop four patches.

I will release more videos with the M, if you have any questions or want me to show a feature of the synth please let me know in the comments.

It is an honor to be part of the Waldorf beta testing team, I have been working with the synth for the last months and am very happy to finally show you what I have been doing with it. The factory library contains some of my own sounds, watch out for "MSt" when you test it at a shop or at home!"

Priced at:
1.879,00 € (~2,221.53 USD / ~£1,605.17)

"With M, we are musically returning to our roots by bringing back classic Microwave and ‘modern’ Microwave II tone generation as a new-generation classic hybrid wavetable synthesizer with an analogue lowpass 24 dB/Oct VCF — SSI 2144 Improved Ladder Type — with resonance and analogue saturation feature, true stereo analogue VCA with panning option, and much more to explore in a desktop-friendly form factor featuring a wide range of unique sounds. Plentiful presets — totalling 2,048 sound programs (divided into 16 banks, each with 128 sounds) — professionally programmed by world- renowned sound designers also include all of the classic Microwave sound sets, such as MW1 Factory Sound Set, MW1 Soundpool 1-5, the fat-sounding Analogue and Bassco, as well as PPG Wave 2.3 sounds cleverly converted for the original Microwave. Moreover, it also features freshly-programmed sounds utilising M’s myriad new features — from true hard Sync (when working in its Modern Microwave II/XT mode) to the ARP (arpeggiator) and MIDI-syncable global LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator).

But beating at M’s musical heart as an eight-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral WAVETABLE SYNTHESIZER — as boldly blazoned in red across its full-metal blue- coloured casing, itself hinting at its illustrious Microwave heritage — are two wavetable oscillators with independent wavetable-generating Classic Microwave 1 and Modern Microwave II/XT modes, meaning that the wavetable oscillators behave differently in both of those modes (accessible by pressing the Mode button beside the helpful high-resolution graphic display with four endless encoders for yet more hands-on control). Consequently, there is no hard Sync or ring modulation available in the Classic Microwave I mode, where 16-bit wavetables are bit-reduced to 8-bit and a 240 kHz non-anti-aliased sample rate is offered, whereas the Modern Microwave II/XT mode offers a 40 kHz sample rate with band-limited wavetables, although both oscillators — OSC 1 and OSC 2 — offer the same panel parameters.

Two LFOs are generating a periodic waveform with adjustable frequency Rate and Shape that can be used for modulation purposes, are also always at hand. However, unlike other Waldorf synthesizers, there is no modulation matrix in M. Making a conscious design decision to set up M’s modulation facilities directly on the corresponding display page, to paying tribute to the 1989-vintage Microwave.

Back in the here and now, M takes performance to a whole new level, thanks to that advanced ARP with 16 preset patterns, chord mode, and an ability to synchronise to MIDI clock. Furthermore, four programmable ENVELOPES allow adventurous users to manipulate sound parameters via rate or timed modulations.

Musically making a connection to the outside world is important to any synthesizer, so M offers six (rear panel-positioned) stereo analogue outputs — arranged as MAIN OUT (L/Mono and R) and AUX OUT (A, B, C, and D), the latter of which can be used to route each of the four Multi (multitimbral) parts to different outputs, if desired; a stereo headphone output (with an associated Volume knob in addition to the topside Master Volume knob); 5-pin MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU DIN connectors, complimented by a USB 2.0 MIDI port (for computer connection to transmit and receive MIDI data); an SD Card slot (for updating M’s firmware, importing/saving sound patches, and importing/saving M-specific data, such as user wavetables); and — last but not least — a Kensington® compatible security lock slot."

Zonneliedje: ehuueh a

video upload by ggijs

Gieskes Zonneliedjes

Zonneliedje titutututututut via

MEGAfm + OTO Biscuit

video upload by studio snippets

SpeakJet first test

video upload by Polaxis

"Working on a new prototype: Speakjet vox, hosting the almost vintage chip of the same name. Here hosted inside the Terminal. I am playing with different modes: priority to the gate, priority to speech, and queuing phonemes. While queuing phonemes, the chip it triggering the snare when the buffer is half full, giving a nice feel to the beat"

Also see this post with Speakjet on Emy in 2018. The chip was also featured in the FLAME Talking MIDI Talking synth. You can find SpeakJet posts here.

AMSynths at SuperBooth 2021

video upload by AMSynths

"AMSynths launch re-imagined AM8012 VCF at SuperBooth 2021"

PolyRotas, Opera Rotas transforms into a polysynth (Megadrive/Genesis based)

video upload by ZElTGElST

"Opera Rotas has a new firmware that transforms the drum machine into a fully 9 voice polyphonic synth based on true, vintage Yamaha FM chips.

It´s a bit like transform a Sega Genesis/Megadrive into a playable synth with a midi keyboard.

If you have an Opera Rotas (revision 0.9 or higher) you just need the new firmware, available in my stores. So you can have both firmwares with one machine: the classical Drum Machine and this new PolyRotas."

Winter Plankton ZAPS eurorack percussion module

video upload by Winter Modular

Details here.

SCHLAPPI ENGINEERING Boundary Overview Part 1


"The Boundary is a multi-function cycling slew and four quadrant VCA. In this video we go over some basic envelope/vca usage, bouncing ball fx with the BOUND input, and using it as a clock or frequency divider."

"The Boundary is a multi-purpose modulation and signal control center. It consists of a cycling slew and a four quadrant multiplier (VCA).

The cycling slew (which can be used as an envelope or LFO) has individual control over rise and fall, rate and shape, as well as dedicated inputs for trigger, slew (for gates or pitch cv), full wave rectification (for envelope following), and a unique BOUND input which allows for bouncing ball effects and additional modulation of the envelope.

The four quadrant multiplier is an OTA design and is usable as a VCA or ring modulator with a soft limiter on the output to tame extreme signals or push into distortion.

LFO and modulation oscillator (from cycles measured in minutes to high audio rate)
Trig input can be used for attack-decay envelope
Slew input can be used with gate signals for attack-release envelope
Slew input can also be used as portamento for v/oct signals
Rectify input has a full wave rectifier to act as a high quality envelope follower
Bound input allows for unique bouncing ball effects and combined AM/FM modulation
Trig input can also be used for voltage controlled frequency division at clock or audio rate
EOR output can be used for gate/trigger delay
Four quadrant VCA allows for ring modulation
Soft limiter on the VCA output allows for taming or distortion of wild signals

All analog design
Skiff friendly 25mm depth
Max current draw: +12V 112mA -12V 59mA

Summer session at Mos Lab studio

video upload by Nr Synth

"Après lui avoir présenté le Big Ancestor ARP, Seb et moi avons improvisé juste pour le fun avec nos machines. Puis le miracle est arrivé: Jean -Luc Briançon a transformé ces sessions en un véritable morceau de Berlin School (qui n'est pas sans rappeler les live de TD de le tournée américaine de 1977).
After showing the Big Ancestor ARP, Seb and myself improvised live just for fun with our synths. Hopfully, a miracle is become: Jean Luc Briançon created a real Berlin School song with these sessions (very close to the TD lives from 1977)."

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