MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

New Digitakt Sound Bank! - "Sample Chains"

video upload by Electronisounds Audio


#digitakt #soundbank #elektron

0:00 Example 01
0:57 Intro
1:40 Example 01
2:19 Example 02
3:15 Example 03
3:59 Example 04
5:02 Example 05
5:38 Example 06
6:04 Example 07
6:48 Example 08
7:50 Example 09
8:06 Example 10
9:14 Example 11
9:41 Example 12
10:09 Example 13
10:49 Example 14
11:30 Example 15
12:22 HOW TO USE
17:08 Example 16
17:57 Slideshow / Outro"

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Q169 plus Sequencer Jam #shorts

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"The Q169 Oscillator ++ dual oscillator forms the main voice. Oscillator 2 is synced to Oscillator 1. The Voice of Saturn 10 step sequencer drives this jam. I'm manipulating the gates and the sequence length, as well as delay amount and time on the Swiss Daisy DSP module from Zebra Synth."

New Nanobox Mini Synths Coming from 1010Music

video upload by 1010music

Looks like the price will be $399 for each. Note the Line In for each for processing external gear. Curious if sampling will come to the lemondrop.

Maneco Labs Grone Drone Synth in Beautiful Case

video upload by CAMPVS MARTIVS

"First use of the Maneco Labs Grone Drone Machine."

via this auction

"This all in one module by Maneco Labs is something to behold. You can literally play this one unit live on its own and blow everyone away. The sound it makes will pull your soul out of your body or throw you into the deepest realms of the unknown. It is one wicked module, as wicked as it looks. You can see this one unit in all its glory on my YouTube channel. I have actually amped its look by adding nice black blank panels, nice screws. The case itself was varnished by me inside a production studio in the city of Burbank. I am selling it because I own an excessive amount of synths. Enjoy it, love it, worship it if you must. Here is more about it:

1) Drone Voice Oscillator
2) MS20 VCF
3) Multi Waveform LFO
4) Noise Generator
5) Clouds
6) Unique and beautiful knobs
7) Doepfer A100 Mini Case
8) Power Adaptor

Look for it on my YouTube channel under Campvs Martivs song 'Cydonia'"

Pink Floyd's "On The Run" Cover Version

video upload by CAMPVS MARTIVS

"All sounds realized with the Erica Synths SYNTRX. Except drums."

The Sands of Time | Hallucinogen

video upload by CAMPVS MARTIVS

"Imagine being out in the middle of the desert near the ancient city of UR in Mesopotamia back 5,000 years ago. That's what the theme of this piece is all about. Recorded on 4 tracks using the LA67 Mort's Barge a Electro-Harmonix 45000 and the beautiful echoes of the Meris Polymoon and some reverb."

"A visual study of the Moche Culture of northern Peru. Created in one take using Mort's Barge System by LA67 and a dash of the KOMA Elektronik Field Kit FX. It is a known fact that the Moche culture like many others used hallucinogens to aid in their rituals and religious rites. This is the central theme of this electronic piece."

Where The Sea Meets The Land | The Creation of The Sun

video upload by CAMPVS MARTIVS

"Recorded in two takes. Unfortunately video no. 2 had technical difficulties and was not used and therefore video might look offset or images may not fully match though they look beautiful. Only 2 SOMA Lyra-8 were used and Lexicon reverb."

"Primeval in all its glory and washed in red through a new reverb effect unit by Lexicon. Synthesizers used: SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 x2, MOOG Mother 32 x2."

Eurorack Modular System at Apple Park

Spotted this image in this article about Apple Park on

It's captioned:

"An audio designer creates custom sounds in the Design Studio sound lab"

It's not too surprising considering how popular eurorack has become, but it still is cool to see. Someone there likes modular. :)

SPACE/AMBIENT MUSIC*NEURON SYNTHESIZER/Electronic Music*Epic Music[Universal Consciousness]

video upload by Human Call. Neuronaluniverse Studio

"In this track I only use the [Hartmann] NEURON Synthesizer, no external effect.
Human Call-neuronaluniverse studio."

VESTA FIRE RV-1 : Vintage Spring Reverb // KORG VOLCAS // PT 2

video upload by LESINDES

"All about what a VINTAGE SPRING REVERB with a built in PARAMETRIC EQ can do for some popular groove machines. VESTA FIRE RV-1 meets KORG VOLCAs.

Korg Volca DRUM
Korg Volca KICK
Korg Volca KEYS
Korg Volca SAMPLE -- OK GO

Watch previous PART 1 with:
Korg Volca NUBASS
Korg Volca BEATS
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca BASS"

Welcome Organelle S!

video upload by

"The Organelle S is for musicians who like what they see and hear in the Organelle M but don't need the portability of the M's battery power and speaker.

In all other functions, the S is identical to the M. They share same patches, processor, RAM, audio & MIDI connections, keys, knobs, screen, microphone, HDMI output, USB ports, and power adapter.

• The Organelle S is great for studios & pedalboards.
• The Organelle M is portable and autonomous!
• The Organelle is a powerful instrument that keeps up with your spontaneity and creativity!"

"From top to bottom: Organelle M (light grey/cream) Organelle M (blue), Organelle S (black).

They are nearly identical from a hardware and software standpoint - they run the same patches, have the same processor & RAM, same audio & MIDI ports, same keys, knobs, and screen.

The differences: The M has a speaker and can use built-in battery power while the Organelle S lacks both a speaker and battery power option."

You can find a comparison chart at Critter & Guitari here. ‍

Prophet-5 Motion Controller Performance By Hideki Isoda

video upload by Sequential

"In this video, Professor Hideki Isoda at Texas Tech University School of Music is creating music through the motion of a novel handheld controller he has designed for applications that include composition and musical therapy. His software interprets the movements into musical phrases and patterns, and the Prophet-5 is the perfect instrument to turn them into expressive sounds.

Follow Hideki Isoda here:

More information on Sequential and the Prophet-5:"

Instruō Saïch & Soma Pulsar 23

video upload by Endless Arp's

"A short snapshot of a night with Pulsar & saïch.

I am very much loving Pulsar and what it brings to the table."


video upload by Riemann Kollektion

"Join the @SINEE vs. @NovationTV One Synth Challenge on 3. February 2022 where @Florian Meindl - official will produce a whole track with only the Peak Synth!
👉 Download the FREE Techno Starter Sample Pack here"

Teenage Engineering Introduces New Line Module for the OP-Z

"a new module for OP–Z

our work with OP–Z is ongoing and here's a little behind the scenes dev update. as you know, the OP–Z functionality can be expanded with hardware modules. in the past we've released the oplab and rumble modules and finally we can officially reveal that we have a new module in the pipeline. it is called the line module and will be accompanied with an OP–Z firmware update.

what it does
the line module is designed to bring external audio signals in and out of your OP–Z. it adds a stereo line input and an additional stereo line output to the unit, as well as input and output for midi, trig and po sync, similar to oplab. use line in to add external audio signals to your mix and use line out as a second stereo output available within OP–Z.

you can route individual tracks to the module output instead of to the main mix to separate and process the individual tracks, or make effect loops with your favorite effect pedals. depending on your needs, you can easily switch between mono and stereo signals. the output can also be used for headphone cueing of your tracks before bringing them out to the main mix. with this you can turn your OP–Z into a live performance dream machine.

available spring 2022
we've been hinting at this module for a while and we're finally ready to officially reveal it. it will still be some time before it's available to buy so make sure to stay in the loop and we'll post again as soon as it is ready. thanks for your support!

- dev team out"

Solar Plexus - TAL sampler pack | The Digital Collection Vol.5

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Solar Plexus Sample Pack for Togu Audio Line (TAL) Sampler.
These patches are made from sounds created on the John Bowen Solaris synthesizer from 2011.

Find the patches here:

The Solaris has some very unique features, like 4 separate oscillators that can use waveforms from different classic digital synthesizers like the Prophet VS, PPG, the Casio CZ series, as well as analog classics.
It also has different filter-types, like Oberheim and SSM filters.
Combined this makes the Solaris very powerful, lush, warm and big, but it can also sound crude and gritty.
I've taken the best of how I see the Solaris and put together this pack that captures the essence of how the Solaris would have sounded, through an old school sampler. That's what the TAL sampler is about.

All sounds in this pack are recorded from the physical outputs of an original Solaris, through SSL Superanalogue preamps for the best audio quality.

Apart from a couple of drum sounds in the audio demo track, the audio demos features only 100% sounds from this pack. Some external reverb has been used on some of the sounds.

*The TAL sampler plugin is not included in the pack. That can be found here:
I have no affiliation with the the company. I just like their plugin."

Suiko ST-50 Koto Synthesizer 🇯🇵 | How Does it Sound?... Worth the Hype?

video upload by JAde Wii

EML PolyBox & Minimoog

video upload by akestromer

"Very quick amateurish demo of my EML PolyBox that I recently bought and repaired.

I've added an output for oscillator 2 on the minimoog* so that the polybox would have a frequency to track.

*using alligator clips, so don't worry, no minimoog was harmed in the filming/taping/sd-carding? of this video."

Pollard Syndrum 178 Demo

video upload by akestromer

Additonal Pollard Syndrum 178 posts

Stromer Compusound

video upload by akestromer

Guitar demo, but making the exception for this as it's from stromer and related to the Mutron III as well as previous posts below, not to mention it looks cool.

"Frogg Compusound knockoff project
It's like a Mutron III, but different.

Still a work in progress. I think I've got the computer part down, now I need to make the filter sound a little sweeter.

Be nice."

Arduino based MIDI Drum Sequencer

video upload by akestromer

"This sequencer started as a Big Button Sequencer. When I looked into building a drum sequencer without internal sounds his was the only one that made sense. So I owe a great deal of gratitude to Look mum no computer. I've since learned a great deal and added and removed a lot of code, out of the about 800 lines of code there are still a few in there that come from him.

I used an atmega328p, some 74HC595s, a 74HC14 and some other stuff.
In this program the sequence currently running is in a 2d array of booleans. But to save space they're saved in the dynamic(?) memory (and the eeprom) as bytes. 2 per sequence. The 16 sequences are 16 steps long and each have 12 tracks.
I'll try to post a simple version of the code soon. It's kind of a mess.

"Sketch uses 8174 bytes (25%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32256 bytes. Global variables use 1125 bytes (54%) of dynamic memory, leaving 923 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes."

Anyway, I hope this helps someone."

8 bit sample Drums with Arduino MIDI

video upload by akestromer

For sale at:

"These are modded Benz DXL6000 'Personal Digital Drums'

All the sounds in this video come from the two DXL6000's.
The MPC500 is just used as a MIDI sequencer.
One of the DXL6000's has the original sounds that came with the unit (snare, kick, tom1, tom2 & tom3) and the second one has eproms I made. Clap, Hihat and Claves.

Each unit has three 2764 eproms. The toms/claves just use one Eprom that's tuned differently depending on which sound is triggered. There are also three separate outputs apart from the master output. One for each eprom.

The machines are triggered with a simple arduino MIDI to trig circuit I made.
The MIDI channel and note for each sound can be changed by holding down the MIDI learn button at startup.

I think that's it. Complicated way to explain something simple.
Just watch the video, hope you like it. If you don't, do something else."

Strömer Electric Bongos

video upload by akestromer

"Based on the old Mica-sonic electric bongos. Sonic Electric Bongos made from the original schematic with added MIDI. Analog drums triggered by MIDI. Comes with a standard 9V power supply.
This one's for sale over here:"

The Synclap electronic handclap

video upload by akestromer

"From Electronics & Music Maker September 1983.
Designed by Kenneth McAlpine. Finished by Strömer Mutroniks in 2022.
PCB made by JLCPCB."

Another intersting bit of synth history. You can find only two previous posts mentioning the Synclap here. It appears the design was used by other manufactureres.

H.W. Cano Gravitom Rare Drum Synthesizer

video upload by akestromer

"Quick demo of an early 80's drum synth made by H.W. Cano."

Here's an intersting bit of synth history. You can find previous creations by Cano here. I believe Cano's designs were bought out by Basyn according to this post back in 2006. Not sure if Cano dates back to the 80s. This is the first post to feature the Gravitom though. The design and sound remind me of the JHS/Cortez variety drum synths various band produced.

ESK - Haken Continuum + Waldorf Microwave

video upload by Metunar

"The Haken Continuum Fingerboard as a Midi controller for an Waldorf Microwave wavetable synthesizers. I play 3 different sounds.
This Continuum is a an old Midi only version. The sensitivity is not so good as the new ones. No external effects are used."

Korg miniKORG 700S VST "Type73" Soundset 64 Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"The Origin of the KORG Synthesizers is Revived in Software: miniKORG 700S

The miniKORG 700S for Mac and Windows is a faithful reproduction of the original analog hardware, with powerful new features only possible in software.

Now the unique sounds and capabilities of this historic KORG synthesizer can be enjoyed on your computer.

Buy soundset:

'Type73' Soundset contains 64 patches with wide range of sounds:

Arp & Sequence
Atmospheric Sounds
Soft Synths

Made by member, Alexander Kav aka. Nucleus from Saint Petersburg."

The sound of The Korgis Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - Logan String Melody 2

video upload by RetroSound

"(c)2007-22 by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

❤️ Support #RetroSound​ channel:

One of the most fantastic song from the early 80s. The Korgis with Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime featured the Logan/ Hohner String Melody 2 from the year 1979, The SM2 is my favorite stringmachine. And I have/had a lot stringmachines.

Strings: Logan StringMelody 2
Piano: Yamaha Reface CP
Bass: Moog Source
Add sounds: Roland M-VS1 'Vintage Synth'"

Playing With Urano #19

video upload by gotharman


Signal Sounds Jamuary #4

video upload by Signal Sounds
Torso Electronics t-1 sequencer driving eurorack.

See the Torso label below for additional posts.

Captain Credible Special guest C.O.U. Jamuary 27th!

video upload by Captain Credible

"We made a thing. Jam time with robot-rabbits, pianobot and deluge!

Check out Center of the Universes recent record '!'"

Add weight to your oscillators

video upload by Omri Cohen

Omri's Links:

Want to learn Modular Synthesis? have a look here -
Do you also think that reverb is life and want to share it with the world? Have a look here -
Buy me a coffee? -
Consider joining me on Patreon -
Patching techniques and ideas document -

Jordan Rudess plays the Megawave, Obie One, CATO, and Triptych from Syntronik 2

Jordan Rudess plays the Megawave modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2
video upload by ikmultimedia

"Watch Jordan Rudess plays one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2 - the Megawave. The Megawatt features the powerful wavetable synth sounds of the original Waldorf Microwave, a classic digital/analog hybrid. The Microwave was the heir to the PPG Wave legacy with its sweepable digital wavetables and Curtis chip analog filter. The unit we recorded is the most coveted Rev A version."

And a few more:

Jordan Rudess plays the Obie One modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2

"Watch Jordan Rudess plays one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2 - the Obie One. The Obie One is our recreation of the innovative Oberheim OB-1, excellent at creating classic and fat sounding bass, pad and lead sounds. The new 4-pole slope in our O-Type state variable filter model in Syntronik 2 now captures the distinct difference between the 2- and 4-pole filter sounds of this excellent hardware synth."

Jordan Rudess plays the CATO modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2

"Watch Jordan Rudess plays one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2 - the CATO. The CATO captures the distinctive analog sounds of the Octave Cat SRM and its SSM filter. The pure-analog tonality of this synth is huge, and its modulation capabilities allow for truly unique and stylized timbres. Able to create gigantic Moog-style basses, the CAT can also go in its own sonic direction with its clever oscillator sync implementation."

Jordan Rudess plays the Triptych modern virtual synthesizer from Syntronik 2

"Watch Jordan Rudess plays one of the classic synths of Syntronik 2 - the Triptych. The Triptych is based on the warm sounds of the classic Korg Trident with its separate synth, string and brass sections. The Trident was basically a 2-oscillator Korg Polysix combined with a convincing string machine with dedicated ensemble chorus and a paraphonic brass synth. It is a beast of a synth capable of a wide range of classic analog synth and stringer sounds."

You can find additional IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 psots here.

Korg ARP Odyssey FS White

via this auction

Waldorf Pulse Rack Synthesizer - OS 2.01 SN 910223678

via this auction

"Top condition. OS 2.01.
Fully checked and serviced.
All rotary encoders are and buttons are working like new - tight and unspent.

Optical just one minor scratch on the front (you can see it on the pictures).
Minor mounting Traces. Non smoking, No Pets. Very well maintained"

Nord Modular G1 audio demo

video upload by

Note the video above is from 2014, but hasn't been featured on the site before. They are all custom sounds.

via this auction

"Patching a modular synthesizer can stimulate your musical creativity. On the other hand, retracing specific patch points through dozens of cables can boggle the mind, and reproducing a patch after you've moved lots of cables is nearly impossible.

In 1997, Clavia introduced the Nord Modular to uniquely address these issues. It combines hardware with a software editor to digitally transform the modular synthesizer experience. The Nord Modular Keyboard's hardware portion consists of a 25-note velocity-sensing keyboard with 18 user-assignable knobs and four independent voice channels for multi-timbral sound, and it sounds incredible!

The Nord Modular's editor software allows you to configure your own synthesizers on a Macintosh or Windows computer - complete with a bevy of module types and virtual cables for conducting audio, control, logic, and slave signals among modules - and download them via MIDI (not USB) to the hardware unit. As long as you don't need to add new modules or reconfigure cable routings, the synth doesn't require an attached computer and can function as a stand-alone electronic instrument. Among the available modules are multiple types of oscillators, envelope generators, filters, EQs, LFOs, step sequencers, waveshapers, audio and logic processors, control modifiers, and mixers. You can design complex patches without hitting the DSP ceiling, the supply of patch cords is essentially endless, and available synthesis types include subtractive, additive, FM, AM, and ring modulation.

List prices in 1998: $2,795 for the Nord Modular Keyboard and $799 for the optional voice-doubling expander board, which this unit has (attached power cord for U.S. AC). It's also running the latest V3.03 OS.

Included in the deal are both a cushy softshell carrying bag and a footswitch. All have belonged to me since 2003 and have never been subjected to cigarette smoke. There are no dings or scratches in the Nord Modular's case and the synth is in perfect working condition. Also included is the original manual and CD-ROM with Macintosh and Windows editors, but you can find updated editor software for both platforms online."

Waldorf M Wavetable Desktop Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

"Like new Waldorf M that's only seen a few hours use. I bought this when it dropped and it's fantastic, but I have the original Microwave and that plus a few other synths make this redundant, that combined with it's size (it's big) and well.... here we are."

Syntecno T303 TeeBee

via this auction

A true classic !!! Groundbreaking 1990's Roland TB-303 synth clone. Great acid sound with authentic vibe.

External audio input (thru the filter), very nice.

4 x (!!!) CV/Gate convertors on board.

It's working perfectly and in very good optical condition as well, has been cherished in my studio since purchased new in 1997."

Moog Multimoog

via this auction

Roland SH-101 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Blue Roland SH-01A w/ Tilt Base & KORG SQ-1 Sequencer

via this auction

KMI QuNexus Review // More than meets the eye: Expression, 3-track CV/MIDI arp & seq explained

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:25 vs K-Board
2:20 Pressure/Tilt
4:35 Connectivity
6:25 CV & setup
7:40 Shift workflow
9:00 A,B,C & D
10:30 Track params
13:20 Arpeggiator
15:30 Sequencer
17:45 The Editor
18:35 Pros & cons
21:10 Outro

Other gear in the video:
► Ro'ved from Plum Audio (the 1U module based on Plaits)
► Lich from Befaco
► ZOIA Euroburo from Empress Empress Effects
► 1uO_c (ornament and crime) from Plum Audio
► 248 VCA from Voicas
► Ochd by Divkid and Instruo
► Palette case from Intellijel
► Synthesia is visualizing the notes
► Bluebox from 1010Music is the mixer (computer and eurorack)
► Wood stands by CremaCaffe
► Wood side panels for Moog Sirin by 2ManySynths

3 Module Challenge | Strymon Starlab | Mutable Instruments Braids | Make Noise Maths

video upload by Sworn64

"Performance From The Colorado Modular Synth Society 3 Module Challenge Modular Synth Showcase.

The #3ModuleChallenge is a great way to push yourself creatively and remind ourselves that sometimes less is more.

Modules Used:
✨Mutable Instruments Braids
✨Strymon Starlab
✨Make Noise Maths"

Aphex Twin - Flim using NI Absynth

video upload by Anthony Distefano

"My NI Absynth patch of Aphex Twin - Flim. This is a signal patch using Absynth' s envelopes."

PWM Malevolent // Raw Raucous and Unruly // Review and Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Get the samples here:

The PWM Malevolent is a new synth from a new company. How do you make a splash in a crowded marketplace...? do something different. And this certainly is. It's stripped away the niceness, and comes at you with a raw, raucous and unruly tone. Nothing too refined here, it's rough and ready and quite the dirty little devil. The sound doesn't;t match the package, which is a cute looking portable synth with mini keys."

SunVox 2.0 Synths

"Demonstration of some synths (modules) that you can find in the SunVox distribution.
SunVox is a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker). It is a tool for those people who like to compose music wherever they are, whenever they wish. On any device. On any system."

v2.0 (23 jan 2022):
* iOS 11+: SunVox Audio Unit (AUv3) can now send MIDI notes and MIDI CC to other AU modules;
* iOS 13.4+: full USB/Bluetooth keyboard support (like on desktops);
* multiple module selection (see changelog_details.txt) + ability to save several selected modules to a sunvox file;
* timeline: supertracks (see changelog_details.txt and simple_examples/supertracks.sunvox);
* improved import of old tracker formats (XM and MOD);
* new module - FMX: 5-operator Frequency Modulation synth;
* new module - FFT frequency transformator;
* sound engine optimization;
* the name of the current file is now visible in the title bar of the app window;
* module and timeline editor: "Select All" has been changed to "Select/Unselect All";
* timeline menu: new option "Vertical mode"; +shortcut
* timeline menu: new functions "Load" and "Save" to load/save selected patterns from/to a sunvox file;
* timeline menu: new function "Detach" to convert the clones to the normal patterns; +shortcut
* module editor menu: new function "Detach" to detach the selected modules from the rest; +shortcut
* module editor menu: new function "Make MetaModule" for packing the selected modules into a single MetaModule; +shortcut
* now it is possible to delete modules, but keep the links;
* pattern properties: X and Y fields - exact coordinates of the pattern on the timeline;
* module properties: X and Y fields - exact coordinates of the module;
* module visualizer: "Phase Sync" oscilloscope option has been added; activate it to see a single waveform cycle;
* module visualizer: new buttons "reset", "apply", "copy", "paste";
* ADSR->Sustain: new value "Repeat" (repeat the envelope until the module is stopped);
* ADSR->Smooth Transitions: new value "volume change" (the volume will change smoothly, but the envelope start is not smoothed);
* Amplifier: new controller "Bipolar DC Offset";
* Analog Generator: the "Freq2" controller has been ranamed to "Osc2" (pitch deviation of the additional oscillator);
* Analog Generator: new controller "Osc2 volume" - additional oscillator volume;
* Analog Generator: new controller "Osc2 mode" - mixing mode of the additional oscillator with the main one (add;sub;mul;min;max;bitwise AND;bitwise XOR);
* Analog Generator: new controller "Osc2 phase" - starting phase of the additional oscillator;
* Analog Generator: new option "Increased frequency computation accuracy";
* Delay: new controller "Delay multiplier";
* Delay: new "Delay unit" values: sec/44100, sec/48000, sample;
* Delay: max delay length has been increased to 60 sec;
* Delay: new controller "Feedback" (for sound and events);
* Echo: new controller "Right channel offset" (how much to shift the right channel relative to the left in time);
* Echo: new controller "Filter";
* Echo: new controller "Filter frequency";
* Filter Pro: new modes "stereo + smoothing" and "mono + smoothing" for additional parameter smoothing;
* Filter Pro: new types "LP 6dB" and "HP 6dB";
* LFO: new controller "Sine quality";
* MetaModule->Play patterns: new values "on (repeat, endless)" and "on (no repeat, endless)";
* MetaModule: number of user defined controllers has been increased to 96;
* MetaModule: controller color can now be changed by adding "@X" to the beginning of the name, where X is the group number from 0 to F; group colors (c_cgp0, c_cgp1, etc.) can be changed in sunvox_config.ini;
* MultiSynth: new option "Output port number = round-robin (cyclic)";
* Sampler: new option "Increased frequency computation accuracy";
* FM, SpectraVoice, Kicker, DrumSynth: clicks removal algorithm has been implemented - it is useful when the volume changes quickly or there are not enough polyphony channels;
* FM: the "M.Feedback" controller has been renamed to "M.Self-modulation";
* Vocal Filter: new controllers "Random frequency" and "Random seed";
* Vocal Filter: new controllers "Vowel1", "Vowel2", "Vowel3", "Vowel4", "Vowel5";
* effect 1С will work a little differently if you fill in its parameter as 10YY - this means that the velocity will be reset to 0 after YY ticks; (normal parameter 00YY means Note OFF after YY ticks);
* new pattern effects (column EE):
* 1A - fine velocity slide up/down (XX - up speed; YY - down speed); once at the beginning of a line;
* 33 - slot sync (for sv_sync_resume() in SunVox library);
* 34 - set (XX) or reset (YY) project options: 1 - no portamento on the first tick; 2 - no velocity slide on the first tick; (for compatibility with old tracker formats);
* 3C - copy track XX from from the pattern YY; for example, if XXYY = 0023, then the first track will be copied from the pattern named "23";
* 3D - write a random value to track YY; min value, max value and column must be in track 0, starting from line XX; see example "pat effect 3D random value";
(columns: 0 - NN; 1 - VV; 2 - MM; 3 - CC; 4 - EE; 5 - XX; 6 - YY; 7 - XXYY);
* corrected Mute/Solo algorithm for modules;
* OpenGL accelerated versions for Windows and Linux;
* new options in sunvox_config.ini: controller group colors c_cgp0, c_cgp1, etc.;
* new options in sunvox_config.ini: module layer colors c_layer0, c_layer1, c_layer2, etc.;
* new options in sunvox_config.ini: c_pbtn, c_pbtn_op, c_pscroll, c_pateditor_level, c_pateditor_cursor, show_sel_btn, show_sbars, edit_mode;
* new curves in curves/MultiSynth/curve3 for different equal temperament systems (for example, ET19 - 19 tones per octave);
* new modules in the instruments/ and effects/ folders;
* new examples (SunVox Compo 2021.02 winners): Logickin - Mech Haven, So_ingMachine - Some of our tracks cant be covered, kiberaver - electric dreams;
* new examples: NightRadio - Afterglow, NightRadio - Winter Is Coming;
* updated version of SunVox library for developers:
* bug fixes.

YAMAHA DX5 - Ambient Pads & Ethereal Soundscape | Synth Demo

video upload by synth4ever

"Yamaha DX5 synthesizer ambient pads and ethereal soundscape, using Eventide Timefactor delay and Space reverb effects pedals. This Yamaha DX5 ambient music features portamento, vibrato and both short and long attack envelopes.

The Yamaha DX5 is a 76-key vintage FM synthesizer and when paired with effects can create some nice soundscapes. Hope you enjoy the music and Yamaha DX5 synth demo."

QasarBeach Alias Development 2

video upload by QasarBeach

"This shows QBIII being developed. This is the voice controls allowing pitch change, modify, envelope etc"

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