MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Noise Engineering Joins Music for Peace Campaign to Help Ukraine

You might remember Erica Synths Music for Peace campaign to help Ukraine. Noise Engineering has joined in.

via Erica Synths:

"Erica Synths sincerely thanks all who are participating in MUSIC FOR PEACE and have shown their support - as of March 24th 2022 altogether 45 553,25 EUR have been raised & donated to humanitarian aid organisations in Ukraine.

Today marks a month since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and as the attention to what's happening slowly seeks out it is as important as ever to continue the work to support the cause in any way possible for each of us.

Our friends and colleagues at Noise Engineering joins Music For Peace fundraiser by donating the profit from all purchases of Loquelic Iteritas and Clep Diaz modules and in addition they will match any profit made - up to 10 000 USD."

And via Noise Engineering:

"When terrible things happen in the world, it can be hard to know how to help.

The Eurorack community has members around the world, and some have been directly affected by the horrible attacks in Ukraine. We’ve always felt fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful community, and we want to help in any way we can.

Our friends at Erica Synths, based in Latvia, have been working hard: as well as directly working to help Ukrainian synth manufacturers, they recently announced their Music for Peace initiative, donating profits from a selection of their modules to humanitarian aid. At the time of this writing, they have already contributed 43,904.00 EUR. We considered a few ways that we could help out, but realized we’d have the most impact if we involved you, our wonderful customers – this is about supporting our community and people in need, and the best way to do that is by working together.

In collaboration with our friends at Erica Synths, we are happy to contribute to the Music for Peace Initiative. Through the end of the month, we will donate the profit from all purchases of Loquelic Iteritas and Clep Diaz modules from our webshop. We will also add a company match of these profits, up to US$10,000.

The money will be added to the Music for Peace fund, to be donated to humanitarian aid via"

You can find additional posts supporting Ukraine here.


video upload by KINDCLAP

Tangible Waves @ Noisebug

video upload by NOISEBUG

Syncing Volca and TD3 Tabletop Synths with Syinsi 1U Tile Modules

video upload by SYINSI

"A tabletop jam syncing a Korg Volca Sample II with a Korg Volca Beats and a Behringer TD-3 with three separate CLOCK DIVIDERS feed by a CLOCK GENERATOR.

A 'mult' (Syinsi Signal Clone) is used to share the clock signal from the CLOCK GENERATOR, and another "mult" to resynchronize the clocks at the start of every bar to keep everything in sync even if the clocks are using different divisors.

A button is used to start/stop the clocks all at once so they always start in sync.

By having three separate clocks it's possible to have all the instruments on different time scales, yet all are kept in sync so eventually they all land at the start of the bar at the same time.

Syinsi 1U Tile Case: (DIY Version:
Clock Generator:
Clock Divider:
Signal Clone:

Visit us at"

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Song On Internal Sequencer

video upload by Hank Coffey

via this auction

"Vintage Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer workstation. Metal case version. Great condition. Latest OS. Comes with a MusicPack MR-1 Cartridge full of extra sounds. And a hard case...

A video of me playing it is on this listing. Thanks for checking it out!"

Arp Axxe Model 2313 SN 0780

via this auction

"The Arp Axxe is a single VCO mono-synth with sawtooth and square/PWM waves, like a scaled-down Odyssey. It can be interfaced with other synths via connections for CV and Gate on the rear panel. The earlier Axxe's are known for their unique body styling and "Moog style" ladder filter.

This unit has been lovingly restored and calibrated by a certified technician, with new key bushings and capacitors where necessary. The sliders have been re-lubed and move freely. Overall this unit is in great cosmetic condition."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Keyboard SN 1124

via this auction

"Bad things: Known failure of aftertouch and loose joystick (works proper but can easily drop so I advice replacing).There is a slight buzz coming from transformer but it's not very loud. All tasters work but some needs harder push. Visible scratches.

Good things: Sounds amazing, sounds huge. All voices, filters, envelopes are equal. Chorus is nice. All keys are responding well to velocity and play well. Very good working condition.

So, you will get amazing synth in ok condition that needs little service to be perfect."

Sequential Prophet 2002 plus SN 1090

via this auction

Some pics of the inside below.

"P2002 upgraded to plus adding seperate outs for each voice. Equipped with HxC floppy emulator for easy access and computer editing. Sounds great, works great."

Yamaha TG77 w/ Voice Crystal X 64k Card

via this auction

"Near mint, well kept, with new LED display and additional ram card. The best FM synth ever."

Some close-ups of the front panel buttons & raised display. You can find demos of the TG77 (and SY77 keyboard) in previous posts here.

Crumar DS-2 44-Key Keyboard / Synthesizer For Parts

via this auction

"What works: Powers on, all keys work, parameters work, left and right outputs work

What doesn't work: tuning is a bit unstable, master volume knob isn't smooth and makes jumps, Pitch knob in OSC 1 section is difficult to move, pitch bend is hard to move.

What it needs: a good internal cleaning and probably some caps replaced. Overall, a good experianced tech to get in there. Lots of good to work off of. Selling as is. Includes cover."

Malekko manther-Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

Malekko mascot on the display.

"MANTHER is a full featured, tabletop monosynth with an analog signal path, an advanced 64-step digital sequencer and onboard delay. The heart of this beast is a coveted CEM 3340 based VCO IC chip. The analog filter is based on an ssm2044 chip. The Source Mixer allows for total control over the Square, Triangle, Saw, Tri Shape, Noise and Sub levels and waveforms also include individual outputs. Dial everything from heavy basslines to screaming leads to stomping kicks. Manther growls like no other!"

Welson Syntex - Random Radio Activity

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

"the Welson Syntex is an italian Synthesizer Made in Italy (1977)
has a wonderful knob called !Random Music" that create some incredible and unique random VCO and VCF sound lines. 2 VCO, ADRS, 1 LFO Oscillator, Ladder VCF, VCA, Presets Sounds,
this synth is Midi version mod by Mirco Trentin
No Midi used in this performance!"

Additional Welson Syntex posts

Modal Cobalt8 - Ephilion Signature Soundset

video upload by LFOstore

"Purchase link:

LFO.Store proudly presents a brand new remarkable soundbank for Modal Cobalt8. These 50 patches are made with passion by one of the leading European sound designers, Otto K. Schwarz.

We have unlocked the hidden potential of Cobalt8 and made the most of its features. This soundbank is full of cosmic leads, multi-faceted morphing pads, nasty basses and dreamy plucks, modeling arpeggios and suprising fxes.

Welcome to the sonic universe with the taste of warm and fat analog sound!"

Terry Riley Inspired Microfreak + Dysphonia Improvisation

video upload by Tum Tum

"This one is pretty out there, y'all. Definitely channeling Terry Riley. The chord oscillator on the Microfreak is a really interesting mod destination, you can get really unexpected results. Paired with the slightly more controlled Dysphonia, it becomes an ever-evolving combo, sort of East meets West Coast.

#jamuary 26, 2022"

DIY Spring Reverb with feedback for Eurorack

video upload by KellerDev

"The module has Low and High Pass Filter, feedback and distortortion(soft clipping). The total price is arround 40 euro.

Sound Samples:
Schematics, PCB, Code and KiCad Files:

00:00 Intro
02:54 Self Oscillation
04:59 Schematics
07:02 Distortion
07:32 DIY Synth
08:32 Build Process"

Roland Museum - R&D Center in Hamamatsu, Japan

video upload by Roland Experience Channel

"At the Roland R&D Center in Hamamatsu, Japan, we maintain a private museum that exhibits Roland and BOSS musical instruments that date all the way back to our foundation in 1972 and span the genre-defining musical eras of the '80s and '90s. The instruments on display are extremely important to us, and are still used as references for current product development."

Tangerine Dream Live Rig & Interview Bristol 2022 w/ Sonic State

video upload by sonicstate

"Tangerine Dream were recently in Bristol as part of their Virgin To Quantum Years Tour.
Gaz Williams caught up with band leader Thorsten Quaeschning for an interview (see other video) and a look at his live setup."

Tangerine Dream Thorsten Quaeschning Interview - Sonic State

video upload by sonicstate

"Tangerine Dream played in Bristol as part of thier Virgin TO Qauntum Years tour, Gaz Williams caught up with Thorsten Quaeschning for a chat - we have also posted a separate live rig tour."

BEATS BY OMEGA | Vintage Stopwatch as Modular Synthesizer Clock

video upload by SOCKET ONE

"Experimental Sound Art

Random Source Serge Eurorack - VCFQ, VCFS, DUSG, SSG, WM
Make Noise - Maths
Abstract Data - Logic Boss
Expert Sleeper - ES-8

Google Pixel 5A

#OMEGA #Eurorack #MakeNoise #Serge #RandomSource"


video upload by JOSEF KLANG


FM Synthesis Demystified // The Basics with Korg OPSIX

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Make an FM Bass tone using Korg's OPSIX native plugin. I take a quick look at the basics of FM synthesis - using a simple algorithm to demo the effect of changing modulation over time to give the same effect as low pass filters."

New Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator Video Overview

Video just added to this post.

New BOSS RE-202 & RE-2 Space Echos | The Next Generation of Space Echo

video upload by BOSSchannel

"The legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo experience returns in an advanced delay pedal with modern features.

Introduced in 1974, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo stands among the most legendary and sought-after effect units ever produced. This tape-based classic remained in production for over 14 straight years, and its distinctive rhythmic echo sounds, warm character, and highly playable sonic quirks still inspire musicians, producers, and audio mixers over four decades on.

Backed by intensive R&D and our latest innovations, the RE-202 faithfully delivers the authentic sound and behavior of the Space Echo, like never before. Built by the company that designed the original, this advanced pedal captures the RE-201’s magic in flawless detail, from the magnetic tape and motor properties to the vibrant spring reverb and colorful preamp circuit. And to take things even further, we’ve expanded the vintage Space Echo experience with lots of new features tuned for today’s music.

➤ The Space Echo story:"

BOSS RE-2 Space Echo | Authentic Space Echo in a Compact Pedal

Details on the RE-202 via Roland:

A Masterpiece Returns in the Modern Era

Introduced in 1974, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo stands among the most legendary and sought-after effect units ever produced. This tape-based classic remained in production for over 14 straight years, and its distinctive rhythmic echo sounds, warm character, and highly playable sonic quirks still inspire musicians, producers, and audio mixers over four decades on.

Backed by intensive R&D and our latest innovations, the RE-202 faithfully delivers the authentic sound and behavior of the Space Echo like never before. Built by the company that designed the original, this advanced pedal captures the RE-201’s magic in flawless detail, from the magnetic tape and motor properties to the vibrant spring reverb and colorful preamp circuit. And to take things even further, we’ve expanded the vintage Space Echo experience with lots of new features tuned for today’s music.

Standard Features

Authentically recreates the sound and behavior of the legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Classic multi-head tape echo sound with expanded delay time
Original three-head configuration plus additional tape head for 12 unique echo combinations
Independent stereo reverb section with original spring reverb type plus hall, plate, room, and ambience
Saturation control for adding magnetic tape compression and preamp coloration
Wow & Flutter control for introducing varying levels of natural tape modulation
Choose between new and aged tape conditions
Selectable input modes for optimum performance with instruments and line-level gear
Warp and Twist effects with footswitch control
Select between the unprocessed analog dry signal or the modeled sound of the original Space Echo preamp
Four onboard memories plus the current panel settings
Save and select 127 memories via external MIDI program change
Tap tempo and carryover functions
True stereo input and output
Expandable control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI
Tape Echo Magic

Tape echo was the first delay effect and one of the first effect processors available for electronic musicians. In contrast with today’s CPU-based digital units, a tape echo is a simple machine that uses a motor to pull magnetic tape across one or more record/playback heads. Warm, full, and dynamic, the tape echo sound is influenced by many factors. The ever-changing input level colors the sound with varying amounts of tape saturation and compression. In addition, motor speed fluctuations, friction, wow and flutter, and other elements introduce an appealing modulated character that’s subtle and continually evolving.

Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator

pic via @Noisebug

"The Sputnik Variable Waveform Generator is a Buchla inspired discrete triangle core oscillator. One major change is the inclusion of a hard sync vs. the typical triangle core soft sync. The module features 5 dedicated audio outputs (sub, pulse, sine, saw and triangle) and various animation controls such as built-in waveshaper, saw animator and drive circuits with attenuation amount inputs. It also has a vco/lfo switch, both linear and exponential FM inputs with attenuators and very good tracking."

For those that may not know, Sputnik is Roman Filippov's (of Black Corporation) other brand.
And a video overview by DivKid:

video upload by DivKidVideo

"Here's the new Variable Waveform Generator from Sputnik Modular. It's a discrete Buchla style triangle core oscillator with individual waveshaping animations, sub oscillator, linear and exponential FM, hard sync and LFO mode.

In this video we take a look at 19 patches to break out of the basics with your oscillators, looking at more advanced patches that demonstrate a variety of synthesis/oscillator functions and look at adding dynamic animations to your sounds right at the core of the patch. While this video focuses on the Variable Waveform Generator specifically you can apply these patches to other oscillators and wave shapers, so give them a go and feel free to let us know in the comments what's working for you.

Patreon supporters will have access to totally exclusive patch not featured in this video and an extended patch breakdown from one of the patches here (coming soon). Gain access to an awesome community and get access to exclusives here //

00:00 Hello & patch previews
02:09 Raw sound demo and feature run down
04:17 Super Stereo Oscillator
05:36 Fold & Drive as VCAs to silence the oscillator
06:42 Audiorate Wavefolding - um, yes please!
07:40 Supersaws & Spectral Sub Bass
08:52 Overdriving Triangles
09:50 Driving triangle arpeggios with mixed modulation
10:16 Unique waveforms with sub oscillator waveshaping
11:46 FM Synthesis
13:21 Rubber band twang with Feedback FM
14:21 Complex LFOs
15:37 Edge & Centre PWM
16:28 Bulbous Bouncing PWM Bass
16:50 Audiorate PWM - lovely stuff
17:43 How to make a noise oscillator
18:56 Hard sync - how it works and modulated sync tones
20:16 Percussive Sync Tone Sweeps
21:33 Dancing tearing sync tones
22:52 Pseudo Ring Modulation with AM Synthesis
24:13 Dynamic AM synthesis & layering oscillator tones for performance"

Ziqal Dimension wavetable VCO interface overview

video upload by John Schussler

"My Dimension wavetable VCO just arrived today from Ziqal and I'm trying to figure out its interface. (There's no manual yet, they say it's in the works.) It's almost completely intuitive, except for a couple issues, so I don't feel like I'm lost without a manual, which is good.

I'm not spending a bunch of time going through all the wavetables. It has an SD card with lots of tables on it, and there are 6400 you can scan through if you're so inclined.

I'm not inclined right at the moment. Just some samples for now.

Sequencer: Stochastic IG. Envelope: Zadar

00:00 Intro
00:20 Sounds
03:16 SD menu
04:14 Unison menu
05:55 Transform menu
10:56 Voices menu
11:16 Patch menu
15:15 Config menu
15:27 More sounds"

"The Dimension wavetable engine uses 2048 samples * 256 waveforms wavetables to bring high definition tables to your system. Its wavetables reproduction precision will fit any of your audio textures needs.

Dimension is compatible with the Serum wavetables format and feature an intuitive and fast file browser, allowing you to explore thousand of already available wavetables. Just drop your favorites wavetables on its SD card and instantaneously start exploring new sonic territory.

24 voices
Dimension is capable of playing not less than 24 voices simultaneously within 10HP tanks to its embeed modern high end audio processor. Depending on the active patch mode voices can be assigned to chords polyphony or unison engine

Polyphonic stereo, Dimension, Dual or LFO modes
The Classic mode provides 4 oscillator voices panned over stereo outputs. You can control theses voices in CV programing chords or with the internal notes scaler and or feeding midi into the module.

The Dimension mode allows the waveform to be morphed across the entire module memory in an X Y fashion. As the module allows to store internally 25 wavetables of each maximum 256 waveforms. This mode allows wavetable morphing over (25*256) 6400 different waveforms.

Dual / LFO mode

Dual mode output two different wavetables on each output. LFO mode operates as the dual mode, except that the frequency range of output two is set in the subsonic range.

In any mode, voices can also be multiplied 6 times and detuned to play massive 6 voice unison. When using 4 voices it brings not less than a total of 24 voices out of your oscillator."

Nord Lead A1R SN NL10453

via this auction

Additional SYNTH CITY Listings

"The Nord Lead A1R is a rackmount synth module with an interface that encourages improvisation. It sports eight oscillator configurations, many effects from pitch to noise, both traditional analog and digital waveforms, an LFO with four waveforms, filters, and much, much more.
This synth is in great shape overall and all functions work as expected. Master volume knob has been changed, otherwise all original. Includes AC power cable."

Roland MRS-2 ProMars

via this auction

Roland Promars.
2 Osc monosynth.
BA662 filter

Fully restored.
All sliders cleaned.
All pushbuttons cleaned.
ALL capacitors replaced.
Battery replaced.
Factory calibrated."

Buchla 252e

via this auction

BASTL Instruments Bit Ranger and Kastle

via this auction

"Now discontinued Bit Ranger and first edition Kastle. The combo comes with a big bag of dupont cable to patch them together. These two make a great pairing."

JSI Polymoog Resonator

via this auction

"Resonator is a Polymoog inspired formant filter that is intended to emulate static resonances that are typical for acoustic instruments. Its three non-overlapping bands have frequency, gain and emphasis or resonance controls.

All three bands can be switched between Low pass, High pass and two Band pass modes (Band pass "notch").

All functions are working except the high frequency band when in BP2 mode."

You can find additional posts featuring the Polymoog Resonator here. The late Jurgen Haible designed the original clone.

Moog Memorymoog Plus

via this auction

Looks like SN 1261.

"Here is the opportunity to get a Memorymoog Plus in Excellent condition.

*Professionally SERVICED in FULL Working order*

+Works in 110V. (220V Transformer Provide.)
+Original Manual.
+New power supply.
+Voice cards all inspected

MOOG Model 15 with Sequencer Compliment and 953 Keyboard SN 002

via this auction

"If you’re looking, you probably know what this is. Of an extremely limited run (just 150!), this is a killer modular... The Moog System 15 with Sequencer Compliment and 953 Keyboard.

The System 15 includes modules:
2 x 902
2 x 921B
2 x 911

Plus Mixer, Reversible Attenuator, Controller Outputs, Trunk Lines, and Power Module.

The Sequencer Compliment includes modules:
2 x 960
2 X 962

Also included is the 953 Duophonic Keyboard.
The entire unit is in excellent condition, as it lived in a clean, smoke free, high end studio. Cover panels, Moog colored patch cables, and s-trig connectors also included."

Roland System 100m w/ 181 Keyboard

via this auction

"Fully restored Roland System 100m with 181 keyboard.

112 Dual VCO
121 Dual VCF
130 Dual VCA
141 Dual Env +LFO
150 Ring Mod, Noise Gen, S/H +LFO

Fully recapped.
ALL Sliders removed , opened , cleaned , lubricated for flawless operation.
Fully calibrated."

Korg VC-10 Vocoder SN 160226

via this auction

" In very good condition. Serviced in 2021 (all capacitors replaced with Nichicon ones + 1 Op Amp JRC 4558d). Original microphone. Perfect working condition. Very good cosmetic condition, with some faint marks on the front."

Roland TR-808 Analog Synth Drum Machine w/ Decksaver Cover

via this auction "In working condition and everything you want it to be. **THE ONLY ISSUE IS THE A/B VARIATION SWITCH IS BROKEN OFF** but not a huge deal as most people aren't using these in a live setting and only minorly limits functionality. All outputs are in working condition for multi-track recording/sampling operations."

Moog Moogerfooger MF-104M Analog Delay w/ MIDI & Original Box

via this auction

Roland Juno 106 SN 473791 w/ Road Case

via this auction

Behringer VST Soft Synths in the Works - (PPG) Wave, Pro16, & UB-XA

Behringer shared the following news this morning:

"So we thought the best way for people to get access to great musical instruments would be through VSTs. With our upcoming free DAW, we will also be including some free VST’s as well as other plug ins where we’ll charge a small amount.

For this purpose, we assembled some of the world’s best VST developers and together with our highly experienced Danish TC Electronic team, they’re now developing truly outstanding VST’s. Best of all, they’ll seamlessly integrate with our hardware synthesizers.

Once our DAW is ready, we’ll roll out the whole package. Offering these tools for free, is our contribution to empowering musicians around the world and especially getting kids into the world of music synthesis. We’d like to invite all VST developers around the world to join us build the most amazing free DAW and get your plug-ins integrated."

Modal Minute #47 – The COBALT5S X/Y/Z TouchPad

video upload by Modal Electronics

"In this Modal Minute we take a look at the all-new X/Y/Z TouchPad on the COBALT5S."

T-1 update v1.2

video upload by torso electronics

"We’re excited to announce the second major update to the T-1 firmware.

Check out the highlights and new features in the video and find a detailed changelog and updated user manual via the link below.

Update your device via the T-1 config tool. Happy sequencing!⁠"

Behringer ARP 2500

video upload by Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"The ARP 2500 was an analogue modular synthesiser created by ARP Instruments, manufactured from 1970 through 1981. I have come to accept that I will never own an original, so have built my own modest micro ARP 2500 using the recent Behringer remodels. This has probably saved me about £30k. Today was my first chance to really play with the system and see what emerged. It feels like a very capable and inspiring system so far, so let's see where it takes me in the future then.

Everything you hear is the ARP 2500, with a little added NI REPLIKA XT on the final mix."

Blue Monday (New Order Cover) played with the Nord Drum 3P (Electric Drum Pad Covers)

video upload by Jannis Le Wolff

"📘 In this video I'm playing New Orders legendary song 'Blue Monday' with the Nord Drum 3P. All sounds are created with the internal sound engine of the Nord Drum 3P EXCEPT:

- the bass sound was created with the Arturia Mini V
- the choir sound is the actual 'Blue Monday' sound from Arturia's V-Collection/Analog Lab

For looping I was using Ableton Live and the KMI Softstep 2, and after recording I added little tweaks and colors to the sound during mixing."

Oberheim OB-X Demo

video upload by SonicProjects

"Dry demo of the Oberheim OB-X. The OB-X was Oberheim's answer to the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Oberheim's first fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer.

The stereo output of the OB-X was recorded unprocessed directly to disk using the line inputs of an RME Fireface UC.

Infos about the OB-X:

At the NAMM show of January 1978 Sequential Circuits shocked the synthesizer world with the introduction of the Prophet-5 as the world's first fully programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer.

As a consequence the sales of Oberheim went downhill and they had to react - and introduced the OB-X in 1979.

The OB-X could be ordered with 4, 6 or 8 voices. The voices sat on separate boards, and the synth could be manually expanded with further voice boards if the synth was shipped with less than 8 voices, which was the number of slots it offered.

The voices of the OB-X still used the fully discrete circuit of the SEM with the exception of the envelopes which were realized with CEM3310 chips to save space. Also they didn't offer the SEM's multimode feature but only the lowpass part.

The OB-X was only built for about a year until it was replaced by the OB-Xa which now also used CEM chips for the oscillators and filters.

The fact that the OB-X still uses the old discrete SEM circuit and that only about 800 units were produced makes the OB-X extremely rare and sought-after and prices go through the roof."

HOPE TANK - Verbos harmonic Oscillator - Ambient Modular #eurorack #ambient #modular #synthesizer

video upload by Jerome Mardaga

"Batumi sequences the Harmonic Oscillator slightly delayed by Echophon.
Morphagene is modulated by Voltage Block: gene size, morph and slide.
Wogglebug Smooth output modulates Mimeophon's repeats.
Analog Heat distorsion and Eventide Quasar at the end of chain.
Footage: road to Gotthard Pass, Switzerland, winter 2013.
Thanks for watching, listening and sharing !
Take care.

For best sonic quality, please use headphones or nice speakers.


Patches for TAL U-No-Lx, Luftrum 26

video upload by Luftrum1

"Audio demo of single patches from Luftrum 26, a soundset for TAL U-No-Lx.

Luftrum 26"

Patch n Tweak
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