MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, June 3, 2022

Friday, June 03, 2022

3rd Wave PPG-Style Wavetable Synth, an Audacious Debut From Groove Synthesis | NAMM 2022

video upload by Reverb

"Taking cues from the classic PPG Wave series, the 3rd Wave is a 24-voice, multi-timbral wavetable synth with analog filters and a state-of-the-art keyboard. It's an incredible debut from a brand new synth company, Groove Synthesis."

Blipblox myTRACKS Groovebox & Blipblox SK2, For All-Ages Synth Fans | NAMM 2022

video upload by Reverb

"Playtime Engineering is expanding out from its first Blipblox synth with a new version of the original plus a completely new myTRACKS sample-based groovebox."

Melbourne Instruments Nina, a 12-Voice Polysynth With Motorized Knobs | NAMM 2022

video upload by Reverb

"The debut release from Melbourne Instruments, Nina is a 12-voice synth with plenty of variable shape triangle oscillators, ladder filter, and effects. It also includes motorized knobs that will automatically spin into place when selecting presets."

NAMM 2022: Oberheim OB-X8 Synthesizer with Marcus Ryle

video upload by Volterock Review

"Marcus Ryle presents the new Oberheim OB-X8 at the NAMM Show in Anaheim California in June 2022."

Eventide Misha, a Totally Unique Interval Sequencer | NAMM 2022

video upload by Reverb

"Built around a tone row sequencer and based on serial composition techniques, the Misha is a unique way to create melodies in your Eurorack system. Learn more about the Misha and other exciting new gear from NAMM 2022 here."

New Stargazer firmware

video upload by Møffenzeef Mødular

"New alternate firmware for Stargazer!

This firmware was designed by Oui Ennui:

Change log:
1.) The "sub" switch is now for turning quantization on the main oscillator on and off. When down, the stargazer behaves as it normally does as a free running oscillator. When turned up the notes are quantized chromatically from note A0 to A4 in 440hz concert pitch.
2.) The detune knob changes it's behavior when quantize switch is engaged. Now when the switch is activated, it's chromatic range is -2 octaves to +2 octaves in relation to the main oscillator. It will always retail it's harmonic relationship with the root pitch from the main oscillator.
3.) LFO1 now controls the amplitude of the primary oscillator and not filter1 cutoff.
4.) LFO2 now controls the amplitude of the secondary oscillator and not the main volume of the unit.
5.) The overall frequency range of the main and secondary oscillator has been restricted to 27.5hz - 440hz in free running mode. This free running frequency range correlates to the A0-A4 change when quantize is engaged.

***In the "alt" firmware above, the only difference is that the expression pedal is now mapped to the secondary oscillator mix knob instead of the main wavetable selection knob."

NAMM 2022 - OB-X8 Sounds with J3PO

video upload by sonicstate

"Another big hitting poly synth here, we were able to talk to Marcus Ryle at Superbooth and at NAMM we were fortunate to get a listen with J3PO (Julian Pollack) giving us a sounds only treat.

More information:"

NAMM 2022 - The Big 3rd Wave Poly Synth Video

video upload by sonicstate

"We made a b-line for the secret hotel suite with the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave, the instrument inspired by the PPG Wave. In fact it actually contains the original Wavetables as well as plenty of high resolution tables, VA waves and a way to make your own.

With 24 voices and a Dave Rossum designed filter, plus an additional SEM filter. Theres a lot to like.

Price will be around $3795 and we should see it around August."

NAMM 22: Pittsburgh Safari Modules

video upload by sonicstate

"Pittsburgh have been working on the Safari range of modules, a series of short run experimental modules pushing their design ideas and testing what works. People seem to love them, but thats because Richard Nicol is a bit of a genius analog designer. Shown here are:
Filter of Crows - filter
Dynamic Controller - Bat
Wolf VCA
Prototype Step Sequencer, drum and percussion modules too

Coming soon to a module or instrument from Pittsburgh."

NAMM 2022 Physical Synthesis Controllers

video upload by sonicstate

Elektron Model Cycles : FM Groovebox : Building a Track From Scratch With Diskq

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Join our friend Diskq as they walk us through the process of creating and performing a jam on the Elektron Model Cycles

Follow our friend Diskq on TikTok @DISKQ and Instagram @diskqmusic

Check out The Model Cycles and everything else Elektron has to offer here :

Read our Signal Article on the Model Cycles :

Model:Cycles is a six-track groovebox with a sound based entirely on FM synthesis. And while FM is a notoriously complex synthesis technique, Model:Cycles cleverly turns it into something simultaneously intuitive and flexible."

In memory of Dave Smith / THANK YOU for the PROPHET-5 / One of the greatest synths of all time!

video upload by CGMAGIK

"Sad to hear the news of the loss of the great synth pioneer, Dave Smith. As a tribute, I wanted to record a short improvisation featuring his amazing creation - The Prophet-5! Such a beautiful instrument. Here are both the REV3 and REV4 together.

REV3 is going through the TC Electronic FlashbackX4
REV4 is using the Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo (sequence is provided by Five12 Numerology Software)

RIP Dave Smith"

For Dave

video upload by Bloom Music

"Broken hearted today.

I didn't know what else to do to honor Dave Smith than make a tune using just the Prophet this afternoon. All synth sounds are the Prophet 5 Rev 4.

He was an absolute legend and will be missed."

OB-6 Synthesizer - 10 Favorite Sounds

video upload by O.Z. Hall

" OB-6 Desktop Module.

Out of 500 factory presets, I picked the 10 standout sounds.

The synth is recorded direct with no external effects."

Afrorack added a midi port to a printer (In honour of Dave Smith)

video upload by Afrorack

"Dave Smith is referred to as the 'Father of MIDI'. Of course many of you already knew him as the founder of Sequential circuits and maker of the Prophet 5 synth.
My album-"

NAMM 2022: Cre8Audio West Pest Synth

video upload by sonicstate

"It was announced earlier in the week, but we made a b-line for it when we arrived, we spoke to Richard Nicol about the new companion for ther East Beast launched just prior to Superbooth a couple of weeks back - busy schedule!

Pricing and Availability:
West Pest is imminently available with an estimated street price of $249.99 / €249.99

More information:"

NAMM 2022 - NINA Motorized Polysynth

video upload by

"You've maybe seen the the teases on the Instagram feeds, but this new machine is a 1st as far as we know. Its a 12 voice poly synth with motorized knobs that actually move when changing patches and also when morphing.


12 Voice Polyphony.
Motorized recallable and automatable control panel using long lasting zero wear encoders with the feel and precision of analog pots.
Variable shape triangle oscillators. Continuously morph wave-shape between triangle and sawtooth to find new timbres. Different to a traditional blend.
4 pole transistor ladder VCF with modulatable resonance.
Massive voice-level filter overdrive.
Digital Wavetable Oscillators.
Sampling capability.
Deep Modulation Matrix. Quick edit, all sources to all destination.
Patch morphing for complex expressive effects.
Stereo Infinite Panning effects with 4 Quadrant DCAs.
Onboard digital effects.
Multitimbral, layered, split, or overlapping.
Hackable open-source software control powered by Raspberry Pi 4.
More information:"

It looks like Melbourne Instruments is the brand.

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Advanced Wavetable Synth Demos

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

See the Groove Synthesis label below for more.

Yamaha DX9 from 1983 - The crippled twin brother of the DX7

video upload by Espen Kraft

"The DX9 is in many ways a crippled DX7. Some say it's the worst DX ever made. Some say it's a very charming and good sounding DX synthesizer. Use its strengths to the full potential and you'll soon have some very nice sounds on your hands.

Support this channel on Patreon:

I use a Rockman stereo chorus from 1989 in this video. This is an analog chorus and it sounds very flattering on the DX9. I use a foot switch connected to the chorus to turn the chorus on and off when needed.
Reverb is from the Valhalla plugin.

Be aware that the 4-operator DX9 isn't compatible with the later DX models from Yamaha in terms of patches- The DX9 shares its save-format with the DX7 as it uses the same envelope stages and scaling, where the later DX models do not. Later patches can be converted, but they will not sound the same on the DX9.
The DX7 and DX9 uses the same DAC and as such have the same crunchy 12-bit output stage.

The DX9 has no slot for any cartridge, there's only 20 preset memory slots and the keyboard has neither velocity nor after touch capabilities.

Another interesting fact is the function key#6, which is "empty" on the chassis front plate typing. That's were the MIDI functions are hidden, so the fact that this is nowhere written on the front just shows how late Yamaha was to implement MIDI onto the DX9. Admittedly MIDI had just been born and no one knew how it would go and so many manufacturers were reluctant to put it into their synths in 1983-1984."

Korg Radias "Cinematica" - 128 Organic Presets

video upload by LFOstore

"Imagine Korg Radias as a Hero of Action Film.
How it can sound? Warm? Authentic? Add famous sounds & you are here.

Introducing: 'Cinematica' soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Korg Radias


By Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of 'Organica' for Waldorf Blofeld & 'WS Universe' for Korg Wavestation.

128 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel & velocity controllers.

Lush & Massive Strings
Deep Atmospheric Pads
Complex Sequences & Grooveboxes
Beautiful Immersive Keys
Reach Polyphonic Sounds
Re-creation of famous Synth Sounds
Thick Solos & Leads

No more strange factory presets with tones of effects & no more unuseful sounds, all sounds are ready to go in your track!

Get ready for the new soundtrack ideas with your Radias & 'Cinematica' pack!"

Shakmat - Bard Quartet shift register mode explained

video upload by Shakmat

"Tutorial on what can be achieved with clocked shift register option on Bard Quartet"

TEST SERIES Reverselandfill Monotropa Feedback EQ Distortion Eurorack Module Reverse Landfill V3

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Demo of the Reverselandfill Monotropa Feedback EQ Distortion Eurorack Module.

Thanks to Reverselandfill for making this video possible

Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

How to make Vocoder Grooves with Behringer VC-340 & RD-8

video upload by Wine&Synths

"People immediately think of alienated, robotic sounding voices when they talk about vocoders. And of course, that's a lot of fun, but it often reaches its creative limits pretty quickly.

That's why I prefer to use a drum machine instead of the voice. And how to transform the vocoder into a funky groovebox with the help of an RD-8, is what I'm going to show you in this video!

To demonstrate this, I make use of a Behringer VC-340 Vocoder which is a stunning replica of the 'Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus' from 1979. The drumbeat is provided by a Behringer RD-8, which is of course a clone of the famous Roland TR-808.


℗ & © Wine&Synths 2022 a project by"

Bad Gear - Nord Lead 2

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Clavia Nord Lead 2. Is this pioneering virtual analog synth cold as ice? Why do so many legendary synthesizers come from Scandinavian countries?

00:00 Intro tune
01:04 Overview Nord Lead 2
01:33 Stone mod wheel, wooden pitch bend
02:03 Oscillators
02:37 Envelopes
02:52 Filter
03:46 LFOs
04:01 Unison, portamento
04:07 Patch management
04:49 What else???
05:16 Drums and percussions
05:37 Hate
06:03 Jam 1
06:53 Jam 2
07:53 Finale
08:27 Verdict"

Playing With zaTurn #3

video upload by gotharman

"Playing with yet another preset on this incredible instrument."

Versatility of the Super-6 / musical sound design

video upload by Jexus

"No talking demo of UDO Audio Super 6. All patches custom-made by Jexus. I did not use any external FX in the demo; all the delays, noises and other effects are part of the Super-6 engine & mod matrix. I recorded my demo straight through an audio card. This is a standard factory unit - you don't need any custom wavetables or add-ons for the patches to work.

#udoaudio #super6 #patches

0:00 desert ghost - [cold / keys]
0:15 gravel pit - [texture / pad]
0:35 sunburns - [texture / fx]
1:04 mummy's organs - [dirty / keys]
1:28 exotic east - [pad / lead]
1:46 village drums - [woody / percussive]
1:59 torn - [texture / pad]
2:33 baby coconuts - [keys / pluck]
3:08 blue sky - [pad / strings]
3:25 morning - [smooth / lead]
3:36 noon - [unison / bass]
3:47 polymod - [delicate / lead]
4:02 geology - [glide / arp]
4:22 thin & spiky - [pluck / arp]
4:36 clangy & metallic - [arp / seq]
4:53 leaf cream - [pad / strings]
5:05 tree harmony - [resonant / pad]
5:38 x-echoes - [strings / lead]
5:58 slow & wobbly - [tremolo / pad]
6:26 indoor life - [abrasive / lead]
6:37 hi-pass bass - [analog / modular]
6:48 broken rhythm - [digital / arp]
7:02 air - [ethereal / pad]
7:34 wind - [texture / pad]
8:04 butterflies - [wonky / piano]
8:19 thick & sick - [dirty / unison]
8:38 bubbles - [atmospheric / pad]
9:05 chill-out - [smooth / neutral]
9:26 blunt blade - [metallic / sharp]
9:51 wonkee kee - [delay / keys]
10:13 electric bee - [crackles / drone]
10:31 squelchy goodie - [analog / bass]
10:53 kenneth's anger - [aggressive / bass]"

50% Off New Loops - Thorn Pro Expansion - Extra 30% off Orders Over £39

video upload by New Loops

"70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn. From the hardest fm basses, to the dreamiest keys, there’s a good range of usable presets for many different styles of music. You’ll find 19 modern basses, 13 beautiful keys, 11 modulated pads, 9 cutting leads, 9 punchy plucks, and 9 inspiring sequences."

Supporting member New Loops is having a sale. Note you can also get an extra 30% off orders over £39 at with code: 30OFF39. Details follow.

New Loops Thorn Pro Expansion — 70 expressive presets for DS Audio Thorn. From the hardest FM basses, to the dreamiest keys, there’s a good range of usable presets for different styles of music. You’ll find 19 modern basses, 13 beautiful keys, 11 modulated pads, 9 cutting leads, 9 punchy plucks, and 9 inspiring sequences. All presets are organised by type, level matched, and have the mod wheel assigned. Many of the presets also use aftertouch and velocity for expressive playing.

These Thorn presets are suitable for a wide range of dance music genres and would work well in dubstep, trap, house, techno, trance, and other EDM styles. They will also be useful for other styles, including, soundtrack and cinematic.

Try the free demo

Offer Price: £7.49 / 50% off until the end of June 2022 (RRP £14.99).

You can also get an extra 30% off orders over £39 at with code: 30OFF39"

Qun mk2: Bit crusher & Quad voice

video upload by Nunomo LLC

"V 3.10 firmware will bring double number of voices (4 voices), and bit crusher effect."

Roland Juno 60 meets the EHX Memory Man Deluxe Delay

video upload by Nicolas Melis

Access Virus TI2 Polar Synthesizer Keyboard

via this auction

Waldorf Micro Q Phoenix Limited Edition (Numbered 025/500)

via this auction

"This rare Limited Edition is just the most beautiful Micro Q out of the series. Great Axel Hartmann design, and I am just in love with the original on this Limited Edition purpleblue display with white lettering... Sell this one because I bought the Q Phoenix keys.

The MicroQ is amazing, so much power; 4x4 layers multitimbral and very lush and thick sounds. I have a Virus C too but always prefered the MicroQ, it has a character of its own."


via this auction

ARP Axxe

via this auction

"ARP Axxe mark 2. It’s in great physical and functional condition with minor wear consistent with synths of its age. It has been gently used in an adult owned, climate controlled, non pet, non smoking home studio."

Korg miniKORG 700FS 32-Key Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

1976 Moog MicroMoog Synth w/ Original Box Warranty Card + Extras

via this auction

"This instrument is as close to NOS as you will be able to find. It comes with the original Box, Original Warranty sheet, Inspection card and Original store advertising sheet.

Mechanically the synth was just fully electronically restored."

SN 3015 or 3013

1970s ARP Odyssey Synth MKI w/ Extras

via this auction

"It comes with a home made era correct wood travel case, original owners manual, original catalog, original price list, original advertising, pedal and paper face cover to mark your settings.

Mechanically the synth was just fully electronically restored."

ADDAC System - ADDAC403 + - Running Order

video upload by DANIELE

6m0d6 & 303 doing what they are meant to do

video upload by kay k

"Some demoing of a little prototype for a friend, nothing serious. #electro #acid #electroacid #tubbutec #lpzwmodules #eurorack #6m0d6 #303 #tt303"

Arturia KORG MS-20 V Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - Synth Cover

video upload by Luke Million

"One of the most popular songs from the Stranger Things Season 4 Soundtrack is Kate Bush - Running up That Hill (A deal with god)

I’ve always loved Kate’s use of the CS80 and Fairlight in her music. Running Up That Hill featured the Fairlight and Linn9000. But since I don’t have those, I’ve thrown together a jam using bits of my gear from the same era.

Roland Jupiter 4
Oberheim DX Drum Machine
E-MU Emulator ii
Oberheim OB8"


video upload by AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the VCA present on the Korg ARP 2600M."

AutomaticGainsay Korg ARP 2600M posts

Patch n Tweak
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