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Friday, August 05, 2022

Korg Nautilus - Overview with Luciano Minetti

video upload by Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Korg Nautilus BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Luciano Minetti from Korg shares an in-depth overview of the Korg Nautilus Music Workstation.

Sign up for your chance to WIN your very own Korg Nautilus here:

Korg Nautilus gives players the flexibility and power of Kronos' nine sound engines – with even more sounds – in a streamlined, high-quality performance synth. Pushing the boundaries of what a performance synth and workstation is capable of, Nautilus offers a novel approach to sounds, open sampling, audio recording, effects, and plenty of processing power. An intuitive workflow centered around a seven-inch touchscreen enables access to convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions, while smooth sound transitions eliminate dropouts when changing sounds. Nautilus is available with an 88-key RH3 weighted keyboard action, 73-key semi-weighted keyboard, or 61-key semi-weighted keyboard.

Get more for your money with an exclusive Korg Nautilus music workstation bundle from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new workstation synthesizer, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!"

Metasonix F-1 Listed for $5995

via this auction

"The secret sauce preamplifier in the F'cking F'cker amplifier."

And via @metasonix (not the seller BTW):

"just another day on originally sold for $299, and we were abused for 'charging too much')."

What’s New on the volca fm?

video upload by Korg

Note the OpSix is no longer on sale, details captured in this prevoius post.

"This next generation volca fm continues to be awesome with its compact size, built in speakers, battery operation, sequencer, and affordability-- the specs the world of volca has grown to love. But NOW we also add:

-Double the voices: 64 programs up from 32
-Double the polyphony: 6 voices up from 3 for those beautiful, lush chords!
-Additional effects: chorus plus added reverb with independent controls for each
-Added Program Randomization for that extra nuance to keep things spicy in your sound creation
-Expanded MIDI connectivity (in-out) to easily work with other instruments and your computer software/DAW.
-And yes, this FM synth is fully compatible with the DX-7 sound libraries using SYS-EX for those vintage FM die hard fans."

Critter & Guitari - Quilt for Organelle

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"Download this patch here:

Send your sounds through a sequenced multi-band filter and a delay! Both are synced to a global clock and can be set to different note divisions and durations. Use the keyboard to turn filter bands 'on' or 'off' Instant cool rhythmic patterns abound. Quilt can add a little character to an already-good sound, or can self-oscillate and fly away all on its own! Add noise and durational control to your sound. Run an entire song through Quilt if you want to be delighted. We did this with 'IAMARMX' by ZOE.LEELA. Listen to it here:"

1975: KRAFTWERK - Music of the FUTURE? | Tomorrow's World | Classic BBC Music | BBC Archive

video upload by BBC Archive

Click the BBC Archive link above for more.

"Derek Cooper reports on Kraftwerk, a German pop group who are pioneers of a new kind of electronic music. Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider, Wolfgang Flür and Klaus Röder create and programme sounds at their Dusseldorf laboratory and recreate them on stage using a variety of synthesisers and bespoke electronic instruments.

Here, they perform an excerpt from their most popular track to date, 'Autobahn'.

Originally broadcast 25 September, 1975."

Alisa 1377 soviet synthesizer and Ritmobox drumsynth tracks

video upload by Gusein G

"This EP has been recorded using only a midied Alisa 1377 soviet synthesizer and AVP Synth Ritmobox analog drumsynth for all the drums/percussion/blip parts:

1 - Sketch one 00:00
2 - Sketch two 04:00
3 - Sketch three 07:18
4 - Sketch four 11:43
5 - Sketch five 14:21
6 - Sketch six 17:35
7 - Sketch seven 20:23
8 - Sketch eight 23:28

Drawings by: Ayten Malikova

You can get the tracks in WAV on my bandcamp page (name your price):

Thanks for your support, it keeps me to continue on doing what i do.

GEOSynths Sound Design Special - Oberheim OB-X8

video upload by GEOSynths

"Just got the Oberheim OB-X8 and only scratching the surface, but thought I'd do a Live Stream with it. Join me, ask me questions, if I don't know, we'll find out together."

Prophet 10 Rev4 EP with AudioThing Fog Convolver 2 reverb

video upload by Friendly Noise

"A EP-like sound with the recently released Folg Convolver 2 impulse reverb by AudioThing."

Dame System Exec Synth Covers

These were spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.


1. Stephanie Mills
Time to go to the Mills! This is Stephanie Mills something in the way you make me feel , A nice tune, but I’m putting a massive z berlin twist to it!😮

Instruments Used

Drums #yamaharx21
Bass #prophet10rev4
Chords #rolandsuperjx10
Synth melody prophet 10 rev4 & Roland superjx10
Arpeggiated synth #rolandd50
Processed voc #stephaniemills
2. Jeffrey Osbourne Cover
"Twice in a row, with #georgeduke production. This is one of my favorite from Jeff and Georege. This song is 'I really don’t need no light'. Love the lyrics in this song. You don’t need no light to enjoy this!!!!💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

Instrument Used

Drums #akaimpc
Bass #multimoog
Chords #fenderrhodes
String pads #rolandsuperjx10
Synth stab #prophet10rev4
Arpeggio synth -prophet10rev4
Synth melody #memorymoog
Process Vocals #jeffreyosborne
Handclaps -dame.sys.ex 16x"
3. Music Is the key
Back with another “Nard”. Another song I grew up on. A beautiful song and message. This is 'Music Is The Key', Nards version of his fellow leader band mate #weldonirvine who written and performed it (the originator). Let us enjoy cause this time Nard’ is the key!

RIP “Nard”😢🙏

Instrument Used

Drums akaimpc
Bass multimoog
Chords rhodesmk2
Synth strings rolandsuperjx10
Synth staccato prophet10rev4
Synth guitar memorymoog
Processed voc bernardwright
Handclap -dame.sys.ex 16x

BOSS SY-300 // Checking the Presets of the GUITAR SYNTHESIZER // No Talking // Part 2

video upload by LESINDES


"Playing some presets of BOSS SY-300 guitar synthesizer classic.

Part 2:
00:00 Sample & Hold
00:49 Phased Strings
01:33 Craftwork
01:52 Touchy Analog Synth
02:30 Soft Sine Wave
05:10 Pulsatin
05:36 Dirty Dub
07:04 An Elevation
07:37 PWM Lead
07:59 Dripstone Cave
10:10 Credits"

Kawai K1 II Synthesizer - Part 5 - Drums & Effects

video upload by Runningonair

Runningonair Kawai K1 II Synthesizer posts

"Kawai K1 II Synthesizer - Part 5 - Drums & Effects

Found footage from the Kawai K1 II series.


Drum samples can be found here:

If you'd like to support the channel, you can check out my tracks below:



Waldorf Quantum tutorial

video upload by SMV Producer

"Sound banks available for purchase on Gumroad:

This tutorial shows some tips about the Quantum step sequencer. Have fun!

00:00 Intro and some thoughts about the Quantum
02:30 Sound demo
04:02 Tutorial
20:15 Thanks and final words"

Pro Synth Network LIVE! - Episode 122 with Special Guest, Dina Pearlman!

video upload by Pro Synth Network

"Music Technology Discussion with Ben Simpson, Rob Puricelli and Kent Spong.
This week, we are so excited to welcome back Dina Pearlman!"


Many, many new modules - 05/08/22 at Signal Sounds

video upload by Signal Sounds

"All those things and more are available at:"

MultiMix Pro Demo 2

video upload by Lower West Side Studio

"Lower West Side Studio demonstrates switching the MultiMix Pro mixer between Stooge and Standard (Summing) modes.

For more information visit https://richsstudioproject.wpcomstagi..."

"Mixers are one of the most useful utility modules available to the modular synthesizer performer and versatility makes them all the more useful. Enter the Oakley Multimix Pro from Lower West Side Studio. The Multimix Pro is a 4 channel mixer for both audio and control voltages and features switchable potentiometer modes available on 3 channels."

This Arpeggiator Technique Is YOUR Sequencer

video upload by EZBOT

"In this video I show you how I use the arpeggiator to inspire new tracks, build complex melodies, and instant basslines! A very simple technique that I believe is sometimes overlooked.

Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Just have a few questions? Get 1:1 help from me via Xip:
Get my Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:
Get the template in it's current state at Ko-Fi:

Keep this channel alive by using these links for your next piece of kit.
Octatrack MK2:
Analog Heat:

My cable company:

Elektron Syntakt: 64 Synth Presets. Live Jam. Sounds Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Elektron Syntakt 'Synth Voices' is a collection of 64 presets: 33 Leads, 24 Plucks, 7 Textures.
35 presets for digital tracks/machines (1-8) and 29 presets for analog tracks/machines (9-11).
(Drums are not included)

There are vintage/retro leads, rhythmic pads, punchy plucks, soft mallets, melodic percussion, massive synths, beautiful bells, dark soundscapes, metallic/noisy tones, and others...
💽 Get the soundset:

The presets inside the bank are subdivided into 3 categories, presets titles include the category for better sorting: LD (Lead), PL (Pluck), TX (Texture). Also, the presets include tags.

All presets have ModWheel modulations.

The soundset is suitable for a wide range of genres: techno, house, deep, minimal, progressive, trance, ambient, electronica, IDM, trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chill out, new age, cinematic, industrial, breakbeat, breaks, jungle, drum and bass, dub and many others.

00:00 LD Pulse, LD Cream, LD Corpus, LD Front
02:57 LD Moon, PL Cables, LD Arrow, LD Credo
05:30 TX Bat, TX Ground, LD Flux, LD Matrix
07:53 PL Match, LD Cosm, PL Marine, PL Cave
09:54 TX Machine, TX Molot, PL Progress, TX Swirl
12:07 PL Wavefolder, PL Attire, LD Lift, LD Ruckus, LD Front
14:56 PL Click, PL Vector, LD Yesterday, LD Harp"

AKAI Force / Eurorack / Synth Geek Hangout! w/ Electronisounds Audio

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Super casual livestream and synthgeek hangout. AKAI Force using CV/Gate to conterol Bass/Lead from a small Nano Modules Eurorack system."

▼CONNECT with me / SUPPORT creativity and good content▼

Modular Jam from EMOM 4-8-22

video upload by Molten Music Technology

"This is an attempt to capture my performance from the Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM) at The Rumsey Wells in Norwich last night. Recorded live direct to Reel-to-Reel and then recorded to computer, lined up with the video and posted.

It's interesting to me how the drums in the track are both on the money and off somehow at the same time. It's like it hooks in and then loses its grip. Weird, but fascinating. It was probably a heartbeat out of sync or something."

Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 Digital Sampling Keyboard w/ Library

via this auction

"A perfect time capsule! Everything is running perfectly and I have several hundred disks worth of sounds and most if not all accessories.

- Ensoniq Mirage Sampler (mono in/out version)
- Power Cable
- Semi Hard Case (cloth and foam)
- MIDI Sequencer Expansion Pack
- Original Ensoniq Footswitch
- Syntaurs full collection of factory sounds
- nearly full collection of original factory disks
- collection of third party disks
- two sets of factory writing disks (sampler expander disk included)
- Manual and Advanced sampling manual
- random paperwork that relates to the Mirage
- Factory care for quick computations"

Oberheim Xpander

via this auction

Pics of the inside below.

"- New Benden displays. Replaced original sensitive vacuum fluorescent displays.

- New Power supply and bypass capacitors

- New battery for patches

- Passes all tuning/calibration

Has dent in the back close to output jacks but has no effect on output signals. Has scratch marks here and there."

Fender Chroma Polaris II Vintage Analog Synth SN 500248

via this auction

video in the listing previously posted here.

"Rare vintage analog synthesizer Fender Chroma Polaris II serviced and in excelent working order.

The Chroma Polaris is an ARP-designed, 6 voice microprocessor-based sibling of the famous ARP Chroma with the raw and powerful analog sound of the magnificient Curtis CEM3372 4 pole, 24 dB/oct. low-pass filter chip, used in iconic synthesizers such as Oberheim's Matrix 12 and Xpander, and the Sequential Prophet 600 & Prophet T8.

It boasts 2 DCO (CEM3374) per voice, plus a suboscillator and noise circuit, osc sync and ring modulation, 2 envelope generators (filter and VCA), LFO, a basic velocity sensitive 61-key keyboard that can be layered or splitted, 132-memory programs, full MIDI implementation (all sliders can be automated via MIDI, up to 3 layered programs in different channels, storage/retrieval of patches via simple Sysex) and a basic sequence recorder.

Model 2123B was a rarer still series with 100% the same exact specs but produced for the Japanese market.

This unit has been thoroughly serviced and future-proofed for use, specially all the usual issues that this synth suffers at some point:

New high-quality panel membrane replacement by Paul DeRocco
Velocity-sensitive keyboard serviced and calibrated
Firmware EPROM updated to V9 (latest)
Power supply set for 220V-240V (reversible to 110V-115V)
Unit tested and calibrated"

Kawai / Teisco Synthesizer-100F S-100F w/ Docs & Patch Sheets

via this auction

Roland SYSTEM-100M Model 110 VCO VCF VCA Analog Synthesizer Module SN 061312

via this auction

TAMA TECHSTAR TAM500 SN 200183 w/ Original Box

via this auction

"TAMA TECHSTAR TAM500 Analog Drum Synthesizer Trigger Signal Electronic Voice Module with Original Box and a set of cables.

ultra rare Tama Techstar Tam 500, drum synthesizer and trigger made in Japan (1985)

Fully working in very good conditions, totally analog, with really fat and super cool sounds.

Each channel can be sound by trriger signals so you can use this unit with EURORACK modules.

The best Drum Synth of the Techstar TS series and the most difficult to find. Suitable for electronic, percussive and acoustic sounds!

One of the best drum synthesizers that follow the success of the Simmons Drums like the SDS V.

The unit has 5 dedicated channels:
Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3 and Bass.

It also has 7 different areas for each channel:
Sensibility, Attack, Decay, Noise, Bend, Tune and Tone / Noise!

It has one trigger input for each channel, separate outputs, mix out and headphone output.

A real gem for producers, DJs and drummers"

Qu-Bit FDN Verb - An official alt. Firmware for Aurora

video upload by Qu - Bit

"Alternate firmware downloads for eurorack modules that are already amazing. Does it get any better? At Qu-Bit, we'll keep innovating to take our instruments to the next level. As promised, here's the first official alternate firmware for Aurora, FDN Verb. Did we mention it's free?

And as you hopefully already know--the process of updating to FDN Verb couldn't be easier. Simply download the file from the link above, put it on your USB drive that came with Aurora, and power cycle the module. Make sure to check out the manual for FDN Verb in addition to watching this video.

FDN Verb is a Feedback Delay Network reverb algorithm for the Aurora platform. Think of it as your bread and butter end of chain reverb, with a few tricks up its sleeve. Alongside incredibly present room reverbs, and wide lush halls, FDN Verb gives you control over highpass and lowpass filtering of the reverb, pitch modulation, and a separate input level knob from Mix, all for dialing in the perfect reverb to complement your sound."

Pulsar 23 by SOMA // Dirty and Atmospheric Patch Deconstruction and Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"A demo of the SOMA Pulsar 23 - taking a patch apart on the Pulsar 23 to demo how to build tracks using only the 4 voices for some nice and dirty atmospheric beats.

A much deeper dive with tips+tricks here:"

Pulsar 23 by Soma // 50 Tips Tricks and Ideas // Syncing with SH101 TR606 & deconstructing a track

"A deep dive into the Soma Pulsar23 analog drum machine. Deconstructing a track with plenty of patching ideas. Pairing with a vintage TR606 and SH101 s well as MIDI control and CV patching ideas."

Bad Gear - Yamaha TX81Z

video upload by AudioPilz

Click on the AudioPilz link above for additional Bad Gear posts. Remember you can click on any YouTube name to bring up additional posts.

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Yamaha TX81Z FM Tone Generator. Is this classic Yamaha FM synth nothing but the home to the iconic 80s bass, the legendary Lately Bass preset? Can it be worse to operate than the Yamaha DX7? Will rack synthesizers ever look good on social media?

Thanks to Anders Enger Jensen for showing that rack synths can indeed look Instagram-worthy:

00:00 Intro tune
01:10 Overview Yamaha TX81Z
01:27 UI and basic tweak
01:39 Presets
02:06 Lately Bass Preset
02:25 Lately Bass vs. Solid Bass comparison (Yamaha FB01)
03:02 Additional Waveforms
03:28 Compatibility (Yamaha DX21, Yamaha DX27, Yamaha DX100)
03:37 Envelopes, LFO, Midi Delay, Chords, Pseudo-reverb
04:11 Multitimbrality, Polyphony, Outputs, Menus
04:33 Pricing
04:43 Hate
05:11 Jam 1
06:07 Jam 2
07:14 Finale
07:44 Verdict"

COSMIC LIGHT (nuits des étoiles) [Live session #5]

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"This is the last live session of the 'Summer of Synth 2022', for the 'nuits des étoiles'. I assume a little homage to Chris Franke & Johannes Schmoelling "Exit period". The album is now available at my Bandcamp :
Instruments : Big Ancestor NRSynth (Moog & Steiner Parker) : Melody lead & arpegiator 3th sound ( + Line 6 Chorus & DD2 Delay), SynthR3 ARP 4012 & S.E.M : master stéréo arpegiator (with TC M300 & SPX90 reverb/delay), Moog sub37 : 2th arpegiator, S.E Electronic : bass, A90 split mode : phased Strings, voices, ARP Pro Soloist : french Horn solo, Mister M Hansy : Mellotron strings & pad.
Recorded live at Nuage7 Studio, Domaine de Sourzy (05/08/2022)
'Cosmic Light' composed by jean-Luc Briançon (Aka Kurtz Mindfields)
Thanks to NRSynth (Stephen) & Rémy (SynthR)."

Lost Radiophonics

video upload by UncertainMusicCorps

"I was given the opportunity to sample audio from a very early example of a domestic radio receiver, built in around 1925, probably designed receive some of the earliest broadcasts by the BBC.

The recordings were made using both a contact mic on the radio headset and Soma Labs Ether 'anti-radio' (which felt kind of poetic).

I curated the recordings into usable samples, converted to SF2 format and imported into Wotja to generate the soundtrack to this short video.

Huge thanks to Lostwithel Museum for indulging me despite their bewilderment."

100 MODULAR SYNTH OSCILLATORS - Plus more! Synth Diaries 2022

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Testing 100 modular VCO's and looking at the trip to barcelona! with @True Cuckoo and @HAINBACH at Sonar with Patreon. i got to road test the kosmo eurorack modules! and experience some sick @Befacosynth DRUMS"

Soma Lyra 8 and Microcosm

video upload by Nicolas Melis

"Soma Lyra 8 and Microcosm
First day with Soma Labs Lyra 8 and Microcosm by Hologram Electronics"

DISORDER +LETHARGY shaping the NYMPHES synthesizer

video upload by Dreadbox

"Dimitra connected DISORDER and LETHARGY to the NYMPHES synthesizer, so as to try different fuzz settings with a pinch of phasing.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
DISORDER is a very aggressive fuzz pedal with a twist. It is equipped with a self-oscillating filter, that allows you to produce oscillating fuzz sounds. Additionally, it has a low pass and high pass filter, that makes it suitable for guitar and bass as well. Finally an envelope follower is also present, allowing you to create wah-wah sounds.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
LETHARGY is an OTA based Phase Shifter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack patch compatibility.

HOW TO MAKE Nils Frahm - SAYS reverbs and CV 2 MIDI conversion with GROUND CONTROL (w/project files)

video upload by

"Today we are having a look at how we can modulate MIDI controlled devices such as @chase bliss MOOD pedal using CV to Midi conversion on the Ground Control. This lets you interconnect your devices further for even more interaction! The context for today's video is a composition by @Nils Frahm - Says."

Introducing ASQ-1 - Multimode Sequencer - ALM035

video upload by ALM TV

Additional posts featuring the ASQ-1

"The ASQ-1 is a multi mode Eurorack sequencer. It can simultaneously sequence two CV/GATE and four trigger patterns, as well as perform synchronised quantisation of an external CV signal. Programming of all patterns is performed using familiar classic paradigms – SH101 style step-time note entry and classic drum machine pattern editing – with satisfying mechanical computer style keys.

ASQ-1 is designed to be a simple, immediate sequencer ideally suited to quickly jamming out ideas, having happy accidents and performing live. It is intended to be a fun and hands on alternative to the many increasingly complex hardware sequencers out there."

Super 6 - MPE, Delay Freeze, Low-Fi Waveforms

video upload by UDO Audio

"Here's Hazel Mills giving us a very informative demonstration on some of the new features within the firmware relase v0.52. We hope this gives you a bit more information so you can get stuck in at home with your own Super 6!

00:00 - Intro
00:26 - MPE
01:45 - Delay Freeze
03:11 - Low-Fi Waveform Pack
04:25 - Outro"

Super 6 - Connecting a Roli MPE controller

Super 6 - Connecting a Linnstrument MPE controller

Iconic Synth Riffs Part 1 🎹🎹🎹

video upload by Luke Million

The Monument 101-101 | forest-jamming analogue synth loops with Roland SH101 + MC101 & Boss RC500

video upload by drone-in-the-woods

"Having decided to finally ditch the Gaia and whilst patiently waiting for a Microkorg to turn up at the right price, I've been using less synths recently but using the MIDI synced looper to create additional layers. Portability is key and I can fit all this into one case.

Planning on recording a 'studio' version of this track soon with Nigel on Gyil.

Roland SH101
Roland MC101
Boss RC500
Boss DD6
Roland Street Cube Ex
Tascam DR40

The Monument performed 27th July 2022
Composed by Keith Sutton"

5. srpna 2022 - BASTL KASTL DRUM

video upload by Bastl Instruments


Patch n Tweak
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