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Monday, February 13, 2023

How can the Octatrack and Analog Four Song Modes play together?

video upload by Mamotreco

"Find out how you can set the Elektron Octatrack and Analog Four to play together correctly when using the Arranger and Song Mode respectively on each Elektron machine.
#elektron #octatrack #analogfour


00:00 Octatrack and Analog Four Together?
00:11 Elektron Octatrack Arranger
00:29 Elektron Analog Four Song Mode
00:43 OT vs A4 dilemma
01:06 The choice to get along
01:11 Octatrack leads Analog Four follows
01:30 OT and A4 synced but independent
02:12 Setting up Octatrack to be leader
02:58 Elektron Machines in sync but patterns independent
03:28 Questions about Elektron Song Mode "Crossplay"
04:10 Outro

Here's the full recap of the video in case anything is unclear when it comes to composing with the Elektron Octatrack and Analog Four together,

Both of these setups presume that the Octatrack and Analog Four are connected with a 5-Pin DIN MIDI cable: Going from the MIDI OUT of the Octatrack to the MIDI IN of the Analog Four.

You have two choices:
Option 1 - Octatrack is the leader and Analog Four follows
You must have Prog. Change enabled in the Project Settings of the Octatrack (Press Func. + Mixer to access).
This is a checkbox within the MIDI category (the last option in the pop up menu) in the Sync settings. You also need to set a MIDI channel number (that isn't being used for anything else) to transmit those program changes (aka. Pattern Changes) to the Analog Four. Use the arrows and the level knob to set that. Before moving to the Analog Four, check that TRANSP and CLOCK Send boxes are checked.
Over on the the Analog Four, press Function + Global (the last key in the mini keyboard on the unit) to access the synth's settings. Arrow down through the options until you reach the MIDI Config item. Hit "Yes".
Check the Sync Settings, Clock Receive and Transport Receive should both be checked.
Then Arrow down to the "Channels" menu item. Press "Yes". Arrow down to the 9th menu item "PROG CH IN CH" and make sure the channel number matches the sending channel from the Octatrack. Use Knob A to change, if necessary.
Ensure that Song Mode is not on for the Analog Four. Now the Analog Four will play whatever pattern the Octatrack is playing at the time.

Option 2 - There are no leaders Octatrack sets the tempo and play/stop.
To make this happen, follow the instructions above but you need to ensure that on the Octatrack PROG CH is unchecked or off. This is way it isn't sending marching orders to the Analog Four. Everything else should remain the same.

Current channel music compilation:
Previous music releases available here:"

Roland System Synthesizer Catalog

via this auction

"Excellent condition Roland System Synthesizer Catalog/Brochure - RARE - System100 - Synthesizer101 - Mixer103 - Sequencer104 - Monitor Speaker109 - 4 pages

Year: 1977
Country: Japan"

Eurorack and Synth Tips: What You Need to Know About Midi to CV Converters

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Are you wondering how to connect your modular and semi-modular gear with your studio gear? Or just looking for a way to get even more hands-on with your modular synthesizer? Did you know you can convert MIDI to control voltage and control voltage into MIDI?
Wes breaks it all down with his top recommendations, including Eurorack MIDI to CV modules, stand-alone boxes, controllers, and even synths that have built-in CV outs and ins.
Get more in-depth about MIDI to CV in our Signal article here:
Popular MIDI to CV Controllers:
Popular Standalone MIDI to CV converters:
Popular Eurorack MIDI to CV converters:
Let us know your go-to MIDI to CV solutions in the comments! If you need help choosing the right one, call us, visit the Burbank showroom, or shop our gear selection online.

Perfect Circuit is an independent electronic instrument shop with an online store at and a Burbank showroom at 2405 Empire Ave. Open seven days a week, 12-8 PM, get your hands on the most excellent gear!"

Cre8audio East Beast Overlays by OVERSYNTH

"Whitephase" & "Blackphase" overlays for the Cre8Audio EastBeast.


"This is an aftermarket overlay that you place over the front panel faceplate of your Cre8audio East Beast synthesizer.

The overlay's artwork uses high contrast graphics and large fonts for easy viewing in low light.

To install the overlay, simply remove all the front panel knobs from your synthesizer, then remove the backing from the included adhesive tabs on the underside of the overlay. Place the overlay over your synthesizer and press down to make sure the adhesive is holding. The adhesive is low-tack to allow for easy removel. Next, re-install all of the knobs.

The overlay is printed on a highly durable, waterproof, and 100% recyclable polyester sheet (not vinyl, fiber, or plant-based). The matte finish is designed to minimize reflections from ambient light for maximum readability.

If the overlay becomes dirty, we recommend gently wiping it down with a soft cloth that is dry or slightly moistened with water. We do not recommend cleaning the overlay with isopropyl alcohol as this may damage the artwork. Based on our testing, the following substances will severely damage the artwork if left on the surface for an extended period of time: tea tree oil, acetone, nail polish remover, bleach, household cleaners, and hand sanitizer.

Our products are custom manufactured in small batches based on customer demand.

This product is made in the USA and ships from Portland, Oregon. International customers are responsible for paying all import duty and custom clearance fees for their country.

This is an aftermarket product. The product includes the overlay only and does not include a Cre8audio East Beast synthesizer. Oversynth is in no way affiliated with Cre8audio."

Octave Cat 1976 Synthesizer Recapped + Working

via this auction

"This unit has been gone through, cleaned and repaired. All capacitors have been replaced and the notorious transistor array chips have also been replaced."

Maas Rowe Model 813 Krueger String Bass Synthesizer

via this auction

Looks like a leather book, but it's actually wood veneer.

You can find a demo of one previously posted here.

DX5 Playing P. Lion "Happy Children"

video upload by DX5

"One of the finest italo dance songs ever. There are some variations intentionally done (i.e: the sequence starting at 00:36 or the second bar on the main riff (01:00, 01:08, 01:50, 01:59 etc) acting as watermark :-).

Gear used:
Left: Roland JP8000
Kurzweil PC1x
Right: Roland JX-8P (Square main lead)

Backtrack previously recorded from scratch, instrument by instrument, with my own synthesized sounds, including a Simmons SDS8 drum module for drums and Roland Promars for bass.

Original song composed by Paolo Pelandi.

Performed here by DX5 Jose María Bara."

Let's build a self-playing generative ambient patch

video upload by

"Here are the various courses I have online - Interested in more patching techniques and ideas? Have a look here -

Buy me a coffee? -
Consider joining our community on Patreon and Discord -

Here is the final patch -

00:00 - Introduction
00:35 - Button module
01:02 - Voice 1 / Burst of notes
04:49 - Adding a quantizer
08:35 - Voice 2 / Simpliciter
12:50 - Voice 3 / Sequence
17:56 - First counter
22:43 - Voice 4 / Processed sequence
27:37 - Voice 5 / Chords
30:35 - Changing chords with a comparator
33:01 - Second counter
36:00 - Texture with noise
37:22 - Fading things out
39:32 - Letting it play"

Grandmothers Lullaby : AMBIENT Calm Down with Moog & Sequential OB6

video upload by Alexander Spree

"Gute Nacht Solo für Moogs Grandmother : Watch out! unser XHAOSMOLOGY Project RESEARCH LAB im PopUpStore Schönhauser Allee Arkaden : In der Woche vom 27. März bis zum 1. April wird es dort täglich Vorträge, Interviews, analog modulare Klangsynthese mit Synthesizern im Eurorack, akkustische Soundinstallation und Performances geben. Wie es die schöne Tradition der Open Galeries ist, sind ausnahmslos alle eingeladen und herzlich willkommen, daran teil zu haben. Freaks, Jupiterianer, Nerds, Technojünger, Kunstkritiker, Kinder, bunte Vögel, Ungewisse, Identitätslose, Götter und Weltraumtouristen aus dem Auenland."


"Good night solo for Moog's Grandmother : Watch out! our XHAOSMOLOGY Project RESEARCH LAB in the PopUpStore Schönhauser Allee Arkaden : In the week from March 27th to April 1st there will be lectures, interviews, analogue modular sound synthesis with synthesizers in the Eurorack, There will be acoustic sound installations and performances. As is the beautiful tradition of the Open Galleries, everyone is invited and welcome to take part: freaks, Jupiterians, nerds, techno disciples, art critics, children, colorful birds, the uncertain, the identityless, gods and Space tourists from the Shire."

Korg Drumlogue With A MIDI Controller Is A Game Changer

video upload by Patchwerks

"In this video we will be pairing the new new Korg Drumlogue with the Novation Launchpad Pro MK3.

We'll start by creating a drum pattern from scratch, showcasing the various drum sounds available on the Drumlogue and how they can be manipulated to create unique rhythms. Then, we'll show how the Launchpad Pro MK3 transforms the Drumlogue into a full-fledged groovebox, with the ability to play and control different elements of the drum pattern in real-time.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, this video will give you a glimpse into the world of electronic drumming and show you how the Korg Drumlogue and Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 can elevate your sound to new heights.

Get yourself a Korg Drumlogue here:
Learn more about the Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 here:
Demo by: Peyton Brown
Video by: Matthew Piecora, Steven Ly"

PIN Portabella ‘69 special ltd. collector’s edition simple self-playing patch

The FDR Drive - a ride along the eastern edge of Manhattan with original music

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A ride along the eastern edge of Manhattan via the FDR Drive. We start at Third Avenue in the Bronx, cross the Third Avenue Bridge into Manhattan and merge onto the Harlem River Drive. At the RFK (Triboro) Bridge, the Harlem River Drive becomes the FDR Drive, which we follow to lower Manhattan until the Brooklyn Bridge. Along the way, we observe the skyline on either side of the East River, and pass several notable landmarks.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary
Drums by G Calvin Weston (
Keyboards and Electronics by Amanda Chaudhary.

Synthesizers and other instruments include:
Arturia MiniFreak
Arturia Stage 73, Mini V, Piano V, Mellotron V
Cherry Audio GX-80 and Stardust 201 Tape Echo
Strymon Starlab
Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Rossum Electro-music Morpheus
Buchla Red Panel 158 and 156m
4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator
Dreadbox 8-stage Phaser
EastWest Fab Four, Hollywood Brass, Stormdrum 2
AudioThing Wires

please consider supporting us:

SJI Heavy Industries Synod: Drum Machine

video upload by sji_heavy_industries

"a sample based drum machine for rhythm exploration"

You can see 16 steps and 6 patterns.

Albert Nyström Made a Drum Machine for $70

video upload by Albert Nyström

"Here's a Drum machine I designed and built over the last 3 months using a Teensy 4.1 as the main brain.
The total build cost was about $70, 30 of which was the Teensy itself.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I´m considering making a 2.0 version in the future that will be for sale!

Here's a link to the Code, Schematics and more information about the project:

0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Funky Jam
1:30 - Hat n Snare Jam
2:00 - Ambient Industrial Jam
2:30 - Fast DnB Jam
3:25 - Walkthrough
4:25 - Kicks
4:40 - Snares
5:20 - Hihats
6:25 - Other Functions
8:10 - FX
9:00 - Outro"

RYK Vector Wave Eurorack Module with @matthsmatthsmatths

video upload by sonicstate

"The Vector Wave from RYK Modular is an FM / Harmonic Vector Stereo Synth Voice in 17HP of space. At it's heart is an attractive red dot LCD matrix and 8 encoders for navigating the synthesis options.

RYK Vector Wave is available now as a prebuilt module £395 or as a DIY pre soldered Kit £255

For the ad free directors cut - see our Patreon

00:00: Intro and specs
2:29 Oscillators in poly mode
6:00 FM synthesis
9:00 Internal Envelopes and modulation
10.24 Sound Examples
14:06 Expansion module and more modulation
21:04 Vector mode
26:33 More Patching
28:24 Conclusion"

How to synced bassline W. Grendel drone commander 2

video upload by Meska

"Quick demo for synced bass line withthe Grendel drone commander 2
It's a easy start for suick bass sound without external vca
OFC the drum and the grendel have the same clock

Thank you for watching.
My name is Meska of the statik collective . I've been making mostly 'dark and expérimental' music for more than ten years now, i'v learn so much online, now it's time for me to share my knoledge, my exploration and this channel is a place to talk about the tools, sound design and techniques to make music with.

You can stream my albums and EPs at

If you'd like to support the channel​ consider buying music from bandcamp ;)"

G-Sonique Psytrance AI Voices - VST / AU plug-in instrument for Win & Mac - psytrance intro voices

video upload by G-Sonique

"G-Sonique Psytrance AI Voices - VST / AU plug-in instrument for Win & Mac - psytrance intro voices Available here:

Psytrance music is characterized by exciting and elaborate intros, outros, intermezzos, breakouts. Nothing gets a crowd crazy more than an professional built-up graduating from chill intermezzo to a dance passage with atomic bomb energy.

And it is in these passages often interesting thematic voices /vocalsare used. However, it seems boring to people if they hear the same message 1000 times from Timothy Leary, McKenna or from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. People want to hear something new, different. That's why the Psytrance A.I. Voices - VST / AU plug-in instrument for Win and Mac was created. AI voices instrument is full of robotic, synthetic psytrance themed psychedelic voices and slogans. The sounds are created by artificial intelligence, then resampled and resynthesized with various futuristic sound design methods. They sound excellent in a wide range of octaves. You will find every voice in different sound variations from classic AIs, to robotic, mystical, crystal-glass-sounding ethereal beings, matrix entities and witches, created deep in the mind of artificial intelligence.

These notes can be used in intros/interludes as well as together with beats.

Listen to the demo. Spice up your production with unexpected sounds - people remember the spoken word best because it is closest to our DNA.

Very well usable in genres such as: psytrance, hitech, darkpsy, full-on psytrance, progressive, darkprog, tech trance, psycore, experimental, neurofunk, psybient, but also techno, minimal and others.

Featured highlights:

@1PWM Malevolent #synthesizer and Korg SQ-64 sequencer

video upload by Robert Saint John

"@1PWM PWM Malevolent continues to impress, and it’s even more fun when paired with a great sequencer."

Rhythm & Glitch machine. Proof of concept and some first test.

video upload by Igor Vasiliev

"More apps for sound design and experiments"

FH-2 Arpeggiator tips #1 - The 'Arp Reset' setting

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"The 'Arp Reset' setting on the FH-2 arpeggiator tells it to reset the pattern to the first step after a certain number of quarter notes. This can be used for example to force patterns to loop nicely after a number of bars, locking them into the groove."

SH 01 Gaia Live Improv/Demo - no talking

video upload by O.Z. Hall

"The Roland Gaia virtual analog (VA) synthesizer is really quite impressive (IMHO). It features VA architecture with many filter formats as well as effects. Although it is a "single oscillator" synth, there are three complete VA layers, including oscillator sync between layers!
There are also 8 good sampled presets, when you want sampled piano, strings, voices, etc.
Add to all that a General Midi digital sound module (accessible only via MIDI). Per the GM standard, MIDI channel 10 lets you access a good sounding drum kit. This is the kit I'm using in the video.
The drums are triggered vial MIDI from the Arturia Beatstep Pro sequencer.
The synth preset used is original. The 'Phrase Recorder' sequences are original. Of course, the improvisational playing and parameter adjustments are live. I hope listening is as fun for you as playing was for me!"

Sci-Fi Sound FX DSI Poly Evolver Pads

video upload by MIDERA

"You may be wondering why all the knobs are missing on my Poly Evolver. Well, I ripped them off so that I could see what they looked like on my Roland System 8. They looked ok. But the problem with the System 8 really isn't in the knobs, but in the poor keybed (which I even opened up and lubed and it still doesn't feel nice). Well, I decided to keep them off and I think I'm going to upgrade my encoders to the 24-detented versions. That will be a lot of work if I do it.

Anyway, I am sitting with the Poly Evolver and wondering whether it's something I should keep, being only 4 voices. That frustrates me quite a bit actually. I feel like at 6 voices it would have been amazing, and, I suppose it is only at 4 voices, but I find 6 is really the sweet spot. It's such a great synth though. I do have a mono evolver to add a voice, but it has a bug whereby the two won't always sound identical. Plus, you can't use the Audio inputs on the Poly Evolver to take the extra voice of the Mono Evolver. Just don't know what DSI was thinking. Only the PE Rack has that combination. Missed opportunity.

Well, I guess as I played the Poly Evolver, I realized just how crazy this thing gets. I don't know any other synths that really get this crazy. I don't think any that I have really do this sequencing like that. Maybe the Korg Radias, but it doesn't really sound as nice (and doesn't have analog voices and filters).

So - what you have is me going through and just messing around with a patch I made. I started it mid-way through my journey. I added the beginning portion to the end so you're welcome to get there if you want - although I find that people only watch the first few minutes of my videos anyway, so I doubt anyone will even get to that part!

Used Eventide Blackhole VST for reverb."


video upload by leonardoworx

"I love making patches and jammin' with my UDO Super-6.

And here it is a new one with a lot of lofi-ambient vibes.

Hope you like :)"

Roland MKS-70 Rackmount Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"This original Roland MKS-70 Super JX analog synthesizer is the last super analog polysynth by Roland. Made in the late 1980s - it features 2 X JX-8P synthesizers which can be up to 12 voices - it is the Rackmount version of the JX-10! It is in excellent condition, lives in a smoke-free studio."

Korg Trident with MIDI

via this auction

Yamaha CS-40M Duophonic Synthesizer SN 2666

via this auction

"Excellent condition vintage Yamaha Cs-40M from the 70's. Bought from a reputable seller from Japan a couple years back. Serviced and converted to 120V. Looks great. Missing battery cover but otherwise complete and sounds amazing."

Akai AX60

via this auction

Video in the listing previously posted here.

"Beautiful synth completely re-furbished for $500 by thee synth repair guy in Brooklyn, NY.

this is what he did:

~ Clean all sliders

~ Clean all switches

~ Check Curtis chips on Voicing PCB

~ Replace the non-functional 'Arpeggio Speed' slider

~ Replace the non-functional 'Arpeggio Hold' tact switch

~ Check memory battery

~ Check all calibration"

Yellow Waldorf Q 61-Key Synthesizer SN 030821920

via this auction, also on Reverb

CASIO VL-TONE w/ Original Box & Materials

via this auction

"1980 CASIO VL-Tone Hand Held Synthesizer & Calculator Musical Instrument

Amazing Condition, Appears Seldom Used (if at all) ~ Super Clean!

Offer Includes: Casio VL-Tone Instrument, Operation Manual, Melody Booklet, Vinyl Protective Case and Original Box. Added BONUS ~ Hard-to-Find Original CASIO VL-TONE Song Book

NO Cord


BENIDUB DS71 - Dub Siren

video upload by Beni Dub Music Equipment

Note this video is from Dec 2017. The BENIDUB DS71 was mentioned once beofre in this previous post.

"The DS71 is a synthesizer designed to easily create many different dub siren tones at your fingertips.

It combines 100% analog synth voicing with a powerful digital LFO that allows quick access to 8 different sounds, just by pressing one of the trigger buttons.

♕ Analog square wave audio oscillator
♕ Analog 12dB/oct low pass VCF with fixed resonance
♕ Discrete transistors analog VCA
♕ Digital LFO with instant recall of the 8 sounds parameters


♕ Audio output: impedance balanced 1/4” TRS Jack
♕ Trigger input: unbalanced 1/4” TRS Jack
♕ Dimensions: 130mm x 145mm x 60mm
♕ Weight: 580gr
♕ Power Input: 12VDC 500mA

Included in the box

♕ EU or UK PSU
♕ Manual
♕ 1 Year free Warranty with free shipping

More info @"

Estrella / Magical Sand Dance LIVE Kitaro Cover

video upload by ltpstan

A simple melody with Mother 32, Plaits, and Ornament & Crime

video upload by SyllixMusic

"Download the patch notes:
Download the audio:

Just experimenting with a variation of the hemispheres firmware with an applet called the Harmonizer. I created a sequence on the Mother 32 and am sending the keyboard CV to Harmonizer. Harmonizer outputs different CV values based off a user-selected scale. One of the outputs goes into the v/oct input of Plaits to create a harmony with the Mother 32.


Self-Patched MS-20V

video upload by Bata

Self-Patched MS-20V (2)

"Messing around with a patch on Arturia's MS-20V software recreation of the Korg MS-20. Here I'm using the Rev 1 filter and have added some reverbs. No external modulation or sequencing was used not even the sequencer that they give you in MS-20V/.

This is probably my favorite sounding softsynth along with Arturia's CS-80V."

The MARF Files: Ep 2, pt 1 - Quantizing Quantized Random Voltages

video upload by Source Of Uncertainty

Source Of Uncertainty The MARF Files

Cosmic FX sound with Elektron Digitone (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Space Sounds dedicated to Elektron Digitone: and collection of Sweet Sounds:

Recording chain:

No EQ. No compression.

Enjoy! :)"

Chaotic ambient ramblings w/ Meebleeps freaq fm + Dirtywave m8 + Phantasmal Force

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Testing out a newly built @Meebleeps freaq fm synced to the m8 tracker. Mutes on the m8 are being handled by the Phantasmal Force.

Not sure if this setup will make it onto the soundtrack EP I’m working on for @bradkerr6376 … but there is something here……

I need to dig a little deeper into the manual for the freaq.

Loving the matrix led display. I was trying to incorporate one one those into my next project but couldn’t tame the noise for the multiplexed output.

Beep boop.

#diy #midicontroller #arduino #synth #generativemusic #tinystudio #ambient #ambientmusic #electronicmusic #fmsynthesis"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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