MATRIXSYNTH: Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Making a Beat BUT I Pretend It's 1985 And I Don't Have a CPU

video upload by Jay Diggs Music

"Jay Diggs goes on a time-traveling music production adventure! In this video, jay takes you back to the golden era of music recording. An age when computers were yet to revolutionize the way we make beats. Let's take a look at analog music production and explore the techniques used to make hits that we all know and love without the aid of modern-day CPUs.

00:00 Intro
00:52 MPC 60 a 40 year old Drum Machine!
01:30 The Drums
3:10 The Bassline and Keys
4:36 The Brass
5:39 The Tape Machine
7:40 Recording Reverb in a Hallway and Effects
9:15 I Get ANGRY!
11:00 The Finished Beat!"

Juno 106 Synthesizer Radiohead Kid A Electronic Harp Tone

video upload by Jerome Hogan

"Juno 106 Radiohead Kid A Electronic Harp Tone. The synth is in manual mode, you can approximate the fader settings seen in the video to replicate the tone.

A lot of people have asked me, how did you do it? The truth is, I got the Gelvini variant and it actually made me sick...

...At playin synth"

Broken beats w/ Pikocore, Dirtywave M8, Roland J-6, TE TX-6

video upload by Arman Bohn

"More experiments with the pikocore. Random chord triggering sent from the M8 to the J-6. The Pikocore is synced to the J-6 which is clocked to the M8.

I’m syncing key changes to the random chords as well. I think I’ll continue down this path towards actual pseudo random song creation … so possibly more M8 + J-6 combos in the near future. The modulation options on the J-6 are nonexistent sound design is incredibly limited. I could use another mini synth instead, maybe the great conjunction, or the kasser arcade. but that would take more cord wrangling in the m-8."

This is the first post to feature the pikocore.


april 2nd, 2023 / #wares
a small rp2040-based music mangler. $62 / $89.

pikocore is…

a lo-fi music mangler based on the raspberry pi pico (brother of the nyblcore).
capable of holding 8 minutes of 8-bit 33 khz monophonic samples.
powered by a single aaa battery for up to 3 hours or by powered by usb-c.
tempo-synced with a selectable bpm between 60 and 300, with samples mangled by beat-synced effects (stutter, retrig, gate, tunneling).
loaded with real-time effects like a resonant filter, timestretching, volume, and wavefolding.
sequenced with a 128-step sequencer with recording/playback
saved and loaded via eeprom for instant patch recall.
able to load custom firmware, new samples, all through usb-c.
sync-compatible with pocket operators.
open-source, wonderfully hackable.

video upload by infinitedigits

"more info:

pikocore is a lo-fi music mangler based on the Raspberry Pi Pico. It can hold 8 minutes of 8-bit 33 kHz monophonic samples, is powered by a single AAA battery or USB-C, and can be tempo-synced with a selectable BPM between 60 and 300. It also has beat-synced effects, real-time effects, a 128-step sequencer, and can load custom firmware and new samples. Pikocore is sync-compatible with Pocket Operators and open-source, making it wonderfully hackable."

"Nobody Cares About Aliens" - Live Psytrance!

video upload by Electronisounds Audio

"Recording Date: 07/30/2023
Tempo: 148bpm
Key: F minor

Some years ago, I actually created the 'PSY' sound bank for the Vengeance 'Avenger' virtual synth, with 256 presets! This was a perfect opportunity to use some of those sounds to put together a quick jam. I created this jam from start to finish in under 24 hours - it was a lot of stress, but I got it done - WOOT!

(The audio is actually REALLY LOUD and super clean, YouTube keeps making me turn my volume waaaaaay down and eating the hi frequencies, so my videos always seem dull and quiet in the end, I'm trying to learn from this, but tons of research into LUFS isn't helping so far...)"


Hardware Only Jungle Track Breakdown // Chopping Breakbeats on the Digitakt

video upload by EZBOT

"In today's episode of Elektron Talk, I am going to break down a jungle track I wrote that relies heavily on the Digitakt. We will also discuss chopping breaks on the Digitakt and why it's so much better on the Octatrack.

Get the NEW Ultimate Octatrack FX Template 1.1.3 and the NEW Ultimate

Performance Mixer 2FF 1.1.6 here with continuous updates: and here if you want a one-time download:


I love to teach! Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:"

Playing Prophet 5/10 is like connecting with the past while exploring new sonic possibilities

video upload by Caught In Joy

"Playing this Sequential Prophet 5 / 10 synthesizer is like connecting with the past while still exploring new sonic possibilities in music. Check out the full album Peaceful Days Echoes:"

15-Minute Berlin School Suite | Moog Synths, Prophet 10 & Guitar Pedals | Peaceful Days Echoes

video upload by Caught In Joy

"Hey everyone, it's Caught In Joy here, and I'm thrilled to share with you my latest musical creation! Join me as I take you on a 15-minute sonic journey with my Berlin School Suite, "Peaceful Days Echoes" right from the comfort of my home studio. πŸ πŸŽΉπŸŽΈπŸŽ›️

This suite is not only a musical journey but also a celebration of my 15th album release this year! It's been an incredible musical odyssey, and I wanted to make this release extra special. In this mesmerizing performance, I'll be showcasing my passion for electronic music and my love for analog synths. The suite features the Moog synths (Mavis, DFAM), the powerful Prophet 10, and an array of expressive guitar pedals. Together, they create a soundscape that embraces the spirit of the Berlin School style, with its dreamy sequences, ethereal textures, and timeless melodies.

'Peaceful Days Echoes' is a deeply personal piece, and it's a part of my recently released album of the same name. If you enjoy this suite, you can support me directly by checking out the full album on Bandcamp: Your support means the world to independent artists like me, and I'm incredibly grateful for every single listen and share.

This suite holds a special place in my heart and it also marks a significant milestone in my musical journey. You see, making music is not just my passion; it's my sole source of income. I made a courageous decision to quit all other jobs and dedicate myself fully to pursuing this artistic dream. Music has the power to connect us all, and every album I release brings me closer to my incredible audience, including you."

GS Music e7 TouchOSC Bidirectional Editor v2.0

GS Music e7 TouchOSC Bidirectional Editor v2.0 from synth_nyc on Vimeo.

via synth_nyc

"The editor is augmented by LUA scripts.

Why TouchOSC?
- It’s OS agnostic (it works on MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android)
- Hexler has been around since 2007 and in my experience with TouchOSC, it has always been supporting the latest OS

If you have any questions or if GS Music or anyone is interested in licensing it, please contact me via my website:

X1L3 - MX2 - manipulator expander - latching gates - eurorack module

video upload by X1L3

"Spec run down. Eye candy and chill tune.What it is and where to get it - below:

Available at:

MX2 is an expander for the manipulator module.
It adds six toggle/latching gates to the main module.
These are tied to the momentary triggers of keys C1 - D3.

The vid run says the module is 8hp. It's actually only 4hp.
Funny enough, i'm not feeling too inclined to re render it all and re-upload the lot for a typo πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ€£

Useful for additional control of anything requiering a constant gate.
The frag/shard gates of the shard module being a good example.

Half demo vid - half chill run with some visuals for a bit of fun.

Cheers for checking it out. I hope you enjoy the vid and find the module useful if you choose to pick one up 😊"

"MX2 is a 4HP,, 37mm deep expander for the manipulator module.
Available in yellow or black.
Current draw: V+ 30MA / V- 20MA

MX2 adds six toggle/latching gates to the gate array of the manipulator. The latching gates are tied to the keys C1 - D3.

Power is provided via the expander header. No additional power cable is required.

Works well with shard when the latches are tied to the frag/shard gates and the four CV outputs from manipuilator are used to control the atrophy and osc pitches of the module."

ESK - GRP V22 Vocoder + Drums

video upload by Metunar

"GRP Synthesizer V22 Vocoder and drums from the Arturia Drumbrute.
I used the internal carrier (Noise and VCO) of the V22.
The Elektron A4 keyboard is only used for Midi.
No external effects, only soft limiting on the master."

Sequential TAKE 5 Version 2.0 Patch Tweaking Analog Synthesizer Rik Marston

video upload by Rik Marston Official

"'Sequential Take 5 - Version 2 0 Patch Tweaking'
Synthesizer demo by Rik Marston
*Watch in HD!* * NO Talking!* *Turn it up!*
Nothing musical here, just a nice synthesizer sound demo!
I upgraded the Sequential TAKE 5 to version 2.0!
It sounds better to me, has more patch memory, it is worth the
time & effort to update! It sounds thicker, warmer & the stereo
spread of the voices sounds more like the OB-6 & Prophet-6
to me! Probably not any real change to the synth. It just sounds better!
Here I demo some Leads, Bass, Pads, Strings & FX!
BTW that is a North West Africa stone chondrite meteorite
by the effects section on the Sequential TAKE 5, it sends you some
serious ** Positive Cosmic Vibes! **
Please Support Rik Marston Official!
Buy my Ambient Synthesizer Music
"Digital Heart, Analog Soul" Vol. 1 + 2,
Unity", "Dark Night of the Soul" &
"Back To 2049" on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & more!
My NEW Etsy store: AhnyxianSoundDesign"

Replica Buchla 100 series modular synth: LA67 Mort’s Barge

video upload by Tom Churchill

"This video is about Mort’s Barge - a replica mini-system of five Buchla 100 series modules that were used by electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick in the mid-1960s. I recently built the 4U DIY modules from LA67, and in this video I walk through the features and create a few patches that show what they’re capable of.

My build notes are here:

Find out more about the Mort’s Barge DIY set on the LA67 website:"

You can find additional posts featuring Mort's Barge here.

Notes and pics via Tom Churchill's post on Mod Wiggler:

"I thought I’d share a couple of things I learned along the way which maybe aren’t immediately obvious from the BOMs alone, in case anyone else is planning to tackle the build and is looking for some tips.

Some of this stuff has no doubt been covered earlier in the thread, so apologies for any repetition. Also, a lot will probably be obvious to experienced builders, but I’m definitely not in that category yet, so for anyone else (like me) who’s only built Eurorack kits previously, maybe isn’t super-familiar with circuit theory and component sourcing, it might be useful.

After I ordered the panels and PCBs from LA67 I contacted Julian at The Beast to ask about his 6U Buchla boats. As luck would have it he still had a couple of the special boats he supplied to LA67 for the pre-built Mort’s Barge systems, with matt black coating and pre-drilled holes for power inlet, power switch and grounding banana socket, so I snagged one.
I added some rubber feet to allow a bit of clearance for the screws I used to mount the PSU PCB (see below) and to avoid the underside getting scratched.
For mounting the modules, I bought a pack of 20 M3 speed fasteners (aka captive nuts, aka Tinnermans) from eBay, and secured the modules using M3 6mm screws with plastic washers.
The PSU PCB doesn’t require any caps and you just need to solder one bridge as marked. (This is now clear on the Mort’s Barge PSU BOM, but it wasn’t at first.)
I mounted the PSU PCB on 8mm M2.5 standoffs via the pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the boat.
I added a DC inlet and wired a 20mm round rocker switch in series.
I added a single banana socket connected to 0V to provide a ground for any other cases I might want to use with it (and for connecting to Eurorack - see below).
For the AC-DC converter I just used a standard 12V 2A wall wart I had lying around, with a 2.1mm centre positive barrel connector.
I used the 2-pin Molex connectors as per the BOM to distribute power to the individual modules (with the power cables hard-wired to the individual module PCBs)
Component sourcing:
I combined the individual BOMs for the five modules into one master BOM, ticked off what I already had in stock (mostly resistors), then ordered any other required resistors, trimmers, pots, 2N3904/6 transistors and various bits of hardware from Tayda; caps, specialist transistors, diodes, switches, knobs, lamps etc from Mouser.
I’m in the UK and banana sockets worked out slightly cheaper from Thonk, so I ordered those there. I also bought the necessary matched transistor pairs from Thonk to save time (I don’t have the tools or experience to match them myself!)
This might be sacrilege to Buchla purists but I went for Switchcraft 3.5mm sockets instead of Tini-Jax - I already have lots of 3.5mm patch cables and it makes for easier integration.
The 910p film caps on the BOM are huge - 10mm lead spacing - and expensive. I ordered them before I realised this, and with a bit of leg straightening/bending they do fit fine in the 158 and 180 boards, but I replaced them with these much smaller and cheaper 1n mylar film caps for the 140 - ... apacitor-5 - and they work just fine.
The BOM has since been corrected, but slightly annoyingly at the time I was ordering, the part code for the Dialight lamps in the 123 was out of date, so the ones that arrived in my original order were the wrong size. I had to do a separate order for the correct parts, 609-1122-130F. These aren’t cheap, so double check that you’re getting 9mm ones!
On the 158 BOM, there’s a suggestion to use 1n5 instead of 47n for C11 to reduce saw wave distortion. I put sockets in for that and tried both - the 1n5 definitely gives a much cleaner saw so I’ve stuck with that. I also left out C8 as suggested to improve sine shape - I didn’t try it with it included but the sine is definitely a good shape without so I’ll stick without it.
General tips:
I built them in the left to right order they’re shown on the LA67 photos - 158, 110, 180, 140, 123. It was pretty easy to test this way.
Calibration-wise there’s not much to do - the trimmers on the 158 adjust the sine shape and upper and lower frequency limits; use the 110 trimmers to minimise clicking with a raw trigger in; the 140 trimmers set the upper and lower period (I haven’t really touched these)
For the wiring, I soldered pins to the PCB and used a bunch of F-F Dupont jumper wires, cut in half, so if I ever need to take the board off I can simply pull these off and don’t need to desolder anything. For the multiple outputs I mostly just used old resistor legs to bridge them.
Integrating with Eurorack clock is easy - both the 180 and the 123 respond to triggers as low as 5V (e.g. from Pam’s). I don’t use a format jumbler, just a 3.5mm to two bananas cable, with the ground banana connected to the spare ground I fitted near the power switch. I don’t think I’ll ever bother trying to send CV from Eurorack but this way I can at least clock it to the rest of my system if I want to, and maybe even play around with some more complex rhythm patterns.
Anyway, hope that’s handy for someone - I’ll share a bunch of patches on YouTube soon!"

Behringer PRO-800 Bidirectional Editor for TouchOSC

Behringer PRO-800 TouchOSC Bidirectional Editor v2.0 from synth_nyc on Vimeo. Audio comes in at 1:30.

via synth_nyc

"The editor is augmented by LUA scripts.

Why TouchOSC?
- It’s OS agnostic (it works on MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android)
- Hexler has been around since 2007 and in my experience with TouchOSC, it has always been supporting the latest OS

If you have any questions or if Behringer or anyone is interested in licensing it, please contact me via my website:

How does the PRO-800 sound?
I’m grateful to have owned a SCI Prophet-5 Rev2, a Wine Country Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 3.3 and currently own a SCI Prophet-10 module; the PRO-800 sounds very vintage and close enough to its ancestors IMHO."

5U Modular Patch with Wavetek Oscillator

video upload by Bata

"Module List- -
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillator (x3) with soft sync aid
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q109 Envelope Generator (x2)
Q112 4 Channel Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q119 Sequential Controller
Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q128 Switch
Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
Q137 Power
Q147 Distributor
Q155 Curver (Curver, VCA, Slope Detector, VC Inverter)
Q157 SH++ (Sample and Hold, LFO, Clock Divider, Noise, Lag, Decay EG)
Q171 Quantizer Bank
Q179 Envelope++ (Multifunction module with looping envelopes/lfo/sequencer/gate delay/quantizer)
Some discontinued Midi interface module

STG Soundlabs -
Wave Folder
Signal Amplifiers

Synthetic Sound Labs -
Tap Tempo LFO"

Messing Around with Digital Synths

video upload by Bata

Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular
Clavia Nord Wave
Yamaha TX-802 (Rackmount DX-7ii)

Trigon-6 ► filter cream + oscillator drive.

video upload by Jexus (

"Here's my third and last video with a variety of timbres, this time exploring the oscillator drive and the creamy filter || Read my thoughts at: || All sounds come from my one preset pack with 150 unique & diverse patches."

Deaton's Sequential Modulator

video upload by Miles Comstock

via Miles Comstock

"Deaton’s Sequential Modulator is a versatile modular audio effects unit and synthesizer I created custom for Deaton Chris Anthony. It allows you to freely route audio through its different effects and manipulate parameters of these effects through an 8 step control voltage sequencer and two low frequency oscillators. It was created with the intention of leading you away from the sounds you have programmed yourself into normally making. Though, you are not confined to the experimental. Deaton’s Sequential Modulator can work as a more than capable modular effects board. It can also be a modular synth voice, a drone synth, eurorack cv sequencer, a mixer, heavy distortion unit, twinkly delay, infinitely repeating echo, tremolo, bitcrusher, chorus/vibrato, resonant filter and a lot more. Any sounds your heart desires are right here."

Dark Ambient Synth Beats with my Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by North River

"My live jam using my Circuit Tracks from #novation #novationcircuittracks"

Getting started with the Midicake Arp

video upload by Richard DeHove

"It's described as a 4-part arpeggiator and is even just called 'Arp'. But I think it's better characterized as a 4-part algorithmic phrase sequencer. Because this isn't just a dedicated box with standard arps. It can create long chains of constantly changing sequences which are directly created from your live keyboard input - and it all stays in perfect sync. This half-hour video should at least give you a reasonable taste of what it can do, or if you're a new owner, be enough to get you started.

0:00 Intro demo tune
1:00 Hardware overview
2:40 Routing
3:21 Front panel
8:00 Banks and patterns
9:12 Bios and reset
9:50 Getting started
10:35 Arp settings
17:25 Constant sync
18:00 Top row settings
21:17 Tweakings fun
27:56 Outro tune

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Behringer PRO VS Mini - Just Demo Sounds

video upload by Behringer

"Coming soon..."

Additional PRO VS Mini posts

Guided Tour of the 201 Pocket Piano

video upload by Critter & Guitari

"This is a guided tour of the 201 Pocket Piano. By understanding the controls and options available to us we can make more music faster! In the first half, we discuss each knob, jack, and output. In the second half we take a look at setting a sound using the secondary functions of they keys to access the sequencer, pattern generator, mode selector, etc..."

Glide Ableton Project Pack + Max for Live Pack

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

"Ableton Project Pack:
- Music

"Glide - Akihiko Matsumoto" Ableton Project Pack + Max for Live Pack.
All tracks using non-Ableton 3rd party plugins are frozen audio tracks
1 Ableton Skin (Vapor) is included
6 Max for Live devices (ColorDelay2.0, LadderFilter2.1, LFMW4.4, Grid SEQ Params4.0, SideChainGate5.4, XY-PlaneFilter3.3.1) are included
If you had the same plugin in a frozen track, you can unfreeze it and see the 3rd party plugin's parameters as well.
As long as the music is not redistributed in its original form, it can also be used for remixing and sampling.

24bit/48khz Master wav.

2.15GB Freezed Ableton Project File."

Sequential Prophet 10

via this auction

Vermona Formation 1 Analog Electronic Organ Synthesizer

via this auction

"80's Vintage analog electronic organ / synthesizer. Made in Germany DDR. Very good sounding spring reverb and effects. Working, after service repair. Excellent (-) condition"

Clarinet, Oboe, and Nasal solo sections.

MOS-LAB Kobol Expander III RSF SN 3561

via this auction

"A stunning recreation of the RFS Kobol Expander synth, made by the genius company MOS-LAB. Everyone who used this along the original RSF Kobol side by side says they sound absolutely spot on. There's on Kobol Expander being sold at 10K on Reverb right now... This one is even more rare, as only about 30 were ever made.

Super snappy, big bass and morphable waveforms. Since the waveform morphing is made with a discrete waveshaper, the volume isn't consistent during the sweep. The original responds like this, too, but it got me by surprise so I'm mentioning it, so that you don't have to do your research ;-) The filter is super smooth and liquidy.

The synth comes in a Moon Modular rack, with a standard PSU."

Tektronix SG502 / FG502 Signal Generators

via this auction

"Here's a nice case of Tektronix signal generators. One FG502 [Function Generator], which has multiple waveforms, and a couple of SG502 [Oscillators], which offer Pulse and Sine waves. The set is working, and ready to bring that raw test equipment magic to your studio."

Waldorf Microwave Rackmount Wavetable Synthesizer

via this auction

"I previously owned a full Waldorf Wave, and much prefer the sound of the Microwave I rev.A."

Matriarch Paraphony: Voice Mode 4 (no talking, no water)

video upload by Chris Hunt

"Toggle that little "PARAPHONY" switch to 4 and suddenly every key becomes its own song. Each tap toggles to the next oscillator. Tune them until you like the sound. The 'wind' is the noise knob. The delay is the built in ping-pong on the Moog. That crackling you hear is the electricity in the air (but really it's from the SP404 laying on the group that's doing the recording)."

How to recreate the Hologram Microcosm in Eurorack (for just 10x the price)

video upload by Dexba

"Do less with more! Wasn't that the saying?
With this patch I wanted to recreate a simple two-voice setup, using two different sequencers but the same oscillator (the Instruo Cs-L), and then run them through a sort of Hologram Microcosm remade in eurorack.
As for the PROs, a little tune at the beginning, then the patch demonstration/tutorial/patch breakdown/something else I don't remember, and the final complete jam at the end of the video.
Enjoy! 🧑"

0:00 Initial Demo
1:11 Patch Breakdown
6:19 S/H little tutorial
9:46 Full Jam

Roland TR-608 (sound demo)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Get samples from the Roland TR-608 on my Patreon:"

See this post for additional detail son the 608.

Karussell - Als ich fortging (When I left) - 1987 | Cover by Synthfluencer

video upload by Synthfluencer

"This song by German pop/rock group 'Karussell' became quite famous around 1989 when revolution started in the eastern part of Germany and many people left the country. The main instruments I'm playing here are the Vermona Synthesizer and the Vermona Piano Strings."

Modor DR-2

video upload by studio snippets

"modor arp2600m mf104m"

Introducing SAMPLYR for AE Modular

video upload by tangible waves

"This is a quick demo of the new SAMPLYR module for the AE Modular synthesizer system. It is a sample player with the following features:
- it plays one sample at a time
- samples are stored and recalled from SD card
- samples can be of any length
- samples are in 8bit mono wav format
- samples can be played via gate and looped ...
- ... or triggered as one-shot
- the sample start/end and loop start/end points can be selected and saved for each sample
- CV control of start and end point
- CV control of sample pitch"


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