MATRIXSYNTH: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Frostwave SpaceBEAM waveforms shown on oscilloscope!

video upload by Edward Jones

You can find additional posts featuring the Frostwave SpaceBEAM here.

Intellijel Tangrams Overview Video

video upload by Intellijel

"Technical overview of the Intellijel Tangrams : A Dual ADSR/VCA with Cycling Gate Pulsers.

00:00 Intro
00:07 ADSRs
01:44 VCAs
05:38 PULSER

Tangrams, like our Dual ADSR before it, is a dual analog core-envelope inspired by the Roland SH-101 / System 100m design with several enhancements. Taking further inspiration from trapezoidal function generators like the one on the EMS Synthi, we have added a voltage-controlled pulser circuit to link the triggering of two envelopes – allowing for delayed one-shots, cycling organic envelopes, and more. In addition, we’ve added two VCAs for level control of each envelope, or alternatively, direct injection of the signal you’d like to envelope – freeing up your other VCAs."

See the announcement post here.

Phat Fu '23

video upload by Studio Electronics

"First solo Omega offering still sounds stunning 21 years later.

A few secrets, snips, reverses, in-song overlays, a touch of EQ, limiting, and “Gaucho” right-side-wet, make for a nice 90 (sec).

And yes that patch change madness was tracked in real time—sans punches.

Stock SEM & Mini SE filters…


Generative Music Ableton GENE, DroneNote, Echo & Serum

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

GENE: Drone Note: Synth (UK Wave / Neo-Grime):

Prophet 12 Custom Patches - Duodecima Vol.1

video upload by Scott McAuley Sounds & Synthesis

Prophet 12 Custom Patches - Duodecima Vol.1 (Vid 2 of 2)


Prophet 12 with Specular Tempus! - Duodecima Vol 1

"Bank Available now at or

The Prophet 12 is an outstanding synth, and one which has sadly been overlooked by far too many people.

It was the first ever DSI synth I ever owned and will remain with me for a very long time. from Fat leads, to warm pads, along with Exponential and Linear FM it has great ability to create sounds like no other Prophet.

it was one of Dave Smith's Favourites if not his favourite creation, and I can totally understand why.

Duodecima Vol.1 is listed as 100 sounds, is actually far more than that. Just like the REV2, the Prophet 12 can be split or layered and this bank makes the most of those benefits! so you will be receiving in excess of 130 sounds in total, due to some patches containing two sounds in one patch.

As always, thanks for checking these out!

all the best,

We used Arturia synths to make a Tangerine Dream style track

video upload by Mamotreco

"This atmospheric synth soundtrack music was made with these Arturia V Collection 9 synths:
- Arturia Minifreak VST
- Arturia Pigments VST
- Arturia Mini V3 VST
- Arturia Emulator II V VST
- Arturia CZ V VST
#arturia #synth #tangerinedream
The composition may be reminiscent of Tangerine Dream but it was made entirely on Arturia synth plugins on Ableton Live.

Current channel music compilation:
Previous music releases available here:
Music written by Alpicat and Mamotreco. All rights reserved.

The footage was shot on a Sony HX99 compact camera during a hike. It was then edited in DaVinci Resolve with the Dehancer plugin (Btw you can get 10% off Dehancer by typing MAMOTRECO at checkout - I may receive a small commission which supports this channel's ability to put out new videos)"

Livestream // Exploring the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave synth Live

video upload by State Azure

"3rd Wave came today, checking out how it sounds, running through presets etc and probably reading the manual a lot."

Unique Farfisa Partner analog drum machine / like Roland CR68 Ace Tone FR-2 Korg Mini Pops

via this auction

video posted here

"One-of-a-kind drum machine. It"s a rhythm unit ripped from a 70s farfisa spinet organ and built in a custom case.

Classic analog drum sounds like the ones you get out of the many boxes of that area (Roland TR77, Ace Tone FR-1 FR-2 FR-8, Hammond Auto Vari etc etc)

10 rhythms that can be combined, controls for tempo and volume. Mono Jack output and running on 12v DC (power supply is not provided. It works with any 12v DC positive center power supply).

Perfectly working. Looks good but since it's a DIY project don't expect perfection. Shipping worlwide, just ask for a quote.

NOTE: The Korg Stage Echo is not included of course :-)"

Behringer PRO-800 Bidirectional Editor for TouchOSC Audio Demo

Just a heads up, an audio demo has been added to the video in this previous post. It starts at 1:30.

MJ’s “We Are the World” Synclavier Intro

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"In this video Kevin Maloney and I demonstrate how the intro to 1985 Grammy winning song “We Are the World” (written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson) was constructed. The synthesizer sounds on the original recording were programmed by Kevin on the Synclavier II Digital Music System using its FM synthesizer engine. We break down the patches for all the featured sounds in the intro including a special sound described by the song’s producer Quincy Jones as “Golden Bells”. This sound was created to “send out bells to call all the people of the world to come and hear this song”. The music, lyrics, performances and production were a worldwide commercial success. The song topped music charts throughout the world and became the fastest-selling U.S. pop single in history. "We Are the World" received a Quadruple Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America, becoming the first single to be certified multi-platinum. The promotion and merchandise helped raise more than $63 million at that time for humanitarian aid in Africa and the United States.

Anthony's musical touch as both composer and performer is connected with some of the most influential creative minds over the last 40 years. He’s composed and conducted original orchestral scores for over 80 feature films including Young Guns, Internal Affairs, The Man From Elysian Fields, 15 Minutes and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, been commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for his symphonic work "In the Family Way", written over one thousand TV commercials in a myriad of musical styles, co-founded Levels Audio Post (LA's premiere post production facility) and performed and arranged on big-box-office films and influential hit records such as Michael Jackson's Thriller.

His extensive work as a young arranger, orchestrator and performer for Quincy Jones, Jack Nitzsche, Lamont Dozier, Arthur Rubenstein and Giorgio Moroder was vital in launching his own career. His early years pioneering modular analog synthesizers along with his wide-ranging music scholarship positioned Anthony at the center of the music technology revolution. He attended the University of Southern California School of Music as a piano and composition major.


The Empire of Nonsense

video upload by Off The Matrix

"This is a promotional video for a documentary I hope to start producing about the origins and the effects of technological ideology. It's a symbolic impression of the world system, that begins with a narrative of a girl setting out to escape it. The title, "The Empire of Nonsense" came from a book of the author Jacques Ellul on the subject of modern art. I have in mind giving an account of the Futurist poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti who was a co-author of the Fascist Manifesto, in 1919. Marinetti founded the Partito Politico Futurista or Futurist Political Party, which only a year later merged with Benito Mussolini's Fascist Party. This would show a direct link in the line of thinking for modern art, Fascism and the trans-humanism of today. But the project will be shaped as people take an interest in it.
All the the music of the soundtrack came from the Yamaha SY35. It's a truly remarkable synth that's great for huge sounds. The patches that were used for the soundtrack can be found at

Stock footage that came from PexBell and Pixabay is used with a Creative Commons license."

Yamaha SY99 Franken Grand: Scriabin Etude Op. 2 no.1

video upload by Off The Matrix

"This is a demo of the new piano that was developed for the Yamaha SY99.The Franken Grand was created by using the best samples from several pianos, including samples of a Bösendorfer Imperial. The samples really captures the warmth and weight of a large piano. AFM made it possible to create a stereo image with mono samples. The bank uses over 900 kb so it requires that the flash RAM of the SY99 be expanded. Memory boards for the SY99 can be purchased from Sector101. This piano could also be used with the Sector101 WaveBlade on a SY77.
The piano can be found at;"

Haxophone - A Hackable Electronic Saxophone with Mechanical Keys

Javier Cardona, the maker of Haxophone wrote in to let us know about his upcoming instrument. Here's what he had to say followed by details from the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

"I'm excited to connect with you as the creator of the Haxophone, an open and hackable electronic saxophone. The instrument's design files and software have been available to the public on GitHub for some time now at

We are gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign for pre-assembled Haxophone units, bringing the magic of this instrument to a broader audience. The campaign is scheduled to kick off on September 7th.

via Crowd Supply

Haxophone is an inexpensive and fully customizable electronic musical instrument that resembles a travel saxophone. Under the hood, Haxophone is a particularly elegant (and fun!) Raspberry Pi HAT. The mechanical keys and custom ergonomics give Haxophone a unique and satisfying feel. The design is fully open source, hackable and OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association) certified. This means that you can make Haxophone entirely your own, from changing the type of key switches to making your own note and instrument mappings. It is a good fit for musicians who are looking for a way to practice saxophone silently, musicians who are also hackers, and for hackers looking for a fun musical project that won’t break the bank.

While it is not a substitute for a traditional saxophone, Haxophone is accurate enough to allow saxophone players to rehearse both in silence and "on the go". Muscle memory when practicing on Haxophone is transferable to the traditional instrument, and vice versa. This means you can rehearse in all kinds of places that would be unthinkable with a standard saxophone. If it breaks, it is relatively cheap and easy to repair. And, Haxophone is smaller and lighter than any saxophone.

Haxophone has been designed to utilize standard mechanical key switches as fingering keys. In addition of being cool and unique, these are cheaper, more reliable and more repairable than the custom molded keys that you find on digital saxophones. Hackable Haxophone
Haxophone is purposefully designed to be hackable. Inspect it, modify the fingerings, change the sounds, add features like beats or LEDs. The software is written in Rust, a modern language that has been the most loved code language for the last 7 years (according to Stack Overflow).

Haxophone is designed as a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) for the Raspberry Pi family of single-board computers. This HAT is a special type of keyboard laid out in the same way that saxophones are. We’ve also designed a mouthpiece and a pressure sensor to detect breath intensity. The HAT includes an audio amplifier, so Haxophone does not need to rely on the amplifier built into the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4. This means the HAT will work with the least expensive of the Pi family, the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Haxophone is fully repairable and customizable. Did you break the thumb rest or would like to use a different color? (3D) print yourself another one. The source models for all 3D printed parts are included in our repository."

You can find additional details at

Gotharman's VCF8 in Eurorack

video upload by gotharman

"The VCF8 (Dual Band Spaze Filter) installed in EuroBoard.
Sound source: BL Braids.
Modulation: Pico VCO 1 and ZADAR."

Short Size Spring Tank Electro Jams - Reverb Driver Version 2 [Demo 02]

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Today I made a couple of demo songs featuring my Spring Tank Reverb Driver version 2. The module has been optimized for Ruby Tube 2EB2C1B Short size tank by changing R8 to 3K value resistor. I'm quite taken with this tank, it's nice and drippy. I will be offering some module/short-tank optimized combos for sale in my reverb store - see link below.

0:00 60 BPM Dub | Spring Tank on Drumbrute Impact Snare
1:56 90 BPM | Spring Tank on the 101-VCO/VCF
Take note in this second jam I am using CV control over the Spring Tank wet/dry mix using a Sample-and-hold with portamento.

Check my Reverb store for the combo Spring Tank Reverb Driver and the Ruby Tubes short tank."


Behringer MonoPoly Review (Summer Special feat. CASE)

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"Here is my review about the Behringer MonoPoly Clone on my Denmark vacation this year with some stunts of my new friend CASE, with the help of other Equipment and the support of my family.

Used Equipment: Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, Sony ZV-1, Sony ECM-W2BT, Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo, Steinberg Cubase 12 and Final Cut Pro X"

Yamaha CS-40M Duophonic Synthesizer

via this auction

Korg Mono/Poly

via this auction

WESTON PRO2021 Monophonic Synthesizer - SC Pro One Clone

via this auction

"This is a faithful recreation of the classic Pro One analog synthesizer circuit though with some serious construction upgrades. This keyboard is simply a tank of an instrument. Even the pitch and mod wheels are made of solid anodized aluminum.
It's loaded with the popular MTG TURBO CPU upgrade that allows 5-pin midi in, out & thru.
The oscillators use the famous Curtis CEM3340 rev G chips. It's as true to the Pro One circuit as it gets - but of course with modern parts which grants improved stability.
The keybed is a 37 key FATAR TP/9S (semi-weighted) with no aftertouch strip.
The chassis is powder coated aluminum with machine milled cherry wood end cheeks that I had treated with tung oil and finished with a bee-wax based wood polish."

Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Polyphonic Synthesizer w/ MIDI

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This listing is for a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 polyphonic analog synthesizer. Very rare and classic behemoth, known for its rich and warm tones that effortlessly creates brassy stabs, shimmering pads, thumping basses, quirky effects, etc. Recently serviced and in excellent working order. Also has MIDI installed on rear panel."

Roland Jupiter 8 Analog Synthesizer 14-Bit Version JP-8A w/ Encore MIDI

via this auction, also on Reverb

"This listing is for a vintage Roland Jupiter 8 analog synthesizer. Rare 14-bit version, also referred to as the "JP-8A". It was serviced a few years ago, and fitted with Encore MIDI on the rear panel. This synth performs great and sounds incredible - ready for your next recording project."

Vintage Roland TB-303 SN 186500 w/ Original Case

via this auction

CME WIDI - Wireless MIDI from DX5 to Jupiter 8 Kenton DCB/MIDI Adaptor box CLEAR ACROSS THE STUDIO!

video upload by Mystic Frequencies

"There is nothing better than CME's Wireless MIDI devices known as WIDI!
I truly wish I had more of these or a multi channel WIDI setup as these are awesome! I also use a CME WIDI between my AZ-1 Keytar and Kawai SX240 making my Keytar completely cordless, no wires! A truly great product!"

Tommy Tranq’s Novation Circuit 64 Presets Sound Library

video upload by Tommy Tranq

"This is a demo video of a custom 64 sound patch library for Novation Circuit by Tommy Tranq
Tommy Tranq is an electronic musician
Primarily making techno
So the patches are made with techno in mind but are equally suited for all types of electronic music
The audio for this video has been declicked and normalized in iZotope RX

These patches are available as a sysex download for $5 from Gumroad

There are 32 basses in the first bank and 32 accompanying, higher synths in the second bank
The basses on each pad in bank one were designed
Corresponding with the synths on the same pad in bank two but obviously sounds can be mixed and matched

The macros are mostly:
1 envelope mod 3 filter cutoff 5 filter mod env 7 distortion
2 white noise 4 resonance 6 (very variable) 8 chorus

This is not 100% exact from patch to patch
The most common deviation is distortion (7) becoming chorus while chorus under it (8) becomes a pitch envelope or portamento
Overall you can call up a patch and have a reasonable idea of what a sound's macros are going to do
Some of the macros utilize the third envelope which has a delay time setting
So some macros will only make sense on longer notes as the delay is sometimes quite long

Velocity is often used as a modifier and not usually used to control volume
Be sure to step sequence and mindfully program velocity for expressive synth patterns"

Dub Techno Live mix / Librazik / Roland Mc 909

video upload by Olive DuB

"Hi this is my new live mix made under Librazik.
There are things that are done under librazik:
arpeggio synth made with obxd, lead synth with Nekobi, copper rhythm with Claf Fluid Synth, lofi rhythm with Cardinal, Pad with zynhaddsubfx.
There are also some effects: delay with tall dub 3, reverb with dragon fly reverb, ..
Recording with Ardor, video with Webcamoid, and editing with Kdenlive.
The Mc 909 does rhythm synths with delay, bass, kick, hitthat, snare drum.
The mix on a table tascam m 208 8 tracks."


"LibraZiK is digital audio-software studio and related documentation, designed for music production that allows you to install and use all the software tools you need to work with sound. The aim is to provide a robust, ready-to-use system for free software users wishing to make Computer Assisted Music.

LibraZiK version #4 is made of free-software and is based on Debian GNU/Linux Stable codename 'Bullseye'."

Roland MC 707 Demo - All Factory Projects (no talking)

video upload by Nicolas Melis

0:00 - 1:11. UK Night
1:12 - 2:32. Soaring
2:33 - 4:21. Skylines
4:22 - 5:49. Mirio
5:50 - 8:21. London L
8:22 - 9:40. Heroes
9:41 - 10:50. Fragment

Behringer Pro800 v1.2.7 faults?

video upload by Ig Oluffson

"I have had the Pro 800 for less than a week and there has always been an encoder problem. I tried different leads, settings, MIDI channels/separate MIDI channels, Factory Reset etc but no matter what I try the encoders keep giving random settings over USB.. This causes MIDI overflow over USB. The Master Tune jumps whether MIDI or USB MIDI or nothing but power is plugged in. Then there is the complete lockups/crashes!"

Optotronics - mini eurorack AV system

video upload by e j

"modules include:
-power module
-PT2399 Delay
- AV VGA module (3 VCOs)

runs on 15V 2A power supply which is not included.

more info here (including detailed PDFs with schematics+ description) :"

L-1 Midside Discre Microcompressor on drums.

video upload by Aleksei Laman

"L-1 Midside Discre Microcompressor in midside mode processing drums."

Discrete Microcompressor

Remake of ARTBAT - Horizon with OXI One and Coral + walkthrough

video upload by OXI Instruments

"Remake of ARTBAT - Horizon track using only OXI One and Coral with brief walkthrough.
It was fun to make it and jam a little bit. Hope you enjoy it too!

The sidechain using the internal modulation lanes of the oxi plus other automations (like filter envelope) bring the bassline to life really easily.

Plus note how the arranger takes care of the pattern progression (we’re preparing a video about this!).

See you next time!"

Studio jam on Moog Subsequent 37

video upload by Echoflow Music

"Playing with different settings on Moog Subsequent 37 in studio.
#moog #subsequent37 #synthesizer #studio #sub37"

SUNWATER HORIZON (Live #9) : SynthR4 & NRSynth M55 Ancestor

video upload by KurtzMindfields

"This title is mainly composed with SynthR4 & NRSynth synthesizers.
Kurtz Mindfields plays: SynthR4 Master stereo sequencer, NRSynth M55 Moog Ancestor & Retro One, ARP Pro Soloist, Pro 800 pads, ModX6 Yamaha, Arturia Solina & Augmentd voices VST
Composed by Jean-Luc Briançon
recorded & mixed (4 lives tracks) on Sequoia15 Magix, Slate digital reverbs/delay
Albums "Les Voyages Electroniques vol. 2 :"

Tweak session with the Yamaha CS-30 thru a pair of Dolby 361s with the "Dolby Trick"

video upload by HanzVolt

Follow-up to this post.

Patch n Tweak
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