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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Luminous Trilogy & A CATALOGUE OF FM MATERIALS by Element433 ( a.k.a. Pere Villez)

via Element433 (Pere Villez)

"When I made the popular YouTube series 'FM Catalogue of Materials', many viewers commented that they would love to see some more of the 'music tech as cinema' style created in the videos.

My new project 'Luminous Trilogy' release, does exactly that. In part 1 'WTD', synths and synth technical diagrams, together with Pure Data/Max patches, become casual parts of the film's environment, which is set in an alt near future. Part 1 was realised with analogue modular, whereas Part 2 "Breath" was scored using binaural audio, VCV rack and live Indian tablas. Part 3 'Contrails' uses physical models, Samplicity's Berlin Studios and vintage FM hardware."

Luminous Trilogy

video uploads by Element433 ( a.k.a. Pere Villez)

"Three music shorts around the theme of light, from incandescent urban folklore set in the near future, electric neon glowing medussae to impossible skies, all to the sound of dark ambient and techno-world music"


Walking The Dulzaina - Luminous Trilogy - Part 1
Walking The Dulzaina is an edited one-shot music film which details the manic walkthrough time-lapse of an imaginary synthesised dulzaina (Spanish folkloric instrument) being taken for a walk through the "Las Vegas" like dressed streets of a small village festive celebration set somewhere in the near future.

The visuals are nods to the Bladerunner, Lynch, Weirdcore and Kubrick where the glow of transparent neon CRTs, display technical diagrams with a music technology theme. Some suddenly slide up from the ground, while others cross from one side of the street to another.

The music is inspired by minimalism, industrial techno synth-folk where Steve Reich and Techno meet Raymond Scott and 1960's BBC radiophonic.

Musical Equipment Detail:

Intro: Moog Subharmonicon through Fairfield Randy's Revenge ring modular - into two crunchy Elby Systems stereo valve preamps and out into a stereo pair of Doepfer A-199 spring tanks).

Dulzainas: Buchla Easel Command sometimes untreated and sometimes solo through a J.H. 'Son of a Storm Tide' stereo analogue studio flanger (built by Van Daal Electronics (second dulzainas and very low transition whoooses). Buchla and Subharmonicon sync locked and clock divided by Ornaments and Crime clock divider.

Final wormhole sequence: Subharmonicon through stereo A-199 Doepfer spring reverbs and Paulstretched.

This work is not sponsored by any the manufacturers mentioned. They are personally purchased pieces of equipment.


Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Making Modular Breaks and Builds With Some Special New Additions

video upload by knobula

"Its November, it's freezing outside and I'm getting my case ready for some performances next week. New additions to the case are Jasmine and Olives's Water, and a Knobrecorder from Flame. Both providing much needed CV polyrhythms and twisted CV loops for the cause."

Sunday, November 05, 2023

'Dark Energy' Mini Synth, AJH Chance Delay, Penrose, Vox Digitalis, Radio Music sample/wav player

video upload by DreamsOfWires

"Melodic Eurorack performance with Doepfer A111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice, the new AJH Synth Chance Delay probability/gate delay, Sonic Potions Penrose quantizer, Music Thing Modular Radio Music wav/sample player, Doepfer A118-2 Noise Random S&H, Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis sequencer, Happy Nerding FX Aid XL, Cosmotronic Cosmix, Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 as wav/audio recorder, Happy Nerding Isolator headphone/audio output.

A small 84hp rig in a DIY case with 4MS power. I created the sample loops in Audacity from some choir music. FX Aid algorithm is delay into reverb. LFO2 from the Mini Synth triggers the sample & hold clock, this sends random voltages to the quantiser, which converts them into the chosen notes on it's keyboard.

LFO2 also triggers the Chance Delay, which is using the Length control to convert the incoming LFO pulses (square wave) to very long gates - each gate will be completed before it responds to another incoming pulse, meaning it can be used as a clock divider with continuous control, rather than simple preset divisions.

The Chance function determines the probability of the module outputting a gate signal - here I'm using it as a switch to trigger the Vox Digitalis, so with Chance at zero it won't advance the sequencer, whilst at full/100% it will trigger it on every gate it generates. Since those gates are a division of the incoming pulse rate, this means the sequencer will change samples on the Radio Music at a much slower speed than the notes produced by the Mini Synth, which is runs at the same rate as LFO2 and the sample & hold.

Mini Synthesizer Voice is the Eurorack version of the Dark Energy standalone synth.
More Dark Energy here: [posted here]
Performance using Chance Delay: [posted here]
My music can be found here:"

Monday, October 23, 2023

Sequenced Pigments Sound Bank - Arturia Pigments Presets

video upload by New Loops

"Ignite your creativity with Sequenced - Pigments Sound Bank.

Download free Pigments presets -"

Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse Now on Kickstarter

introduction video upload by Lambda Synthetics

"Lambda Synthetics today launches their Kickstarter campaign for the PolyPulse, the algorithmic performance workstation which combines the playfulness and performability of physical instruments with the precision and sonic detail of digital music production techniques into a single package!"

PolyPulse workflow overview

Ward Slager performing live with the PolyPulse

You might remember Lambda's PolyPulse from SUPERBOOTH23. They are now on Kickstarter seeking funding.

Details captured for the archives:

The PolyPulse is an algorithmic performance workstation which combines the playfulness and performability of physical instruments with the precision and sonic detail of digital music production techniques into a single package!

Its 5 tracks each have an algorithmic sequencer, a polyphonic sound engine of your choice, customizable audio effects chain and morphing touch pad. The algorithmic sequencer allows you to easily create long evolving rhythms and melodies. With the touchpads you can fluently morph between four presets per track to create expressive and dynamic changes in sound and texture.

The PolyPulse has four audio inputs which can be sampled, and has eight audio outputs allowing for various routings including individual outputs per track or spatialized multi-speaker setups. It can be synced using MIDI, sample accurate clock signals and it even talks Open Sound Control. MIDI can be used to control sequence synthesizers and CC messages morph sounds on your favorite synthesizer module!

Key features

The PolyPulse can already do a lot! In the following section we're outlining what the current firmware is capable of, but we hope to be adding features in the years to come! Algorithmic sequencer

With the PolyPulse you create rhythms using an algorithmic sequencer controlled by a set of parameters. This allows you to quickly create a variation on a groove by turning just a single knob. Melodies are created using 'note lists'. When a note is triggered by the sequencer, it picks a pitch from the note list and sends that to the sound engine. Due to the separation between rhythms and melodies you can mix and match to try out new combinations and to discover wonderful sequences.

Morphing and mixing

With the touchpads you can have expressive control over all sound engine and audio effects parameters. On each corner of a touchpad a sound can be stored. These sounds can be modified on-the-fly, or prepared beforehand and stored in the project.

Each track also has a dedicated volume knob and effects sends knob. The effects send can be routed internally, or you can send signal to your favorite external effects processor!

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Arturia Introduces Efx Motions | Creative Movement Shaper

video upload by Arturia

"Efx MOTIONS is a software effect that combines musical movement, mix dynamics, and creative audio tools into a powerful effect plugin to give your music the momentum, variety, and pure sonic excitement it deserves."

Tutorials | Efx MOTIONS - Overview

video upload by Arturia

"In this Overview tutorial, Yetundey explains the basic concepts behind Efx MOTIONS, its structure, various modules, and motion editor. She also showcases a few use cases that might inspire you on how to integrate it into your own projects. Learn how to use Efx MOTIONS to create ducking effects, gated rhythms, abstract filtered loops, as well as stuttered drums fueled by spatial and dynamic effects."

00:00 Intro
01:12 Software Overview
01:42 Motion Modules
03:10 Macros & Modulators
04:08 Ducker Use Case
06:06 Abstract Use Case
09:22 Gated Rhythm Use Case
11:11 Drums Use Case
12:40 Transitions
13:33 Outro

Arturia Efx Motions plugin: presets walkthrough. No talking

video upload by Anton Anru

"Arturia has just released a new multi-effect plugin: Efx Motions. It consists of several blocks (filter, distortion, noise, beat repeat, effects) and modulation sources (motion envelopes, sequencers), and together they can change the sound dramatically. I like groove/sync/seq features the most: a pad can be easily transformed into rhythmical chords.

I passed my Minifreak presets, pads and arps, through the plugin and gave them a new life.

📚 Presets for Arturia and other synths:"

Arturia Efx Motions Plugin Overview

video upload by MATTHS

"Meet Arturia’s EFX Motions processing tool that turns the simplest idea into music that evolves and captivates; bring boring, static stems to life with moving filters, distortion, beat repeating, and more; making your music more responsive and alive."

/// Connect With MATTHS ///
🕸 WEBSITE w/ links -

0:00 Intro
0:56 Overview
2:45 Sound 1
7:45 Apply to the master
10:33 Sound 2
11:20 Repeat FX
13:56 Sound 3
14:27 Mayhem ensures
16:14 Deconstruct
17:24 Tape stop
19:38 FX
23:20 Glitch
24:24 Macro
29:33 Beats

4 patches with Arturia Efx_ Motions

video upload by DATABROTH

"read my full review here:

check out my wavetables and presets at
join my Patreon
join my discord as well

00:00 Piano V3
01:31 Augmented Strings
04:24 MiniFreak V
05:21 Emulator II V (drums)"

"Efx MOTIONS empowers musicians to transform their ideas into evolving, captivating music. It breathes life into stagnant tracks with a suite of features, including moving filters, distortion, beat repeating, and more. Your mixes will feel more spacious, responsive, and alive.

Give your music the momentum, variety, and pure sonic excitement it deserves.

5 motion modules

At the center of Efx MOTIONS are its 5 main audio modules, each providing a different type of sound alteration. Toggle them on & off, switch up their order, and dig into unique parameters for each one for a near limitless range of motion-based processing.

Open and close the frequencies of your incoming audio with 5 types of filtering for bubbly swells, pumping resonant risers, and subtle analog transient emphasis.

Embellish & texturize any sound with a layer of noise, with dozens of sampled noise types to explore - from analog white noise to computer keyboard mashing to cicadas chirping.

Saturate, degrade, and destroy incoming sound with 10 varieties of crunch to choose from, including Tape, Softclip, and the fuzzy Germanium.

Create variations in level for stuttering percussion, tremolo-like movements, and more.

Make full use of the stereo field by manipulating the movement of panning in sync with your projects.

Beat repeat
Chop, resample, and transform incoming audio into punchy rhythmic ideas, from subtle repeating fills to glitchy Aphex Twin-esque mayhem.

Efx MOTIONS’ Beat Repeater and FX module gives you 5 more ways to get creative with the movement of your tracks, plus 2 FX slots with 14 FX types for a sprinkle of sonic coloration."

You can find addtional details at Arturia here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Introducing nanobox | tangerine

video upload by 1010music

"Get powerful sampling capabilities in the nanobox form factor. With the
sampling features of nanobox | tangerine, you can add interesting new ways
of generating sound and music to your desktop or travel rig. Trigger one
shots, play time synced loops or record live looping. The nanobox |
tangerine can use one shots to play hip rhythms, or huge multi-samples to
play soulful melodic tunes.

Sweet and Tangy Sampling
The nanobox | tangerine delivers powerful sampling in an ultra-portable form
factor. With this nanobox, you can add recording, sample playback, clip
launching, slicing, and musically intelligent looping capabilities to your
desktop or travel rig. With an intuitive touch screen interface, nanobox |
tangerine makes easy work of selecting, editing, and tweaking your samples.
You can stream large samples of up to 4 GB file size straight from the
microSD card. Interact with other musical components via MIDI. Load
multi-sample banks with over 500 samples for amazing instrument
reproduction. Tweak your configurations to get them just right, then save
them to multiple presets for future reuse."

Monday, October 09, 2023

New Batch of Synthfest UK 23 Videos

video uploads by sonicstate

Playlist: (you can use the player controls to skip around)

1. Synthfest UK 23: Sequential - Trigon 6 Desktop
At SynthFest UK 2023, we had the opportunity to chat with Chris from Sequential, a part of the Focusrite group. Chris introduced us to the Trigon 6 Desktop, the latest addition to Sequential's synthesizer lineup. This compact desktop version of the Trigon 6 packs a powerful punch, offering three oscillators and a distinctive Dave Smith ladder filter. Designed for those seeking a space-saving solution without compromising on sound quality, the Trigon 6 Desktop retains all the features of its larger sibling, including patch recall, a versatile effects section with various modulation possibilities, and the distinctive feedback control that allows you to sculpt sub-harmonic richness.

Trigon 6 Desktop Price: $2,499
2. Synthfest UK 2023: Calc And the Prophet X
At Synthfest UK 2023, we caught up with Calc from Sequential, and he gave us the lowdown on the Prophet X. Now, you might be thinking, Prophet X? Haven't we seen that before? Well, you're right, but this hybrid instrument has been quietly making waves in the music world. It combines digital and analog elements, with digital oscillators and a unique twist in the form of multi-sample-based instruments. Yes, you heard that right, it's not just your run-of-the-mill synth; it's a full-on sampler too, boasting an impressive 50 gigabytes of memory for your custom samples. You can treat it like a rompler, a sample player, or even use those samples as oscillators, creating a whole new realm of sonic possibilities.

Plus, it's packed with stereo goodness, allowing you to explore a wide soundstage with ease. It's not your typical synth, and that's what makes its a favourute of Calc's

Looking for some more info on the Prophet X? Check out Sequential's official page:

Instruō - arbhar V2.0 Firmware Overview

video upload by Instruō

I've curated it with chapter markings to encourage hopping around to specific features/examples. I hope this will work as a video reverence in conjunction with the full written manual.

A dedicated tutorial on how to upgrade your arbhar can be found here:"

arbhar - Firmware update tutorial

The arbhar V2.0 firmware update is here!
In 2019 the launch of the arbhar heralded a new generation of granular processing in Eurorack. Sampled audio can be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed, and layered for an endless range of audio manipulation from seamless frozen tones to mutated acousmatic madness. Each grain sounds with its defined specifications. When modulation is used, the "per-grain parameter" definition allows for true polyphonic layering.
With the introduction of firmware version 2 (2023) comes a complete rewrite of the entire codebase to implement both technical and conceptual improvements that will enhance the entire user experience of the arbhar. We have ensured that the overall feel of the module has been preserved as much as possible. Advances in efficiency and expanded features will allow the arbhar to explore many more sonic and musical spaces.
Meet the Lexer Method 2.0.

• Up to 88 stereo grains between two granular engines, allowing for polyphonic layering
• Mono and stereo input configurations
• Six 10 second individual audio buffers
• 1 volt per octave pitch tracking
• On-board random pitch deviation and grain direction probability
• Scan mode, Follow mode, and Wavetable mode
• Stereo pan, feedback delay, and reverb configurations
• Built-in condenser microphone
• Analogue input pre-amplifier and limiter
• Audio analysis with onset detection for automatic audio capturing
• Includes 2 HP passive CV Expansion module and 4GB USB flash drive
• User-definable configuration for complete instrument customisation
• Save, Load and Clone audio between layers
• Curate/recall entire performance configurations with up to 42 Scenes.
• USB import and export functionality

Thursday, September 28, 2023

K-DEVICES Releases Secta, a New VST3/AU Audio Plugin

video upload by kdevices

"Secta is an audio effect that dynamically splits incoming audio in two sections and processes each with an exclusive kit of effects, sculpting silence, shaping accents and amplifying hidden details, guiding each layer into a parallel sonic dimension."

Secta / 10 minutes tape loop disintegration

Press release follows:

K-Devices releases Secta as VST3 and AU
parallel (sound) worlds

Arvieux, France - September 28 2023. K-Devices, developer of creative music tools, has released Secta, a new audio effect, as VST3 and Audio Unit plugin for MacOS and Windows.

Building on the concept of a multidimensional gate, Secta processes the audio in a unique way, adding an ephemeral and dramatic touch to acoustic instruments, warmly disintegrating loops, injecting abrupt drops and retexturizing your lines, or throwing down any beat into a dark path of fragmentation.

At first, Secta splits the incoming signal acting as a gate effect: the user sets an amplitude threshold using the Verge and Boost parameters. The signal’s amplitude portion greater than the threshold value generates an envelope which controls the Above and Below sections. The envelope itself controls the frequency of a lowpass filter in the Above section (resulting similar to a lowpass gate), while its inverse value controls the amplitude of the Below section. Such envelope can be shaped using several global parameters: Smooth, Retain, and Sidechain.
Above and Below sections process sounds using a different set of effects each: the more rumbling Above, the more textural and looney Below.
Using one section at a time holds interesting sculpting results, while combining and balancing them is great for creating richer textures.

Hard-to-describe with classic effect categories, Secta processes both sides of a gated source independently, acting as a counterpoint amplitude sculptor. Secta cuts to (re)generate. Secta is a colorizer, no mix parameters are available: just load Secta onto your track and let it inspire you with its timbrical shades. A gate, a dynamic multi-distortion, a double heads tectonic monster, a trembling detuned textures generator, and more... so many uses of Secta have yet to be discovered!

== Totem/ Series ==
Secta is part of the totem/ series by K-Devices: unconventional audio effects coming in a compact format, easy to use, at a lower, convenient price.
== Requirements ==
Available as VST3 and Audio Unit plugin
any 64bits compatible DAW
MacOS and Windows
== Availability, price, and deals ==

launch price: 19 EUR (until October 15))
regular price: 39 EUR (after October 15)
Product page:

Monday, September 25, 2023

Techno From Scratch, Let's RUMBLE on the Digitakt

video upload by EZBOT

"We're about to embark on an exciting journey as we craft techno music entirely from scratch. Our creative arsenal includes the Octatrack MK2, Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt, all working in harmony to produce some mind-bending sounds.

What adds an extra layer of magic to our performance today is my newest Octatrack template "'Techno Performance Mixer 1.0.1,' the latest addition to my Patreon offerings and soon to be available on Ko-Fi. This performance template for the Octatrack not only provides master clocking, 8 bar auto-modulated effects, 8 bar loops, and many other features that will undoubtedly take our music to the next level.

Our journey begins with a rumbling foundation, achieved through a unique resampling technique. We'll also be diving into an intriguing side-chain ducking trick, which I shared with you all last week. It's going to be an immersive and educational experience, so let's get started and delve into the world of techno creation.

Get the NEW Ultimate Octatrack FX Template 1.1.3 and the NEW Ultimate Performance Mixer 2FF 1.1.6 here with continuous updates: and here if you want a one-time download: https://www/

→ I love to teach! Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:

→ Get the Octatrack Performance Template 2.3.5 with SHIK MIDI support along with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:"

Sunday, September 24, 2023

ReFX Vanguard 2 - NatLife Trance Expansion

video upload by NatLife Sounds

"BUY reFX Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template:

Free Download NatLife Trance Expansion with a 128 Vanguard 2 presets:

NatLife Sounds present you a first reFX Vanguard 2 Template, which was created in FL Studio 20 DAW. It’s a part of the new NatLife Trance Expansion soundset which included in Vanguard 2.0.7 version as Factory presets (which are FREE for Vanguard users)
Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template contains a 61 Vanguard 2 synthesizer in the project, Leads, Plucks, Pad's, Key's, ARP's, Sequences, FX's, Impacts and Vanguard 2 Drum Loops presets.

The demo song shows what Vanguard can actually sound like today. Despite the intuitive and simple interface, the synth sounds very warm as for a soft synthesizer, and can easily compete with the Access Virus TI or even the Novation Peak.

So what you will get:

8 Demo Tracks in one
61 Vanguard 2 synthesizers/presets in the project
23 Aditional Drum Samples
No 3rd Party Plugins (Except Invisible Limiter G2 on Master/ It can be changed with any other Limiter/Compressor)
More Then 130 Playlist Channels
Each demo track is separated by color in both the Tracklist and Channel Rack
MIDI (all the Vanguard 2 sounds named, so you just need to put it in any DAW and use same preset)"

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Analogue Solutions Introduces MAXIMUS AS300 POLYSYNTH

On the heals of COLOSSUS and AMPLE, Analogue Solutions introduces the MAXIMUS AS300 POLYSYNTH. It is set to make its first physical appearance at SYNTHFEST UK this year.

Specs and details follow.

16 VCO / 8 Voice semi-modular polysynth.

Being built in small batches.

Batch 1 is avaialble to order now.

The price will increase for batch 2 due to horrific increases in all costs.

So get your order in now to lock in the price.


Available to order direct now.

Please email to check current wait time Typically 2-6 weeks

AS300 main unit £22500 £19900 Launch price - batch 1 only

AS400 optional keyboard £1900 £1800 Launch price - batch 1 only

excluding crate, shipping and tax (all if applicable)


1 Mixer
3 12dB filters
2 Full ADSR envelopes
1 16 step note/modulation loop sequencer
1 BBD style retro echo
1 Main out VCA
1 White Noise
1 Sub Osc
1 Portamento / Glide
1 VCO tune Vernier dial
Generous selection of cross modulation controls.

1 LFO with delay
8 channel stereo mixer
2 Real spring reverbs
1 Master control knobs
1 Poly MIDI to CV converter
4 Key modes
2 MIDI Sync modes
1 Multiple
Generous modulation routing

Metal cabinet
Birch ply real wood
Healthy set of jack sockets for patching on all panels

61 full length keys
Aftertouch with VCA for modulation
64 pad touch controller (can be split to 2x32)


Standard pad type poly sounds

Unusually Poly Sounds

Monophonic Synth Sounds

A mixture of Mono and Poly Sounds

Filmic / Epic ambience sounds

Rhythmic patterns, with a new sound on each key press.

Although Maximus can do traditional ‘pads’ it’s better suited to more unorthodox poly sounds. It excels also at unusual analogue loops and rhythms when it is played in cyclic mode. Have each voice set to a different type of sounds, and as you cycle through them you get very interesting patterns (melodic or otherwise).

Maximus does not have patch memory - just like the very first polysynths.

Every sound you create will be unique - the first of its kind ever to be produced. Your Maximus will never sound like anybody else’s. It will always be unique and yours.

Tom Carpenter is excited to introduce Maximus, an exciting new mega-polysynth with a design ethos truly from the dawn of analogue synths. It is more than a powerful analogue ‘workstation’ - it is also art, architecture, exquisite studio furniture.

Although we label this as a polysynth - it is so much more. We can’t think of a label to give this synth since its is so much more than that.

When you think of polysynth you think of flat synths with one set of controls that control all voices equally. By giving Maximus independent controls for every voice, you have more freedom to create unique styles of poly sounds impossible on traditional polysynths, whether they are hardware or software. You can dial up ‘traditional’ poly sounds (pads etc) or have something unimaginable different.

Because you can never dial up each voice completely identically, standard polys pads will sounds superbly vintage.

All the voice and modulation circuits are of course 100% analogue. We purposely steered away from digital, aside from of course the digital needed in MIDI and the mini-sequencers.

This synth is purely for those who want it just as it was in the 1970s - but new with parts still in production. For those who want a synth that could have been built in the 70s.

There are no gimmicks - this is pure synthesiser. A huge sound enclosed in a solid metal case wrapped in solid hardwood. No expense has been spared to bring this incredible machine to life.

Synthesisers like this only come around once in a decade, or possibly a generation.

AS300 main unit £22500 £19900 Launch price – batch 1 only AS400 optional keyboard £1900 £1800 Launch price – batch 1 only

Native Instruments Introduces New Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI Controller Keyboards

video uploads by Native Instruments

Press Release follows:

Berlin, September 12, 2023 – Native Instruments today announced new Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI controller keyboards (S49, S61, and S88), offering seamless hardware and software integration, unique expressive control, and a stunning industrial design.

Kontrol S-Series keyboard controllers are truly best in class, with powerful new features and control capabilities that enable creators to stay in the flow with an intuitive connection to instruments, effects, and DAWs, all with deep navigation on a high-res screen. They are available in three size options: 49 semi-weighted keys, 61 semi-weighted keys, or 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys.

New polyphonic aftertouch functionality allows creators to take expression further with the slightest pressure on individual keys, controlling cutoff, pitch, vibrato, and much more without reaching for an extra encoder or dial. All three models include polyphonic aftertouch on an industry-leading keybed developed in collaboration with renowned Italian manufacturer Fatar.

Kontrol S-Series controllers bring virtual instruments to life and offer a genuinely immersive experience with in-depth control via extensive Kontakt integration and next-generation Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) technology. NKS brings software instruments, effects, loops, and samples into one smooth workflow, creating seamless integration between NI software, all major DAWs, and thousands of partner sounds, instruments, and effects. This effortless integration enables creators to focus on their performance, without being distracted by the need to look at a computer screen.

All three models feature a stunning industrial design with a large glass screen, touch-sensitive anodized aluminum encoders and mod wheels, and redesigned tactile buttons. A highly visual lighting system makes it easy to stay in the creative zone with an intelligent Light Guide that illuminates switches, key zones, scales, and more.

Kontrol S-Series controllers come with a range of software that enables creators to start making music out of the box:

Komplete 14 Select is the essential production suite, including powerful synths, drums, percussion, studio-grade effects, and a wide range of customizable sounds.
Komplete Kontrol software unites and organizes instruments, effects, loops, and samples, mapping everything to the keyboard controller.
Plus: Stradivari Cello, Hypha, Guitar Rig LE, iZotope Elements Suite, and Ableton Live Lite

Top Kontrol S-Series Features:

Refined industrial design, manufactured to the highest level of quality for the best playing experience
Full-color glass display for intuitive browsing, tweaking, and mixing
Industry-leading keybed from Fatar with polyphonic aftertouch as standard
Metal-touch pitch and modulation wheels with central illumination
Unparalleled hardware/software integration with direct connection to Kontakt helps you find, adjust, and play sounds quickly and easily
Seamless integration with all major DAWs lets you control transport and mixing commands directly from the keyboard: record, stop, rewind, mix, edit, and see project channels on the display
Precision tweaking for all your sounds, pre-mapped to key instrument and effect parameters
Redesigned Light Guide pinpoints notes with a light above each key
USB, MIDI, and bus-powered USB-C connectivity plus inputs for four pedals: one sustain, one expression, and two assignable pedals

Learn more

Pricing and availability
Starting today, Kontrol S-Series MK3 is available for pre-orders from and select retailers.

Kontrol S-Series MK3 will be fully available online and in stores this October, with preorders also shipping at that time.

Kontrol S49 MK3 pricing:
€ 749,00 / $ 749,00 / JPY 107.400,00 / £ 649,00 / AUD 1.099,00 / CAD 969,00 / CHF 749,00 / CNY ¥ 5.899,00

Kontrol S61 MK3 pricing:
€ 849,00 / $ 849,00 / JPY 121.700,00 / £ 749,00 / AUD 1.299,00 / CAD 1.099,00 / CHF 849,00 / CNY ¥ 6.699,00

Kontrol S88 MK3 pricing:
€ 1.299,00 / $ 1.299,00 / JPY 186.200,00 / £ 1129,00 / AUD 1.949,00 / CAD 1.679,00 / CHF 1299,00 / CNY ¥ 9.999,00


NI Kontrol S Series MK3: The pros and cons of upgrading // S49/S61/S88 MK3 Review & tutorial

video upload by loopop

0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
1:55 Poly AfterTouch
2:55 Modes
6:35 Panel & guides
8:05 MK3 Changes
8:40 Next-gen NKS
9:15 More AfterTouch info
10:00 Panel changes
11:30 Connectivity
11:55 Settings
12:15 Komplete Kontrol
12:50 Preset filters
14:10 Non-NKS plugins
16:05 DAW devices
17:30 FX in Komplete
18:40 Scales
19:25 Chords
19:50 Arpeggiator
21:25 Loops & samples
22:00 Kontakt 7
22:30 Multi layers
23:10 Maschine?
24:30 MK3 S88
24:45 Pros, cons
24:55 vs MK2
26:55 vs the world
28:45 Outro

Monday, September 04, 2023

ARP Sequencer Model 1613

via this auction

"This is the 1st of 2 versions of ARP Sequencer produced - it's got a smaller footprint than the later version, is lighter weight, and is made to match some of the earlier ARPs, though it will still look rather pretty next to later ARPs or synths by other brands. This analog sequencer was designed to be used with the ARP 2600 and Odyssey but will work with many other analog synths with CV and gate inputs. Instead of entering notes from a keyboard, this sequencer gives you knobs to tweak the pitch with your fingers - all you have to do is dial up the sequence you want, with no knowledge of notes necessary. Since this sequencer outputs voltages, as long as you have the right connections on your synth, you can use it to control other voltage controlled parameters - many old and now new analog synths have CV inputs for volume and filter frequency, which can also be controlled from this sequencer. ARP seq's are great for people who like to tweak until they come up with something interesting. It's a much more hands on and experimental approach to making music. This sequencer is the perfect tool for recreating that early electronic music vibe, is great for making new techno loops or experimental music. It's not just limited to these styles but is best suited to them. It's an excellent piece to interface with most modular synthesizers because it has patch points for everything.

-16 faders

-16 step or 8 x 2 (parallel) step mode

-sequential or RANDOM sequence mode switch

-GATE ASSIGN BUS! - each step can output a gate out 1 of 3 gate bus outs - this is great for sending gates to different synths or envelope generators at once.

-2 channels of voltage outputs - 1 for the first set of 8 faders and a 2nd for the other set. This way, you can use your first set for pitch and your 2nd for filter cutoff, for example.

-2 quantizers! Unlike most analog sequencers, this one quantizes its outputs so that it will easily play stepped pitches -it's much easier sequencing 12 tone melodic parts when you don't have to fine tune every step but at the same time, the quantized outs on this sequencer have a much narrower pitch range than the other outs. Note: we calibrate our ARP sequencers to output 1 volt per octave. If your synths oscillators are not set to respond to 1 volt per octave, either due to design or due to being out of calibration, the quantized outs might not sound in tune. The main CV outs will work fine in this case, though you should really have your synth serviced if it's supposed to be 1 volt per octave.

-skip/off/reset switch, button, with input for external control

-step button with jack

-position 1 out jack

-clocked gate 1 out

-start jack, stop jack, stop.start jack, trig/gate switch, start/stop button, footswitch out

-clock frequency fader and FM fader with CV input - very cool for modulating clock speed!

-pulse width fader with PWM (width modulation) in jack

-clock out with LED

-quantized outs a and b

-cv input

-input a and b

-sequencer outputs (not quantized)

-multiple jacks (4)

This is a really fun piece of equipment that's more inspiring to us than most modern day sequencers. It makes a great addition to any analog synth studio / collection. Remember, you dont have to have an ARP synth to use this piece."

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Introducing the Woovebox micro music workstation; pocket groovebox, synth, sequencer, sampler

video upload by Woovebox

"Discover the Woovebox; the smallest all-in-one micro music workstation on the planet."

via Woovebox

"The Woovebox is a workstation/ groovebox that does more with less. It aims to make music production simpler, cheaper and more portable by condensing a powerful music workstation/studio into a small pocket-sized device - all through aggressive hardware and software optimization. Pocketable, powerful and economical

The Woovebox was designed for those who love creating tunes away from a desk or studio; whether it's on a couch, on a bus, in a coffee shop, or in bed. No space, no hassle, no cables. Just plug in your headphones and go! And when you are ready, the Woovebox plays nice with DAW and other gear; physical MIDI and sync out, wireless MIDI in/out over Bluetooth, audio in, .WAV song and dry/wet stem export - it's all here. Featuring a variety of synthesis algorithms, filters and effects, the optimized engine - quite literally - punches far above its weight; despite weighing only 68g/2.4oz/0.15lbs, the Woovebox offers deep sound design, real-time synthesis, sonic abilities and advanced features that are absent from grooveboxes many times its size and cost.

A fast workflow that inspires

The Woovebox workflow is a rethink of song building; it is fast, it fits a compact device, and it avoids "empty DAW project" paralysis. It was built to reduce friction and make the time from 0-to-head-bobbing to your own track as short as possible. You do not have to memorize endless obscure button combinations, and menu-diving is kept to a minimum.

The workflow centers on quickly setting up and filling out distinct building blocks, where each block quickly combines to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Tempo, rhythm and chord info is re-used throughout the song, interface, playback options and even the synthesis engine. This is combined with conditional triggering and conditional modification of elements and tracks. The results are complex, intricate compositions that sound refined, intentional and planned. If you wish, even just a single 16-step pattern for each of the 16 tracks, is entirely enough to make a complex song that keeps the listener's attention.

Built from scratch using close-to-the-metal programming

In hardware engineering, size restrictions mean power limitations. And power limitations mean DSP (Digital Signal Processing) limitations. Starting off as a personal challenge during the days of lockdowns by a veteran signal processing engineer, the Woovebox' DSP engine was built from scratch to be as "close to the metal" and optimized as possible.

It is a style of programming that focuses on extracting every last drop of raw performance from the hardware, at the cost of easy development. The hardware, firmware and DSP code were hand-crafted in assembly and optimized over the course of three years, to perfectly balance frugality with power, audio quality and features. As a result, your Woovebox synthesizes full, complex tracks and effects in real-time, yet the small built-in battery still lasts 10h+ on one charge. In all aspects the Woovebox project embodies doing more with less."

Sunday, August 20, 2023

TAL-U-NO-LX Patch Bank by Espen Kraft | Download now

video upload by Espen Kraft

64 New Patches! Perfect for Pop, Synthpop, Italo Disco, Synthwave etc.

Find the pack here:

The drums in the demo can be checked out in the link below. They're part of my "ultimate synthpop/Italo disco" sample pack:"

Italo Disco/SynthPop Sample Pack | Get it NOW!

"I've spent a long time recording, sampling and processing the sounds in this pack, with focus on quality and usability. Each drum sample is taken directly out of the hardware.
Many of the sounds has been made by layering different samples and effects.

This is not a free pack, but I hope you'll see it's priced quite reasonably considering the quality and quantity of the sounds. :)

Get the pack here:"


Looking for some truly unique samples? Don't want to settle for lesser grade sound-a-likes? This is the the 80's sample pack for you and it's simply oozing retro nostalgia.

With weeks spent recording, sampling and processing the sounds in this pack, there's an unparalleled commitment to quality and usability.

Each drum sample is taken directly out of hardware and many of the sounds have been made by careful layering of different samples and effects to give you the sound that's just ..'perfect'.

With over 600mb of construction kits, on-shots, melody loops, bass-lines and vox shots the hardware kit list in this sample packs creation includes:

Korg Poly-61
Korg DSS-1
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Roland Juno 6
Roland JX-8P
Roland R8
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland S-10
Yamaha DX7
Behringer Model D
Sequential TOM drum machine w/EPROM binary Linndrum, DMX and Emulator chips.
E-MU Drumulator

Dr.Böhm "The German Linndrum" drum machine
Elka OMB-5 and Drumstar 80 drum machine
Simmons SDS800 drum machine/brain
Akai S1000
Akai S612
Akai S700
Casio SK-1
Kurzweil K2000"

Sample Format: 44khz / 24 bit

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Pendulate by Newfangled Audio - Tame the chaos! (Demo and tutorial)

video upload by CatSynth TV

"Pendulate is a free virtual instrument from Newfangled audio based that blends and oscillator based on the chaotic physics of a double pendulum with a Buchla-style wavefolder and low-pass gate from 'west coast synthesis'.

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Double pendulum physics and chaos
01:16 Overview of Pendulate
02:13 The Double Pendulum Oscillator
07:37 The Wavefolder
10:25 Wavefolder and Chaos
11:39 The Low Pass Gate
14:31 Factory Presets

To find out more, please visit

'Pendulate is a chaotic monosynth that uses a brand new double-pendulum-oscillator to create previously unheard sounds - biting basses, searing leads, and gritty textures. It can smoothly fade from a sine wave to total chaos, with an expanse of territory to explore in between.'

For another chaotic synthesizer, please check out our review of KULT from Tracktion & Dawsome [posted here]

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content.

"Bored of the same old synth sounds? Newfangled Audio's Pendulate is refreshingly different. Pendulate is a chaotic monosynth that uses a brand new double-pendulum-oscillator to create previously unheard sounds - biting basses, searing leads, and gritty textures. It can smoothly fade from a sine wave to total chaos, with an expanse of territory to explore in between.

Pendulate’s chaotic oscillator is based on the physics of a double pendulum. What initially looks like randomness contains underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization. When designing the Pendulate oscillator we took great care to bring out these underlying patterns to create something both chaotic and musical.

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Digitakt Beat Matching: Repitch, Resample, and Slice

video upload by EZBOT

"In this tutorial, learn how to adapt drum loops to match any BPM seamlessly, providing essential flexibility in your music production on the Elektron Digitakt. Equip yourself with this essential skill and enhance the precision and adaptability of your beat making on the Digitakt. Let's get started."

Get the NEW Ultimate Octatrack FX Template 1.1.3 and the NEW Ultimate

Performance Mixer 2FF 1.1.6 here with continuous updates: and here if you want a one-time download:


I love to teach! Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:

Get the Elektron Riser here:"

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Pamela's PRO Workout: Generative Sequencing Part 1 - Melodic Loops & Patterns

video upload by ALM TV

"Pamela's PRO Workout is a powerful generative source of both random rhythms and modulation. Combined with the loop parameters, pitch quantiser, and more, these sources of randomness can be transformed into repeating rhythmic or note sequences that can be altered and shaped or evolved. In this first part we take a look at how to create repeating sequences from scratch with a follow up video coming soon.

This is part of our new video series where we take a closer look at the more unique and powerful features of Pamela's PRO Workout. Subscribe to stay up to date on upcoming videos in the series!

For more information on the Pam PRO please visit:
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Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Generative CV Sequencing
4:39 - Probability Beats
9:05 - Outro

Thanks for watching!"

Patch n Tweak
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