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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The VM stands for Vitameatavegamin

via @division6labs

"The VM stands for vitameatavegamin. (Old people reference)"

The Aria Tribe: War Drums & Battle Cries

Published on Aug 12, 2015 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-

No fancy routing here. Just fun synth jammin. The Electribe 2 track 1 is sequencing the Roland Aria System 1. All other tracks come from the E2 track 9-15. The middle part with just the kick was me accidently going one pattern too far, but I was having too much fun to start over. Hope you enjoy, and make sure to tall me what you think of my channel in the comments below. If you ask a question, make sure others are allowed to reply to your comments."

E-RM Introduces multiclock - Ultra-Reliable Multi-Channel, Multi-Format Sync Box

"E-RM effectively solves studio and stage sync and timing troubles with multiclock multi-format sync box

BERLIN, GERMANY: professional audio synchronisation specialist E-RM Erfindungsbüro is proud to announce availability of multiclock — an ultra-reliable multi-channel, multi-format sync box that builds a musical bridge between DAWs and external (MIDI, DIN Sync/sync24, and analogue modular) musical gear like no other by converting clock signals for tight integration into digital production workflow without troublesome timing issues, as well as providing helpful and creative realtime shift and shuffle controls to independently compensate for sloppy slave machine delays and also add groove to each creative channel — as of August 12…

multiclock’s ‘mission impossible’ is to therefore act as a one-stop shop for creatively synchronising all kinds of musical equipment to a master DAW with the greatest of ease and, obviously, precision. Put simply, it is built to overcome all of the well-documented problems associated with achieving tight synchronisation of sequencers, drum machines, arpeggiators, and other external equipment with each other and also within the workflow of a DAW. Doing this is easier said than done from a technical standpoint, so how has E-RM Erfindungsbüro apparently achieved the impossible with something so small and simple to use, then?

The key to multiclock’s reliability and innovation is its ability to acquire a variety of sync signals from an Audio Sync track, as opposed to relying on a MIDI Clock signal. Synchronising multiclock to a master DAW relies on a sample-accurate audio clock stream, which, in turn, guarantees gloriously-tight clock signals to within ±1 sample of jitter — jitter being defined as the undesired deviation of a periodic signal from the ideal timing. To put that fanciful figure into its rightful context, consider that jitter here is as low as ±20 μs (microseconds) and that one microsecond is to one second as one second is to 11.574 days! Do the math. multiclock makes such superlative synchronisation possible by providing an audio INPUT (1/4-inch jack socket) to process a special sync track generated from the company’s downloadable multiclock AU/VST plug-in (for Mac OS X/Windows) namesake. Alternatively, another way of simply synchronising multiclock to a DAW is to load the special sync sample downloadable from the dedicated E-RM Erfindungsbüro webpage ( Whichever route discerning users choose to take, the result remains the same: seamless integration of all external devices with the host computer, courtesy of those celebrated clock signals. Simply said, this thing is tight to within a gnat’s whisker of perfection!

Perfect DAW synchronisation notwithstanding, when acting as a standalone master clock generator for hardware-only setups multiclock means business by coming into its own as a seriously creative tool. Tempo ranges between 30-300 BPM, while time signature settings can be changed from 3/8 to 32/8, so slave machines always start in sync with the downbeat of the next bar. But there’s more… multiclock can cleverly shift all four of its output clock channels — conveniently labelled as channel 01, channel 02, channel 03, and channel 04 — back and forth in realtime against each other and also relative to the master clock. Connectivity comes courtesy of four corresponding DIN sockets, fully configurable to transmit MIDI Clock (MIDI), DIN Sync/sync24 (DIN) or analogue clock (Analog) on each channel. channel 01 even comes complete with an additional 1/4-inch TRS output jack to provide an analogue LFO (LFO) with various waveforms and a 0-5V range, while modular synth connectivity is easily accomplished via any channel using an E-RM modular whip to convert DIN sockets to two mini jacks for clock and signal runs. Up to ±300 ms of Shift Range ensures easy compensation of sloppy slave machine delay and audio buffer latencies can be compensated for by setting a constant Offset calibration for each channel, conveniently leaving more than enough headroom to get into the groove, whether working with or without a DAW (since it is always necessary to compensate for the starting time lag of external equipment). Elsewhere, those shift and shuffle knobs can be configured to emit MIDI Control Change commands, should a user happen to have any unused clock channels available on their multiclock.

More to multiclock than might first meet the eye, surely? Says E-RM Erfindungsbüro CEO Maximilian Rest, “multiclock is not only a perfect synchronisation solution for live and studio applications, but you can also use it as an instrument in itself. If you get your hands on this machine, you can start playing with the phase of your sounds, effectively changing the timbre of layered tones or setting the groove between individual drum tracks.”

Time to get into the groove, then! To start shifting clocks and shuffling beats with multiclock — also available with an additional class-compliant USB MIDI module add-on to enable other MIDI commands to be sent from a DAW to external slave devices while still syncing to the sample-accurate audio clock stream — is a musical game-changing experience like no other. Why wait to hit that perfect beat?

multiclock is available to purchase for €449.00 EUR (Classic version) and €519.00 EUR (USB version) — including 19% VAT — via E-RM Erfindungsbüro’s expanding global network of retailers listed here:

For more in-depth info about multiclock, please visit the dedicated webpage here"

Note there are two versions, one with, and one without USB.

Vintage 70's Oberheim SEM in Custom Wood Podium Style Case

via this auction

"Handmade case as shown (actual pictures). All knobs and switches work perfect. Even the two VCO concentric knobs work perfect. No scratchy inputs or output jacks. Perfect working condition - fully functional!"

ARP Odyssey 2813 Synthesizer SN 2065

via this auction

"Arp Odyssey 2813 Synthesizer. Will need to be refurbished. Does turn on and make a few sounds. Overall physical condition is good, with some scratches and a college initials scratched into the front panel below the noise generator. Keys all work properly and do not make excessive noise when depressed/released."

YMCA/Donna Summer Roland SH-5 Monophonic Synthesizer SN 4511143 For Sale?

via this auction

"Roland SH-5
Serial # 511143
Excellent Condition, Professionally maintained since original purchase.
It is a 1st Generation SH-5
This SH-5 can be heard on YMCA, In the Navy (Dance Version) and extensively on Donna Summer's Double-Platinum Album 'Live and More.' Keyboard case shows normal wear but still in good condition."

This SH-5 or the SH-5 in general?..

Clavia Nord G2 Modular Synth Keyboard

via this auction

Maplin 3800 & 5600s Stereo Synthesizers Construction Booklet

via this auction

"Maplin 5600s 4800 (sic) analogue synth synthesier kit instruction manual.

This is a very rare opportunity to secure a significant item:
instructions for the building of perhaps the greatest analogue synthesier ever created: The Maplin 5600s."

Hex inverter Mutant Hot Glue compressor for Eurorack modular

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Flux302 of

This is video #2 about the hot glue this one focuses on the side chain compression. [first video posted here]

Mutant hot Glue info below!

4 Channel Mixer with Effects Send
4 input channels, each with their own level and effects send control
Channel A mixer bypass switch and dedicated output for easy sidechain compression
Channel B is dual input, but shares level/send controls (for dual output modules, like the Mutant Hihats)
Channel C+D summed output
Main mixer output normalized to compressor input
Hi-Fidelity Analog Compressor
Soft-knee compressor based on the same family of premium audio ICs used in some 500 Series studio gear
Dedicated threshold and compression ratio controls
Gain control dials in up to +40dB of compressor gain
Compressor sidechain input for pumping effects
ED indicator actively displays the amount of compressor gain reduction
Voltage Controlled Analog Distortion Effect
A classic distortion topology reborn for modular analog synthesizers and drum processing
In/Outputs are conveniently normalized to the module’s send and return jacks
Blend control lets you adjust the mix of distorted and clean input signal
Fast responding CV input allows for complex modulation patterns and even modulating with audio signals
The Mutant Hot Glue is a powerful bus mixer for analog effects chain design. The included high quality analog compressor offers series or parallel compression, and a sidechain input, making it well suited for drum processing. The voltage controlled distortion is based on the batteryACID: IDOW Edition design, but improved for better signal fidelity and performance. It can be used in its default position, normalized to the effects send, or like every other part of the module, broken out and used elsewhere in your modular system.

By default, the 4 channel mixer’s output conveniently feeds into the compressor’s input, giving access to easy New York style parallel compression by way of the compressor blend control. The dedicated output and mixer bypass switch for channel A allow you to easily use it as a sidechain source for the compressor. An effects send and return allow you to create complex effects routings within your modular system. With the number of excellent DSP and other effects modules on the market today, this makes it easy to combine modules to great effect, all within the eurorack modular domain."

Buchla 281e Oscillator²s

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Ebotronix

Buchla System #1, two 281e oscillators ,FM by 261e
Maestro Ringmodulator
Moog Bass Murf ,CP251, MP201
Make Noise Format Jumper
Tettex Resistance Decade² (1k Ω)
Kenton Pro 2000
Knas Ekdahl the Moisturizer
Lexicon PCM 80 / 90
Mackie the mixer²
Drums by Buchla / Moog CP251 noise
vid # 1368

Roland SR-JV80-14 ASIA World Collection Essential Pads Drones Bells & FX Synthesizer

Published on Aug 12, 2015 SynthgodXXX

"Roland SR-JV80-14 ASIA World Collection
'Essential Pads, Drones, Bells & FX'
By Rik Marston ***Watch in HD***

100% No Talking!! Just pure Ambient World Fun!!

The fantastic Roland Sound Expansion board SR-JV80-14
World Collection ASIA for the JD, JV, XP & XV. This demo
shows off the AMBIENT side of this collection, less of the
traditional sounds & more of the Atmospheres, Pads,
Drones, Bells, Plucks & FX used for Ambient, New Age,
Dance, Trance, Soundtracks & Noise. I used my famous
Roland XP-80 I bought from Limp Bizkit & I added the
ASIA board inside. It is really beautiful for New Age...
And futuristic soundscapes, getting lost in "Akira" dreams...
Super good for Sitar Drones.... out of body experiences....
LOL. You get the picture! Worth every dollar!!!


Published on Aug 12, 2015 EMW Brazil

"Our new Potentiometer Action Recorder module modulating the cut-off frequency of our VCF S100. The sound source is our MULTIWAVE DIGITAL OSCILLATOR."

looping on the op-1

Published on Aug 12, 2015 j. tomes

"laying down some more beats on the op-1."

MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS Listings Will Be $1 Starting August 17!

Just a heads up, starting August 17, listings on MATRIXSYNTH CLASSIFIEDS will only be $1! I want to give notice ahead of time because there is nothing worse than paying more for something that goes for less soon after. Note that there still are no additional commissions. It will be a flat $1 to list any item starting August 17.

Aphelion Run Soundtrack

A new release from MATRIXSYNTH Member, BoB SwanS featuring the DSI Prophet-12.

"This is the soundtrack for Aphelion Run, an endless flyer where you take it all, or you crash and burn and lose everything.

A highscore game with a twist - you can end up with nothing. If you crash you lose the ship and all the gems within. You only keep your score by using your hyperdrive to jump to safety, but it takes 10 seconds to spool up and your ship is getting faster and faster... How long can you hold your nerve?

The game is available here now!!!

Original Music by BoB SwanS
Tracks 1,3 and 4 made entirely on The DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer"

Aphelion Run - trailer Published on Aug 8, 2015 Mr Tom FTW

"Aphelion Run, an endless flyer where you take it all, or you crash and burn and lose everything.

A highscore game with a twist - you can end up with nothing. If you crash you lose the ship and all the gems within. You only keep your score by using your hyperdrive to jump to safety, but it takes 10 seconds to spool up and your ship is getting faster and faster... How long can you hold your nerve?

Music is by BoBSwanS. Find him on Twitter @BobSwanS, or buy the soundtrack now on Bandcamp.

Coming soon to PC, Android to follow (I hope :) )"


Published on Aug 12, 2015 SYNTH GURU

"just a taste of its analog power"

Quick demos.

"another taste of its analog power"

Inside an MPC-1 1983 UK drum machine

Published on Aug 12, 2015 djhombre

"Just poking around under the bonnet of my MPC-1. A fine British drum machine from 1983, 8 pads, stacks of control, all analog and lots of outputs & inputs - even a computer interface!

No idea where the battery is located though! Need to replace it fast!"

KV331 Audio Synthmaster Version 2.7 - New Sounds

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Synth Anatomy

"KV331 Audio released Synthmaster 2.7 with many new features and 300 new presets. Here a short demonstration of some of the new included sounds in the factory library"

Sequential Prophet 6, 500 BILLION MILES, live, slight improv

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Bob Gomez

"This is my slight improv on an original theme I call, 500 Billion Miles. It was recorded & played live direct to the Zoom Q3HD, using my edit of Preset 401, on the Prophet 6 synthesizer. 8-11-15"

Roland SBX-80 Sync Box SN Z912788

via this auction

ROLAND SH-3A SN 382427

via this auction

Vintage Analog Yamaha CS15 SN 5191

via this auction

Studio Electronics Atc-Xi

Published on Aug 11, 2015 Stephen Coker

via this auction

"This one has the midi mod that makes it snapper and also the discrete Moog VCA switch which is amazing. It has all 4 filters installed. This is the very best and finale version they made. Bought from nova music in 2010 for around 1,800$."

Moog Minimoog Model D SN 3952

via this auction

"A rare find, this classic analogue synth (serial no. 3952) has recently been serviced and is in excellent working order."

Make Noise tELHARMONIC experiment #549767964954

Published on Aug 12, 2015 DrOne Drone

"Make Noise tELHARMONIC , DPO, and echophone. And of course the Strymon. Again, sorry about the bad phone audio and it's slightly out of tune"

Major Update for Sunvox - Two New Modules & Much More

iTunes: SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

"What's New in Version 1.9
* additional UI language - Russian; you can change it in Preferences -> Interface;
* engine is now optimized for OpenGL ES 2.0;
* new module - Feedback (see the examples);
* new module - Filter Pro (High quality IIR filter);
* number of MIDI slots (in Preferences) has been increased to 4; so you can use four MIDI controllers simultaneously;
* now any external MIDI knob can be connected to any number of SunVox controllers of any modules;
* now any SunVox shortcut can be connected to external MIDI button (Note, CC or Program Change);
* click twice (or right click) on the controller to open the new Controller Properties window;
* you can do the following operations in the new Controller Properties window: change, reset, randomize, write to pattern, assign MIDI IN;
* MultiSynth: new controller "Phase" - the starting position of the sample or the starting phase of some Generator;
* MultiSynth: added support of the "Set Sample Offset" pattern effects 07 and 09;
* MultiCtl: new controller "Quantization" - the number of quantization levels;
* Sampler: new controller "Rec threshold" - the level at which the Sampler should start recording;
* Sampler: ability to import the loop points from WAV;
* Generator: "P.Modulation" controller has been renamed to "Freq.Modulation input";
* Filter: new controller "LFO waveform";
* Amplifier: new controller "Fine volume";
* Modulator: "Phase Modulation" mode has been added;
* new functions in the Pattern Editor menu: selection begin, selection end;
* slightly redesigned Pattern Editor;
* new pattern effect: 13 - Set Bypass/Solo/Mute (BSM = XYY) flags; example of mute: 13 0001; example of solo: 13 0010;
* new pattern effect: 14 - Reset Bypass/Solo/Mute (BSM = XYY) flags; example of bypass reset: 14 0100;
* Song has been renamed to Project;
* new instruments from NightRadio, Pavel Ti, SolarLune and other authors;
* new simple song examples: feedback, feedback2, modulator (phase modulation);
* new song examples: 4004, music_in_our_souls, awakening_city, Transient - Tablerock, SunVox Compo 2015.02 Winners (Sirmooge - Phalanx, Pavel Ti - Boomer, KnyazIvan - Cold Summer);
* bugs fixed."

Telharmonium One

"Live session using two tracks of the new MakeNoise tELHARMONIC, and one DPO, based around interlinking patterns generated from René and Wogglebug, most under the control of a Nonlinear Circuits Super Sloth (modulating the waveshape of the DPO, the influence of the Wogglebug, etc)."

via nonlinearcircuits

Korg ARP Odyssey vs. MiniMoog Model D (plus a bit of Hammond)

Published on Jul 13, 2015 Mike Kiker

"Comparing the sounds of the new Korg ARP Odyssey with a MiniMoog Model D (circa 1974). Plus the Hammond M-100 gets in on the action.

Of course there will be snippets of your favorite prog rock tunes (poorly played I might add), because PROG ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Thanks to Andrew Amado for the synths & the editing."

Geektronica #13: The Path of Wind (My Neighbor Totoro)

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Ace Waters

"Expect to see a lot more Studio Ghibli from me, because they are among the finest films, animated or otherwise, to be made. This time I cover the iconic "The Path of Wind" from My Neighbor Totoro. Huge shout out to Joe Hisaishi for his masterful soundtrack.


KURZWEIL PC3X: Electric Piano
PROPHET 08: Vernon Pad
PROPHET 08: Lead and Hits

KORG volca keys 4-bar loop example

Published on Aug 12, 2015 tomohiro nakamura

"Sweet Harmony :-)"

tomnakamshow #05.5 [KORG volca KEYS in Enoshima Samuel Cocking garden]

Published on Aug 12, 2015

"Realtime Tweaking in the dark."


Published on Aug 12, 2015 Bastl Instruments

"Check out new firmware version for MicroGranny2! All MG units are now also equipped with brand new samplebank to explore MG's sonic possibilities.

Modular basics with Nikol teaser

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Bastl Instruments

"Awesome modular synth expert Nikol is teasing you to watch her modular basics tutorial series."

SQ-1 Step Sequencer TEST

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Analog Blaster

"KORG SQ-1 + Minimoog"

Minimoog Model D & signed CP-251.

MoonSatellite - Sleep Awake Part 4

Published on Aug 12, 2015 MoonSatellite Lone Wolf

Alesis Andromeda A6 & Moog Minimoog.

super 808

Published on Aug 12, 2015 rezzy blips

"sorry about poor sound quality"

Crumar Spirit Atmosphere

Published on Aug 12, 2015 Ebotronix

Crumar Spirit
Moog Voyager for Filter & Panning
Maestro Ringmodulator
Moog Bass Murf CP251 ,VX351, MP201
Kenton Pro Solo MK2
Lexicon PCM 80 / 90
Mackie the mixer²
vid # 1367

Vermona Sandy organ 1984 & Korg Ax 30g soundcheck

Published on Aug 12, 2015 lookapi

"Vermona Sandy & Korg Ax 30g soundcheck
by noheadchicken live @ Petit Rigolo Records 2015
Parts :

0:00 - 1
3:20 - 2
5:03 - 3
6:51 - 4"

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