MATRIXSYNTH: Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

Rheyne - Mother Jam #3 (3x Moog Mother-32, TC Hall of Fame, Roland Demora)

Published on May 16, 2016 Rheyne

"A patch using 3x Moog Mother-32 synths, with reverb from a TC Electronic Hall of Fame, and delay from a Roland Demora. The vid is in-sync with the audio, so all LEDs on the sequencers and LFOs will match what you're hearing. Good speakers or headphones are recommended."

Blocs Wave | User Libraries & Flatten - Tutorial

Published on May 16, 2016 Blocs for iOS

"User Library mode is now available

Blocs Wave - Make & Record Music on iPhone & iPad

Download the app:­record-music/id1085697317?ls=1&mt=8

Blocs Wave is a music creation app designed to inspire new musical ideas. Easily combine original professional sounds across a wide array of genres. Tweak your sounds using beautiful touchable waveforms, and make your ideas even more unique. Record your vocals and instruments, and bring your ideas to life within minutes.

About Blocs
The Blocs team was born out of talent from established electronic music brand Novation. The team were responsible for previous innovations such as the original Launchpad hardware and Launchpad for iOS app."

"What's New in Version 5.0
Blocs Wave now has a user library, which lets you manage your imported and recorded sounds. This means you can now use your imported and recorded loops in Discover mode, keep all your recordings safe, edit multiple library sounds, and even re-import your sounds with a new Flatten feature.

Highlight Features
• Never lose your recorded or imported sounds - Find them in the user library
• Use your own sounds in Discover mode - Easily combine your own sounds with soundpacks
• Edit multiple sounds - Delete, reassign key and type for multiple sounds at once
• Use Flatten to trim and save sliced or looped sounds to your user library

Other Improvements
• We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs"


Published on May 16, 2016 Steve Bryson

"A demonstration of how adding a little glide to control voltages from the Roli Seaboard Rise can make controlling a modular synth a little easier. The patch is a simple square wave, with strike controlling volume, press controlling a high-pass filter cutoff (stereo right) and slide controlling a low-pass filter cutoff (stereo left). The Rise MIDI signals are converted into control voltages by an Encore Expressionist.

The video is in two sections: the first is with the raw CVs from the Rise/expressionist. The discontinuities in the control are bothersome to me. They come from the strike being very sensitive, and the slide changing the filter setting unless I hit notes at exactly the same place on the keys (which is not realistic). The second section adds a little glide through a glide (AKA slew) module to the strike, press and slide CVs. This smooths out the discontinuities, making it easier to get smooth control."

A Brief Encounter...

Published on May 16, 2016 Genshi Media Group

"Another quick Eurorack demo. The mix isn't all that great on this one (Elements and Rings were too loud, Pocket Operator was too low, etc.) Just wanted to document a couple of ideas. There's also a little bonus part at the end."

Orlando Electronic Music Meetup (4/23/16) - Fourses meets Eurorack Modular Synth Demo

Published on May 16, 2016 Derek Morton

"Derek Morton demo's a homebuilt Ciat Lonbarde Fourses as well as an Eurorack Modular Synth.

For more information on:
Orlando Electronic Music Meetup:

Ciat Lonbarde:"

This one in via Tony Miracle.

Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming - Session 9 - Simple Filters and Noise

Published on May 16, 2016 EaganMatrix Programming

"Looking at the different simple filter types available in the EaganMatrix and showing what they all look like using noise input on a PC-based Spectrum Analyzer (not Biquad banks). Not trying to talk technically here - just presenting the basic filter types and controls. You should be able to experiment with them all after this session yourself to hear what they do to input audio of different types other than noise presented here."

All parts here.

AHNE 2016 Pics

AHNE 2016 Berklee
Flickr set by alt_mode.

"Analogue Heaven North East Synthfest at Berklee College of Music, May 15th, 2016"

Someone brought a Schmidt! There are reportedly only 25 of them in the world. The two orange ARP 2600s are Berklee’s. Check out the Wiard format dual Cynthia Zerocillator.

KORG ARP ODYSSEY MKIII with Original Box & Case

via this auction

PG-8X - Free Polyphonic Synthesizer Plugin for PC and Mac

Published on May 16, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"PG-8X is a free polyphonic Synthesizer Plugin for PC and Mac without any limits. It's complete free and sounds great."

via Martin Lüders' VST site:

The PG-8X is a virtual analog synthesizer, with the standard 2-DCO - 24dB/oct Filter design.


up to 12 voice polyphony
Two DCO's with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise
Hard Sync and Ring Modulation
Two exponential envelop generators
24 dB resonant LP filter
HP filter (3 stages)
Stereo Chorus
Import and Export of JX-8P Sysex data


VST is trademark of Steinberg
Programming framework: WDL-OL by Oliver Larkin

Technical information:

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Synthesizer Rev 2

via this auction

From Shatters to Feels - Eurorack Jamsession

Published on May 16, 2016 Colin Benders

"Was going a little apeshit on some techy stuff when someone in stream admitted it was 'a bit rough on his old ears' . so I tamed it down a bit for him."

Analog Four vs Dominion 1

Published on May 16, 2016 thisisprisma

"Analog Four CV channel clocking Korg SQ1 which is sequencing Domnion 1 osct 1&3 by sequence 1 and cv'ing the filter and osc2 by sequence 2. Inside Dominon 1 can't remember exactly a bit of everything going on :) fm, ring mod, lfo's...

All the rest i keep on adding is made on the A4 using the four channels with many different sound locks per step"

TR-8 transforms in to a TR-909

Published on May 16, 2016 pss50

"A small film about identity crisis on the synthesizer level, no synth was injured during this film.
Slow Acid tune is performed by a TB-303, TR-8 and a eurorack modular synthesizer."

Conferencia de Robert Moog en Barcelona 17 Junio 2004

Published on May 16, 2016 wutierson

"Con motivo del 50 aniversario de la marca MOOG se celebró en la sala de SGAE en Barcelona el 17 de junio de 2004 la siguiente conferencia impartida por el mismo Robert Moog. Mención especial a la colección de instrumentos Moog vintage cedidos para la ocasión por cortesía de Joan Cerezo."


"On the 50th anniversary of the MOOG brand was held in the room SGAE in Barcelona on June 17, 2004 the following lecture by the same Robert Moog. Special mention to the collection of vintage Moog instruments donated for the occasion by courtesy Joan Cerezo."

Erica Synths Product Line-up Brochure

Here's Erica Synth's brochure for their product line-up. You can click on the images for the full size shots to read them, or you can grab the PDF here.

See the Erica Synths label for previous posts including demos of their upcoming Pico (3HP) modules set to be released in June.

DSI Prophet 12 Custom Synth Cover

Custom dust cover for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 from Stardust Covers.


via this auction

Cymru Beats 2nd Summer Modular Synth Meet Details are In

Details for the upcoming event Saturday June 18 & Sunday June 19 are up at Cymru Beats here.

Along with all the gear to explore, there will be a screening of I Dream of Wires on the big screen, interviews, talks and performances.

"On Sunday at 11am (cinema 2) we are screening the seminal modular synthesiser cinema documentary ‘I dream of wires’. This is your chance to see it in a cinema in full digital cinema quality, surrounded by fellow electronic music lovers! Blue horizPWe will follow the film with a panel discussion with some notable modular evangelists, followed by social drinks and chat in the bar. To find out more and buy tickets for the movie, visit

This year sees a meeting of minds for discussion, interviews, talks, performances and films. The event kicks off at lunchtime Saturday, with an afternoon to hang out, meet, look at and talk about modulars. This year we’ll start evening performances at 6pm, with some great names in the field,

such as Thighpaulsandra, Nick Batt of Sonicstate, Eden Gray – one of the rare women of Eurorack, Cardiff’s ‘Mute Group(s)’, VCOADSR from Brighton returns this year and John Biddulph (Jools Holland band) will experiment with saxophone and modular. We are also hoping to have a very special guest performer, stay tuned."

MATRIXSYNTH T-shirt Sighting at Oregon Fringe Festival 2016

Brian Comnes sporting a MATRIXSYNTH T at the Oregon Fringe Festival 2016. That's a Doepfer Pocket Dial MIDI controller in front of him.  Side note: the pic was taken by none other than Todd Barton.  Todd has also been known to sport a MATRIXSYNTH T.

Also according to Brian "I think Ashland with 3 Easels in 22000 people probably has the highest per capita Easel density of any where. The easel performance that night was by Bruce Bayard who has the third Easel in town. I was using Ableton Live to deliver a soundscape to back up my video piece."

Thank you Brian and Todd!

Pontillistic Gestures ii

Published on May 16, 2016 Todd Barton

"a brief study in gestural sonics. for better audio:"

Launchpad for iPad | How to use Novation Launch Hardware

Launchpad for iPad // Get Physical with Hardware

Published on May 16, 2016 Launchpad for iOS

Get Launchpad for iOS free here:
learn more:

About Launchpad
Launchpad for iOS has become one of the most successful music making apps for iOS. Used everyday by countless music makers and remixers across the globe, it lets you easily make and remix electronic music on your iPad or iPhone, then record and share your performances online.

Launch up to eight loops at a time using a special 8x6 version of the famous Launchpad grid. Experiment with ready-to-perform sessions from a variety of genres, download the hottest new Soundpacks to expand your collection, or make custom sessions with your own sounds on iPad.
Built-in time stretching and synchronisation keep your loops locked in time, whilst you use volume sliders and filters to control your mix on iPad, and dynamic filter, gater, stutter and delay FX on iPhone.

About Blocs
The Blocs team grew out of Focusrite / Novation, where they were responsible for previous innovations such as the original Launchpad hardware and the Launchpad for iOS app. They are now based at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross, London. Learn more about us here:"

Nagging Nancy - Live

Published on May 7, 2016 Trübüla

"Quite an antidote (for Moog Mother 32 Solo)

Filmed Live@Home 07/05/2016 by Lüla with a Zoom H4n and a Nikon D600. Edited with Adobe Premiere, mixed and mastered with Pro Tools by Trübüla. The audio chain is M32 - ART Tube MP - Ableton Live: EQ, Comp, Rev & Dly

Listen using a wide range speaker or headphone."

Worsel Strauss, Serge & Weinglas Live at Fischbach 2016

Published on May 16, 2016 Wein Glas

"Gearporn at it's Best: Fenix, Hornet, two Buchla Easels and an Elektron Analog Rytm played live at the Happy Knobbing in Fischbach 2016. This is One of the Biggest Modular Synthesizer Gatherings in the World!"

Yeco - New touch control for Ableton Live

Published on May 9, 2016 Yeco

"Touch Control has arrived for Windows and Mac

Ireland, 10th May 2016 – ScreenForge has today announced its entrance to the music software market with the release of Yeco, its multi-touch controller for Ableton Live that runs on both Windows and Mac. Yeco is a fully featured touch controller for Live including access to Live’s device controls plus an extensive range of MIDI controllers; Drumpads, Keyboards, XY pads, Hex Controller and the MIDI Controls Panel.

Yeco works on any touchscreen and has full ten point multi-touch. If you have a touchscreen laptop or desktop monitor, you don’t need any external controllers or tablets. Everything happens on the same computer as Live, resulting in a more stable experience without the need to worry about servers or wireless networks.

Yeco allows you to have a truly mobile studio using a touchscreen laptop like the Microsoft Surface, without the need to carry controllers with you or connect to a network. You can have the same setup whether you’re in the studio, on the road, or performing live.


The interface has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. Those familiar with Ableton will recognise Live’s session view instantly. Features include mixers with large faders for precise control & accurate metering, device controls with value feedback from Live and all of Live’s names, colours and playing positions.

Yeco’s MIDI controllers have a range of features that allow you to play expressively and intuitively. The Keyboards features include positional velocity control on each key, channel pressure, macro controls and assignable MIDI controls.

The Drumpads have the same positional velocity control and are slightly taller than they are wide. This allows for expressive, precise playing – especially noticeable when playing rolls and crabbing.

Yeco’s Hex Controller uses an isomorphic keyboard arranged in a harmonic table note layout. This makes it easy to transpose chord shapes or scale patterns.

Yeco features a set of 4 large XY pads for multiple parameter control with easy assign buttons.

The MIDI Control Panel features 56 assignable elements including: 27 sliders, 6 knobs, 9 momentary buttons and 14 toggles.
For a full list of features check out our site or the tutorial videos link below which goes through each and every feature of Yeco in a series of 30sec – 1min videos


Pricing and availability

It is available to purchase from
It costs €45 (excluding local taxes in the customer’s country or state)
This is approx £35 GBP or approx $50 USD at time of writing"

Korg Kronos VS Yamaha Montage

Published on May 15, 2016 muzykujkropkacom

Korg Kronos VS Yamaha Montage Motion/ Combi
Korg Kronos VS Yamaha Montage Brass
Korg Kronos VS Yamaha Montage Strings
Yamaha Montage VS Korg Kronos Guitar
Korg Kronos VS Montag FM Presets
Kronos VS Montage FM Mood7 VS FMX
Korg Kronos VS Montage Rhodes
Korg Kronos VS Yamaha Montage Hammond

Akai AX73 6 Voice Analog Synthesizer and Midi Controller

via this auction

"Condition is very good, very few scratches/marks on the surface. All functions tested and are in working order.

-Thoroughly cleaned for resale.

-A few patches have been overwritten by the original owner. Most are in a different order than they appear in the manual. All are very cool sounding! Original owner was a trekkie - one is named "Dr. Spock" and another "Klyng". You can overwrite easily with your own patches also.

-It is both a six voice analog synthesizer and a midi controller. Useful in a contemporary set-up and fun to play with in achieving deep and raw vintage sounds! Seriously, it has some punch to it!

-All keys are functioning and have velocity.

-Second to last key on the right has been replaced. It was like this when I bought it. When I was cleaning the connectors I noticed there was a piece of plastic taped to the underlying structure to make it level with the other keys. I re-taped it securely and thoroughly wrapped the tape around the underlying structure with minimal contact. Should last for a very long time."


Published on May 15, 2016 Redmartian

"Roland System 100M using only internally generated CVs, gates and triggers."

via this auction

"This listing is for a vintage Roland System 100M analogue modular synthesizer. It features 3 x 110, 1 x 140, 1 x 150 and 1 x 191J modules.

The 100M is unique from other modulars in that it has a integrated signal path for CV, Trig and Gate which be used without (or with minimal) patching.

This is a Buy It Now listing, but offers are welcome.

110: VCO (Pulse, Saw, Tri), VCF and VCA. Two have a reversible mod that allow the low output to be used as a SYNC input (see video)
140: Dual EG / LFO
150: Sample/Track and Hold, LFO, Noise Generator
191J: Integrated multiples (40 jacks, 6 cv/gate/trig in/out, keyboard input, expansion output)

The original sides were made from an imitation wood contact sheet on particle board. The wood sides in this auction are made of solid African Bubinga hardwood.

The 191J is for the japanese market and runs off of 100v. Provided is a USA 115v to 100v step down converter. An assortment of 21 1/8" patch cables are included."

Glow in the dark slider caps as well!

Rare Latronic Notron MK2 Midi Sequencer

via this auction

From Wikipedia:

"The Notron is a British-designed MIDI step sequencer used by Björk, Howie B etc. Produced in two models, the Mark 1 was available between 1996 and May 1998. The Mark 2 was a slim blue box produced until about 2001. About 100 Mark 1 units were sold and a similar number of Mark 2s. The Notron is no longer produced.

It was designed by and developed by Gerard Campbell and the software was written by Dave Spowage of Concourse Systems (UK). The original model bodywork was designed by Martyn Seiles. It was sold under the company name Latronic.

In 1999 it won a Millennium Award from the Design Council and was exhibited at the Millennium Dome during 2000. For some time the Notron was on display in the London Science Museum.

Only about 150 Notrons were made, and production on them has been discontinued. So, already, it is a collectible instrument and will surely increase in value as time passes...

It does different reset points for each sequence, can output 4 different sequences, It does LFO shapes, weird stuttering things, step length stuff, pitch bend and mod wheel macros, chords on steps, some time-stretching emulation sort of tricks, delays, strums and reversals. Some of the other neat stuff was being able to group changes across multiple steps, and all of it in real time. A very cool machine!"

Hurrah for Notron!


via this auction

Social Contours

Social Contours from Bryan Noll on Vimeo.

"'Mannequins making friends with Mutable Instruments'

Performed on a modular synthesizer.


Just Friends and Three Sisters arrived this week and brought life to the melody voice in this patch. Whimsical Raps makes some seriously amazing modules:

The Moons of Monday - Episode 7

Published on May 16, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

Pads - Yamaha Reface DX
Drums - Novation Circuit
Bass - OP-1
Seq 1 - Virus Ti2
Seq 2 - Korg Radias
Seq 3 - Z3000 mkII + Doepfer SEM
Percution - Braids + Ripples
Eurorack Reverb - Clouds
Sequencer - Beatstep Pro


Are The Tigers Still Free?

Published on May 16, 2016 Trübüla

Spotted this one on discchord.

"One of my favorite Roger Waters' song is "When The Tiger Broke Free", maybe because I've lost my grandpa in Russia during the WWII. So yesterday I was playing around with the new Model 15 App by Moog on the WTTBF's theme and this is what is happened.

Lead by Moog Model 15 App (using Animoog keyboard)
Drone: Moog Mother 32
Bass: Moog Subphatty
Drums: Olympia Noise Patterning App via Noiise Flux:FX using Audiobus

All in sync by Ableton Link"

Proxima Centauri - Travel thru Space (Arrival)

Published on May 16, 2016 Harry M

"Sequences by Moog SUBs and Elektron Analog 4
Drums by Elektron Analog Rytm and Selfmade Loops
Strings by Korg Kronos"

Buchla Easel & Kinetic Protean

Published on May 16, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"The Easel is being driven by 2 gate sources from the Euro system via 2 CVGT1 modules. The Protean is the main evolving drone, and this is being modulated in the Spectral Multiband Resonator and using the reverb from Clouds."

Deep Sea Patch

Published on May 16, 2016 PaulLawlerMusic

"Ambient patch using Rings, Clouds, Spectral Multi-band Resonator, Octocontroller, and Protean (as a modulation source) Sequenced by the Kilpatrick K4815"

Bastl SKIS: Envelope/VCA Demo #TTNM

Published on May 16, 2016 The Tuesday Night Machines

"The Bastl Instruments Skis Eurorack module is a dual Decay Envelope Generator and Dual VCA with a characterful amplification circuit.

- dual decay envelope with adjustable decay time (trigger input, CV output)
- dual vca (signal IN, signal OUT, CV IN is normalized to CV output of decay envelope)
- crunch feature inspired by circuits of Standa Filip
- jumpers for changing the decay envelope to release envelope (vca is on full while there is a gate signal and than it decays)
- jumpers for enabling the decay knob to completely mute the decay envelope
- jumpers for selecting weird filtering of the output signal (also inspired by Standa Filip)
- front panel from oak wood, handmade custom knobs
- handmade in Brno, Czech republic"

The Robot League feat. birdkids - Being Spoiled

Published on May 16, 2016 birdkids

"TheBateleur 42HP System (Modular, Eurorack) - Multitracked with stock Ableton fx"

lullaby moon by ElektroNoiser

Published on May 16, 2016 ElektroNoiser

"This is an old track I've done it again.
The original track is here.

This time I used a Waldorf Blofeld and DSI Evolver.

Thanks for Watch"

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