MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Beast Tek's amazing Dirty Glitch

Published on Nov 24, 2016 Cray

See the Beast-Tek label below for more.

Sherman Quad Filterbank Jams

Published on Nov 24, 2016 ShermanFilters

FB2x2 303filter - 303 filtered with Filterbank 2x2
FB2x2 Acid - Sherman 2x2 filtered 303 + Sherman Rack filtering Roland MC202 + Yamaha RX5 modified
jam 1 - x

Sequential Circuits Six Trak SN 003355

via this auction

Yocto 808 Roland TR808 Clone

via this auction

"YOCTO is a Drum Computer clone of Roland TR-808. This is an exact reproduction of the analog part of the TR - 808 (with the exception of the BA662 VCA Clap has been replaced by a BA6110) coupled with a MIDI sequencer. You can store up to 256 patterns organized into 16 banks of 16 patterns in a Non-volatile EEPROM. Various functions have been added such as the ability to mute every sound, to chain patterns as you want, copy, paste, clear patterns"

DreamsOfWires - Mini Mod & Ring SM (with some Atlantis)

Published on Nov 24, 2016 DreamsOfWires

"This was a spur of the moment recording, but I was playing around with the Ring SM and in a 'scary soundtrack' kind of mood, so I turned on the cameras in case anyone might want to hear it. It was recorded in one take, no multi-tracking. All sounds are the Mini Mod and Ring SM, except the shrill notes that come in at 5:10; they are from the Intellijel Atlantis, which is also running through the Mini Mod's VCA and using the second Contour Generator envelope for volume. Ignore my messy patching, I was just changing things as I thought of it.

Whilst I was creating the sounds it reminded me of an old recording I made using the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, so I added the Atlantis into the mix here to give it that Roland-esque sound element. I've added a link to that recording at the end of the video for those who haven't already seen it.

The Mini Mod really can sound huge, warm, and characterful. It seems difficult to make it sound bad.
High quality audio version here:"

A Happy Thanksgiving Message from Bob Moog via Moog Music

via @moogmusicinc

"What you do with our instruments helps us to be more human too, and I want to thank you all for that." - Bob Moog

Genuine, thankful, and just plain awesome.  Bob Moog was all of these things and more.

Thank you Moog Music for continuing his legacy!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!  Remember to rest a nice compact synth on your belly when done!  ;)

24 11 16 - Serge Paperface VCOs

Published on Nov 24, 2016 batchas

"Basic patch with Serge NTO modulated by PCO.
Playing notes on TKB to change pitch.
No effect added."

24 11 16 - Serge Paperface VCOs (with reverb)

Published on Nov 24, 2016 batchas

"Serge NTO modulated by PCO.
Playing notes on TKB to change pitch.

Reverb added on top."

MODEL 15 Synthesizer Used Polyphonically

This one in via Peter M Mahr. Click here for a post on his site covering the track and the COTK (Club of the Knobs) Model 15 system used to create it. Be sure to see the rest of his site for more. Peter also brought us the CPM-Sound set for the DSI Prophet-12 posted here.

20 Synthesizer by Axel Hartmann - Renders, Demos, Details & Availability

A few pics and some info in via Peter M Mahr who has a post up on the 20 by Axel Hartmann here. Do check it out for more.

According to Axel Hartmann & 20:

"We have 4 weeks left, until Christmas 2016 will be here. And one more year of hard work lies behind us. The 20 is working and sounding fine now. And per today, I am very proud to announce, that for everyone, who is willing to purchase one of the rare machines, the day has come. Right in this moment, I opened the 'reserve' button on our website

Note the 20 was previously set to ship in June.

And the Sound Designers:
– Kurt Ader
– Dr. Peter Jung and Dr. Guido H. Bruch [boiling down Neuron samples to fit the 20]
– Peter Gorges
– Wolfram Franke
– Erik Heirmann

An interesting side note: Wolframe Franke was previously with Waldorf. He was the developer behind Largo, PPG Wave 2.V & 3.V, Attack and Steinberg's V1. He also released Stroke Machine for the iPad. Axel Hartmann of course was the hardware designer of Waldorf's synths and many other brands.

midierror Fundraising for Youth Music with new EP

midierror who has been featured here on MATRIXSYNTH numerous times, has a new fundraiser EP out to benefit Youth Music. The following are some details on the project:

"midierror has been going without alcohol for the whole of 2016 in order to raise money for Youth Music, who fund valuable workshops with youngsters who would otherwise have no access to musical expression. From organising, running and evaluating music workshops - he cannot emphasise enough the incredible impact that these music sessions can have on young peoples lives.

But he has raised a pitiful amount of money so far! So he decided to create an EP featuring four tracks which he's enjoyed making and playing live over the past year. Described as dark and sort of cinematic, he says they loosely based around the idea of the human race moving out into space. Expect to hear some electronica, jungle and idm..BUT if those aren’t to your taste there is a secret, more poppy bonus track for people the rest of you!

The EP has four tracks and a bonus chemical brothers cover, with Emma Harrop on vocals. Please name your own price (above £2), and give generously!"

Mine - Modular Controller from Special Waves

Mine - Modular Controller from Specialwaves on Vimeo.

This one in via SYNTHMEETING, who let us know Spcial Waves will be showing the Mine at the next SYNTHMEETING event. Also, Mine seek funding on Kickstarter in January.

"A modular controller highly customizable, expandable and reconfigurable designed for DJs, producers and musicians!

For more information visit our website:"

"Specialwaves is a new brand with the goal to give DJ’s, producers and musicians something new, original, customizable and updatable.

We are focused on passion, research and innovation, continuous improvement.

Mine is designed for those DJ, producer and musicians who are looking for a highly customizable, expandable and reconfigurable product. Mine is a modular midi controller composed by a case suitable to accommodate modules made of single electronic interfaces in order to offer the maximum flexibility in the creation of its configuration. Not always the solutions available on the market fulfill the user’s needs.

Mine is the controller that adapt itself to the user, not the contrary!"

Roland System-8 Audio Track Demo

Published on Nov 24, 2016 JMPSynth

"Received my Roland System 8 synth a week ago and very impressed with it.

This is a track demo of custom and some preset sounds using only the System-8 engine (not the Jupiter 8 or 106 built in). Drums are from an XP80.

Internal effects used plus a little external reverb. Great machine."

Latronic Notron Step Sequencer

via this auction

"One of the rarest pieces of studio equipment ever made.

I bought this from The Human League in 1997. (my Dad designed their studio) Since then it has had about 5 hours use, spending most of its life stored in its original box.

So this is as close to a brand new Notron as you will ever find. As you can see from the photos apart from a couple of very minor surface marks it is like new both aesthetically and mechanically.

The unit was factory upgraded to version 1.3 and so has most of the cool features of the Mk2 blue version. So you get the iconic design of the original and the feature set of the Mk2.

From Wikipedia

'The Notron is a British-designed MIDI step sequencer used by Björk, Howie B etc. Produced in two models, the Mark 1 was available between 1996 and May 1998. The Mark 2 was a slim blue box produced until about 2001. About 100 Mark 1 units were sold and a similar number of Mark 2s. The Notron is no longer produced.

It was designed by and developed by Gerard Campbell and the software was written by Dave Spowage of Concourse Systems (UK). The original model bodywork was designed by Martyn Seiles. It was sold under the company name Latronic.

In 1999 it won a Millennium Award from the Design Council and was exhibited at the Millennium Dome during 2000. For some time the Notron was on display in the London Science Museum.

Only about 150 Notrons were made, and production on them has been discontinued. So, already, it is a collectible instrument and will surely increase in value as time passes...

It does different reset points for each sequence, can output 4 different sequences, It does LFO shapes, weird stuttering things, step length stuff, pitch bend and mod wheel macros, chords on steps, some time-stretching emulation sort of tricks, delays, strums and reversals. Some of the other neat stuff was being able to group changes across multiple steps, and all of it in real time. A very cool machine!'"


ELECTRIC MUSIC STORE is having a Black Friday sale on PCBs. Click through for details.

New Erica Synths Pico SEQS, Logic, A Logic, DSP Details

via Erica Synths

"4 new Pico line modules: SEQS, Logic, A Logic and DSP

November 24, 2016

Erica Synths Pico series is expanding! Four new modules have joined this line: Pico SEQS, Pico Logic, Pico A Logic and Pico DSP. Price range is from 70€ to 120€!

Pico SEQS is an advanced 4 channel sequential switch with sophisticated control over switching the channels – it combines clock and/or CV signals to advance to next step and define number of steps. Use it for switching CVs or audio sources in order to achieve distinct modulations and soundscapes!

Main features:
 Number of switches – 4
 Simultaneous switches ON - 1
 CV control over sequence direction and length
 External clock input
 Chanel status indication LEDs

Price: 70€ (ex. VAT)

Pico LOGIC is Boolean logic module that allows to manage several Gate signals in advanced ways. As per Pico design concept, we managed to squeeze 2x8 logic algorithms in just 3HP module!

Main features:
 2 independent sections of 2xIN and OUT
 8 logic algorithms in each sections
 Internal connection of inputs of both sections
 Mode indication via RGB LEDs
 Output signal status LEDs

Price: 80€ (ex. VAT)

The third one is Pico A LOGIC – our CERN Hadron Collider for CVs! It takes two incoming CVs and outputs momentary SUM and DIFFERENCE of both CVs, as well as follows curves MAXIMUM and MINIMUM values of both CVs. Try to patch audio signals into both inputs and get distinct ringmodulation and waveshaping effects!

Main features:
 2 CV/audio inputs
 Simultaneous outputs of sum, difference, maximum and minimum
 levels of both inputs
 4 output signal control LEDs

Price: 70€ (ex. VAT)

The last, but not least, Pico DSP [video here and here], which is a small brother of our recognized Black Hole DSP module. It features 8 custom effects with two adjustable parameters and CV control over the first parameter.

Main features:
 8 great sounding stereo custom effects
 2 adjustable parameters per effect
 CV control over the first parameter
 Dry/Wet control
 Stereo output
 Colour coded effects selection

Price: 120€ (ex. VAT)

First Press Release for SUPERBOOTH17 at FEZ-Berlin

"Berlin, November 2016: SUPERBOOTH17 at FEZ-Berlin

SUPERBOOTH is the first European trade fair for electronic musical instruments. The second annual edition will be held from April 20th-22nd, 2017 at a new location, FEZ-Berlin.

At its basis, SUPERBOOTH17 remains what made the last event so special in 2016: a colourful, lively, passionate organized trade fair, with workshops for beginners and advanced users, round tables and product presentations. In addition to the exhibition stands, there will once again be around 30 daily concerts and live performances with artistic representatives of all musical genres.

In the coming year, the focus will be on the encouragement of the competence and capabilities for the next generations. The FEZ-Berlin was built as the "Pionierpalast" during the GDR time and contains various specialized designed rooms, studios, lecture and concert halls which make the FEZ an ideal venue for this purpose. In addition to a flexible event space, there is an integrated modern technical equipment, allowing ease for planning.

As opposed to last years venue, with the well-organized design of the FEZ-building and land, the paths for visitors and exhibitors are shortened, as the exhibitor areas, studios, workshop rooms and food performance court are closer together and spread barrier-free over three floors. With the rooftop restaurant, several bars and larger outdoor area, there are endless opportunities for a communicative gathering. Of course, again we will provide our culinary mile, where you can enjoy a wide range of food and drinks while listening to experimental sounds from the Sea Side Stage.

Through workshops, lectures, performances and the fair, SUPERBOOTH17 has set out the goal of providing young people and inexperienced users with specialized expertise. For this purpose, the entire lower foyer and outdoor areas will be freely accessible and offer individual workrooms, educational stands and outside facilities for meeting, eating and experiencing a high level of live performances.

Further details on the three-day program can be seen on our website and will be regularly updated until the beginning of the fair. You can also keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter at

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH17
20. – 22. April 2017
FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin-Wuhlheide

Daily Program:
10 am - 6 pm Registered Workshops (Concert Hall 2)
10 am - 2 pm Trade Fair Exhibitors & Registered Trade Visitors (Mezzanine, 1st Floor) **
12 am - 2 pm Trade Fair Public Entry (Ground Floor, Outdoor Areas)
2 pm - 7 pm Trade Fair Open (all areas) *
12 pm - 11pm Concerts, Presentations, Evening Program * *= with valid Visitor Ticket **= only Trade Visitor Ticket


Boat shuttle – Ex Jannowitzbrücke
Daily - 8 am (Exhibitors), 9 am (Registered Trade Visitors), 11 am, 2pm & 5pm (All participants) Daily return travel from the Yoga Hotel Essentis is available from 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm. The nightly return shuttles are at 9:30 pm and 12:00 am. (reservations recommended)

Line 3 from Ostkreuz until Station Wuhlheide (direction Erkner). From the station one can enjoy a pleasant 15 minute walk or go directly onwards to the venue with the:

(at S-Bahn Station Wuhlheide) Daily 10am through 2 pm in 10 minute intervals. 2pm through 7pm every 20 min.
Superbooth Berlin GmbH / Ritterstraße 3 / D-10969 Berlin /"

DiscoverSoftware // Native Instruments - Monark

Published on Nov 24, 2016 DiscoverNoise

"DiscoverNoise 068-
DiscoverSoftware 013-

In this video we're taking a look at some of the dozens of presets from Native Instruments "Monark" plugin for Reaktor."

MODAL 001 Synthesizer / Sequencer / Arpeggiator With Multi CV Outs

via this auction, also on Reverb.

"Up for sale is the NEWEST version of the very sweet Modal 001 Synth. It has the Black Side panels too! Very chic!"

Yamaha CS-30

via this auction

"Very comfortable with a strange design and architecture. The CS-30 is a large, knob infested, black analog synthesizer with some traditional features and some extraordinary features.

The flagship model with 3 envelopes (with pos and neg), 1 LFO with multiple waveforms, Ringmod, crossmod (=FM).
Has two VCF multi mode filters (BPF 6dB/oct, LPF, HPF 12dB/oct), very fast and slow envelopes. The LFO can be quite fast. The CS-30 also lets you choose the sequencer as a modulation source for VCO1, 2, both filters and it can be clocked by the LFO or by an internal clock.

The modulation routing alone is deep, one can modulate just about anything in spades. Multiple ways of modulating major sections of the synth simultaneously."

Yamaha CS 30 Vintage Analog Synth with Mods

via this auction

"here is the description of the mods from the Japanese Engineer who implemented them.
It has to be the most tricked out CS 30 in the world. certainly that I've ever seen. Featuring everyone's wish list of modifications, in addition to standard features:-

About VCF serial routing mod, When you select VCF1 HP in VCF2.... Before mod, HPF signal from VCF1 goes to VCF2. After mod, You can select VCF1 mode that goes to VCF2 at VCA1 mode selector
Please try: 1) selecr VCF1 HP inVCF2 2) change the VCF1 mode selector in VCA1 and you will hear the audio change. EG and bender modulation routing cancel switches are located near KEY/SEQ switch in VCO section.
1) VCO SYNC SYNC ON/OFF switch is in VCO1 Section (VCO2 -> VCO1). And I'd like to intall two extra switches, one is to cancel PITCH BEND signal going to VCO1 and other is to cancel EG AMOUNT signal going to VCO1. These will enable you to enjoy great SYNC sweep sounds.
2) Sequencer Trigger In Your CS-30 will have additional jack (SEQ TRIG IN ) and Polarity switch on its rear panel. Everything works normally when you don't plug any cable to this jack. When you plug cable to the jack, your CS-30 is in SEQ TRIG IN mode. When the sequencer is MANUAL mode, it accepts STEP signal to proceed the step. START/STOP button works as reset button, it turns to STEP1 anytime you press it (while running or not). When the sequencer is CLOCK mode, SEQ TRIG IN works as START/STOP button, and START/STOP button works as reset button, same as in MANUAL mode.
Polarity switch is to select TRIG type. When you send Roland and most of other manufacturer's TRIG style (+V:ON/0V:OFF) turn this switch UP. When you send YAMAHA TRIG style (-V:ON/+V:OFF) or KORG style (0V:ON/+V:OFF) TRIGGER turn this switch DOWN.
3) VCF SERIAL ROUTING CS30 VCF2 has VCF1 HPF input (HPF only), but I'll unfix it and make all three mode (HPF/BPF/LPF) routable to VCF2. The VCF mode is selectable at selector switch in VCA1.
4) VCF CV IN This CS30 will have additional jack (VCF CV IN) and toggle switch (VCF destination selector, VCF1/VCF2/BOTH).
So: VCO SYNC ON/OFF switch (in VCO section) PITCH BEND to VCO1 cancel switch (near pitch bend) EG to VCO1 cancel switch (near EG selector switch) VCF CV destination select switch (rear panel, near VCF CV IN jack) Seq Trig signal poplarity switch (rear panel, near Seq Trig In jack) VCF CV IN jack (rear panel) Seq Trig In jack (rear panel)

A beautiful monophonic synth with extensive analog control and shaping.
It has two oscillators with separate outputs,
two voltage-controlled resonant filters,
two voltage-controlled amplifiers,
and three envelopes.
It also features a ring modulator, external audio triggering and 8-step sequencer."

RUSH - Their first synthesizer - a MINIMOOG

Published on Nov 23, 2016 Specter Resurrected Studio

"The Minimoog is a monophonic analog synthesizer, invented by Bill Hemsath and Robert Moog. It was released in 1970 by R.A. Moog Inc. and production was stopped in 1981. But you can still get the Voyager model, they run about $3,000.00.

Rush is known for its eclectic lyrics drawing heavily on science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy. The band's musical style has changed several times over the years, from a blues-inspired hard rock beginning, later moving into progressive rock, and including a period marked by heavy use of synthesizers. RUSH first used one in the song 'Tom Sawyer', which was in 1980."

Korg Minilogue & Strymon Big Sky & EHX Flanger Hoax

Published on Nov 24, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the Minilogue synthesiser through the Big Sky reverb (Mono in, stereo out)

No further processing except normalisation."


Korg Minilogue & EHX Flanger Hoax

Published on Nov 24, 2016 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sequence on the Minilogue synthesiser through the Flanger Hoax.

No further processing except normalisation."

PPG wave 2.2 + ARP QUADRA Vintage Synthesizer Jam "Nightfly" old Berlin school style

Published on Nov 24, 2016 RetroSound

"(c) 2016 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds & bass : PPG wave 2.2 Digital Wavetable Synthesizer(1982)
analog strings & phase shifter: ARP Quadra Analog Synthesizer (1978)
drums: LinnDrum (1982)
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay"

Le Comte - Kaitlyn

Published on Nov 24, 2016 LeCCComte

"Directed by Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic

"Chaleur et Mouvement" available on iTunes :

Twitter :

12" soon available on Les Disques Anonymes

Patrice and Louis Decourrèges thank you so much for letting us film in this wonderful place.
Shot by Gilles Pensart & Jean Sylvain Le Gouic
Grip Hugo Beaumanoir

Thanks for watching.

© Paradis Records 2016"

Autark in Dark , PPG WaveMapper

Published on Nov 24, 2016 RinghausenMusic

"Autark in Dark , Bicycle Underground Tour with PPG WaveMapper /
Field Recording
more info :
It has to be much louder !!"


Published on Nov 24, 2016 MANTRA 5

working on this two melodies in a rainy day
Beatstep plays 2 sequences on the a100
bass line is 64 steps
sound source: 2x a110
lead line is 16 steps
sound source:internal osc from Mutable Instruments Warps and 1x a110
Strymon big sky for a reverb

Korg Volca Beats into the Mattoverse Warble Swell Deluxe Delay

Published on Nov 24, 2016 mattoverse

"Korg Volca Beats into the Mattoverse Warble Swell Deluxe Delay"

Synth Jam 44: Korg Radias & minor chords

Published on Nov 24, 2016 Marcus Padrini

"Another Korg Radias jam. Yamaha DX7II as a MIDI controller. Playing just minor chords."

rhodes + moog + eurorack + push = ?

Published on Nov 24, 2016 iftahbox

Reminds me of an edgy Jean-Jacques Perrey with a splash of jazz.

EPISODE 6 (Roland Chorus Echo, Garageband for Ipad & AKAI LPK25)

Published on Nov 23, 2016 SugoiGaijin

"(Best in HD, headphones recommended)
I know I'm late this week, but it's for a good reason! Just came back to my hometown, and I thought it would be nice recording a video with this magnificent Chorus Echo, I hope you all like it!
Please subscribe and Stay Tuned for more videos coming soon!

(Mejor en HD, uso de auriculares recomendado)
Se que esta semana llego muy tarde, pero ha sido por una buena razón! Justo acabo de llegar a mi ciudad natal, y pensé que sería una buena idea hacer un video con mi maravilloso Chorus Echo, espero que os guste!
Suscribíos y estad atentos a nuevos videos muy pronto!

Gear: Roland Chorus Echo, Garageband for Ipad & AKAI LPK25.
And just a little post-mastering with Logic Pro X.
Videorecorded with a Olympus OM-D, E-M5.

Please consider supporting me at:

Check out my SoundCloud page:

Official Website:"

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