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Monday, January 30, 2017

Dead Boards | Peter B. / Ciat Lonbarde

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Synth Builders

An interview with Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde.

Also see:
Gonzo Circuits: The Synths of Peter B / Ciat-Lonbarde
The Shnth Comes to England - with Peter Blasser

Roland HS-60 SynthPlus 60, Juno 106 w/ Built-In Speakers

via this auction

"This is the same exact synth as the juno 106 except with speakers. So you're really getting a "bonus" with the added speakers but at a cheaper price than what the 106's go for. This one is in great shape. I'll voices, filters, and keys work perfect. The speakers are definitely not hi-fi and rumble a little bit when loud bass leads are going, but they still sound fine."


Published on Jan 30, 2017 Ebotronix

Parva Meets Elements

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Dudadius

"Futuresonus Parva being run through it's paces with special guest, Macbeth Elements. Graphic highlights my just-released album, now on Bandcamp, soon to iTunes, etc..."

Synclavier Demo by Adrien Duchemole

"playing some factory patches from my Synclavier PSMT system (power supply is a bit busy, sound is usually supposed to be even better and cleaner)

consider that there is a big loss while recording it (96khz), and even more when converting to mp3 format, but still, it makes realize how good sound quality can be

no FX added, nothing, played 100% dry"

Electro Faustus EF110M Blackfly Modular

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Electro Faustus EF110M Blackfly spring contact mic module demo."

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio! See the membership page for details.

The NICE's 'Country Pie'... played on Yamaha CS80...

Published on Jan 30, 2017 noddyspuncture

"I had actually worked all this out many years ago... but then I just completely left it and only just revisited it recently. Funny how you forget... I had to virtually start from scratch..! It does transfer nicely to the CS80 though. I'm basically playing Lee with my left hand and Emo with my right. Emo didn't keep the walking bass line going when he played it with The NICE but then he had much better and more complicated 'licks' than I do. It's a fun piece... and I do love my CS80's... ;)"

E7 Buchla Easel Basics by 7thDanSound

Published on Jan 30, 2017 7thDanSound

"Time to get to grips with the Buchla Music Easel. In this first installment, oscillators!"

Projekt (Korg Monologue Arturia Minibrute Roland AIRA TR8 Bass Station II)

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Calle Nilsson

Plant Music #5 – (MIDI Sprout + Aloe + Human)

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Smokey Quartz

"In this experiment I leave the studio to collaborate with an Aloe plant rooted in the Earth. With one sensor hooked up to the Aloe and one connected to myself, our MIDI signal plays two B-3 organ simulations via the MIDI Sprout."

All parts here.

Modular vid #264 & #265

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Phisynth

"the Modcan A format dual Benjolin I just built including some of the Casper Electronics mods (individual bits out, EXT XOR IN & EXT CLOCK IN) performing a song by itself (only a bit of reverb added). This is quickly becoming my most beloved module. I think it won't take long until it receive a proper panel."

Modular vid #265

Exploring Black Holes 19122016 No.05 [2x SpaceHole] // Korg Monotribe & Zoom MS-70CDR

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Computing.Sound

Exploring the MS-70's SpaceHole algorithm.

This time two in series.

The manual states that it's based on the Eventide SPACE BlackHole algorithm, which according to Eventide's website originated their 4000 series Ultra-Harmonizers rack-mount units.
There's also a plugin from Eventide called Blackhole.

But here I stick to the Zoom pedal. Although the plugin might also get me in the future...

Korg monotribe ➡ Zoom MS-70CDR [2x SpaceHole] ➡ audio interface

I love the combination of the two units.
Both small.
Both relatively affordable.

And as much the monotribe's (insert basic synthesizer or sound source of your choice) limitations can frustate for some uses, in this case they make it quite fantastic and a lot of fun, at least for me.

Roland TB-303 Bassline

via this auction

Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer

via this auction

"Basically, the Ekdahl Moisturizer is a spring reverb where the springs are exposed so they can be played/hit/fiddled with. As well as being capable of creating sound in itself, you can of course also play sound through the springs like a regular spring reverb - this makes for happy-fun-time finger-modulation of the reverb on whatever audio that's going through it. On top of this there's an analog multimode filter that can be used to attenuate or exaggerate certain frequencies in the sound, this is real handy while playing the springs as you can - for instance - cut all the highs and just make thunderous doomy sounds or do the opposite; cut all the lows and make that ear piercing high frequency special love. Also, it incorporates an LFO that's internally routable to the filter and that also has some external routing-stuff. The Ekdahl Moisturizer has tons of CV / Expression pedal options on the back for even more hillarious moments. The Moisturizer is a mono unit."

Should I Buy the Moog Model 15? Listen to these presets (feat AC SABRE) – Basses

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Air Craft

Get Moog Model 15:

AC Sabre is a next generation MIDI-based musical instrument and motion controller for electronic music producers and DJs for iOS devices. AC Sabre works with your existing synths and sampled sounds to add sophistication to your hook-making and powerful energy to your performances."

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Brass Patch

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Sacred Synthesis

"At the news of the discontinuation of the Prophet '08, I quickly decided to buy one last unit, a module. I had intended for several years to create something of a "Prophet '08 System" consisting of one keyboard version combined with two module versions, and all of this topped off with - what else? - another Prophet '08 Keyboard. To state the obvious, this instrument suits my needs better than any other instrument I know of. The nature of my music requires an immensity of sound, rather than a wide variety of tones. So, the obvious solution was to build up a system that could sound similar in size to a pipe organ, brass ensemble, or an orchestra.

This admittedly average improvisation is meant merely to demonstrate my first "PWM Brass" patch using this Prophet '08 System. Words cannot describe the magnificent immensity of this sound when heard in person, and I dare say that YouTube cannot in the least do it justice. Anyway, here's a moderately short demonstration of twelve oscillators and three simultaneous octaves of pulse width modulation. The patch uses the Stack Mode, so it's actually limited to only four voices.

At the mixer, the keyboard is centered, while one module is panned to the right and the other to the left. All the music was played on one keyboard; no bass pedals were used. Pure and undiluted Prophet '08!

DSI Prophet '08 Keyboard
DSI Prophet '08 Module (2)

Lexicon MX300 for reverb


Jamuary 2017 #30 Roland Boutique JU-06, Elektron Octatrack, Machinedrum

Published on Jan 30, 2017 bitnotbyte

"#jamuary2017 // day 30 // Today´s jam:
Is it only one more jam? I can´t believe I nearly did 30 jams in one month.

Triggering the Roland Boutique JU-06 with the Novation Launchpad Pro. Sampling into Octatrack. Beat from the Machinedrum. Reverb from Eventide Space. Additional synth from the new Voltage Engine of the OP-1." - Cockpit ✈ overview

Published on Jan 30, 2017 TheEndorphines

" - Cockpit

- 6 HP width, up to 1 1/2“ in depth – super slim and SHUTTLE friendly
- 4 stereo channel performance mixer – the missing link to the 84 HP SHUTTLE system
- connect your desktop synthesizers/iPad/drum machine/mp3 player to be mixed altogether with the rest of your modular gear
- two channels of send and return to use Apple™ iOS™ devices as an FX processor (using 4 pin TRRS cable)
- on-board compressor with external sidechain control to add proper dynamics or ducking to your mix
- stereo output for speakerphones or headphones with enough current to drive a wide range of headphones
iOS apps used in the video: Flux:FX for iPhone and iPad, Olympia Noise Co. Patterning, StepPolyArp (by Laurent Colson)
Music sketches by Principal Uno."

Learning Modular Synthesis: Arturia Modular V – Introduction

Learning Modular Synthesis: Arturia Modular V – Introduction from Learning Modular on Vimeo.

"This is the course overview for 'Learning Modular Synthesis: Arturia Modular V' where I lay out the basic idea of the course, and what will be covered in what order.

One of the most exciting areas of music creation is modular synthesis, where you get to interconnect the fundamental building blocks of a synthesizer to create your own instrument. In this course, music industry veteran and synth designer Chris Meyer uses the Arturia Modular V software – a realistic emulation of the original Moog modular synths of the 1960s and 1970s – to teach you how to "patch" a modular synth to create your own sounds. Chris starts with the fundamentals of how harmonics and sound work, as well as how to connect the modules together. He then goes through the main modules individually, explaining the differences between oscillator waveshapes, filter types, and more, while demonstrating how to use them in a musical context. The third chapter teaches advanced techniques such as frequency and amplitude modulation, as well as using the effects and advanced filters in Arturia Modular V.

The course is available through LinkedIn Learning ( and ( If you do not already have a subscription to one of these services, sign up for an account at and sample this course and any of the others they offer, including well over 250 on audio and music (including my original Learning Modular Synthesis course for hardware modular systems: If you don't like what you see, cancel before 10 days and your credit card will not be charged."

Tiptop Audio Dub

Tiptop Audio Dub from Station 252 on Vimeo.

Chords: 3x Tiptop Audio Z3000 Saw > Z2040 LPF

Bass: Z3000 Tri > Toppobrillo TWF > Make Noise LXD

Bass Drum: TTA BD 808

Hat: TTA MA 808

Percussion: ONE > R*S Serge VQVCF

FX: Reverb: Z-DSP Halls Of Valhalla, Delay: Z-DSP Clocked Delays, Dub Delay: Moogerfooger MF 104M


Drums: TTA Circadian Rhythms, Bass: Verbos Multistage > TTA QuantiZer + manual transpose, Chords: Octatrack midi with Vermona Midi to CV module to the three oscillators via Toppobrillo Quantimator

Sunset Drive

Published on Jan 29, 2017 davidryle

"SUNSET DRIVE by Tangerine Dream. From the movie "Wavelength".

An exercise in simplicity of motion. The beautiful ideas expressed by TD were well defined in this piece with six basic elements.

1. The Bass line is made by a combination of two trigger patterns mixed into a row of 901 Moog style (Moslab) oscillators, which are run through the quintessential low pass Moog ladder filter - 904B (Moslab).

2. The wandering, hollow sequence below is a Q119 into four vco's and another ladder filter - Q150 in -12dB two pole.

3. There are a pair of intertwined ratchet chuff percussive sounds which I took upon myself to imagine. In reality Chris Franke probably used a more common single voice to interplay against the wandering sequence but I found the rapid hocketting sound to fit well in the 1980's era TD style. These lines were generated by an STG Soundlabs voltage mini store sequencer and a Switch module into a pair of Q106 vco's in soft sync.

The bass line and ratchet sounds are both sent through a 73B Dual Delay from Modcan.

4. The stab chord is a unison double-octave G from the Roland JX-8P. The patch is "Whitewidow" and is modified quite a bit. I am not so certain this was the synth used by TD for this particular song, but it seemned to work well.

5. The flute sound is a sample from Sampletron of the Mellotron Mark V 'Mltron Fultes'. I used a bit of delay in Sampletron and a little Valhalla reverb to thicken it.

6. The middle portion glassy sound is again the Roland JX-8P with the 'Waveaura' patch. This patch is all over TD's 80's music and particularly prevalent on"Wavelength". I used the patch as-is and another duplicate track with some modifications. Quite a bit of Lexicon reverb and delay was added.

All clock timings were generated using midi and sync24 from Cubase. The main clock base in the modular was the Suit & Tie Guy Time Divider and Integer Divider modules. The Moon Modular 563 Trigger Sequencer was used to generate the main lower bass line timing and the STG Soundlabs TMS was used for the upper bass line. A Q960 was employed to fine tune the levels between the two bass line elements. A Yusynth AC/DC mixer was used to mix the envelopes and control voltages to the filter and vca.

I am a long time fan of Tangerine Dream and particularly fond of their sequential modular work over the last forty years. The music can be purchased from"

Plant Music #4 – (MIDI Sprout + Metasonix)

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Smokey Quartz

"In this experiment, the MIDI Sprout is a 'one-plant band', playing the drums and synthesizer. The MIDI signal coming from the Sprout are being sent to both the Metasonix D-1000 drum machine and the S-1000 Wretch Machine. With some MIDI tools in Ableton, I’m restricting the signal to 4 notes to play the D-1000. The Polygamist is also shown being manipulated but it is only sending control voltages to the S-1000, it is not heard in this video. Reverb is coming from the Metasonix R-56 Spring Reverb module just outta sight about the D-1000. I don’t start touching the succulent, a Crassula falcatta, until about 1:20."

All parts here.


Published on Jan 30, 2017 once upon a synth

"Behringer Deepmind 12 sequencer tutorial. In this video I go over how to use the control sequencer which is a modulation sequencer that you can assign to any parameter in the mod matrix. I like to think of it as a fancy LFO. In fact you can replicate some common LFO shapes with it and use it as a 3rd LFO as well."

Klangwerkstatt Bingen – "Hard Egg" (Techno Improvisation)

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Punkfurt

"Synthesizer Improvisation with:

- electron analogfour
- electron octatrack
- modular (Doepfer, Mutable, etc.)
- nord lead 2 rack
- moog mother32
- akai rhythm wolf
- korg kaosspad 3
- arturia beatstap (pro)
- strymon bigsky"

Roland Promars MRS2 Synthesiser

via this auction

"Overall, the synth is in superb working condition. The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The wooden side panels are really tidy with only minor marks. The back panel is very good with only minor marks to the paintwork.

All knobs, sliders and switches are present, original and function correctly.

The unit has been fully tested and the oscillator tuning and scaling confirmed. A new memory battery has been installed. "

Roland System 100 101

via this auction

"Overall, the synth is in outstanding working condition. The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The side panels have minor marks only. The back panel is very clean with only a couple of blemishes to the paintwork.

All knobs, sliders and switches are present, original and function correctly.

The unit has been fully tested and the oscillator tuning and scaling confirmed."


via this auction, also on Reverb.

Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Synthesizer by Moog Music SN 7021

via this auction

"The MG-1 was built by Moog for Realistic (sold by Radio Shack). Very good way to get some Moog sounds... It is is an analog synth, Designed by Moog with a genuine Moog filter. It can produce sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms, and the oscillators are detunable and syncable. An envelope called contour can be applied to both the amp and the filter. Another section provides triangle or square wave patterns as well. A slider on the far right side of the keyboard controls the volume of polyphonic organ sound. There are RCA inputs and outputs but no external speakers. Works great and it's in immaculate shape for a 35-plus year -old synth."

YAMAHA CS-15 SN 1468 w/ Original Case

via this auction

Vintage Roland System-100 101/102 Set

via this auction

Roland Juno-106 SN 4226 with Original Box

via this auction

See the seller's other items for more.

YAMAHA VL7 physical modeling synthesizer

via this auction


Published on Jan 30, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"THE GAMEBOY MAKES NO SOUND. it is merely being used as a controller!

using LSDJ, and the ARDUINOBOY code (search both of them up and your sorted)

its super simple to build.

you only need a gameboy, a cartridge for gameboy, look at shops like kitsch bent or retrotowers.

search up arduino nano on eBay they are about £2, 6 led's 1 6N138 and a handful of other things. its real easy. you will be pointed in the right direction if you search up arduinoboy. there are even assembled versions!!

this is only a very small amount of what LSDJ, and arduinoboy do! i don't think its a very popular feature of either of them. but its all i use them for!"

The Korg Monologue- Part 3- Filter

Published on Jan 30, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the filter on the Korg Monologue."

All parts here.

Behringer Deepmind 12 Exploration

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Earmonkey Music

"I created a patch with some S&H modulation on the filter, some FX to enhance, and just played around with it. Then I went back to an INIT patch to try to kind of take you through my process in creating patches. This is really just a mess around but I think it gives a nice glimpse into the DM12."

Riamiwo - Linearbeschleunigung Modular-Jam Erebus/Microbrute/VolcaFM/TR09 (Riamiwo StudioVlog 20)

Published on Jan 30, 2017 riamiwovideos

"Release Day!! Here's a jam-session were I've played Linearbeschleunigung with my synths live:)

Label: Uxoa Dutta Elite
Katalog: UXE090

Get your copy at Beatport:

Linearbeschleunigung on Soundcloud:

Dreadbox Erebus
Dreadbox Hades
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia MicroBrute
Roland TR09
Roland JP08
Korg VolcaFM
Doepfer: 2x A147-2 VCD LFO
2x A138c Polarizing Mixer
A148 Dual S&H
A160-2 Clock Divider
A180-2 Multiples"

Boodaman (modular synthesizer jam) - Indian Summer

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Cavisynth aka Boodaman

"One arm, Computerless and 100% modular synthesizer performace.

Second track with my faboulous new eurorack sequencer: Haverstman Stillson Hammer MarkII.
All drum sounds provided by the modular system.

Your booking request for a live act: sounds[at]"

Modular Monthly: Exploring the Studio Electronics Tonestar 2600

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Future Music Magazine

"The Tonestar from Studio Electronics is an impressive synth voice inspired by the iconic ARP 2600. Let's explore what it can do..."

Kalmt // live modular synth jam

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Ivan Pogodichev

"Live modular improvisation, direct recording.
More music at"

Sébastien Léger - Moonlight

Published on Jan 30, 2017 Sebastien Leger

"Complex harmonies with multiple VCO and all that cable noodle joy :)"

Modified Delay Pedal Jam with Arturia Drumbrute!

Published on Jan 29, 2017 itijik

"I modified a behringer VD400 (super cheap delay pedal) and added a photo resistor to control delay time with light! This is the first time trying it out with the Arturia Drumbrute in a quick practice session. The output is also going through the Strymon BlueSky reverb."

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