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Gotye to Pay Tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey at Moogfest

via Moogfest:

"At Moogfest 2017, Gotye will present a tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey. Jean-Jacques Perrey (1929-2016) was an alternative pop visionary, a pioneer of rhythmic tape editing techniques, and a virtuoso of the rare French electronic musical instrument, the Ondioline. Gotye, a long-time Perrey fan and a budding Ondiolinist, has assembled the Ondioline Orchestra, an ensemble dedicated to reviving the spirit of this rare and unusually expressive early synthesizer. The ensemble features thereminist/keyboardist Rob Schwimmer, vintage synth specialist and ex-Psychedelic Furs member Joe McGinty, as well as members of acclaimed alternative band Zammuto. Perrey’s best-known songs will be celebrated alongside ultra rare pieces co-written with Angelo Badalamenti and Billy Goldenberg in an eclectic set juxtaposing Perrey’s joyful and boisterous pop with more reflective work spanning three decades of his career. Ondioline Orchestra perform all sounds live, including Perrey’s signature sample sounds, classic Moog patches, and a rich variety of Ondioline timbres on fully-restored original instruments. This show is a rare opportunity for fans of early electronic pop music to celebrate this influential producer/performer’s wonderfully inventive studio work in a live environment."

How cool is that? I had no idea Gotye was into the Ondioline and Jean-Jacques Perrey.

Jean-Jacques Perrey has been featured here on MATRIXSYNTH numerous times in the past. I was fortunate enough to see him perform live back in 2006. I'll never forget that show. It was pure magic. That image to the left was from it. That's Jean-Jacques Perrey on the left and Dana Countryman on the right.

John Bowen Solaris - More Presets and Demo 2

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Stephen Hummel

"Volume 9 of the 'Circuits and Strings' series of studio jam videos from subtractiveLAD aka: Stephen Hummel.

With this set of presets I wanted to explore some more classic timbres, along with sounds that only the Solaris could do. These presets are created using only the Solaris sound / effects engine (no samples or external effects besides the occasional touch of reverb).

I have made Wavetable-based patches that, in some cases, lean more towards a Waldorf Wave in character, while others lean towards a PPG Wave 2.3...

Some patches are decidedly Moog in flavor, with some exploring a more hybrid Memorymoog-style character (CEM oscillators with Moog filter) and others a more pure Moog sound (Moog oscillators and filters).

There are patches that are FM-based and some that come close to modeling acoustic instruments. I also think I got very close to the original Oberheim "Jump" timbre...

I will be delivering all of the presets that I make to John Bowen and he will send them out to the Solaris users"

Demo 1 here.


Published on Feb 21, 2017 e j

"The Sequencing Machine is a pseudo modular diy synthesiser.
Depending on the patch you make you can create different sequences.
This simple yet versatile synth is capable of producing a wide range of weird sounds from watery, noisy rhythms to 8-bit melodies.

get more info and purchase it here:"

Korg Monologue Sounds by Cray 2

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Cray

Part 2 here.

Organic Substances - vintage synths session

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Michal Patulski

"Sequencer: Atari ST. Recorded on 1/4" tape."

03 03 17 Buchla Beat

Published on Mar 8, 2017 batchas

"Quick fun session today evening to clear a bit my mind.
Simple sequence with 243v set to 64 steps and another row of 8 steps for bass drum.
Direct out. No effect added, except compression in Logic.

No time to develop the patch, but the bass sound made with the 258v is something that inspires me a lot to spend maybe some more time on this kind of simple patch."

Mr.AcidMachine percussion synthesizer beatie bop

via this auction

These used to be available back in 2011. You can see some featured in the archives here. See the Mr.AcidMachine label some of their other products. The last post from them, prior to this one, was back in 2013.

From the listing: "This thing is rare! This is the only one for sale that I know of.Oscillating drum synth that can be triggered by the built-in pad, CV input, or audio input. It has an onboard looper and optical theremin. It is way too much fun.

It can be played by hand or set into 'loop' mode for drones, but also has CV and gate inputs for external control via analogue sequencers etc.

Runs on standard 9v power (same as most guitar pedals). I don't have an adapter for it as I always use my power brick. Or you could use a standard 9v battery"

1982 SoundMaster Stix Programma ST-305 Computer Rhythm with Original Box

via this auction

Vintage analog drum machine with preset rhythms. You can find a few demos of the Stix ST-305 in the archives.

Volca Circuit Sunrizer Thor Deep Session 10

Published on Mar 8, 2017 014london70

"Apps used : Sunrizer Thor AudioShare AUFX Dub.
Recorded into iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch."

Vangelis 'Titans' (Yamaha CS80 Mix by Drôles de Machines)

Published on Mar 8, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

"I ad the Yamaha CS80 bass and brass that Vangelis forget to recreate the 'Chariots of fire' feeling, we hope he will come back to synthetic music , that's why i made it for people who like the synthesizers ."

Moog Honors International Women's Day with List of Female Electronic Music Pioneers

Update: I thought this post was missing someone, so I took the liberty of adding her myself. The wonderful Emmy Parker of Moog Music. I hope Moog and Emmy don't mind. :) Emmy is Moog Music's Brand Director, and Co-Creative Director of Moogfest, meaning one of THE driving forces behind both, and hence current electronic music. That, and she is pretty awesome.

[image credit: TRAVELISTA]

In case the only site you visit on the internet is MATRIXSYNTH, today is International Women's Day. Moog Music did something really cool for it. They sent out a series of Tweets honoring the female pioneers of electronic music. Here they are:

Opening Tweet: "1/13Honoring the powerful female electronic music pioneers who are the foundation of our diverse sound communities #InternationalWomensDay"

"2/13 #BebeBarron 1925-2008: Composed 1st electronic music score for a commercial film, ‘Forbidden Planet’ in ’55"

"3/13 #DaphneOram 1925-2003: Early tape manipulator, cofounded BBC Radiophonic Workshop, created Oramics graphical sound synthesis technique"

"4/13 #PaulineOliveros 1932-2016: Early experimenter w/ tape music & synthesis, directed SF Tape Music Center, founded 'Deep Listening’"

"5/13 #DeliaDerbyshire 1937-2001: Crafted synthesized sounds for films, art & TV, including the iconic arrangement for the 'Doctor Who' theme"

"6/13 #AliceShields 1943-Present: Technical instructor & assoc. dir. of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center from 1965-’82"

"7/13 #ElianeRadigue 1932-Present: Master of Arp 2500, complex tape editing techniques, minimalism and 'infinitely discreet' music"

"8/13 #MichelineCoulombeSaintMarcoux 1938-1985: Canadian electroacoustic pioneer, 1st woman awarded the Prix d’Europe in composition (1967)"

"9/13 #RuthWhite 1925-Present: Early electroacoustic experimentalist, owner of Moog #38, released standout 1969 synth album Flowers of Evil"

"10/13 #WendyCarlos 1939-Present: Early collaborator of Dr. Moog, award winning film scorer, released ground-breaking album Switched-On Bach"

"11/13 #SuzanneCiani 1946-Present: 1st woman to work in Buchla factory, Buchla modular master, 1st solo female composer of major H'wood film"

"12/13 #LaurieSpiegel 1945-Present: Developed algorithmic music composition software, 1 of her recordings was put on the Voyager spacecraft"

"13/13 Explore the sounds of these foundational composers & honor their spirit by charting a new musical course:"
[click through to listen]

Moog Music Wishes Dick Hyman a Happy Birthday w/ Tribute Page

Check out that 50U system!!! You can find the full write-up at Moog Music, which includes a number of videos featuring Dick Hyman and his music.

"Since beginning his career in the 1950s, piano legend Dick Hyman has released over 100 albums and played on hundreds of sessions. The prolific jazz pianist is credited on over 1,000 recordings--from radio to television, musical theater to the symphonic stage. He even lent his musical talents to a dozen of Woody Allen’s films.

A stylistic archivist and sonic chameleon, Hyman was an adept of the keyboard instruments, mastering the piano, organ, and ondioline before moving on to the newly invented Moog synthesizer in 1967. Seeking “to humanize electronic music as well as to humorize it," Dick Hyman released a series of accessible electronic records that removed the synthesizer from its familar home of academic and avante-garde circles and placed it at the center of pop recordings..."

Rhythm Ace Drum Machine Through Vermona Retroverb Lancet

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Trying out many of the preset rhythms on the Rhythm Ace FR2L with different settings on the Vermona Retroverb Lancet. The Retroverb has a spring reverb, state variable filter, voltage controlled amplifier, LFO, envelope follower and envelope generator. There is also variable routing on the lancet and an input stage that can be overdriven into distortion.

Today's digital effects and plug-ins can create almost perfect room simulations. However, when it comes to characteristic and charismatic reverb, analogue effect-processors are yet to beat. The reverberating sound of a spring is so lively and unique that its sound is almost impossible to recreate in the digital domain. In addition to this, Retroverb Lancet is not just a spring reverberation system - it is an analogue multi-effects-processor. It offers overdrive, filtering, VCA, envelope and LFO to manipulate the spring sound and create different sounds like Auto-Wah, Tremolo, Distortion, Delay, Gater and of course Reverb.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH members get a %10 discount at Perfect Circuit Audio! See the membership page for details.

BEMI Easel Aux Card Overview Tutorials

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Todd Barton

"Here is the first batch of tutorials, or maybe best described as a video manual, for the new BEMI Easel Aux Card.

You can download the .pdf manual here:

BEMI Easel Aux Card 01 Overview
BEMI Easel Aux Card 02 Audio Oscillator
BEMI Easel Aux Card 03 Mod Oscillator
BEMI Easel Aux Card 04 Tuning
BEMI Easel Aux Card 05 Pulse In
BEMI Easel Aux Card 06 Envelope CV
BEMI Easel Aux Card 07 To Card 1
BEMI Easel Aux Card 08 To Card 2
BEMI Easel Aux Card 09 Mod Osc Tip
BEMI Easel Aux Card 10 Timbre Tip
BEMI Easel Aux Card 11 Krell Card Patch
BEMI Easel Aux Card 12 Tip
BEMI Easel Aux Card 13 Noise Glitch Tip

Buchla Aux Card Experiments and Explorations

Published on Feb 28, 2017 Todd Barton

Buchla Easel Three Oscillators
BEMI Easel Aux Card Simple Patch
BEMI Aux Card Mod Switching

Chord Organ For Custom Eurorack Chords

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Voltage Control Lab

"Chord Organ is the new official alt firmware for the Music Thing Radio Music eurorack sample module, which allows the user to customize up to 16 chord shapes using 4 different organ-like waveshapes."

Moog Custom Engineering Dual VCO

via this auction

"Everything is working great on this and it stays in tune.

This was made by Moog Custom Engineering in the late 70s (along with the 3-band Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ, 12-stage Phaser, String Filter, and Vocoder). This thing sounds a lot like Minimoog model D oscillators.

It has seperate CV inputs for both Oscillators, and a CV input for both at the same time. There are also two oscillator outputs, and a four-way multiple on the back.

Oscillators 1 has a pulsewidth control, and oscillator 2 can be synced. They both have switched octaves and switched waveforms (like Mini D oscillators)."

Roland Jupiter-6

via this auction

Noise Engineering Spring 2017 Jams

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Noise Engineering

"All melody is being controlled by Jabara Sequent and Tonnetz Sequent."

Arturia Matrix Brute - Unusual User Sound by Eisentanz

Published on Mar 8, 2017 E I S E N T A N Z

"Unusual user sound on Arturia Matrix Brute, controlled by MIDI Controller Messages"

Tsurugami - At The Gallery - New Album

Published on Mar 5, 2017 Tsurugami

"The project Tsurugami arose from the desire to extend the spontaneous improvisation by compositional elements. Based on a guest performance of the STS (Synthesizer Treffen Schweiz) in the gallery Fafou in October 2014 the idea was created to realize this wish by musical interpretations of several paintings and pictures.

Like an artist creates a final painting on a blank canvas, a finalized picture was used as a blank canvas for the musical interpretation.

Tsurugami presented the idea to the gallery owners and these contacted the artists. The feedback then allowed the three musicians to agree on the realisation of music for six pictures.

Equipped with several instruments, the musicians met at the gallery Fafou in May 2016, which gratefully was provided by the owners.

Tsurugami implemented the creative process for all of the pieces in the same way. At the beginning they selected one of the six pictures. Then each member outlined his perceptions and musical imagination related to the picture to each other. The next step was the independent creative preparation of a musical idea, which was then exchanged and discussed. The discussion finally resulted in the structure of the composition.

The first take of the basics (drums, sequencer, harmonic structure) almost always lead to just one additional take of overdubs (additional pads, solos and fx sounds).

With this concept it was possible to create and record six different songs in just three days. The final mix was done in summer at an additional weekend.

Now Tsurugami is happy to present the result and bring the project finally to its end.

We used paintings and pictures from:
Reto Bühler - Sehnsucht
Urs Sohmer - Tänzer durch Welt und Zeit
Marlies Gerson - Diva
Dani Brechbühl - Estrecho de Magallanes
Frau Edixa - Michael & Celeste
artsilvan - Think About It"

Pioneer Toriaz + AS-1 Dancefair 2017

Published on Mar 8, 2017 sonicstate

"Local reporter Champ gets a look at the Pioneer Toraiz and AS-1 in action at Dancefiar 2017 at the weekend."

Copper Traces SEEK

COPPER TRACES Seek Eurorack Sequencer Demo

Published on Oct 6, 2016 COPPER TRACES

"This video looks at a couple quick ways to create new sequences with Seek, a 64 step Eurorack sequencer."

via Control

SEEK is a 64 step CV/gate sequencer with legato and an accent output. The easy to use yet compact interface allows for quick sequencing of complex, carefully crafted melodies. The multipurpose reset input, multiple pattern options and algorithmically controlled randomness make it perfect for completely or partially generative patterns.

Width: 12HP
Max Depth: 25mm
Power: 35mA@ +12V , 7mA@ -12V , 0mA@ +5V
Any sequence length up to 64 steps
Five octave range
Separate gate and accent outputs with per step legato, accent and rest
Six patterns: Forward, Reverse, Forward-Reverse, Ping-Pong, Random, Brownian
Multipurpose reset input: Reset, Run/ Stop, One shot, Play Direction, Randomness, Slip-Forward, Slip-Back, Jump to a Random Step
Internal clock capable of 5 to 250 bpm. The accent output can be set up to output the clock.
Complex shuffle and gate length patterns are preserved when using an external clock.
12 save locations save all parameters for easy recall of complex patches during a live performance
Cue recalls new scenes only after the current sequence finishes. Use the keyboard to quickly select new scenes while keeping everything in time
Random algorithms allow for static or evolving randomness that create subtle or extreme note variations. A separate probability parameter controls how often the random algorithm is applied.
Random sequence generator creates new sequences with one button press
Quantizer can be set to constrain outgoing notes to any arbitrary scale chosen using the keyboard
Transpose from -1 to +2 octaves and by any number of semitones as chosen with the keyboard
Tile function allows for duplication of a section of the sequence for easy multiple bar variations
Clock divider divides by any power of two from /1 to /64

Synthrotek - Sequence 8 - DIY Eurorack Module - Midiverse - TV

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Today we're going to look at a DIY synthesizer module from Synthrotek, the Sequence 8.

We'll quickly talk about the layout, and show some examples of how it works within a modular synthesizer system.

Available here -"

TIPTOP ONE: Glitchmachines KERNL

TIPTOP ONE: Glitchmachines KERNL from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"A small selection of samples from Glitchmachines KERNL card for Tiptop Audio eurorack sample player module ONE

ONE is in trigger mode / free pitch. Triggered from Trigger Riot and is playing clean - no processing.


Tiptop BD808 - clean. BD909, RS909, Mid TOM909 and Clap909 are processed with Vermona VCDrive, Toppobrillo Multifilter HiPass and TTA Z2040. Cym909, HH909 and HH808 are clean with added Valhalla Room from TTA Z-DSP.

recorded live. a bit of compression and a bit of limiting on the mix bus."

LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer for iOS

iTunes: LayR - Multi Timbral Synthesizer - Living Memory Software

Update: Version 1.0.2. has been released.


"LayR is a massively polyphonic, multi-timbral synthesizer for iPad and iPhone, optimized for modern 64 bit devices delivering up to 256 voices of rich, multi-layered and textured sounds.

LayR's primary sounds are called Performances: A Performance is a set of Instruments where each instrument is a set of Layers and each Layer is a complete synthesizer. A performance can consist of over 100 instruments each with it’s own MIDI channel and crossfading keyboard span. Voices are assigned to each layer in each instrument until the audio engine runs out of available voices. This means that with normal playing technique it is possible to create extremely complex texture on each note or even to have a single insane monophonic instrument equivalent to 100 synths all playing at once!

Every Layer has a dual oscillator which can morph with modulation between two shapes and phase states, two rich and warm state variable filters and a mixer to blend the oscillator with filters in any serial/parallel combination. For modulation (Frequency, Amplitude and Phase) there are two aux oscillators ranging from DC to audio frequency switchable to optionally follow keyboard pitch and restart phase when a note is started. 2 loopable ADSR envelopes ranging from fractions of a millisecond to 100 seconds, a volume level ADSR and a random level generator with a smoothing filter. With stereo delay, reverb and EQ on the output section LayR excels at not only emulating normal analog synth sounds but also at creating ambient textures with extremely long evolution cycles.

Focused at keyboard players looking for a mobile synth that can be reliably used live on stage it is equally at home in the studio. LayR is provided with an extensive selection of usable instrument and performance presets which can be loaded using MIDI bank select and program change messages in the same manner as hardware synths. There is also an 8 channel arpeggiator with a 16 step event sequencer for creating exciting polyrhythmic patterns. Full IAA and Audiobus compatibility means LayR can be used with hosts and other music apps on iOS.

- Optimised 32 bit Audio Engine.
- Up to 128 Voices ( 256 on iPad Pro ).
- Multi-Timbral with 8 individual stereo instrument outputs + full mix output.
- Multi Channel Arpeggiator with 16 step event sequencer.
- Stereo Delay, Reverb and EQ on output section.
- Ranged MIDI control for all parameters.
- AudioBus and Inter-App Audio compatible.
- Performance and Program preset import & export via iTunes.
- Performance and Program preset sharing via iCloud Drive.
- Built-in Help"

Introducing SLOO - Shed Loads Of Oscillators

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Tim Exile

"SLOO - Shed Loads Of Oscillators - is a voice swarming synthesiser developed by Tim Exile."

Introducing SLOO
SLOO Sound Exploration Demo
SLOO Performance Features Demo
SLOO - Adaptive Mode Demo

"The depths of the engine - how voice swarming works

Voice swarming works by generating a swarm of variations for each parameter. This swarm is controlled by the centre, pattern and amount controls. Close swarms behave more like a monosynth, distant swarms more like a polysynth. Individual parameters can swarm in different densities. For example the pitches could be very close while the filter cutoffs are far apart.

The relative positions of each voice to each other is called a swarm pattern. Swarm patterns can be randomised individually or all at once using the Randomise buttons. The last 16 randomisations are automatically stored and recalled using the History Wheel

If you'd like to dig deeper into SLOO you can read the manual here

Features at a glance

Standalone or plugin operation through Native Instruments’ Reaktor 6.1.1
103 original presets
Support for Komplete Kontrol S-series keyboards
48 parametric voices with multi-shape oscillator, FM, multimode filter and tempo-synced parametric LFO
Swarm pattern randomising with history and automation
Parameter morphing
Scales and scale automation
Live quantise
System requirements

MacOS 10.10 onwards, Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
Windows 7, 8, 9 and 10, Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher
Installation of Native Instruments Reaktor 6.1.1 with full licence
Native Instruments Reaktor Player is not supported"

0-Coast Patch of the Week #9: Pitched Noise Orbit

Published on Mar 8, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"This patch concept can be applied to many patches, but we’ll demonstrate it in the most simple way so you can use it as a building block."

All parts here.

EMS-Synthi AKS Videos by studentsmusic

You'll find them here.

Ciat-Lonbard Tocante Thyris Green

via this auction

"The tocante line of musical instruments is 'about' and 'touching' the materials of electronics. each touchpad represents a pitch according to industry "preferred numbers," chosen by old wartime engineers for non-musical purposes. here they form a unique and haunting musical scale, not unlike that of a gamelan or the neutral intervals of persian music. beyond these base pitches, three golden sandrodes flank each touchpad; touching these androgynous nodes yields intermodulation, pitch and timbral shifts, and emergent chaotic masses. the instruments come in three flavors: thyris the triangle, bistab the square, and phashi the circle. the oscillators sound like a bowed string, a most powerful clarinet, and a howling serene whistle, respectively. each responds to touch differently. solar panels charge the onboard batteries, that power the oscillators and a speaker. they are the perfect self-contained instrument for nightly music at the campground."

Kawai K5000R Advanced Additive Synthesizer SN 610968

via this auction

Yamaha CS-01 Mini Mono Synth SN 35695

via this auction

Genoqs Machines Octopus Sequencer MIDI SN #NC001

via this auction


Published on Mar 8, 2017 once upon a synth

"Pairing the Critter and Guitar Organelle synthesizer/sampler with the OTO Machine BAM Space Generator reverb effects unit. I use a combination of synthesizers, samplers and drums on the organelle. The organelle is basically a small computer running Pure Data so you can fully customize the patches. In this video I only use the standard patches."

7 DIY machines that got forgotten about.

Published on Mar 8, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"commodore pet? guitar keyboard hybrid?

7 projects i need some help with. dont know whether to carry them on!
basically been bed bound for a week and dont tend to sit still for very long. so shot this about some projects i had lieing around."

Update: check out the button matrix MIDI synth guitar here.

Taming The Beast - Arturia Matrixbrute Demo

"A first short piece featuring my new baby, the Matrixbrute! What a fine, fine instrument this is. I just love that everything about it screams PLAY ME! This demo features no added FX except for compression/limiting on the master out. The synth's FX section is simply retro-gorgeous."


Published on Jan 29, 2017 LESINDES

"Final Session with the west coast dwarf -- self contained modular synth -- with some help though from ERBE-VERB, KILPATRICK K-4815 sequncer and other A-100 modules: LFOs, cycled ADs...."

Cool Games Inc. Main Theme // Social Science - Maxo

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Ace Waters

"McElroy Madness continues! The next two weeks are only gonna feature one of our wonderful brothers, but I am lazy and didn't want to redesign a logo for them, so deal with it. This theme has a lot of chords in it. A LOT. too many chords. That is all I have to say about that. If you don't listen to it, check out Cool Games, Inc. Griffin and Nick Robinson brainstorm games. Its hilarious. Two more tracks to go. Next week I am doing to be going in a more impressionistic direction. And then we are gonna end everything with quite the adventure. See you next time. No problem fun?"

acNEURON demo

Published on Mar 8, 2017 analog craftsman

"Putting the acNEURON through its paces as a west coast modulation source on a VCO and a VCF."

You can find details on the acNEURON here.

Studiologic Sledge synthesiser Tutorial 45 Genesis Part 2

Published on Mar 8, 2017 David Clements

"George Hall recreates the sounds used on the Genesis track Turn It On Again on a Studiologic Sledge synthesiser. Learn synth programming with George Hall."

All parts here.

More insane modulation with the Teisco 100F!

Published on Mar 8, 2017 synthead

Part 1 here.

Minilogue Atmosphere & Vintage patches - part 2

Published on Mar 8, 2017 Alba Ecstasy

"Demonstrating the atmo & (a few) vintage sounds from the Time Machine - 64+1 patches for Korg Minilogue, available on:"

Modular improvisation

Published on Mar 7, 2017 therudyrude

"Trying out some new modules.
Sds Reflex liveloop,Verbos complex osc and tone amplitude
Dotcom Q179 cv enveloppe,quantizer aid, lfo++
Elektron analog heat as wave folder
Moon modular Quad row sequencer
Almost dawless as I used Live as master clock and multi-track recorder."

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