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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Released for iOS

iTunes: Dubstation 2 - Audio Damage, Inc.

"The original dub delay effect, Dubstation has been a go-to effect in the production toolbox for over a decade and a half with good reason. Now available on iOS, this 1:1 code-identical port of the desktop version of Dubstation brings this classic effect to the mobile production studio.

Easy to use and understand, Dubstation works just like a hardware delay pedal. True stereo operation and a nice saturated feedback path provide an instant-classic delay effect that has been used in thousands of commercial tracks.


>> Tempo-synchronized or millisecond timing.

>> True stereo dual time mode, single time mode, or ping-pong.

>> EQ and saturation control on the feedback path, for tonal control.

>> LFO to delay time, for chorus and tape effects.

>> Tempo-synced stereo looping ("infinite mode") with sound-on-sound and reverse.

>> Heavily optimized for extremely low CPU usage. Use as many as you want, even on an older device.

>> Factory and user presets that can be copied to and from the desktop version.

>> Audio samples and manual available at the Audio Damage website"

SSI2144 ‘FatKeys’ VCF (SSM2044 Reissue) Diy 9V VCF by Manecolooper

Published on Jul 2, 2017 Maneco Theloopmaster

"early test of an early sample of this amazing chip, running from 9v, datasheet schematic."

"One More Job" Digitakt/ Analog Keys/ Odyssey/ Monologue/ Mother 32 demo

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Mattelica

"Live take with the Digitakt and Monologue manually synced with the Analog Keys CV controlling the Mother 32 and Odyssey to a Roland VS 880 multi track recorder to a Yamaha mg10xu mixer to a Canon 6D + 50mm 1.4"


Published on Jul 5, 2017 darksideothetune

"Simple patch with Hex Inverter Mutant Drums (Snare, BD9, Clap), Malekko Varigate 8+, Roland Malekko VCO 51, Intellijel Dual ADSR and Mutable Instruments Ripples for Bass, Synthesis Technology E359 and Rossum Morpheus Zplane Filter for whackiness."

Adventures in Synthesis: Generative Modular Synthesis (Pure Data + DIY Hardware Modular)

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Chris Beckstrom

This is a patch that plays itself. I make a few adjustments but for the most part this is bleepy bloopy self-playing modular synthesizer music.

Download my PD modular here (free and open source!):

Download this specific patch:

I've been building a modular synth inside the free and open source software Pure Data, and lately I've been experimenting with ways to integrate my physical modular with it. Using a combination of audio, MIDI, arduino, linux tricks, and some other stuff, I got them humming together nicely.

The PD gui lags wildly with everything going on - I'll have to figure out how to prevent that sort of issue. But it sure is fun to hear it in action!

This patch is so complicated I couldn't accurately describe each part of it. Basically there is a master clock (a software VCO) which is routed all over the place, including into my real life modular via an arduino. All the other rhythms divided from that pulse using dividers, random gates, probability modules, etc. Also I plugged a radio into the modular, which gets in the mix and ends up back in Pure Data before everything is mixed and recorded right to the video."


via this auction

Synsonics 5300 rare Analog Drum Synth

via this auction

Moog Sonic 6 SN 1627

via this auction

"The Moog looks excellent but the Contour Shaper, the articulator.. envelope shaper has been “broken” for a few years. At its prime the Moog’s tone oscillators where crystal clear, able to use saw-tooth waves, sine waves square waves and combine them in any way imaginable. Ring modulation, control generators, triggers, white noise, pink noise and pitch scalers could produce anything from a Bach invention to microtonal avant-garde radical compositions. As you can see from the pictures there are a few knobs missing...but the sliders are intact.

This Moog could be restored and back in shape for you to enjoy or sell.

The Moog Sonic 6 is a very interesting synthesizer and a rare find. It folds into a its own case and has its own built in speaker. I enjoyed using the Sonic VI for sound effects and for typical Moog type synth sounds and other sounds you expect from an analog synth. It has 2 oscillators, a ring modulator, sweet moog lowpass resonant filter, mixer section, TWO LFO's, adjustable scaling for microtones, VCA / envelope generator and external input for processing outside sources, gliss, pitchbender, 4 octave keyboard, etc. It's a really flexible synth and fun to play."

ModularSynth Eurorack Modular Jam/Session - House/Techno/Electro

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Jens Aderholz

"ModularSynth Jam #1 by Jens Aderholz

Here's a little jam.


Auction Posts

Just a heads up, but we will be going back to "via this auction" in auction posts. Why? It's a lot easier to search for previous listings.  Searching for "synth name auction" is quicker than "synth name eBay", "synth name Reverb",  etc.  It also streamlines post creation for me which saves me time.  Note, labels for each site will remain, so you can continue to filter by them if you need to.

STRAIT-JACKIT Rehearsals for Boomtown 2017

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Space Cat Audio Technologies

"Just testing the newest TR-909 drum song with a TB-303 line that is also sequencing the Pro-1"


Published on Jul 5, 2017 once upon a synth

"How to make a thunderstorm patch from scratch on the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 synthesizer. We go over how to create wind, rain and thunder using only the Pro 2. At the core everything relies on noise and some clever manipulation of it. The thunder's secret ingredient is heavy distortion."

Dave Smith Prophet 12 Demos by DKS SYNTH LAB

Dave Smith Prophet 12 part.1

Published on Jun 21, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB


'Straight Butter' - ngarjuna

Published on Jul 4, 2017 ngarjuna

"Modular Jam 77 - 'Straight Butter'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2017 Acid Coast

Patch Notes:
Arturia iSpark and Spark (drum machines)
Rayzoon Jamstix (kit drums)
Rayzoon Jamcussion (hand drums)

Acid Voices
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon
Proco Rat

Electric Piano
Amongst other effect destinations into the Polaris phaser


Modular Groove Lead
Audio Damage Sequencer One driving (pitch, gate and resets)
Pittsburgh Oscillator SAW and SQR into Omsonic RNF VCF
RNF modulated by S&H CF and SIN LFO both from Abstract Data Octocntroller, and an envelope from Intellijel Dual ADSR
4pole OUT into the uVCA enveloped by IJ ADSR
Into Intellijel Polaris (phaser)

Modular West Coast Lead
Make Noise Rene driving (pitch and dual X/Y gates)
STO VAR into Optomix ch2 enveloped by Make Noise Maths
SHAPE modulated by Make Noise Wogglebug STEPPED being clock speed modulated by Octocontroller TRI LFO
Sputnik Oscillator providing dynamic FM via Optomix ch1 enveloped by other Maths

Modular Pad-ish Lead
Rene sequencing (pitch and dual X/Y gates)
Rene Snake Mode pattern being changed (quickly) by an Octocontroller pulse
STO FM'ing itself (SUB to LIN) SHAPE modulated by Maths envelope
Into Optomix ch2 enveloped by other Maths
SIN OUT into Nonlinear Circuits Timbre modulated by Octocontroller LFO into Optomix ch1 also enveloped by other Maths

Modular Bell Strikes
Combination of SMR chord strikes (with controlled resonance and custom scales) and STO into Optomix enveloped by a quick Maths with EXP FM from Sputnik Oscillator"

Summer Audio Hacking with the Esp8266 and DSP Synthesizers

via DSP Synthesizers

"Feel like spending your summer hacking instead of laying on the beach?
Have a cheap esp8266 that you don't know what to use for?

Follow the Summer Audio Hacking with the Esp8266.

The blog teaches essential audio and sampling on the esp8266 WiFi board.
Shows you how to make a pin into a 44.1KHz/16-bit PDM DAC on the esp8266.

Starting with the basics and ending up in a killer Volca Sample clone with MIDI/Trig, 100 seconds of sample storage and a WiFi/Web GUI for uploading samples.

All on the standalone esp8266.

This is DIY and all the code is open source.

Check it out!"


via this auction

Note this is for the case only, not the synth.






Access Virus TI2 Desktop Synthesizer

via this auction

Audulus Tutorial Livestream - 7/5/17

Streamed live 3 hours ago

"This is the first official Audulus Tutorial Livestream. There's no set topic for today. I'll be answering any questions people have about Audulus. If no one has any questions, you can just watch as I build something.

Closed captions will be available within 24 hours of the initial stream.

Audulus is a modular synthesizer visual programming environment for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, & Linux. With Audulus, you can create your own synthesizers and effects from scratch."

Audulus for: iOS | Mac | Windows/Linux

Rephazer - Live Jam on the Elektron Digitakt

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Rephazer

"Hi all, I received the Digitakt yesterday evening and after updating the machine + uploading some samples with the awesome sample transfer tool I started building some patterns.

This is just a quick jam with the first 3 patterns I've made on it.. Couple of mistakes and what have you, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the Digitakt and by the overall ease of use of this machine.

I already have a little experience with the Elektron workflow, but I think this machine is a great way to get into the drug that's called Elektron if you are not into it already ;)

Hope you like it and have a nice summer!"

Digitakts on Amazon, Reverb, eBay, also see the site sponsors on the right.


Retronyms PHASE84 is now available on Google Play.

"San Francisco, CA USA (July 5th, 2017) – Retronyms has expanded mobile app ecosystem to now include Google Play with the launch of Phase84 for Android. Previously only available on iOS in The App Store and Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, Phase84 is the first Retronyms music app on Google Play.

Phase84, a next generation phase distortion synthesizer, fuses gritty digital sounds with traditional analog punch. The app features over 110 presets, containing all sorts of basses, leads, pads, bell tones, sweeps, atmospheric sounds, pseudo-realistic tones, and more. Phase84 offers a multitude of unique features, such as the groove gate, a 16 step rhythm matrix with tweakable envelope, patterns, and tempo while in perform mode. Experienced synth tweakers will be thrilled at the sheer variety of unique sounds that can be produced with this incredibly versatile synth, as well as musicians exploring Phase84 for the first time.

Phase84 takes the basic phase distortion technique and supercharges it, giving musicians endless amounts of creative options. Phase84 author Louis Gorenfeld expands on this, saying, “The sound of Phase Distortion exists somewhere in the space between traditional analog subtractive synths like the Minimoog and Yamaha’s chilly plucky FM tones.”

Phase84’s roots date back to the 80s, with the wave shaping synthesis in Casio’s CZ line of digital synthesizers. “Casio’s resulting CZ synth line found use on albums from a diverse list of artists from Moby to Jean-Michel Jarre to They Might Be Giants,” explains Gorenfeld. With Phase84, users can customize their waveforms much more than on the original Casio CZs.

The app in particular can create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between. For those familiar with the typical Moog-like synthesis, think of the "shaper" as being synonymous with "brightness" or "filter cutoff”. An organic semi-randomized unison mode helps it produce killer pads. The oscillators can be FM’d together for even more complex and rough tones, or phased using pulse-width modulation.

- More than 100 presets
- USB MIDI controller support
- Low-latency audio on both Samsung and non-Samsung devices
- Advanced Keyboard section
- Expressive Perform Mode with Groove Gate
- Precision Knob mode
- Preset saving in Standalone Mode
- Phat, naturalistic unison feature for super thick pads and sweeps
- Oscillator Section: 9 Params, 2 General-Purpose Oscillators, 1 Formant Oscillator
- Mix Section: 8 Params including Delay Amount and Pulse Width
- Envelope Section: Amplitude and Shaper Envelopes; fully visualized and interactive ADSR plus special Fade Param
- Delay/Filter Section: Stereo delay with loss modeling and a punchy overdriven analog-style filter"

Tentacles Lab 0008 (Ambient HHHiiiggghhh LLLiiifffeee)

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Tentacles

"Published on Jul 5, 2017
Lab 0008 is made with our Eurorack modular synth, sequenced by the DIY Ornament & Crime and mixed live with the Elektron Octatrack.

More about this Lab can be read here:

Gear used:
-Sampler player: ES Disting MK3
-Arp: Doepfer A110 + A106-5 + MI Peaks
-Bass: Ladik VCO1 + RYO Aperture + ALM Pip Slope
-High Voice: MI Warps
-Befaco Midi Thing is used to clock the modular.

Eurorack Patch:

Mixed in Octatrack. Mastered in Logic with minimum effects.
Filmed in Mini-DV with a Sony Handycam DCR PC9E PAL

This is our musical laboratory, a place to cook new compositions, where we experiment with our music toys. Some of them will end in our albums, some not. Time will tell..."

Soundplant 45 Released - QWERTY Software Sampler Updated On Mac & Windows

Soundplant 45 sound design demo: Space Highway Ambiance

Published on Jun 30, 2017 keymapper

Soundplant 45 beat demo

Published on Jun 30, 2017 keymapper

"New York, NY - July 5, 2017 - Independent developer Marcel Blum has released Soundplant 45 for Windows and Mac, a major update adding playlist queuing, ASIO support, and other optimizations to the computer keyboard sound triggering program. Soundplant turns the standard QWERTY keyboard into a playable instrument with ultra low latency, allowing the instant playback of any format sound files on 72 keyboard keys with no need for extra hardware.

Version 45's new 'multi queue' feature adds flexible playlist support, allowing several unique capabilities including triggering dozens of sounds at once from a single key, playing multiple playlists simultaneously, and realtime chaining of queues via key press to build playlists on the fly. ASIO support on Windows brings even lower latency, higher sound quality, and expanded output device support. Also new in v.45 are a global 'fade out all' function, recording quality improved to 32-bit, reduced CPU usage, faster sound loading, contextual help, and many other improvements and bug fixes.

Soundplant intuitively turns an input device you've been practicing on for as long as you've been typing into a versatile multitrack playback tool. Now in its 18th year, the venerable $50 program has found wide use in studios, theaters, clubs, stadiums, and classrooms, its combination of ease and power earning adoption by professional audio engineers, sound designers, DJs, and producers as well as amateur podcasters, comedians, pastors, teachers, artists, and gamers. Users love Soundplant's rock-solid stability for live use, low-spec system requirements, straightforward drag-and-drop sound file assignment, customizable key press and release control, and powerful flexibility as standalone software capable of mixing hundreds of sounds at once in audiophile 32-bit/96khz quality.

Availability and pricing
Soundplant is offered as a free download at which includes a 25-launch trial of the registered features. In unregistered mode it is free for non-commercial use with limitations on some professional features. The registered version (USD $50, or a $25 upgrade) allows expanded sound file format support, output device selection, higher quality output sample rates, recording, and 'background key input' global hotkey triggering. Soundplant runs on minimum Windows Vista or macOS 10.6."

Novation Circuit + Peak drone techno jam

Published on Jul 5, 2017 anode8

"Here's a quick little ditty I came up with at the Novation booth during Movement Detroit in May of 2017! I like the sound of the Peaks filters, and barely had a chance to scratch the surface of what it could do. This is just a little minimal techno groove, with a simple note on a loop to explore the synth a bit."

Creating a Self-Playing Patch in Audulus

Published on Jul 5, 2017 audulus

modular shades #10 | feat. morphagene & orthogonal devices er-301

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Elinch

"modular shades #10 | feat. morphagene & orthogonal devices er-301

peace of music in two parts.
first part feat. morphagene (00:00 - 03:21).
second part feat. orthogonal devices er-301 (03:21)

first part
make noise morphagene sequence / 4ms dld
make noise sto / wmd mixer / wmd pm
rings / zvex instant lo-fi junky / 4ms dld
dreadbox theta noise / intellijel quadra / intellijel uvca

second part
orthogonal devices er-301 (4 sample player (drums) / 2 grain units & 1 loop units (background sounds))
intellijel dixie 2+ / intellijel quadra / vcl vcf 74 / intellijel uvca / tc electronic flashback triple delay
dreadbox gamma

all parts
mutable instruments clouds (voice sounds) / 4ms dld
dreadbox omikron / controled by disting mk4 (ring modulator) / dreadbox lamda / intellijel uvca

sequenced by artery beat step pro / yarns / voltage block. recorded live with tascam dr 100 (a bit limiting from the tascam at the end). for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers."

Brighton Modular Meet - Expert Sleepers General CV

Published on Jul 5, 2017 sonicstate

"The Expert Sleepers General CV module give you direct CV control of the General MIDI sound chip, and the results are quite promising already.

This is a module that we actually saw first at the Superbooth show this year, however as Os has now updated some of the hardware, we thought it would be a good time to get some updates.

More info at

Check our Awesome MAX4Live Synth:"

Brighton Modular Meet - Soulsby Synthesizers Oscidrum

Published on Jul 5, 2017 sonicstate

"The Oscidrum from Soulsby Synthesizers is an alternate software for the Oscitron oscillator, turning it into an 8-bit drum machine. This is an 8 part, 16 step drum machine with programmable rhythms and two banks of sounds.

Each 8-bit sample has independant volume, pitch, length and delay fx parameters, the sample rate of each sample can also be controlled locally or via the V/oct input.

For more info visit

Check our Awesome MAX4Live Synth:"

Korg Mono/Poly SN 377510 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Note the box SN is 376601.


Published on Jul 4, 2017 Sebastian Resch

iTunes: Groovebox - Beats & Synths Music Studio - Novation

"Groovebox is a free, beautifully designed mobile music studio packed with inspiring synths and drum machines. In minutes you’ll be making beats and melodies, playing world-class instruments, and creating great new music. Get more sounds and instruments in the store to build your own collection.

From the creators of Launchpad, Groovebox helps you produce music quickly and easily on iPhone & iPad."

Spotted on discchord.

040717 - Generative Modular Ambient

Published on Jul 5, 2017 zacharyradford

Dusty Patches Microset | Octatrack & Modular Synth

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Dusty Patches

"Composed on Eurorack modular synth and sampled into the Octatrack.

I began by creating chord progressions by patching Pressure Points to Ornament & Crime Acid Curds. PP gives you a bunch of knobs and 4 presets for setting chord shapes, root notes, etc.O_C sends pitch data to four different voices - Waveforms, Clouds, Loquelic, and Braids. The voices are triggered in interesting rhythms by Pam's New Workout. With a patch like this you can easily create interesting chord progressions.

The results were sampled into the Octatrack, where all the percussion, arrangement, and some effects were done. The Octatrack is also sending MIDI sequence data to the QMI2, which relays it in turn to Loquelic Iteritas and Braids for live modular goodness.

All of this audio is then routed back into the modular for more effects processing. fxbox is patched to Pressure Points for different touch effects. Choices provides a joystick to control the timbre of Loquelic Iteritas. And the Octatrack has two handfuls of live performance tweaking fun. I'm switching between the delay control and quick mute pages on the Octatrack. The crossfader is fading between different scenes of effects programmed in the arranger."

Cartesian Gate Sequencing Basics

Published on Jul 5, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"This video demonstrates how to add simple gate sequencing to a 16-step RenΓ© sequence as seen in the basic sequencing video" [posted here]

Moog Source Analog Synthesizer (1981) *Twenty Sounds*

Published on Jul 5, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

Moog Source Analog Synthesizer from the year 1981

The Source is a very nice synth and the first and only Moog to replaced the buttons with a membrane panel. And the first Z80 microprocessor-controlled Moog with patch memory.
The sound is fantastic, very deep and powerfull. I love the Sources incredible low end sound like the Moog Taurus 1. The best Taurus 1 emulation I have ever heard. In my ears better than the Taurus 3. The Source is perfect for very nice bass and lead sounds. For me one of the best monophonic analog synths ever."

Roland Tb303 Vs Tb-03 boutique BLIND TEST comparison (with stupid intro)

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Polynominaldotcom

"Just made some A/B comparison between original bassliner Tb303 and new Roland reissue Boutique Tb-03.

Same patterns played by both machine. Will you be able to reconize the real Mc Coy?

If you want to play the game just write in comment your solution.
Test 1 / pattern1 : tb303
Test 2/ pattern 2: tb03

I added also a kind of funny intro - please don't take it too seriously, I'm training for video editing.

If you have time, please do visit my website for a lot of (serious) demo, info and pictures of synth.



Published on Jul 5, 2017 ux256

YM3812 Plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata Played on a Eurorack YM3812 V2 by Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

All 6 voices are setup using the "Flute" preset.

Notes are played from a midi file, through a 6 channel midi to CV/Gate converter. Channel use is rotated to avoid the next note using the same voice as the previous.."

Unleash your paraphonic Mother-32 with the Arturia KeyStep

Published on Jul 5, 2017 loopop

"While the Mother-32 is formally known to have only one oscillator, it's actually quite easy to play paraphonic music using its "hidden" additional oscillators - the filter resonance and the LFO - with an additional external CV controller like the Arturia KeyStep"

Noise Engineering Blog Guest Post and NE track exclusive: Alive by POB

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Noise Engineering

"Modular Synth performer Patrick O'Brien (also known as POB) produced a Noise-E exclusive for us. This week on the blog, he talks about how he made this, how he got into modular in the first place, and his classical training (which may or may not have included a raccoon hat)."

Live Jam #93 - Electro / Calm / Melodic - Arturia Microbrute, Mocrokorg, Plugiator, Korg er1, APCkey

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Monotrail

"I was working on a patch on the modular while recording this, so time to let some others shine. A calm melodic exploration.

Stuff used:
Akai APC key 25, Arturia Microbrute, Korg Microkorg, Korg electribe er-1, Use Audio Plugiator

Audio via the Mackie 1202vlz4 mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
External effects: T.C electronics M350 for reverb"

ARP Odyssey

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Pieter Smuts Music

"KORG ARP Odyssey demo"


UVI UVX80 - New AKAI AX80 Sample Based Soft Synth

Published on Jul 5, 2017 UVI

"UVX80 - ‘80s Japanese Maiden Revived

- Inspired by a rare Japanese 8-voice analog synth
- Over 250 patches of vintage analog warmth with modern controls
- Production-ready presets make great starting points for your own creations

UVX80 delivers a versatile and electrifying '80s analog sound, based on the rare first analog polyphonic synth created by a now well known Japanese manufacturer. Featuring a 2-layer architecture, each with it's own multimode filter, ADSR envelopes, pitch, portamento, stereo section, arpeggiator and modwheel assignments. A versatile LFO and 16-step modulator provide quick control over the amplitude and filter and a final effect section tops it off with high-quality drive, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb.

Video Credits: Matt Vanacoro"

Size: 2.04 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 3.95 GB in WAV)
Content: 6,771 Samples, 252 Presets
Sample Resolution: 44.1 kHz. Recording at 88.2 kHz.
License: 3 activations per license on any combination of computer hard drive or iLok dongle

The Digitakt Diary Performances

Three new performance videos added to this post.


Published on Jul 5, 2017 Phoenix-Flare

"OK - modular invasion of the dining room table has come to an end. This was it's last flourish. All now banished back to the studio.
I'm pleased with the changes I've made by adding a Beatstep Pro, Mixer and patchbaord. Before this I could made mainly strange noises, but now can just about hold a piece of live performed music together."

Find Beatstep Pros on Amazon, Reverb, eBay, the site sponsors on the right.

Critter & Guitari Organelle - Crazy Freaking Beat Mangler

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Kablehead

"The Organelle is a wonderful instrument. In this video i'm using some fx patches to process a drum pattern from the Volca Sample.
Thanks to all the creative wizards who programmed these patches!
You can download them here:"

Moog Sub Phatty & EHX Memory Boy

Published on Jul 5, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Sub Phatty synthesiser through a Memory Boy analog delay. The Memory Boy has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

Live modular techno : pico voice supersaw

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Maxime F

"After meeting with them at the belgium modular fest, erica synth were kind enough to send me their new pico voice module,
I've just plugged it in and did a quick jam with the supersaw algorithm.

Sequencing : varigate 8+ + voltage block
drums : basimilus iteritas (the HH), pico drums *2
synth voices : pico voice + mmg // locquelic iteritas + verbos ATC"

First Minutes With Elektron Analog Four

Published on Jul 5, 2017 my4trackmachine

"I picked up an Analog Four for my birthday. This is my first go with it. I finally completed my Elektron dark trinity collection.

Just loops and improvisation."

Christopher Kah - Session XI with the Elektron DIGITAKT & Roland TR-8

Published on Jul 5, 2017 HighWav

"'less equipment you use, the more creative you need to be'
Roland TR8 vs Elektron Digitakt
#instinctive #spontaneity
100% Machines. No Laptop. TOTAL IMPROVISATION.


Find Digitakt on Amazon, Reverb, eBay, and site sponsors on the right.

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