MATRIXSYNTH: Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, September 08, 2017

Hohner Adam Digital Synthesizer

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Musicnectar

Here's an interesting synth from the past. The physical design was by Axel Hartmann. You can find all posts featuring the Hohner Adam here.


Published on Sep 8, 2017 distanceresearch

"One of my favorite contemporary synth wave / synth pop tracks ( a Real Hero by College and Electric Youth. Revisited with a few of my favorite vintage synths in the studio, recorded to Alesis HD24."

EMS Residence first contact w/ Serge Modular

EMS Residence first contact w/ Serge Modular from Julien Bayle on Vimeo.

"This video figures my first contact with serge modular at EMS Stockholm during summer 2017: will release all material specifically recorded there."

Groovebox // Overview

Groovebox // Overview from Ampify on Vimeo.

iTunes: Groovebox - Beats & Synths Music Studio - Novation

"The Ampify team was born out of talent from established electronic music brand Novation. The team were responsible for previous innovations such as the original Launchpad hardware. Their latest accolades include Launchpad, Blocs Wave and Groovebox for iPad and iPhone."

Phase #02 for Vermona Perfourmer

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Steven Blum

"A sketch from an album of minimalist classical-inspired synthesizer music I'm working on. All tracks will be recorded live like this, on the Squarp Pyramid + Perfourmer. Little bit of a rough mix on this one."

Doepfer A-110-6 Quadrature Thru Zero VCO Demo

Published on Sep 8, 2017 SB-SIX

"This video explains a bit on how the doepfer a-110-6 works and how it can sound. The a-110-6 is an exotic trapezoid core VCO with thru zero FM, and many different waveform outputs."

Rare Vintage MOOG SONIC SIX Synthesizer

via this auction

Vintage 1979 Moog 2090 Micromoog Synth SN 5658

via this auction

MUSE (Minimoog's Ultimate System Expansion)

Another one in via Swissdoc.

You can find details in German here and here.

Google translated:

"MUSE (Minimoog's Ultimate System Expansion) is a new, extremely powerful installation interface for the Minimoog Reissue. MUSE solves the conceptual weaknesses of the synthesizer (imprecise pitch bend, no MIDI connection of mod wheel and the decay and glide switches, pitch wheel bug in the software, etc.) and offers new functions . MUSE is the invisible workhorse for the live and studio everyday life - the Minimoog Reissue is definitely the best synthesizer ever."

Akai MPC Live Demo

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows a few things that can be done with the Akai MPC Live sequencer and effects.

The Akai MPC Live is a sampler and workstation designed to assist musicians with composing full fledged tracks and/or beats. It features a 7” color touch screen, which can be used to access the unit’s FX section, sample banks, sequencing parameters, and a host of other controls.

Available here:"

MATRIXSYNTH Members get %10 off at Perfect Circuit Audio!

New Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm Desktop Percussion Synth

"Drums, percussion, and main bassline from Modal CRAFTrhythm.
Sub bass and all other melodic content from Modal CRAFTsynth."

via Modal Electronics

"The Modal CRAFTrhythm is an 8 track drum sampler kit with a 16 step sequencer which can be assembled (without need to solder) in less than 10 minutes. The CRAFTrhythm can store up to 64 16-bit mono samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz and using CraftApp users can upload their own sounds. Each track features a mixer, sample select, a tune control with 3 pitch modes, low pass resonant filter and 3 envelopes for amplitude, filter and pitch. 16 preset patterns can be stored on CRAFTrhythm with up to 16 part pattern chaining along with 8 kits that recalls track parameters.

8 track drum/percussion sampler kit with a 16 step sequencer, requires no soldering or electronics skills, tools or knowledge
Can store up to 64 16-bit mono samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz, and using the CraftApp users can upload their own samples
Mixer stage per track with level and pan controls
Low-pass resonant filter per track with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope
Amplitude Attack-Hold-Decay envelope per track
Tune control with 3 different pitch modes – SPEED, STRETCH and SHIFT
SPEED alters the pitch by playing the sample faster or slower
STRETCH selects the number of steps the sample will be stretched to fit into, allowing for tempo matching for looped samples
SHIFT activates a pitch shifting algorithm that maintains the same sample length along with a dedicated Attack-Hold-Decay envelope, which works well with samples containing melodic content
16 recallable patterns with up to 16 part pattern chaining
8 recallable kits that store the per track parameters for sonic changes on the fly
Global tempo and tap tempo with a step division for semi-quavers, quavers and quarter notes
Pattern groove control that up to half way increases the swing/shuffle amount and then provides 8 preset grooves that allow for triplets and other non-conventional rhythms
Live input mode that allows steps to be played in while the sequencer is running
Class-compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer, tablet, or smartphone
Headphone and line output
Powered by USB Mini-B or optional AAA battery pack (Adafruit 727, 3 x AAA pack)"

Vintage ARP8 Mixer - Model 1733

via this listing, in via Aaron Kwiatek.

This one was sent in via Aaron. Normally this wouldn't go up as it's not a synth, but I thought it was worth archiving. Via the listing:

"An interesting piece of ARP history, about 300 were made. Built in approximately 1980, an ARP eight channel analog console with a built in bucket brigade delay. This particular mixer may have been a prototype, or the prior owner decided to disable some of the aux functions. Stereo mix, the delay, and monitor mix work fine, but several jacks have have been removed (See new pictures). The 1/4 input on channel 2 is not taking signal, but its XLR is working fine. I opened the case up and they are still inside, some with jacks, some without. The board itself sounds surprisingly nice for its age. A little bit of crackle on a few of the knobs. I will include a DeOxit kit that I bought but only applied to the faders so far. The preamps sound quite nice to my ears.

Here's a little more detail for those of you that asked:

So, from what I can tell (no manual) the top jacks were additive into the various busses. So the far left "stacking" set, with "Cue Monitor Effects PGM Right, PGM Left" would have added into those busses. The remaining monitor jack does that, PGM L didn't seem to do much. The AUX 1 jack pictured does indeed work with the AUX one controls on the board, but I'm not sure which buss they come out of.

There was an effects in out that is completely unwired. I assume that would be additive to the delay channel?

The AUX Mono/left Mono/right (no jacks) I believe was also additive to the front control panel.

Also, noted, channel 2 1/4 input isn't working, but the XLR above it it.."

Intellijel Digiverb 1U

Published on Sep 8, 2017 intellijel

"Digiverb is a lo-fi reverb effect unit that uses an Accutronics digital reverb “tank” module. The sound is somewhere between a virtual spring reverb and a dense multi tap delay but the effect is quite musical and interesting.

Here's a few examples of Digiverb on a variety of sources.

Use the Digiverb as a simple and fun way to add some extra dimensions to your patches!"

Casio CZ3000 Vintage Synthesizer

via this auction

Modular - Jamsession with Dreadbox Microbrute Kastle Tr-09 (Riamiwo StudioVlog 53)

Published on Sep 8, 2017 riamiwovideos

"Tested the Bastle Kastle with the Vermona RetroVerb Lancet to get some rhythmical sounds... time to add the rest of the Modularsynth - gang to jam around ;)

Get my latest release Sonar Resonanz EP:

Listen to the EP on soundcloud:"

Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Black Edition - Tutorial with Chris Martirano

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Kraft Music

"Find exclusive Sledge 2.0 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

Chris Martirano demonstrates the Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Black Edition at Kraft Music.

The Studiologic Sledge 2.0 polyphonic synthesizer is powered by Waldorf modeling technology and features an intuitive user interface that allows you to get right into your music. A generous set of controls interacts directly with the sound engine. All synthesizer parameters are clearly and ergonomically arranged in front of your eyes and directly accessible under your fingertips, making sound design a blast. The Studiologic Sledge is a great instrument for synthesizer enthusiasts!

Sledge Black Edition features a black finish, a semi-weighted keyboard with reverse black and gray keys, enhanced audio output level, and synchronized LFO2.

Get more for your money with exclusive Studiologic Sledge 2.0 and Sledge 2.0 Black Edition BUNDLES from Kraft Music. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new synth, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the BUNDLE that's right for you!"

DSP Synthesizers Introduces The Breadboard TS – A Synth Builders Wet Dream

via DSP Synthesizers

"The Breadboard TS is a development platform used to breadboard new ideas.

830 point breadboard.
2 octave touch keyboard with MIDI and CV/Gate output.
MIDI to CV/Gate input.
Built in oscilloscope.
Runs on a 1.5v battery but has 5 volt rails.

Comes with 65 jumper cables, VCDM and ENV6 synth chips."

Frequency Central Monobloc 01 and Monobloc 02

via Frequency Central

"Panels are in for these two. I need to get the website geared up for them, but they are available as from now- call me baby!

Monobloc 01 (42HP): System X Oscillator, State 700 Filter, System x Amplifier, System X Envelope x 2, Wave Runner LFO.

Monobloc 02 (42HP): System X Oscillator x 2, System X Fliter, System x Amplifier, System X Envelope."

Audiority Xenoverb - Flow Algorithm Test with Prophet 12

Published on Sep 8, 2017 BoBSwanS

"Testing this nice new reverb from Audiority

Its a lovely reverb for the price and the GUI is quite familiar.
Here i am running 2 layers from the Prophet 12 each with its own instance of Xenoverb using the FLOW algorithm. I also have a limiter and 1 instance of RC-20 on the master for a little touch of grit.
I am tweaking the Prophet 12 layers manually adding a little more filter and some of that lovely DSI distortion

I am not affiliated with Audiority in any way and this is just a personal demo i knocked together while playing with my new purchase for the 1st time"

Touché Factory Presets : Funkyclavs - "Boogiedown"

Published on Sep 8, 2017

"In this series of videos, we explore some of the presets that comes with every Touché.

Touché ships with Lié, its companion software. Lié is a host of plug-ins and comes with tailor-made sounds and configurations for a selection of synthesisers, as well as tools to make your own hardware and software presets.

All of Lié’s factory presets were made in partnership with UVI Falcon, and are ready to be played within UVI Workstation, included in Lié’s package."

All parts here.

Oberheim Two Voice Pro demo #1

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Boele Gerkes

"This thing is *insanely* good sounding..."


Yamaha Montage V1.6 Sound Demo Videos

Published on Sep 7, 2017 Yamaha Corporation

"Sound demo video for MONTAGE V1.6"

FM Spiral Dist
FM Spiral Dist
Hybrid Sync
Spiral Feedbacker
FM Sync
Creeping Voltage

Not sure if details on 1.6 are out yet. I did a quick search and only found 1.5 on Yamaha's site: gives a not found.

Original 1973 Moog Minimoog Model D SN 2538

via this auction

ROLAND System 100 Model 102 (100V-120V) w/ Case

via this auction

"The model 102 is keyboard less version of the System 100 model 101 synthesizer. The model 102 creates very rich and easy to control analog sounds. These units can be added to make the sound fatter and richer. The model 102 is identical to the model 101, but the Portamento/ Glide function is replaced by Sample and Hold feature of the LFO, Ring Modulator, Noise Generator and A-440 tuning osc.

This unit is an excellent way to add more osc, synth effects to another synthesizer and off course it is the perfect match with a System 100 model 101!!!"

The Analogue Solutions Fusebox Part 5: Filter Functions

Published on Sep 8, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound of the functionality associated with the filter of the Analogue Solutions Fusebox synthesizer."

All parts here.


Published on Sep 8, 2017 Peter B

"About the new Deerhorn Organ, with intersections:"

You can find previous posts on the Deerhorn here.


"The design of the Deerhorn circuit has evolved much since it was first created to answer Clara Rockmore's original complaint with the Theremin: "Can there be more than one pitch?". Lev Theremin responded that one would need more than two arms, but the Deerhorn makes this possible by extracting gestural information from the radio fields and using it to control pitch and envelope. The current unit contains three of these antenna-synthesizer modules, and adds two extra, highly useful modules known as intersections.

An intersection module simply samples one deerhorn's antenna voltage at impulses provided by another module. It is a sample and hold, triggered by changes in gestural direction. Since there are three modules, there are six permutations, doubled because each module reports changes in both directions; there are twelve new outputs, plus four special ones that sample in random steps. Each deerhorn module emits a different light— red, orange, and yellow— which also color-codes the intersection bananas to show which module is being sampled.

The Deerhorn modules are color coded. An [orange banana] reports its primary product: a control voltage representing the hand's distance from antenna. The impulses utilized in intersections, are also available as [red bananas]. These are like two complimentary square waves that flip when the hand changes direction.

The base tone of deerhorn is a simple two tone straight bellow. That's as your hand moves in towards the antenna and back out again. You must always tune the response first, so that the two leds cross each other at a comfortable range from the antenna. Fine tuning is done with the top knob.

The bottom cluster of controls deal with the synthesizer frequencies. The bottom knob sets the base pitch of both oscillators. The next two knobs are associated with the [purple bananas]: they are FM tuning knobs. The switch on the stub of the deerhorn orients the stereo position of the oscillators. In middle position, it turns them off (for the stereo auxiliary inputs). The white bananas output the same stereo sound which is output the main output, but in single tracks so it can be used as separate modulation sources..."

18 advanced Electribe 2 Sampler tips, tricks and ideas

Published on Sep 8, 2017 loopop

"The Korg Electribe 2 Sampler still provides pretty phenomenal value even though it was released a couple of years ago.

Here are some tips the make the most of it.

The 'skin' with short cuts on the Electribe is by Cremacaffe:

The Apps I know for sample editing are here:"

Pocket Operator PO-16 / Strymon BigSky Ambient Drone

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Alex S.

"I used my Teenage Engineering PO-16 to create this. Added some random notes with the Reface CP and recorded it with a Zoom R24.

You can also find this on soundcloud:"

BURG SOUND - pilot episode (ms-20 jam session)

Published on Sep 8, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

This is the jam session from the BURG SOUND pilot episode, made with the same sounds and FX as the tutorial.

Do note that there is a slight bit of post processing on this one, mainly some limiter to pull it up in level a bit else it would be a bit quiet in comparison with other vids.

Gear used: ms-20 mini, ms-70 CDR and tc electronic ditto x2


Tutorial video:"

BURG SOUND - pilot episode (ms-20 sound design)

Published on Sep 7, 2017 ollilaboratories

"So.. I was sort of planning to release a sound design series, but man the editing took way longer time than expected.. and since I really want to focus on making music I'm not sure if there will ever be an episode two since this was extremely time-consuming, I have now a new found respect for my fellow YouTubers who create tutorials, super big kudos to you friends!

But since this one is already recorded and edited, for what it's worth.. here is the first pilot where in dive into the ms-20 mini and my signature lead sound enjoy!"

Novation Bass Station 2 & Eventide Space

Published on Sep 8, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Bass Station 2 synthesiser through the Space reverb.

No further processing except normalisation."

Waldorf Rocket & Strymon Timeline

Published on Sep 8, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Rocket synthesiser through the Timeline delay.

No further processing except normalisation."

Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1 Mini Synth - First Look

Published on Sep 8, 2017 sonicstate

"Gaz Wiliams gets his hands on one of the first Dubreq Gen X-1 Stylophones in the UK - its a Monotron style portable synth with the classic Stylophone look and very affordable at just under £60 UK.

Check our Awesome MAX4Live Synth:"

Expert Sleepers General CV - MIDI drum loops

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Expert Sleepers

"MIDI drum loop sequencing on the General CV. Clock & loop selection CV from modular. Audio directly out of General CV into ES-8 for recording."

Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO expansion ROM sound demo

Published on Sep 8, 2017 Erica Synths

"Here is the sound demo of the first Black Wavetable VCO expansion ROM. It features 8 mathematically generated wavetables which have been made in collaboration with Galbanum.

In this demo as first for each wavetable you hear just the OUT of the module and then -1 and -2 oct SUB are being added. CV input is set to FM and being modulated with a sine from Black LFO. Wavesurfing is being done by the Black Octasource.


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