MATRIXSYNTH: Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bastl Thyme + Soft Pop Live at Control 10.17.2017

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Control Synthesizers & Electronic Devices

"Bastl from Czech Republic brought by their new Thyme (3 years in the making!) and the new collaboration with Casper Electronics, SoftPop. Also demo'd is a new update on the Knit Rider (so playable.) Every time Bastl demos, we covet their devices all over again.

Control is a brick/mortar and online shop specializing in unique
music devices. Located at 416 Lorimer St. in the South Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. We are open 7 days from 12-8pm."

You can find previous and upcoming events via the CONTROL NY label here.

Imitation for Poly Evolver Keyboard

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Sacred Synthesis

"A short improvisation using the style of "imitation" - repeating a melodic theme at different pitches and with variations. The highest development of imitation is a Fugue.

The piece was played on one keyboard - the eight-voice Poly Evolver; no bass pedals were used.

The patch uses a distinctive digital wave shape which is happily typical of the Evolvers. It is slightly raspy, due to the use of Audio Modulation, which adds to an otherwise transparent sound a greater definition of pitch. Otherwise, the lower notes seem to consist almost entirely of partials, with no apparent fundamental. The original wave shape (minus the Audio Modulation) has an ice cold crystal blue quality. Hence, the color of the instrument itself seems to be most fitting.

The picture was taken after a long night in the music room. The late hours allow for uninterrupted concentration unlike any other part of the day, as every artist appreciates.

DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack

Lexicon MX300

Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II.


See my new blog, The Musical Synthesizer:

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017 by Léa Portier

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Léa Portier

direction Linda trime et Grenadine Vengeance
music Grenadine vengeance"

Note tonight is the last night to submit an entry!

See previous entries here.

Dawless Keystep Jam

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Jörg Schaaf

Jörg Schaaf is the man behind Radikal Technologies.

"This is a live studio improvisation Jam. I played the following instruments:
Keystep left: Spectralis
Keystep right black: D550
Keystep right white: DX-7II
Accelerator: JX-3P
Beatstep & Turbo Volcon: MKS-50
The modular synth plays an F on the swarm oscillator. The signal is fed into the RT-451 Filter and from there into the EFFEXX multi effect module.

I hope you enjoy the JAM ;-)"

Reckless Experimentation AM Modulation on the YM3812

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

"Demonstration of the Reckless Experimentation Audio YM3812 Eurorack Synthesizer Module. This demo focuses on sound generated using AM modulation. By using this modulation type and changing the waveform, frequency multiplication, and feedback settings, many interesting sounds can be produced.

Demonstrated using only one voice for simplicity, all six voices can be configured this way for simultaneous sound generation."

Previous posts.

DSI REV2 Patch with Strymon

Published on Oct 26, 2017 GEOSynths

"No particular point with this video, just wanted to record the sound, before moving bits around in my Studio. One of the patches I made for the REV 2 "Growing Pains" is an unusual sound, mainly due to the negative envelope amount and attack portion.

Just adding a bit of BigSky and Timeline, turns it into a Drone like patch...So, just one chord and few tweaks."

OB-6 Exploration with Animoog, Timeline, Hall Of Fame.

Published on Oct 26, 2017 tarekith

"More audio noodlings as I try out the DSI OB-6 with Moog's Animoog app, and my Strymon Timeline and TC Hall Of Fame pedals."


Published on Oct 26, 2017 MONO CON

"FX from Cubase...."

The Jackalope Tuning Fork Eurorack Module by Simeon Smith

The Jackalope from Simeon Smith on Vimeo.

"Demo for The Jackalope, a passive electroacoustic module for Eurorack Systems.

For more details and the full spec, visit"


-Tuning Fork (C) bolted to module front using stainless steel shaft collar.
-Passive Piezo Tranducer attached to jack output - best used with a preamp module, or mixer.
-4hp aluminum panel.
-Hand assembled and stamped, each module is unique.
-Artwork by Illustrator Cath Delli-Bovi
-Includes mounting screws and artwork stickers.
-Limited edition of 10 units.

"Lo-Fi Sunset" Ambient Eurorack : Bemuda, Rings, Erica Wavetable, Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Lost For Words

"A late evening patching using new (to me) modules Lo-Fi Junky and Erica Pico RND. Both really great at what they do.

Using every Pico RND(Random) output in this patch.

Left hand Bermuda is playing the 4 note loop sequenced by Yarns. A little noise goes from the RND into the PWM CV which gives a pleasing raspy distortion. Right hand Bermuda playing bass notes sequenced by O&C , as are Rings and the Wavetable VCO.

Wavetable VCO going into Pico DSP in stereo delay mode.

Lots of randomness (RND) and Maths stuff going on.

Reverb courtesy of Disting mk4. It's not as good as my usual 2hp Verb reverb but that's being swapped for a black plate version atm.

Everything goes into the Elektron Analog Heat on a tempered Rough Crunch setting.

Lo-Fi Junky is just a great effect. I used to own the pedal but it was a bit weak with my synths. This Eurorack version just make sense with this kind of setup.

Fell in love with the Bermuda, so I bought a second. Finding some sweet spots with the Wavetable VCO but it has a lot of harsh tones that I'm trying to find a way of modulating and taming to fit my style of music. Will persevere with it!"

DIY analog synth project Part 10 K (Sound Examples Drums )

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Adamski Ajull

"Hello guys another short sounds demo, exploring the percussive power ;-) HEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS RECOMMENDED !!!"

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017 by Kip Rosser

Published on Oct 25, 2017 Kip Rosser

"Professional thereminist, Kip Rosser's 2017 entry is a disturbingly appropriate seasonal video that is hiding under your bed. Tonight when you're fast asleep, it will invade your dreams and hold you prisoner in the basement of your own psyche."

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017 by Zachary Rainsford

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Zachary Rainsford

Dreams in Klown Colors (Novation Circuit thru Korg KP3)

Published on Oct 26, 2017 HardtekStudios

"Download the background track for FREE here-
A new track I have been working on to utilize the newest Circuit update features. The Stereo outputs of the Circuit are routed into the Korg Kaoss Pad 3. I have a the KP3's Reverse Delay patch running for some on the fly transitioning effects and little bits of motion. Hope you dig the new tune!"

Giving this one the Halloween label for the creepy clowns.

Blade Runner Soundtrack "Blush response" cover by gattobus

Published on Oct 26, 2017 gattobus

"This is my attempt to recreate this incredible Vangelis track from the original 'Blade Runner' movie. Everything is played in real time, no overdubs or pre recorded tracks.
I used Roland System 500 modular for atmospheric FX, System-8 for the main lead and arpeggio, SE-02 for the bass track and TR-08 for the drums.
Audio recorded via integrated USB out from each instrument.
Original dialogues taken from the movie and added later.
Mixed and mastered through Ableton Live suite."

Relaxing prog

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Цыхра Цыхра

Another from Цыхра Цыхра

"This little improvisation was prepared in 5 minutes and performed in 3 minutes. As usual I had to film with one hand and play with another )

Drums - Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
Bass - Moog Sub 37
Air pad - SH-101 thru strymon big sky shimmer
Pad - Juno 60
SH-2 and Nord Lead - little sequences
RE-303 - acid line
Korg Volca FM

DAW was used to record mix only. Synced by Beatstep pro."

Speak Softly Love - Nino Rota

Published on Oct 26, 2017 fernando Costa Tecladista

"Nino Rota (1911 — 1979)

tema do filme The Godfather - O Poderoso Chefão

instrumentos usados:

Piano Brasil
Roland D20
Casio CT-6500"

Tangible Waves AE Modular Now Shipping

AE Modular -Experimental sound Published on Oct 26, 2017 Dziam Bass

"AE Modular from Tangible Waves -Experimental sound"

Announced back in November 2016, Tangible Waves AE Modular is now shipping.

See the Tangible Waves label below for previous posts.

The Human Comparator Syncussion SY-1 Eurorack Module in the Works

The Human Comparator's Syncussion SY-1 in eurorack.

Click here for previous posts on the desktop and DIY version.

E-MU Emax Sampling Synthesizer (1986) 80s horror & thriller movie style (Happy Helloween)

Published on Oct 25, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds and drums: E-MU Emax SE Sampling Synthesizer from the year 1986
recording: multi-tracking without midi

all pictures made by me."

Andrew Huang + White Noises ∿ Eurorack Ambient

Published on Oct 26, 2017 White Noises

"Recently I got the chance to visit Andrew's studio and patch our modular systems together -- here's one of the performances we came up with!...

Patch Notes

∿Mystical Loop∿
Dual Looping Delay looping a sequence performed with Pressure Points, controlling Chord and Clouds. The output from the DLD is then processed again by Clouds #2, performed by Andrew.

∿Swelling Sub~
STO sub output going into MA35 VCA/F in low-pass mode. Cutoff controlled by Batumi, attenuated by Maths and performed by Greg.

∿Shimmering Pad∿
Chord #2 mix output, major 7 chord. Waveform parameter controlled by 2HP LFO, attenuated by Maths #2 and performed by Andrew.

All sounds fed into Frames for mixing, with levels performed by Greg.

Modules used
∿ Chord (x2) by Qu-Bit Electronix
∿ Clouds (x2) and Frames by Mutable Instruments
∿ Pressure Points, STO, and Maths (x2) by Make Noise
∿ Dual Looping Delay by 4MS
∿ MA35 VCA/F by Manhattan Analog
∿ Batumi by XAOC Devices
∿ LFO by 2HP
∿ Performer Series case by mdlrcase
∿ 7U 104HP case by Intellijel

∿ Listen to my music on Bandcamp:
∿ Instagram patch walkthroughs & photos: @gregwht
∿ See my full rack on Modular Grid:
∿ Twitter: @gregwht
∿ Website:

Keeley Electronics Caverns Delay and Reverb - Roland JDXi Synthesizer

Published on Oct 26, 2017


Here's a clip of our Caverns Delay and Reverb paired with a Roland JD-Xi Synth."

Stranger Things.

And some info on the pedal:

"The New Caverns Delay Reverb V2 dual effect pedal combines delay and reverb for the perfect end to any pedal board. It features Keeley’s analog style tape delay with modulation options. The 650ms of warm delay combine with Spring, Shimmer or Modulated Reverb. Now with True-Bypass or Trails option. Because of its small and compact design, the New Caverns is a perfect fit for any fly-rig or small board where you have tight space requirements. The New V2 features Keeley’s most popular time-based effects, blended perfectly and fine-tuned over 2 years. It will be an amazing addition to any board.

The Reverb side of the pedal features 3 Cavernous sounds:

Spring Mode – Black Face Amp style spring reverb with F Style Tremolo
Modulation Mode – Choral modulation to the reverb for a huge, cavernous reverb
Shimmer Mode – Reverb with emphasis on octave-up voices in reverb trails
The Delay side of the pedal incorporates Keeley’s popular Magnetic Echo circuit, designed to emulate analog tape delay lines. Three way switchable modulation gives you options for adding Wow and Flutter to the repeats. Perfectly voiced echoes sit in the mix well, either clean or with distortion.

Novation Mininova demo 26.10.2017 Happynova

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Veli-Matti Rautio

"This song backing tracks are made in Break Hotel Vuokatti 23 - 24.10.2017 when I was on working trip in Kainuu: ) Solo and video was made a while ago and now demo is ready. Instruments used:
Novation Mininova all synth sounds and arp solo.
MFB Tanzbär Lite analog drums on tracks 2 - 5.
Teenage Engineering PO-16 factory percussion on track 5.
Boss RC-505 looping, fx, midi master clock and digital drums on tracks 4 - 5. Nikon D3200 videorecorder. Composed, played and finally arranged by me in Studio Tupos 2 : ) Otinpa Kainuun työmatkalle mukaan kvartetin koostuen Mininovasta, Tanzbär Litestä, PO-16:sta ja Bossin loopperista. Pohjat sain tehtyä reissussa ja parin päivän harjoittelun jälkeen soolon ja videoinnin tänään. Yritystä jälleen iloisemman musiikin puolelle, onhan biisin nimikin Happynova: )"


Published on Oct 26, 2017 MONO CON

"FX from Cubase...."

the analog therapy: GARDEN OF SINS (modular drum'n'bass/jungle)

Published on Oct 26, 2017 analog therapy TV pirate

"this one of my last drum'n'glitch jungle patch made with some euro modules and 2voices of the analog4. enjoy ! ;)

cheers !!!!"

Update: one more:

the analog therapy: DEMETRIUM (modular drum'n'bass)

Published on Oct 26, 2017 analog therapy TV pirate

"this one of my last drum'n'bass aphex glitch like patch ^^ made with some euro modules and 2 voices from my analog4. hope you like it !!! ;)

cheers !!!"

Octave Cat SRM Analog Synthesizer Model 1853 SN B3211

via this auction

"Octave Cat SRM Analog Synthesizer
Model 1853
Serial #B3211

(works perfectly, good condition)
*orig. power cord intact
*printed copy of manual"

SLEDGE Patches by Adam Borseti

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Adam Borseti

Update: parts 2 and 3 added.

"Hey there, everyone!

I apologize for the rather long hiatus I've been on! I went through a pretty nasty break-up, and just couldn't bring myself to really do anything...... until I bought a Studiologic SLEDGE 2.0, that is!

I'm absolutely in love with this big yellow son of a whore, and you should be too! This is episode 1 of a few videos I'm going to make demonstrating a bunch of patches I made for it. Of course, I WILL be selling them! I just want to make a few more, then I'll be selling them for the usual price of $40. Same old story, just send it via PayPal to!"

Arturia Matrixbrute // 001 - 16 Presets

Published on Oct 26, 2017 DiscoverNoise

DiscoverNoise 116-
Arturia Matrixbrute 001-

First demo video of the Arturia Matrixbrute. First of many to come. Love this massive synth.
This video shows 16 of the 64 presets on Bank A to D.

Re-303 arrived

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Цыхра Цыхра

"Making oldschool goa live, sequenced by Beatstep Pro, sending clock to all devices"

Din Sync Re-303, Nord Lead 4, & Quasimidi 309.


Re-303 acid

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Цыхра Цыхра

"Acidic sequence with best TB-303 clone and DIY Sovtek Green Muff."


Published on Oct 26, 2017 Signal Edinburgh

"Hey folks, on this episode I have the wonderful semi-modular synth '0-Coast' by Make Noise. I've had a small amount of time with this machine and I'm beginning to understand it. This is my first real play with any kind of Modular device.

This time I thought I'd jam one of my new tracks and replace the original bass with a bass patch on the 0-Coast. As you would expect from all great synths, the 0-Coast fits in easily. Although my tuning may be off slightly lol."

First person synth jams! EP11: "Someday"

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Synthead

Download the song here!


This one reminded me of something I couldn't place. One of those "on the tip of your tongue" things and then it hit me. Bel Canto's Unicorn. Totally different track but there is a hint of the feel there. Hopefully this doesn't distract too much from the video above.

Orazio Del Core - Elements (house session)

Published on Oct 26, 2017 vistaandaudio

Roland System 100M Module 112 Dual VCO SN 102192

via this auction

YAMAHA CS-30 SN 1774

via this auction

"The CS-30 is a large, knob infested, black analog synthesizer with traditional features. It is a monophonic synth with extensive analog control and shaping. It also features a ring modulator, external audio triggering and a simple but useful 8-step sequencer for use as a sketch pad, pattern or arpeggio effect."

Kurzweil 250 RMX Synthesizer Rackmount SN 88030091

via this auction

Don't put your finger in the fan.

"Kurzweil 250 RMX (it's labelled as a 225 RMX which was identical to the Kurzweil 250 RMX except it had fewer sound blocks in it from the factory which actually makes this unit VERY RARE to find - there were only a few made with this labelling.)

It has all four factory sound blocks A, B, C and D

It has version 6 software.

It has 1 MB sampling RAM.

QLS works fine with this unit, easily transferring sound patches and sequences to the unit via a compact Mac Classic computer (any Mac with a GeoPort and QLS software installed will work ) - of course you'll need to procure the Mac computer, QLS software and RS422 to MINI DIN 8 cable if you want to use that (I can ship a floppy disc of QLS 3.8 if you'd like with the unit for free - just let me know upon purchase).

A new lithium 3.6 volt battery was recently installed.

The display has been replaced with a much more visible display - this is very cool!

The fan has also been replaced as seen in the photo, however the fan cover is missing (so you may want to find some mesh to cover the fan).

It has all the knobs - nothing is missing and needs nothing to work right out of the box."


via this auction

Note the VS rack in the background.

Scythe demo

Published on Oct 26, 2017 pantsofdeath

A demo and tutorial by pantsofdeath.

Check out the wavetable graphic when he plays it. So cool.

iTunes: Scythe - Bitmask Studio Ltd.

SSSR Labs - Kotelnikov SM042

Published on Oct 26, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Here's the full overview demo of the lovely gritty, characterful oscillator 'Kotelnikov' from SSSR Labs. It's a mix of 8 bit and 12 bit wavetables alongside an on board transient generator and VCA for basic voice functionality, killer AM overtones, FM and smooth or stepped wavetable morphing. Would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment and feel free to ask any questions.

00:51 Features / Overview
- oscillator, wavetables, morphing, transient generator, LFO, envelope shapes, AM, FM, VCA, volume control, wave banks, ins and outs, filter switching and modulation.

04:00 Wavetables
- a detailed look and scan through the wave banks and wavetables available. 8 bit banks and the HD 12 bit bank with licensed Electric Druid waves and more.

07:26 Riff, bassline and beats
- a little riff with sequenced wavetable modulation. This is an idea of how it might fit a basic synth riff and beats style patch.

08:03 Ambient patching and slower melodies
- this patch explores Kotelnikov as a slower moving melody over a chordal background with added FX.

10:21 Transient Generator & modulation inputs / internal routing
- using the TG as an oscillator, AM (gorgeous glassy audio rate overtones), FM, wavetable modulation, LFOs, retriggering, envelopes and more!

18:59 Sync input
- here we hit the sync input (which is a hard sync 'reset to the start / zero crossing') with audio for a series of sync overtones that merge into and grit to the wavetables."

All The Wrong Stations | Field Kit FX, Tape Loop, OP1

Published on Oct 25, 2017 HAINBACH

"Koma Elektronik lent me a prototype Field Kit FX and their new power solution for mobile music making. I took them all out to the Tempelhofer Flugfeld for some outdoors music making. NEW TAPE ALERT:

Field Kit FX:

Preliminary specs on the power thingie:
Two independent power lines with the following specs:
-adjustable voltage for each line (9V or 12V)

maximum output current:
~1,2A @ 9V (up to ~2,4 A with two power banks)
~0,9A @ 12V (up to ~ 1,8 A with two power banks)
Those output currents correspond to 2.4A @ 5V at the input, which is the maximum output current of most power banks.

Input current consumption displayed with an LED Bar. Allows to safely use power banks with various output currents.
Using HOSA Hopscotch cables for multiplying the signals and allow more complex FX routing."

Opposite Earth by Jeff Snyder, electronic version

Published on Oct 25, 2017 Jeff Snyder

"Opposite Earth by Jeff Snyder [of Snyderphonics]

This is an animated notation piece for an open instrumentation. It was written for PLOrk in 2016 and is intended to be performed by a combination of acoustic and electronic musicians, but this is a version that just uses electronic sounds. The graphic score is realized in javascript and the synthesis is all created using WebAudio.
The conductor changes the image components live to guide the course of the piece. For instance, the conductor can add and remove rings (performers), planets (pitches), and ticks (percussive sounds) at will. The color of the lines conveys which of five scales is used. Moons are played by the same performers that are handling the planet they orbit around.

Thanks to Drew Wallace for additional javascript magic!

If you want to try out controlling the piece yourself, visit

It's controlled with the computer keyboard and the mouse position.
` (the top left key below escape) selects all rings.
numbers 1 through 8 select individual rings.
9 makes rings visible or invisible.
0 adds or removes moons.
- adds or removes ticks.
p adds or removes planets
the arrow keys add or remove the "play" lines.
s, d, f, g, and h set the color of the next line you add (and therefore the scale)
z through / set the division of the ticks.
mouse X position is the size of planets - maps to decay time of notes.
mouse Y position is the blue/red color at the upper left hand corner of the screen. It maps to timbre, dark to bright.

For an interesting collection of information about animated notation works, check out Ryan Ross Smith's animated notation website."

Circuit Monostation Jam Toraiz AS-1 TC Helicon VE Hall of Fame 2 Flashback 2

Published on Oct 25, 2017 neveroddoreven

Yamaha DX7 IID Part. 3

Published on Oct 25, 2017 DKS SYNTH LAB

All parts here.

Patch n Tweak

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